Unknown Woman 61

Yeo-Ri and Team barely block Jiwon’s takeover while Maya sees herself on the missing children’s poster.

Woman Without a Name Episode 61

Doyoung takes off his oxygen mask and reaches for Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri. Jiwon and later Haejoo enter the room all asking Doyoung if he’s feeling okay and if he recognizes them. Doyoung looks around with stressed out eyes and calls out for his Secretary Hong to get him water as well as Haejoo’s mother..

He also asks her who all these other people are since Haejoo is still a baby and Do-Chi is a child. Jiwon jumps on this opportunity and orders that everyone leaves the room to let Doyoung get some rest. She also tells Doyoung to sleep as if that would help with his pounding head.

Yeo-Ri, Do-Chi and Haejoo stand in the living room in shock. Yeo-Ri wonders out loud why Doyoung remembers Jiwon as his secretary and Haejoo as a baby but not Jiwon as his wife… If he remembers Haejoo, he should remember Jiwon who gave birth to her…

Haejoo asks Jiwon the same. Jiwon answers that Doyoung’s memories are likely confused since he’s spent a year in a coma.

Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri go back to their room but they cannot shake off the feeling that something is off. Yeo-Ri suggests that they review the video footage since Do-Chi installed the camera. Suddenly, they see Jiwon with Doyoung when he woke up before as well as Dr. Kim talking to Doyoung and adding something to the IV.

The next morning, Haejoo runs around for Jiwon. Doyoung is missing.

Doyoung is actually getting tests done with Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri. Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri also confront Dr. Kim asking how he could give the false diagnosis that Doyoung is brain dead, which might have led to the family deciding that they can let him go. Dr. Kim denies it at first.

However, in the face of video evidence, he finally confesses.

At the same time, Jiwon pulls forward the emergency shareholder meeting and does not tell Maryun. She even demands a voice vote on whether she should become the next CEO since time is of the essence. None of the shareholders dare to oppose her suggestions or oppose her becoming the CEO. The moderator begins to announce that Jiwon is the new CEO…

Then Maryun enters declaring that the vote be nullified since she was not informed of the changed time as a majority shareholder. Jiwon smiles that this was an emergency meeting that does not need to follow all of the normal procedural limitations and with no one backing Maryun, Jiwon is designated the new CEO.

Seconds later, Do-Chi rolls in Doyoung to the shock of all of the shareholders who just heard that Doyoung remains brain dead, which was the reason that they agreed to the emergency meeting and vote.

Do-Chi declares that Doyoung is healthy and the brain dead diagnosis was fake… He even adds that the diagnosis was strategic.

Jiwon stands up and yells at Do-Chi for bringing lies into the meeting. Do-Chi snaps back that Jiwon should sit down, they have a witness. Dr. Kim walks in as the shareholders mutter that this is outrageous.

Jiwon changes tactics when Dr. Kim walks in. She declares that this is a family matter and adjourns the meeting.

Jiwon lies in the face of all of the evidence saying that she did it for the company and Doyoung. If everyone knew that Doyoung lost his memories after 30 years ago, their shares would have tanked in value. Do-Chi responds that he won’t listen to her lies anymore.

Jiwon sniffs that she can leave Doyoung as the CEO but she’s going to continue acting as the interim since Doyoung still doesn’t have all of his memories. Do-Chi snaps back that she can do that but Do-Chi will continue to watch her and block her attempts at stealing the CEO position. He also adds that he will take care of Doyoung’s health from now on.

Jiwon then calls Mooyeol. She offers him another option. If he can increase their revenue by double since their revenue is declining, she can become the CEO. In exchange, she will make him her COO.

Mooyeol gives a feeble rebuttal that he cannot forgive Jiwon for what she did to Maya. But, he accepts because he’s Mooyeol and he just got offered COO.

Finally, we see another chance for Enok to act like a human but she chooses greed again. Maya wakes up after taking a nap in Enok’s room. As she gets off the bed, she knocks off several magazines, which included her missing child poster. Maya sees her picture and immediately recognizes herself

Since her own phone’s battery died, Maya goes to the living room and calls the number telling Maryun that she is the child on the poster. Maryun is shocked at first and only manages to ask Maya if she is sure that she is the child. Maya confirms but then Enok comes out of the bathroom overhearing Maya repeat that she is the child. Enok runs over and hangs up the phone. When Maryun calls back, Enok pulls out the phone line.

Enok also rips up the poster and tells Maya that she was mistaken. Enok explains that since Maya just had a traumatic experience, she saw the photograph wrong. Ugh, lying to the girl and telling her that she was wrong when she wasn’t? The worst bottom feeders if ever.

Then, Yeo-Ri arrives and hugs Maya close, happy to see that the girl is back on her feet.


Sorry folks, the last seen infuriated me too much for me to review at all. I cannot believe that Enok would lie and blame this on Maya’s misunderstanding…Maya is at an age where she needs encouragement and positive reinforcement not lies to confuse her ability to trust her own judgment. And, why? All to keep the money and Mooyeol’s job. Pathetic.

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Still Loving You – E21-25

Sooho fails his practical and ends up working as an intern for Yoon Ga Foods just as Eunsoo wins the recipe competition to become an intern for 3 months.  Meanwhile, Soohyun decides that he loves Bitna since her grandmother can save his company and breaks up with his fiance Chaewon.  Finally, Bitna wonders why Mr. Yoon does not accept her as his new daughter-in-law when she declared that she will win over Soohyun even though he had another fiance.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episodes 21 – 25 RECAP

With a pounding heart and cautious fingers, Sooho enters his answers. The result? 65%. HE PASSED! Sooho jumps up with joy and runs off to tell Eunsoo. She calls him a carrot for the last time and wishes him well for the practical exam-handing over her hand. He takes it warmly but pauses when she pulls her hand away after a shake. Hmmm, are feelings developing?

At the same time, Soohyun confers with Grandma Choi to borrow $20,000,000 in exchange for the land title as security. Bitna is waiting outside because Grandma Choi doesn’t trust her daughter with her money lending business.  Grandma Choi reviews the land title and returns it. She tells Soohyun that the land is not worth $20,000,000. Soohyun asks her to reconsider as his family created Yoon Ga Foods, which he wants to protect. Grandma Choi answers firmly that she invests in the person not the business and she doesn’t want to invest in Soohyun.

Bitna has to drive Soohyun back to his company. In front of the company building, she tells him that there is only one person who can convince her grandmother otherwise – her. She offers her hand and tells Soohyun to come to her; she will protect him. Soohyun sighs that he needs time. Bitna gives her one day.

Bitna rushes home to hug her grandmother. Grandma Choi tells her to sit down as she doesn’t like the man who would turn her granddaughter down. She can introduce Bitna to so many men who are much better. Bitna begs her grandmother to relent just once as it’s not going to be for free; Soohyun has to choose her for the investment. All the while, Soohyun ignores Chaewon’s call at his desk.

Back at home that night, Mr. Yoon is furious that Sooho borrowed $30,000 from his mother and lost it. Sooho insists that he invested it and will return a profit. Mr. Yoon sighs and tells Sooho to come into the company and learn how to make soy bean paste or begin working for the main company. They make a deal, Sooho has 5 weeks to pass the practical or Sooho has to come into the company.

The next day, Sooho storms into the cooking academy. He’s muttering that he called her multiple times, texted her, and lefted her messages but she never returned her calls. Eunsoo’s students giggle that Sooho must be Eunsoo’s boyfriend. Sooho announces that he is and grabs Eunsoo’s rist to drag her away.

His reason? He wants her to tutor him for the practical. Eunsoo isn’t sure that she can do it. There are 52 main Korean dishes and the test is to prepare 2 of such dishes within one hour. Sooho promises to pay her whatever she wants of she would tutor him…She even prepares his two best dishes to convince her although they fall short of Eunsoo’s expectations. Sooho continues to beg. He asks her to teach him 10 dishes as he has good luck…The main dishes will come out of the ten that she teaches him.

Time for fate to interfere! Eunsoo’s mom is out for deliveries when her car breaks down and refuses to move. All it does is steam. Fortunately, Bitna’s dad drives by and sees her. He even looks into it and she asks him to temporarily fix it so the car would move. But when Eunsoo’s mom starts it up, the car stops again. Eunsoo’s mom decides to call in the favor of sewing his button – she asks him to drive her around to finish her deliveries.

On the side, Soohyun finally answers Chaewon’s call. They meet at a cafe where Chaewon confronts him about meeting Bitna the other day when he ignored her calls. She asks him if he loves her and Soohyun is unable to answer. Chaewon grits back her tears and announces that Bitna was right; she would win. She leaves her ring on the table and leaves.

Soohyun calls Bitna who drives to the riverside where Soohyun is staring off into space. He asks Bitna if she still likes him. She answers that she ran over as soon as he called. Soohyun tells her that she might regret her choices later. She tells him that she has confidence of making him fall for her.

Soohyun sighs. He tells her that a man’s pride is everything. But, she killed his pride by making him call her. Bitna jumps in to say she rather thinks he’s cooler for not running away and trying to find a solution.  Soohyun stands up and tells Bitna that all he can promise her is that he will try her best. Bitna rushes up to hug him. She promises that she will make sure that he doesn’t regret his decision.

Bitna happily flounces home and begins her attack. She brings her pillow into her grandmother’s room to sleep with her grandmother and also convince her grandmother to help Yoon Ga Family. Grandma Choi snaps that she doesn’t like Soohyun – he had originally rejected Bitna. He’s suddenly turning to Bitna because his company needs help. Bitna persists. She hugs her grandmother and repeats that she loves her grandmother. She also notes that she’s going to marry Soohyun so it’s not like Grandma Choi is helping out a stranger – he’s her grandson now. The killer attack? Bitna tells Grandma Choi that if Soohyun is having difficulty, Bitna will suffer…She knows her grandmother doesn’t like to see her granddaughter suffer. Grandma Choi is unable to answer that.

Time passes and it’s time for the practical exam! Sooho begins well laughing a lot and randomly tasting flour leisurely to pretend that he knows what he’s doing. But then he has to prepare the squid. As he pulls the squid apart, he slips and hits the back table falling the flour…

Singyul has pain issues as he gives Eunho the rent. So, Eunho recommends Soomin. Singyul is noticeably uncomfortable when he realizes that the doctor is a woman. He asks for a prescription for chronic prostatitis as that’s what he always gets. Soomin refuses to give him a prescription without an exam or prior medical records. She tells Singyul to leave.

Singyul yells at Soomin that she can’t leave an ill person when she’s a doctor. He reminds her of the Hippocrate’s oath. Soomin laughs that she understands the issue but symptoms can overlap between different illnesses like chronic prostatitis and cancer. At the mention of cancer, Singyul announces that he will have the exam for “Our Nation” a/k/a the names of his children – Woori and Nara.

At the same time, Grandma Choi visits Soohyun to ask why he’s suddenly changed his mind to date Bitna. She asks if it’s the money.

Soohyun answers that it’s not just the money. Even in the past, he liked Bitna but he didn’t want to be called a male Cinderella. He knew from the beginning that his family was not equal to Bitna’s family. He also promises to stop seeing Bitna if Grandma Choi disapproves.  Grandma Choi asks what he would do if she does not invest. Soohyun answers that separate of his relationship with Bitna, he thinks that Grandma Choi should only invest in Yoon Ga Foods if she thinks it has value.  Grandma Choi asks him once again what he thinks of Bitna. Soohyun answers that she’s like light to him as he came to rely on her during this difficult time.

Grandma Choi leaves but she makes a call. Suddenly, Soohyun’s coworker runs in. Grandma Choi agreed to invest int he company and the first deposit came through!

Bitna calls and Soohyun picks up. With a voice full of honey, he thanks Bitna as Grandma Choi has saved his company. Bitna asks to see him that night since she wants to buy something with him.

On the side, Eunsoo mom goes to pick up her van. She’s told that the man who dropped it off paid for all of the repairs.

Bitna’s wish? She wanted to go buy couple rings with Soohyun. Soohyun gets called home and Bitna realizes that it’s because of the parents finding out about Chaewon.

When he drops her off, she tells him that she wants her proposal now. The couple ring is enough; she doesn’t need a proposal ring.
Soohyun realizes why Bitna’s suddenly demanding this. He walks up and apologizes for her making her feel nervous and vulnerable. He promises her that he will never let her feel this way again. He slides the couple ring on her finger and promises to be a reliable husband. He finishes by asking if she would marry him. Bitna smiles and nods before pulling him into a hug.

Soohyun goes home to explain everything to his father. Mr. Yoon shouts at Soohyun that being sorry is not enough. Soohyun’s unforgiveable actions to Chaewon embarasses Mr. Yoon and the whole family! He did not raise Soohyun to be such a piece of trash.  Soohyun apologizes and answers that he has another woman whom he loves. He announces that he wants to marry this other woman. Mr. Yoon throws Soohyun out of the room.

Bitna is waiting for Grandma Choi when she comes home. She thanks Grandma Choi for helping on behalf of Soohyun and announces that she is going to marry him. Grandma Choi tells Bitna that she may be neutral about them dating but she doesn’t think marriage is right. They need to evaluate his family first. But, Bitna insists that she loves Soohyun and she will marry him.
After brooding all night about his son’s arsehat actions, Mr. Yoon tells Soohyun to invite the woman whom he loves home to greet the family.

Then it’s time for the final round at the Yoon Ga Foods new recipe competition. The five finalists have to prepare their dishes in front of the Yoon Ga Foods judges, which includes Soohyun and Mr. Yoon. Mr. Yoon even stops by Eunsoo’s station to ask her about her dish. Eunsoo explains that she came up with the idea in hopes that she could make a dish that would be enjoyed by all generations regardless of age. She also found that soy bean paste resolved the issue of strong cheesy taste of pasta dishes. So she combined it into a stir fry sujaebi dish. The winner? Eunsoo!

After the competition, Mr. Yoon tells Soohyun that when Eunsoo starts as an intern, he also wants Sooho to start as an intern. Soohyun disagrees of letting Sooho join the company as an intern because this is nepotism. He asks that they call a favor from a different company.

Mr. Yoon frowns and tells his son that it’s the same thing as asking someone else to take care of their trash. Sooho is part of their family, so they have to resolve his weaknesses.

Over breakfast, Mr. Yoon breaks the news about Sooho starting at the company. Sooho is also unhappy about the idea of starting as an intern when Soohyun is the CEO. Mr. Yoon answers that at home, Sooho is Soohyun’s brother and Mr. Yoon’s son. However, at the company, Sooho is nothing but an intern with no relationship to Soohyun or Mr. Yoon. Mr. Yoon also tells all of his children to start paying a stipend for rent and food at home since his children are all adults.

Cue Eunsoo and Sooho meeting in Mina’s office. They are joining the team. Also, the manager announces that Mina has been promoted to Assistant Manager/Supervisor. (Usually this promotion is given to someone who has worked for 4-5 years.)

Work starts and Eunsoo is hard at work learning about the company while Sooho keeps falling asleep at his desk. He’s also cold when Mina asks Sooho to make copies. Eunsoo runs up to help with the copies so Sooho sits back down. Mina get’s annoyed at Sooho’s attitude and tasks Sooho to make coffee. Sooho refuses as it’s not part of their corporate responsibilities.

Eunsoo gets nervous and runs over to volunteer to make the coffee. Mina tells Sooho to bring over all of the soy bean paste samples from the storage room instead. Sooho grudgingly agrees with Eunsoo following right behind. She tells Sooho to act more flexibly at work; they can make coffee if they aren’t doing anything else.

Drama coincidences continue as Bitna runs into Sooho in front of the storage room. Sooho demands that Bitna apologize while Bitna tells Sooho to be careful as she’s someone he should be sucking up to.

That night, Soohyun visits Bitna’s house to greet Grandma Choi and Bitna’s father. Soohyun is all smiles and compliments about Bitna about Bitna being a light in his life. Puke?

The next day, the manager rushes around looking for the plan report that Mina was supposed to prepare. Mina apologizes that it’s going to take a little longer because it’s in English. Eunsoo volunteers to help since she majored in English education. The manager tells Mina to hand over the project to Eunsoo and leaves. Mina? She gets annoyed that Eunsoo looks smarter and demands that Eunsoo translates everything within the day. Girl’s on a power trip.

That afternoon, Sooho leaves right at 6PM since he’s Mr. Yoon’s son and cannot be fired. Mina’s colleague wonders if Sooho isn’t a parachute.

Bitna’s dad stops by to return a worry doll that Eunsoo’s mother left in his car. She hands over money for the car repairs and tells him not to act so cool; he should save for his retirement. She also gives the worry doll to Bitna’s father as she thought she had lost the doll and made a replacement. (Worry dolls are the trend in Korea. You’re supposed to tell the doll your worrries and it worries for you.)

At the same time, Bitna has dinner with Soohyun’s family. Mrs. Yoon is ecstatic while Mr. Yoon is silent. Soohyun also recognizes Bitna and continues to tease her about meeting before. Then Mr. Yoon decides to go in early apologizing that he’s tired.

On the car ride back, Bitna worries about Mr. Yoon not liking her. You think? You went and told him that you don’t care that Soohyun is engaged and you want to marry a man who has a fiancee. You think that any father would love you after that?

Soohyun goes into speak with his dad on behalf of Bitna when he goes home. Mr. Yoon tells Soohyun that he does not approve of the marriage with Bitna since he knows Bitna’s character. He also asks Soohyun why Soohyun continues to insist that he wants to marry Bitna.  Soohyun repeats that he loves Bitna. Mr. Yoon reminds Soohyun that Soohyun had been engaged to Chaewon. He knows how Bitna confessed and Soohyun refused her. He asks if Soohyun really loves Bitna.
Soohyun answers that he felt insecure even as he was studying abroad. Everyone was so rich. His colleageus offered to hire him into their family firms. But he rejected all of hte offers because he did not want to be someone’s underling. He also felt the same way with Bitna, he did not feel her equal but now he wants to marry her.

Sooho also tells Soohyun to reconsider everything since Bitna is a fox. Soohyun yells at Sooho to be careful about what he says about Sooho’s futher sister-in-law. Sooho tells his brother to do what he wishes.

At the same time, Eunho walks Mina home. She tells him to hurry up and get a job so that she can introduce him to her parents. So, you can’t introduce a guy to your parents and get engaged if he’s not employed? What is wrong with you woman?
She also complains about the new interns. Eunho is about to tell Mina about Eunsoo being the new intern in her team but Mina does not give him a chance. She complains that Eunsoo acts all smart because she graduated from a 4 year college. Eunho pauses and doesn’t say anything. Then when Eunho walks off, Mina takes fof the ring. She sighs that taking care of the guys in her life is difficult.

Back at home, Eunho tells his sister to be careful at work and not stand out.

The next day, Bitna gets worried that Soohyun’s parents haven’t asked to have a meeting with both side parents. She visits Mr. Yoon at his restaurant. She directly asks what she can do to win his approval.
Mr. Yoon sighs that he is sorely disappointed in his son as there are lines that a human should not cross and Soohyun crossed it when he promised to marry Chaewon and then ended it because of Bitna.


Bitna asks Mr. Yoon to reconsider. Mr. Yoon doesn’t answer and tells Bitna to go home.

At the same time, Eunsoo’s grandmother is leaving Bitna’s father’s private practice when Grandma Choi comes to visit. Eunsoo’s grandma grabs Grandma Choi’s shawl and demands that Grandma Choi fix everything – for ruining Eunsoo’s life.



Mr. Yoon’s character really stood out in this subarc.  Usually, the makjang family is so frustrating because there is no one with power who has a conscience.  However, Still Loving You/I Still Love You/Shine Brightly Eunsoo flouts that drama convention and instills the head of the household – Mr. Yoon – with a deep conviction and sense of values (some wrong such as his male chauvinism and some right such as his attitude toward Soohyun).

Specifically, Mr. Yoon not only knows and recognizes that his son (Soohyun) acted like human trash by crossing the line of basic courtesy – you are not supposed to promise to marry someone and get engaged only to leave it lightly like he did with Chaewon.  He also acts upon it by disapproving of Soohyun’s wedding to Bitna (and telling Soohyun to stop it) since he knows that it was the reason that Soohyun ended up hurting Chaewon.  Usually, even if the weak and incapable drama parents have the ability to recognize what is right and wrong, they pretend that it never happened as if such injuries would heal by themselves.  Here, Mr. Yoon does not do that.  And, I for one appreciate that he’s acting like a decent human being.

As for Soohyun? I may be a bit harsh but I do think that as adults, there are lines of decency that people should not cross.  Soohyun crossed that line in this subarc and I am not even sure what kind of comeuppance would be enough to compensate Chaewon for the traumatic heartache that this probably caused her.  His excuse was that he’s insecure and hurt.  Being insecure does not absolve one of the consequences of one’s trashy actions.  All I know is that this is a daily drama, I hope that Soohyun gets his own comeuppance for calculating and playing with the lives of two girls.

On the side, I am really getting annoyed at Mina.  Considering the drama’s twisting of Mina’s and Eunsoo’s relationship, I assume that Mina is going to end up getting married to Eunho.  However, I don’t think she deserves him.  This girl is using the fact that Eunho is unemployed to not introduce him to her parents or get engaged… How can the girl be so calculating?

Finally, because I don’t want to end my thoughts on a rant. I am warming up to Sooho even though his actions at the company are immature.  I feel like the drama definitely painted him as having some potential and he might be the only one that can protect Eunsoo from Bitna/Soohyun and Mina.  So, I hope that we do not have to wait too long for Sooho to grow into a man.

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Run, Jang-Mi – E58

Jang-Mi and Taeja have to get over their first big misunderstanding of Taeja “sleeping next to Minjoo” and Grandpa Hwang invites Jang-Mi over for dinner despite Mrs. Hong’s disapproval.



Jang-Mi hangs up in a daze and walks out to hyperventilate in the courtyard. Taeja’s murmur that he wants to sleep more repeats in his mind.


Then Taeja wakes up and Minjoo pretends to sleep. Taeja wakes her up and demands to know what happened and why he’s still asleep. Minjoo answers that she has no idea, she wanted to let Taeja sleep a little longer and must have fallen asleep. She also adds that she tried to wake him up but he refused to wake up – even when Jang-Mi called.

Taeja tries calling Jang-Mi but she doesn’t pick up.


The next day, Taeja goes to the shop and finds Jang-Mi there. She coldly asks what he did the other day and Taeja lies that he had work. Jang-Mi follows up by asking why Minjoo was there.

Taeja realizes that he cannot lie about this and confesses that he was preparing something for Jang-Mi and Minjoo offered to help. Then, Minjoo bought him cold medicine which made him fall asleep in the car. Jang-Mi tells Taeja to leave as she doesn’t want to talk to him.


Taeja has no choice as he’s kicked out and he goes back to work.  However, he can’t really focus. Even when Joonhyuk brings in the reports on which he’s going to present on for the board of directors, Taeja asks Joonhyuk to cover for him as he wants to leave early… Joonhyuk reluctantly agrees but ends up muttering to himself that work is a game for Taeja.


Jang-Mi ends up chatting with Jandi to de-stress. Jandi sighs that it’s hard when someone moves away and you see less of them, which is an odd comment since Taeja just moved from one neighborhood to another…


Then, Mrs. Na tells Jang-Mi to come home for a special dinner. Jang-Mi comes home to find that Taeja has prepared dinner for everyone! It’s a custom ramen for each person. Hah!


Afterwards, Taeja and Jang-Mi go to a cafe where Taeja repeats that Minjoo was only helping him to prepare this cooking event for Jang-Mi’s family. He hadn’t meant to fall asleep but did because of the cold medicine.

Jang-Mi sighs that she believes Taeja but she still doesn’t like the fact that Minjoo was with Taeja. Jang-Mi notes that her intuition is telling her that Minjoo still likes Taeja… her actions including naming Taeja as “my man” on her phone and the ring incident all points to Minjoo not giving up.

Taeja tells Jang-Mi that she’s sensitive because of all of the recent changes. But, he promises to be more careful.


Taeja goes home and brings another cup of tea for his mother. Mrs. Hong asks why he’s not yelling at her about tossing Jang-Mi’s pasta and he answers that Jang-Mi asked him not to be mad at her.


Taeja then goes to his grandfather (and wakes him up!) to whine that his grandfather needs to more proactively help!


So, the next day, CEO Hwang asks Mrs. Hong about inviting Jang-Mi over for a meal. Mrs. Hong immediately rejects the idea.


CEO Hwang isn’t deterred and goes to the rice cake shop the next day to invite Jang-Mi himself. Taeja is there so they go back to work together in Taeja’s car. Grandpa Hwang is so happy he literally runs over to Taeja’s car himself.


Meanwhile, Joonhyuk has a meal with one of the directors who is worries about how Taeja immediately got a Vice President position. He tells Joonhyuk that they have to be careful… they can’t let their company be given away like that and every person gets obsessive about their family when they get older.


At the same time, Yuri visits Mincheol again. Mincheol suggests that they go see a movie after dinner but Yuri answers that she doesn’t like movies. She suggests that they go shopping instead. Mincheol ends up buying her a wallet.


On the side, Chef Bong visits Ara’s bar where Mr. Kang is singing. Chef Bong gets jealous and gives Mr. Kang a first degree interrogation and finds out that Mr. Kang is married.


That night, Mrs. Hong accuses Taeja of getting CEO Hwang to invite Jang-Mi over. Taeja of course denies it and Mrs. Hong notes that she said she didn’t want to join the dinner. Taeja frowns and whines that if his mom doesn’t join, he’s going to stop going to work.


The next day, Jangsu is waiting for the elevator when Mrs. Choi arrives and spots both Jangsu and Mrs. Hong walking in. Mrs. Choi walks up and picks a fight noting that Jangsu is as rude as usual. Jangsu responds by telling Mrs. Choi to please leave him alone and walks off.

Mrs. Hong walks up in time to see Mrs. Choi falter with pretend shock. Mrs. Choi cries that Jang-Mi’s little brother is so crude and rude. She even adds that she’s worried that Jangsu is going around telling people that Taeja is his brother-in-law…


As a result, Mrs. Hong goes home in a foul mood just as the dinner is about to start. She begins by asking Jang-Mi about Jangsu’s education and is dissatisfied to hear that Jangsu never went back to college after the army. Taeja reminds his mother that he also never finished college. But, then, Mrs. Hong begins to snipe about Jangsu making trouble including the time when Taeja had to get a settlement for Jangsu… Jang-Mi apologizes and Mrs. Hong dramatically sighs that she is in no mood for dinner. Mrs. Hong gets up and leaves.


Taehee follows her mother out and reminds her that Jang-Mi is her grandfather’s guest. Mrs. Hong’s action actually insults CEO Hwang in addition to Jang-Mi. But Mrs. Hong could care less at this point.


At the same time, Grandpa Hwang apologizes to Jang-Mi. Jang-Mi smiles that she didn’t expect Mrs. Hong to approve of her after one meal. She laughs that she got farther today since the other day, she got kicked out in the living room. Jang-Mi excuses herself to leave since it would be weird to continue to eat when Mrs. Hong has left the dining table.


Grandpa Hwang goes to speak with Mrs. Hog afterwards and asks how she could be so rude to his guest. Mrs. Hong answers that she’s already been patient out of respect but she tells Grandpa Hwang that he’s a third party-Taeja is her son. She tells Grandpa Hwang to please stay out of the matter of Taeja’s wife.


Grandpa Hwang storms back into his room and decides that he cannot leave it like this.


Taeja drops Jang-Mi off at home before going in to see his mother. Mrs. Hong sighs that he won’t understand that she’s trying. Except every time she decides to accept a fault of Jang-Mi another fault is highlighted. Taeja reminds his mother that all of her bad information is coming from Mrs. Choi who is Jang-Mi’s enemy. Of course, Mrs. Choi will paint everything in a bad light.


The next day, Grandpa Hwang comes out with his packed bags and announces that he’s leaving.


Well the Jang-Mi/Taeja couple survived another lovers’ spat and Jang-Mi was able to air her suspicions about Minjoo. Hopefully, something good comes out of this and Minjoo isn’t left to her devices for much longer…

On a side note, why is the writer making it a point to highlight the fact that Joonhyuk is annoyed at Taeja’s lack of work ethic? Will we get an epic makjang battle between Joonhyuk and Taeja for SL Foods? If so, I hope they make it semi-realistic and not just that Taeja wakes up one morning and finds out that he’s actually a business genius so he just needs to spend one week not sleeping and suddenly he can fight with Joonhyuk over business strategy. That would just be the easy and half-hearted attempt to make Taeja look cool. But, I doubt it would work. We need some major character rehabilitation if we want Taeja’s character to begin swaying hearts!


Run, Jang-Mi Episode 58 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Run, Jang-Mi – E57

Mrs. Hong makes life more difficult for Jang-Mi because of Taeja’s outburst and Jang-Mi responds by trying to suck up to Mrs. Hong.  This fails and the couple realize that they have to give Mrs. Hong some space.  On the side, Joonhyuk begins to chafe under the corporate responsibility of training the heir to the company.



Taeja continues about how much effort Jang-Mi put into seeing the show with Mrs. Hong- memorizing the storyline and lines.  At this point, CEO Hwang storms into the kitchen to yell at Taeja to apologize.  He tells Taeja that Taeja should know better than to yell at his mother like that.  So, let his mother act like a witch?
Taeja shouts back that he wasn’t wrong this time – his mother was.  He leaves after slamming the door and CEO Hwang asks Mrs. Hong what she did to make her son so angry.
Mrs. Hong decides to strike back by calling Jang-Mi out.  From the beginning, Mrs. Hong accuses Jang-Mi of tattling on Mrs. Hong and breaking up the relationship between a mother and a son.  Jang-Mi answers that she has no idea what Mrs. Hong is referring to.  Mrs. Hong laughs and tells Jang-Mi to go ahead and tell Taeja about this meeting as well.  Then she leaves.
Mrs. Hong then goes to visit Minjoo because Mrs. Hong does not have any friends.  She complains to Minjoo about Jang-Mi telling Taeja about not going to the show.  She scoffs that she had to hear words that she never heard from her son before.
Minjoo realizes that it was because she told Taeja but doesn’t say anything to Mrs. Hong.  Instead, she answers that she’s also angry at how Jang-Mi is ruining the relationship between Taeja and Mrs. Hong.  Taehee stops the meeting when she comes in and Mrs. Hong leaves.
Taehee turns to Minjoo and warns her that if Minjoo is still working with Mrs. Hong, Minjoo should not trust Mrs. Hong.  Taehee explains that she’s not sure if Mrs. Hong truly supports Minjoo’s feelings with Taeja or if Mrs. Hong is just using Minjoo to break up Taeja’s relationship with Jang-Mi.  Minjoo looks shocked and asks if Mrs. Hong could just use her.  Taehee sighs that she is not sure what her mother is capable of.
Meanwhile, Taeja blatantly plays during Joonhyuk’s presentation for the directors.  He plays with his cell phone and then even shouts happily when Jang-Mi responds to his text saying that she loves him.
After the meeting, CEO Hwang storms into Taeja’s room and demands to know what Taeja is doing.  CEO Hwang clearly states that Taeja is acting irresponsibly.  Either Taeja can reconcile with his mother or become capable enough that Taeja can live without his family’s money with Jang-Mi.  If Taeja cannot do either of those things, Taeja needs to give up.
CEO Hwang then calls Joonhyuk into his office and yells at poor Joonhyuk.  CEO Hwang accuses Joonhyuk of not preparing Taeja for his position as vice president and reminds Joonhyuk that only Joonhyuk can teach Taeja. Joonhyuk clenches his fist at being yelled at just because Taeja isn’t being serious about work…But, he cannot say anything back.
Instead, Joonhyuk throws a bunch of company materials on Taeja’s desk and tells Taeja to shape up.  Joonhyuk notes that he’s busy with his own work to always clean up after Taeja.
At the same time, Jangsu’s friend takes Jandi out for lunch without Jangsu… In an earlier episode, Jangsu had accused his friend of trying to seduce Jandi because Jandi has a job with a big corporation.  Looks like Jangsu’s intuition was right.  The friend asks what Jandi’s type is and when she answers that she wants an oppa, he asks about younger guys.  Jandi smiles that any guy can be an oppa to her and he tells her to call her “oppa.”
Meanwhile, Jang-Mi asks Ara for tips on getting close to the in-laws. Ara smiles and confesses that she ended up divorcing BECAUSE of the in-laws.  She also notes that there is no single answer to getting close to the parents-in-laws.  All that a girl can do is keep trying sincerely and doing things that the parents-in-laws like.  Ara suggests that Jang-Mi prepares food for Mrs. Hong.
Jang-Mi goes home to ask her mother what kind of food Mrs. Hong likes.  Mrs. Na explains that Mrs. Hong likes Italian and calls in a favor with the housekeeper.  Off Jang-Mi goes to prepare some pasta for Mrs. Hong.
Mrs. Hong walks in and frowns as soon as she sees Jang-Mi in the house.  The housekeeper directs Mrs. Hong to the dining table where she shows the pasta and suggests that Mrs. Hong try it.
Jang-Mi also adds that she believes that there must be a misunderstanding.  She asks Mrs. Hong to try the food and give her another chance.
Mrs. Hong takes the plate and pours the pasta into the sink.  She yells at Jang-Mi for ignoring her words and basically being impudent.  She tells Jang-Mi to leave immediately.
Taehee comes home at that point and and rushes in but Mrs. Hong is unstoppable. Jang-Mi runs out pretending not to cry and Taehee rushes to offer Jang-Mi a ride.  Jang-Mi tells Taehee that everything is fine.  She asks Taehee to keep it a secret from Taeja and walks off.
But Taeja arrives at home, too.  Taehee immediately tells Taeja everything so that he can run after Jang-Mi. He grabs her arm and yells at her for keeping it all inside without relying on him.  Jang-Mi turns to him as she wipes her tears and asks Taeja to help then…Tell her what she can do to help win Mrs. Hong’s heart.  Um, how about something other than forcing yourself into Mrs. Hong’s house uninvited to try to blatantly bribe her with food?
At the same time, Taehee asks her mother how she could be so rude.  She reminds her mother that she herself will be a daughter-in-law someday and asks her mother to think about how Mrs. Hong would feel like if Taehee had to deal with the same thing.  Mrs. Hong snaps back that Taehee is different from Jang-Mi.
Taehee laughs at the absurdity and tells her mother that Jang-Mi even asked Taehee not to tell Taeja…But, she told Taeja anyways.
Meanwhile, Taeja takes Jang-Mi to a restaurant.  Jang-Mi tells Taeja that she doesn’t want to break up the relationship between Mrs. Hong and Taeja.  Taeja smiles and promises to do his best.  My best guess is that the only solution is for the relationship to end if she cannot handle the stress.
At the same time, Yuri is meeting with the Kangs.  Yuri suggests a round of wine.  But, Mincheol answers that it’s too early for drinking.  So, Yuri recommends that they play Go-Stop, which is technically Korean poker.  Yuri smiles that her father believes that one can only see the other side’s true face through playing Go-Stop.
They start playing and Yuri wipes everyone clean.  The Kangs end up giving up and Yuri laughs that it was inevitable…Her father taught her to play Go-Stop in kindergarten.
Taeja goes home where his mother was pacing while waiting for him.  Instead of blowing up at her, he gives her a glass of tea and tells her that he understands that Mrs. Hong needs some time.  He walks out after telling her to take the time that she needs.
Taehee also reaches out to Joonhyuk.  She confesses that she only thought that her love life was traumatic but she’s beginning to think that it is worse for Jang-Mi.  She asks Joonhyuk to take care of Jang-Mi if he can.
The next day, Minjoo shows the first draft of the wrapping of the new menu item at a meeting.  Things get tense when Minjoo comments on Taeja’s condition looking bad as if she’s the girlfriend.  Then, the group discusses Minjoo’s design and Jang-Mi comments that it looks a bit too flamboyant; she wants something that would complement the rice cake item instead of overshadowing it.  Minjoo immediately reacts defensively by insulting Jang-Mi’s experience with design.  But then Taeja and Joonhyuk back Jang-Mi up and Minjoo reluctantly agrees to redraft it.
However, in the elevator, Minjoo accuses Jang-Mi of complaining about the design only because they are both fighting over Taeja.  Jang-Mi replies that she’s only speaking from a professional perspective.
Minjoo is unconvinced and she waits in her car for Taeja.  Then she immediately volunteers to go with Teaja when he says that he’s leaving early to prepare a surprise event for Jang-Mi – he wants to prepare a meal for Jang-Mi’s family.  On the ride to the market, Minjoo asks Taeja about how Jang-Mi is handling Taeja moving out.  Taeja answers that he reassured Jang-Mi by proposing to her.
Minjoo is shocked but pretends that she’s okay.  Then, Minjoo goes in to get Taeja some cold medicine.  She lies that she got the non-drowsy version and gives it to him.  Taeja begins feeling drowsy soon after…
Minjoo smiles that it’s probably because of the cold and promises to wake Taeja up when they get to his place.  Of course, Minjoo doesn’t.  Night arrives and it ends up being time for Jang-Mi to have her daily video call with Taeja.  When Jang-Mi calls Taeja, Minjoo picks up and answers that Taeja is sleeping next to her.  In reality, she’s in the car with Taeja but she doesn’t add the extra info.
Jang-Mi bristles like any girlfriend would do after hearing that her boyfriend/fiance is sleeping next to another woman.  She demands that Minjoo wake Taeja up.  Minjoo pretends to ask Taeja to wake up but Taeja is under the influence of the cold medicine and only mutters that he’s so sleepy he wants to sleep more.

Okay, Mrs. Hong being irrational was covered in my rant for Episode 56.  On to whose brilliant idea was for Jang-Mi to forcefully invite herself to Mrs. Hong’s home and kitchen?  While Mrs. Hong’s reaction was rude, I think that Mrs.Na and Jang-Mi were idiotic to think that this would even work! A home is a person’s sanctuary – a place where you have some control over your environment.  At the very least, a person should come calling with advance notice or when the owner is at home. (In contrast, even though Yuri didn’t give the Kang’s notice, at least she visited when Mrs. Choi and Mr. Kang were home).  By barging in without permission and when the owner is not there, Jang-Mi insulted Mrs. Hong and invaded Mrs. Hong’s privacy and territory.  She then gave herself free reign to all of Mrs. Hong’s kitchen appliances and dishes, etc. I think Mrs. Hong’s anger was kind of warranted. Many people would be angry to find someone that they don’t like waiting for them at home.  Add to it that someone gave that hated person access to your kitchen?  Who would be in the mood to eat the food that the person cooked? Not me.

Run, Jang-Mi Episode 57 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Run, Jang-Mi – E56

Taeja and Jang-Mi have another lovers fight while Mrs. Hong blatantly ignores Taeja’s and Jang-Mi’s attempt at getting closer to her.


Taeja walks over and surprises Jang-Mi.  He quickly pulls Joonhyuk off of Jang-Mi and carries Joonhyuk the rest of the way home.
Jang-Mi realizes that Taeja is angry and waits for him in the courtyard.  When Taeja comes out, she apologizes for lying to Taeja.  He asks her why she lied to him.  Jang-Mi answers that she was angry after being stood up at the shop.
Taeja asks how Jang-Mi could have lied to him twice.  He had called Jang-Mi when he arrived at her house but she lied because she was with Joonhyuk.  Jang-Mi has nothing to say and Taeja storms off after shouting that they have been apart for one day and they are already fighting.
In the morning, Taeja calls Joonhyuk into his office to offer coffee.  But Joonhyuk is highly sensitive as well.  He yells at Taeja for calling him out without having a real reason when Joonhyuk is busy.  So, Taeja quickly confesses that he wanted to ask Joonhyuk why Joonhyuk called Jang-Mi out and drank until he was drunk.  Joonhyuk pauses and answers that he just wanted to drink and tells Taeja to resolve his issues with Jang-Mi directly.
Jang-Mi is unable to focus on work so Chef and Ara suggest that Jang-Mi surprise Taeja at his office.  She stops by a flower shop to buy a cactus plant for his office.
Jang-Mi drops by only to see that Minjoo got there first.  Minjoo had brought over a painting and a plant that was already on his desk.  Jang-Mi awkwardly walks back out and Taeja follows to take the cactus plant.  He replaces the plant that Minjoo got him with the cactus plant from Jang-Mi.
Minjoo had left before Jang-Mi but she waits for Jang-Mi in the lobby.  She asks Jang-Mi if Jang-Mi was able to see all of the decorations that Minjoo had brought for Taeja.  Jang-Mi doesn’t back off and thanks Minjoo for taking care of Taeja before walking off.  The battle is a standstill with no winner.
Off on the side, CEO Hwang runs into Mrs. Na in front of Mr. Jang’s place.  CEO Hwang immediately recognizes the scarf that Mrs. Na is wearing as the one that Mr. Jang had refused to take off because he had borrowed it from the woman he had a crush on.
Mr. Jang arrives and Mrs. Na leaves.  CEO Hwang carefully asks if Mr. Jang is ever going to profess his feelings to the mystery woman.  Mr. Jang laughs that he’s not a young sprout.  CEO Hwang frowns and decides that he needs to take matters into his own hands.
Meanwhile, Taeja stops by the shop where Jang-Mi is working.  Taeja pouts that Jang-Mi isn’t even trying to help him get over his anger.  Jang-Mi whines back that she had visited him to try to help him feel better but Minjoo was there first acting like a girlfriend.  Jang-Mi’s jealousy melts away Taeja’s anger and they go off to eat together.
At the same time, Mrs. Hong calls Joonhyuk to ask about Taeja.  When Joonhyuk answers that Taeja already left, Mrs. Hong snaps that it’s not time to get off of work yet.  Joonhyuk laughs that he’s not there to report on Taeja’s actions. So, Mrs. Hong orders that Joonhyuk get into the office earlier than Taeja and to keep on eye on Taeja.  Joonhyuk forces a smile and keeps his voice level as he answers that he is not Mrs. Hong’s secretary and has to do work.  Joonhyuk hangs up the phone but Taehee hears the end of the call and yells at her mother for making life difficult for Joonhyuk.
As for the older generation, Mrs. Na helps by preparing dinner.  CEO Hwang smirks and decides to give Mr. Jang a push by pretending to read Mrs. Na’s hand.  This makes Mr. Jang jealous but he’s unable to say anything.  Except, when CEO Hwang leaves, Mr. Jang tells Mrs. Na not to give her hand to any man like that.
On the side, Jang-Mi and Taeja come home.  Taeja takes Mrs. Na to the side and apologizes for Mrs. Choi’s visit.  He promises that he took care of it.
At the same time, Yuri has dinner with the Kang family.  Yuri is quite blatant about her feelings.  She announces that the food is generally too salty and Mrs. Choi is not the best cook.  When Mrs. Choi asks Yuri if Yuri can cook, Yuri answers that she doesn’t cook…Their family has two chefs to prepare meals acceptable to both her mother and her father at the same time.
After Yuri leaves, Minjoo and Mr. Kang sigh that Yuri seems a bit selfish and tactless. But, Mrs. Choi snaps that Yuri has a lot of money so they should just shut up in front of Mincheol. So, when Mincheol comes back to ask if Yuri isn’t weird, Minjoo awkwardly answers that Yuri is just opinionated.
Meanwhile, Taeja gives his mother tickets for an opera show.  He tells her that it will be a date with Jang-Mi so that Mrs. Hong could get to know Jang-Mi better.  Mrs. Hong reluctantly agrees but then calls Minjoo.  Mrs. Hong tells Minjoo to meet with Taeja at the same time to try to shake up his feelings.
Jang-Mi tries her best to prepare for the date.  She even has three different drinks prepared for Mrs. Hong and memorized the storyline.  But, Mrs. Hong arrives in an annoyed mood.  She asks for a drink that Jang-Mi did not prepare.

Then, Mrs. Hong audibly sighs while looking outside.  There’s a couple having their pre-wedding rehearsal photoshoot.  She asks if Jang-Mi also did her rehearsal photoshoot.  Jang-Mi confesses that she did.

Mrs. Hong glares at Jang-Mi that she had been excited for her son’s rehearsal photoshoot.  But, it’s different now that she knows the bride had already done it once before.  She announces that she is no longer in the mood to watch the show and leaves.
Jang-Mi is left alone while Minjoo attacks Taeja with some designs that she wants Taeja’s opinion on.
Taeja rushes home after work to check on his mother.  He asks how the show was and she doesn’t answer.  She does get caught a bit when she answers that she didn’t have dinner.  But, Mrs. Hong goes over it by saying that she’s tired.  Taeja thanks his mother for trying and leaves.
Taeja calls Jang-Mi to ask how it was and Jang-Mi answers that it went okay.  When Taeja asks for details, Jang-Mi apologizes that she’s tired after being on her best behavior.
The next day, Minjoo has tea with Mrs. Hong and happily reports that she had a great time with Taeja.  She then asks about the show and hears that Mrs. Hong didn’t watch it with Jang-Mi.
Minjoo goes to visit Taeja with some drinks.  Taeja accepts the drinks but asks Minjoo to stop visiting the office so often like in the past.  Minjoo decides that she needs to get Taeja’s trust back.  So, she confides in Taeja that Mrs. Hong did not watch the show with Jang-Mi.
Taeja rushes over to Jang-Mi instead of working…As usual.  Does this kid have no idea about how hard life will be if he marries Jang-Mi and his family takes away all of his financial assets?! Jang-Mi lies that she had a great time watching the show and Taeja cannot get the courage to ask her about his mother blowing Jang-Mi off.
Taeja goes home to drink some whiskey in the kitchen.  Mrs. Hong finds him there and tells him to stop drinking and go in.  Taeja asks if Mrs. Hong enjoyed the show.  She lies that she did.
Taeja smirks that he better prepare another date soon.  When Mrs. Hong still doesn’t confess, Taeja gets up and yells at his mother that he’s really disappointed in her and embarrassed that Mrs. Hong is his mother.  He explains that he knows that Mrs. Hong did not attend the show and cannot believe that Mrs. Hong won’t even pretend to try.
Taeja confronting his mother was very satisfying! It’s great to see a daily drama directed at the ajummas (the ones with the time to watch drama in the morning and the evening) showing a son standing up to his mother for his fiance.  After all, one can only hope that this generation of ajummas will be indoctrinated by Korean dramas and decide to be more fair to the generation of daughter-in-laws after them.
I agree that we should respect our elders but I also find that blind respect without questioning values is irrational.  Here, it’s clear that Mrs. Hong is acting from a biased and prejudiced point of view.  Yes, Jang-Mi isn’t her dream daughter-in-law.  But, objectively speaking, Taeja isn’t the perfect husband either…The only thing that Taeja seems to have other than his optimism is that he is the heir to SL Foods.  [He couldn’t even go to work as a sales person’s assistant at a rice cake shop without help from Joonhyuk, Mr. Jang, and Jang-Mi!  How in the world is the company supposed to be safe when Taeja inherits it? A company does not run itself.]  So, Mrs. Hong’s refusal to see the faults in her own son while focusing on the faults in Jang-Mi is highly hypocritical.
On a side, I am starting to really warm up to Yuri’s character.  I love how Mrs. Choi who literally sings about money has to cater to her possible daughter-in-law because the daughter-in-law is rich.  I wonder how long it’s going to be before we have them married and Mrs. Choi has a rude awakening when she finds out that Mincheol getting married to Yuri does not automatically mean that Mrs. Choi’s life changes.  After all, Yuri has made it clear that she’s detail oriented and calculating.  I doubt that Yuri is going to agree to a marriage without a prenuptial agreement or even change the legal ownership of her assets into join ownership with Mincheol.  Since, Mrs. Choi’s main complaint against Jang-Mi was her lack of finances, it’s only proper that Mrs. Choi is brought down by money.
Run, Jang-Mi Episode 56 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Moeti – Prologue

Happy Wednesday!  What if, magic was real?
// Moeti – Prologue//
Light. Blinding light surrounded her… Embraced her…  Bijou repeatedly blinked  and squinted in an effort to see what was in front of her…She reached out her hand for jeweled egg in front of her.  It shimmered translucent pearl with its edges blending in with the darker blue of the surroundings… It was cradled by royal blue of the surrounding, fading into the background…  The sparking oval center appeared to be a few inches from her fingers and she instinctively knew that she would have answers once she held the round object in her hand.
Then Bijou gasped and water flooded in.  She was in water!  She was surrounded by water. But until now…. She had been..comfortable?!
Bijou opened her mouth to scream and water flooded in…

11:54 PM.


This is insane.  Bijou shook her head and minimized the website listing the flights. She had work to do and a deadline to meet.

Rows check.  Bijou scanned the rows furiously to make sure that each excel cell corresponded with the information from the proposal so that the projections would be accurate. Her marching orders were to finish the project tonight which she assumed meant 11:59 PM.  Her short breaths kept flowing…She had to keep going…She was so close… She ran the spreadsheet and checked the chart.  It worked.
Her vision blurred as she checked the chart against the numbers and crossed her fingers that the data scrapers did their job correctly.  It had been a couple of late nights.  She rubbed her eyes to get them to focus…She saved the excel spreadsheet and logged in remotely to her company email client to send it to her client with her boss copied.  Finally, it was done and she was free… for the night.
Heaving a sigh of relief, Bijou yawned and stretched out her tense shoulders.  She looked to her right and saw that it was 11:58PM.  She smirked.  She was actually ahead of her deadline.  What to do now?
Bijou laughed and danced to her fridge where she grabbed one of the bottles of Dom that she held in reserve for special occasions.  Then she ruefully smiled and put it back in the cabinet .  After all, she had bought each bottle with the dream of drinking it with others.  She grabbed a freezing bottle of beer instead.  Using a spoon from the dishwasher, she popped the top open and chugged a few gulps before she returned to her computer to turn on some music.  She raised the volume as she settled on a playlist of the most current hits.
Then she got up and began to sway with the beat because it was over.  Suddenly, her bottle was empty and she went to get another. She was free and could do whatever she wanted. But no matter how much she danced, she felt empty.
So, Bijou found herself on the website that compared airline flights for one way tickets.  She had spent a couple of minutes earlier during one of her breaks looking at exotic destinations where she did not understand stand the language… She took another gulp and scrolled down.  Her credit card could totally cover the trip if she decided to click accept to any of these places… Dominican Republic…Barcelona…Prague…Bali…
But, who would pay the bills?  What happens when the vacation is over?  Bijou shook her head and closed the website because she knew that at the end of every vacation was real life.  She threw herself onto her plush feather-top memory foam bed but sleep eluded her.  She twisted on to her right side and breathed in deeply…. She turned to her left side and breathed in deeply…but could not find the solace of dreams.
So, after what seemed like ages, Bijou got back up.  She threw on her old college sweats and decided to go for a quick night time stroll around her neighborhood.  Even though it was late, she lived in a safe neighborhood that she was probably the only weirdo who would decide to stretch her legs at this point. She grabbed her keys from the ring next to her door and her cell phone before pulling on her sneakers and walked out.
When she walked out of her apartment, the elevator immediately appeared as if it were magically waiting for her…Bijou  walked into her lobby to find her doorman nodding away at the information desk… She smiled and quickened her steps quietly as she knew more than anyone that people needed rest during their shift.
She walked through the turning doors and breathed in the crisp air.  It was a bit heavy as it had rained earlier in the day.  Bijou giggled as she didn’t have an umbrella and danced outside anyways.  Who would be watching?  Everyone should be sleeping or watching a show at this time. 
She jumped and twirled from puddle to puddle as the water grazed her face and embraced her form as she danced to one of the songs from her playlist pretending that she was on a beach.  Pretending that nothing held her back.  She had no responsibilities.
Suddenly. her right foot caught on something as if someone had grabbed her ankle.  Before Bijou could let out a scream of surprise, something grabbed her right ankle and pulled her down.
Sometimes, at night… I want to make smores and tell stories over a the fire place…  ^^  Enjoyed the story of Bijou?
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Arirang – The Journey Together

[audiotube id=”zFyndK9VOCk” bar=”no”]


Don’t look back.

Right foot. Left foot. Right foot. Left foot. Right foot.

“Ooof.” So Hyang’s right foot twisted inward and she fell to her knees from exhaustion.  The noise of So Hyang slipping stopped Joonseo who turned around.  He saw So Hyang kneeled over and nursing her right knee.  Striding over in a couple of steps, he reached down and pulled her up.  He brushed off the dirt from her knees and her skirt.  He wiped the tears from her cheeks smudging dirt across her face.  The smudges covered the darkening shadows under her eyes seeming giving her face more color and light.

So Hyang leaned on one foot and whispered.  “I don’t know if I can continue.  It’s been days and we only have a couple packs of water left.  We only have three food bars left.  I don’t see the central peak overseeing Heaven Lake.  Will we even make it to Heaven’s Reach?  Maybe we should have turned back like the others.”

Joonseo pulled So Hyang into a hug and began to hum softly…”Arirang, Arirang, Arirang alone… Let’s cross over the Arirang hill…Even if we get to rest when we get tired… Let’s hold hands and go. Let’s go together.  I see the lovely island far away in the East Sea… Don’t you want to see them?  Your family.”

So Hyang’s shoulders heaved with muffled sobs.  Her breaths fell in ragged sweeps but her eyes shed no tears.  For even though they stung, her body knew she couldn’t waste water on tears.  They had to get to Heaven’s Reach because So Hyang knew.  They were too far along the Arirang Path.  Once you passed the halfway point, it was impossible to return back with the amount of food and water they brought.  Everyone knew that and that’s why so few actually attempted the Arirang Path…Far fewer had the courage to pass beyond the halfway point resigning their fate to either reaching Heaven’s Reach or dying on the path.

Minutes passed.  Finally, So Hyang looked up.  “I’m sorry.  I know there’s no point in questioning our decision now.  We have nothing to do but to walk forward.  But, Joonseo, do you really believe that they are still alive?  Why haven’t they come back for us if they are still alive?”

Joonseo’s dark pupils seemed darker than usual… His handsome angular features looked haggard and the shadows were deepening.  The light was slowly fading.  So Hyang knew that he pushed himself to save their rations and water.  Even when they took breaks, Joonseo refused to drink their water to stretch what they have left.  It was getting to him.  But, his fight was not gone yet.  He still believed.

Joonseo leaned back and looked up at the sky… “They are there and they are surviving just as we survived until we were old enough to cross the Arirang Path.  So Hyang, our ancestors knew that the end of civilization was coming and did whatever they could leave us hints about rebuilding… All we can do is trust that what survived in songs like Arirang is enough to guide us back…”

He began to softly sing again.  “When we cross over the hill, our hearts will arari arariyo…We are crossing over the Arirang hill…” So Hyang grimaced and pulled away from Joonseo to stand up on her own strength. Turning away from the singing Joonseo, she looked up at the gray sky.   The older people in their village had said once the skies used to be clear and blue not this constant gray.  The songs… They talked about a lot of things and taught the people of what life used to be.  And, Arirang.  The song Arirang gave hope.  Hope that those who crossed the path would find their families lost from breaking at the End.  Her fingers crushed the gray fabric off her skirt as she breathed in heavily.

She turned back toward Joonseo and caught him off guard.  His face filled with worry that she was about to give up.  Turning back now would be suicide.  So Hyang forced her lips to smile and she sang, “Even if we get to rest when we get tired… Let’s hold hands and go. Let’s go together…I’m done resting Joonseo.  Let’s go together towards Heaven’s Reach.”



A short homage to the ongoing struggle of the Korean spirit, which was torn apart and continues to yearn for the day that it will reunite.  Please note, for clarification purposes, I borrowed the singer’s name because it seemed fitting in this story.  There is no connection between her and the characters who appeared in this glimpse of life in another time and another place.

The False Prophet – Prologue




In the Nursery, all of the children were obediently sleeping. A baby’s right hand twitched as if to call for help from the Overseer. Its forehead crinkled into a frown and her mouth moved as if to speak. Its lungs were filling with water… Its feet jerked and its right hand clenched… but its soft whispers could not overcome the silence of the Fire hour.

“…reported possible sighting of the Dear Leader in Mountain Clariste…” Mirium fidgeted as she unconsciously leaned in, with the other Nursery Assistants, toward the calling screen. Her breathing quickened as she waited for the next words to appear on the black wall that was installed in every building. She had never believed herself to be a zealous believer of the Prophet but she found herself hoping… Was that the baby monitor?

Beep..beep..beep.. The Nursery’s monitor began to flash. The baby’s mouth opened to breathe…

“Two zealous followers found the Dear Leader’s sandals at foot of the path…” Mirium drew in her breath as the words changed. She knew as well as the others in the room that the Prophet had gone to meditate on the next waterfall. Each rainstorm was becoming shorter and less predictable. The Dear Leader’s ability to predict the next rainfall would help the kingdom prepare and retain as much of the water as possible.


Not a single person moved. Mirium found herself holding her breath in hopes that the Prophet would return. It had been four months since the Dear Leader had disappeared to pray…


With a sharp intake of air, Mirium tore her eyes away from the calling screen toward the door to the Nursery. Was that faint beeping, one of the baby monitors? Her eyes were inevitably drawing back to the calling screen to stare at the words until they changed with an update on the prophet when she felt a pang of dread. The air was heavy and it was hard to breathe. Mirium took a precious sip of her vitaid, the lightness of her flask adding to her uneasiness.


That faint beeping was not normal. Mirium got up and walked into the Nursery just in time to see the baby lose consciousness next to a flashing monitor.


//Photo by Tim de Groot//

//Story an original by THL//

The Virtual Bride – E10

Sigh, I was avoiding this episode because of the inevitable angst in a comedy drama but here we go! Inyoung and Myungsuk wander around dejectedly like the lovesick teenagers that they are. Meanwhile, Se-Mi and Dongsuk bring the academy head to the police and Mi-Hee gets back together with her ex-husband.



Inyoung tells Myungsuk that they live in different worlds, she has to focus on her career and they are just too different. She turns to get into her manager’s car without another word. As they drive off, she sees Myungsuk go into the house without looking back.

Myungsuk finds Choonja waiting for him in the courtyard. She asks him worried if he had been with Inyoung this whole time. Myungsuk answers that they broke up so she does not have to worry.


The next morning is a calm affair. Choonja seems calmer and more peaceful than normal as well. She gives over the responsibility of cooking for the family and taking care of the finances to Soonhee. She even asks Soonhee to take care of preparations for the upcoming memorial dinner. Soonhee happily agrees.


At the same time, Inyoung asks Junsu to fill her schedule up. She lies that she’s completely fine but then uses her hairspray as a face mist…and walks off to show that she’s wearing two different shoes.


Back at home, Soonhee and Choonja seem to bond a bit. Soonhee asks Choonja about whether or not she would consider Haji a good mate for Myungsuk and Choonja angrily snaps her head off. Choonja even adds that they can’t house Haji forever and will need to send her out. Haji sees this exchange and runs off. She runs off before the conversation is over so she doesn’t hear Choonja explain to Soonhee that Haji is particularly talented and will benefit by going to a renowned Korean food preparation place in the countryside.


Dongsuk gets worried about Se-Mi and goes to the academy to check on her because she’s not answering her phone. As he walks in, he hears the other teachers gossip about how Se-Mi got defrauded. His expression freezes and he barges into Se-Mi’s office demanding to know what happened. He tells Se-Mi that he can help her out since he’s been defrauded so many times that he knows how to deal with this kind of situation…

Se-Mi tells Dongsuk to leave her alone since she doesn’t need his help. In response, Dongsuk angrily tells her that she’s San’s mother and his wife. He asks her how does she think he can leave her alone when she’s in a situation like this? Oh! Points scored!


Meanwhile, Inyoung goes off on a emotional episode while hearing about a new commercial because each scene reminds her about her own dating history with Myungsuk. Junsu eventually kicks her out and she goes off to a photoshoot.


Young-Ah is working diligently when her coworker slips her a piece of paper. It’s a citizen complaint accusing Mi-Hee off breaking the law…playing favorites and the like. Young-Ah asks Mi-Hee about it and Mi-Hee vehemently denies it.

Dongsuk brings Se-Mi home and gets caught by Choonja. Choonja first yells at Se-Mi for coming home but San comes running out crying. So, Choonja relents and let’s Young-Ah go into her room.

screenshot_2015-09-23-00-29-22-resized-640 screenshot_2015-09-23-00-29-34-resized-640

Then Choonja goes into the room and kicks Dongsuk out to speak with Se-Mi privately. She asks Se-Mi if something did not work out the way Se-Mi planned. Se-Mi’s eyes brim with tears and she answers haltingly that she tried her best to succeed but it did not work out…

Choonja answers that it’s expected that transitioning from just taking care of the household to working professionally would be difficult. She also adds that even though she knows her son can be frustrating, she hated to see Se-Mi look down on Dongsuk. She explains that she wanted to teach Se-Mi a lesson but realized when Se-Mi was gone that Dongsuk and San just need Se-Mi to be with them… She tells Se-Mi that everything is fine now that Se-Mi is back, effectively forgiving her for leaving the house.

Choonja then goes to check on Myungsuk who is studying. He tells his mother that he’s fine and he does not blame his mother.


At the same time, Inyoung downs shots of soju. Sanshik sits next to Inyoung to tell her to stop drinking. But when Inyoung turns to him, she sees Myungsuk and grabs his face. Sanshik runs away when Young-Ah comes home letting her take care of Inyoung.

Young-Ah asks Inyoung what is going on. Inyoung cries to Young-Ah that she feels like hundreds of needles are constantly stabbing her heart…and she sees Myungsuk everywhere… Especially when she closes her eyes, she sees Myungsuk so clearly…

The scene returns to Choonja’s place. Haji asks Choonja whether it’s true that Choonja is going to send Haji away. Choonja smiles that Haji needs to find her own path and a nice man to marry. Haji takes thus ad wanting to send her away because she’s a burden and runs into her room. After throwing a small tantrum, she calls someone to let them know that she’s changed her mind and wants to take them up on their offer.

screenshot_2015-09-23-00-30-15-resized-640 screenshot_2015-09-23-00-30-43-resized-640

The next day, Inyoung walks along the campus and hides behind a tree to spy on Myungsuk. She sees him teaching an outside class and sighs that Myungsuk looks completely fine. She puts her sunglasses back on decides to leave.

Myungsuk sees Inyoung’s retreating back and runs after her. However he loses her among all of the students and tells himself that he must have been mistaken.

Another professor runs over and tells Myungsuk good news! An university in England has an opening and they asked for Myungsuk specifically because of one of his papers. The other professor reminds Myungsuk that if he goes for a temporary position abroad, he will automatically be guaranteed a tenure position at the university when he returns. Myungsuk answers less enthusiastically that he will think about it.


Meanwhile, Young-Ah goes to speak With Mi-Hee separately. She hands over a piece of paper and explains that she invested the bribery allegation to help Mi-Hee but found the opposite. Mi-Hee looks nervous. Instead of confessing, she yells at Young-Ah to stop trying to win the election with lies like this and walks off.


But, the words weigh on Mi-Hee as she goes off to down a few drinks by herself. Her ex-husband shows up again and they drink to old times. Mi-Hee gets completely wasted and her ex-husband has to carry her home… After which, he gets into bed with her.

Se-Mi comes home to a worried and supportive Dongsuk. He tells her that he found out that the scoundrel academy head has tons of debt from gambling; he’s going to need money again soon. He has a plan and enlists his dad to play the role of a rich country man.


Then Mi-Hee wakes up abruptly to Junsu’s voice as he returned home early. Mi-Hee comes out into the living room to find Junsu and Young-Ah waiting for her. Young-Ah explains that Mi-Hee should know what Young-Ah is here about… Mi-Hee shouts that it’s defamation but gets pulled away when her ex-husband drops something.

Mi-Hee goes into her room to find her ex-husband jumping around anxiously because he needs to go to the bathroom. Mi-Hee tells him to hold it and goes back out. But within a few minutes her ex runs out and straight into the bathroom.

Junsu sees his father and declares that he’s incredibly disappointed in his mother. He furiously turns to his wife and demands to know what she had to say but Young-Ah demures that she will tell him next time.

When Inyoung comes home, she just about faints because she hasn’t been eating or sleeping. When she gets back on her feet, she sees some encouraging words from fans and declares that she will do better for her fans. Then she looks down to see a scribble from an anti-fan who wrote that she’s a crazy idiot. Inyoung asks Sanshik to erase all of the graffiti and goes inside.


However, peace is not waiting for Inyoung in her room. She sees Myungsuk at her desk… And then in the kitchen…she decides against sleeping and asks her manager for her script to memorize.


Young-Ah finds Inyoung completely dazed from not sleeping the next day. She sits down next to Inyoung to check on her when she gets a call from her mother to tell her about Myungsuk going to a professorship abroad. Inyoung gets to overhear everything.

Back at home, Dongsuk’s dad gets a call from the scoundrel who starts asking him about why he wants to invest in the academy. Dad does a great job and convinces the scoundrel to meet at a cafe.


The scoundrel sits down and starts to ask Dad about his academy… About the teacher that he knows… Dad falls for it and the scoundrel calls him out.


All of a sudden, Se-Mi appears to declare that Dad is her father-in-law. The scoundrel runs but Dongsuk grabs his ankle. Not one to let the scoundrel leave quietly, Se-Mi grabs a tray and knocks the scoundrel out by hitting him in the head.

They bring the guy to the police and find good news; since Se-Mi didn’t apply for the loan herself, she will be able to get out of the $100,000 debt. Se-Mi, Dongsuk, Choonja and the dad celebrate the good news when Soonhee runs in anxiously asking everyone to follow.


They run over to the storage room to see that it’s a mess. And the jerks took the aged house secret soy sauce! Soonhee carefully adds that she went to get Haji but her room was empty, too.

Choonja refuses to believe it. She runs to Haji’s room to check for herself. Except she sees that Soonhee is right… Everything is gone.

The family wonders if it should call the cops since the priceless family sauce was stolen. But, Choonja tells everyone to wait. If it was Haji, she would have a good reason and would bring the sauce back.

Meanwhile, Inyoung is at her breaking point and faints in front of her door. Young-Ah sees this and calls Myungsuk.


Later, Mi-Hee sees Young-Ah bring something into their boss’ office and grabs the paper. She runs out to read the paper and sees that it’s Young-Ah’s resignation letter, taking responsibility for all of the bribery allegations against Mi-Hee. Young-Ah runs out and grabs the paper back. In answer to Mi-Hee’s questioning look, Young-Ah tells her mother-in-law that she doesn’t want her husband to be more disappointed or hurt… To him, his mother is everything and she has always been a just person.

At the same time, Myungsuk decides not to ring the doorbell and leaves. But minutes later, Inyoung decides that she cannot sleep and walks out. A few steps out the door, she faints.


Myungsuk comes running back and carries her to the hospital. However, when Inyoung wakes up only Sanshik is by her side. He tries to distract Inyoung by showing her some fan videos.

The first video shows someone filming a group of girls gushing over her and Myungsuk asking those girls to give Inyoung a bottle of water. Then the nurse comes to ask for Inyoung’s guardian. Sanshik says that it’s him but the nurse responds in confusion as there was a different guy there earlier… With glasses…

Sanshik realizes that there’s no way to lie about the situation and tells Inyoung the nurse is right. Myungsuk carried her here and Myungsuk was actually the one who erased the graffiti on her apartment wall… He has been buzzing around her background this whole time.


Inyoung runs out to see Myungsuk’s retreating back. She panics and tosses a slipper to get his attention. It hits Myungsuk and he pauses which gives Inyoung enough time to run up to him and hug him angrily.


I wasn’t really feeling the angst in this one. But once I thought of it more like a movie than a drama and assumed more time was passing, it seemed more believable. With those assumptions, the story becomes incredibly romantic between the young idol star who has to choose between her career and what seems to be her first love. Inyoung portrays the highly emotional first real break up symptoms well in that she has no interest in the real world anymore… She tries but she keeps getting things wrong because her brain is filled with memories.

The writers appear to have tried for a daddy-long-legs scenario with Myungsuk but the episode was too short for it to be successful. Rather, Myungsuk’s character is helped by the fact that he was in the right place at the right time and was able to carry Inyoung to the hospital.

Turning to side characters and storylines, Dongsuk’s sweetness and kindness really shined in this episode. I had to sigh when he couldn’t beat up the fraud-committing scoundrel but had to resort to grabbing his heel. Yet, even though it looked less than Hollywood-heroic, the facts of the matter stand that Dongsuk is still trying his best for a woman he loves even though she made it clear that she was tired of him. That kind of love is amazing by itself; it was also that kind of love that helped Se-Mi find the scoundrel (with the help of Dad) and clear her name of the $100,000 debt! Hopefully, the writer gives him a break and he can get a job in the last episodes.

Finally, Young-Ah quietly showed us how mature she is in this episode. The elections faded into the background as we wondered about whether or not the bribery allegations were true. Before we have a chance to really get disappointed in the childish and selfish Mi-Hee, our attentions are re-directed to Young-Ah who decides to sacrifice her career for her mother-in-law. My jaw almost dropped and I almost cussed!

Young-Ah has made it clear through the previous episodes that her work is important to her and that’s why she’s not quitting. So, we know what an important decision this is to her. Yet, once I had time to digest it, it made sense and seemed commendable instead… The two things Young-Ah wants most right now is to get her husband back and her mother-in-law’s approval. Since her husband has basically chosen his mother over her, she decides to do what she can to protect him. Pretty darn amazing for a side character.

Reset – A Short by DRAMAFEED

Hello to any Readers that chanced upon the first post in WISPS!  So, as avid a fan DRAMAFEED is of Korean drama, I love storytelling…Most of these stories being dreams that I have had the opportunity to either experience or watch through a weird third person perspective.  Either way, sometimes, when the grind of work ends for the day…I feel this weird amount of energy that I want to use in a creative way… creating something like an out for even a couple minutes for whoever reads it.  So welcome to the humble beginning of WISPS, which I am posting to publish online for those who want to kill some time and escape into some of my dreams…



The sun begins to set as the golden rays change into a palette of violet streaks hugging fiery bursts of red that light the street for Iseul as she pedals faster.  She knows that time is of the essence if she wants to finish her paper on time for tomorrow’s deadline.  Unfortunately, the lights turn red and Iseul squeals to a stop behind the car in front of her making her uneasy.  She hates waiting for the lights to change as she always gets nervous whenever the lights changes into green because she needs to pedal fast enough not to irritate the cars waiting behind her.  Sighing, she ruefully wonders if it is time to  invest in a car but dismisses the idea immediately as driving gives her just as much stress.

When the lights change, she jumps back on with her heart pounding. She wobbles only for a couple of seconds before she catches her balance and begins to pedal.  As usual, the cars give her a wide berth to struggle on either passing her by in a different lane or not tailing her too closely as if they know that Iseul is a moving liability.

Used to this extra space around her, Iseul continues to race toward the next intersection even though part of her mind notices that there are no cars in her immediate vicinity, which is slightly unusual.  However, Iseul dismisses the fleeting thought as a mark of good luck since she would arrive at home earlier to finish the paper and maybe get some tonight.

As the light changes to yellow, Iseul grits her teeth and pedals faster. She is only a few feet from the street light before she realizes that she is racing toward a hostage situation.

With a gasp, she pulls on her brakes, wincing as their loud squeal announces her presence.  Iseul had forgotten that the brakes needed to be replaced since her bike has not stopped quietly or quickly for over a week.  Her bike skids across the intersection until she is halfway across…halfway across to the man holding another car at gunpoint.

A wave of heat and then cold washes over Iseul as she stops and looks down.  Her eyes dart from the car being held at gunpoint, where it stopped in the process of turning left and the comfortable asphalt street that seems so safe.  All of a sudden the lack of cars passing her by becomes clear; the drivers had been looking farther ahead than she as she usually looks when she pedals.

The cars seem to slowly inch by on the right as they turn toward the park and away from the man holding the gun but Iseul can only hear her heart pounding loud enough for the world to hear.  Realizing that she had her eyes closed for the last few seconds, she opens her eyes and looks up to find the gunman staring back at her.

A multitude of thoughts race through Iseul’s mind as she wonders why her life is not flashing before her eyes.  Instead, she feels numb and cold with only her heartbeat as a companion.  The only thing that she can focus on is the thought that criminals usually kill the victims who see their face…

Cursing, Iseul decides that she has the same chance of living if she dropped to the ground and hoped that the man did not shoot her through the bike or if she tried to ride toward the park with the line of cars slowing turning right.  She grimaces with the random thought that she should have just leased a car sooner…At least, then, she would have had a chance to hide behind steel…Feeling calm for the first time in the past few minutes, she gets back on her bike to start pedaling with the grim thought that everything will be clearer in ten minutes or less anyways and hoping that the gunman would shoot to wound instead of killing.

Before Iseul gets more than a couple feet away, she hears a loud pop and stops out of shock.  Ears pounding, she misses her step as she tries to drop onto her left foot and falls to the ground.  A sharp pain in her left arm welcomes her to the ground.  With her eyes closed, Iseul muses that she must not have been shot since the only part of her body that hurts is her left side that broke her fall and opens her eyes thinking that she should at least run behind a car.

When she opens her eyes, she finds the gunman looming over her with a gun trained on her.  Everything starts to slow down as she realizes that she has almost no chance of making it out alive.  The man is wearing a hoodie but not a mask.  His dark brown hair looks like it’s moused back and his eyes are a piercing gray.  He barely has any stubble suggesting that he has not always lived on the other side of the law… He frowns at Iseul as she stares back wondering why he has not shot her or if she is worth more as a live hostage since she is not inside of a car.

Wondering if she would survive a random vigilante driving into the two of them before the gunman can shoot, Iseul smiles before she can stop herself.  She looks at the man who still has a gun trained on her and starts as she realizes that he’s smiling as well.  With the gun still focused on her chest, he whispers almost as if sighing, “I’ve found you.”

The smile falls off Iseul’s face as her eyes widen.  But before she can register what is going on, the man pulls her up with his left arm wrapping around her shoulder.  She would almost describe it as being gentle as he reached over to pull her up by her side instead of her arm if he had not kept his gun trained on her with his right hand.

Suddenly the man shoots into the air and all cars around them freeze.  Yet, the grey eyes stay focused on Iseul as the gun comes back and he shouts to everyone not to move.

Feeling a throbbing pain in her left arm, which had broken her fall earlier, Iseul winces.  The man frowns as he mutters, “You’re hurt.  You weren’t supposed to be hurt.  You never got hurt.”

Feeling almost detached from the situation as if she were an observer, Iseul finds herself asking, “Do you know me?”

Then, he smiles a real smile which reaches his eyes. “I barely made it.  When you didn’t arrive for minutes, I worried that I got the time wrong.”

A loud voice interrupts the exchange.  A police officer has finally made it to the street and shouts to the man to release Iseul.  Iseul hears this and watches the man’s reaction as if in slow motion with everything moving slower than she expects.  The gun does not move.  The man does not turn his eyes away.

Instead, he holds her tighter by her waist almost comforting her even with the gun resting against her head…She wonders if this is how it feels to die as she feels so calm.  His voice interrupts her reverie about why she does not see her life flash before her or why she does not have any tears…only relief that if she died, she would not fail her paper…

“Too late…you were minutes too late…” he curses before turning her toward him with the gun still a constant pressure on her temple.

The negotiator stops talking with the shift since he cannot determine what the man will do and needs to wait for his backup.

The arm holding Iseul’s waist moves to her face and tilts her face up.  Within seconds, his lips rest against hers – stealing her first kiss.  The kiss lasts for only a few seconds ending before it begins, a light touch of chapped lips on hers.

Iseul stares at the man as he pulls away because she saw it.  She saw him close his eyes when he leaned in for a kiss. As he pulls away, he opens his eyes and murmurs into her ear, “Remember me. I was first this time.  Neil… Neil Glocken.”

Without his arm for support, Iseul finds herself feeling weak.  As she moves from leaning on one leg to another, Neil pushes her toward her bike and she hears him say quietly, “I won’t shoot at you directly.  Hit me and go.  Leave quickly before they arrive, too!”

She does not realize what is going on more than the fact that it seems that there might be a chance for her to live through this encounter.  Before she knows it, she’s thrown back to the ground toward her bike and she picks it up in rush.  Jumping on, she prays that she has not exhausted her luck and starts to pedal as she hears a loud pop.

She races toward the park on the left and the cars lined up toward the park’s entrance.  Even though her left leg complains of pain, the fact that she can continue to pedal gives her courage that the man kept his promise and she keeps pedaling into the park and toward her school dorms.

The darkness of the trees welcome Iseul as she continues on with the wind embraces her and the crunch of branches soothing her.  She pedals across even the darkest part of the park without feeling anything.  When she sees the streetlight at the other side, she slows down.  However, Iseul pulls on her brakes too late as there was a person waiting at the sidewalk to cross.

Her bike skids again and she ends up running into the young man standing there as she yells, “Look out!”

Iseul falls off her bike as things flash back for a minute and she opens her eyes to pain in both of her knees being skinned.  She looks over to find a guy lying next to her.

“I am so sorry! You won’t believe me, but I was trying to get away–” Iseul rushes to apologize but the guy next to her laughes.  Standing up lightly, he pulls her up with a chuckle.

“No need to apologize, you look much worse than I feel. Ouch, those knees need some hydrogen peroxide” He comments as Iseul gasps to see his facial features in the street light.  She realizes that the hair, which had looked black at first is a deep, dark brown and his eyes a piercing gray.  The face is not as sharp with a little bit of baby fat remaining.

The guy does not seem to notice that Iseul fell back to the ground in shock as he pulls her bike up and continues to laugh.  “It’s amazing what the human body can take, isn’t it?  Well, no one should be hurt from a slight crash like that… although a little rattled.  Neil Glocklen here, you?”


End RESET – An Original Short Story from DRAMAFEED. ^^;;;

Please note that I found the image on Google Image, all rights to the image remain with with the site.