Unknown Woman 75

Yeo-Ri barely gets Bom back with the help of her family.

Woman Without a Name Episode 75

Evil Mooyeol takes Bom to the hospital. She asks him why they are there since she isn’t hurt. He lies that it’s just a routine checkup.

Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi race back to the city as Oliver goes to Enok’s shop to ask where Bom is. She confesses that Mooyeol took Bom so that Bom could see Gaya. Oliver tells Enok about the Kim and Koo family plans to use Bom as a donor for Gaya, which shocks Enok since she knows at a base level right from wrong.

Meanwhile, Secretary Kim tells Doyoung that Mihee seems to live in the United States. Doyoung instructs the secretary to continue his efforts at finding Mihee as Mihee might be a match for Gaya.

Secretary Kim answers that Gaya’s surgery is already scheduled for the next day. Doyoung realizes something is up and confronts Jiwon in the living room asking if she kidnapped Bom. Jiwon yells back that she did and would do worse to save Gaya.

Jiwon goes to the hospital and walks into the lobby in time to see Maryun and Kidong start searching. She calls Haejoo and tells Haejoo to leave with Bom since Maryun and Kidong are at the hospital.

Haejoo quickly rushes out and tells Mooyeol who picks up Bom. They run out of the hospital but not before they are spotted by Maryun. Maryun calls Yeo-Ri and updates her that Haejoo and Mooyeol are attempting to make a run for it.

The DRAMALAND rules smile on Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi in this case. Minutes after Yeo-Ri gets the call, their car arrives at the entrance where they see Mooyeol’s car leaving. Cue chase!

Do-Chi speeds up and cuts off Mooyeol’s car in the street forcing Mooyeol and Haejoo to skid to a stop. Yeo-Ri jumps out and grabs Bom as Maryun and Kidong also arrive.

Mooyeol and Haejoo aren’t ready to give Bom up without a fight and get out of the car. However, Do-Chi arrives first to block Mooyeol from Yeo-Ri and gives the piece of trash a satisfying punch!

Yeo-Ri asks Maryun and Kidong to take Bom into the car as Haejoo comes screaming for Bom. Yeo-Ri stops her and pulls the banshee away. Then, Yeo-Ri slaps Haejoo! Goodness gracious! What a satisfying scene!

Yeo-Ri screams at Haejoo asking if they tried to send Yeo-Ri abroad so they could used Bom just like the Koo family used Yeo-Ri purely for Haesung’s sake. Haejoo yells back that Yeo-Ri needs to step aside since Haejoo will do anything for Gaya. Yeo-Ri frowns and slaps Haejoo again! Ahahahahha! Yeo-Ri quietly tells Haejoo that Yeo-Ri won’t let the Koo’s use Yeo-Ri’s daughter like the Koo’s used Yeo-Ri.

Then sweet Do-Chi arrives and tells Yeo-Ri to go to Bom. When Yeo-Ri turns to leave, Haejoo freaks out grabbing Yeo-Ri. So, what does Do-Chi do? Betray Yeo-Ri in the name of crazy makjang family? Nope! He firmly grabs Haejoo and yells at her to stop being a freaking piece of trash under the excuse of being a mother.

When Yeo-Ri gets into the car, Do-Chi throws Haejoo’s arm away and leaves. Class.

They drive a little bit and Yeo-Ri declares that she has to do something. Maryun tells Yeo-Ri to take Bom to the airport. Maryun and Kidong will get Bom’s passport.

Maryun and Kidong then go to the Koo residence where they commence to repeatedly ring the bell and yell for entrance. No one is home expect for Doyoung and the housekeeper. So, he lets them in.

Doyoung demands to know what Maryun and Kidong are doing when they storm into the living room. Maryun screams at him that he is one to talk after kidnapping Bom in broad daylight again.

Kidong calls Maryun down by reminding her that they have a purpose. They rush up to Bom’s room and begin searching for Bom’s passport.

Doyoung follows and has the audacity to tell them that they are acting rudely. Maryun stops to scream some basic truths at him…like, he cannot talk about manners when they illegally made Bom dead in official documents and raised her solely to use her as a donor for Gaya. Yep. Doyoung’s response? It was all Jiwon’s idea and he isn’t part of that…just like how he’s not part of this current kidnapping attempt though he did not do anything to stop it. Maryun scoffs that since Doyoung is this useless and cowardly – only thinking about the family image – the family is a wreck.

Kidong finds the passport. The two turn to leave but Doyoung stops them asking where Bom is.

This gives time for Jiwon who just arrived at home to come upstairs. She says the same thing, which sets off Maryun. Maryun jumps and grabs Jiwon by her hair screaming that Jiwon is less than an animal for treating the girl that Jiwon raised for over a decade like a product. The husbands pull the two apart a little too soon for my tastes. And, Maryun and Kidong leave.

Then Haejoo and Mooyeol come home. So, Jiwon slaps Mooyeol in the face blaming him for losing Maya and not bringing Maya home to save Gaya.

Finally, Mr. All-I-Care-About-is-Image (because I have nothing else) yells at Jiwon to stop. He reminds Jiwon that it all started because Jiwon kidnapped Bom in the first place and lied about it. He asks how Jiwon could kidnap Bom again instead of begging Yeo-Ri as is right.

Jiwon screams back that this is ALL because she’s a mom! Mom’s ALWAYS protect their children and don’t teach them from right and wrong. Because, what is the use of raising adult children with values so that they don’t attack other people? Why, we would have no more makjang dramas!

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri and her family try to book the next flight out to Boston. However, the lady behind the counter sees Bom’s passport and makes a call. Suddenly goons in black walk toward them.

Kidong and Do-Chi hold off the first wave of goons so that Yeo-Ri can go get Bom in the bathroom. Maryun attacks the second wave and Yeo-Ri and Bom safely escape to an airport cab.

At the same time, Officer Oh comes to visit. He tells Jiwon that she cannot keep ignoring him when he’s holding Juwon alive. Jiwon is about to brush him off again when Haejoo gasps. She heard it all.


I knew that plotwise, Yeo-Ri could not escape with Bom. A daily drama does not have the budget to fly everyone out to the USA and film how Yeo-Ri and Bom come back to Korea…Yet, for a few minutes, I held my breath hoping that maybe Yeo-Ri can escape.

This drama did a great job making us invested in the characters’ lives. But, I must say that I am starting to tire of Jiwon’s one-dimensional character. Her attempts to defend her illogical thinking with “mother’s love” cures all wrong is so hilariously selfish that I cannot see this extreme behavior happening in real life or relate to it. Sure, there are the few people in real life who act like this. But, those are the truly selfish and uneducated people. They are so rare that you have to be truly unlucky to run into one or more. I wonder if giving Jiwon a little more depth wouldn’t have helped heighten the angst instead of making her the Mom-Does-All-Bad-For-Bad-Daughter character.

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