Unknown Woman 63

Haejoo and Mooyeol fight to keep Maya from Yeo-Ri, even stealing her again.

Woman Without a Name Episode 63 RECAP

The baddies react. Mooyeol tells Haejoo and they call Enok several times. However, she’s busy cooking and doesn’t pick up for a while.

Then Enok pauses to drink an herbal drink because she’s tired after making a mess of things. She finally sees her cell phone and calls Mooyeol back. Mooyeol tells Enok that Yeo-Ri knows and to leave the apartment immediately.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri is still on the phone. She cries and tells Maya not to go anywhere. She also apologizes for not recognizing her sooner.

Enok’s evil valueless ways continue. She goes in and tells Maya that they need to go to her parents now.

When Maya hangs up the phone, Do-Chi accelerates. Enok grabs a random suitcase and drags Maya out until Maya pauses crying about her stomach. Still determined to kidnap Maya from her biological mother (which is a felony if Enok wasn’t an idiot), Enok tells Maya to get on her back.

Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi arrive at the apartment but no one answers…

Meanwhile, Maya cries in front of the taxi that her stomach hurts. Enok sighs thinking out loud that if she forces Maya to run, Maya’s injuries might get worse but if she stops to take care of Maya, Mooyeol would be in trouble… She decides to save her pathetic son who has done nothing but hop from one girl to another and tells Maya to get in the cab.

Suddenly, Yeo-Ri calls out for Maya from up the street. Maya looks up and smiles. Enok quickly tells Maya to get in the girl and tries to pull the girl in but Maya runs off to Yeo-Ri.

Enok falls to the ground crying that they met. Because everyone knows that it’s hard work lying to everyone to save face about your lies…

Yeo-Ri hugs Maya and cries that she’s sorry she didn’t realize sooner…

Mooyeol and Haejoo finally arrive. They demand to know where Maya is. Finally, Enok states the facts. They kidnapped Maya in the first place.

Yeo-Ri brings Maya to Maryun’s house and asks about how Maya knew she was the child. Maya pulls up her shirt saying that she even had the clover birth mark but Jiwon had it removed. Then Maya complains about her stomach pain. Yeo-Ri has Maya rest in her room.

Meanwhile, Gaya gets bored at home and demands to see Doyoung. With Maryun and Kidong backing up the kid’s right to see his grandpa, Gaya goes in.

Doyoung doesn’t recognize Gaya. So Gaya tells Doyoung that he had two grandchildren, Gaya and Maya. Maya’s name trigger bits of memories. Doyoung sees the scene where he saw the missing child footage on the video and how he confronted Jiwon. He seems himself fighting Jiwon and falling.

Doyoung calls out in pain reaching for his head. Then he falls out of his wheelchair.

Gaya’s calls for his grandfather brings in Maryun and Kidong. Then Jiwon arrives.

Do-Chi calls Maryun who is still at the Koo house. She yells at Jiwon for being so evil that she would kidnap a child and lie that the child died. Jiwon continues to deny it. So, Maryun promises to return to kill her after Maryun gets evidence.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri tells Do-Chi that she’s worried about Jiwon trying to take Maya back. He calls the police about an illegal entry so that they send some officers.

Do-Chi arrives at home and demands to know how Jiwon could do what she did. Jiwon yells back that she would never raise Yeo-Ri’s child. After all, what baddie backs down and apologizes? Apologize? That’s something you expect from someone with decent.

Do-Chi then yells that he’s going to enter Doyoung’s room. Doyoung smiles to see Do-Chi and sighs that he feels like he’s the only one stuck in the past. Do-Chi reassures Doyoung that all of Doyoung’s memories will eventually return…He’s been running forward for a long time, he can take this time to rest before starting up again.

Doyoung then asks how he got hurt as he’s still weirded out by the memories of fighting with Jiwon. Do-Chi answers that no one knows for sure…However, Doyoung did have a loud argument with Jiwon before people found him unconscious. Also, he had prepared divorce papers…

At the same time, Haejoo continues her downward spiral. They know that Yeo-Ri won’t just give up Bom. So, she tells Mooyeol that they cannot barge in…

Then the police arrive and Yeo-Ri opens the door in relief. She explains that she was the one who called for protection…her and her child. The officer asks where Maya is.

Yeo-Ri answers automatically that Maya is in the room before staring at him. She asks how he knew Maya’s name when no one told him. Suddenly, Haejoo and Mooyeol barge in. They told the cops that Yeo-Ri kidnapped Maya.

Since Mooyeol and Haejoo are legally Maya’s parents, the cops stop Yeo-Ri as the two take Maya away.


Omg. The last five minutes of this episode was horrible! How Haejoo could continue to fight to keep Maya after Yeo-Ri found out that Maya is Bom is just impossible to understand. Instead of knowing when to give up your evil antics and apologize, she digs in. The only way to come to terms with this crazy makjang behavior is that no one taught Haejoo basic values?

I have nothing else to say other than I need to watch the next episode. Now that Yeo-Ri and family knows, this drama better not drag out Yeo-Ri getting Bom back.

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  1. It’s getting intense! Thanks so much for the recaps – I’ve been following them closely 🙂

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