Unknown Woman 69

Do-Chi protects Yeo-Ri as Jiwon starts scheming.

Woman Without a Name Episode 69 RECAP

Yeo-Ri answers solemnly that she cannot give up Do-Chi or Maya. Doyoung tries to give some stupid lie that this is better for Maya. If Yeo-Ri doesn’t give it up, Maya will get confused finding it that her biological mom is also her grandmother. As if the problem wouldn’t be resolved by telling Maya about how her mother stole her father from a pregnant fiancé and then the other grandmother kidnapped Maya? In other words Maya, your family is messed up.

Yeo-Ri refuses to answer and the meeting gets adjourned. She goes to find Do-Chi who is smiling lovingly at Bom at a nearby cafe. They take turns feeding each other ice cream until Maya spots Yeo-Ri. Yeo-Ri tells Do-Chi that Doyoung didn’t say anything material and suggests that they go home.

Meanwhile, Mooyeol walks out of the police station. Enok runs up to the doors but no one else is there. Mooyeol looks around and asks but Enok confirms that no one is waiting for him.

Mooyeol takes a bite of tofu as is customary for someone who was in prison to “wash away one’s sins” with the white tofu. Then Enok carefully brings up Maya’s custody. Mooyeol snaps at his mother for trying to bring up human values and storms off.

Yeo-Ri goes home and awkwardly explains to her parents that Doyoung only wanted to greet Yeo-Ri. Maryun picks up on the awkward aura and tells Do-Chi to go home.

After he leaves, Yeo-Ri tells her parents about the Sophie’s Choice that she was presented. Maryun snaps that Yeo-Ri should ignore it while Kidong sighs that he understands why Doyoung might have brought it up since the family tree is all messed up. Well, in DRAMAFEED’s opinion, they can fix the darn family tree by having Haejoo divorce Mooyeol. Then Maya just has her grandparents become her parents and her father is no longer below the grandparents on the theoretical family tree. Let the guilty parties make the sacrifice in fixing what they messed up!

The next morning, Jiwon goes to see Doyoung because she has the legal papers which would return the assets to his legal ownership. The office is empty and the secretary asks her to leave. Jiwon snaps back that she used to be the CEO and bullies the secretary into telling her that Doyoung is at the hospital.

Thanks to her bullying, Jiwon is outside the door in the hospital hallway when Doyoung walks out of his primary doctor’s office. She doesn’t grab their attention and overhears the doctor tell Doyoung to tell Doyoung’s family about his condition and schedule a surgery as soon as possible before the brain tumor gets worse.

Doyoung calls in Haejoo, Mooyeol, Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri into his office. He declares that he wants to see which of them is fit to take over the company since the times are changing and younger leadership might be better fit to fight against the changes. Even though everyone in the room tries to tell Doyoung that they don’t want to take over his position, Doyoung firmly tells Do-Chi and Haejoo to show everyone their management abilities so that no shareholder can protest the final decision.

Then, Doyoung dismisses everyone but Yeo-Ri.

In the hallway, Mooyeol and Haejoo raise their hackles at Do-Chi noting that the company had always been Haejoo’s inheritance. However, Do-Chi is more worried about Doyoung’s sudden decision when he recovered and is still young.

Haejoo sighs that Doyoung didn’t need to call in Yeo-Ri since Yeo-Ri would be gone soon. Do-Chi demands to know what Haejoo is alluding to.

Haejoo smirks that Do-Chi is the only one who doesn’t know that Doyoung told Yeo-Ri to choose between her daughter and him.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri tells Doyoung that she cannot give up either her child or Do-Chi. Suddenly, Do-Chi swoops in and pulls Yeo-Ri up. He tells her that she doesn’t have to listen to this ridiculousness and declares that he’s disappointed in his brother before storming out. Do-Chi to the rescue in the face of ridiculous family? Check! Check! Check!

Do-Chi pulls Yeo-Ri into his office and demands to know why she didn’t tell him sooner. Because, he would have jumped to her defense had he known it before! Swoon!

Yeo-Ri sighs that she didn’t want to break up the relationship between him and Doyoung when Doyoung had just woken up. After seeing how Do-Chi is always loving and protecting her, Yeo-Ri adds that she thought she would do anything for revenge but she couldn’t make the decision.

Jiwon hears from Haejoo about the competition and wonders if Doyoung is critical. She gives Doyoung the documents which changes the legal ownership of the house back to him. However, she lies that it would take longer to return the shares.

Next thing we know, the plot is swimming along. Mooyeol stops by Enok’s store and tells her not to worry as he’s going to both get a building and Maya. He adds that they don’t need to worry about Jiwon since Haejoo isn’t Jiwon’s biological daughter.

Time jump and Haejoo goes to have Doyoung review her proposal. She stops when Secretary Kim goes into Doyoung’s office. She is able to overhear Doyoung tell Secretary Kim to find Choi Mihee. But, Haejoo doesn’t hear that Mihee is her mother.

Unfortunately, the episode ends on a sad note. Yeo-Ri loses the custody hearing. Jiwon orders her driver bring Maya back. Yeo-Ri snaps back that she’s not giving up Bom. She is going to appeal.


What?! Did anyone expect Haejoo’s mother to still be alive? I didn’t… This plot twist raises a lot of questions. Why did Mihee leave the family? Why did she leave baby Haejoo?! Did a court really separate a newborn babe from her mother? If Mihee is alive, would she have any claims to Doyoung’s assets?

Another smooth episode in terms of the plot. However, the baddies remain sorely flat and existing just to move the plot along. I hope that Haejoo’s discovery of her biological mother will move along the arch that Jiwon finds out the victim of all her abuse is actually her real biological daughter. Then, the question will turn to whether Jiwon chooses her greed or her daughter.

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