Unknown Woman 64

Yeo-Ri gets a DNA test for Maya and Maya finds out about her biological mother.

Woman Without a Name Episode 64 RECAP

Yeo-Ri steps on one officer’s foot and elbows another. She runs out after Maya but Haejoo and Mooyeol get away. Maryun and Kidong arrive too late.

At the same time, Jiwon brings Doyoung his medicine. He asks Jiwon how he fell. Jiwon answers that Doyoung always had high blood pressure. He fell from that.

Then Haejoo calls Jiwon saying they don’t know where to go. Jiwon tells Haejoo to take Maya to the summer house. Jiwon then calls the housekeeper and orders that he tells no one about Haejoo coming.

Yeo-Ri arrives at the Koo residence while Jiwon is still in Doyoung’s room. She tells Do-Chi that she’s going to reveal everything from Jiwon taking away Bom to Maya being Bom.

Do-Chi reminds her that she needs evidence. So, they go up the stairs to Gaya’s room and ask to see his album. Yeo-Ri also asks if he has any pictures of younger Maya. Gaya does.

Then they go to the bathroom where Yeo-Ri asks about Maya’s toothbrush. Gaya points out which one is Maya’s and Yeo-Ri takes it. Gaya asks why Yeo-Ri keeps asking about Maya including going on television about it.

Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi ask Gaya if he saw her on the missing child’s program. He answers that he did and Yeo-Ri was standing in front of a picture of Maya. But, he hasn’t said anything because his mother told him that if he talks about it, Maya will leave.

Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi go downstairs and run into Jiwon. She demands to know what they were doing on the second floor. Yeo-Ri responds by demanding to know where Jiwon took Maya.

Haejoo and baddie team arrive at the summer house. Maya asks why they came there. Mooyeol tells her that they came on vacation and Yeo-Ri knows.

But Maya is unable to sleep. She decides to ask her parents why she keeps getting told different things…she walks out of the room unnoticed as Mooyeol and Haejoo brood. Haejoo wants to send Maya to study abroad while Mooyeol does not agree. Haejoo reminds Mooyeol that it’s not just about winning custody, Yeo-Ri is going to accuse Jiwon of kidnapping Bom. They need to keep Maya away from Yeo-Ri so Maya never finds out that Yeo-Ri is her biological mother.

Maya gasps at the last sentence. She goes back into the room and the door slams.

Haejoo decides that she will talk to Maya. She goes in and sees the poor girl pretending to sleep with a tear stained face. Haejoo remembers how Maya was when Maya first came to their family and brought Haejoo out of her depression. Pulling Maya close, Haejoo apologizes that she loved Maya but the adults got into a mess and berated and hated on Maya for no reason.

At the same time, Do-Chi calls the keeper and is told that they cannot use the Yangpyong summer house as the water isn’t working. They realize that it means Haejoo is hiding there and leave.

But, it’s too late, Haejoo and Mooyeol have already left.

Yeo-Ri decides that they need help. The person who sent her the hair must have been Enok.

The next day, Yeo-Ri goes to Enok’s store. She asks Enok to ask Mooyeol where he’s taken Maya.

Enok runs away.

So, Yeo-Ri follows to Enok’s house and even kneels in front of this evil lady. Yeo-Ri cries and begs Enok to help before Mooyeol and Haejoo send Maya abroad.

Finally, Yeolmae and Enok decide to be humans. Yeolmae calls Mooyeol and lies that Enok has fainted. Mooyeol rushes over as soon as he hears.

Meanwhile, Doyoung regains the memories of how Jiwon left Do-Chi for dead after the accident. He wakes up and gasps to find Jiwon there. She’s dropped by to check on him. Doyoung barely lies that he didn’t regain any memories.

In front of Enok’s apartment, Maryun, Kidong and Oliver arrive. The DNA tests showed that Maya is Bom!

When Mooyeol finally arrives, Oliver and Kidong grab him. Mooyeol refuses to tell them where Bom is.

So, Yeo-Ri decides to check his navigation history. It shows that the second place Mooyeol went after the summer house was Daehan hotel. When he refuses to give up the room number, Yeo-Ri calls the hotel asking with the excuse that she’s calling from WID Group and she needs to deliver important documents.

Maryun and team agree to hold on to Mooyeol so that he cannot alert Haejoo and Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi head off.

On the side, Doyoung finds out that Jiwon changed the legal ownership of all of his assets to herself.

Yeo-Ri rushes into the hotel as Haejoo asks Maya if Maya would not mind leaving Korea as a family… Haejoo, Mooyeol, Maya and Gaya. It would be like how they lived in China without any outside interference.

Back at the company, Jiwon goes into her office to find that the door is unlocked. She yells at her Secretary but he just awkwardly looks back into the office. Jiwon turns to find Doyoung sitting in his leather chair smirking.

Yeo-Ri reaches the hotel room and rings the bell. Haejoo opens the door thinking that it’s Mooyeol. When she sees that it’s not Mooyeol, she tries to close it but Do-Chi pulls it open, evil family or not.

Yeo-Ri runs in crying for Maya. Haejoo on the side calls for Maya as well. Haejoo continues to entice Maya but Yeo-Ri stops when she sees how confused the child is. Only her tears keep flowing.

Maya takes a few steps forward and then runs into Yeo-Ri’s arms.


Finally! Yeo-Ri and Maya are together! I am so thankful that the drama did not drag this out another ten episodes. If we had gone through several subarcs of Yeo-Ri finding and then losing Bom again, I would have lost it.

The past few responses had been mainly about how I felt. So, I want to take the time here to really applaud the main actors and actresses in this drama. Even though the plot is obviously makjang, they do a great job playing their characters without overdoing it. Before I knew it, I was engrossed in Yeo-Ri’s struggle to find Maya who is right next to her… I also began to hate Haejoo and Mooyeol with a passion more than I hated Jiwon. Thinking back, I can only attribute this to the strong acting of these characters.

While I am rooting for Oh Ji-Eun’s character (Yeo-Ri), I want to especially shout out for Choi Yoon-So, the actress playing Haejoo. She plays a nice girl and main character’s supportive friend in the weekend drama Woman of Dignity. Her character is so quiet and nice, it is the exact opposite of Haejoo. I respect her being able to swing both roles at the same time.

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