Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu Season 2 – Episode 4 RECAP

Tensions come to a head over the general’s surgery as old wounds are opened so that they can heal


We go back to the conversation between Woojin and Sabu. He asks how honestly and comprehensively he should tell Dr. Park… like they did not follow procedure and get a CT scan first, etc. Sabu asks why Woojin would even ask and Woojin stutters that it could bring up problems… Sabu laughs and tells Woojin to answer everything honestly and truthfully. He walks away laughing.

Meanwhile, Dr. Park opens up the body to find out that it is pretty clean. The anesthesiologist comments that there is not much to do when an expert does a surgery…A lot of blood has been substituted but it looks like everything was caught. Dr. Park asks about the CT results and Woojin pauses before answering that the situation was too urgent to wait for a CT scan. Dr. Park angrily accuses Woojin and Sabu of malpractice for starting the surgery without a CT scan.

At the same time, the head of the hospital arrives to find no one at the front desk. Areum comes by and asks who he’s looking for and mistakes him for a regular patient. Areum offers to do a checkup and the doctor agrees to follow.

In the emergency room, Eunjae attends to a rib fracture while being under the influence of her anti-anxiety medicine. She’s partially falling asleep and partially highly distracted. She’s almost like she’s drunk as she talks back to Dr. Bae for being too formal and giving too much information to the rib fracture patient telling him that his condition could be really bad. The poor patient gets freaked out and Dr. Bae pulls Eunjae away.

In the general’s surgery, a gauze comes out discolored. Dr. Park’s minion is tasked with finding the leak but accidentally cuts a clip. Since the general is still in the early stages of recovery, everyone goes on high alert and more blood is called for…Woojin goes into damage control mode and he quickly finds the area that lost the clip. Woojin and Dr. Park reclip the area and stop the bleeding. However, one of the organs is highly swollen. They will need to wait for a third surgery to finish everything…

Sabu finishes his surgery on the body guard and tells the head of security the results. He expects that after a couple of days under observation, the body guard will be fine.

Comedic relief. Areum finds out that her “patient” is the head of the hospital when Dr. Jung comes out and recognizes him. Areum is humiliated and the head of the hospital goes away laughing.

Do Yoon Hwan is having tea with a reporter when they get news that the general’s surgery did not go well. The reporter asks if it was not a problem with the first surgery since Dr. Park is so reknown but Sabu is a doctor who ran away to the country side and lives under a pseudoname… Do Yoon Hwan chuckles that they can come to an understanding.

On the side, the General’s son arrives. He wonders why the general has to undergo another third surgery when Dr. Park tries to cover it up by saying they found a couple of issues in the second post-operative surgery. But they handled it. Dr. Park answers that the organs were more swollen than expected so they have to wait for the swelling to go down but the son demands to speak with the other doctor who handled the first surgery.

Corporate politics. Dr. Park’s minion accuses Woojin of jumping from line to line in the locker room. He tries to intimidate Woojin but Woojin is not having it. Woojin stops the minion by pulling his hand and warning the minion not to threaten him physically before walking off.

On the side, Eunjae is falling asleep at the information desk in the emergency room. She leans against the counter and keeps falling asleep mid-conversation with the nurses about the patient. Woojin walks in and sighs. He calls out her name to get her attention.

Eunjae stumbles over grabbing him by his collar threatening to kill Woojin for betraying her. Then she leans against him and literally falls asleep standing surprising everyone who is watching. Woojin drags her to the bathroom and orders her to wash her face.

Eunjae yells back that she doesn’t want to listen to him. He is an opportunist that took her chance at going back to the headquarters hospital… If he was going to do this, why did he call her into his surgery. If he had not, she would not have been sent down to Doldam in the first place. Woojin sighs and asks if she feels better blaming someone else. Eunjae screams that it’s all his fault and Woojin walks out of the bathroom.

In the hallway, Woojin sees Moonjung and they don’t speak. But Moonjung looks concerned and looks at Eunjae’s anti-anxiety medicine that he found.

Meanwhile, the general’s son accuses Sabu of malpractice for not taking a CT scan before starting the operation. He accuses Sabu of taking on a surgery that Sabu was not skilled to handle because Sabu wanted the prestige of working on the general. Sabu quietly responds that if Sabu was the type that cared about reputation, he would not have worked on the general. The surgery was too risky and Sabu would had refused to even operate. However, the son stands up angrily and declares that he is going to sue the whole hospital for malpractice.

The general’s head of security follows the son out and tries to calm him down. The head of security tells the son that there must be an understanding – he was watching all of the surgeries and saw nothing that could have been malpractice. The son snaps back that that he heard from a reporter that the second surgery was recorded and the recording has proof of malpractice in the first surgery.

Back in the locker room, Eunjae seems to be waking up. She sighs that Woojin is a horrible person and gets up. But, she overhears two people speaking about a surgery recording. She looks over and sees a nurse hand over a USB drive to Dr. Park’s minion.

At the same time, Woojin walks in on the chief anesthesiologist, head nurse, and the admin head talking about the malpractice suit. Mr. Jang implies that Woojin might have received money from the other side to witness against Sabu. Head Nurse yells at Mr. Jang for implying it but Woojin only smirks. He sighs that every hospital the same…Woojin leaves with the Head Nurse following. The head anesthesiologist tells Mr. Jang that Mr. Jang made a mistake.

Woojin storms out and meets Sabu in the hallway. He yells at Sabu for not asking Woojin himself. Why did Sabu tell Woojin to say everything and then accuse him of saying too much. He asks if Sabu was testing Woojin and storms off. Sabu is quiet but asks Head Nurse what is going on.

Woojin goes back to the recreational room where Eunjae is wondering what to do. Dr. Park’s minion had offered to bring Eunjae back to the main hospital if she stays quiet. Eunjae starts to ask Woojin but he puts in his headphones and she walks off.

In the emergency room, Dr. Jung is surprised when Eunjae comes to the ER for a call instead of Dr. Bae. It turns out they wanted Dr. Bae but Moonjung told them to call Eunjae for all ER related issues for the time being. He smiles as he says it.

The fractured rib patient has an issue and they all go into damage control mode but Eunjae stops them. The patient is also suffering from a flat chest. They intubate him and set him up on the ventilator. Once the ventilator is set up, the patient stabilizes. Everyone is relieved and Sabu comes around with the situation under control.

Sabu asks Eunjae how she knew it was a flat chest condition. She tells him that she saw it once in a traffic accident patient… She should to spend her night shifts at the emergency room since emergency patients live and die based on time. He tells her that it was surprising that she could recognize it after only seeing it once. She proudly answers that she is fast at learning… Sabu doesn’t smile and asks if she ever ran out on surgery in the emergency room or from seeing blood. Eunjae responds that she never has an issue in the emergency room… she has no problem with blood or cutting anywhere except in the operating room.

Sabu then dismisses her after telling her that this is her first patient. She needs to take care of him. Eunjae lights up at the delegation. She asks about Sabu telling her to quit being a doctor earlier. Sabu asks back if she would really quit just because he told her to. Eunjae smiles and trots off on cloud nine.

Eunjae walks by and overhears the old staff talking about the malpractice issue. The chief anathesiologist tells Mr. Jang that Sabu was the one who sent Woojin into the surgery. So, if Sabu trusts Woojin, they should trust Woojin as well. Eunjae frowns realizing Woojin did not betray her.

AT the same time, Head Nurse brings Woojin a soda. She tells him that he left it in the meeting room and apologizes as they should not have accused Woojin without proof. Woojin is still hurt and tells her that it’s fine, he could have taken the money after all, he was willing to operate for money.

Head Nurse answers back that if Woojin truly only cared about money, he would not have cared to tried to find the answer for the problem that Sabu gave him. She smiles at him encouragingly.

Eunjae suspiciously walks over to listen in on the general’s son talking to Dr. Park. The son requests the recording of the second surgery…

Eunjae flashes back on the conversation she overheard earlier. When the nurse handed over the copy of the surgery, she had mentioned that it looks worse for Dr. Park’s team if anyone sees the recording…

Eunjae immediately asks the front desk if they have a small black USB. The front desk lady does not have one that is small enough. But she sees that the anathesiologist has one just the right size plugged into her phone. She asks to borrow it for a couple of minutes.

As Dr. Park tells the general’s son that they have no such recording. Eunjae pops over and pretends to have picked up the storage USB. Dr. Park’s minion freaks out and pulls out his USB only to be caught red handed. He denies it but Eunjae persists that the minion told her earlier that it was a recording of the full surgery.

The general’s son watches the recording and realizes the mistake he makes. He goes to apologie to Sabu. The head of security then gives the original recording to Sabu in case he needs it. Warm fuzzy feelings as the head of security’s younger brother has woken up as well. (And, Mr. Jang apologizes to Woojin with vending machine drinks. )

Dr. Park’s minion does his minion thing. He goes to the rec room and tells Eunjae that she does not know who she pissed off. Eunjae pretends not to understand his threat and he walks out as Woojin walks in. Eunjae clears her throat and then apologizes for accusing him of being an opportunist and a betrayer.

Woojin looks at her and tells her that it’s fine. Pretty music starts as Eunjae awkwardly says that it is fine. She gets up to leave…And, comes back in a minute to take off her white coat in exchange for a real coat and picking up her purse to leave. Woojin laughs at her awkwardness.

Dr. Bae sees Eunjae walking out with a smile and drops her anti-anxiety medicine into his drawers ith a smile.

Woojin drops by Sabu’s office where Sabut gives him $10,000. Woojin asks why Sabu is giving him money when the week is not up. Sabu jokes about taking back the money and Woojin grabs it. Sabu tells Woojin that the money is Sabu’s personal money – Woojin can pay it back $1,000 a month.

Woojin stares and Sabu laughs that he knows he’s either showing off or being romantic. Woojin walks out and pauses in the empty lobby. He thinks back on Sabu, Head Nurse and Mr. Jang. He sighs that the people at Doldam is weird.

Suddenly, the gangster loan sharks come in and ask Woojin for money.


Where to start? I feel like this was an episode that did a lot of heavy lifting but when it’s done, you just feel good and you don’t remember what the main points were. What subplot did I enjoy the most? The epic battle between Dr. Park and Sabu both in the operations room vis a vis teams and off with corporate politics? The subarc of the hospital staff seeing Eunjae’s weakness with her anti-anxiety medicine directly as she falls asleep on her feet but still treating her with respect and her colleagues working hard to help her overcome it? The subarc of Woojin learning how to trust others as the old Doldam team opens up his wounds asking him about if he betrayed Sabu for money and then owning up to their mistakes and actually apologizing? The subplot of Eunjae coming to terms about her own incorrect assumptions about Woojin’s betrayal and their short but sweet shared moment?

It was just a really good episode and I am feeling warm fuzzlies.  Thank you to the Dr. Romantic team for providing an hour’s escape and the warm fuzzlies.


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