[KOSSIP] T-ARA Eunjung to be New Love Rival in Love on a Rooftop!


According to Herald Corp News, our favorite Candy has some bad news coming up.  When we thought that she had finally deserved some peace, success and happiness after financially providing for her adopted family and protecting her biological brother…and falling in love with a man… It turns out that it’s not bad enough that a college friend’s obsession is providing peripheral tension.

Nope!  The writer has decided that Seung-Hye’s and Do-Jin’s love is too strong for the mere likes of Jang Se-Ryung.  Rather, T-ARA’s Eunjung’s management company has announced that Eunjung will be appearing in the show as Min Chae-Won, another classmate from college and a doctor at the [Kang-Sol] Hospital who has been in a one-sided crush over Do-Jin for a while.  Eunjung’s character will be a confident and bright doctor to rival Seung-Hye’s own candy-ness!

According to the picture, it looks like Eunjung will definitely show up in an episode between 83 to 85.  So, will we see Do-Jin waver at the entrance of this new rival Min Chae-Won?

Credits: Herald Corp News

[NEWSFLASH] Love on a Rooftop Postponed for SOCCER T_T!


According to AsiaToday,  the episode for July 17, 2015 of Love on a Rooftop was postponed due to coverage of 2015’s K League All Star Zone (aka Soccer!)  Just in case you missed the chaos in 2002, South Korea’s national soccer team made it to the semi-finalist round.  Prior to 2002, soccer had been to South Korea as football is to the United States.  After 2002, soccer was as important if not more closely followed by most of South Koreans than the Olympics.

Since the K League for 2015 was being covered during the timeslot usually held by Love on a Rooftop and the following variety show, VJ Talk, both shows were postponed for the country’s love of soccer. Accordingly, expect only recaps of episodes 70-73 up for the week of July 20, 2015. ^^/

Credits: AsiaToday

[KOSSIP!] Make a Woman Cry Hits 23% – New Record!




Although, it’s Wednesday, cheer up Readers! According to Naver’s XSports News, MAWC hit 23% on this past weekend! Woohoo!!!  Additionally, according to Nielsen, It came in second on Saturday and Sunday (July 11-12, 2015) to Blue Bird’s House. As a treat short spoilers below while recaps are still a-coming. ^.~



1. [+902, -94] KJE deserves the top star award or the daesang at the end of this year…even the action scenes…best acting…

2. [+780, -70]  Ha Hee Ra [Eunseo]…f*cking hate her…

3.  [+730, -70] KJE’s acting deserves a daesang and Lee Tae Ran’s [Hong-Ran] acting is so natural. Ha Hee Ra acts like a newbie and it looks like she’s reading from an elementary book.

5.  [+497, -60] This is more fun than Legendary Witches!

6. [+466, -63] KJE and Ha Hee Ra are the best~~

7. [+200, -5] At least, it much more fun than Blue Bird’s House.










This weekend, Hong-Ran goes to Deok-In’s restaurant at Daddy Kang’s request.   However, she finds Deok-In’s restaurant closed…and nearby?  Eunseo’s dead husband Jinhan Kang! What?!  Jinhan is selling pastries on the street and when Hong-Ran tells him that he looks familiar, answers that it is the first time he’s seeing her.  Not, convinced Hong-Ran looks for Jinhan’s younger pictures and realizes the uncanny resemblance.  She does her usual Hong-Ran in celebrating before doing anything as she determines that she might have a way to obtain revenge on both Jin-Myung and Eunseo.

Credits:  Naver

[NEWS FLASH] SISTAR Bora to join Jung Il Woo in Webdrama Dignity Crush


It was announced on ONSEN through Naver that the SISTAR’s Bora has joined the webdrama Dignity Crush (translated  as The Greatest One-Sided Love No One’s Ever Seen Before by DRAMABEANS) which had already snagged Jung Il Woo in June 12, 2015.  According to ONSEN the drama toots itself to be the romantic story that everyone has dreamed about at least once.  Bora’s role is a clumsy top star in Jung Il Woo’s entertainment company.  She’s going to help Jin Se-Yeon and Jung Il-Woo’s amazing love.

As this drama is a joint project between Korean and China, it will first be shown in China around September.


Credits: ONSEN



This month, I was pleasantly surprised to be nominated for two blogging awards from bloggers who have kindly looked upon DRAMAFEED.  Since I am lazy, I am going to combine the two awards in one page, because I am not sure if anyone wants to hear my ramblings on anything other than a Korean drama episode or entertainment news.  I apologize in advance that I do not nominate any new blogs because the rules seem to indicate that I am supposed to nominate blogs that “have less than 200 followers.”  I just spent an hour looking online for blogs that might be new as of January 2015 as I have no idea how I would determine how many followers that a blog has…It seems that all of the amazing blogs that I am stumbling upon have been around for over a year and would not satisfy this requirement.

So, I’m just going to answer the posed questions from Elle and Blue.



First, Elle at Worth the Drama nominated this blog for the Liebster Award.  Thank you Elle!  By the way, I love Elle’s glossery of drama recaps.  In case, you ever want to refresh your memory about an older drama, Elle has your back.

The Questions:

1) Why did you start blogging?

Well, I love watching dramas and talking about them.  Unfortunately, usually my friends only follow one or two of the dramas that I am watching.  So I thought why not just blog my thoughts and get them off my chest?

2) How did you come up with your blog’s name?

^^;;; I  was feeding my cats…

3) What have you found the most challenging about blogging?

The amount of time that it takes to stay committed.  There was a one month gap during my new blogging adventure when I got busy with my non-blog life.  It was a task to catch up once the dust settled.

4) What was the first Korean drama you ever watched and how did you discover it?

I can’t remember exactly, but I think the one that I actually remember is 3 Guys and 3 Girls.  It was a sitcom drama.

5)  What is your all-time favorite song from a K-drama OST?

Sorry; don’t have one.

6)  If you were stuck on a deserted island with only two K-dramas to watch (in perpetuity), which dramas would you choose? Why?

All About Eve.  I might just take this one and watch and re-watch it… I end up spazzing about this in my questions below so I will just refer to my answer below.

7)  Name your top three favorite second leads from a K-drama.

Won Bin from Autumn’s Tale

Kim Hyung Jong from Boys Over Flowers

8)  What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

I can sleep for 17 hours, eat, and go back to sleep. ^_^

9)  What is your favorite word?

Right now, bingsu ^__^

10) Coffee or tea?


11) What inspires you?

Dreams whether they be actual dreams or day-dreams inspire me.



Additionally, Blue at K-Drama Endings nominated this blog for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.  Thank you Blue!  I loved checking out your blog and think the final series recaps is a great idea!

The Questions:

1) Is there a popular drama that you actually never liked? If so, tell us why.

I hope that I don’t offend anyone, but I never really liked Coffee Prince.  I think this was when Korea was first starting to remake a lot of Japanese dramas.  I thought that there were too many elements of similarity between Coffee Prince and the Japanese manga Beautiful You.  Since there was no mention or recognition of the similar elements, even a simple nod to the fact that the writer was inspired by Beautiful You, I got turned off.

2) Which drama trapped you forever in Kdramaland? How did you get to know it?

All About Eve.  Hands down.  This one is an oldie from 2000.  It is STILL one of my favorite dramas and I highly recommend it for anyone who has not scene it.  The lighting, make-up fashion is kind of cringe-worthy.  However, the story, acting, directing? Marvelous!  Jang Dong-Gun’s character in All About Eve is still my ideal man, whose only rival would be Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.

There are so many elements about this drama that I love that I can’t quite list them all.  However, a couple of the factors are that the main character girl was not a poor Candy.  She came from a middle class family, even if her mother had passed away.  Additionally, she did not wait for her prince charming to come and save her…although, to his benefit, JDG did save her from behind the scenes several times…Rather, she took her education into her own hands and fought her way to professional success.  All the while, she and JDG end up having this most adorable romance.  Yes, I’m a fangirl for this drama and I am not embarassed about it.

3) Is there one unknown/barely known drama that you found amazing? If so why? What was good about it? Take this opportunity to promote it.

Hmmm, I really enjoyed the drama No Children Better Life aka 유자식 상팔자 which despite the title was about a large family and the two main generations… 🙂

4) What is your favorite drama OST?

No Children Better Life aka 유자식 상팔자.

5) What is your favorite korean dish?

Not sure if it counts but I love Injeolmi-Bingsu…This is a saved ice dessert made from shaved milk ice with injeolmi (a rice cake) flour sprinkled on top.

6) What kind of post do you enjoy writing most?

Drama recaps of episodes that I really enjoyed!

7) Which actor/actress makes you cry every time they cry?

I think I am very circumstantial.  No actor/actress can make me cry every time just because of his or her crying.  Rather, the circumstances trigger my waterworks.

8) Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

Citron tea!

9) Besides korean dramas do you watch tv shows from other countries? Which countries?

Yes,  I watch American shows, Japanese dramas and Taiwanese dramas.

10) If you could be one kdrama character for a week, who would you be?

This is a secret >.<


Thanks to everyone who took the time to give this a read!  Also, let me know if you know of any newbie blogs! 🙂

Jessica Sells $10,000 Worth of Sunglasses in One Hour


Past Girls Generation member made headlines when her resignation hit the news due to allegations that her resignation was not voluntary. While Jessica has left the entertainment industry, it appears that she is successfully transitioning into the fashion and apparel industry.

Jessica has over 40 shops across China, Macau, Thailand, and Singapore.  She sells fashion apparel in these shops, which includes sunglasses that retail on average $250.  On a recent episode on TVN,  Jessica disclosed that her pop up store in Seoul sold $10,000 worth it sunglasses within one hour.  In addition to sunglasses, Jessica’s fashion line also includes perfume, accessories and clothes.

Photograph Credits: JTBC NEWS
Credits: Naver

Infinity Challenge – Sixth Man Finalists

original_1On the April 4, 2015 episode of Infinity Challenge, we found out who survived to become a finalist in the show.  The show actually had the contestants vote for each other, with each person having two votes.  Each person could not vote for himself/herself or vote for one person twice.

This was a pretty safe way of eliminating the contestants in an organic way.  None of the original members have to burn any bridges as they are not the ones making the decision.  Similarly, the writers are not making the decision…so, I wonder if the “Sixth Man” will actually have a permanent role on Infinity Challenge or if it’s just a gimmick.

Anyways, the survivors were:  Kwanghee, Kang Kyun-Sung, Choi Siwon, Jang Dong-Min and Hong Jin-Kyung.  Originally, they meant to have four finalists but they had several ties for third place and ended up with four.

I was pleased to see that Hong Jin-Kyung survived until the final round, but she was definitely not the funniest.  It is also difficult to judge as there’s only one hour and you’re basically watching ten comedians all try to entertain you without hijacking the show.

In this episode, each contestant presented to the group ideas that they believed would be great for new episodes.  Some of the interesting ideas suggested are as follows:

  • Siwon showed off his massive connections by suggesting that MUDO film episodes with Hollywood celebrities that visit Korea.
  • Kang Kyun-Sung suggested that MUDO do an episode similar to the variety show about jungle survival.
  • Kwanghee wanted some sort of fashion makeover or to follow MUDO members as they try for jobs that they would have done if they were not in MUDO.
  • Jang Dong-Min suggested something along the lines of a physical death match against formidable comedian/celebrities.
  • Finally, Hong Jin-Hyung suggested an entertaining debate about important issues.


Some people are speculating that the next episode will be about the smaller pairs between old/new members as they prepare mini-MUDO episodes with suggested ideas.  Let’s see how this works and how long MUDO will run with the Sixth Man concept.  I kind of miss the original format.

Park Jinwoo Loses 15 lbs in 20 Days for Drama From Today, I love You


Park Jinwoo has been cast as a refined and chic chef in the upcoming KBS daily drama, From Today, I Love You.  However, Park Jinwoo felt that he had gained a lot of weight for his role in Jeong Dojeon.  So, in the Korean celebrity logic, he decided to lose weight by controlling his food intake for approximately 20 days and lost around 15 kilograms.  When discussing his weight loss, he also noted that he would run whenever he had the chance.

From Today, I Love You is scheduled to air from April 6, 2015 to August 12, 2015.

Source: Naver