Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu – Season Two Episode 2 Recap

Growing pains ensue as our ducklings adjust to Doldam. Meanwhile, a general gets into a car crash.

Episode 2

The tension continues as Kim Sabu smirks that Woojin is literally selling himself for money. Woojin does not back down as he looks Kim Sabu straight with his tearfilled eyes and answering in the affirmative.

Suddenly we switch to a 911 call. A child asks for help. He is coughing and all he can eek out is that he needs help…

We turn to Kim Sabu and Woojin back in Kim Sabu’s office. The tension has decreased and Sabu gives Woojin a bag of ice. He also asks Woojin why Woojin asked for a combination surgery and did not stich up the diaphram tear himself. Woojin answers that he chose not to stich up the tear since he was only a pay doctor – he had no reason to take on additional liability.
Sabu laughs and asks why Woojin blew the whistle then. Woojin sighs that he was just naïve. Do to his naïve judgment, he lost his reputation.
Sabu stands up and tells Woojin to sleep the night at a nearby hostel and go back to Seoul. Woojin gets up in shock and yells how Sabu could tell him to go back… Sabu had said they needed help. Sabu responds that they need doctors.

Meanwhile Eunjae is about to leave because she was kept waiting when Doctor Moonjung walks by. Jang Gitae doesn’t miss the look and squats nearby informing Eunjae that Moonjung has been with their hospital for one month and is recently divorced. He offers to look into the matter further for her. LOL Eunjae declines additional information but interesting music plays and she sits back down. HAH! Do we smell a crush?

Moonjung seems to be adorkable. He is in his office and greets his skeleton as “Elizabeth” asking if she missed him.

Woojin pauses while leaning against the wall. He sighs and then barges into SAbu’s office. He asks for 1 week. He will show Sabu that he is worth it within 1 week with his surgerical skills… He just needs $10,000. A flashback shows that Sabu heard everything about Woojin in Seoul but still offered him the spot. Sabu sits down and looks at Woojin with interest.

The next day, the General of the Korean army is being transported somewhere when the driver suddenly collapses. The car veers off course and flips upside down.

Meanwhile, Areum happily walks down the new corridors stretching when she runs into EunTak. She greets him heartily and he responds without looking up at first. But when he does… cue romantic music >_<

Areum meets the rest of the team through Doctor Insoo’s explanation. In it, he barely survived taking care of the emergency room alone…for two months. When EunTak introduces himself, Areum happily notes that he’s good looking making everyone pause… They continue on until Areum sighs that there are no patients in the emergency room. The Head Nurse comes back to seriously tell her that they have a rule – you cannot say that there are no patients in the emergency room. It’s a jinx. Whenever someone says that, they get overwhelmed. Within a minute, the phone rings.

Back to our other doctors. Woojin and Eunjae share a moment when Woojin walks over closely just to note that she has something in her eye. OMG the CHEMISTRY. SOMEONE GIVE ME A TUB OF POPCORN AS I PAUSE AND SQUEAL. Moonjung walks in and introduces himself – they all attended the same school…But, introductions are cut short. The general and a security guard are brought in with half of the army. The general sustained major trauma because he was not wearing a seatbelt.

A flurry of activity ensues. The General can barely speak because of pain and the internal injuries… Woojin and Eunjae make a good team in identifying a myriad of problems…all of which are serious but that this recapper will not name ^^;;; Just note that there’s a lot of internal bleeding and problems and time is off an essence. Woojin pulls through his own soreness to get the general breathing tube set up. They are on track to get CT scans when Sabu comes in and orders that the general is taken to the surgery room immediately. He received a call from the General’s primary doctor and made the decision that time is the most important thing for this surgery.

Woojin is told that he would be the first doctor assisting. Meanwhile, Eunjae finally gets to introduce herself. Sabu warns her that he will kick her out if she falls asleep in the middle of his surgery room. She promises that it will never happen again but the other stare at her. HAH! I love the honor student characters with a major flaw. <3

What would be Korean Drama without political drama? In the background of trying to save the two patients, we have a fight with junior generals and Sabu where the junior generals wanting to transfer the general to a more prestigious hospital. Sabu insists that the loss of time would kill the probability of success of surgery and wins with a call to the General’s primary doctor. Even Do Yoonwan is told about the situation. But he’s not a complete monster. He states that he will stay out of this problem because Sabu won’t let the general die. They can take care of the credit afterwards between the main headquarters hospital and Doldam.

Back to the surgery – Woojin spends a full minute frozen in awe as Sabu finds and sews up hears. Sabu has to literally tell Woojin to focus. Among some motivational music, Woojin and Sabu get through one organ within five minutes.

Woojin then shows his own skill with the next problem. Awww, the music also changed to one that is supportive as the oldies watch in pride with the newbie showing skill. And…my heart swells! Meanwhile, Sabu is taking liberties as he continues on with new problems being found along with heavy bleeding. Literally, it’s like whack-a-mole with them trying to find out all the sources of tears and sew it up before the general can internal bleed out.

At one point, everyone pauses because the bleeding has not slowed down even though they have sewn up all of the known problems. Woojin worries that the surgery failed … Sabu determines that it’s an intercoastal vessel and they have to open up the area around the heart as the general took aspirin which is causing the bleeding to be worse.

More problems. As the bring up the blankets, suddenly Eunjae remembers the first time they worked on a dead body. Nausea hits her like a wave and she can barely keep herslef from puking. Sabu switches out Eunjae with Woojin and Eunjae runs out. Sabu ignores it all and finds the vein that is the problem while Eunjae finds refuge in a bathroom…

When the surgery ends, the politics starts up again. Do Yoonwhan sends Dr. Park to Doldam to finish up the second follow up surgery – which is basically just tying up loose ends but would get all the credit.

On the side, Woojin waits for Sabu and asks how Sabu could have gone after the intercoastal vessel without following the proper procedures and tests. He thinks that it was too risky to rely on Sabu’s instincts alone. But Sabu answers that his directive is to save people.

Sabu laughs that Woojin is far from the true answer if Woojin only saw Sabu working with instinct and luck. He tells him to work harder and walks off.

However, it is sweet to see Sabu speak with the General’s primary doctor. Somehow, this primary doctor was the one who spoke with Sabu about Woojin. Sabu sighs that Woojin has skill but that’s about it…and, he’s not sure if Woojin is a true doctor. The other doctor answers that it is their job as senior doctors to turn these juniors into real doctors.

Meanwhile, Eunjae lurks outside of Sabu’s office and peeks in before literally crawling under the door’s window. She gets stopped by the head nurse and goes into apologize to Sabu for running out of the surgery as she had indigestion due to what she ate for lunch.

Sabu asks what Eunjae did wrong to get suck in Doldam. Eunjae lies that she chose to come down. Sabu sighs and tells her that she must not know what she’s doing if she lives like that. Then he tells her never to enter into his operating rooms again. A doctor who leaves a patient on the table and runs away is not a doctor and she should immediately quit. Eunjae tears up but she does not say anything… She goes back the rec room as tears flow and packs up… And, this is the truth about working on in a high stress environment that I love to see being reflected. Character development as the characters who are undeniably good and skilled work through because, after all, life is a journey of working through our flaws, is it not?

At the same time, head nurse asks Sabu why he’s so harsh… Sabu sighs that the two newbies are terrible. One operates on people for money and the other runs out of operations due to nausea and anxiety. Head nurse worries that they would lose both of the doctors since the younger generation is not used to such harsh conditions… She reminds him that he scouted both of the doctors after a lot of effort.

In the rec room, Areum lets Eunjae cry it out before bringing over water. Eunjae sighs that she tried so hard in medical school and even as a resident. She even graduated in the top and scored in the top with the boards. Eunjae cries that she regrets it all.

Areum tells her that Eunjae should not be so harsh on herself…She’s a model for the juniors. Doctor Oh in cardiac surgery was known for hating females but Eunjae somehow survived under such a head doctor…and, she got scouted by Sabu… Eunjae asks who scouted her.

Cue flashback, Doctor Oh, sighs next to a vending machine that Eunjae is such a troublesome doctor. She’s smarter than most of the guys and also scored in the highest percentile but seems to lose it every time she goes into an operating room. Sabu nonchalantly asks if he can take Eunjae…and follows Doctor Oh persistently…all caught by Areum.

That night, Moonjung tells Woojin to get himself x-rayed and gives him some medications. Sabu noticed that Woojin was in a lot of pain during the operation and they should check and see if there was a bone fracture. The angry genius head doctor has a heart for the new ducklings…

The ducklings pause next to a coffee vending machine. Eunjae asks Woojin what he thinks of Sabu. Woojin answers that he does not care as long as he’s paid…

Now… we get back to office politics. Dr Park arrived from the main hospital with his whole entourage of junior doctors, senior anathesiologist, and nurses. They came to take care of the general. Sabu asks why the general is being transferred from one doctor to the other. He even laughs when Do Yoonwhan pulls rank. Do Yoonwhan gives Sabu an ultimatum. If Sabu does not transer the patient, he’s fired.

On the side, there is a complication with the general He goes out to call Sabu and runs into Dr. Park. But Woojin stands firmly in front of the patient’s room. He refuses to give up the patient until the responsible doctor gives such a release.

Wow, sorry for the long time between recaps. Life seems to keep getting in the way?

However, I LOVE Sabu 2 and I promise that I will get through this drama because I feel like it’s the type of feel good-encouraging drama that we can all appreciate. Additionally, I love how it’s not just about politics or just about romance. It also sheds light into socio-economic issues, as well as, the grass isn’t always greener.

As much as I was worried about Eunjae’s character, I really liked how they portrayed her struggle in this episode. It brings up a good question. Just because you are smart enough to ace the exams and you are skilled enough to ace the boards, what if you are temperamentally not as suited to a job? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we should all be going for a passion if that passion doesn’t pay. After all, if work was fun, why would they have to pay you? But, this is an interesting question that this drama poses and I know there are many answers to it. I would love to watch how Eunjae comes to her own answer because it is clear that being a good doctor is a source of pride for Eunjae… maybe, not just to save her patients but just to continue excelling.

As for Woojin, I lvoe how it shows that he was beaten down but he still has a core view of what it takes to be a doctor. He’s a mirror to Eunjae because he’s great at being a doctor but his circumstances have made him a pyriah. YET, he is not afraid to push back when he thinks that a doctor is not doing what is in the best interest of a patient. Even when Sabu is his only hope for staying a doctor in good standing, he is willing to confront Sabu for not following best practices. While Eunjae pretends that she cares about what Sabu is like as a person or a doctor and Woojin spouts that he does not care as long as he is paid. Their actions show that it is the opposite, Eunjae does not care as long as she can stay a prestigious doctor. Woojin, however, would be willing to risk his tenuous position if he doesn’t believe in the doctor he works for. His storyline is one that I feel is going to be the cliché – he learns how good Sabu is and reconciles his values driven doctor perspective with his practical side of having to sell his skills for survival to become more of a Sabu junior.

Now, onto the next episode. Let us watch and let us enjoy. 


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