Unknown Woman 72

Yeo-Ri fights back and gets Maya back.

Woman Without a Name Episode 72 RECAP

Yeo-Ri leaves Mooyeol to join Do-Chi and Maya. Then Mooyeol gets a call from Haejoo as the school called to let her know that Gaya was sick. He had fainted.

Mooyeol runs into the school nurse’s office. Gaya is sleeping and the nurse notes that Gaya had several nose bleeds recently. Mooyeol gets worried and carries Gaya to the hospital.

At the same time, Doyoung asks again if Jiwon really kidnapped Yeo-Ri’s child to use her as Gaya’s insurance. Jiwon confirms still unrepentant. Then Haejoo calls crying about Gaya being sick.

Dear mother dearest rushes over to the examination room. Doctor Kim has already finished the necessary exams and concluded that Gaya had the same illness as Haesung did.

Jiwon comforts Haejoo that they still have Maya. Then the two devils head over to Yeo-Ri’s house with police.

Fortunately, Maya is out with Do-Chi. But, Jiwon tells the police to arrest Yeo-Ri and Maryun for kidnapping. Yeo-Ri smiles that Jiwon must not have heard the latest news.

Cue Jiwon getting a call from news outlets. Yeo-Ri had contacted all of the major news agencies to tell them that she was going to have a teleconference about the WID Group’s immoral actions relating to her youth.

Jiwon turns to demand to know what this is all about. Yeo-Ri smiles that she’s going to tell everyone about how she was adopted just to be Haesung’s bone marrow donor. She will also reveal how Jiwon kidnapped Maya to do the same. The recording might not be enough evidence to win custody but it would be enough to enrage the public.

Yeo-Ri smiles and tells the officers to arrest her after the live conference. She then walks out with Maryun…

Jiwon and Haejoo follow. Jiwon tells Yeo-Ri to discuss Maya’s custody with Jiwon before the conference. So, Yeo-Ri goes to a nearby cafe with Jiwon and Haejoo. Jiwon offers to give Yeo-Ri physical and legal custody over Maya if Yeo-Ri calls off the conference.

Haejoo interrupts about Gaya but Jiwon pulls Haejoo outside. Jiwon reminds Haejoo to stay silent. They can always fight for custody over Maya later. However, they must not let Yeo-Ri find out our Gaya or she will be fighting for her child…they have to lull her into a sense of calm.

Hence, the deal is made. Jiwon promises to make Mooyeol give up custody and Yeo-Ri calls off the conference. True to her words, Jiwon tells Mooyeol to give up custody so that they can stop Yeo-Ri from telling the public.

Things return to a false sense of calm and people go back to work the next day. Then, after lunch, Yeo-Ri goes to Mooyeol’s office with Do-Chi to go file his papers declaring that he would give up custody.

At the same time, Jiwon is told that the hospital found a bone marrow match for Gaya.


This was definitely a filler episode that just holds the place as the lull before the storm.

Nothing much to say. March on!

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