Unknown Woman 68

Jiwon squirms out of comeuppance and Doyoung falls back into Team Baddies.

Woman Without a Name Episode 68 RECAP

Jiwon gets taken to the police station in front of Haejoo’s eyes. She freaks out and repeatedly tells Yeo-Ri that Haejoo will sue Yeo-Ri for defamation. Then, Haejoo goes to support her mom.

Meanwhile, Jiwon continues to deny that she is guilty saying that a recording by the plaintiff cannot be evidence. When Haejoo arrives, Jiwon asks for Mooyeol.

The baddies’ dog rushes over at his master’s bidding. Jiwon asks for a moment to speak in private, which is granted. She then tells Mooyeol to take the fall for her. Since he’s the biological father, the kidnapping charges won’t hold and it would turn into a custody battle. The criminal charges would fall from major felony to misdemeanors with the right lawyers. Haejoo is there in the hallway and also urges Mooyeol to take the fall for her mother.

Faced with the two women who are just as selfish as himself and his mother, Mooyeol agrees as long as Jiwon promises to give him anything that he wants. They walk back into the main area and Mooyeol confesses that it was all him all along. This allows Jiwon to walk free to Yeo-Ri and Do-Choi’s horror… The police cannot do anything with Mooyeol stubbornly insisting that he’s the guilty party.

Haejoo takes Jiwon back to their house just as Doyoung comes home. Haejoo turns to her father who’s glaring at Jiwon and declares that he either lets Jiwon stay or lose both of them right then and there. So, Doyoung backs down and lets Jiwon come back into the house though she has to sleep in the study.

That night, Doyoung drinks by himself in the kitchen brooding about his diagnosis and the state of his messed up family. Do-Chi comes in to console Doyoung. Doyoung asks if Do-Chi doesn’t hate Doyoung. Do-Chi answers that seeing Doyoung almost dead made Do-Chi realize how much Do-Chi had been relying of Doyoung as Do-Chi’s replacement parents…He understands and forgives Doyoung for Doyoung’s actions in trying to cut Do-Chi from the company.

The morning after, Jiwon goes back to scheming. After breakfast, she follows Doyoung into his room to remind him that he still has an issue to resolve. He has to either cut Do-Chi off from the family or make him divorce Yeo-Ri. Otherwise, their family is too messed up with the grandfather and grandson becoming the legal step father and biological father, respectively.

Then Jiwon goes to visit Mooyeol. She tells him not to worry as she will attend the custody hearing as his representative and has already engaged attorneys to represent him in the current matter. She also tells him that she can no longer give him shares in WID Group because Doyoung demanded the shares be reverted under his name…but, she promises to give Mooyeol legal ownership of a building instead. This pleases Mooyeol.

However, when Jiwon is leaving the police station, she runs into Enok who makes a big public fuss about Jiwon’s evil antics. Jiwon responds by calling her secretary to physically pull Enok off. Then she tells Enok to stay quiet for Mooyeol’s sake.

Enok enters the station and cries after seeing her son in jail. Lady, he kindof deserves to be there for his own sins of attempted kidnapping of Maya. It’s not like he’s an innocent bystander. Not to mention that he is guilty of insider trading…

She cries about her son being jail. Mooyeol tells her to come down as Jiwon will pull him out and give him a building as well as being Maya back.

At the same time, the judge declares that he will postpone the final decision of custody over Maya until next week.

Jiwon goes home where Gaya is sobbing. He wants to see Maya… Haejoo had brought him home because he was crying all the time.

Jiwon promises to bring Maya home. Then she tells Haejoo to pack and get ready. Jiwon will bring Maya. So Haejoo can take Gaya and Maya abroad until the custody is decided. Great! Kidnapping again.

Meanwhile, Enok goes to Doyoung’s office. She quickly kneels and asks for help. She explains that her son is in prison and they are fighting for custody over Maya. She cries that it’s not just about Mooyeol… She thinks Yeo-Ri should raise Maya. Haejoo isn’t bad but what woman would raise the child of her husband’s ex-fiancé without having negative feelings?

Doyoung promises to figure it out.

On the side, Maryun has to go grocery shopping. She invites Maya to join but Maya refuses to do her homework. Maryun tells Maya not to open the door to anyone…

However, Jiwon arrives. She tells Maya through the intercom that Maryun told Jiwon to wait inside. Maya lets Jiwon inside and Jiwon asks why Maya hasn’t packed… Jiwon lies that Maryun agreed that Maya could go on a trip with her family.

Maya has no choice but to comply. As Jiwon drives away with Maya, Maryun returns because she forgot her wallet. Maryun sees the car and runs after it but it doesn’t stop.

Suddenly, Doyoung calls Jiwon and orders that she brings Maya in. He also calls Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri.

At the meeting, Do-Chi takes Maya outside. Doyoung then announces that Jiwon gives up on Maya. And, Yeo-Ri gives up Do-Chi. Or, Yeo-Ri can stay with Do-Chi but give up her daughter Bom.


Ok, Doyoung you filthy wretch! You just slid right back into Team Baddie. What? A mother is supposed to choose between her daughter and her husband? What kind of choice is this? Let’s add the layer that she wouldn’t have to make this choice if Haejoo had not stolen Mooyeol away from a pregnant and engaged Yeo-Ri in the first place! Regardless of how embarrassing their family situation is, if anyone should be making sacrifices to rectify it, it should be the original evil dolt!

As for a non-emotional reaction. Another episode where the plot did not slow down! I don’t feel like the drama is just throwing things at us to fill up the space either! So, kudos!

A lot of this organic conflict that keeps rising up is because the drama did a great job in building in intense problems from the beginning such as the heartfelt animosity between Jiwon/Haejoo and Yeo-Ri and Mooyeol’s cowardly selfish character. Even Doyoung’s actions do not seem too surprising because he has already shown by letting Haejoo marry Mooyeol after she stole the guy away from his pregnant fiancé that his morality is not as strong as his desire to uphold a facade of a decent family image… These subarcs pop up and the viewer isn’t surprised. Rather, you almost expect it.

On the side, I wonder how they are going to give depth to Mooyeol and Jiwon. While we have seen a little bit of dimension to Haejoo, she’s just kind of stupid. She reacts to situations as she sees them, really loving Maya and feeling hurt when Maya chooses Yeo-Ri, etc. However, Jiwon and Mooyeol just feel flat after 68 episodes. Evil. Selfish. Scheming. End.

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