Unknown Woman 73

Yeo-Ri seems to hit a lucky break when Jiwon agrees to have Mooyeol transfer custody.

Woman Without a Name Episode 73 RECAP

The episode begins with Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri walking the reluctant Mooyeol to the elevator. As they are waiting for the elevator, Mooyeol gets a text from Haejoo saying that they found another donor for Gaya. When the elevator opens, Mooyeol makes a break for it.

Mooyeol rushes to the hospital and meets with Haejoo and Jiwon. Mooyeol tells them about running off without giving up custody since they don’t need to use Maya as a donor now that another match is found.

However, Jiwon and Haejoo tear into Mooyeol for running away and breaking the deal with Yeo-Ri. Haejoo asks what would happen if Yeo-Ri goes to the press about Jiwon adopting Yeo-Ri and Maya just to use them as donors. She tells Mooyeol to stop obsessing about Maya and let her go.

Jiwon then goes back to check on Doyoung. He asks her if something happened to Gaya since everyone looks so serious. Jiwon tells him how Gaya is sick like Haesung. She also adds that there is a bone marrow back but asks what Doyoung would have done if there was no match.

Doyoung cannot answer. Jiwon sniffs that this is why she has been acting the way she has…to prepare for all possible alternatives.

Jiwon then goes to stare at Gaya. Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri find her there and they go outside to discuss. Yeo-Ri demands to know where Mooyeol is. Jiwon pretends not to know.

Do-Chi decides to go about this differently. They have the secretary call Mooyeol back into the office for an emergency. Then they grab him before he runs again. However, by the time that they get to the courthouse, the court is closed.

Enok feels nervous and goes to Mooyeol’s house. Mooyeol tells her the truth that Gaya is sick and to keep it from Yeo-Ri.

The next morning the two pieces of evil idiots attack each other. Mooyeol demands to know how Haejoo can be so cold to Maya when she raised her for nine years. Haejoo sniffs back that Gaya is sick and Maya chose to leave them. As long as there is another match, she doesn’t need Maya.

Then it’s time for people to go to work. Of course, Jiwon continues to show us how ignorant and selfish she is. She snaps at Do-Chi for not thanking her for the fact that Yeo-Ri gets custody over Maya. Do-Chi smirks and reminds her that Yeo-Ri and he are just letting her off easy and they are just unraveling all of the idiotic messes that she created. She should be quiet and thankful instead of demanding appreciation. Ahahaha! Love this scene! It’s always the evil idiot baddies that do the bare minimum to maybe fix the mess, which isn’t even what they promised in the first place and demand gratitude.

Haejoo decides to back Jiwon up. She yells at Do-Chi telling him to be respectful since all of the evil and makjang things Jiwon did was for her children….Because, doing evil and greedy actions that hurt others in the name of family is not evil, right? Ah, the illogical rationale of stupid baddies.

Jiwon goes to bring Doyoung home from the hospital. He’s still buttoning his shirt so she automatically goes to help. But, Doyoung pushes her away reminding her that they are only together for Haejoo, she shouldn’t expect their relationship to be the same.

Then, Jiwon gets a call from Doctor Kim. He tells her that they cannot contact the bone marrow match. They should move on to finding a new match.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri walks out with Do-Chi and Mooyeol. They have started the process to transfer custody.

Jiwon calls Mooyeol after Gaya has an episode. She tells him that they cannot give Maya over anymore since the donor match is untraceable.

Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi get ready to leave when she gets a call.


I wish I knew more about Korean law for this episode. I cannot tell if the process of transferring custody is one where after they file the papers, Mooyeol has the two months to change his mind and stop the process or not. I assume he does, which means Yeo-Ri had to legally fight for custody…At least the drama gave us a silver lining. If the evil Koo’s and Kim’s use Maya as a bone marrow donor, that establishes circumstantial evidence regarding Yeo-Ri’s allegations…Also, I am not sure if it looks worse that they do it without the biological mother’s consent. If the baddies don’t use Maya as a donor, none of them have a use for Maya except for the snake Mooyeol.

Final thought is that I love how the “family” is basically beating each other up and betraying one another. Despite their need to project an image, the fact is that by being so fake, they keep ruining their chance of happiness.

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