Unknown Woman 66

Doyoung comes to Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri’s rescue.

Woman Without a Name Episode 66 RECAP

Do-Chi thinks back about all the weird things that have happened recently after hearing the indirect threat from Jiwon.  He realizes that the proposal for the Chinese factories was weird…And, there was the large deposit of money into Jjangu’s account.

They rush to the conference room but are stopped by security. Jiwon arrives with Haejoo and Mooyeol trailing like the minions that they are.  Jiwon smiles and notes that she does not see Maya, which was the only condition to stopping the teleconference.

Yeo-Ri snaps back that they would never give up Maya.

Jiwon and baddies enter the room while Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri are left outside. Jiwon immediately starts at the main point.  She announces that their company is for transparency.  She found out recently that Do-Chi created a slush fund through fake factories in China.  He then funneled money into his friend’s account.  As proof, she offers up the proposal that Do-Chi signed.

Suddenly, Doyoung shows up in his wheel chair all nicely dressed up in a suit.  He’s on Team Goodies now.  He stands up and smiles reassuringly at Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri.  Then, he walks into the conference room.

Doyoung silently walks up to the front of the room and announces that he is the CEO of WID Group.  He also adds that the money laundering accusation is false. He would put his own name and role on the line. Then he continues to announce that he wants to declare that Jiwon is falsifying evidence and will step down as interim CEO.

Jiwon tries to deny it.  But, Doyoung whispers back that he has evidence. Cue Secretary Kim walking in. Doyoung explains that he knows that Jiwon tasked Secretary Kim into framing Do-Chi.  Unless she wants to be embarrassed on television, she should stand down.

Meanwhile, Maryun picks up Maya from school.  However, she gets down since Gaya doesn’t like Maya going off to a different house.

Jiwon follows Doyoung into his office demanding to know why he wants to fire her.  All she has done is tried to protect his position from Do-Chi. She framed Do-Chi so that he can no longer scheme to take over Doyoung’s position.

Doyoung glares back saying that his memories have returned.  He knows that it wasn’t Do-Chi but Jiwon that has been behind all of the incidents.  Also, he knows that Jiwon has changed the legal ownership of all of Doyoung’s assets.

Haejoo is waiting outside with Mooyeol.  She hears the argument and runs in.  She explains that she was the one who made Jiwon Doyoung’s legal representative. How could Doyoung take Do-Chi’s side instead of her mother’s?

Doyoung tells Haejoo to stand down and out of this argument.  He also states that he’s going to divorce Jiwon as they had originally planned. Jiwon goes crazy throwing things around until she cuts her hand on some glass.

When Jiwon and Haejoo come home, they find all of Jiwon’s stuff packed and boxed in the living room. He tells her to leave immediately. Jiwon refuses and Haejoo yells on Jiwon’s side.

Haejoo declares like the selfish idiot that she is that she refuses to acknowledge the divorce. If Jiwon leaves, she will as well.

The next day, Jiwon goes into the police station for questioning about her kidnapping Bom and then falsifying evidence that Bom died.  She lies throughout the questioning.  Then she takes Haejoo’s call and pretends to be weak sniffling.  Because liars don’t fall easily.  They go down lying, acting and fighting tooth and nail.

Jiwon then calls Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi over for dinner.  Shes made a bunch of dishes and even plastered on an angelic smile on her face. She explains that she did everything for the family.  However, she will leave just as Doyoung wishes.

Jiwon leaves with Haejoo and Mooyeol following. Jiwon tells Haejoo not to fight Doyoung since that would only make Yeo-Ri’s life easier.

The next day, Yeo-Ri happily drops by Do-Chi’s office with some coffee. Is this time for some normal dating?

Suddenly Yeo-Ri gets a text from Jiwon.  She wants to meet at Seoul Hotel.

Do-Chi sees the text message and tells Yeo-Ri to go with him.  But, Do-Chi has a meeting…Yeo-Ri smiles that Jiwon won’t be able to do anything with everyone’s attention on her.

Yeo-Ri finds the hotel room door open.  She goes in and sees Jiwon unconscious on the floor with an open bottle of pills next to her.


Ah the old fake suicide attempt.  Why is it that stupid cowardly baddies always opt for the really flashy woe-is-me methods such as “attempted suicides’ but not really and leaving the country? Sorry but no sympathy here. Chances are that Jiwon took a couple sleeping pills after spilling the rest to make it seem like she attempted suicide.

On the side, did anyone else get surprised by Doyoung’s performance? I was all skeptical about his being able to jump onto Team Good. But when he suddenly showed up in a suit and walked up to the front of the teleconference? I was holding my breath despite myself wondering how he could save Do-Chi.

Then! He slams down his statement declaring that his wife lied and falsified evidence in front of the conference for all of the journalists! I felt my heart skip a beat and I knew that I would welcome Doyoung back into Team Good after that action alone. Divorcing Jiwon and kicking her out of the house were icing on top of the cupcake. But the real kicker was the fact that he didn’t pull any “family image is most important” bull shiz and called her out when it was necessary. Go Doyoung! You surprised me today by showing me that middle aged Korean actors can be freaking mushesuh cool!

Here’s to hoping that Jiwon’s latest stunt doesn’t move Doyoung back into Team Baddies.

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