Unknown Woman 67

No one is convinced by Jiwon’s show except for Haejoo. Yeo-Ri continues to fight for any chance of justice with Jiwon.

Woman Without a Name Episode 67 RECAP

Haejoo freaks out about her mother not picking up and keeps calling. Yeo-Ri picks up and tells Haejoo that Jiwon is unconscious.  She also notes that she called for an ambulance.

Haejoo and Mooyeol rush to the hospital.  They find Yeo-Ri standing in front of the emergency room.  She explains that there was a bottle of spilled anxiety pills.

Then the doctors come out. Jiwon is fine now.  They note that they are moving Jiwon to a regular room now that her condition is stable as they found Jiwon soon after she took the pills.

The nurse also hands Haejoo a letter…It was drafted in the form of a will. Jiwon states in the will that she hopes that her family will know that Jiwon did everything for the family.  She also declares that even after death, she will be proven innocent in the Maya situation.

Haejoo runs over to interrupt Doyoung in the middle of his meeting. She blames her father for everything and demands that Doyoung let Jiwon come back home.  If he doesn’t let Jiwon come back home, Haejoo declares that she will leave.

Haejoo storms out of the office and runs into Yeo-Ri in the hallway.  Haejoo demands that Yeo-Ri cancel the lawsuit against Jiwon about the kidnapping. Yeo-Ri sighs that the investigation will bring out the truth.

So, Haejoo then jumps to the conclusion that Yeo-Ri must have gone to threaten Jiwon.  Because, what else would baddies do? Yeo-Ri sighs again that Jiwon was the one who texted Yeo-Ri to visit.  Yeo-Ri will not drop her lawsuit.

Haejoo resorts to her normal act – trying to physically assault Yeo-Ri.  However, Do-Chi shows up. He gallantly stops Haejoo from hitting Yeo-Ri and tells her off for going the gangster uneducated route.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Jiwon wakes up to find Mooyeol in the office. He smirks that her act was a success. Haejoo was furious after finding out that Jiwon attempted suicide.  He smiles that Doyoung will probably come visit soon.

Suddenly, Doyoung arrives.  He tosses a copy of the divorce papers onto Jiwon’s bed.  He tells her to stop confusing Haejoo or he will tell Haejoo the truth.

Jiwon calmly asks Doyoung if he’s ready to lose half of his assets.  They have been married for over thirty years. Doyoung answers that he’s prepared to give her a part of it. Jiwon continues that she could sell her part of the assets to Maryun effectively making her the clear majority shareholder.  He needs her to protect his position.

Doyoung storms out.

Yeo-Ri goes home where Maya is drawing in her room. Maya drew her “family”, which included Haejoo, Mooyeol, Gaya and Yeo-Ri.  Maya explains that her parents are also her family. Yeo-Ri sighs and apologizes to Bom for making things so confusing.

At the same time, Haejoo continues to throw a tantrum at home.  After all, a grown woman near thirties who never did anything but live off of family money?  Why should she act maturely now?  Doyoung tries to calm her down but Haejoo continues that he needs to bring her mother home.  Doyoung walks back out of Haejoo’s room and pauses as his vision gets blurry and the scene moves.

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri stops by the police station where the officers want to stop the investigation.  They don’t have enough evidence to continue to prosecute Jiwon who continues to deny that she was involved. Yeo-Ri asks them to wait as she can bring a witness.

Yeo-Ri meets with Jiyoung at a cafe. She asks Jiyoung to testify to being paid to change the diagnosis.  Jiyoung refuses and stands up.  Yeo-Ri grabs on to her and asks again…Bom is back.

We turn back to the company where Haejoo continues to stress her father out about Jiwon. However, Doyoung is adamant that when Jiwon gets discharged, Jiwon can go live in the summer house.

Haejoo then rages at Yeo-Ri for living her life after Jiwon is hurt…Yeo-Ri sighs that this is just karma. Mic drops.

Yeo-Ri then gets a text that Jiyoung is going to the police station… Yeo-Ri goes to the hospital and asks Jiwon to come down to the station.  Jiwon refuses until a police officer comes in and tells Jiwon that she needs to come into the station for investigation.

Haejoo blames Yeo-Ri for all of this. The Koo family habits – create problems, lie and them blame others! Yeo-Ri doesn’t fall for it anymore.  She tells Haejoo to blame her own mother for her sins.

At the police station, Jiwon yells at everyone.  She demands to see the witness. She also yells at Yeo-Ri and the police officers.  However, Yeo-Ri and the officer stay silent.

It’s all because Jiyoung was sitting in the other room listening to Jiwon’s voice.  Then, Jiyoung walks into the room and stares at Jiwon.

At the same time, Doyoung gets what looks like a MRI done.  The doctor tells Doyoung that he has a cerebral tumor.  They need to surgically remove it quickly. Doyoung asks the doctor to keep it from Haejoo and Do-Chi until Doyoung can fix things.

Back at the police station, Jiwon confidently walks out. The girl could not remember Jiwon’s voice to place it.  Jiwon sneers at Jiyoung laughing that she was not the one who sent money to Jiyoung for Jiyoung’s mother’s cancer treatment.

Yeo-Ri follows Jiwon to the car. But, Jiwon triumphantly snaps at Yeo-Ri that Jiwon won.  She states that the witness is too stupid to remember Jiwon’s voice. Now, Yeo-Ri has no evidence.

Jiwon drives off and Yeo-Ri replays the recording of Jiwon saying that Yeo-Ri has no evidence since the witness could not remember Jiwon’s voice. Jiyoung also runs over to say that it was Jiwon. After all, how could Jiwon know that Jiyoung was bribed with money to use for Jiyoung’s mother’s surgery? No one mentioned it today.

Cue Jiwon getting handcuffed in front of her house.



Finally! Episode 67! THANK YOU! I don’t care if later on Jiwon repents once she finds out that Yeo-Ri is her biological daughter. For now, we finally get the sweet sense of justice and satisfaction of seeing the baddie who refused to acknowledge or apologize for her actions getting forced disciplined in handcuffs! Hopefully, Jiwon won’t be able to worm her way out of this by blaming the victim again. I am REALLY tired of the baddies in this drama blaming the victims a la Jiwon blaming Yeo-Ri, Haejoo and Mooyeol blaming Yeo-Ri and Enok telling Maya that Maya was the one who misunderstood. Sheesh people, would it kill you to tell the truth and take responsibility?

Also, my second favorite scene after Jiwon getting cuffed has to be when Do-Chi shows up to stop Haejoo from abusing Yeo-Ri.  None of that it’s not an attack or abuse if my family member does it to my wife business here. Nope! If it’s an attack, it’s an attack and Do-Chi is going to protect his wife! Sad that I actually have to be happy to see such a thing in a Korean daily drama but keep it up folks! Let’s socially educate the males of Korean society who have not had good role models in their lives to teach them what it means to be a husband or at the very least a gentleman.

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