Unknown Woman 61

Yeo-Ri and Team barely block Jiwon’s takeover while Maya sees herself on the missing children’s poster.

Woman Without a Name Episode 61

Doyoung takes off his oxygen mask and reaches for Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri. Jiwon and later Haejoo enter the room all asking Doyoung if he’s feeling okay and if he recognizes them. Doyoung looks around with stressed out eyes and calls out for his Secretary Hong to get him water as well as Haejoo’s mother..

He also asks her who all these other people are since Haejoo is still a baby and Do-Chi is a child. Jiwon jumps on this opportunity and orders that everyone leaves the room to let Doyoung get some rest. She also tells Doyoung to sleep as if that would help with his pounding head.

Yeo-Ri, Do-Chi and Haejoo stand in the living room in shock. Yeo-Ri wonders out loud why Doyoung remembers Jiwon as his secretary and Haejoo as a baby but not Jiwon as his wife… If he remembers Haejoo, he should remember Jiwon who gave birth to her…

Haejoo asks Jiwon the same. Jiwon answers that Doyoung’s memories are likely confused since he’s spent a year in a coma.

Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri go back to their room but they cannot shake off the feeling that something is off. Yeo-Ri suggests that they review the video footage since Do-Chi installed the camera. Suddenly, they see Jiwon with Doyoung when he woke up before as well as Dr. Kim talking to Doyoung and adding something to the IV.

The next morning, Haejoo runs around for Jiwon. Doyoung is missing.

Doyoung is actually getting tests done with Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri. Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri also confront Dr. Kim asking how he could give the false diagnosis that Doyoung is brain dead, which might have led to the family deciding that they can let him go. Dr. Kim denies it at first.

However, in the face of video evidence, he finally confesses.

At the same time, Jiwon pulls forward the emergency shareholder meeting and does not tell Maryun. She even demands a voice vote on whether she should become the next CEO since time is of the essence. None of the shareholders dare to oppose her suggestions or oppose her becoming the CEO. The moderator begins to announce that Jiwon is the new CEO…

Then Maryun enters declaring that the vote be nullified since she was not informed of the changed time as a majority shareholder. Jiwon smiles that this was an emergency meeting that does not need to follow all of the normal procedural limitations and with no one backing Maryun, Jiwon is designated the new CEO.

Seconds later, Do-Chi rolls in Doyoung to the shock of all of the shareholders who just heard that Doyoung remains brain dead, which was the reason that they agreed to the emergency meeting and vote.

Do-Chi declares that Doyoung is healthy and the brain dead diagnosis was fake… He even adds that the diagnosis was strategic.

Jiwon stands up and yells at Do-Chi for bringing lies into the meeting. Do-Chi snaps back that Jiwon should sit down, they have a witness. Dr. Kim walks in as the shareholders mutter that this is outrageous.

Jiwon changes tactics when Dr. Kim walks in. She declares that this is a family matter and adjourns the meeting.

Jiwon lies in the face of all of the evidence saying that she did it for the company and Doyoung. If everyone knew that Doyoung lost his memories after 30 years ago, their shares would have tanked in value. Do-Chi responds that he won’t listen to her lies anymore.

Jiwon sniffs that she can leave Doyoung as the CEO but she’s going to continue acting as the interim since Doyoung still doesn’t have all of his memories. Do-Chi snaps back that she can do that but Do-Chi will continue to watch her and block her attempts at stealing the CEO position. He also adds that he will take care of Doyoung’s health from now on.

Jiwon then calls Mooyeol. She offers him another option. If he can increase their revenue by double since their revenue is declining, she can become the CEO. In exchange, she will make him her COO.

Mooyeol gives a feeble rebuttal that he cannot forgive Jiwon for what she did to Maya. But, he accepts because he’s Mooyeol and he just got offered COO.

Finally, we see another chance for Enok to act like a human but she chooses greed again. Maya wakes up after taking a nap in Enok’s room. As she gets off the bed, she knocks off several magazines, which included her missing child poster. Maya sees her picture and immediately recognizes herself

Since her own phone’s battery died, Maya goes to the living room and calls the number telling Maryun that she is the child on the poster. Maryun is shocked at first and only manages to ask Maya if she is sure that she is the child. Maya confirms but then Enok comes out of the bathroom overhearing Maya repeat that she is the child. Enok runs over and hangs up the phone. When Maryun calls back, Enok pulls out the phone line.

Enok also rips up the poster and tells Maya that she was mistaken. Enok explains that since Maya just had a traumatic experience, she saw the photograph wrong. Ugh, lying to the girl and telling her that she was wrong when she wasn’t? The worst bottom feeders if ever.

Then, Yeo-Ri arrives and hugs Maya close, happy to see that the girl is back on her feet.


Sorry folks, the last seen infuriated me too much for me to review at all. I cannot believe that Enok would lie and blame this on Maya’s misunderstanding…Maya is at an age where she needs encouragement and positive reinforcement not lies to confuse her ability to trust her own judgment. And, why? All to keep the money and Mooyeol’s job. Pathetic.

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