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Birth of a Beauty: A spurned housewife gets plastic surgery to begin her revenge on her husband who threw her away once he succeeded. But due to her down to earth and cute personality, the revenge turns into a romantic comedy. [Episodes: 1 | 2  ]

Everything Will Be OK: A “cook” drama about families and young adults finding their passions and way in life through food. [Episodes: Teasers | 1 | 2 | 3 ]

Five Kids: A drama about two adults who found themselves alone with children and how their lives threw them into each other’s path.  A feel good drama full of veterans and a tightly written story. [Episodes 1-2]

Heart to Heart: A drama about a jaded psychiatrist falling in love with a girl with extreme social anxiety. [Episodes1 | 2 | 3 ]

Here Comes Love: The story of a woman (Eunhee) who raised a child out of wedlock against the father’s wishes.  Fate has it that she looks just like her baby daddy’s brother-in-law (Minsoo) and work in the same industry.  Add to the mess that her baby daddy’s mistress is a wedding dress designer who works for Minsoo and copies Eunhee’s designs… Soon, the fight for Minsoo’s family assets embroil Eunhee  and her daughter who in turn begins searching for her absent biological father. [Episodes: 1-5 and First Impression | 6-10 ]

Heaven’s Promise a/k/a The Promise: The complicated melodramatic makjang tale of a twin pursuing revenge for her twin sister who gets dumped for material ambitions.  [Episodes: Teaser | 1 | 2 | 3 ]

Love & Secret:  The perfect girl next door from the perfect family decides to have a baby after she’s been dumped by the baby daddy. What will her family do?  [Episodes: 1 | 2 | 3 ]

Love on a Rooftop: A drama about family, revenge, adoption and love.  Seung-Hye’s middle class family hits a rough patch when bad luck at work coincides with Mi-Ja’s return for revenge on Seung-Hye’s grandmother [Episodes: 1 | 2 | 3 |Quarter Review ]

Make a Woman Cry:  Deok-In, a retired detective,  sets up a small neighborhood restaurant in front of her late son’s high school and gets involved in the struggles of the students who frequent her restaurant. [Episodes: Teaser 1 | 2 | 3 ]

Misaeng: A drama following several millennials in their first job. [Teaser]

Midnight Diner: A drama about a chef and his clients that come in from night until dawn. [Teaser]

My Beautiful Bride: A banker’s perfect wife disappears one day and he gets caught up in the middle of Seoul’s darkest corruption when he goes to look for her. [Teaser]

My Mother-in-Law is my Daughter-in-Law: A hurt woman lives for her son until he gets married. Then she makes life hell for the daughter-in-law until the son dies and she ends up being the daughter-in-law of her ex-daughter-in-law. [Teaser]

Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deulho a/k/a My Lawyer Mr. Jo: A star prosecutor falls when he tries to take down a corrupt chaebol CEO.  However, his skills and sense of justice do not disappear.  After finding peace with himself through the humbling experience of becoming a beggar, he begins to defend the little people and slowly chipping away from the corrupt Big Bad.  [Episodes: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]

Pied Piper: A drama about a high profile negotiator and a police officer stuck in a game of cat and mouse with someone called the Pied Piper who is creating terror in Seoul. [Episodes: 1-2  | 3 ]

Please, Come Back Mister: A zany comedy about two men who forcefully escape the train to the afterlife when their lives end unexpectedly.   [Episodes: 1 ]

Reset: A drama about a guy who gets caught up in a mystery… [Episodes1 | 2 | 3 ]

Reply 1988: A drama following the coming of age of five teens in 1988. Nostalgia that stole the hearts of Korea. [Teaser]

Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu – Season 2: Kim Sabu is a genius doctor who lives and works by his own code – save the patient no matter what in his unknown country hospital. He has an exceptional analytical ability and surgical skill and is willing to try unorthodox methods others would balk at; neither money or prestige sways him. Season 2 adds two rookie outcast doctors in the mix, one unrivaled in his surgical skill but debt-ridden and shunned as whistleblower and the other an exceptional mind who suffers from extreme anxiety in the surgery room. Will these two overcome their baggage and grow into their potential under Kim Sabu’s tutelage? A fun feel good – hygge sort of drama. [Episode 1 ]

Rosy Lovers: A regular family trying to navigate life in this economy and the cost of the journey in the entrepreneurship bubble of “following your dream.[Teaser]

Run, Jang-Mi: A privileged girl, who came from an above average family has to learn how to fend for herself when her father’s company goes bankrupt, and he dies in an accident.  [Episodes:  1 | 2 | 3 | Quarter Review ]

Still Loving You: An optimistic girl begins her career as a teacher but finds an insecure bully in her class.  When the teacher tries to address the situation, the teacher ends up getting fired. Years later, the teacher and the student meet again as sister-in-laws in the same family. | Episodes: 1-5 |

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey:  The story of four young professionals learning about love and finding their paths, all while healing from a current or past scar.  [Episodes: Teaser | 1 | 2 | 3 ]

The Secret Message: A webdrama joint project between Korea and Japan; the story about two people finding love and healing. [Teaser]

The Virtual Bride / The Eccentric-Daughter-in-Law: A has-been idol star is given one last chance at fulfilling her dream – starring in a reality show as the daughter-in-law of a traditional mother/cook.  [Episodes: Teaser | 1 | 2 | 3 ]

Unkind Ladies:  Three generations of women in the current society have to face and overcome the challenges that blow their way.  [Episodes  1 | 2 | 3 ]

Vampire Detective: Yoon Sang gets betrayed by his first love and ends up as a private investigator. Then a random case of blood laundering turns Sang into a vampire and his motley crew begins to investigate the circumstances around the death of his first love. [Episodes: 1] 2 |

We Broke Up: Internet drama about a couple that has to live together after breaking up. [Teaser]

Witch’s Castle: A drama following three women, a mother-in-law, her daughter and her daughter-in-law. Each of the women finds herself single again due to circumstances beyond her control and they all end up living together. [Episodes:  1-5 | 6 – 10 ]





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