Unknown Woman 65

Yeo-Ri protects Bom but Jiwon begins to plan her next attack.

Woman Without a Name Episode 65 RECAP

Haejoo glares at Maya who is being embraced by Yeo-Ri.

Meanwhile, Doyoung wonders about how Jiwon has become the CEO.  Jiwon quickly answers that she’s just protecting the position from Do-Chi.  He’s been trying to take over the company this whole time.  She barely protected it.

At the same time, Do-Chi takes Maya out and Haejoo calls the police about Yeo-Ri kidnapping her daughter.  Yeo-Ri doesn’t back down and pulls out the DNA test results, which clearly state that Maya Kim and Yeo-Ri are biologically related.  She tells Haejoo to go ahead and call the police but be prepared for their investigating Jiwon for kidnapping Bom in the first place.

Haejoo runs after Yeo-Ri into the hallway.  She begs Yeo-Ri not to take Maya away. Yeo-Ri doesn’t back down.

Do-Chi calls Maryun so that they let Mooyeol go home.  He immediately runs in to yell at Maryun asking how she would let her son lose everything like this.  Was helping a stranger more important than protecting (and lying for) her son? Enok just snaps back that she was protecting him from the inevitable comeuppance that he’d receive from heaven.

Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi arrive at home with Maya.  Kidong and Maryun rush up to hug their granddaughter.  Maya is silent and Yeo-Ri pulls her parents into a separate room to explain that she hasn’t told Maya about being Maya’s mom.

Yeo-Ri then goes to her room where Maya is staring at the photograph of her younger self.  Maya asks why Yeo-Ri has that picture…is it of her lost daughter Bom? Yeo-Ri answers yes.

Maya notes that it is also a picture of her younger self…Is she by chance Yeo-Ri’s lost daughter? Yeo-Ri pulls Maya into a hug.  She cries that yes, Maya is her believed daughter. The two then burst into tears.

As for the baddies, Haejoo goes home to freak out.  She makes it all about HER. Because ruining someone else’s life by stealing their child is nothing.  She trashes Maya’s room asking how the heck Maya could go to Yeo-Ri after all that Haejoo did raising Maya.

Jiwon comes home and pulls Haejoo into a hug.  She tells Haejoo that she understands how much Haejoo loved Maya. Jiwon promises to bring Maya back.

At the same time, Do-Chi is in Doyoung’s room.  Doyoung asks if Haejoo is freaking out about Maya. Do-Chi kneels down and asks if Doyoung remembers…and, if he knew about Maya being Yeo-Ri’s daughter. Doyoung answers that he found out right before the accident and that’s why he fought with Jiwon.  Doyoung also explains that he has not recovered all of his memories. So, he wants to keep it a secret from Jiwon.

That night, Maya and Yeo-Ri spend the night together.  Maya asks Yeo-Ri why Yeo-Ri left her when Yeo-Ri loved her so much. Yeo-Ri sighs and tells Maya that it’s complicated.  She cannot explain right away but will explain when Maya is a bit older.

The next day, Yeo-Ri goes into Jiwon’s office the first thing.  She throws down the complaint that she filed with the police of Jiwon kidnapping Bom.  Jiwon plays it cool demanding evidence.

Yeo-Ri leaves and runs into Mooyeol in the hallway.  The snake is unrepentant.  He asks how Yeo-Ri could file a motion to terminate his parental rights when he’s Maya’s biological father who raised Maya.  Yeo-Ri reminds Mooyeol that he was the one who threw away Bom when she was a baby.  She would have done more but left him with just the termination of parental rights since he raised Maya.

At the same time, Jjangu brings Do-Chi a proposal.  He explains that he was told from the secretary that it’s already been approved by the higher ups and just needs Do-Chi’s signature.  Do-Chi sees that it’s been signed already by three others and signs off.

The two go checking out their vendor shops and Do-Chi offers to pay for a set of new clothes for Jjangu’s family.  Jjangu quickly agrees.  But, then Do-Chi remembers that he forgot his wallet.  Jjangu pays and tells Do-Chi to pay him back.  When Jjang checks his account, he realizes someone deposited $500,000 into his account!  Do-Chi tells Jjangu to look into it quickly.

Later, Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri come back to the office after they had lunch with the team.  They see a bunch of reporters walk in and follow.

At the same time, the secretary tells Doyoung that Jiwon is planning to frame Do-Chi for money laundering.  She planted the money into Do-Chi’s friend’s account and scheduled a reporter’s teleconference. Doyoung decides to not let this happen.

Yeo-Ri also calls Jiwon about the teleconference after getting a weird feeling. Jiwon answers that Yeo-Ri will find out soon as it’s about Do-Chi.  Of course, Jiwon also adds that Jiwon can call off the conference if Yeo-Ri brings Maya.


Another great episode for this daily drama.  Now that Yeo-Ri has Bom but we still have over 30 episodes to go, the writer and the DRAMA production team must work hard at keeping us engrossed.  Tying in the Bom drama with the takeover of the company was a great twist.

The episode passed quickly as I wondered what Jiwon was scheming.  I knew that Do-Chi should not sign the proposal but I could also see that he would trust Jjangu.  After all, they just won a battle in bringing Bom back.  Would he have a reason to trust something that came through Jjangu?  But, oh dear, money laundering? I think he’s going to need some major inside support to get through this trap.

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