Vampire Detective Episode 7 RECAP

San races against the clock to save his friends as he and Yona look for her first love.


As Jiwoong fights with Vampire Taeho, San arrives at a club with he finds Koohyung and the rest wasted.  They all believe that San had arranged for a night out so that Koohyung can forget the ghosts of his past. But, San’s worried as he didn’t set this up.


A vampire working girl brings San up to Yona who gives him an ultimatum.  Help her find someone named Young-Kwang by 6AM or his friends die.  Off they go!

Yona is quiet but then loses herself in a flashback.  Yona is still an innocent human daughter of a boarding house.  And, she’s interested in meeting the new boarder – Young-Kwang.  As she eats breakfast, he arrives. The sun backlights Young-Kwang and Eunha freezes.  Love is in the air.


Back in the present, San enters a wine factory and begins to look for clues.  His eyes glow as he sees the past – a wine bottle breaking on the ground and its contents spilling out.  San’s vampire powers being triggered can only mean one thing – the bottles are of blood.  He goes from table to table where he finally finds a slip of paper.

A sudden noise alerts San to another intruder.  He runs out but the other guy is gone.

Next stop is at a nice bar/barber shop.  The barber lathers on some cream and sharpens his razor.  As he begins San’s trim, San asks if the barber knows Ji Young-Kwang.  The barber freezes and pretends not to know.  San continues that Young-Kwang visited two days ago…

Two suits also get up.  Yona muses that it’s interesting that there are such clean cut clients at a barbershop.  The suits attack and Yona steps on the barber’s throat.  She demands answers.  In order to stop the impending murder, San grabs the barber’s phone – it shows a bunch of calls to a place called Blue Moon.  They are off.


We jump back into the past.  The new boarder gives Eunha rides to school on his bike.  He’s studying to be a doctor and Eunha is smitten.  The outlook is good as Young-Kwang seems to return her feelings, he smiles when Eunha grabs tighter due to a wobble.  Eunha sighs happily that he should be her primary care doctor and Young-Kwang promises to take care of her for life.


After losing a tail, San’s vampire senses are on high alert and he’s tense.  He pulls over when Yona does not explain why she’s looking for Young-Kwang.  He also knows that he doesn’t have much time until dawn at 6:00 a.m.  San finally swerves over to the side where he grabs Yona’s throat threatening her life for answers.

Yona smiles and reminds him to focus on his friends.  She adds that she also does not have time – if they don’t find Young-Kwang soon, he will die as well.

They arrive at Blue Moon where the owner is sipping the blood-wine.  She isn’t happy to talk to them but Yona recognizes the blood-wine smell.  She smirks that Young-Kwang has been scaling the copy business.  The owner reluctantly gives San a card and Yona goes to change her clothes and put on makeup.


Back in the past, Eunha and her friend window-shop, which she promises to buy with some saved up allowance… Then they run into Young-Kwang and she walks with him home.  Young-Kwang asks about Eunha’s friend and Eunha bristles with jealousy.


The next day, Eunha’s friend arrives wearing the same dress… Eunha blows up at their other boarder and runs away.


Young-Kwang finds Eunha petulantly sitting outside and asks her what is wrong.  Eunha confesses that she didn’t like the way that Young-Kwang looked at her friend.  Young-Kwang smiles and leans over – giving Eunha a peck on the lips.  The young and innocent Eunha is happily stunned.

At the club, the doctor friend is asleep at their booth. Gyeolwool also wants to leave but Koohyung refuses to leave until San arrives… Gyeolwool sees a weird woman walking toward the bathroom and follows.  The other woman violently washes what looks like blood from her hands.

Gyeolwool storms back to their booth and declares that they should leave.  But the others want one more dance… Gyeolwool tries to leave alone when one of the girls from the club grabs her.  The girl doesn’t release her grasp.  Instead, she tells Gyeolwool to stay until San returns.

San and Yona arrive at another bar.  The bartender gives them a free drink on the house and agrees to give them what he knows – a location…But, only if they help him find someone.


Back in the past, Eunha and everyone sit around cake to celebrate Eunha’s birthday.  But, they don’t begin as they are waiting for Young-Kwang.  Then, Eunha hears something from the gate.  She runs out calling out for Young-Kwang…

When Young-Kwang arrives, he drops his present – the dress.  Everyone is dead except for Eunha.


We fast forward to Eunha biting into a patient and sucking his blood.  Young-Kwang pulls her away.  He promises to fix it as long as she just trusts him.


Then, Young-Kwang follows a strange woman into a tunnel before he hits her with a pipe.  He manages to drain her blood into a bottle for Yona.  When he arrives, Yona greedily guzzles down some of the bottle.  But then, she drops the bottle and cries that she is so sorry for turning into a monster.  She offers to die.

Young-Kwang embraces the breaking Eunha and repeats that it’s not her fault that she turned into a monster.  He promises to protect her for life.  Then he continues research how to drain blood efficiently underground.

One day, he manages to find away.  But it’s too late for Eunha who had gotten tired of waiting for him in the room for ten years.  She had found her own prey and attacked.  Young-Kwang angrily stabs the man that Eunha had been drinking from.  He then declares that he will not let Eunha’s hands get dirty.  He will create an organization to keep her clean.


Fast forward, there is a huge underground organization that bottles blood.  Eunha wants to kiss Young-Kwang but he turns away.  He tells her that he’s tired because he’s just human…But, he turned into a monster because of her.

Eunha smirks that he had a chance to change.  But Young-Kwang walks off saying that there is nothing permanent in life.

Then, we see Young-Kwang walking through the factory where Eunha is making out with one of their employees.  He pauses but he doesn’t interfere.  Finally, Eunha screams back that he doesn’t seem affected even though she’s making out with another man.

Back in the present, they find an older Young-Kwang in a tunnel.  She walks up and embraces him, telling him that it’s time to go home.  But Young-Kwang doesn’t follow her.

From behind, Eunha’s old friend Soyoung walks over.  She asks Yona to let Young-Kwang go now that he’s old.  He should rest.


Yona screams at Soyoung to shut up.  She declares that she knows Young-Kwang better.  Then she turns to Young-Kwang and asks him to pick between her and Soyoung.

Young-Kwang holds Yona’s hand and apologizes.  He begins that he wanted to be the light for Yona.  But, he can’t anymore.  Young-Kwang pulls Soyoung away.

Yona orders that San kill Soyoung.  But San refuses.  Seeing the danger, Young-Kwang pulls Soyoung and begins to walk away.  But, Yona quickly attacks and bites Soyoung before anyone can do anything else.  She then turns to Young-Kwang smiling and asks him to come back to her.


Young-Kwang cries that he should finish what he started and presses a button.  Suddenly, artificial light floods the tunnel.  San covers Yona with his jacket while men in black suits run up and help Young-Kwang and Soyoung retreat.


After securing Yona, San looks up in time to see Taeho smirking at him.  San’s first instinct is to run after Taeho but he’s too slow.  Young-Kwang’s team flees with cars and San is running from a ticking clock – he has to bring Yona back to the club to save his friends.


We return to the main mystery with large gusto!  I was surprised to find out that there is ANOTHER vampire THAT-STARTED-IT-ALL behind the scenes.  Just who exactly bit Eunha/Yona and started this horrible mess?

On the other hand, I do not have much pity for Young-Kwang.  While, I understand that he had been infatuated Eunha to the point where he wanted to save her.  He decided that he wanted to kill other innocent people so that Eunha could live.  That’s where I think Young-Kwang sinned and turned into a monster.  Yona didn’t turn him – he did it himself.

As for the acting, the veteran actors really stood out. Even though the scene with the older Young-Kwang and Soyoung was short, it was compelling.  It kind of gave me goosebumps as the younger generation in the main episodes do a swell job but the older Young-Kwang’s character was just effortless. Like, he was Young-Kwang.  He doesn’t hate Yona… He has some feelings for her.  But he wants out and he wants to spend the rest of his time with Soyoung.  Pretty amazing for such a short scene.

Finally, this episode added a lot of depth to Yona’s character.  She’s not a hero in any sense but her devolution into a vampire from an innocent girl explains a lot about why she’s so obsessive.  She had spent ten years of her life, relying on one guy who locked her up with the promise that he would help her.  He was her only tie to being a human for a decade.  In a way, Yona’s sense of humanity is built and rests with Young-Kwang.  Hence, his betrayal later is breaking the column of stability…She would have no boundaries left since no one (including herself) thinks of her as a monster.

Viewing the prior episodes from this perspective, Yona’s actions make sense.  Humans are just temporary and transient toys.  She’s already a monster so she has no reason to behave nicely to such humans – all she needs to do is find a way to live for all of eternity.


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Vampire Detective Episode 6 RECAP

Koohyung wasn’t always our goofy, happy-go-lucky detective.  He was changed when his first love died in high school.  Now, his past has come to be resolved once and for all.


Sporting a tough leather jacket, San walks toward the wharf where Yona and her cronies are waiting.  He courageously flies toward them and begins the fight.  But as Yona waits, San gets subjugated.  She saunters up and sneers that she only invited him to meet so that they can clarify their relationship…She’s his owner and he’s her hunting dog.


This episode is about a trip into memory lane.  However, unlike most high school reunions, this isn’t just about showing off your status and success.  This reunion is about finding the truth about a dead friend and an accident that was actually a murder.  The murder of the class sweetheart Lee Soyoun.


As always, the case starts when someone comes to elicit their help.  This time, its Kim Jiyoung, a friend from high school.  She works for a broadcasting company now and she wants Koohyung’s help in investigating their friend’s death.  The time and place?  It will be at their reunion.

Koohyung is somehow involved and he doesn’t want to go back but being hired – he decides to face his guilt.


A cute scene enfolds with the close friends remeeting in their old class room.  Even the teacher is there and their old selves flash by with their current selves… Everyone is happy about the reunion and they agree to drink in the class room…


Cue happy drinking until Jiyeon remembers that they also drank in the school once before – when they wanted to see the stars.  Gyeolwool asks about the class’s most beautiful girl – Sooyoung Koh.  Koohyung excuses himself awkwardly and the group moves on quietly.


San goes out to meet with Koohyung and asks if something happened.  Koohyung tells him that Sooyoung died.

Back in the room, Jiyeon suggests that they play a drinking game.  Basically, they draw numbers.  And then the person who picks a star gets to tell two numbers to do whatever is written on the next card.  If the two numbers don’t want to comply, one person has to drink a bottle of soju.  First round is Heesook hitting Koohyung.  The second task was San and Gyeolwool sharing a short kiss.  In front of everyone, Gyeolwool downs the bottle quickly.

Everyone is into the game when Koohyung pulls out a card and sits back down.  The order? Number 3 is to kill Number 5.

Suddenly, we’re back in the past.  The same card came up.  Everyone looks scared in the past as Heesook crumbles up the paper, angrily shouting that a tacky prank doesn’t count.

In the present, Mira angrily pulls away.  But, Jiyeon pulls out a voice recorder.  She warns everyone that her first episode as a newly minted producer will be to investigate Sooyoung’s death.  And she will be forced to go out with only what has been recorded so far.

Mira angrily glares at Koohyung and Jiyeon accusing them of calling the reunion was to dig into the past.  Koohyung walks out with San following.


Outside, the two men quietly sit on the side and Koohyung explains that the police didn’t really investigate.  It was bad for underage people to drink so they all agreed on the story that Sooyoung committing suicide.  The story worked because Sooyoung had issues both academically and socially…

San muses that the Number 3 card holder must have committed the murder.  Koohyung sighs that everyone believes that it was Number 3.  But, he knows that it was not Number 3 as he held the card.


Koohyung and San return back as the people inside are about to riot.  Mira is angry that they want to bring up buried issues when everyone believed that Koohyung was guilty.  He even quit school shortly after the accident.  And, to make matters worse, each one of them had issues with Sooyoung.

San takes over and announces that they are going to investigate the matter right now and find out the truth once and for all because he believes that it was not Koohyung.


Suddenly, we are back in the past…An investigation through memories.  Heesook and Mira walk out together to use the restroom.  Mira gossips that there are rumors about Sooyoung being involved with their teacher.  Heesook heartily laughs that she doesn’t care as long as Sooyoung stays away from Koohyung.  But, she is so annoyed these days that Koohyung is looking at Sooyoung weirdly.  She declares that he doesn’t like Sooyoung.  Mira agrees.


Back in the present, they go to the next scene.  Koohyung remembers being with Sooyoung in the health center.  He’s awkwardly looking for first aid when Sooyoung carefully asks if Koohyung has someone he likes.  He kind of confirms and she announces that she likes someone, too.  Koohyung quickly cuts her off that he knows who she likes.

Sooyoung frowns.  Keeping her eyes on the floor, she asks if he heard about the rumor with the teacher.  Koohyung notices the awkwardness and immediately adds that he doesn’t care about rumors.

Koohyung then turns around to pull out the medicine and everything tumbles.  Sooyoung kneels to help him and their hands touch.  She shyly tells him that the rumors are not true.  She has someone else she likes.  It was him.


Back in the present, we are now up to 11:30 p.m. Mira remembers that she went out for her medicine when she heard someone call for Sooyoung as Sooyoung ran out.  She thought it was Koohyung’s voice.  Koohyung agrees that he called out for Sooyoung when they returned and she didn’t follow him into the room.


Koohyung goes back out with San again and the rest of the members have to come to terms with their own guilt.  Jiyeon starts to tear up and confesses that she started the rumor that Sooyoung confessed to their teacher and got rejected… She had been so jealous of Sooyoung who was both smarter and prettier.

Of course other girls jumped on the bandwagon and Sooyoung begins to get bullied.  All the while, Koohyung flutters around the edges watching over her.  He helps her by giving her his lunchbox when the other girls put dirt in it.  He helps her by carrying her to the medical center when the girls put glass in her shoes…etc…  But, he tells San that even though Sooyoung confessed to him, he didn’t declare his feelings back.  He had been afraid even though he liked Sooyoung, he was scared that the others would bully him as well.


The last puzzle is up.  Jiyeon and Mira were in the classroom together toward the end.  They had taken the final break.  Jaewook had gone outside for a smoke. Heesook was at the water fountain.  Koohyung had gone to the bathroom.  So, Jaewook, Heesook and Koohyung don’t have alibis.

The music gets intense as everyone looks at each other.  They head over to the scene of the crime – the roof from where Sooyoung fell.  San narrates as they go back down.  During the final round, Sooyoung found her way up the stairs and fell to her death.  The only weirdly thing about the final game was everyone’s cards.  He orders that everyone pull out their cards that they pulled out earlier.

Everyone looks down and sees that they are holding the Number 3… Just like back then.

San continues his inference.  It was the same as in the past.  Mira had switched out the cards and did so easily because they were drunk.  Mira of course gave herself the star card and pretended to pull out the order card which said that Number 3 should kill Number 5.

He knows this because even if they had been afraid… Why would all of them agree to a story that Sooyoung committing suicide just to save Koohyung?

Mira laughs that this is all nonsense.  She starts to break down stuttering and then someone tells Mira to stop – it’s enough.  It’s their teacher Mr. Ji.

Mira cries as they all head back into the classroom.  He confesses killing Mira.  He had intentionally let everyone drink at the school after planning the deed and asked Mira to switch the cards.  He waited until everyone was drunk enough to order the switch…

Koohyung rushes over and punches Mr. Ji several times before he stops.  He asks Mr. Ji why.

Mr. Ji stutters.  Jiyeon answers that she knows.

We turn back.  Sooyoung had dragged Jiyeon to the window behind the medical room saying that she wanted to clear her name with the origin of the bad rumors.  From the window, they saw Teacher Ji undressing Mira.

Jiyeon is shocked.  She gasps and stumbles back, falling into Sooyoung and pulling the both of them to the ground.  As Teacher Ji rushes to the window, Jiyeon runs off so only Sooyoung is there.

Gyeolwool announces that she found out an interesting thing. Teacher Ji’s resume was amazing.  He started at a prestigious school before he quickly moved schools and finally ended up in the country-side… There had been rumors about an inappropriate relationship with a student at the first school as well.

Teacher Ji’s composure falls.  He manages to eke out that this was his last chance.  He had been motivated by fear.

The others begin to lose their calm as well and tears spring up everywhere for they each lived with guilt in their own way…And, none of them knew that it was all a result of someone’s attempt to cover up.  Jiyeon’s voice shakes as she realizes that this all occurred because of her.


By the time that they walk out, it’s the morning.  Heesook asks Jiyeon if she will still broadcast the story.  Jiyeon smiles that even though the statute of limitations is over, she owes it to Sooyoung.

As for Koohyung, he and San sit back outside where Koohyung seems to have finally found peace.  In a voiceover, Koohyung wonders that sometimes the buried truth hurts more than the present lies and yet people always want to unearth the truth.  He wonders why.


At the end, San gets a text message from Yona.  It’s an invitation/summons.


At a recent dinner, I was told that one of the questions as a FBI candidate is “What is your deepest darkest secret.”  This episode reminded me of that question because that is such a loaded question about circumstances that one cannot control.  This was clearly a deep dark secret that each of original members from the incident carried around.

The episode was another large deviance from the main mystery in the back.  However, I was quite entertained throughout it.  Additionally, the dark lighting combined with the tense ambiance music kept me on the edge.  With the whole episode set at night in a school, I was partially sure that there would be some supernatural elements to the case as well.  Thankfully, there was not.

Instead, the resolution was bittersweet.  Each of the friends find closure but the closure came with the undeniable truth that they covered up a murder…And, let Sooyoung’s story be twisted even after their death.   I can only imagine that there would be a level of heaviness that followed with questions.  Had one of them spoken up, would it have been different? Or would the blame have fallen on them? Can we even blame them when they were only high schoolers?

Finally, I thought it was interesting that the episode revolved around a reformed bully.  Specifically, Jiyeon’s character was a moral quandary.  She was the reason that Sooyoung died since she left Sooyoung in front of the window.  She was the reason that rumors about Sooyoung and Teacher Ji started.  But, she is also the reason that everyone was forced to face the past and find out the truth.  She is the reason that everyone who watches her program will know that Sooyoung did not commit suicide because of bullying but was killed.  What a heartbreaking story.


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Vampire Detective Episode 5 RECAP

The trio are hired to protect a famous actress who is getting weird threatening gifts from a stalker.

THE RECAP – The Actress Must Die to Live


San visits Jiwoong again to ask about the connection between Yona and Yoojin.  Jiwoong warns San to stay away from it all as Yona is the devil incarnate.  He smirks that when the time is right, the devils will come to find San so he does not have to do anything.


Then we turn to Koohyung who is triaging through clients.  First a woman asks to look for her puppy.  Then a cocky young man asks Koohyung to find a girl that he met at a club.  Another woman tells him that she sees her dead husband always around her..

Koohyung is about to give up hope when Young-Min arrives.


Young-Min explains that she is the CEO of an entertainment company that Sora Kim works for.  Her request is that the detectives protect Sora.


San and Koohyung find Sora at a shooting range practicing.  San comments that if Sora changes her stance by a little bit, her shooting would be improved greatly.  Sora smirks that she will take care of acting and doesn’t seem impressed.

Sora meets with Young-Min and the detectives to complain that she doesn’t need additional bodyguards.  She wants to dismiss the detectives.

But Koohyung and Young-Min remind Sora that Kihyung Lee has been released.  Kihyung had been imprisoned because he killed someone and then turned himself in with the explanation that he did it for Sora.  With that reminder, Sora finally relents with the condition that they don’t bother her.


Koohyung goes straight to his police friend for some information.  But the officer is more interested in eating at the “mat-jib” or famous hotcakes.  ^^

Koohyung reminds the officer to stay on topic and gets some photographs of the victim who was originally killed by Kihyung.  The officer decides that Kihyung is just crazy.  What’s worse is that after Kihyung got released, no one has been able too get into contact with him.


The team splits up.  San is introduced as the new road manager, Gyeolwool is the new stylist, and Koohyung brings over Sora’s latest stalker present to the doctor for analysis.  The doctor finds an acupuncture needle as well as a tarot card with a dead bird.

Koohyung calls San about the new information.  San is surprised about the tarot card as the bird represents success.  So a dead bird would be the stalker’s threat that the stalker is going to drag Sora down from her peak of success.

San questions Minsoo (Sora’s other manager) and finds out that Minsoo is a superfan of Sora.  But then they get distracted when the male lead (Joonyoung) arrives on set.  He’s cocky and slimely.  After tossing a compliment toward Gyeolwool, he tells Sora that he’s still hot for her.

Sora gets up to leave with disgust.  So, Joonyoung begins to flirt with Gyeolwool.  She smirks and gets up close before whispering that if he tries the same again, she will erase his life line from his palm.  I love this girl!


The filming continues when San suddenly hears something odd.  It sounds like someone is sawing at wood.  His eyes flit around to find the source when the second lead Younchae arrives and introduces herself.

San asks Younchae about Joonyoung and Sora.  Younchae laughs that Sora dated Joonyoung.  The relationship ended but Joonyoung keeps flitting around Sora like a fly.

The first accident hits during a break when Sora is resting on her chair on set.  The background structure begins to wobble.  The only person who had even noticed anything different was San with his keen vampy sense of hearing.  He hears the wobbling and looks around – spotting the structure as it falls.

People rush out of the way while Sora sits frozen with shock.  San manages to reach Sora seconds before the wall falls, throwing himself and Sora out of the way.  Sora is safe but it’s clear she’s in shock.


San and Koohyung go back to the set area where the accident occurred.  San sees the rope and muses that someone had cut the holding ropes.  What’s worse is that the culprit has to be someone in the crowd.


San is practicing shooting when Sora finds him there.  She thanks him for helping him earlier, apologizing that she did not have the leisure to tell him earlier.

San looks at her and asks if it was not an issue of leisure but rather she felt that it would be weak for her to show her real feelings.  Sora bites her lips and brings down the gun.  But she acknowledges that San spoke the truth.  She then sighs that she wonders if she would be able to shoot Kihyung if he ever came after her.

San pulls up Sora’s arm and aims the gun for her.  Softly, he tells her that she will be able to defeat Kihyung if he ever showed up.  Sora shoots and hits the bulls eye.

As the doctor calls Koohyung to let him know that the needle stuck in the dead bird was a needle usually used in accupuncture, San and Sora arrive at the accupuncture clinic she usually goes to.  Sora walks in first and Younchae also arrives.


At the same time, Youngmin enters her office and finds a gift box.  The card says that it’s to “My Loved One.”  She carefully opens it up and finds a caruusel.  She turns its and suddenly it explodes…


As it explodes, San hears a scream and runs in to find a guy run out of Sora’s room after sexually assaulting her.  San runs after the guy and corners him in the stairway – it’s Joonyoung.  He stutters that all he wanted to do was talk to Sora.

Youngmin has only hurt her arm so the two men go back to the office to investigate.  San sees Youngmin pull something from the carusel just as it explodes and Koohyung finds a small razor knife.  San asks if Youngmin was also a celebrity before she became Sora’s manager.

Koohyung confirms.  They decide to send the razor for additional investigation.


The investigation results are in.  Team Vampy tells Sora that she needs to be careful as the razor was the same type of tool that cut the ropes holding the set wall…Additionally, it’s unusual for a bombing victim to sustain such little injuries.  San asks if there would be any reason for Youngmin to be jealous of Sora.

Sora cuts them off.  She repeats that this would be ridiculous and tells Team Vampy that she wants to end this before entering the hospital room.

That night, Sora is on the scene filming the finale.  It’s an action scene where Joonyoung is supposed to pull Sora out of a car before it blows up.  Then a problem occurs when the door doesn’t open and the bomb time starts and everyone runs off.

Sora tries to get out the back door but Kihyung’s corpse is there…

As the time ticks down, San runs up and pulls the door off.  Grabbing Sora, they run off seconds before the car explodes.


The scene switches and the police officer is questioning Minsoo.  He emotionlessly answers that he couldn’t forgive Kihyung and Sora after Kihyung killed his mother…A flashback shows Minsoo grabbing Sora and holding her at gunpoint after the blast.  San had to subdue him.

But it’s not the end.  San confronts Youngmin, Sora and Younchae in the office.  He notes that it was Younchae who sent the dead bird to Sora and cut the rope to the set wall… Even though Younchae wiped the prints off the razor and hid it in Youngmin’s office, the perfume chemical was the same.  Also, the accupuncture needle had the same chemical.

Younchae frowns and angrily agrees that she hates Sora…She wanted to try being the female lead for once.  She asks if San would arrest him.

San sighs that he’s not the police but Younchae should know that she was only included in the current movie as a condition for Sora agreeing to be in it.


San meets with Sora separately in a cafe.  Sora thanks him for his help and sighs that too many people don’t like her.  She also confesses that the scar on her wrist was because of an accident caused by Youngmin in the past.  However, after it occurred, Youngmin had apologized and gave up acting as penance.  Sora decided to trust Youngmin completely afterwards.  She also asks San if he doens’t have someone he would trust forever.

San is unable to answer and Sora leaves.


San gets up to leave as well when he gets a call.  It’s Yona and she wants to meet.


Another engrossing episode.  It was over before I knew it and it kept me guessing throughout.  I had not expected that the culprit would be more than one person – not working together.

One thing that this episode was give each culprit a believable motive.  Sora isn’t a horrible person.  Yet, she has a role and a personality that makes it easy for others to be jealous of her.  She keeps to herself, is a bit aloof, short with words, and a bit egotistical.  As a result of her pride and success, she also seems to treat others with less than common courtesty.

I understand that she’s a top star with tons of stress.  However, I couldn’t help sympathize with some of the antagonists like Younchae and Youngmin.  With the way that Sora treated Gyeolwool (although she apologized for it) by ordering Gyeolwool to speak in honorifics and get her cofffee, it’s not surprising that Sora would have more enemies because she doesn’t feel the need to be nice to other people as long as she’s good at her job.  I don’t approve but I understand where she’s coming from.

On the flip side, I also understand why Younchae or Youngmin would be jealous.  Sora isn’t the type to try to flatter the other women or step out of the spotlight.  She is also not the type that would take the time to really converse with the other women so that they would understand each other…

In contrast, I did not feel as empathetic toward Minsoo.  I felt that his backstory was a bit forced with the whole premise of a crazed fan killing his mom for Sora.  There was no explanation on why Kihyung thought that killing Minsoo’s mom would help Sora.  As a result, I felt no attachment or sympathy.  It was just an existing plot device.

My last thought was that while this episode was fun to watch, there was no connection with the “big mystery in the background” relating to Taeho, Yoojin and Yona.  Was it purely a filler?


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Vampire Detective Episode 4 RECAP

The murder of two models has our detective trio running around trying to clear the name of the murderer for his little sister.  As usual, nothing is as it seems, for no one is purely innocent.

THE RECAP – Waiting in the Dark


Music pumps as a beautiful model finishes her photoshoot.  But then the scene changes suddenly to a darker one of a bathroom?  It’s almost black and white…  A girl lounges when she suddenly gasps and gets up.  We see blood and she screams before falling over.


We turn back to San who is walking with Sunyoung.  Sunyoung shows san a cabinet full of fake identity papers…It was this cabinet where Sunyoung found the passport photo size pictures of  Yoojin and Taeho.  San wonders if they were on a separate mission.


The trio gets another call and depart.

The client (Mi-Jin) opens the door and lets them in.  She’s pretty but blind…She wants them to look into the recent murder of a model.  Her brother (Kyungho) was charged as being the murderer but she does not believe it was her brother even though her brother confessed it.

Mi-Jin adds that it couldn’t be her brother because at the time of the murder, she heard her brother developing film in his dark room.

While San and Koohyung do not seem moved by her evidence of her brother’s innocence, Mi-Jin’s words sway Gyeolwool who just lost her own brother.  The trio takes on the case.


The trio first visits their friends Sara and the doctor.  Interestingly enough, Sara knows Kyungho and does not believe Kyungho would commit a murder BUT Sara never heard of Kyungho having a sister – let alone a blind sister.

On the side, the doctor tells San that he looked into the notebook that San had brought him.  The type of blood documented in the notebook does not exist.  The implication – they are not sure what will happen to San.


The trio splits up to investigate other possible suspects.  Gyeolwool visits the CEO of the modeling agency that both the murder victims (Yuri and Hanna) worked for.  The CEO is utterly annoyed that his top two models have been killed.  The next in line would be model Hayoung but he sighs that Hayoung is not ready to be a top model yet.


The trip questions Hayoung next.  They ask her if there the two dead models would have mentioned any dangerous people or enemies like stalkers.  Hayoung answers that she heard nothing from the two deceased models but she had heard that Hanna had left a dying message that pointed toward Kyungho.


The trip review the murder files and look at the supposed dying message.  It was “M M” in blood.  So, the police assumed that it pointed to Moon Kyungho.  But something doesn’t add up – Kyungho does not have two “M’s” in his name.


The trio decide to go investigate Kyungho’s house further.  But Min-Ji is not there.  Gyeolwool gets this great idea of looking at the apartment while no one is there so Min-Ji doesn’t have to be hurt that they are investigating Kyungho further.  She picks the lock and they go in.

Other than the dark black curtains on the windows, everything looks normal.  The trio go into the dark room where there’s a bunch of developed photographs.  Except, the photographs are all of legs.


Min-Ji comes home and everyone starts to quietly slip by.  Just as San is about to walk through the hallway, Min-Ji walks into the hallway and literally stands inches from him as she disrobes.  San awkwardly stares at the ground as Min-Ji takes off her dress and walks into the bathroom in her camise.


On their ride back, San stares at the DSLR camera he took from Kyungho’s apartment.  It was the only camera that still had a SD card inside.  However, the picture left on the camera is corrupted.  They go back t the doctor for help.

The doctor slips in the SD card into an SD card reader.  But then San pauses.  The picture’s information notes that it was taken from a different type of camera than the DSLR that they took.  Someone had taken the picture in a different camera and placed it in this one…

The trio go back to the scene of the crime where San vamps out at the sight of the bloody dying message.  He sees how the girl dies before using her finger to leave the dying message.


The message was wrong.  It was two “V’s not “M”s.  The blood dripped turning the “V”s into the “M”.

San goes to visit Kyungho but Kyungho repeats that he commited the murders.  San asks how Kyungho committed the murders but Kyungho is silent.  Then San asks about the dying message and Kyungho freezes.

Meanwhile, Koohyung meets up with the police officer friend and complains that it’s clear that Kyungho is the murderer but his team is emotionally swayed by sympathy for Kyungho’s sister.

The detective is confused.  Kyungho does not have a little sister…

When Koohyung insists about Mi-Jin who is blind, the detective shows a picture of Mi-Jin…She’s not Kyungho’s little sister.  She was a model that Kyungho used to stalk before she got into an accident and lost her sight…And, she looks different from the Mi-Jin that the detective trio met.

Koohyung shoots the picture to San who shows it to Kyungho.  Kyungho confirms that the woman in the police officer’s picture is Mi-Jin.


At the same time, the doctor saves the file… It’s a picture of Mi-Jin except she has fangs.

The doctor sends San a picture of their “Mi-Jin” and San shows it to Kyungho.  Suddenly, Kyungho gets agitated. The detective trio’s Mi-Jin is the one who threatened Kyungho into confessing to the murder of the two models…The woman had threatened to hurt Mi-Jin if Kyungho did not confess. Kyungho demands to know what happened to Mi-Jin.

At the same time, the fake Mi-Jin takes the real Mi-Jin out of a car trunk after calling San.  She laughs into the phone that San has one hour.  If San can find her and Mi-Jin, he can get information about Yoojin.  If not, he will have to come and pick up a corpse.

A flashback also confirms our suspicions.  The fake Mi-Jin had bitten into the models and sucked their blood.  She then stabbed them with the ice breaker to cover up the fang marks.

The real Mi-Jin is tied up.  She asks to be let go since she’s blind but the fake vamp Mi-Jin laughs that Mi-Jin is just a tool.  Real Mi-Jin asks Vampire Mi-Jin why Kyungho is being framed when he’s just a nice guy who would never commit such a crime.


Vampire Mi-Jin laughs creepily and annouces that she will tell Mi-Jin the truth.  Kyungho had loved and obsessed over Mi-Jin.  One night, he followed Mi-Jin home and then knocked her out.  He then fondled her unconscious body before dropping chemicals into Mi-Jin’s eyes… When Mi-Jin awoke next, she was blind.

The truth kills Mi-Jin’s resolve as she sobs at the betrayal.

San and Koohyung arrive at Kyungho’s apartment where they find Mi-Jin crying.   They free her when they realize there’s a ticking bomb above Mi-Jin’s chair.

But it’s too late and San throws himself over Mi-Jin as the bomb goes off… It’s only confetti.


At the same time, Vamp Mi-Jin finds Gyeolwool waiting in the garage.  She smirks that she was going to kill Gyeolwool for being rude but she changed her mind when Gyeolwool fell for the skit about Mi-Jin’s brother.  Laughing, Vamp Mi-Jin tells Gyeolwool not to trust anyone and leaves.


The case is solved and Kyungho is being freed.  San asks Mi-Jin if she knows anything about who would frame Kyungho or leave the SD card in Kyungho’s camera.

Mi-Jin sighs that she knows how Kyungho was framed.  Vamp Mi-Jin told her and by telling her, crushed her only ray of hope.  Tears bubble up and fall on Mi-Jin’s face.  Mi-Jin notes that she would never be able to forgive Kyungho now…She had thought Kyungho was a kind man who would take care of her even though she was wounded.  But a scar from someone one loves is deeper than a regular scar.


San leaves when he gets a call from Vamp Mi-Jin.  She only introduces herself as “Yona.”  She also has a hint for San about the person he is curious about…The person is photogenic.

San looks up and sees the security camera.  He gets the video footage and would you know?  The person who took a picture of Vamp Mi-Jin was Yoojin.


Ah, OCN.  I love your crime dramas.

Vampire Detective  is a joy to watch!  Each episode is a story on itself so I don’t feel pressured or frustrated because the story hasn’t finished.  It gives closure in each episode.  And, with the way that the story and production is completed, each episode feels like watching a movie.  Therefore, I breathe a sigh of complete contentment after this episode. 🙂

As for the plot of this episode, it seemed like the “mystery in the background” was still just hints.  Vamp Mi-Jin is clearly connected to the back office of the club that Gyeolwool’s brother was involved with.  Vamp Mi-Jin confessed it herself.  Yet, the question is why is she showing herself to San et all?  They have no idea what she looks like and had she not called the detectives to look into Kyungho, who knows if they would have ever figured out her connection to the vampire underground world?

While, I am busting out the questions from this episode.  What is going on between Vamp Mi-Jin and Yoojin?  Why is Yoojin telling San about Vamp Mi-Jin? Are they rivals? Are they on the same side?  Is this to test San and team?


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Vampire Detective Episode 3 RECAP

Vampy San helps a mob family in distress.


San stores at the fake philanthropist through a visiting window. San shows the man a picture of Yoojin and asks if he remembers her. The man answers that the world created the word “devil” to describe the woman. Then he leans in and laughs that San cannot handle her before dancing off.


Meanwhile, San’s friend (Choi Sunyoung) from when he was a police officer finds out that her father passed on… She’s our next client and she’s the only daughter of a mob boss even though she’s part if the police now.


San and crew arrive at Sunyoung’s father’s house and hears that Mr. Choi left behind a puzzle for his children. The first son is named Choryung and the second son is named Choro. Mr. Choi’s lawyer, Kang Saeho is also at the funeral.


Saeho hands over an ink drawing of four dragons. It was what Mr. Choi left behind for his kids to solve. Choryung and Choro are both convinced that the drawing means that Mr. Choi left everything to each of them.

Sunyoung sits down with the crew and explains thay she thinks the picture is a clue to the key code to the safe… She guesses that the fourth dragon represents Mr. Choi… The crew walks over to the safe where Sunyoung continues that Mr. Choi led a dangerous life. So, he always believed that it’s safest to say one thing and run the other way…


Gyeolwool walks up first with a gadget to open the lock. But then she realized that the safe is booby trapped. If they force the safe open, it will destroy the contents. Sunyoung adds that they already used up 7 attempts. Now, they only have three tries left.

The crew waits for San in the car to give him some space with Sunyoung. Outside the house, Sunyoung asks San to keep the police out of the investigation as the police doesn’t mesh well with her family. Then, she carefully asks how San is recovering from the accident with Yoojin and Taeho. Turning to face San, she whispers that she always wanted to apologize… But, in San’s eyes, it’s Yoojin who apologizes.


The crew gets to work with Gyeolwool looking at all of the possible numbers connected with Mr. Choi. San also reports on the seven prior attempts: Mr. Choi’s birthday, his two cell numbers, the kids’ numbers… Everyone sighs.


The next day, they visit Korea’s China Town where Mr. Choi grew up. First stop is the restaurant where Mr. Choi worked. As they suspected, one of Mr. Choi’s ink drawings is on the wall. A single dragon.


At the same time, the shadow boss sends Kyumin a lawyer to help. Kyumin smirks that they better get him out soon or he might begin talking.

Back at the restaurant, the restaurant owner confirms knowing Mr. Choi. He also recognizes Mr. Choi’s drawing and sighs that he would never forget Mr. Choi’s kills… Mr. Choi was quite famous in China Town. San asks what Mr. Choi was known for but the boss then shuts up. He tells the crew to eat and leave.

But, when they are leaving, a guy rides by on a motorcycle and smashes San in the back of his head. San’s vampy power kicks in and he heals within minutes. This allows San to pull the man to the ground before the police arrive and arrest San for battery.


The crew’s police officer has to get them out and demands lunch in payment. But, he also gives more information – the attacker was here illegally.

So, off San goes to confront his attacker who is the cook in the first restaurant. The cook isn’t happy to talk but the boss interferes before the fight can get too severe.

Over tea in the dimly lit restaurant, the boss tells the story of Mr. Choi. A skilled peasant who came to work as a server but was a born artist. Mr. Choi preferred drawing his inked dragons but the environment soon transitioned him into forging illegal documents.

The boss chides that since Mr. Choi helped out so many people in China Town, it is obvious why such people wouldn’t want San going around looking into Mr. Choi background.

San accepts this and asks what the Boss thinks the will says. The Boss answers that San should think more about what Mr. Choi wanted to instruct the living…

San broods all night and then the crew decides to look into the living for clues. They go back to Mr. Choi house. But, they aren’t the only ones planning things. While San interviews Saeho, Choryung asks Koohyung to make the screw say that the will pointed to him… And he will take care of the rest. He slides over a heavy black briefcase to smooth the deal. Money?

At the same time, Choro promises to give Gyeolwool a sports car and a new apartment if she can convince the crew that the will points to him. With widened eyes, Gyeolwool barely masks her disgust. Unfortunately, Choro mistakes this disgust for infatuation and even kisses Gyeolwool’s hand which let’s her lose her steam and she blows up that Choro should be practicing his English when he has times to make these little schemes.

Later, San speaks with Sunyoung. He asks her about the flowers in each of the dragon drawings. Sunyoung sighs that she also has no idea, she just knows that her father would always include a flower in each of his dragon drawings.

San asks her why she hated her father. Sunyoung reflects back and answers that her father had a woman when her mother was hospitalized. Sunyoung had seen the woman in her mother’s hospital room once… And the woman gave her chills. She was no play thing of her father’s. Rather, she felt like her father was a tool for with woman.

This gets cut off when Choryung and Choro arrive with their minions. Choryung is pissed off that Sunyoung would even allege that their father had a mistress. But, then the conversation switches to who their father liked best and turns into a full out brawl.


That night, San cannot shake off chills about Mr. Choi mysterious mistress. He goes back to the Chinese restaurant and asks the boss why there isn’t a flower in the dragon drawing… Or rather, why there’s a spot where it looks like Mr. Choi erased the flower.

The boss refuses to say anything about the drawing. So, San quickly asks what the boss knows about Mr. Choi’s mistress.

The boss had been about to get up. But, he sits back down and sighs that Mr. Choi met that woman in that restaurant. Mr. Choi had used to drink alone in this restaurant and the woman suddenly appeared… The boss knew that she was a dangerous woman and nothing more.

As the boss gets up and tells San to see himself out, San asks about the chef. A flashback tells us that the chef got sent to an abandoned warehouse where a vampire got him. But, all the boss says is that the chef’s body was found that morning. Just how much does this chef know?


Minutes after the chef walks out, a force slams Sam’s head into the table. He sees blood and he gets up as his eyes turn. Though San stood up, he is like a baby duck to the other vampire wearing a nondescript suit. The vampire throws San into a wall and takes the original copy of Mr. Choi’s will.

Then, we see that Yoojin or a woman with the same pendant necklace smiling as she puts a private detective card on fire.


The third day of the funeral where the body is sent off to cremation or burial…the children and Saeho sit around a table waiting for the answer.

San explains that the dragon was a sign of affection for Mr. Choi… Just like he drew one for each of his children when they were born. Pulling out the will, San continues that the four dragons signify his four children, which includes Kang Saeho.

Choryung and Choro laugh at the absurdity. Choro pulls up a knife. But, Sunyoung quietly demands order and let’s San continue.

Saeho, himself, sighs and begins to explain to his siblings. His real name is Choi Choruh. When he was younger, hr saw one of the lower bosses beat up his father and threatened to kill him.

All of a sudden, the gangster coughed up blood and fell. It was Choruh who had stabbed the man for his father…

Mr. Shin had taken the blame and also set Choruh up with a new identity. Mr. Choi went to jail and Choruh was reborn. They met again when Choruh was already an attorney…

Choro isn’t convinced and asks for a DNA test. But Sunyoung focuses on the main issue, the correct interpretation of the will. Choyong calls his minions in and they arrive with weapons.


So, San begins. The three dragon drawings each have flowers but the one in the Chinese restaurant doesn’t… Because the flower was wiped out to represent that Choruh died and was born again as Saeho. Choyoung laughs and tells San to get with the point.

San asks for everyone’s birthdays. Choyoung was born in May, the younger two in February and Saeho in January. San believes that these numbers are key to the code.


San starts with the chronological guess. It’s wrong. Then San asks what month Saeho was reborn – September. Retry. Wrong.

San closes his eyes as he has one more chance left. Suddenly, he remembers Sunyoung’s clue that Mr. Choi always said the opposite of what he wanted. He flips the chronology 2-2-5-9. Bingo!


The will? Mr. Choi ordered that his kids disband their gang… He left everything to Sunyoung. The two sons were given fake papers to start new lives.


Sunyoung finds San afterwards and hands over an envelope. The safe had the copies of documents connected with Mr. Choi’s forgery business. It also had pictures of Yoojin and Taeho.


Another fun story! This one focused less on the vampire aspect, which toned down the main tension. However, it was still fun like a normal detective drama. There’s a puzzle, some risk, and clues.

What I was surprised by was that Taeho’s picture was in that envelope as well was Yujin’s photograph… Does this mean that they are both vampires now? Why have we only seen Yujin?

Additionally, does that mean that Taeho and Yujin planned it? Then, did Taeho know that he would kill San but didn’t do anything? Did Taeho believe that whoever turned them into vampires would also save San? Or was he jealous and wanted Yujin for himself?

A seemingly light episode closes with a bunch of questions.


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Vampire Detective Episode 2 RECAP

A request from an announcer throws Sang and Koohyung back in another aspect of the illegal blood trade – trafficking homeless people.  As they try to protect their announcer client from the shadow threatening her, Sang begins to show sensitivity to blood and a new power…



We start with the end where Sang is corned by two cars speeding toward him on both sides. He turns and runs toward one…


Back in the past, Gyeowool places flowers at her brother’s grave and swears that she will find out the mastermind behind all this.


Sang also wakes up from a nightmare of Gyeowool’s brother stabbing him with the needle. He begins running on the treadmill and continues until Koohyung calls him off… Sang looks down and sees that his old bullet wound has healed.

No time to fret! Gyeolwool arrives with all of her possessions! She declares that she is moving in. Koohyung protests. So, Gyeolwool coolly hands over her account book. She has around $153,000 after taking out her brother’s apartment. She wants to stay with them until they find out what happened to her brother.


Sang goes to his usual checkup where he gets his blood pulled. But the sight and smell of the blood makes him transform. He starts sweating and closes his now yellow eyes.

The doctor also finds it weird that Sang’s preliminary tests seem so perfect. He asks if Sang is taking anything. Sang remembers the syringe and grouchily answers that he hopes the doctor will call him once results are out. The doctor looks at Koohyung who smiles awkwardly that he also wants to now what happened and needs to know the doctor’s help.


The next case! A beautiful morning announcer named Seung-Hye comes for their help. Koohyung is more than ready to help with some glasses on to look even smarter. Koohyung is even more chatty than normal if that is possible…

Seung-Hye explains that she went to work as normal. But then she heard a locker door open and got up to check. When she opened the door further, she gasped in shock and screamed… There was a dead body! The body was of Boeun Park, a fellow announcer.

She ran to get the security guard. However, when she came back, there was no body. Instead, there was a note that demanded she return the “thing” or be prepared for there to be a dead body on the next news broadcast.

Seung-Hye denies knowing what the threatener wants… She also doesn’t want to go the police in case this is a trap for her. Sang suggests that she just takes a break to protect her safety but Seung-Hye refuses.

Sang sighs and turns to the locker where he spots a small blot of blood. His eyes change and then he sees Boeun’s dead body… He suddenly hears someone outside the door and runs after the person.

The chase ends on the roof when someone hits Sang on the back. He gets knocked unconscious. In his dream, he’s laying down with Yoojin. She lays down next to him and worries about their first assignment. She sighs that she knows that they will be fine but her heart worries. Sang smiles and reassures her that it’s time to trust their minds. Yoojin finds herself smiling with him and agrees. They cannot stop no matter what. She gets up first and leans over him, telling him not to give up no matter what.

Sang wakes up and finds a folded paper next to him. On it, it’s written that there are 18 hours left.


He goes back to the room where Koohyung is telling Seung-Hye that this is a difficult case to solve in such a short period of time. But, Sang seems ready to take it on. So, they enlist Gyeolwool to search Boeun’s background as a hacker in exchange for letting her stay at the house.

Seung-Hye goes to work and Sang watches over her. He asks the coworker about Boeun and Seung-Hye…she spills when she sees a police badge (fake?). Turns out that Seung-Hye was never close with Boeun since they came from different backgrounds. Boeun was always on the announcer track while Seung-Hye started as a reporter… Additionally, there are a lot of rumors about Seung-Hye always having a guy around her. There are rumors about there being a video about Seung-Hye floating around. Also, there were rumors about Seung-Hye and her camera man Kim Kyungsoo. But then Seung-Hye married a rich guy and Kyungsoo committed suicide.

The girl continues that what was the rest is that Seung-Hye didn’t even go to Kyung-Soo’s funeral.

Then the crew goes to visit a loan shark (Myunghak). Myunghak isn’t very open until he sees Gyeolwool, whom he recognizes. She explains that she joined the detective squad and confronts him about knowing Boeun.

Myunghak smirks before attacking with a knife. But, Gyeolwool is ready. She smashes one if his empty soju bottles on his head. Then Sang pulls her back and slams Myunghak’s head in the table.

Sang’s eyes change and Myunghak begins to tall. Boeun had borrowed a lot of money from them. But then a guy named Chun Jiwoong got involved. Jiwoong paid off her loans and stated that he had a task for Boeun.


Koohyung takes Gyeolwool back to the doctor. She gets all fixed up by the nurse. Then, the doctor calls Koohyung off to the side….The results from Sang’s blood this morning are in. His blood is weird; it’s like a blood that should not exist.


As for Sang? He’s still with Seung-Hye. She confirms that she knows Chun Jiwoong. Chun Jiwoong is involved in a non-profit organization that has been investigated for being a scam but no one knows for certain. The worst thing was that the scam involved disappearing homeless people. Sang also asks why Seung-Hye didn’t go to the funeral. She answers curtly that she had a broadcast scheduled.

Sang and Koohyung go to check out Kyungsoo’s room. His little sister kept it the same. They find it full of old cameras. She explains that Kyungsoo used to think that physical tapes are much more human. So, he kept a copy of everything in tape form.


The two then meet with their police friend. The police officer explains that he doesn’t know much about Kyungsoo’s death. Also, Seung-Hye was cleared through an investigation. Meanwhile, they never found out what was happening with the disappearing homeless people. What the police did find out was that a fake ambulance would appear and take homeless people away.

Sang and Koohyung then head to the church where Kyungsoo had committed suicide. Koohyung walks around in a daze wondering why Kyungsoo would have committed suicide there. Then Sang walks toward the front of the church where he walks over where the blood had been…All of a sudden, Sang is gripped with a flashback…The memory of Kyungsoo’s blood? He sees Kyungsoo burning a photograph and then stand up before he coughs up blood.

Sang is frozen in place but Koohyung snaps him out of it as Sang’s phone is vibrating. It’s Gyeolwool who hacked Seung-Hye’s secret. She used to date Kyungsoo.


The scene changes and Sang is meeting with Seung-Hye. He shows her a photograph of the two and asks if they had dated. Seung-Hye confirms. Sang then hands over a log of purchases. One of the purchases is a spy cam. He asks if there could have been a video that she didn’t want found. Seung-Hye frowns and snaps that there was nothing like that between her and Kyungsoo. Sang apologizes but the damage has been done. Seung-Hye snips that she understands that being a detective is about guessing; she just wants them to find the thing…

Sang reports back to the group. He sighs that he feels like Seung-Hye is hiding something. But, Koohyung thinks that Seung-Hye is innocent. Gyeolwool guesses that it’s a sex tape. HAH!


Next plan! Sang goes and gives a bunch of homeless people money. They give him their spot and Sang waits until he hears the ambulance sirens. Then he gurgles with some soju and remembers to splatter some on himself before sprawling on the floor like he’s drunk. Two people come out of the ambulance and cart him off…With Koohyung tailing in their jeep car.

Tense music! Finally, the ambulance stops in front of an abandoned warehouse. The men drag Sang into the warehouse as Gyeolwool calls Koohyung to hear what is going on. She asks how Sang can be so courageous. Koohyung answers that the scariest person in the world is one who has nothing to lose…like Sang.

Inside the warehouse, one man gets ready to stick Sang with a syringe. But Sang gets up and pulls the man over. He knocks the guy unconscious before walking off to see the whole length of the floor curtained off into smaller rectangles. Each rectangle has a body in it from which they seem to be taking the blood. Sang is overwhelmed and his eyes change… He gags as he goes toward the end of the warehouse where he runs after someone. The person flees into a car and suddenly two cars are speeding toward Sang.


Sang? He runs toward one and jumps up into a flip. By the time he lands, one car had slammed into another. Sang walks off as if this is nothing and sees all of the loan shark’s men as well as Jiwoong’s men approaching. One by one, two by two. Sang takes care of them. Myunghak puts up a fight before he’s knocked unconscious – he stabs Sang several times with a broken glass bottle. But he’s no match. Then it’s Sang against Jiwoong with a knife. Sang beats Jiwoong and slams the guy against the car. Sang is about to strangle him when Koohyung runs over and shouts for Sang. This gets Sang’s attention and Sang stops…He looks up and faints.

Koohyung drives Sang off. Then we see from Sang’s point of view. He sees his doctor who holds some kind of asthma inhaler. The doctor points it at Sang’s face and blood splatters. Suddenly, it’s the morning and Sang wakes up. He asks if he’s dead and Koohyung reassures him that he’s not. Sang falls back down and Koohyung looks at an empty inhaler.

Meanwhile, Seung-Hye reports on how the loan shark and Jiwoong were arrested for taking advantage of and kidnapping homeless people. When she finishes the broadcast, she gets a call from Sang. He asks her to meet at the church where Kyungsoo committed suicide.

She arrives and he asks her if she knows why Kyungsoo chose this church. She answers that she met Kyungsoo in this church. They got close. Then they went their own ways…They met again as a reporter and a camera man. They were the best combination and she knew Kyungsoo liked her. But, then when they were investigating Jiwoong, she found out that Kyungsoo was going to blackmail Jiwoong’s group for money. A flashback shows Seung-Hye confronting Kyungsoo and Kyungsoo answering that he would do anything if he could get the money to be with her. Seung-Hye cries back that if Kyungsoo did that, he would be like the evil that they report on and leaves.

Sang adds that this was not the truth. Kyungsoo had been threatened by Jiwoong’s group that they were going to release pictures of Seung-Hye looking close to Kyungsoo. This would have hurt Seung-Hye who was engaged to a rich chaebol. So, Kyungsoo pretended to go along with their plan for money. He gave them a fake tape and took the photographs to burn. Then, he defiantly stood up and drank the medicine … Screaming at them – demanding to know if they think he’s just playing, he falls as the medicine works. Jiwoong’s men take the money and run.

Sang continues that Seung-Hye knew what they wanted from the beginning…But, Seung-Hye never told them (the detectives) because it would have implicated Kyungsoo. She agrees that it’s true but it was useless. She gets up to leave and tells Sang to keep the tapes.


Sang plays the tape. A video of Kyungsoo comes up. It’s him confessing that he only became a camera man because he saw her through his camera lens. He thanks her for doing so well ans asks her to be happy no matter what…To continue her broadcasts no matter what because she’s the prettiest in front of a camera. He tells her that he loves her.

Seung-Hye never turns around. But, she breaks down into sobs. She tells Sang that she cannot take the tapes and asks him to take care of the tapes.

Sang asks how Seung-Hye could do this. Seung-Hye answers that she had long ago decided to leave the memories in the past. Sang begins that he expected something different. Seung-Hye turns around and demands to know what he expected of her…But she turns into Yoojin in Sang’s eyes. Sang stops and Seung-Hye leaves.

A voiceover explains that memories are usually sad experiences…We usually don’t know what is important until we lose it…

Then Sang, Koohyung and Gyeolwool watch the next broadcast. Seung-Hye tells the world that she feels different on that day. That she remember someone. She promises to do her best no matter what… Sang asks Koohyung if there is a reason for him being alive.


Koohyung smiles that he just hopes Sang could just let it go now. Sang fiddles with his inhaler. Then he turns on the rest of Koohyung’s tape. It’s some of Jiwoong’s minions taking a homeless guy. But, in the background? The silhouette of Yoojin.


Another fast-paced episode and great writing that weaved in the episodic case of the day with the larger conspiracy of the vampires running an underground blood ring.  Even though a part of me was wondering how they are going to run with this episodic framework, I couldn’t help myself from getting glued to the screen as I wondered who was behind the threats to Seung-Hye and how that person was tied to Yoojin.  It seemed so unrelated!  A random dead body and loan sharks.

Then, when Sang was in the warehouse, I gasped because I didn’t realize the drama was going there.  Yes, it went with the plotline of the underground vampire underlords are using humans like less than cows…milking them for the blood and then tossing them.  Woa, for a moment I was like OCN, you went DARK.

That plotline could have gone very dark for mainstream (albeit cable) television.  Thankfully, I think that the writers/production staff did a good job in letting the emotional punch be short.  They were clear with the implication of intravenous bags of blood and bodies in body bags.  But then the overall scene was limited to a few minutes and we were happily distracted by Sang vamping out with his yellow eyes and gagging.  Additionally, it helps that Lee Joon has a great screen presence.  Even as he’s literally stumbling from blood lust and he’s surrounded by fresh blood, you can’t take your eyes off of his struggle to run out for fresh air…His struggle against his newfound animal/vampire nature because he doesn’t recognize his bloodlust.

Sang not recognizing that he’s been contaminated by the syringe as a vampire was an interesting twist.  Usually, these dramas/shows/anime are written so that the main character immediate recognizes the bloodlust when they “transform.”  They immediately go after the blood or bite someone and quench said bloodlust.  However, Sang is more practical and logical as is suggested by his flashblack/dream where he tells Yoojin not to worry….To let the mind rule the emotions.  As a result, I wonder if his nausea is not just the nausea of intense hunger pangs but also a biological reaction from his body rejecting what is an illogical need to drink the blood.  That logical part of him also makes it impossible for Sang to realize that he’s changing into a vampire. Hence, now Koohyung and the doctor know but Sang has no idea.  A very vulnerable baby vamp.  Interesting.

Finally, last but not least, I liked Sang’s new power of “seeing” the story of each person from the blood.  That was a cool spin that I haven’t seen many times 🙂


VAMPIRE DETECTIVE RECAP by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Vampire Detective Episode 1 RECAP & First Impressions

An undercover operation goes horribly wrong and Sang’s love dies in a car explosion in front of his eyes…Fast forward to the present and Sang’s part of a two detective squad just living his life until a street rat comes along pulls them into the underground criminal world of blood laundering and vampires.

[audiotube id=”ER3NSpk3r3s”]  Elementary Opening Song as it seemed like a similar vibe.



In the past, three promising police officers are in the usual exercise session. Kang Taewoo wins over Yoon Sang and Jung Yoojin gets up from watching from the side. She asks if he’s alright and we find out that the three are close friends.


The three get called to the police chief’s office. He seems to reconsider his decision for a little bit. But, then he gets up and tells the three that they are going undercover.


Except things go wrong. Sang rips the tape from Yoojin’s face. They escape together with Taewoo in a black car. However, as the car gets farther away, Yoojin doesn’t seem to get less worried. She notes that they might get kicked out of the police force for messing up the undercover plan. She stops the car on the grounds that she is not feeling well.

screenshot_2016-03-28-14-15-27-resized-640 screenshot_2016-03-28-14-19-34-resized-640

Then, when Sang goes back to the car for something, Yoojin stops him. Telling him that she’s sorry, she shoots him. The car drives off a little bit… Where it explodes.

screenshot_2016-03-28-14-20-39-resized-640 screenshot_2016-03-28-14-21-06-resized-640

Back in the future, Sang has survived and is a private investigator now. He has difficulty with exercise and he has to take medicine every day but he’s pretty irresponsible with it. His partner Koohyung is like the sweet older brother that frets about Sang’s medicine and even his outfits.


The two go off to their first paid gig which is to follow a presumably married woman with her younger beau. They get caught taking pictures and drive away as an old colleague from the police call for their help. He buys them lunch for their assistance.

screenshot_2016-03-28-14-22-23-resized-640 screenshot_2016-03-28-14-22-48-resized-640

The case? It’s a locked room murder. The detectives go inside and survey the scene. In Sang’s mind and our screen, the scene plays over. Sang asks if the power had been out at the time of the murder and gets a confirmation. So, then Sang tells his hypothesis… It was likely a friend who wears glasses and smokes. The friend was able to get in without a scuffle because of their relationship and their builds being similar, the fight went on into the bedroom. The fight caused the friend to drop her glasses and, being nearly blind, the murderer couldn’t see the flashlight on the side table nearby. Instead the murderer took out her lighter to look for her glasses. Then, the murderer took the bag with the keys… Wiped her prints and locked the door before tossing the bag back in through the window.

The police officer asks for motive as well. Koohyung tells him that this is it for their free help.

screenshot_2016-03-28-14-23-48-resized-640 screenshot_2016-03-28-14-23-28-resized-640

Their good deed done, Koohyung and Sang go back to Koohyung’s uncle’s place where they are crashing. There, they find a young girl (Lee Seyoung) Gyeolwool. Gyeolwool is already drinking a glass of wine at the place and flippantly answers that she let herself in.

Gyeolwool asks for help. Her boyfriend is acting weird. He always leaves at night and he’s meeting a weird and dangerous woman. Koohyung is ready to kick Gyeolwool out but Gyeolwool mentions that the weird woman had a distinct pendant that Gyeolwool took a picture of.

Sang looks at the picture and it’s the same pendant that Yoojin had been wearing! Just as Koohyung is pulling Gyeolwool out of the house, Sang agrees to take on the case.


That night, they stake out near the club scene where Gyeolwool’s boyfriend (actually brother) always disappears. The chase goes into a club and the two detectives get separated… Sang follows the the suspect out of the club… And into the kitchen full of gangsters!


The gang boss is not convinced that Sang randomly walked in. He gets ready to teach Sang a lesson and the boys circle in. But, Koohyung comes to Sang’s rescue with stun guns. They start shooting each of the gang members while asking about Gyeolwool’s brother.

Coincidentally, the brother walks out of the freezer at that moment. He sees Sang and Koohyung and turns off the lights before making a run for it. The detectives and Gyeolwool follow. A few streets down, Sang’s body can’t keep up and he falls to take medicine.


On the other hand, Koohyung follows the brother into an abandoned alley. The brother drops down and demands to know why the two men are following him. They try to question him but he overpowers the two and it looks like Sang might get seriously hurt when Gyeolwool jumps out of the shadows. The brother sees Gyeolwool and runs off.


Sang and Koohyung go investigate the brother’s room where they find a bunch of stuff on blood. There’s a picture about the brother’s real girlfriend Yeonju. Gyeolwool confesses that she lied because her brother raised her after their parents passed away and she knows she’s a disappointment to him… She lies that they aren’t related so her brother doesn’t get embarrassed. She also adds that something is really weird and if her brother is on trouble, she wants to help.

Sang warns Gyeolwool no more lies and they are off to help again!

screenshot_2016-03-28-14-27-33-resized-640 screenshot_2016-03-28-14-27-11-resized-640

They find a suspicious transparent card in the brother’s desk so they go back to the bar. They get in by pretending they are from the government’s food and drug department and go straight to the suspicious kitchen where there’s no evidence of any cooking. Sang walks toward the freezer where the brother walked out of… He taps the card and gets in.


The freezer turns out to be an office. And on the computer? Tons of files… This is no ordinary neighborhood gang. One such file is titled “Helper.” And, the gangsters arrive. Koohyung is ready to go right after he copies all of the files but Sang has found another hidden door. Inside? Blood. All in neat packages and kept cold.

Switch to Gyeolwool’s brother and Eunhae. He looks at their mini fridge and sees that Eunhae has not drank any of the pouches of blood. He tells her that she has to drink in order to survive. But, Eunhae refuses because someone needs to die or get hurt for her to get the blood. Gyeolwool’s brother begs Eunhae to reconsider until he can fix the situation.

Eunhae cries that she wants to end all this and opens the curtains. Gyeolwool’s brother pushes her to the side and gets hit by the sunlight instead. He falls to the ground and writhes in pain…A flashback informs us that he had been caring for Eunhae when she woke up…Transformed and then bit him before she realized what she was doing. In the present, Eunhae falls to the back looking guilty and concerned. Gyeolwool’s brother smiles and tells Eunhae that he will be able to fix this sensitivity to sunlight soon…. so give him just a little more time.

screenshot_2016-03-28-14-28-42-resized-640 screenshot_2016-03-28-14-28-23-resized-640

Back at the club, Koohyung and Sang are cornered by the gang members. Just in time, Gyeolwool arrives with a tank of gas that she tosses on the floor and a lighter. She threatens to burn the place up if they don’t let Koohyung and Sang through. Eventually, they do and Sang tosses the lighter to give them a chance to run… Turns out the gas was actually water and Gyeolwool even had the foresight to slash the tires of the gang members’ cars before going in.

We return to Gyeolwool’s brother and another flashback…Eunhae had been seeing to an emergency patient when the woman transformed and bit her…


Later, the gang boss apologizes to the mysterious woman who is watching the security footage of the office. He promises to fix everything quietly after getting punched by the woman.

At the same time, the two detectives and Gyeolwool go to a family house where her brother might be hiding…They get followed by the gang boss without knowing it…The two detectives go in first while Gyeolwool waits outside.


In the house, the brother grabs Koohyung by the neck with a smile of contempt. He chokes Koohyung and demands that Sang empty all of his pockets. Sang does and the brother lets go of Koohyung. Sang demands to know what the files about “Helper” is and the brother freaks out. He tells the two that the detectives put them all in danger with their meddling…all he had promised was to make “new blood” for that woman.

Koohyung asks who that woman is…if the woman is the one with the pendant… The brother begins to explain and Eunhae comes out. She tells the brother that it’s enough. It’s time to stop it all. The brother pulls out a syringe… But then the boss yells out that he has Gyeolwool.


Sang and Koohyung run out while Gyeolwool’s brother and Eunhae fight. She tells him to let her go as the person who needs to live is him…She gives him the syringe and runs out…

screenshot_2016-03-28-14-30-48-resized-640 screenshot_2016-03-28-14-30-42-resized-640

She attacks the boss and throws Gyeolwool away. Eunhae holds on to the guy’s wrist and forces him to turn around. But, by this time, the sun has gotten to Eunhae and her face is reacting with her skin peeling and her fangs have come out.


As she holds on the boss, he starts burning as well and he shoots out randomly.

Sang sees that Gyeolwool is unconscious and throws his body over hers to protect her from the random gun shots.


The gang boss burns up as Gyeolwool’s brother manages to come out. He sees Eunhae turn to him and smile sorrowfully before she fades away. He takes stock of the situation and sees that Sang has been fatally shot because of Gyeolwool.

screenshot_2016-03-28-14-32-35-resized-640 screenshot_2016-03-28-14-31-57-resized-640

The brother smiles sadly and walks over to Sang who seems to be bleeding from his heart or lungs. He shoots Sang with the syringe and we see Sang’s eyes turn yellow…


His body begins to heal but he’s able to withstand the sun…

The brother tells his sister that he’s sorry before taking off his hood and joining Eunhae. Sang wakes up as Gyeolwool gets up.


First off, the basics:

Title – Vampire Detective

Channel – OCN

Episodes – 12

Now, on to my impression. What a cute and fun drama! It seemed to me like a combination of JTBC’s Seonam Girls High School Investigators and OCN’s My Beautiful Bride.  To add a little more color, Seonam Girls High School Investigators was a little too fluffy as it followed five high schoolers solving “crimes” involved with the school… But, it was a fun mindless watch nonetheless. In contrast, My Beautiful Bride was clearly gritty and darker. From the first two episodes, it was implied that the Bride might have been kidnapped and forced into an illegal underground full of forced organ donations, etc…

Vampire Detective is just right. The underlying criminal plot of blood launder and maybe even organ laundering gives this series a shadow of gravity.  Yet, the main investigators and Gyeolwool’s interactions grounds the drama right in friendly/fun/comedy/mystery territory.  Koohyung is obviously in the industry of private investigation for money and he cares about his friend Sang.  Gyeolwool is now going to be scarred by the deaths of her brother and his girlfriend whom Gyeolwool seemed to have known and cared about… Yet, she’s a tough street rat and she’s not directly in danger yet.  Hence, we have a motley detective squad, which may be the underdog BUT thanks to the brother’s last present (or curse?), Sang is now equipped to fight the mastermind gang and vampires.  Sang is a vampire that can come out in the sun.

I will need to watch Episode 2 before I fully commit. But I will totally be following this series.  It feels like the perfect show to wind down after a long day of work or school.  There’s mystery and it teases your brain to work to try to solve this puzzle.  Yet, it’s not onerous because the show is written so that it bonks you on the head with each clue in case you’re too braindead to miss it.  It’s like BAM Sang discovered a hidden office. Oof, there’s a computer that’s not password protected because it’s key card protected with all these files you can download… Womp! There’s a freezer full of blood. And, tons of flashbacks to explain things. ^^

To top off the goodies, the acting is strong. None of the characters look awkward in portraying their roles of what is clearly just a detective drama.  They get into it so it makes it more fun for the viewers.  Also, the colors and production is nice on the eyes.


VAMPIRE DETECTIVE RECAP by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.