Unknown Woman 69

Do-Chi protects Yeo-Ri as Jiwon starts scheming.

Woman Without a Name Episode 69 RECAP

Yeo-Ri answers solemnly that she cannot give up Do-Chi or Maya. Doyoung tries to give some stupid lie that this is better for Maya. If Yeo-Ri doesn’t give it up, Maya will get confused finding it that her biological mom is also her grandmother. As if the problem wouldn’t be resolved by telling Maya about how her mother stole her father from a pregnant fiancé and then the other grandmother kidnapped Maya? In other words Maya, your family is messed up.

Yeo-Ri refuses to answer and the meeting gets adjourned. She goes to find Do-Chi who is smiling lovingly at Bom at a nearby cafe. They take turns feeding each other ice cream until Maya spots Yeo-Ri. Yeo-Ri tells Do-Chi that Doyoung didn’t say anything material and suggests that they go home.

Meanwhile, Mooyeol walks out of the police station. Enok runs up to the doors but no one else is there. Mooyeol looks around and asks but Enok confirms that no one is waiting for him.

Mooyeol takes a bite of tofu as is customary for someone who was in prison to “wash away one’s sins” with the white tofu. Then Enok carefully brings up Maya’s custody. Mooyeol snaps at his mother for trying to bring up human values and storms off.

Yeo-Ri goes home and awkwardly explains to her parents that Doyoung only wanted to greet Yeo-Ri. Maryun picks up on the awkward aura and tells Do-Chi to go home.

After he leaves, Yeo-Ri tells her parents about the Sophie’s Choice that she was presented. Maryun snaps that Yeo-Ri should ignore it while Kidong sighs that he understands why Doyoung might have brought it up since the family tree is all messed up. Well, in DRAMAFEED’s opinion, they can fix the darn family tree by having Haejoo divorce Mooyeol. Then Maya just has her grandparents become her parents and her father is no longer below the grandparents on the theoretical family tree. Let the guilty parties make the sacrifice in fixing what they messed up!

The next morning, Jiwon goes to see Doyoung because she has the legal papers which would return the assets to his legal ownership. The office is empty and the secretary asks her to leave. Jiwon snaps back that she used to be the CEO and bullies the secretary into telling her that Doyoung is at the hospital.

Thanks to her bullying, Jiwon is outside the door in the hospital hallway when Doyoung walks out of his primary doctor’s office. She doesn’t grab their attention and overhears the doctor tell Doyoung to tell Doyoung’s family about his condition and schedule a surgery as soon as possible before the brain tumor gets worse.

Doyoung calls in Haejoo, Mooyeol, Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri into his office. He declares that he wants to see which of them is fit to take over the company since the times are changing and younger leadership might be better fit to fight against the changes. Even though everyone in the room tries to tell Doyoung that they don’t want to take over his position, Doyoung firmly tells Do-Chi and Haejoo to show everyone their management abilities so that no shareholder can protest the final decision.

Then, Doyoung dismisses everyone but Yeo-Ri.

In the hallway, Mooyeol and Haejoo raise their hackles at Do-Chi noting that the company had always been Haejoo’s inheritance. However, Do-Chi is more worried about Doyoung’s sudden decision when he recovered and is still young.

Haejoo sighs that Doyoung didn’t need to call in Yeo-Ri since Yeo-Ri would be gone soon. Do-Chi demands to know what Haejoo is alluding to.

Haejoo smirks that Do-Chi is the only one who doesn’t know that Doyoung told Yeo-Ri to choose between her daughter and him.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri tells Doyoung that she cannot give up either her child or Do-Chi. Suddenly, Do-Chi swoops in and pulls Yeo-Ri up. He tells her that she doesn’t have to listen to this ridiculousness and declares that he’s disappointed in his brother before storming out. Do-Chi to the rescue in the face of ridiculous family? Check! Check! Check!

Do-Chi pulls Yeo-Ri into his office and demands to know why she didn’t tell him sooner. Because, he would have jumped to her defense had he known it before! Swoon!

Yeo-Ri sighs that she didn’t want to break up the relationship between him and Doyoung when Doyoung had just woken up. After seeing how Do-Chi is always loving and protecting her, Yeo-Ri adds that she thought she would do anything for revenge but she couldn’t make the decision.

Jiwon hears from Haejoo about the competition and wonders if Doyoung is critical. She gives Doyoung the documents which changes the legal ownership of the house back to him. However, she lies that it would take longer to return the shares.

Next thing we know, the plot is swimming along. Mooyeol stops by Enok’s store and tells her not to worry as he’s going to both get a building and Maya. He adds that they don’t need to worry about Jiwon since Haejoo isn’t Jiwon’s biological daughter.

Time jump and Haejoo goes to have Doyoung review her proposal. She stops when Secretary Kim goes into Doyoung’s office. She is able to overhear Doyoung tell Secretary Kim to find Choi Mihee. But, Haejoo doesn’t hear that Mihee is her mother.

Unfortunately, the episode ends on a sad note. Yeo-Ri loses the custody hearing. Jiwon orders her driver bring Maya back. Yeo-Ri snaps back that she’s not giving up Bom. She is going to appeal.


What?! Did anyone expect Haejoo’s mother to still be alive? I didn’t… This plot twist raises a lot of questions. Why did Mihee leave the family? Why did she leave baby Haejoo?! Did a court really separate a newborn babe from her mother? If Mihee is alive, would she have any claims to Doyoung’s assets?

Another smooth episode in terms of the plot. However, the baddies remain sorely flat and existing just to move the plot along. I hope that Haejoo’s discovery of her biological mother will move along the arch that Jiwon finds out the victim of all her abuse is actually her real biological daughter. Then, the question will turn to whether Jiwon chooses her greed or her daughter.

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Unknown Woman 68

Jiwon squirms out of comeuppance and Doyoung falls back into Team Baddies.

Woman Without a Name Episode 68 RECAP

Jiwon gets taken to the police station in front of Haejoo’s eyes. She freaks out and repeatedly tells Yeo-Ri that Haejoo will sue Yeo-Ri for defamation. Then, Haejoo goes to support her mom.

Meanwhile, Jiwon continues to deny that she is guilty saying that a recording by the plaintiff cannot be evidence. When Haejoo arrives, Jiwon asks for Mooyeol.

The baddies’ dog rushes over at his master’s bidding. Jiwon asks for a moment to speak in private, which is granted. She then tells Mooyeol to take the fall for her. Since he’s the biological father, the kidnapping charges won’t hold and it would turn into a custody battle. The criminal charges would fall from major felony to misdemeanors with the right lawyers. Haejoo is there in the hallway and also urges Mooyeol to take the fall for her mother.

Faced with the two women who are just as selfish as himself and his mother, Mooyeol agrees as long as Jiwon promises to give him anything that he wants. They walk back into the main area and Mooyeol confesses that it was all him all along. This allows Jiwon to walk free to Yeo-Ri and Do-Choi’s horror… The police cannot do anything with Mooyeol stubbornly insisting that he’s the guilty party.

Haejoo takes Jiwon back to their house just as Doyoung comes home. Haejoo turns to her father who’s glaring at Jiwon and declares that he either lets Jiwon stay or lose both of them right then and there. So, Doyoung backs down and lets Jiwon come back into the house though she has to sleep in the study.

That night, Doyoung drinks by himself in the kitchen brooding about his diagnosis and the state of his messed up family. Do-Chi comes in to console Doyoung. Doyoung asks if Do-Chi doesn’t hate Doyoung. Do-Chi answers that seeing Doyoung almost dead made Do-Chi realize how much Do-Chi had been relying of Doyoung as Do-Chi’s replacement parents…He understands and forgives Doyoung for Doyoung’s actions in trying to cut Do-Chi from the company.

The morning after, Jiwon goes back to scheming. After breakfast, she follows Doyoung into his room to remind him that he still has an issue to resolve. He has to either cut Do-Chi off from the family or make him divorce Yeo-Ri. Otherwise, their family is too messed up with the grandfather and grandson becoming the legal step father and biological father, respectively.

Then Jiwon goes to visit Mooyeol. She tells him not to worry as she will attend the custody hearing as his representative and has already engaged attorneys to represent him in the current matter. She also tells him that she can no longer give him shares in WID Group because Doyoung demanded the shares be reverted under his name…but, she promises to give Mooyeol legal ownership of a building instead. This pleases Mooyeol.

However, when Jiwon is leaving the police station, she runs into Enok who makes a big public fuss about Jiwon’s evil antics. Jiwon responds by calling her secretary to physically pull Enok off. Then she tells Enok to stay quiet for Mooyeol’s sake.

Enok enters the station and cries after seeing her son in jail. Lady, he kindof deserves to be there for his own sins of attempted kidnapping of Maya. It’s not like he’s an innocent bystander. Not to mention that he is guilty of insider trading…

She cries about her son being jail. Mooyeol tells her to come down as Jiwon will pull him out and give him a building as well as being Maya back.

At the same time, the judge declares that he will postpone the final decision of custody over Maya until next week.

Jiwon goes home where Gaya is sobbing. He wants to see Maya… Haejoo had brought him home because he was crying all the time.

Jiwon promises to bring Maya home. Then she tells Haejoo to pack and get ready. Jiwon will bring Maya. So Haejoo can take Gaya and Maya abroad until the custody is decided. Great! Kidnapping again.

Meanwhile, Enok goes to Doyoung’s office. She quickly kneels and asks for help. She explains that her son is in prison and they are fighting for custody over Maya. She cries that it’s not just about Mooyeol… She thinks Yeo-Ri should raise Maya. Haejoo isn’t bad but what woman would raise the child of her husband’s ex-fiancé without having negative feelings?

Doyoung promises to figure it out.

On the side, Maryun has to go grocery shopping. She invites Maya to join but Maya refuses to do her homework. Maryun tells Maya not to open the door to anyone…

However, Jiwon arrives. She tells Maya through the intercom that Maryun told Jiwon to wait inside. Maya lets Jiwon inside and Jiwon asks why Maya hasn’t packed… Jiwon lies that Maryun agreed that Maya could go on a trip with her family.

Maya has no choice but to comply. As Jiwon drives away with Maya, Maryun returns because she forgot her wallet. Maryun sees the car and runs after it but it doesn’t stop.

Suddenly, Doyoung calls Jiwon and orders that she brings Maya in. He also calls Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri.

At the meeting, Do-Chi takes Maya outside. Doyoung then announces that Jiwon gives up on Maya. And, Yeo-Ri gives up Do-Chi. Or, Yeo-Ri can stay with Do-Chi but give up her daughter Bom.


Ok, Doyoung you filthy wretch! You just slid right back into Team Baddie. What? A mother is supposed to choose between her daughter and her husband? What kind of choice is this? Let’s add the layer that she wouldn’t have to make this choice if Haejoo had not stolen Mooyeol away from a pregnant and engaged Yeo-Ri in the first place! Regardless of how embarrassing their family situation is, if anyone should be making sacrifices to rectify it, it should be the original evil dolt!

As for a non-emotional reaction. Another episode where the plot did not slow down! I don’t feel like the drama is just throwing things at us to fill up the space either! So, kudos!

A lot of this organic conflict that keeps rising up is because the drama did a great job in building in intense problems from the beginning such as the heartfelt animosity between Jiwon/Haejoo and Yeo-Ri and Mooyeol’s cowardly selfish character. Even Doyoung’s actions do not seem too surprising because he has already shown by letting Haejoo marry Mooyeol after she stole the guy away from his pregnant fiancé that his morality is not as strong as his desire to uphold a facade of a decent family image… These subarcs pop up and the viewer isn’t surprised. Rather, you almost expect it.

On the side, I wonder how they are going to give depth to Mooyeol and Jiwon. While we have seen a little bit of dimension to Haejoo, she’s just kind of stupid. She reacts to situations as she sees them, really loving Maya and feeling hurt when Maya chooses Yeo-Ri, etc. However, Jiwon and Mooyeol just feel flat after 68 episodes. Evil. Selfish. Scheming. End.

Unknown Woman 67

No one is convinced by Jiwon’s show except for Haejoo. Yeo-Ri continues to fight for any chance of justice with Jiwon.

Woman Without a Name Episode 67 RECAP

Haejoo freaks out about her mother not picking up and keeps calling. Yeo-Ri picks up and tells Haejoo that Jiwon is unconscious.  She also notes that she called for an ambulance.

Haejoo and Mooyeol rush to the hospital.  They find Yeo-Ri standing in front of the emergency room.  She explains that there was a bottle of spilled anxiety pills.

Then the doctors come out. Jiwon is fine now.  They note that they are moving Jiwon to a regular room now that her condition is stable as they found Jiwon soon after she took the pills.

The nurse also hands Haejoo a letter…It was drafted in the form of a will. Jiwon states in the will that she hopes that her family will know that Jiwon did everything for the family.  She also declares that even after death, she will be proven innocent in the Maya situation.

Haejoo runs over to interrupt Doyoung in the middle of his meeting. She blames her father for everything and demands that Doyoung let Jiwon come back home.  If he doesn’t let Jiwon come back home, Haejoo declares that she will leave.

Haejoo storms out of the office and runs into Yeo-Ri in the hallway.  Haejoo demands that Yeo-Ri cancel the lawsuit against Jiwon about the kidnapping. Yeo-Ri sighs that the investigation will bring out the truth.

So, Haejoo then jumps to the conclusion that Yeo-Ri must have gone to threaten Jiwon.  Because, what else would baddies do? Yeo-Ri sighs again that Jiwon was the one who texted Yeo-Ri to visit.  Yeo-Ri will not drop her lawsuit.

Haejoo resorts to her normal act – trying to physically assault Yeo-Ri.  However, Do-Chi shows up. He gallantly stops Haejoo from hitting Yeo-Ri and tells her off for going the gangster uneducated route.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Jiwon wakes up to find Mooyeol in the office. He smirks that her act was a success. Haejoo was furious after finding out that Jiwon attempted suicide.  He smiles that Doyoung will probably come visit soon.

Suddenly, Doyoung arrives.  He tosses a copy of the divorce papers onto Jiwon’s bed.  He tells her to stop confusing Haejoo or he will tell Haejoo the truth.

Jiwon calmly asks Doyoung if he’s ready to lose half of his assets.  They have been married for over thirty years. Doyoung answers that he’s prepared to give her a part of it. Jiwon continues that she could sell her part of the assets to Maryun effectively making her the clear majority shareholder.  He needs her to protect his position.

Doyoung storms out.

Yeo-Ri goes home where Maya is drawing in her room. Maya drew her “family”, which included Haejoo, Mooyeol, Gaya and Yeo-Ri.  Maya explains that her parents are also her family. Yeo-Ri sighs and apologizes to Bom for making things so confusing.

At the same time, Haejoo continues to throw a tantrum at home.  After all, a grown woman near thirties who never did anything but live off of family money?  Why should she act maturely now?  Doyoung tries to calm her down but Haejoo continues that he needs to bring her mother home.  Doyoung walks back out of Haejoo’s room and pauses as his vision gets blurry and the scene moves.

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri stops by the police station where the officers want to stop the investigation.  They don’t have enough evidence to continue to prosecute Jiwon who continues to deny that she was involved. Yeo-Ri asks them to wait as she can bring a witness.

Yeo-Ri meets with Jiyoung at a cafe. She asks Jiyoung to testify to being paid to change the diagnosis.  Jiyoung refuses and stands up.  Yeo-Ri grabs on to her and asks again…Bom is back.

We turn back to the company where Haejoo continues to stress her father out about Jiwon. However, Doyoung is adamant that when Jiwon gets discharged, Jiwon can go live in the summer house.

Haejoo then rages at Yeo-Ri for living her life after Jiwon is hurt…Yeo-Ri sighs that this is just karma. Mic drops.

Yeo-Ri then gets a text that Jiyoung is going to the police station… Yeo-Ri goes to the hospital and asks Jiwon to come down to the station.  Jiwon refuses until a police officer comes in and tells Jiwon that she needs to come into the station for investigation.

Haejoo blames Yeo-Ri for all of this. The Koo family habits – create problems, lie and them blame others! Yeo-Ri doesn’t fall for it anymore.  She tells Haejoo to blame her own mother for her sins.

At the police station, Jiwon yells at everyone.  She demands to see the witness. She also yells at Yeo-Ri and the police officers.  However, Yeo-Ri and the officer stay silent.

It’s all because Jiyoung was sitting in the other room listening to Jiwon’s voice.  Then, Jiyoung walks into the room and stares at Jiwon.

At the same time, Doyoung gets what looks like a MRI done.  The doctor tells Doyoung that he has a cerebral tumor.  They need to surgically remove it quickly. Doyoung asks the doctor to keep it from Haejoo and Do-Chi until Doyoung can fix things.

Back at the police station, Jiwon confidently walks out. The girl could not remember Jiwon’s voice to place it.  Jiwon sneers at Jiyoung laughing that she was not the one who sent money to Jiyoung for Jiyoung’s mother’s cancer treatment.

Yeo-Ri follows Jiwon to the car. But, Jiwon triumphantly snaps at Yeo-Ri that Jiwon won.  She states that the witness is too stupid to remember Jiwon’s voice. Now, Yeo-Ri has no evidence.

Jiwon drives off and Yeo-Ri replays the recording of Jiwon saying that Yeo-Ri has no evidence since the witness could not remember Jiwon’s voice. Jiyoung also runs over to say that it was Jiwon. After all, how could Jiwon know that Jiyoung was bribed with money to use for Jiyoung’s mother’s surgery? No one mentioned it today.

Cue Jiwon getting handcuffed in front of her house.



Finally! Episode 67! THANK YOU! I don’t care if later on Jiwon repents once she finds out that Yeo-Ri is her biological daughter. For now, we finally get the sweet sense of justice and satisfaction of seeing the baddie who refused to acknowledge or apologize for her actions getting forced disciplined in handcuffs! Hopefully, Jiwon won’t be able to worm her way out of this by blaming the victim again. I am REALLY tired of the baddies in this drama blaming the victims a la Jiwon blaming Yeo-Ri, Haejoo and Mooyeol blaming Yeo-Ri and Enok telling Maya that Maya was the one who misunderstood. Sheesh people, would it kill you to tell the truth and take responsibility?

Also, my second favorite scene after Jiwon getting cuffed has to be when Do-Chi shows up to stop Haejoo from abusing Yeo-Ri.  None of that it’s not an attack or abuse if my family member does it to my wife business here. Nope! If it’s an attack, it’s an attack and Do-Chi is going to protect his wife! Sad that I actually have to be happy to see such a thing in a Korean daily drama but keep it up folks! Let’s socially educate the males of Korean society who have not had good role models in their lives to teach them what it means to be a husband or at the very least a gentleman.

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Unknown Woman 66

Doyoung comes to Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri’s rescue.

Woman Without a Name Episode 66 RECAP

Do-Chi thinks back about all the weird things that have happened recently after hearing the indirect threat from Jiwon.  He realizes that the proposal for the Chinese factories was weird…And, there was the large deposit of money into Jjangu’s account.

They rush to the conference room but are stopped by security. Jiwon arrives with Haejoo and Mooyeol trailing like the minions that they are.  Jiwon smiles and notes that she does not see Maya, which was the only condition to stopping the teleconference.

Yeo-Ri snaps back that they would never give up Maya.

Jiwon and baddies enter the room while Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri are left outside. Jiwon immediately starts at the main point.  She announces that their company is for transparency.  She found out recently that Do-Chi created a slush fund through fake factories in China.  He then funneled money into his friend’s account.  As proof, she offers up the proposal that Do-Chi signed.

Suddenly, Doyoung shows up in his wheel chair all nicely dressed up in a suit.  He’s on Team Goodies now.  He stands up and smiles reassuringly at Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri.  Then, he walks into the conference room.

Doyoung silently walks up to the front of the room and announces that he is the CEO of WID Group.  He also adds that the money laundering accusation is false. He would put his own name and role on the line. Then he continues to announce that he wants to declare that Jiwon is falsifying evidence and will step down as interim CEO.

Jiwon tries to deny it.  But, Doyoung whispers back that he has evidence. Cue Secretary Kim walking in. Doyoung explains that he knows that Jiwon tasked Secretary Kim into framing Do-Chi.  Unless she wants to be embarrassed on television, she should stand down.

Meanwhile, Maryun picks up Maya from school.  However, she gets down since Gaya doesn’t like Maya going off to a different house.

Jiwon follows Doyoung into his office demanding to know why he wants to fire her.  All she has done is tried to protect his position from Do-Chi. She framed Do-Chi so that he can no longer scheme to take over Doyoung’s position.

Doyoung glares back saying that his memories have returned.  He knows that it wasn’t Do-Chi but Jiwon that has been behind all of the incidents.  Also, he knows that Jiwon has changed the legal ownership of all of Doyoung’s assets.

Haejoo is waiting outside with Mooyeol.  She hears the argument and runs in.  She explains that she was the one who made Jiwon Doyoung’s legal representative. How could Doyoung take Do-Chi’s side instead of her mother’s?

Doyoung tells Haejoo to stand down and out of this argument.  He also states that he’s going to divorce Jiwon as they had originally planned. Jiwon goes crazy throwing things around until she cuts her hand on some glass.

When Jiwon and Haejoo come home, they find all of Jiwon’s stuff packed and boxed in the living room. He tells her to leave immediately. Jiwon refuses and Haejoo yells on Jiwon’s side.

Haejoo declares like the selfish idiot that she is that she refuses to acknowledge the divorce. If Jiwon leaves, she will as well.

The next day, Jiwon goes into the police station for questioning about her kidnapping Bom and then falsifying evidence that Bom died.  She lies throughout the questioning.  Then she takes Haejoo’s call and pretends to be weak sniffling.  Because liars don’t fall easily.  They go down lying, acting and fighting tooth and nail.

Jiwon then calls Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi over for dinner.  Shes made a bunch of dishes and even plastered on an angelic smile on her face. She explains that she did everything for the family.  However, she will leave just as Doyoung wishes.

Jiwon leaves with Haejoo and Mooyeol following. Jiwon tells Haejoo not to fight Doyoung since that would only make Yeo-Ri’s life easier.

The next day, Yeo-Ri happily drops by Do-Chi’s office with some coffee. Is this time for some normal dating?

Suddenly Yeo-Ri gets a text from Jiwon.  She wants to meet at Seoul Hotel.

Do-Chi sees the text message and tells Yeo-Ri to go with him.  But, Do-Chi has a meeting…Yeo-Ri smiles that Jiwon won’t be able to do anything with everyone’s attention on her.

Yeo-Ri finds the hotel room door open.  She goes in and sees Jiwon unconscious on the floor with an open bottle of pills next to her.


Ah the old fake suicide attempt.  Why is it that stupid cowardly baddies always opt for the really flashy woe-is-me methods such as “attempted suicides’ but not really and leaving the country? Sorry but no sympathy here. Chances are that Jiwon took a couple sleeping pills after spilling the rest to make it seem like she attempted suicide.

On the side, did anyone else get surprised by Doyoung’s performance? I was all skeptical about his being able to jump onto Team Good. But when he suddenly showed up in a suit and walked up to the front of the teleconference? I was holding my breath despite myself wondering how he could save Do-Chi.

Then! He slams down his statement declaring that his wife lied and falsified evidence in front of the conference for all of the journalists! I felt my heart skip a beat and I knew that I would welcome Doyoung back into Team Good after that action alone. Divorcing Jiwon and kicking her out of the house were icing on top of the cupcake. But the real kicker was the fact that he didn’t pull any “family image is most important” bull shiz and called her out when it was necessary. Go Doyoung! You surprised me today by showing me that middle aged Korean actors can be freaking mushesuh cool!

Here’s to hoping that Jiwon’s latest stunt doesn’t move Doyoung back into Team Baddies.

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Unknown Woman 65

Yeo-Ri protects Bom but Jiwon begins to plan her next attack.

Woman Without a Name Episode 65 RECAP

Haejoo glares at Maya who is being embraced by Yeo-Ri.

Meanwhile, Doyoung wonders about how Jiwon has become the CEO.  Jiwon quickly answers that she’s just protecting the position from Do-Chi.  He’s been trying to take over the company this whole time.  She barely protected it.

At the same time, Do-Chi takes Maya out and Haejoo calls the police about Yeo-Ri kidnapping her daughter.  Yeo-Ri doesn’t back down and pulls out the DNA test results, which clearly state that Maya Kim and Yeo-Ri are biologically related.  She tells Haejoo to go ahead and call the police but be prepared for their investigating Jiwon for kidnapping Bom in the first place.

Haejoo runs after Yeo-Ri into the hallway.  She begs Yeo-Ri not to take Maya away. Yeo-Ri doesn’t back down.

Do-Chi calls Maryun so that they let Mooyeol go home.  He immediately runs in to yell at Maryun asking how she would let her son lose everything like this.  Was helping a stranger more important than protecting (and lying for) her son? Enok just snaps back that she was protecting him from the inevitable comeuppance that he’d receive from heaven.

Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi arrive at home with Maya.  Kidong and Maryun rush up to hug their granddaughter.  Maya is silent and Yeo-Ri pulls her parents into a separate room to explain that she hasn’t told Maya about being Maya’s mom.

Yeo-Ri then goes to her room where Maya is staring at the photograph of her younger self.  Maya asks why Yeo-Ri has that picture…is it of her lost daughter Bom? Yeo-Ri answers yes.

Maya notes that it is also a picture of her younger self…Is she by chance Yeo-Ri’s lost daughter? Yeo-Ri pulls Maya into a hug.  She cries that yes, Maya is her believed daughter. The two then burst into tears.

As for the baddies, Haejoo goes home to freak out.  She makes it all about HER. Because ruining someone else’s life by stealing their child is nothing.  She trashes Maya’s room asking how the heck Maya could go to Yeo-Ri after all that Haejoo did raising Maya.

Jiwon comes home and pulls Haejoo into a hug.  She tells Haejoo that she understands how much Haejoo loved Maya. Jiwon promises to bring Maya back.

At the same time, Do-Chi is in Doyoung’s room.  Doyoung asks if Haejoo is freaking out about Maya. Do-Chi kneels down and asks if Doyoung remembers…and, if he knew about Maya being Yeo-Ri’s daughter. Doyoung answers that he found out right before the accident and that’s why he fought with Jiwon.  Doyoung also explains that he has not recovered all of his memories. So, he wants to keep it a secret from Jiwon.

That night, Maya and Yeo-Ri spend the night together.  Maya asks Yeo-Ri why Yeo-Ri left her when Yeo-Ri loved her so much. Yeo-Ri sighs and tells Maya that it’s complicated.  She cannot explain right away but will explain when Maya is a bit older.

The next day, Yeo-Ri goes into Jiwon’s office the first thing.  She throws down the complaint that she filed with the police of Jiwon kidnapping Bom.  Jiwon plays it cool demanding evidence.

Yeo-Ri leaves and runs into Mooyeol in the hallway.  The snake is unrepentant.  He asks how Yeo-Ri could file a motion to terminate his parental rights when he’s Maya’s biological father who raised Maya.  Yeo-Ri reminds Mooyeol that he was the one who threw away Bom when she was a baby.  She would have done more but left him with just the termination of parental rights since he raised Maya.

At the same time, Jjangu brings Do-Chi a proposal.  He explains that he was told from the secretary that it’s already been approved by the higher ups and just needs Do-Chi’s signature.  Do-Chi sees that it’s been signed already by three others and signs off.

The two go checking out their vendor shops and Do-Chi offers to pay for a set of new clothes for Jjangu’s family.  Jjangu quickly agrees.  But, then Do-Chi remembers that he forgot his wallet.  Jjangu pays and tells Do-Chi to pay him back.  When Jjang checks his account, he realizes someone deposited $500,000 into his account!  Do-Chi tells Jjangu to look into it quickly.

Later, Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri come back to the office after they had lunch with the team.  They see a bunch of reporters walk in and follow.

At the same time, the secretary tells Doyoung that Jiwon is planning to frame Do-Chi for money laundering.  She planted the money into Do-Chi’s friend’s account and scheduled a reporter’s teleconference. Doyoung decides to not let this happen.

Yeo-Ri also calls Jiwon about the teleconference after getting a weird feeling. Jiwon answers that Yeo-Ri will find out soon as it’s about Do-Chi.  Of course, Jiwon also adds that Jiwon can call off the conference if Yeo-Ri brings Maya.


Another great episode for this daily drama.  Now that Yeo-Ri has Bom but we still have over 30 episodes to go, the writer and the DRAMA production team must work hard at keeping us engrossed.  Tying in the Bom drama with the takeover of the company was a great twist.

The episode passed quickly as I wondered what Jiwon was scheming.  I knew that Do-Chi should not sign the proposal but I could also see that he would trust Jjangu.  After all, they just won a battle in bringing Bom back.  Would he have a reason to trust something that came through Jjangu?  But, oh dear, money laundering? I think he’s going to need some major inside support to get through this trap.

Unknown Woman Episode 65 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Unknown Woman 64

Yeo-Ri gets a DNA test for Maya and Maya finds out about her biological mother.

Woman Without a Name Episode 64 RECAP

Yeo-Ri steps on one officer’s foot and elbows another. She runs out after Maya but Haejoo and Mooyeol get away. Maryun and Kidong arrive too late.

At the same time, Jiwon brings Doyoung his medicine. He asks Jiwon how he fell. Jiwon answers that Doyoung always had high blood pressure. He fell from that.

Then Haejoo calls Jiwon saying they don’t know where to go. Jiwon tells Haejoo to take Maya to the summer house. Jiwon then calls the housekeeper and orders that he tells no one about Haejoo coming.

Yeo-Ri arrives at the Koo residence while Jiwon is still in Doyoung’s room. She tells Do-Chi that she’s going to reveal everything from Jiwon taking away Bom to Maya being Bom.

Do-Chi reminds her that she needs evidence. So, they go up the stairs to Gaya’s room and ask to see his album. Yeo-Ri also asks if he has any pictures of younger Maya. Gaya does.

Then they go to the bathroom where Yeo-Ri asks about Maya’s toothbrush. Gaya points out which one is Maya’s and Yeo-Ri takes it. Gaya asks why Yeo-Ri keeps asking about Maya including going on television about it.

Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi ask Gaya if he saw her on the missing child’s program. He answers that he did and Yeo-Ri was standing in front of a picture of Maya. But, he hasn’t said anything because his mother told him that if he talks about it, Maya will leave.

Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi go downstairs and run into Jiwon. She demands to know what they were doing on the second floor. Yeo-Ri responds by demanding to know where Jiwon took Maya.

Haejoo and baddie team arrive at the summer house. Maya asks why they came there. Mooyeol tells her that they came on vacation and Yeo-Ri knows.

But Maya is unable to sleep. She decides to ask her parents why she keeps getting told different things…she walks out of the room unnoticed as Mooyeol and Haejoo brood. Haejoo wants to send Maya to study abroad while Mooyeol does not agree. Haejoo reminds Mooyeol that it’s not just about winning custody, Yeo-Ri is going to accuse Jiwon of kidnapping Bom. They need to keep Maya away from Yeo-Ri so Maya never finds out that Yeo-Ri is her biological mother.

Maya gasps at the last sentence. She goes back into the room and the door slams.

Haejoo decides that she will talk to Maya. She goes in and sees the poor girl pretending to sleep with a tear stained face. Haejoo remembers how Maya was when Maya first came to their family and brought Haejoo out of her depression. Pulling Maya close, Haejoo apologizes that she loved Maya but the adults got into a mess and berated and hated on Maya for no reason.

At the same time, Do-Chi calls the keeper and is told that they cannot use the Yangpyong summer house as the water isn’t working. They realize that it means Haejoo is hiding there and leave.

But, it’s too late, Haejoo and Mooyeol have already left.

Yeo-Ri decides that they need help. The person who sent her the hair must have been Enok.

The next day, Yeo-Ri goes to Enok’s store. She asks Enok to ask Mooyeol where he’s taken Maya.

Enok runs away.

So, Yeo-Ri follows to Enok’s house and even kneels in front of this evil lady. Yeo-Ri cries and begs Enok to help before Mooyeol and Haejoo send Maya abroad.

Finally, Yeolmae and Enok decide to be humans. Yeolmae calls Mooyeol and lies that Enok has fainted. Mooyeol rushes over as soon as he hears.

Meanwhile, Doyoung regains the memories of how Jiwon left Do-Chi for dead after the accident. He wakes up and gasps to find Jiwon there. She’s dropped by to check on him. Doyoung barely lies that he didn’t regain any memories.

In front of Enok’s apartment, Maryun, Kidong and Oliver arrive. The DNA tests showed that Maya is Bom!

When Mooyeol finally arrives, Oliver and Kidong grab him. Mooyeol refuses to tell them where Bom is.

So, Yeo-Ri decides to check his navigation history. It shows that the second place Mooyeol went after the summer house was Daehan hotel. When he refuses to give up the room number, Yeo-Ri calls the hotel asking with the excuse that she’s calling from WID Group and she needs to deliver important documents.

Maryun and team agree to hold on to Mooyeol so that he cannot alert Haejoo and Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi head off.

On the side, Doyoung finds out that Jiwon changed the legal ownership of all of his assets to herself.

Yeo-Ri rushes into the hotel as Haejoo asks Maya if Maya would not mind leaving Korea as a family… Haejoo, Mooyeol, Maya and Gaya. It would be like how they lived in China without any outside interference.

Back at the company, Jiwon goes into her office to find that the door is unlocked. She yells at her Secretary but he just awkwardly looks back into the office. Jiwon turns to find Doyoung sitting in his leather chair smirking.

Yeo-Ri reaches the hotel room and rings the bell. Haejoo opens the door thinking that it’s Mooyeol. When she sees that it’s not Mooyeol, she tries to close it but Do-Chi pulls it open, evil family or not.

Yeo-Ri runs in crying for Maya. Haejoo on the side calls for Maya as well. Haejoo continues to entice Maya but Yeo-Ri stops when she sees how confused the child is. Only her tears keep flowing.

Maya takes a few steps forward and then runs into Yeo-Ri’s arms.


Finally! Yeo-Ri and Maya are together! I am so thankful that the drama did not drag this out another ten episodes. If we had gone through several subarcs of Yeo-Ri finding and then losing Bom again, I would have lost it.

The past few responses had been mainly about how I felt. So, I want to take the time here to really applaud the main actors and actresses in this drama. Even though the plot is obviously makjang, they do a great job playing their characters without overdoing it. Before I knew it, I was engrossed in Yeo-Ri’s struggle to find Maya who is right next to her… I also began to hate Haejoo and Mooyeol with a passion more than I hated Jiwon. Thinking back, I can only attribute this to the strong acting of these characters.

While I am rooting for Oh Ji-Eun’s character (Yeo-Ri), I want to especially shout out for Choi Yoon-So, the actress playing Haejoo. She plays a nice girl and main character’s supportive friend in the weekend drama Woman of Dignity. Her character is so quiet and nice, it is the exact opposite of Haejoo. I respect her being able to swing both roles at the same time.

Unknown Woman Episode 64 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Unknown Woman 63

Haejoo and Mooyeol fight to keep Maya from Yeo-Ri, even stealing her again.

Woman Without a Name Episode 63 RECAP

The baddies react. Mooyeol tells Haejoo and they call Enok several times. However, she’s busy cooking and doesn’t pick up for a while.

Then Enok pauses to drink an herbal drink because she’s tired after making a mess of things. She finally sees her cell phone and calls Mooyeol back. Mooyeol tells Enok that Yeo-Ri knows and to leave the apartment immediately.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri is still on the phone. She cries and tells Maya not to go anywhere. She also apologizes for not recognizing her sooner.

Enok’s evil valueless ways continue. She goes in and tells Maya that they need to go to her parents now.

When Maya hangs up the phone, Do-Chi accelerates. Enok grabs a random suitcase and drags Maya out until Maya pauses crying about her stomach. Still determined to kidnap Maya from her biological mother (which is a felony if Enok wasn’t an idiot), Enok tells Maya to get on her back.

Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi arrive at the apartment but no one answers…

Meanwhile, Maya cries in front of the taxi that her stomach hurts. Enok sighs thinking out loud that if she forces Maya to run, Maya’s injuries might get worse but if she stops to take care of Maya, Mooyeol would be in trouble… She decides to save her pathetic son who has done nothing but hop from one girl to another and tells Maya to get in the cab.

Suddenly, Yeo-Ri calls out for Maya from up the street. Maya looks up and smiles. Enok quickly tells Maya to get in the girl and tries to pull the girl in but Maya runs off to Yeo-Ri.

Enok falls to the ground crying that they met. Because everyone knows that it’s hard work lying to everyone to save face about your lies…

Yeo-Ri hugs Maya and cries that she’s sorry she didn’t realize sooner…

Mooyeol and Haejoo finally arrive. They demand to know where Maya is. Finally, Enok states the facts. They kidnapped Maya in the first place.

Yeo-Ri brings Maya to Maryun’s house and asks about how Maya knew she was the child. Maya pulls up her shirt saying that she even had the clover birth mark but Jiwon had it removed. Then Maya complains about her stomach pain. Yeo-Ri has Maya rest in her room.

Meanwhile, Gaya gets bored at home and demands to see Doyoung. With Maryun and Kidong backing up the kid’s right to see his grandpa, Gaya goes in.

Doyoung doesn’t recognize Gaya. So Gaya tells Doyoung that he had two grandchildren, Gaya and Maya. Maya’s name trigger bits of memories. Doyoung sees the scene where he saw the missing child footage on the video and how he confronted Jiwon. He seems himself fighting Jiwon and falling.

Doyoung calls out in pain reaching for his head. Then he falls out of his wheelchair.

Gaya’s calls for his grandfather brings in Maryun and Kidong. Then Jiwon arrives.

Do-Chi calls Maryun who is still at the Koo house. She yells at Jiwon for being so evil that she would kidnap a child and lie that the child died. Jiwon continues to deny it. So, Maryun promises to return to kill her after Maryun gets evidence.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri tells Do-Chi that she’s worried about Jiwon trying to take Maya back. He calls the police about an illegal entry so that they send some officers.

Do-Chi arrives at home and demands to know how Jiwon could do what she did. Jiwon yells back that she would never raise Yeo-Ri’s child. After all, what baddie backs down and apologizes? Apologize? That’s something you expect from someone with decent.

Do-Chi then yells that he’s going to enter Doyoung’s room. Doyoung smiles to see Do-Chi and sighs that he feels like he’s the only one stuck in the past. Do-Chi reassures Doyoung that all of Doyoung’s memories will eventually return…He’s been running forward for a long time, he can take this time to rest before starting up again.

Doyoung then asks how he got hurt as he’s still weirded out by the memories of fighting with Jiwon. Do-Chi answers that no one knows for sure…However, Doyoung did have a loud argument with Jiwon before people found him unconscious. Also, he had prepared divorce papers…

At the same time, Haejoo continues her downward spiral. They know that Yeo-Ri won’t just give up Bom. So, she tells Mooyeol that they cannot barge in…

Then the police arrive and Yeo-Ri opens the door in relief. She explains that she was the one who called for protection…her and her child. The officer asks where Maya is.

Yeo-Ri answers automatically that Maya is in the room before staring at him. She asks how he knew Maya’s name when no one told him. Suddenly, Haejoo and Mooyeol barge in. They told the cops that Yeo-Ri kidnapped Maya.

Since Mooyeol and Haejoo are legally Maya’s parents, the cops stop Yeo-Ri as the two take Maya away.


Omg. The last five minutes of this episode was horrible! How Haejoo could continue to fight to keep Maya after Yeo-Ri found out that Maya is Bom is just impossible to understand. Instead of knowing when to give up your evil antics and apologize, she digs in. The only way to come to terms with this crazy makjang behavior is that no one taught Haejoo basic values?

I have nothing else to say other than I need to watch the next episode. Now that Yeo-Ri and family knows, this drama better not drag out Yeo-Ri getting Bom back.

Unknown Woman Episode 63 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Unknown Woman 62

Yeo-Ri finds out that Maya is Bom.

Woman Without a Name Episode 62 RECAP

Mooyeol sits in the living room after saying hello to Doyoung. He broods over how Doyoung clearly asked about both Secretary Hong and his wife. He comes to the conclusion that Jiwon is not Haejoo’s mother.

At the same time, Enok gasps at seeing Yeo-Ri embracing Maya and the two happily being together. Instead of finally telling the truth, she tells Yeo-Ri to go home.

Oliver calls Enok to tell her to come out to the shop. There’s an internal leak and all of the store owners need to come and sign the maintenance forms. Yeo-Ri offers to watch Maya but Enok refuses. She grabs Maya to take the poor girl with her dragging her along.

After a few steps, Maya falls while cradling her stomach. She cries that the area that she had the surgery on hurts. Finally, Enok acts like a grandmother and sighs that it’s too early to rush Maya around. She tells Maya not to tell Yeo-Ri about the poster and leaves.

Left alone with Yeo-Ri, Maya asks if Yeo-Ri knows that Maya is adopted. She cries about whether she has to leave her family if her biological parents come looking. Yeo-Ri smiles that Maya won’t have to leave…Everyone loves her.

Then Yeo-Ri helps wash Maya’s face. She also tells Maya to change since her clothes got wet. When Maya changes, Yeo-Ri sees the scars from the earlier scar removal surgery. Maya is about to answer but Mooyeol arrives.

Yeo-Ri goes back to Maryun’s house. Maryun explains that a child called saying she’s the girl on the poster. She also adds that Kidong is running the telephone number.

That night, Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri get back to the Koo residence late. Do-Chi decides to stop by Doyoung’s room and pauses outside when he sees the door slightly ajar even though the lights are off. It’s Jiwon just standing there staring at Doyoung.

Do-Chi turns on the lights and enters asking loudly what Jiwon is doing. She brings him back outside saying that Doyoung needs his rest. So, Do-Chi tells her that he’s going to hire guards for Doyoung’s room. Jiwon smiles that she’s the only thing that Doyoung remembers, does Do-Chi really want to take that away from Doyoung?

The fight continues in the morning. Jiwon has had Doyoung moved into their room and tells off Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri when they confront Jiwon about moving Doyoung too early.

After they leave, Jiwon tells Doyoung not to trust Do-Chi or Yeo-Ri. She tells him that he sent Do-Chi to the United States as a child to take over the company, which Do-Chi knows about. Do-Chi is now trying to take the company back. Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri entered the family trying to get revenge. She pauses and smiles that she’s truly on Doyoung’s side so he should trust her and only her.

Do-Chi is unable to work. He calls Maryun and Kidong asking them to visit and keep an eye on Doyoung. They happily agree to help.

Maryun and Kidong immediately go to keep an eye on Doyoung. As they have tea, Kidong gets a call with the address for the telephone number.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri has a meeting with the design team where it’s announced that her design was most popular on the online vote.

And, Mooyeol meets with a private investigator who confirms that Jiwon is Doyoung’s second wife…Mooyeol then goes to accept Jiwon’s offer to be on the same team.

He adds that he has one condition since he doesn’t trust her after she backstabbed her husband of decades. He wants half of the shares that she took from Doyoung.

Jiwon immediately orders that Mooyeol leaves the company and the house. Mooyeol smiles and adds that she cannot be so confident… After all, she’s not Haejoo’s biological mother. What will Haejoo do after she finds out?

Jiwon backs down and offers 20% of the shares. Mooyeol agrees.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri gets out of her meeting and checks her phone. Do-Chi had sent her a message letting her know that they found the address. When they get together, Yeo-Ri recognizes the address.

They run into Yeolmae on the way to Maya’s apartment. Yeo-Ri asks if they ever let in any other child other than Maya. Yeolmae confirms that no other child has stayed with them.

Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi rush off and Yeolmae goes to tell Mooyeol about the weird run-in.

On the way, Yeo-Ri runs through her memories and realizes that Maya is Bom. Back when the DNA results confirmed parentage, they didn’t even think about checking Maya when Kelly had stayed at Maya’s house.

Finally, Maya calls Yeo-Ri back on the cell phone. Yeo-Ri strains out the question if Maya called the missing child line. Maya confirms.

Yeo-Ri asks why Maya called. Maya answers that the picture on the poster was hers… Yeo-Ri bursts into tears.


Finally! After 60 episodes and basically all the baddies knowing, Yeo-Ri finds her child again. This is after years and two stints in prison! Can you imagine how happy Yeo-Ri must feel?

Now that the secret is out, let the mother’s fury rage and burn all of the Koo’s and Kim’s that stood in the way lying to Yeo-Ri and her family and even ridiculously blaming her for Maya’s accident when it’s their fault.

Unknown Woman Episode 62 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Unknown Woman 61

Yeo-Ri and Team barely block Jiwon’s takeover while Maya sees herself on the missing children’s poster.

Woman Without a Name Episode 61

Doyoung takes off his oxygen mask and reaches for Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri. Jiwon and later Haejoo enter the room all asking Doyoung if he’s feeling okay and if he recognizes them. Doyoung looks around with stressed out eyes and calls out for his Secretary Hong to get him water as well as Haejoo’s mother..

He also asks her who all these other people are since Haejoo is still a baby and Do-Chi is a child. Jiwon jumps on this opportunity and orders that everyone leaves the room to let Doyoung get some rest. She also tells Doyoung to sleep as if that would help with his pounding head.

Yeo-Ri, Do-Chi and Haejoo stand in the living room in shock. Yeo-Ri wonders out loud why Doyoung remembers Jiwon as his secretary and Haejoo as a baby but not Jiwon as his wife… If he remembers Haejoo, he should remember Jiwon who gave birth to her…

Haejoo asks Jiwon the same. Jiwon answers that Doyoung’s memories are likely confused since he’s spent a year in a coma.

Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri go back to their room but they cannot shake off the feeling that something is off. Yeo-Ri suggests that they review the video footage since Do-Chi installed the camera. Suddenly, they see Jiwon with Doyoung when he woke up before as well as Dr. Kim talking to Doyoung and adding something to the IV.

The next morning, Haejoo runs around for Jiwon. Doyoung is missing.

Doyoung is actually getting tests done with Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri. Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri also confront Dr. Kim asking how he could give the false diagnosis that Doyoung is brain dead, which might have led to the family deciding that they can let him go. Dr. Kim denies it at first.

However, in the face of video evidence, he finally confesses.

At the same time, Jiwon pulls forward the emergency shareholder meeting and does not tell Maryun. She even demands a voice vote on whether she should become the next CEO since time is of the essence. None of the shareholders dare to oppose her suggestions or oppose her becoming the CEO. The moderator begins to announce that Jiwon is the new CEO…

Then Maryun enters declaring that the vote be nullified since she was not informed of the changed time as a majority shareholder. Jiwon smiles that this was an emergency meeting that does not need to follow all of the normal procedural limitations and with no one backing Maryun, Jiwon is designated the new CEO.

Seconds later, Do-Chi rolls in Doyoung to the shock of all of the shareholders who just heard that Doyoung remains brain dead, which was the reason that they agreed to the emergency meeting and vote.

Do-Chi declares that Doyoung is healthy and the brain dead diagnosis was fake… He even adds that the diagnosis was strategic.

Jiwon stands up and yells at Do-Chi for bringing lies into the meeting. Do-Chi snaps back that Jiwon should sit down, they have a witness. Dr. Kim walks in as the shareholders mutter that this is outrageous.

Jiwon changes tactics when Dr. Kim walks in. She declares that this is a family matter and adjourns the meeting.

Jiwon lies in the face of all of the evidence saying that she did it for the company and Doyoung. If everyone knew that Doyoung lost his memories after 30 years ago, their shares would have tanked in value. Do-Chi responds that he won’t listen to her lies anymore.

Jiwon sniffs that she can leave Doyoung as the CEO but she’s going to continue acting as the interim since Doyoung still doesn’t have all of his memories. Do-Chi snaps back that she can do that but Do-Chi will continue to watch her and block her attempts at stealing the CEO position. He also adds that he will take care of Doyoung’s health from now on.

Jiwon then calls Mooyeol. She offers him another option. If he can increase their revenue by double since their revenue is declining, she can become the CEO. In exchange, she will make him her COO.

Mooyeol gives a feeble rebuttal that he cannot forgive Jiwon for what she did to Maya. But, he accepts because he’s Mooyeol and he just got offered COO.

Finally, we see another chance for Enok to act like a human but she chooses greed again. Maya wakes up after taking a nap in Enok’s room. As she gets off the bed, she knocks off several magazines, which included her missing child poster. Maya sees her picture and immediately recognizes herself

Since her own phone’s battery died, Maya goes to the living room and calls the number telling Maryun that she is the child on the poster. Maryun is shocked at first and only manages to ask Maya if she is sure that she is the child. Maya confirms but then Enok comes out of the bathroom overhearing Maya repeat that she is the child. Enok runs over and hangs up the phone. When Maryun calls back, Enok pulls out the phone line.

Enok also rips up the poster and tells Maya that she was mistaken. Enok explains that since Maya just had a traumatic experience, she saw the photograph wrong. Ugh, lying to the girl and telling her that she was wrong when she wasn’t? The worst bottom feeders if ever.

Then, Yeo-Ri arrives and hugs Maya close, happy to see that the girl is back on her feet.


Sorry folks, the last seen infuriated me too much for me to review at all. I cannot believe that Enok would lie and blame this on Maya’s misunderstanding…Maya is at an age where she needs encouragement and positive reinforcement not lies to confuse her ability to trust her own judgment. And, why? All to keep the money and Mooyeol’s job. Pathetic.

Unknown Woman Episode 61 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Unknown Woman 60

Do-Chi comes to Yeo-Ri’s aid while Jiwon tries to snatch the company.

Woman Without a Name Episode 60 RECAP

The poor crying Maya walks around the street sniffing and wiping her tears. When she looks up, she’s in the street and a truck is approaching. She stops frozen in place as it honks.

Then we fast forward back to Yeo-Ri telling Do-Chi to go to the hospital where Maya is. Her phone dies and she pounds on the door before trying to break the lock by slamming the fire extinguisher against it.

Do-Chi calls Haejoo, so, Mooyeol and Haejoo can come to the hospital as well. Then, a nurse comes out of the operation room. She explains that Maya is not critical. However, she lost a lot of blood. She asks for a volunteer from Maya’s parents. Suddenly, it gets awkward because Mooyeol is Type A and Haejoo is AB. The nurse asks for their permission to allow Maya to get a public donor… Do-Chi jumps in to explain that he’s also type O and he will donate.

After Do-Chi leaves, the first thing that Haejoo asks is how they are going to cover up the fact that neither of their blood types matched Maya’s. Mooyeol glares at her asking if that’s the most important thing when Maya just got in an accident. Haejoo’s response? Maya isn’t critical and it is Enok’a fault for losing Maya. Gosh, these two families really deserve each other.

Meanwhile, Jiwon stares at Doyoung in terror. He manages to say “Hong” but does not have the energy to do anything else.

Maya’s surgery ends though the girl stays unconscious. Mooyeol is all fatherly because even evil has a heart for their own blood. Haejoo snipes at his fatherly emotional display and Mooyeol glares at her inhumanity for not feeling anything when a child is lying unconscious before her. Haejoo bites back that Enok should have done a better job after receiving an apartment and store for this. Cue Mooyeol angrily rising to his insufferable mother’s defense as if that’s the important thing right now – deciding whether his mom was or was not wrong for being unable to watch Maya for less than two days before losing her.

Haejoo sighs that she also cares about Maya since she invested time and effort raising Maya. However, her wording is really suspicious as she said she wouldn’t have raised Maya otherwise. So, Mooyeol confronts her asking why Haejoo raised Maya. Haejoo backs off and changes the topic since she cannot come out and say she’s raising Maya to be Gaya’s living donor.

At the same time, Do-Chi meets Enok and Yeolmae outside the room. He asks about Yeo-Ri who would have visited but hasn’t been seen. Yeolmae answers that she hasn’t seen Yeo-Ri since earlier in the storage room. Our reliable and sweet Do-Chi immediately goes running to see if anything happened to Yeo-Ri.

Do-Chi runs down the stairs and hears Yeo-Ri pounding on the door. He checks and confirms that the intercom is broken. Then, he tries running to get someone to open the door. But, only the supervisor can open the door and he’s not answering his phone.

Do-Chi returns to the stairwell and tells Yeo-Ri that he will guard the door all night. They can have a sleepover with a door between them.

Back at home, Jiwon calls the doctor and orders that he puts Doyoung back to sleep until she can achieve her goals. Dr. Kim refuses saying it’s too dangerous to put someone back to sleep after they had been in a coma for one year. Jiwon frowns and threatens to tell everyone how he gave a fake diagnosis that Doyoung was brain dead in exchange for research finding. The good doctor backs down and goes into add the anesthesia into Doyoung’s IV. He declares that this is only one time and he won’t do it again regardless of what she threatens him with.

Maya wakes up and Mooyeol asks why she ran. She explains that she overheard him and Enok saying she was adopted. Mooyeol cries after facing the daughter he threw away in the womb and tells Maya that she’s his one and only daughter. Haejoo comes in and sees that Maya is awake. After checking in on how Maya’s feeling, Haejoo offers to hire a nurse. Mooyeol tells her to go to work as he will stay by Maya’s side.

Haejoo goes to the office and triumphantly tells everyone to upload their designs online before 9AM or be fired. Since Yeo-Ri isn’t in the office, Haejoo even counts down. But, one of the other employees exclaims that Yeo-Ri’s designs were uploaded ten seconds before 9AM.

Haejoo checks and sees the designs online. Wondering how Yeo-Ri could have uploaded the designs from inside the storage room, Haejoo goes to check.

Haejoo finds Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi in the now open storage room. She accuses Yeo-Ri of having someone else draft the designs before uploading them. Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi ask if Haejoo was the one who locked Yeo-Ri in the room. She doesn’t deny it just harping on the designs.

Yeo-Ri doesn’t back down and brings Haejoo inside the room to see the black board on which Yeo-Ri sketched her designs. She had uploaded them with Do-Chi’s cell phone.

Yeo-Ri decides to check on Maya and Do-Chi tells her about the not-matching blood types. They arrive when Enok is already there. Mooyeol is especially prickly about letting Yeo-Ri see Maya.

Do-Chi pulls Mooyeol out and confronts him about the blood types. Mooyeol answers with more lies. He tells them that Haejoo was inconsolable after their daughter died. So, they adopted Maya.

Yeo-Ri frowns and declares that Jiwon doesn’t do anything without being to gain anything from it. There must have been a reason that Jiwon decided to raise Maya as her granddaughter…After all, Jiwon adopted and raised Yeo-Ri to be Haesung’s donor.

Mooyeol rushes off to the company and asks her if she adopted Maya as a donor for Gaya. Jiwon is unrepentant saying that everyone was so depressed after Maya’s death. And, since she brought Maya home, he was able to raise his biological daughter.

Mooyeol tells her that it doesn’t matter what she tries to use as her excuse. This is unforgiveable.

Haejoo comes in just as Mooyeol leaves. They follow him home where he packs up and declares that he’s leaving.

Jiwon asks if he’s willing to give up his chance of entering the management of the company. Mooyeol tells back that he cannot forgive them. He won’t give up his professional role since Jiwon is in a precarious situation with the majority shareholder being Maryun. They need him to complete his projects. He leaves.

Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri arrive. They glare at Jiwon who called an emergency shareholders meeting less than a week after Doyoung’s diagnosis of being brain dead since she needs to take over the company before he wakes up again. Do-Chi grabs Doyoung’s hand and confesses that he loved Doyoung and understands that it would have been difficult for Doyoung to love Do-Chi back in the circumstances … He sighs that he wish he had a chance to tell Doyoung that it’s all fine.

Suddenly, Doyoung opens his eyes.


Another good episode plot wise. We see that there are cracks in the evil axis and hints of the impending downfall of Jiwon. Yet, it’s not clear which characters will be savaged.

Since Doyoung went through KDRAMA’s equivalent of major character rehabilitation- miracle accident/near death experience, we can assume he will return as a good guy or a neutral guy. Haejoo seems to be sinking into Team Jiwon. And, they are trying to convince us that the Kims are saveable too it’s the comparative actions toward Maya…However, since the Kims are continuing to hide Maya’s relationship from Yeo-Ri in the face of the fact that Maya lives with Yeo-Ri and almost died, I don’t think they are forgiveable. Yeo-Ri literally almost lost her daughter again and she would never have know all because the Kims want money, apartments and jobs from the Koos. Let the Kims, Jiwon and Haejoo always live together without the comfort of the company and drive each other mad.

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