Unknown Woman 70

Haejoo finds out about Doyoung after another close encounter. Yeo-Ri finally realized after all of this why the Koos want Maya.

Woman Without a Name Episode 70 RECAP

As Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi enter into a race to Bom/ Maya, Haejoo confronts Doyoung about Mihee Choi in his office. She tells him to explain who the woman is and why he’s looking for her. Doyoung looks shocked and stutters that he wanted to tell in her a different way…He begins that Mihee is Haejoo’s biological but doesn’t finish the word mom before he grabs his neck and falls.

Jiwon is ordering Mooyeol to grab Maya when Jiwon gets the call that Doyoung fainted. They rush to the emergency room. Doyoung is getting an urgent surgery and Jiwon pretends that she had no idea.

While the surgery continues, Haejoo spots Yeo-Ri and declares that in the middle of her father getting life saving surgery, she must steal Bom. Yeo-Ri runs after Haejoo to stop her and even Jiwon tells Mooyeol to stop Haejoo. With Doyoung unconscious, she doesn’t think they have the manpower to watch and keep Maya.

So, Haejoo finally backs down after she’s told to stop by all of Yeo-Ri, Do-Chi and Mooyeol.

Then, Haejoo decides that she’s the most traumatized out of all of them because of her failed attempt to keep her adopted child Maya from Maya’s biological mother. She goes to rest.

Mooyeol takes this opportunity to tell Jiwon what he heard earlier. Doyoung had fallen just as he was explaining to Haejoo who Mihee Choi was. Jiwon tells Mooyeol to keep Haejoo from finding out the truth or risk losing his building. Since, Mooyeol doesn’t really work for anything but money, he readily agrees to betray Haejoo.

Then the kids get involved. Gaya is alone and bored.  He suddenly gets a nose bleed and calls Maya in hopes that she will come to check on him.  Maya agrees to ask her family.

Yeo-Ri decides to check on Gaya. He pulls out the tissue that he had in his nose and tells her that he’s fine. He only said he had a bloody nose to see Maya.  She puts Gaya to bed before Haejoo and Mooyeol come home.
Haejoo is furious to find out that Yeo-Ri is at their house.  She runs up immediately when she hears that Gaya is sick.  However, Gaya repeats that everything was a lie to see Maya.
Fortunately, the surgery was a success and the younger generation check in on Doyoung the next day.  He tells Do-Chi and Haejoo to launch a new brand.  This brand launch will be the test that shows the rest of the shareholders that they have the ability to succeed him.
Next, Haejoo explains to her team that they are having a competition between Haejoo and Do-Chi.  Yeo-Ri and Yeolmae will be on the same team with Do-Chi while the rest of the employees will be with Haejoo. Haejoo pulls Yeolmae aside later and orders Yeolmae to spy on Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi.
That day is also the day that Mooyeol is taking Maya home.  Yeo-Ri shows up when school is out.  She takes Maya aside and explains that they have to live apart for a little bit because Gaya missed her so much.
Maya tears up and asks if Yeo-Ri is now tired of her as well…Yeo-Ri denies that this is true. But Maya just continues to cry that she wants to be with Yeo-Ri… Yeo-Ri hugs Maya close and promises to call every day…
And, Mooyeol drives away with a crying Maya as Yeo-Ri sobs as well. Yeo-Ri declares that she will bring Maya back.
Back at the company, Haejoo asks for a report from Yeolmae.  Yeolmae looks around and remembers that she left it in Mooyeol’s office.  So, Haejoo goes to Mooyeol’s office to look for herself.  She finds the investigator’s report on Doyoung, which includes his legal family report… She sees that it states that Mihee Choi was Doyoung’s first wife.
As for Yeo-Ri, she broods in her room about Bom…Maryun comes in to comfort Yeo-Ri by telling her that they can fight for the appeal. The talk turns to Gaya and his sickness as well as the weak Koo family members… Suddenly, Yeo-Ri remembers how Jiwon adopted her to be a donor for Haesung.  She puts everything together and realizes that the Koos are focused on Bom because of Gaya.
Another fast paced episode that keeps the story going. I like how the story threw us a bone as Yeo-Ri lost the custody battle. The episode did not end before Yeo-Ri announced that she filed an appeal and Yeo-Ri realizes why the Koos are so obsessed.  Now, we have hope that Yeo-Ri and Company will find evidence that the Koos have an ulterior motive that allows them to bring Maya back.
Other than the story line, the acting is great as usual.  Surprisingly enough, I am still most impressed by Haejoo’s actress Choi Yoonso. Yeo-Ri’s actress, Oh Ji-Eun does a great job in acting the unlucky but fighting Yeo-Ri…but, there is something missing from her character… I almost feel like we have hit a rut? I have seen Ji-Eun cry and sob in so many episodes as well as get furious at the Koos… But that seems to be the gambit of everything that we can see? I know that it’s not Ji-Eun’s fault. That’s all that has been written for her character.  However, I would love to have an opportunity to see another aspect of Yeo-Ri.
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