The Promise 101-102 (FINALE)

Yookyung’s hired hitman causes a fatal and dramatic accident that leads to forgiveness and amnesia.



Yookyung’s silent drink where she blames Nayoung for the hitman is interrupted by a call from the hospital.  In the emergency room, she is told that Sejin is critical with a ruptured kidney whereas Nayoung has only non-critical injuries.

When Yookyung realizes that Sejin was in the same car as Nayoung, she realizes that it was her fault and faints.


Yookyung decides that it’s somehow Nayoung’s fault and goes to harass the unconscious Nayoung.  Hwi-Kyung realizes what would happen when Yookyung rushes away and manages to come in minutes after Yookyung attacks.  Yookyung stalks off to call the hitman in the stairway and scream that he killed her daughter instead of Nayoung.

Hwi-Kyung had followed Yookyung into the stairway and overhears everything.  He asks Yookyung if she’s behind the accident.  But Yookyung only yells back that Hwi-Kyung is worried about Nayoung when his family is suffering.  Ah the remorseless antagonist.

Hwi-Kyung goes back to Nayoung’s room and wonders how he can stay with her with such a crazy sister…


Nayoung feels guilty for Sejin being in a critical condition because she chose to drive…Nayoung assumes that it was because Sejin saw Taejoon with Nayoung.  So, she goes to visit Taejoon and let him know about Sejin.  But Taejoon refuses to visit saying that it would only make it harder on Sejin.

Annoyed with how useless Taejoon is, Nayoung calls him out as being a weak guy who cannot protect those he cares about. Yep.


Since this is the second to last episode, we need to tie up loose threats.  Nayoung broods in her room about the police investigator’s questions.  The investigator had mused that the accident was weird since usually these freak car accidents result in the driver sustaining less injuries than the passenger as the driver unconsciously swerves to protect him or herself…But, here, the driver ended up in a critical condition as if she was protecting the passenger.


The next day, the doctor tells Yookyung and Gyungwan that Sejin’s kidney is functioning at 20%.  She needs a kidney transplant.  Yookyung, Gyungwan and Hwi-Kyung get tested for compatibility but they all are not a match.


Yookyung screams that she will save Sejin and goes to beg Giwan to get tested.  He answers that he will after he gets permission from his wife and daughters.  Yookyung sees through his words and marches out.

Yookyung then meets with Nayoung and demands that Nayoung save Sejin.  OMG this woman.  The worst type – you know, the ones that only think of themselves and their family?  Yeah, no pity for her suffering.

Nayoung grimaces and agrees but Hwi-Kyung interrupts.  He tells her not to do it.  But Nayoung answers that a test doesn’t guarantee anything.

Nayoung goes to visit Sejin who is awake.  She asks Sejin why Sejin turned the handle in the direction where the passenger is saved at the expense of the driver.  Sejin sighs that it was unconscious and not for Nayoung’s benefit.

But when Nayoung leaves, Sejin has a flashback to the accident…Prior to the accident, she had overheard her mother tell the hitman to create a minor accident that would scare Nayoung.


Of course, Nayoung is found to be a match and Gyungwan calls her out to ask her to donate her kidney.  In contrast, Hwi-Kyung meets Nayoung at her house to tell her not to do the transplant.


As Sejin becomes critical, Nayoung is called in by the police.  The officer in charge notes that from Nayoung’s car’s rear camera, the car was following Nayoung from her house…. It was as if someone had deliberately targetted Nayoung but did not realize Sejin would drive.

Nayoung walks out in a daze where Hwi-Kyung meets her.  He knows what she must have heard and tells her not to forgive any of them.


Yookyung calls Nayoung out and demands to know why she isn’t donating her kidney.  She even has the audacity to ask why Nayoung pretended to agree to donate.

Nayoung snaps back that she has no responsibility toward Sejin.  She also blames Yookyung of killing her mother before planning this car accident.  It’s Yookyung’s fault that Sejin is hurt.

Yookyung realizes that she’s been found out and falls to her knees.  She begins to sob and begs Nayoung to save Sejin.

Nayoung snaps that Yookyung only cries when she feels that she would benefit from it.  She gets up to leave when Yookyung grabs her leg.

From the ground, Yookyung confesses to lying…She confesses that she had been afraid of Gyungwan leaving her.  So she had begged Eunhae to leave the family alone…She had offered to compensate Eunhae to keep it a secret but Eunhae had refused and walked off.  It was then that Eunhae got into the accident… She was tempted when Eunhae was on the ground and dying.  Then she gave in to her temptation and left Eunhae to die, which was when Eunhae got the earring.

Yookyung sobs that she will repent her whole life if Nayoung would save Sejin.  Nayoung gives Yookyung a scathing look of disgust before walking away into the rain.


The long night passes and both Sejin and Nayoung are wheeled into surgery.  Yookyung is following Sejin when the police arrive to arrest Yookyung for the charge of aiding and assulting the attempted murder of Dohee.

Gyungwan stares at Yookyung in disbelief.  Yookyung walks away with the police willingly after telling Gyungwan not to forgive her.

In a voiceover, we hear that Yookyung gets 3 years in prison for her attempt at assulting Dohee and assulting Sejin.


Time jump to 5 months later.  Sejin is healed.

Sejin and Gyungwan visit Dohee and Saebyul’s memorial  But, Sejin does not remember either of the two.  Gyungwan explains that Dohee was his daughter and Saebyul his granddaughter.  Sejin happily asks if she knew Saebyul as she would have loved such a cute child.

Gyungwan smiles that she did…As if.

Then on the car ride back, we find out that Gyungwan and everyone are lying to Sejin.  They told her that her mother was studying abroad.


Yookyung is sporting jail clothes while Hwi-Kyung visits his murderous step-sister. Gah, this is why when you’re marrying, you have to look at the family.  If there are bad apples, run away…For the whole tree might be corrupted.

Yookyung muses that she misses Sejin before asking about Nayoung.  Her only remorse is to ask about Nayoung before noting that she has nothing to say.  Yeah, how about apologizing for being a psychopath?

She does pause before going back into jail cell to tell Hwi-Kyung to pursue Nayoung since Nayoung saved Sejin.  what about because the two supposedly love each other?


Gyungwan also visits Hwi-Kyung to tell him that Nayoung returns that weekend.  Gyungwan suggests that Hwi-Kyung go to pick up Nayoung.


Off on the side, Geum-Bong gives birth to twins.

After much brooding, Hwi-Kyung goes to the airport.  But just as he’s about to call for Nayoung, he sees Taejoon run up to her.  Frowning, Hwi-Kyung turns away.

We hear that Nayoung met Taejoon on the plane because his company sent him off for additional study?  In what I wonder since this is the genius that took 5 years to complete a normally 2 year MBA program…

They part happily.


Just then Sejin rushes into the airport.  She runs into Taejoon and is about to run in when she pauses.  She walks around him and then asks if they know each other.

Taejoon smiles that he does know her.  Sejin laughs that she lost her memory as an after effect of her surgery. Pulling out a business card, she tells him to call her before running off.

Sejin’s goal is to meet with Nayoung, whom she also doesn’t remember. Sejin happily prattles that her father missed the bus and sent her instead.

Nayoung smiles and thanks Sejin for coming out but apologizes that she’s waiting for someone.  Sejin takes it graciously and smiles that she can go after the guy she ran into earlier – whom, she’s sure that she knows.

Nayoung realizes that it’s Taejoon and bids her to go quickly.


Taejoon meets up with Hwi-Kyung and calls out.  He tells Hwi-Kyung to hurry up and go inside since Nayoung is waiting for him.  Hwi-Kyung doesn’t need any other pushes.


Hwi-Kyung leaves as Sejin runs over and extends her hand to Taejoon.


Hwi-Kyung finds that Nayoung has left the waiting area.  He walks around in frustrated circles when Nayoung appears at the area that he bumped into her in the past.  She berates him for making her wait and Hwi-Kyung thanks her for not getting over him.


And, this is over.  I have decided that while KBS daily dramas usually do better in Korean viewership ratings, I’m going to try giving SBS or MBC a chance for my next daily drama series that I recap.  Why?  There is a condition that plagues all of the KBS daily dramas that I watch.  They begin to drag at one point, which makes me lose my emotional connection. But I digress.


Heaven’s Promise did a good job in not meandering off of its main premise – Nayoung’s revenge.  While other dramas sometimes forget the plot in the middle or become another drama, this one did well in focusing on the main story.  On the flip side, it ran out of ideas at one point so it began to drag.


This is another mixed bag.  Some of the side characters like Mr. and Mrs. Baek were given a lot of depth during their short screen appearances.  Thus, one could see how they are dealing with multiple different motives and emotions.  Their deicisons made sense.  In contrast, some main characters like Yookyung fell flat.


Yookyung was such a 2D antagonist. She started out as an insecure woman who only lived for her daughter and husband.  Throughout the whole drama, you knew that she did everything for them.  Yet, the whole 102 episodes rarely gave her depth.  The only time that Yookyung faltered in her “I-MUST-PROTECT-SEJIN” mindset was when Youngsook was involved.  Yet, even the character pause that Youngsook gave Yookyung was shallow.  Yookyung’s character screamed “I AM THE ANTAGONIST.” That was it.


Ah, Nayoung finally gets some good makeup without looking too strong as she had when she played Dohee.  It only took 102 episodes.  But, Nayoung’s character actually developed during this series which I really appreciated.  She began as this really frustrating single-minded needy woman into someone who could stop her mother-in-law from slapping her.


One thing that I really love about revenge dramas is that you see the main character grow, stumble and grow even more.  Here, Nayoung grew a backbone.  She turned into a revenge seeking sociopath.  But then, she found her humanity and reorganized her priorities once Sejin got hurt.  She was willing to overcome the fact that Sejin killed Saebyul and donate her kidney.  Then, she was willing to return to Hwi-Kyung, which was a huge sacrifice.  Returning to Hwi-Kyung and accepting him means accepting his crazy psychopathic family with all of its faults.  The drama did use the tropes of accident, amnesia and time jumps to achieve the final character development.  But, since we are so invested in Nayoung, I’ll take it for closure.

Sejin was also a bit stagnant as a character once she turned evil.  Prior to turning evil, it was fun to watch Sejin go from this haughty heiress who could stand up for herself into someone head over heels for a guy.  She seemed so real even with her faults that I wondered if I would learn to hate her…


But then… The drama used the sniveling self-pitying card over and over and over again.  Suddenly, Sejin fell into this character whose sole purpose was to annoy the readers so that we would root for Nayoung.  In that, the drama succeeded.  Whereas, Sejin began as a girl who wanted to take over Baekdo in her own right, she ended up being this girl who did notthing but pity herself and whine over Taejoon.  This felt so flat…Sejin acted irrationally and her motives were unclear for why she was being so annoying other than that she was Antagonist Female 2.

Sejin’s character got rehabilitated in the last arc but it was clear that it was just so that they could tie up loose ends.

As for the men, neither Taejoon or Hwi-Kyung were particularly memorable in this drama.  Neither of their characters made me swoon continuously or squeal.  They were just their to hate or to exist as Male Lead 1 who is destined to be with Nayoung.  As such, since the night is pretty late, I’m going to move on.


If I was not watching any other daily drama, I would watch this.  It had some really fun elements (the revenge) which can help blow off steam without really having to use one’s mind.  It was also simple and reliable in that I knew sooner or later, there would be cathartic revenge.  It took until the last 20 or so episodes for the revenge but we got it.  Yet, it was not a drama that I would recommend going out of my way to watch.  Had there been more chemistry (I felt the chemistry between Dohee and Hwi-Kyung was pretty good but not Nayoung and Hwi-Kyung) or if at least one male lead was memorable, I might have given it a higher score.  But alas, we have to continue our search for an amazing daily drama.


The Promise 96-100

The subarc of retribution.



Hwi-Kyung is called in for additional questioning as a witness.  But, he immediately demands to know who ordered Taejoon to do it.  Taejoon stays silent so Hwi-Kyung asks for some privacy from the police.

Alone, Hwi-Kyung grabs Taejoon and orders that Taejoon tell the truth. He asks why Taejoon won’t tell the truth.  Taejoon growls back that Hwi-Kyung can tell the truth just like him but he won’t.  Hwi-Kyung won’t blame Yookyung either because they both have too much to lose.  Yookyung can very well become the new chairman and if she does, Taejoon will be freed.


Everyone scrambles before Yookyung finally visits Taejoon.  Taejoon demands that Yookyung get him out or else.  Yookyung bristles and asks if he’s threatening her.  Taejoon smirks that he wouldn’t dare but she should remember that he won’t die alone.  Yookyung’s response is to tell him that she’s telling Sejin that Taejoon left on a business trip.


Later, Giwan stops by to check on Sejin.  He tells Yookyung that he’s not sure why he feels this way either.  But, he feels that Sejin reminds him of himself.  Yookyung tells him to leave and when Sejin rolls herself out, she also quickly tells her mom to kick Giwan out.

Giwan leaves but only after Gyungwan comes home.  Giwan politely apologizes for visiting so late.  He lies that he was only visiting Gyungwan but was surprised to find that Gyungwan was not home.


Nayoung also visits and flames the fire.  Giwan asks what Nayoung wants from him.

She demurely answers that she wants him to be there for Sejin when Gyungwan throws her away…After all, Gyungwan’s own biological daughter died because of Sejin.  To sweeten the deal, she tells Giwan that Yookyung is about to become the chairman of Baekdo.


Her trap set, Nayoung goes home to find Gyungwan waiting for her on the steps.  He hands her a bag.  Inside, there’s a box with the watch (or a copy) of the watch he gave her when he first brought young Nayoung home as well as dress.

The accompanying letter explains that he doesn’t expect her to accept him as a father.  But he does hope that she would just become happy.


The next day, a shareholder’s meeting opens to vote on the new chairman.  Hwi-Kyung is about to win when Nayoung appears as the representative of An Sungju who holds 3% of equity.  She hands over Sungju’s vote, which is for Yookyung and Yookyung wins by 0.5%.

Unbeknownst to the main family, Giwan was in the back of the room and he smiles hearing that Yookyung became the new chairwoman.


As the deciding shareholder, Nayoung gets a private meeting with Yookyung.  She asks for a position under Yookyung.


Hwi-Kyung meets Nayoung in the lobby and demands to know why she betrayed him.  Nayoung responds that he shouldn’t act like a child – she made a practical decision to choose the ambitious Yookyung over the naive but kind Hwi-Kyung.  Then she walks off without looking back.


Line. Hook.

When Yookyung walks to her car, Giwan ambushes her with flowers.  He also drags her to his car with the musing that she should just give him some of her time lest other people see this awkward scene.  She quietly walks over to his car as Gyungwan sees them.

Gyungwan tries calling Yookyung to ask where she is.  Of course, she lies that she’s out for a meal with some of the directors.


The truth of their relationship comes out in the car ride.  Giwan sighs that he should have just married Yookyung despite his parents disapproval because of Yookyung’s father marrying her friend.  Yookyung interrupts him to shut up as she sees through him.


That night, Gyungwan waits for Yookyung to return.  Then he asks if Yookyung is hiding anything from him.  She denies it.

So, Gyungwan tells her that he met with Taejoon and Taejoon reported about how she threatened to set up a scandal between him and Nayoung if Taejoon did not help.


Yookyung visits Taejoon in jail the next day and the two threaten each other.  Yookyung threatens to let Taejoon rot in jail while Taejoon threatens that he has dirt on her, which would make her lose her position.


Yookyung moves.  Suddenly, there are investigators looking through Taejoon’s office.  They confront Taejoon with evidence that $5 million missing from the accounts that ended up in Manjung’s accounts.  Taejoon screams that Yookyung had ordered him but the investigators don’t believe him.


Gyungwan visits Yookyung to give her an opportunity to confess.  She does not.

Time passes and it’s time for Yookyung’s appointment ceremony.  Simultaneously, Giwan stands up and bows in front of a press conference.

Yookyung gives her speech about how she will do her best while a secretary wheels Sejin toward a room…

Meanwhile, Giwan announces that he is about to reveal a personal secret that weighed heavily on his heart.

Back in Baekdo, Nayoung walks up and contragulates Yookyung.  She asks if she can play a video message of the shareholder who wanted to congratulate Yookyung.  Yookyung smiles graciously and agrees.

Suddenly, the projector plays Giwan’s confession that he loved a woman once.  However, his parents disapproved.  He continues as he wipes away fake tears that his child came and found him recently…He wants to now claim her.

Yookyung screams to turn off the projector but Gyungwan yells for no one to move.  Sejin is wheeled in and Giwan proudly announces that she is his daughter.  The reporters turn to Sejin, who tries to wheel herself out.  But then she falls.

Before anyone can help her, Sejin gets up.  She screams at everyone not to follow her and walks out.

Yookyung screams at Gyungwan that she’s being framed.  But Gyungwan stops her.

In the background, the video continues.  Except, its a recording of Yookyung ordering Taejoon to frame Hwi-Kyung.  She continues to order him to create a slush fund.  Taejoon is seen asking Yookyung if she knows that she’s ordering him to embezzle the funds.  She confirms and tells him to keep it a secret from Gyungwan.

Gyungwan stares at Yookyung with disgust before walking out.  Yookyung rushes to slap Nayoung but is stopped by Hwi-Kyung.  Minutes later, the investigators barge in to arrest Yookyung.


Then Hwi-Kyung finds Nayoung on the roof.  He isn’t really grateful.  He snarls that he doesn’t appreciate her show.

Nayoung answers that she wanted to make sure that Yookyung would lose all of her support and never threaten him again.  She also adds that her show is not completely finished.

Hwi-Kyung asks if this isn’t being too harsh on Gyungwan.  But, Nayoung calmly answers that it was the truth.  He owuld have had to find out sooner or later.

At the same time, Sejin calls her dad who is in his car in the garage.  She finds him but does not try to reach out when she sees that he’s sobbing.


Instead, Sejin barges in to Giwan’s office and shouts that he has no right to claim her as his daughter.

Giwan yells back that he’s a victim as well.  He is losing so much since he owned up too the relationship and parentage right before Yookyung gets arrested.   Sighing loudly, Giwan berates her family where both the mother-in-law and son-in-law are criminals.

The last part about Taejoon surprises Sejin.

Sejin immediately goes to visit Taejoon to apologize.  However, Taejoon does not even look at Sejin at first.  He tells her that it’s over so she better steel her heart.

That night, Gyungwan calls Nayoung over to his office and tries to be a father for the first time in like two decades.  He asks if Nayoung loves Hwi-Kyung and tells her not to lose Hwi-Kyung.  He also promises to divorce Yookyung.

Nayoung doesn’t fall into her father’s arms.  She just tells him that it’s too late.  They have come so far that they can not be happy together.


Lest we pity Sejin, she’s off drinking again.  She bitterly lashes out at her father that she’s not his daughter.  But when she drunkenly tries to get up to her room and falls, he’s there to help her up.  Gyungwan helps Sejin into her room before telling her to get some rest.


The next day, Gyungwan calls an emergency meeting to depose of Yookyung as the chairperson as Sejin goes into the police station to testify in front of Yookyung that she (Sejin) heard her mother order Taejoon to frame Hwi-Kyung and embezzle the funds.

Alas, Sejin’s fate is always to be one step behind Nayoung.  When Taejoon walks out, he runs into Nayoung first.  He thanks her for getting him out but she corrects him that it was Sejin.

After Nayoung walks in, Sejin runs up all hovering over Taejoon.


Nayoung goes into visit Yookyung.  She asks Yookyung what Yookyung did to her mother.

Yookyung lies that Eunhae found her and threatened to tell Gyungwan about Sejin’s parentage if Yookyung did not pay her.  She adds that she even kneeled in front of Eunhae to beg Eunhae to leave her family alone.  But Eunhae was not deterred…In the fight that ensued, Eunhae ended up having Yookyungs earring.

Nayoung repeats that Eunhae threatned Yookyung for money.  She shouts that she would never believe such a preposterous lie…and warns that she would have stopped if Yookyung had just confessed.


Even though Sejin begs Taejoon to stay, he packs up and leaves.  Hwi-Kyung follows him out and demands that Taejoon take responsibility for Sejin.  He even accuses Taejoon of using Sejin’s pain for revenge on Yookyung.

Taejoon smirks that Hwi-Kyung is right.  He can no longer live with Yookyung and this is the only way he can hurt Yookyung.  The boys tense as if Hwi-Kyung will sock Taejoon but then Gyungwan separates them and dismisses Taejoon.

While Hwi-Kyung becomes the next chairman, Taejoon tenders his resignation.


Yookyung gets out on bail and is picked up by Gyungwan.  He takes her to a river and asks once more if she killed Eunhae.

Yookyung denies it and Gyungwan hands her a divorce application.  Without another word, he walks out and Yookyung runs after him to beg him to change his mind.  Gyungwan tells her that he’s tired of the lies and hands her a USB drive before pulling away.

The USB?  It’s the video where Youngsook acuses Yookyung of killing Eunhae since Eunhae found out about Sejin’s secret the day she died…Gyungwan comes home to pack and we see a flash back.  Nayoung had given him the USB and told him about how Eunhae had been found dying while holding Yookyung’s earring.


The punishments keep coming.  Since Yookyung had put up her house as collateral to borrow money for buying more Baekdo shares…Nayoung had called in the debt and Yookyung did not have any cash to pay it back.  Suddenly, the government officials come in to kick Yookyung out of the house as the house has been taken over by a new owner.


Yookyung demands a meeting with the loan shark and is granted it.  But Nayoung keeps Yookyung waiting for thirty minutes before appearing.  When she sees Nayoung, Yookyung realizes that she fell into another trap and gets up to leave growling that she will make Nayoung pay for this.


Having no one else to turn to, Yookyung tells Hwi-Kyung that Nayoung is taking their house.  Hwi-Kyung assumes that this is all part of Nayoung’s revenge and accuses her of being a cruel and heartless person.  He offers to pay Yookyung’s debt but Nayoung refuses his offer.  She explains that the house has already a new owner.


While Taejoon returns to his life by finding a job at a construction site, Sejin falls further.  She gets drunk to the point where the bartender refuses to give her more alcohol.

Then when a reporter comes along to ask Sejin questions about whether she will change her last time, Sejin reacts defensively.  Luckily for her, Yookyung walks in before Sejin can assult the reporter.  Yookyung sees the reporter push Sejin away and Sejin fall.  She rushes over to her precious daughter and slaps the reporter before throwing him money for the broken camera.

The reporter leaves and Yookyung tells Sejin to get up.  Sejin fights with her tears and then screams at her mother that it was all Yookyung’s fault.  Yookyung never treated Taejoon as a human so it was inevitable for Taejoon to leave her.  Sejin stumbles up and leaves.


That night, Mr. Baek tells Nayoung to leave for a little while.  He suggests that she goes for additional studying.

Nayoung refuses saying that she cannot go yet.  But Mr. Baek gets up disappointed.  He tells her that if she were really his daughter, she would not have let her life get ruined by revenge.  Ah, but Mr. Baek…Revenge on those deserved is so sweet.


That night, Yookyung finds Sejin asleep after taking sleeping pills.  She checks Sejin’s phone to find that the call log only shows unanswered calls to Taejoon… The world’s tiniest violin plays for the girl who did nothing in her life except throws tantrums.  Someone send this girl to a refugee camp or something.  Then she will feel real fatigue and fall asleep.


The next day, Yookyung goes to visit Giwan who is no longer happy to see her.  He grumbles that he lost so much money because of his press conference now that his ex-wife is recalculating the divorce settlement.  But then Yookyung zones in on Giwan’s complaint that this was all because of Sejin’s aunt urging him to claim Sejin.


At the same time, Mr. Baek goes to visit Hwi-Kyung.  He hands over an envelope that has the deed to the house – it’s under Hwi-Kyung’s name. Hwi-Kyung is speechless.

Mr. Baek laughs that Dohee asked for the favor and Hwi-Kyung can repay him by being nice to Dohee.


Sejin is late again when she gets a call from her private investigator about Taejoon’s whereabouts.  Nayoung had just found him and was checking on why he was working at the construction site.


When Nayoung returns home, Sejin is waiting for her.  Sejin grabs Nayoung and shoves Nayoung into her own car as a passenger.  Then Sejin steps on it driving crazily somewhere…with a random car following – the driver of which who reports to Yookyung.

Sejin acts like a psychopath accelerating and not letting Nayoung call anyone.  But even as Sejin announces that Nayoung won’t get what she (Sejin) cannot have, the following car accelerates and cuts them off.  Sejin saw it coming but ends up swering nonetheless…The girls hit a pole.


As Nayoung and Sejin remain unconscious, the driver of the other car calls Yookyung to report that the work is done… He confirms that it was Nayoung’s car and Nayoung was driving.


Huh.  I was not expecting that.  And by “that” I mean two things.  First, I was not expecting to feel bad for Sejin.  She is such a spoiled little princess, but I don’t feel like she deserves kdrama death.  Rather, it would have been nice to send her on a kdrama volunteer stint or something so that she realizes how spoiled she is…

The other “that” was I was not expecting the drama to use the car accident of death or a hitman.  By the way that daily dramas go, you would think that hiring a hit man is so easy in Korea. One call and suddenly, a man is willing to stage a car accident?  The city is filled with traffic cameras.  How could the other car (driver and license plate) not get photographed on one of the many traffic cameras?  Not to mention, all of the other cars disappeared all of a sudden.  If two cars were driving so crazily in real life, you would think the other cars would stop to check on the victims.

Eh, but we digress. Almost to the end! And, the revenge?  Yes, the revenge seemed to be packed into this one episode.  But, it was satisfying!


The Promise 91-95

Sejin meets with her biological father.  Gyungman finds out about Nayoung.  And, Sejin throws another tantrum which buys her time with Gyungwan and Taejoon.



The music turns meloncholy so we know we should be ready to sob.  Hwi-Kyung apologizes that he cannot do more and walks out, leaving Nayoung to fall on the ground sobbing.  If the drama had been well made, I would be feeling tears threaten to fall.  But, I feel nothing.

Instead, Gyungwan shows up and sees Nayoung crying.  He asks her why she’s there and his presence forces Nayoung to get up and calm down.


Yookyung visits Mr. Baek to tell him that Dohee is having an affair with her son-in-law.  As evidence, she notes that Dohee  never filed the marriage certificate and Taejoon confessed to having romantic feelings for Dohee.

Nayoung arrives at that moment and Yookyung leaves.  Mr. Baek demands to know the truth.  Nayoung stutters an apology and begins to confess the truth when Mrs. Baek rushes in.  She quickly tells Mr. Baek that it’s because Dohee looks like Taejoon’s first love.  That’s it.

In the face of her second adoptive mother, Nayoung is forced to wait to confess her true identity for another day.


That evening, the Jang residence is in an uproar.  Youngsook wants to discuss Giman’s picture on a magazine with Sejin.  But, Yookyung sees it and snatches the magazine in a huff.

Then, a confrontation occurs in Yookyung’s room.  Nayoung pretends to go about her duties when Yookyung begins to slap Nayoung.  After two slaps, Nayoung stops her.

Yookyung crazily asks Nayoung if she remembers.  Nayoung answers that she would never forget how Yookyung treated a child of 12.  The two talk honestly.  Yookyung asks what Nayoung wants and Nayoung answers that she wants Yookyung to return her dead mother and daughter…The two that Yookyung killed.  The last part was screamed out with tears before Nayoung walks out.

Nayoung manages to rush into her room before the tears come.  She’s sobbing when Youngsook interrupts and Hwi-Kyung also comes home.  Hwi-Kyung takes Nayoung to the garden where he asks why she hasn’t left.

Nayoung tells him the truth.  She is not finished as when her mother died…She died clutching Yookyung’s earring.  That means that Yookyung was at the scene of her mother’s death.  She also adds as the tears come that Eunhae was killed on the day that she found out the truth about Sejin…Yookyung could have killed Eunhae to keep the secret.

Hwi-Kyung is shocked by the news but only asks what Nayoung expects from him.  Nayoung falls into tears and begs him for more time…She needs more time at his house under his cover.


Later, Hwi-Kyung calls Nayoung out.  She tells him that he was right and she will let him go.  But suddenly and for no reason, Hwi-Kyung pulls her into an embrace.  With random romantic music going on, Hwi-Kyung tells her that she does not have to leave.  He will help her through her trials and tribulations – until the very end.  They kiss.  And, we are left wondering about Hwi-Kyung’s emotional whims.


The next day, Nayoung continues her revenge.  She was waiting for Giman in his office and introduces herself as Jang Sejin.  Giman seems to not remember agreeing to an interview until he hears her name.

They begin the interview but Nayoung begins with noting that there are rumors about Giman being a womanizer.  Giman immediately trashes her business card and ends the interview.  He tells his secretary that the reporter is leaving.  But, Nayoung continues that he should remember Yookyung Park.

Giman pauses as he remembers and asks if she’s Yookyung’s daughter.  Nayoung laughs that she actually is Jang Sejin’s aunt…but, Sejin is Yookyung’s daughter.


Gyungwan ponders how he found Nayoung at Dohee’s memorial and decides to call her out for lunch with Sejin. Nayoung continues to drop hints about her background by noting that she’s allergic to shrimp…Just like Gyungwan is.

When Nayoung goes to the bathroom, Sejin follows to harass her.  Nayoung isn’t phased.  Instead, she tells Sejin that she has a gift for her…A paper with Giman’s name and phone number.


Next thing we know, Sejin is meeting Giman.  He walks in and smirks that he recognizes her as his biological child.  He asks her what she wants…The other illegitimate children before her wanted money.  However, he knows that Sejin does not need financial support.  He muses that it might be Yookyung.

Sejin fumes with anger.  She tosses her cup of water at him before biting out that she wanted to find a man but she found an animal.  Declaring that he’s not her father, she leaves after Giman laughs that she’s just like Yookyung.


Nayoung told Yookyung about the meeting so she rushes over to Giman’s office.  She demands to know what he did to Sejin.

Giman placidly answers that he actually was polite to Sejin.  He knew that Sejin was his daughter through her. So he didn’t even ask for a DNA test like the other children.  But, he’s not sure what Sejin wanted out of the meeting.  He thought Yookyung had sent her.

When Yookyung is surprised, he tells her to ask Sejin’s aunt.


Cue another confrontation at home.  Do these women do anything but fight?

Nayoung answers Yookyung’s accusations with the note that she only wanted to help her neice find someone.  Yookyung stomps over to the closet.  She throws all of Nayoung’s clothes on the bed and demands that Nayoung leaves.

Nayoung laughs that she would happily leave if Nayoung tells Gyungwan the truth about everything. Yookyung continues to freak out as Hwi-Kyung enters.  He tells Yookyung to calm down.  This manages to get Yookyung to leave but calmness isn’t obtained.

Nayoung asks Hwi-Kyung if he’s disappointed in her.  Hwi-Kyung sighs that he isn’t happy with her but he understands. Ya think? You have a psychopathic sister…Who wouldn’t want revenge on the sociopath?


Sejin turns to alochol to dull her pain from meeting her slimey biological father.  She stumbles home drunk where Yookyung tries to comfort her daughter.  Yookyung denies that Giman is Sejin’s biological father.

But Sejin just lashes back out.  She asks how her mother could have loved such a baseless man…She notes that she would have rather preferred a gangster or a beggar…Then she falls to the ground crying that it’s all her mother’s fault.  Yookyung should have kept it a secret until she died… Because, poor, poor, little rich girl who lived a sheltered life without knowing poverty or war?


Meanwhile, Gyungwan calls Taejoon out for drinks.  He asks if Taejoon still sees Nayoung in Dohee because he’s starting to do the same thing.  He also confesses that he’s going to resign soon as he finds no happiness in life.

Taejoon takes another gulp of his whiskey.  Then he apologizes for not telling Gyungwan earlier that Nayoung is still alive – Dohee is actually Nayoung.

Gyungwan laughs that Taejoon is drunk already.  But Taejoon insists that it’s the truth.

Gyungwan grabs Taejoon’s collars and asks why Taejoon is telling him now.  Taejoon stutters that it’s because he sinned against Nayoung.  Then Taejoon calls Nayoung to warn her that he told Gyungwan the truth.


Just in time! Minutes later, Gyungwan barges into Hwi-Kyung’s room where Nayoung is snuggled up against Hwi-Kyung.  Gyungwan awkwardly apologizes but then asks for a moment with Dohee.

Hwi-Kyung leaves and Gyungwan asks if Dohee is Nayoung.


Nayoung answers that she is not as Gyungwan and his family killed her.  Gyungwan falls to his knees sobbing as Nayoung screams back that he does not deserve to feel relief that she’s alive…Because Dohee was also his daughter…her twin sister.

Gyungwan is stricken with shock.  He repeats after her about Dohee being her twin.  Nayoung repeats herself that Gyungwan should leave and just focus on being Sejin’s father.


Sejin hears all this from behind the door and goes back to her pity party.  Because even though her adoptive father is still alive and nothing has really changed in her life, she decides that her biological father’s rejection of her is the end of the world.


The next day, Gyungwan tells Hwi-Kyung to divorce Nayoung.  He plans to put Nayoung on his official family registry.  Hwi-Kyung refuses.


Gyungwan also calls out Nayoung and apologizes for not recognizing her earlier.  Nayoung responds that he shouldn’t expect that she would treat him as a father.  She still has stuff to settle with his family.  She tells him not to call her name.  If he wants her forgiveness, he can show his sincerity by divorcing Yookyung.


As Gyungwan tells Sejin and Yookyung that he plans to welcome Nayoung as his daughter, Nayoung storms into Taejoon’s office screaming at him for telling Gyungwan.  He confesses that he told Gyungwan because he couldn’t stand seeing Hwi-Kyung with her.

Nayoung calms down.  She quietly warns Taejoon to focus on Sejin as Sejin will soon lose her father.  Just as Nayoung says this, Sejin walks in and Nayoung leaves.


Hwi-Kyung takes Nayoung to the river and asks her to flee abroad with him.  But Nayoung tells him that he doesn’t have to suffer any longer. In her mind, she decides to let him go.  The music changes to a pensive melody implying that we should feel bad for the two, but again, the emotions are not there.


Nayoung’s next move is to pre-emptively tell Mr. Baek the truth.  She kneels in front of him and apologizes for lying to him.  As Mr. Baek does not understand the situation, Nayoung continues that she’s Dohee’s twin.

Mr. Baek takes this as expected.  He falls into his chair with shock.  Even though Mrs. Baek is there and tries to comfort him with the knowledge that Dohee would have died anyways in six months, Mr. Baek dismisses both Mrs. Baek and Nayoung.

As Nayoung struggles over the guilt of misleading Mr. Baek, Sejin decides that she has been quiet for too long.  She barges into Nayoung’s room and declares that she will lose nothing to Nayoung.  Her decision?  She throws herself off the stairs.


Gotta give the girl credit that she sure has determination.  Sejin is taken to the hospital where the doctor announces that due to the accident, Sejin lost the use of her right leg.  Yookyung immediately blames Nayoung for paralyzing Sejin.

Sejin continues her strategy by screaming when Yookyung and Gyungwan enter her hospital room.  She demands that they throw Nayoung out.  Even though Gyungwan looks guilty about abandoning Nayoung, he just asks Nayoung to understand Sejin.


Sejin’s determination seems to unnerve Nayoung who begins to go into self-reflection mode.  She wanders through the streets in a daze and dramatic music plays.  Hwi-Kyung tries to call Nayoung after seeing Sejin but she ignores him.


Nayoung finds resolution in the decision to end her revenge.  She bids a sleeping Youngsook goodbye.  Then, as she walks out the garden, Hwi-Kyung runs into her.  Nayoung offers him her hand and bids him to live well – she will protect Sejin’s secret like he is going to…which means that they can never be together.

When Nayoung walks out, Eun-Bong is there.  She grabs Nayoung’s luggage and welcomes her home.  Of course, Malsook and Geum-Bong are just as overjoyed for Nayoung to return.


At the same time at the Baek residence, Mrs. Baek continues to plead for Dohee.  She begs him to forgive Nayoung as Nayoung was a present from Dohee.  She also cries that she cannot live without Nayoung but Mr. Baek isn’t moved.


At the same time, Sejin returns home.  Youngsook runs out when she sees Sejin and tells Yookyung about how she knows the truth – Sejin tossed herself off the stairs.  Yookyung doesn’t question Youngsook.  But, she warns Youngsook to keep it to herself.


Sejin achieved her goals.  All of a sudden, Taejoon is fawning over his paralyzed wife again.  He even decides to go to work late so that he can spend time with Sejin.

Later, Mr. Baek and Nayoung run into each other at the memorial.  Nayoung tries to the run away but Mr. Baek stops her.  He asks about Saebyul and notes that Mrs. Baek misses her.  Then, he confesses that he might take more time to forgive her but he misses her…He asks her to return home.


Nayoung decides to return to her adoptive parents.  As she backs her stuff, she realizes that she left her watch at the Jang residence.  So, she returns back and sees Sejin walking to pick up a cal from Gyungwan.  Nayoung freezes as she realizes that she was duped.  The revenge is back on!


Nayoung visits Giman to discuss how much of a great child Sejin is.  She explains that she came over to let him know how Sejin was hurt.


That night, Hwi-Kyung views the video that was on the USB that Nayoung had kept.  Before she moved out, Youngsook had taken it in her childish naivete.  Then after Nayoung left, she gave it to Hwi-Kyung so that Nayoung would return to him.

The video? It’s the one where Youngsook and Yookyung fight over the DNA report and Youngsook is flung against the wall.  He frowns and decides to take Baekdo from her.


An interesting development occurs when Yookyung goes home that night.  As she checks on Sejin and they talk, Sejin drops her book.  Sejin asks Yookyung to pick up the book, which Yookyung sighs that Sejin can pick it up herself.  Sejin just pouts that she always has to be careful since she has not achieved her goal. Oh ho! Yookyung knew.


The plot continues to move along as the distributor CEO who gave Hwi-Kyung the gold trophy returns home.  Nayoung sees this and calls the police, who manage to arrest the guy.

Of course, somehow Yookyung heard about this and called the police to report that it was all Taejoon’s doing.  She also tells him to take the fault and she will reward him.


One thing that I felt in this episode was the depth of Mrs. Baek’s character.  She’s a character that we don’t see as often in dramas.  Unfortunate that she was more of a side character.  A proud and capable woman who has her quirks.  She was the capable wife and owner of the restaurant franchise who loved her daughter.  She is human as she tossed out Nayoung when she found out the truth.  But, she’s also human enough to run after Nayoung in slippers and beg her to return… The fact that this episode highlighted how such a strong woman who would do anything for her children such finding Giman Lee and buying up enough Baekdo shares to become a swingvote equity member would have a vulnerability – Dohee/Nayoung was subtle but appreciated.  Mrs. Baek survived her loveless marriage because of Dohee.  Then when she lost Dohee, she managed to survive because Dohee’s twin Nayoung was there… There was a reason for Mrs. Baek to march on as she could help Nayoung get revenge on the Jangs for Dohee’s death.  Now that Mr. Baek is rejecting her “daughter”, it’s understandable that she would want her husband to accept Nayoung just as she has.

Similarly, I felt myself moved by Mr. Baek’s emotional roller coaster in this subarc.  The drama actually was pretty brief about it.  But, the scene in front of the memorial was poignant.  Mr. Baek is so human as he asks about Nayoung’s dead daughter…Because after all Nayoung is his own adopted daughter’s twin.  In a way, he would feel kinship.  Additionally, he is clear that he has not forgiven Nayoung.  Yet, he asks her to return home as he misses her.  That dialogue where he basically tells Nayoung about how he’s still hurting but he’s conflicted on how he feels about her was well written… I could feel his frustration.  His anger about not knowing that the girl who raised was dead…But, the hope that he feels when he sees his daughter’s face on her twin who is with them…and whom he lived with… How can he separate the warring emotions of betrayal and hope that Nayoung would represent? Especially, when he’s greiving?

As for the plot, a much faster subarc than the last arc.  We are racing to probably the last two recaps… And if this was my first time around with this series, I would actually be pleasantly wondering how they are going to wrap up the series!

The Promise 86-90

Things continue to move as Nayoung returns to the Jang residence after Yookyung almost kills Youngsook in a fight over the DNA report stating that Sejin is not Gyungwan’s daughter.  When Sejin realizes that Nayoung is about to tell Gyungwan about her paternity, she resorts to desperate tactics such as throwing herself in front of Nayoung’s car.  But things continue and the “family” continues to live together in a facade of happiness while everyone schemes.



Nayoung returns to the Baek residence and asks Mrs. Baek if she can return.  While, Mrs. Baek seems surprised to see Nayoung with her bags, she immediately tells Nayoung that this is her home. Of course, she’s welcome.

The warm words break Nayoung and hugs her mother who comforts her that everything will be okay.  Nayoung proceeds to go into her room and cry that she was not able to do anything but hurt Hwi-Kyung…That is until her father calls to ask why Hwi-Kyung is the subject of a bribery investigation.

Nayoung rushes to the company and promises to get to the bottom of it.  Hwi-Kyung just coldly brushes her off with the statement that it’s none of her business.

Youngsook hears about her son and confronts Yookyung.  But Yookyung denies it.  Since she’s still clear of mind, Youngsook goes for her own hidden card – the DNA test showing that Sejin is not Gyungwan’s daughter.


Nayoung then bursts into Taejoon’s office and demands to know who’s plan this is.  He tells her to leave it alone as she left Hwi-Kyung.  He also asks her to leave the revenge to him – he will bring down Yookyung if she will return to him after it.

Nayoung answers that she liked his offer until the last part and only promises to think about it.


Yookyung stops Youngsook on her way out with the DNA reports.  Youngsook demands that Yookyung put Hwi-Kyung back into his rightful place as the head of the company or Gyungwan finds out.

Youngsook also asks if Yookyung was the one who killed Eunhae since she told Eunhae the truth about Sejin’s biological father the day that Eunhae died.  Yookyung is surprised to hear where Eunhae found out the information.  But, Youngsook continues.  She only did it because she overheard Yookyung insinuate to Mr. Jang that Hwi-Kyung is Mr. Baek’s son.


Neither woman is willing to back down.  So a physical fight over the papers results.  Youngsook is thrown against the wall.

Yookyung reaches for Youngsook who is unconscious.  She backs away shaking.  But then she hides the papers and breaks a vase.  With a piece of glass, she cuts herself to make it look more like she was just a victim.

This is when Sejin arrives.  Yookyung orders that Sejin calls an ambulance.


Nayoung returns to the Jang house to protect Youngsook since Hwi-Kyung is in prison.  There, she finds a copy of the DNA report regarding her and Gyungwan in Hwi-Kyung’s jacket as well as the USB drive of a secret camera she set up in the living room.


Nayoung immediately watches the video footage, which has sound.  The video recorded Sejin ripping up the DNA test results.  But what really traumatizes Nayoung is that her mom was killed to protect Sejin’s secret.


That night, Yookyung dreams about Nayoung strangling her after accusing her of killing Eunhae to protect Sejin.  She wakes up with a gasp only to see Nayoung standing at the foot of her bed.

Nayoung smiles that she came to check in on her sister-in-law after hearing the screams.


In the morning, Sejin finds the divorce petition in her room and confronts Taejoon about it.  She threatens to never sign.  (Again, Korea only has consent divorce or fault divorce…Meaning, if Taejoon cannot prove fault, he cannot divorce Sejin.)


Nayoung goes to visit her mother-in-law who has waken up.  But, her dementia has gotten worse because of the traumatic experience.  When Yookyung visits, Youngsook tells Nayoung that Yookyung is actually a snake.  The only good of this situation is that Yookyung is completely convinced that Youngsook is no longer a threat.


Another bitter scene is when Mr. and Mrs. Baek come to visit.  Youngsook does not recognize Mrs. Baek but she does Mr. Baek.  Mrs. Baek quietly takes Nayoung out so that the two can have some time alone.  It’s sweet that she trusts her husband enough to do that sincerely and voluntarily now.


Yookyung stops by to check in on Taejoon.  She is frustrated that Hwi-Kyung got out of prison since there was not enough evidence but she agrees that Taejoon held up his end of the bargain and promises to get Sejin to let her go.

But then she asks him why he hates Sejin.  Taejoon answers that he doesn’t hate Sejin – he hates her.  And, it’s hard for him to be with Sejin as she grows more like Yookyung.  Makes sense to me.  To add to the tension, Sejin overhears this all.


Then we get a new subplot.  Yookyung finds Sejin in a bar where Sejin is off getting drunk.  She asks her mother who her real biological father is.


When Gyungwan does not come home that day, Yookyung finds him in his office drinking.  She falls to her knees and apologizes for Nayoung.  She also begs him to think of Sejin and return home.

Gyungwan is moved enough to help her get up and reluctantly pats her on her back but it’s clear he’s still hesitant.

At the same time, Sejin returns just as Taejoon is demanding that Nayoung moves out of the house again.  Sejin overhears Nayoung telling Taejoon not to take anything for granted since life can surprise you just like she’s still alive and Taejoon thanking her for being alive…calling her “Nayoung.”


Then Nayoung visits Dohee’s memorial where she sees Gyungwan and Yookyung.  She hears Yookyung apologize falsely and decides to send Gyungwan a copy of the video where Youngsook is threatening Yookyung about going to Gyungwan with the knowledge that Sejin is not Gyungwan’s daughter.

Except Gyungwan doesn’t have his cell phone.  It’s at his office and Sejin sees the message first.  She deletes the message and throws the cell phone away in the fields.


Random, Yookyung meets with a director who suggests that she compete with Hwi-Kyung for the title of CEO.  Because as a woman who has done nothing in her life, no business education or business experience, she’d be PERFECT for the position if they get enough equity support.


Sejin then goes to Taejoon and accuses him of planning betraying her with Nayoung.  She also threatens Taejoon to stop Nayoung from telling Gyungwan about how she’s not really his daughter or she will hurt Nayoung.

Meanwhile, Nayoung takes a walk in the park with her mother-in-law.  Then Youngsook asks for a cup of coffee but complains about needing a rest.  So, Nayoung tells Youngsook not to go anywhere for five minutes as she gets a cup of coffee.

But, when Nayoung returns, Youngsook has already left thinking that she has to pick up Hwi-Kyung from school. Nayoung runs around looking for Youngsook before falling in her haste.  Luckily, she gets a call that Youngsook is at home.

Hwi-Kyung sees the state that Nayoung is in as well as her scraped knees.  He patches her up lovingly making Nayoung feel even more guilty.capture888

That night, Nayoung decides to increase the pressure when she sees Yookyung and Gyungwan sharing a romantic drink.  She notes that her father’s friend just found out after 30 years that the child he thought was his was not… Gyungwan comiserates that it would be a huge betrayal which makes Yookyung shake her hand with nerves.


The next day, Sejin decides to take matters into her own hands and forces herself into Nayoung’s car.  She explains that she has something to say so the girls go to the river where Sejin first yells at Nayoung to keep her secret.  Nayoung isn’t moved so Sejin resorts to screaming that she will not leave Nayoung alone if Nayoung doesn’t keep her secret and leave Taejoon alone.


Nayoung ignores her and walks to her car.  So, Sejin grits her teeth and throws herself against Nayoung’s car.


Nayoung takes Sejin to the hospital where Yookyung accuses Nayoung of hitting Sejin on purpose.  However, Hwi-Kyung tells Nayoung reassuringly that he knows Sejin’s personality.  She is the type of person who would hurt herself to get what she wants.

After Hwi-Kyung leaves to go to work, Taejoon also comes over to comfort Nayoung.  But who needs another pic of Taejoon? Not me.


Gyungwan sees Taejoon with Nayoung and walks over to interrupt.  He repeats that he asked Nayoung to treat Taejoon as an aunt after he dismisses Taejoon.  But, Nayoung just answers that she is trying whereas Taejoon seems confused.


Sejin wakes up and tells her mother that Nayoung did not run her over. She just explains it as a simple mistake.

But when the other leave, Sejin asks Nayoung to stop and Nayoung quietly answers that she has no reason to stop her plans.  Sejin threatens to tell Mr. Baek and Nayoung’s answer is that they can both tell the fathers and see what happens… Since Sejin knows that she would lose this bet, she backs down.


At the company, Gyungwan calls Taejoon into his office to warn him to focus on Sejin.  But Taejoon apologizes that he can no longer forget Nayoung.  Gyungwan doesn’t realize what the rest of us know – that once a man’s heart has turned, it’s gone.  He asks Taejoon to move out with Sejin as Gyungwan plans to promote Taejoon to Vice Presidency.


Yookyung hears about the promotion offer and races over to order that Taejoon refuses it.  His response is in line with his character.  He answers that she always spurs him to be more ambitious.


Meanwhile, Mrs. Baek calls Nayoung over as she found Sejin’s biological father.  He is Mr. Giman Lee who is the head of a multinational corporation.

Nayoung thanks Mrs. Baek before asking if they can’t tell Mr. Baek the truth now.  Mrs. Baek pauses and asks for some more time as she’s not ready to tell him the truth… Nayoung agrees to wait until Mrs. Baek is ready to confess to Mr. Baek about her second secret from him.


On the side, Yookyung visits Mrs. Baek about Dohee’s earring.  Mrs. Baek confesses that the earring was actually’s Nayoung’s which  sparks Yookyung’s suspicious.

As Dohee is not home, Yookyung quickly rummages through Dohee’s things and finds a USB drive before Youngsook finds her in the act.


Gyungwan is also busy as he calls Malsook out.  He hands over a title deed to an apartment and explains that it’s a bit of his gratefulness for her raising Nayoung.

Malsook refuses it.  She instead tells Gyungwan to nicer to Dohee who looks just like Nayoung.  She gets up in a huff to leave.

Gyungwan quickly confesses that Nayoung is his biological daughter and he knows that he killed her…


Sejin also decides to act.  She rushes over to Hyi-Kyung’s office and begs him to help her.  She tells him that Dohee and Nayoung switched at the hospital…Nayoung only married him to get revenge.

Hwi-Kyung just asks when Sejin found out and Sejin realizes that he isn’t her ally.  She asks him if he loves Nayoung knowing that Nayoung is not Dohee.  Hwi-Kyung’s silence is answer enough.

Pushed to desperation, Sejin cries that Nayoung is stealing everyone from her…Taejoon, Hwi-Kyung and Gyungwan.  When Hwi-Kyung asks what Sejin is talking about, Sejin confesses that Gyungwan is not her biological father – hope.  All of a sudden, Hwi-Kyung is given the choice of protecting his neice or pursuing a marriage with his love.

Meanwhile, Yookyung slips in the USB to her phone and sees pictures of dead Eunhae, Nayoung and Saebyul.  She realizes that Dohee is Nayoung.  The cold war starts as Yookyung goes into the livingroom where Dohee is cutting roses.  Dohee offers the vase to Yookyung who purposefully drops the glass on the floor before demanding that Dohee cleans it up.


Dohee agrees to clean it up but then drops off a manila envelope with two family pictures in Yookyung’s room.  One is of Gyungwan, Eunhae and Nayoung.  The other is of Yookyung, Sejin and a man who’s face is cut out… A declaration of war.


In the morning, Gyungwan announces that he wants Taejoon and Sejin to move out.  Nayoung decides that she needs to make another move and asks Eunbong to research Giwan.  It turns out that he comes from a business family and married the daughter of the Minister of Economy.  They have two daughters who are either scholars or young professionals.


Malsook calls Nayoung out to ask if she can’t give up her revenge against the Jang family.  But Nayoung responds that she cannot stop since the family including Gyungwan destroyed her family by killing Dohee and Saebyul.

Then Hwi-Kyung takes Nayoung to Dohee’s and Saebyul’s memorial.  When Nayoung refuses to confess that she’s Nayoung, he confronts her and tells her to be honest in front of dead Dohee and her daughter.

Nayoung accepts his rebuke and asks why he is confronting her now.  Hwi-Kyung answers that Sejin asked him to stop her.  He confesses that he was so happy when he found out that she is not related to Sejin.  But, he knows that it was not as big of a deal to Nayoung.

Nayoung agrees that her revenge is more important to her.  Hwi-Kyung asks if he was just her tool.  Nayoung looks him straight in the eyes and agrees that he was only a tool – she hoped that he would be used for a little longer.

Hwi-Kyung looks broken and shocked.  Then he gasps out that they should end it now.


Ah the scheming.  If one thing stood out to me in this arc of episodes, it was the weird way that everyone is scheming against each other.  The scheming isn’t secret as everyone knows that the other is moving against them such as Yookyung v. Hwi-Kyung or Yookyung v. Nayoung.  Yet, they hold this facade of a happy family during meal times – polite to a point of boiling tension.  What a tiring way to live, no?

As the story heads over to the last 12 episodes, I wonder why it feels a bit lackluster in eliciting emotions.  The only subplot that really got to me in this arc was how Youngsook was thrown against the wall and her dementia worsensed.  Sejin’s car accident was more of a WTF moment while the whole last part where Hwi-Kyung breaks up with Nayoung?  Eh, I was wondering if I should get popcorn.

The breakup was a way to up the ante on the emotional turmoil of star-crossed lovers… Hwi-Kyung has to give up Nayoung to save his neice.  But, instead of feeling sorry for Hwi-Kyung, I’m just sitting here wondering what exactly motivates his actions.  He’s not a character that is bound by “loyalty to family” at all costs since he rationally decides to side with his family or Dohee as he finds conscionable. He has also told Nayoung that he would always be there for her and take on her burdens….And, he knows how Sejin is a spoiled wreck of an adult.  So, what motivated this? Who knows? Some kind of disconnect here.  But onward we go towards the end!

The Promise 81-85

Gyungwan finds out that Nayoung was his biological daughter as Yookyung and Hwi-Kyung realize that Dohee is actually Nayoung.



As Gyungwan is in a meeting, Yookyung sees the box under his desk and starts to snoop.  She realizes that her husband has probably sent in for another DNA test and begins her scheme…


Her scheme? It’s to send a false set of DNA test results.  The results of course say that Gyungwan is not related to Nayoung and he’s relieved.  But, luckily, Youngsook knows Yookyung well.  When she hears that Yookyung had dinner out with Sejin and Gyugnwan, she tells Nayoung that Yookyung must have done something again – Yookyung always eats out after something good happens.


The next day brings a new set of battles. Yookyung comes home to find Youngsook in her bedroom.  While Yookyung tries to kick Youngsook out, Nayoung smiles that Yookyung needs to be patient since it is better for Youngsook’s health.

Malsook alsoo drops by with some of her new chicken.  Of course, Sejin comes down at that moment and demands that Malsook leaves.  Nayoung angrily replies that Sejin should be polite to Youngsook’s guest.  At this point, Yookyung jumps in that Nayoung is being RUDE to Sejin.  Because even though Nayoung is technically Sejin’s aunt, Yookyung can’t bear to see Nayoung be rude to her daughter.  Malsook leaves as she can no longer see the rudeness of the mother-daughter combination.


The next day, everyone is surprised to find seaweed soup as a side dish for breakfast.  Why? Because only Nayoung remembered that it’s Gyungwan’s birthday.  Sejin quickly tells her father to come home early as she’ll cook dinner herself.  Gyungwan laughs that he will try his best since this would be his first meal cooked by his daughter.


Nayoung attacks by sending a new DNA report.  She also has someone call Gyungwan apologizing for sending an incorrect report in the first place.


Gyungwan realizes that he’s basically thrown away his daughter three times…First at her birth…Second when he let Yookyung send Nayoung to the orphanage and third when he refused Nayoung’s pleas to leave Taejoon alone… He falls apart in front of Dohee’s memorial, which Mrs. Baek sees and calls Nayoung about.


Gyungwan then skips dinner that Sejin makes.  He barely makes it home completely drunk.  When Taejoon goes out to help his father-in-law come into the house, Gyungwan slugs Taejoon and demands to know why he abandoned his wife and daughter.


Taejoon realizes that this has something to do with Nayoung and drags her to the garden.  He asks her what happened to Gyungwan and she answers that he does not have to worry about her sticking around too long…She’s half sisters with Sejin – they share a dad.


The next morning, Gyungwan drags his hung over body back to the memorial where he sobs that he’s so sorry.  Nayoung arrives and stares at him from behind but she tells herself that it’s too early…It won’t end until he truly understands exactly what he’s done.

Meanwhile, Yookyung looks for Gyungwan at his office and digs around when the secretary answers that Gyungwan never showed up.  She finds the DNA report and assumes that it’s Youngsook.


Since Sejin’s current job is to chill at home.  She finds out from Yookyung’s weird mood that Gyungwan found out about Nayoung.  She runs to Nayoung’s memorial and finds Gyungwan passed out on the floor…

At this point, it seems only Taejoon knows the truth that Nayoung is Gyungwan’s real daughter while Sejin is not.


Taejoon calls Nayoung out to a cafe and offers that they leave the house toether.  Nayoung smiles and gives him one more chance.  She tells him that if he leaves Sejin now, she will consider moving out with him.


Nayoung comes home to find Youngsook in a weird mood.  She brought cream bread for “Eunhae” as Eunhae loves cream bread.  She shows Eunhae a picture of her first love (Mr. Baek) and then grabs Nayoung’s hand.  She confesses dumping her love and hopes that Nayoung won’t do the same – won’t hurt the man who loves her.


Everyone is busy.  As Gyungwan passes out in Nayoung’s old house, Hwi-Kyungs goes back to the mental institution where Nayoung had been interned.  He finds out from the doctor that a middle aged luxurious woman had brought Nayoung in…The woman had explained that Nayoung does not have any family…


As Hwi-Kyung broods about the suspicious circumstances, Yookyung barges in to demand that Hwi-Kyung control Nayoung.  She shows the photographs of Dohee and Taejoon together at the cafe as proof.

Hwi-Kyung just asks in response why Nayoung died…Why was she at the hospital in the first place? Yookyung doesn’t fall yet.  She answers that she has no idea and Hwi-Kyung should focus on Dohee instead of dead Nayoung.


Hwi-Kyung has found enough clues.  He calls Nayoung out to the park and tells her that he is no longer curious as to what is causing Dohee so much pain.  He instead asks her to rely on him as she will take on her cause… I’m here thinking – kiddo, anyone can talk.  But why don’t we see actions first?


Gyungwan is continuing to drink when Yookyung gets a call from Gyungwan’s phone.  The owner of the pojang macha has called because the client is so drunk.

Yookyung goes out to get her husband.  Gyungwan accuses her of knowing that Nayoung was his daughter.  Of course, Yookyung denies knowing it.  She confesses lying to him to protect him but her stance is that she never did a DNA exam…She only lied about doing it.

Back at home, the whole Jang house is in an uproar.  Nayoung finds the marriage certificate in Hwi-Kyung’s suit jacket and rips it up in front of him.  She explains that she’s not ready to file their marriage certificate because she doesn’t love him yet.  Hwi-Kyung shouts back that she’s lying because he knows her heart better than her, of course. Nayoung just warns him not to trust her and leaves.


At the same time, Taejoon tells Sejin that they should end their relationship.  Sejin takes a different defense.  She pretends that this is just another simple fight and brings wine to make up.


Later Gyungwan goes from wandering the park drunk – looking for fights so that he can be beaten up.  But unconsciousness lasts for only so long.  He wakes up and decides to self-medicate with more alcohol.

When Nayoung wanders in to grab a glass of water for her mother-in-law, he muses that she looks just like “her.”  He killed “her” because he thought it was best for his child…Then getting a hold of himself, he retreats to his room.


The next day, Gyungwan calls an emergency board meeting and resigns.  Everyone is against this – including Hwi-Kyung but he’s resolute.


Gyungwan sets his priorities straight and goes to visit Malsook’s chicken shop instead.  She realizes that he’s not there for chicken and invites him to her house for a real meal.

Suspiciously, he confesses that he feels guilty about Nayoung and starts asking about what kind of daughter Nayoung was.


They end up looking through pictures of Nayoung and Saebyul together.  Gyungwan is unable to stop himself from tearing up.  But, the moment is broken when Manjung wakes up.  (She had been sleeping at Malsook’s place since her daughter moved into her studio with Se-Kwang.)  Manjung sees the two and calls Yookyung.

Of course Yookyung comes running over and makes a fuss, accusing Malsook of trying to seduce Gyugnwan.  To prove her point, she picks up a couple of pictures of Saebyul and starts to rip them up.

Gyungwan has had enough.  He slaps Yookyung before roughly pulling her out.


They duke it out under a bridge where Gyungwan yells that he cannot even beg forgiveness from his dead daughter.  But Yookyung has another card up her sleeve.  She asks if he can abandon his living daughter for his dead one.  This gets Gyungwan’s attention and Yookyung continues that Taejoon asked for a divorce.


He returns to comfort Sejin being the caring father that he is.  Sejin is more than willing to unload all of her worries onto her father.


Gyungwan’s answer to the problem is to invite Taejoon to drinks.  He asks if Taejoon wants a divorce because of Nayoung and then proceeds to beat on his son-in-law…as if force can fix everything.


That night, Hwi-Kyung comes home to find Nayoung quietly sobbing.  He asks her what she wants as he would do anything to help her become happy.


The next day, Yookyung visits Taejoon.  She first offers him a deal.  If Taejoon can frame Hwi-Kyung, he will give him what he wants.  When Taejoon laughs that he does not need the deal, she turns to threats.

She knows that he used company funds to pay off Manjung’s debt.  She threatens to get him jailed.  This threat also doesn’t work as Taejoon stands up saying he might as well go to jail and pay the price.

Yookyung then resorts to threatening Dohee.  Handing over the pictures of Dohee with Taejoon, she smiles that she can submit them to the paparazzi who would have a real field day with the scandal of Dohee with her step-nephew…This stops Taejoon.


Next thing we know a distributing company CEO is visiting Hwi-Kyung.  He hands over an “appreciation trophy” and explains that it’s just a small token of appreciation.


Meanwhile, Sejin is shopping again.  As she walks out, a little boy runs into her with his ice cream.  When the boy starts crying, Sejin comforts him that it’s okay.

But then the mother runs over and asks what is wrong.  The boy answers that the lady “ruined his ice cream.”  So, the mother promises to get him another one and takes him away without apologizing.  Yeah, on this one, I’m with Sejin in that this mother does not know what’s plainly common courtesy.

Sejin stops the other mother and asks why she does not apologize for her son.  The mother just gets defensive and gives a half-hearted apology.  Sejin is shocked and the mother continues that Sejin must now have children if she cares about this…Which is a knife in Sejin’s bleeding heart.  Cue Sejin screaming at the mother for making a fuss just because she’s pregnant.  The mother doesn’t back down and snorts that Sejin needs to have a nicer heart if she wants any children.  Gauntlets thrown!  The mall attendants have to run in before Sejin physically attacks.


Next up is Nayoung’s secret.  Hwi-Kyung hears from his mother that Eunhae’s daughter died in a fire…He realizes that Dohee must be Nayoung just as Yookyung realizes the same…That if Dohee went to meet Nayoung at the hopsital where she was interned and only one woman came out alive…Nayoung might be playing Dohee.

Yookyung goes to use Nayoung’s hairbrush for a DNA test with Gyungwan.  But Hwi-Kyung arrives just at that moment.  He snatches the hairbrush from Yookyung and refuses to let Yookyung do anything.  Yelling that Dohee is Dohee, he warns Yookyung to stay away from Dohee or he won’t stand aside.  GOOD we need the guy standing up to his psychotic sister.


Meanwhile, Gyungwan takes Nayoung out to lunch. He tells her about how he abandoned Nayoung and how he went back to get Nayoung from the orphanage one month later.  But, Nayoung was no longer there.

Nayoung is not moved and asks why he’s telling her all this.  Gyungwan wipes a tear as he confesses that she’s dead…He wanted to confess to her but he cannot…So, he wanted to confess to Dohee who looks like Nayoung.


Sejin offers to move out with Taejoon but he doesn’t change his mind about the divorce.  This triggers another one of Sejin’s tantrums as she storms into Nayoung’s room and tosses all of the china on the floor.  Hwi-Kyung stops the madness and Taejoon pulls Sejin away but the damage is done.


The boys decide to duke it out over Nayoung/Dohee. As if that changes anything.


A random aftermath of angst ensues…

Nayoung tells Hwi-Kyung that she will leave him as she did not fall in love with him.  Hwi-Kyung gets drunk before finding the DNA test and realizing that he’s related to Nayoung.  He goes in to his mother’s room at this point to say his goodbyes…and Taejoon also broods by Sejin’s bedside.


We can’t let the romance distract us from the fight over the company.  The next day, Gyungwan officially announces that Hwi-Kyung is the new CEO.  Hwi-Kyung gracefully walks up to accept the new position just as the prosecutors barge in to arrest him for corruption and bribery.

At the same time? Nayoung walks out of the Jang house.


And we’re back on track with a nicely plodding along plot!

I actually enjoyed this set of five episodes because I felt like the writer/producers kept the tension high between the two conflicting issues over the fight over Baekdo and Nayoung’s revenge.  If I have any complaint, it was that the angst seemed a bit overdone at one point.  Gyungwan spends most of his screen time either drunk or incapacitated…Taejoon/Nayoung/Hwi-Kyung spend a good portion brooding or depressed…And, Sejin throws a tantrum in every episode.  I get it show.  These characters are going through a traumatizing time.  However, as a viewer, there is a fine line in showing us the suffering so that we feel something and not presenting it in a way so that we don’t get emotionally burned out or numb to their suffering.  Here, we had a case of the latter, where I was just like … more angst. Skip ahead. More angst. Again, skip ahead.

On the bright side, one thing that the show did well was the noble idiocy.  Nayoung is clearly falling for Hwi-Kyung because he is one of the few people in her life that have stayed with her without expecting anything in return (exceptions: Malsook, Geum-Bong and Eun-Bong).  His constant reminder that all he wants to do is help her must chip away at her emotional wall and resolve for revenge.  Yet, she knows that once he finds out that she’s Gyungwan’s biological daughter, there’s this huge incest issue so she continues to push him away.

Then, when Hwi-Kyung finally said good-bye to Nayoung while she was sleeping, I felt my heart drop.  His decision didn’t seem so much noble idiocy as much as necessary.  For anyone in their positions – there is no other viable option.  It would be totally scandalous for the rest of society to find out that a step-uncle married his step-niece.  Sure, they aren’t that far apart in age and technically there is no blood-tie since Gyungwan isn’t related to Sejin by blood.  But – he married into Yookyung’s family…and Hwi-Kyung is legally Yookyung’s step-sister. Hence, crazy hayday if the new got out.  Only suffering would ensue since their marriage was clearly a public event.

Last but not least, I liked how Nayoung does not immediately break down because she sees Gyungwan suffering.  I thought that was much more realistic.  In her eyes, he betrayed here each time she needed him.  First, when she lost her mother and only family…Second, when she literally begged him on her knees not to take away Taejoon.  Then his wife and daughter killed Saebyul.  How could she forgive the man just because he’s now falling apart with guilt? He ruined her life and literally turned into a revenge-seeking sociopath.  A person doesn’t heal like magic just because the triggering antagonist has repented.  The change has occurred.  The glass is broken.  The water has flowed out of the cup and was soaked into the dry earth of revenge.  No – Gyungwan has not suffered nearly enough.

The Promise 76 – 80

Nayoung brings Youngsook back to the house once she’s recovered and life goes on…to Nayoung finding out that Gyungwan is her father as Hwi-Kyung finds out that his “Dohee” is really Nayoung.



Sejin demands to know what this scene is.  But Nayoung is not even flustered.  She regally and angrily answers that her “neice” better stop being so irresponsibly jealous.  She had heard her nephew groaning from outside the room and had come in to only help.


Elsewhere, Hwi-Kyung meets with Eun-Bong.  She asks him what he’s asking about and he answers that he does not want to suspect Dohee but the picture was in Dohee’s drawers…. He cannot help.

Eun-Bong answers that she gave Dohee the picture.  Hwi-Kyung then asks what kind of person Nayoung was.


That night Hwi-Kyung gives Sejin one more chance to confess.  He notes that there was a camera in the neighborhood that recorded Sejin’s car leaving around the time that Youngsook went missing.  He asks her where she was headed.  Sejin answers that she was going to the salon and Yookyoung jumps in that he shouldn’t suspect family.


Nayoung adds fuel to the fire by noting that there was more development in the investigation.  So, the two women follow Nayoung into the kitchen where Nayoung answers that there was a witness.  The witness knew what Youngsook looked like and even noted that there was a young woman with Youngsook.

Yookyung takes the witness’ conctact information and tells Nayoung to leave it alone.

The next day, Yookyung and Sejin meet up with the witness.  The witness identifies Sejin.  Sejin tries to note that incorrectly identifying someone can cause a mess.  The witness smiles that correctly identifying someone can also help do great things.

Yookyung changes the topic by offering an envelope of money as “travel expenses”.  But the envelope is thick and it’s clear that it’s bribe money.  The witness refuses it answering that she takes the bus.

Then, we see Nayoung getting a call from the witness about what happened.


Another fakeout.  Youngsook wakes up to see Eunhae at her bedside.  She cries that she told the father to look for Eunhae’s daughter.  But, she was too late as the daughter had passed away.

Eunhae is actually Nayoung and Nayoung asks who the father is.  But then Youngsook gets her mind back and laughs that she is speaking nonesense.


That night, Nayoung goes looking for clues in Youngsook’s bedroom.  She remembers how Youngsook had explained that she told a secret to Yookyung but then the day that she told Yookyung the secret was the day that Eunhae died…

Nayoung finds an old album and looks through the pictures to find a loose picture.  It’s of Eunhae and Gyungwan.  Flashbacks start flowing through Nayoung’s mind.


Nayoung realizes this means that her father is Gyungwan…The person who hurt her so much and cries out that this cannot be.  But her sorrow is interrupted when Gyungwan walks in.

She lies that she’s crying because she’s worried about Youngsook and walks out.

Nayoung only makes it up the stairs before she falls.  Taejoon sees this and rushes to her.  But before he can help her up, Hwi-Kyung also comes out and takes her into his room.

Laying Nayoung on his bed, he apologizes for being so senseless toward how exhausted she must be cutting their honeymoon short and forcing her to live with the in-laws.

But in Nayoung’s mind, she just asks what she is supposed to do if it’s true that Mr. Jang is her father.


That night, Nayoung develops a fever from her emotional trauma and Hwi-Kyung nurses her.


Meanwhile, Youngsook becomes a catalyst for helping the Baeks heal their own relationship.  As Mrs. Baek spends time with Youngsook to help her recover happily, they go to Mr. Baek’s office to go out for  food.

Youngsook is back to being the younger version of herself, so she happily  asks Mr. Baek to buy them lunch as they are happy.  Something that Mrs. Baek would never have been able to do herself.


Then the evil side gets rewarded again.  Sejin is appointed to be the Vice President of Baekdo.


Meanwhile, Nayoung goes into Mr. and Mrs. Jang’s room.  She takes a piece of hair from Mr. Jang’s brush before looking through Yookyung’s stuff as she is so suspicious.

There, Nayoung finds the other earring that pairs with her own that her mother left her… All of a sudden, Yookyung’s overreaction every time she saw the earring makes sense.  She cries that Dohee, Saebyul and her mom’s death were all Yookyung’s fault.


The next day, Nayoung receives the paternity test results and gets confirmation that Mr. Jang is her biological father.


The first thing that she does is rip up her marriage certificate with Hwi Kyung since her relationship to Mr. Jang means that she’s technically Sejin’s half-sister… She also call someone to begin it now.

As Sejin approachs the Board of Directors for officially accepting her new position, the reporters converge.  They demand to know if she really abandoned her grandmother.

At the same time, all of the news outlets report on how the chaebol daughter left her grandmother with demetia in the park.  The witness is even interviewed and she reports how she saw Sejin get into her car…and how Sejin tried to bribe her to keep quiet.


The family retreats to Gyungwan’s office where Gyungwan slaps Sejin.  He tells her to get out of his sight and Sejin runs off.


When Yookyung arrives at home, she finds Youngsook smiling in the livingroom. Yookyung is shocked speechless and Nayoung smiles that she was able to find Youngsook after the news focused on her abandonment…Someone called in with a tip.


Next attack!  Yookyung calls for water and Youngsook’s old help rushes out.  Yookyung demands to know what happened.

So, Nayoung answers calmly that she heard the most ridiculous thing from the housekeeper. Nayoung found the ring in the housekeeper’s room and knew that this was the missing ring that Youngsook’s housekeeper was accused of stealing.  When Nayoung confronted Yookyung’s housekeeper, she answered that Yookyung gave her the missing ring after she framed Youngsook’s housekeeper.  Nayoung continues that she knew this couldn’t be the truth and fired her.  Faced with these facts, Yookyung is unable to do anything.


Gyungwan comes home to find that Youngsook has regressed into the past.  She does not remember what happened and she also believes that it’s the past.


Gyungwan goes in to ask if Yookyung knew what Sejin did.  But Yookyung just lies that she did everything…That Sejin did this because Youngsook kept torturing her.  She asks that Gyungwan does not say anything to Sejin since she’s so pitiful.  Erm? The girl who wrecked a family and abandoned a grandmother with dementia?  The girl who has literally done NOTHING but parasitically live off of her grandfather’s money? Pity her for doing what?


Thankfully Hwi-Kyung is listening to none of it as well.  Sejin doesn’t really apologize.  She begins with he doesn’t understand how much SHE SUFFERED.  Ahem, again some people are worthless as how they turn everything into their suffering without accomplishing ANYTHING in their life.

Well Hwi-Kyung slaps her and tells her that he let things go before as she was his neice.  But he warns her not to hurt his mother ever again.


The next day, Gyungwan forces Sejin to hold a press conference.  Sejin then kneels in front of everyone and lies that she did this because of the pain that her grandmother kept making her own mother suffer even after stealing her grandfather. PUKE.  Again, am I surprised that she stooped this low?  Nope, and neither are Taejoon and Hwi-Kyung.  Taejoon frowns before walking out and Hwi-Kyung glares at these blatant lies while I sigh that if there is any lesson, it is that if there is a selfish ne’er do-well near any of us, we should just run the other way.  Since like Sejin, they can be useless and incorrigible.

However, when Gyungwan kneels beside Sejin to ask for forgiveness on behalf of his daughter – the tide turns.  The public opinion begins to look on Sejin favorably as the victim of a wrecked home by the homewrecker Youngsook.


The immediate Jang family seems to be back to normal as Gyungwan tells his wife and daughter that Sejin should give up her position in order to gain more later. -_-

Yookyung happily goes home to find an envelope with the DNA results stating that Gyungwan is Nayoung’s biological father on her dresser.  She rushes over to make a fuss in Youngsook’s room but Nayoung and Youngsook’s housekeeper saves her.


Meanwhile, Nayoung also sends a package with a picture of her and Saebyul as well as the family register of Eunhae which shows that Eunhae was Nayoung’s mother.  He gets a weird feeling and hires a private investigator to look into Nayoung.


Between a fight between Manjung and Yookyung, I have no idea who to root for since they are both horrible.  Sejin and Yookyung find out that Se-Kwang is engaged with Geum-Bong and each take turns threatening Manjung not to let the wedding happen.  Yookyung threatens to take the shop back just as Taejoon walks in.  He glares at his mother-in-law and demands that his mother leave the shop since she does not need to deal with Yookyung that way.


Later, Youngsook runs into Malsook in front of her house and invites her in.  Sejin demands that Nayoung never let that woman (Malsook) back in the house since Malsook is the murderer of her baby.

But Nayoung answers calmly that Sejin is overreacting.  Sejin should stop blaming others for everything that goes wrong.  Sejin just glares back that Nayoung does not understand the sorrow of losing a child.  Oh the irony – well done!


On her way out, Malsook runs into Gyungwan who offers to drive her home.  He remembers how Youngsook kept repeating that Eunhae’s daughter is his biological daughter… She declines and he asks where Nayoung’s memorial is.  Malsook asks why he would want to go and he answers that he wants to ask for forgiveness.


That night, Hwi-Kyung and Nayoung have a drink together.  While Nayoung seems on the edge, he smiles and reassures her that he’s not expecting anything.  He wont force her to be with him until she’s ready.  Well – duh?


This gets to Nayoung who goes to cry by herself in the garden.  However, Taejoon comes by and pulls her up.  He tells her that she loves Hwi-Kyung so she should stop her revenge.  He tells her that her revenge will only increase her unhappiness as she has to hurt someone she cares for.

Nayoung turns away and Taejoon grabs her arm.  He tells her to stop, calling her by her real name.  Nayoung just pulls away before walking off.  Which is all seen and heard by Hwi-Kyung.


The next day, pressure continues to build against Sejin.  She sleeps in and Taejoon goes out with a loose button.  When Nayoung sees it, she offers to sew it back – bringing back memories of loving Nayoung.  Sejin sees this and freaks out.  She orders that Taejoon wear a different suit and then goes in to rip up the suit jacket.  She isn’t even silent about it.  She cries out that Taejoon is looking at their aunt as he would a beloved wife.  Taejoon just shouts back that there is nothing he can do if she’s like this.  He walks out before she can do anything else.


Meanwhile, Hwi-Kyung calls Eun-Bong over to ask why Nayoung was hospitalized.  Eun-Bong answers that it was weird that Nayoung was missing and forcefully hospitalized right before Taejoon’s and Sejin’s wedding.


At the same time, Gyungwan gets a report from his investigator.  The investigator declares that Eunhae was never married and doesn’t even seem to have had any male suitors or relationships.

He goes back to ask Youngsook about Eunhae…whether she ever got married.  Youngsook sighs that Eunhae never did and now both Eunhae and her daughter are lost.  She loses her temper and throws her glass of water at Gyungwan just before Nayoung comes in…

Then, Youngook calls Nayoung Eunhae, making Gyungwan pause.  But he doesn’t connect the dots.


Hwi-Kyung goes to Dohee’s memorial where he apologizes for falling in love with Nayoung instead of Dohee.  Placing the snow globe at the memorial box, Hwi-Kyung sighs that he believes Nayoung chose him for revenge…But he doesn’t hate her…He’s just afraid that he might lose her.

Hwi-Kyung begins to woo over Nayoung’s family because he realizes that Dohee is Nayoung.  This leads Eun-Bong to seek Nayoung out.  She tells Nayoung that she would let Nayoung continue with her revenge but as her older sister, she wants to prevent her baby sister from making a mistake… She begs Nayoung to leave his revenge.

But Nayoung does not change her mind.  She tells Eun-Bong that she found out that Gyungwan is her father and asks Eun-Bong to give Gyungwan her stuff when he asks.


First off, I feel a little warmer to Hwi-Kyung after these episodes because I find him making decisions for himself that are not purely obsessive of Nayoung.  First, he goes off and gives Sejin a good slap, for which he gets tons of brownie points.  That girl had it coming.  I mean she literally has accomplished nothing in 80 episodes which is a lot of Korean drama time!  Instead, she’s always whining, crying, or scheming.

The other part that really won me over was how he acted after he found out that Dohee was Nayoung.  The writers skipped the whole “questioned” and “in-denial angst.” Instead, he went straight to making his feelings clear by apologizing to his first love – Dohee before going to pay his respects to Nayoung’s real family.  Then, to change the infatuation to love…because, who can really love someone that they do not know or understand – he begins to research Nayoung and learn about her history.  Those actions won a little bit of me over for the Na-Kyung relationship. >_<

On a side note, and as my last note for tonight, I cannot wait until Gyungwan finds out the truth.  Hopefully, it will be decently climatic.  A lot of the tensions have resolved with Youngsook returning home and Sejin giving up her position as Vice President.  I assume that the tensions will increase to a boiling point before Gyungwan finds out so that everything can blow up at once. ^^

The Promise – 71-75

Sejin’s birth secret is out but Gyungwan does not believe it.  Nayoung gets married to Hwi Kyung and in the resulting chaos, Sejin abandons her grandmother in a park.



Let the rope of fear slowly tighten around Yookyung’s life.  Yookyung gets stricken with fear and rushes to the bathroom to have a panic attack in quiet.  Nayoung sees this and follows Yookyung into the bathroom where she flaunts the earring and even states that she only has one earring out of the pair…Nayoung notes that her mom lost it but the unsaid threat is clear.


Yookyung immediately goes on the defensive attack.  The next day, she visits Mrs. Baek to confirm that the earring was really hers… She then takes an opportunity of Mrs. Baek going to take a phone call to snoop around Dohee’s room.  Just as Yookyung finds photographs in Dohee’s drawar, Nayoung comes in and protects her secret.


As for the rest of the cast, Manjung makes Taejoon’s life worse by going to thank Yookyung for paying off her loans.  Yookyung’s unhappy expression makes it clear that it was not her, which means that Taejoon did it on the side. With what money, I wonder?

Then Sejin comes in after visiting the doctor who said that her fallopian tubes might be blocked.  Manjung pours salt in the wound by bugging Sejin about babies.  Sheesh, with a mother-in-law like that, I’m surprised Taejoon even managed to keep any wives…

Yookyung comes to her daughter’s rescue and kicks Manjung out of the house.  For the love of women everywhere, THANK GOODNESS.


Manjung also visits Malsook at her chicken shop and makes a scene when she sees Nayoung.  Meanwhile, I sit here thinking that this useless piece of trash of a mother-in-law needs to be dropped off in some abandoned island.  Thankfully, the family kicks her out of the shop.  Whereupon, she goes straight to scheming on how to stop Nayoung’s pending wedding against Hwi Kyung.  Right? As if she cannot stoop any lower?  Should any of us be surprised? I mean, if a person starts at the bottom and refuses to rehabilitate her character, what can the rest of us do?


The story continues as Nayoung decides to turn up the pressure.  She cooks the same dinner that she did for Sejin’s family in the past… Then she excuses herself to go to the bathroom when Sejin’s family arrives and stands around shocked.

Taejoon follows her up and pulls her into his room.  He demands that she stops this but Nayoung refuses… Even more interesting is that Hwi Kyung has an idea when he goes upstairs that Nayoung would be in Taejoon’s room and stops Sejin from going in… When Nayoung leaves after Taejoon, she walks straight into him.

False alarm though as Hwi Kyung is not ready to let Dohee go.  He forces a smile and laughs that the layout of his house can be confusing, which essential gives Nayoung an easy exit.


The next day, Taejoon asks to meet him for dinner.  We all hold our breaths as he holds a divorce petition in his office.  He makes it clear to everyone by telling Nayoung that he will dump Sejin tonight.  He warns her to arm her heart since it hurts the betrayer just as much when one betrays someone who loves her whole heartedly.  But does Hwi Kyung love Nayoung? Or is he just obsessed.  Your call viewers.


But fate is not ready to make things easy for Taejoon.  Yookyung has Youngsook’s stuff packed up so that she can move into a new apartment.  This sets off Youngsook who confronts Yookyung.  The verbal confrontation turns physical until Yookyung shoves Youngsook…

But Youngsook is not going to go down without fighting.  She screams that Yookyung that if Yookyung pushes her…She will tell Gyungwan to have a paternity test so that they can find out who Sejin’s real father is.

Sejin comes down at that moment and overhears.  She demands to know what Youngsook is talking about and the two women backpedal about it as if Youngsook is speaking nonesense.

Sejin decides to go out to dinner with her father, blowing Taejoon off and not answering her phone.


Sejin finally calls Taejoon from a pojang macha where’s she’s drinking herself into a mess.  She drunkenly tells Taejoon that the two men she loves most in the world are her father and Taejoon.  Then tears spring to eyes as she confesses that she feels like both of them are leaving her…

She continues that she has a secret.  When she was 12, she visited her grandfather’s house.  It was then that she saw the paternity test between Sejin and Gyungwan.  She’s not her father’s biological child… She knew this whole time but she pretended not to.


That night, Taejoon puts Sejin to bed and rips up his divorce application.  He also sends Nayoung a text apologizing that he will not be able to hold his end of the bargain… Is anyone surprised? Not me.


The night is still young though.  Youngsook calls Mr. Baek crying that she’s scared that Yookyung will throw her away.  Mr. Baek answers reassuringly that he and Hwi Kyung will protect her.  This comforts her and she agrees to sleep.

But then Mrs. Baek comes in and sighs that she never heard or saw her husband being so loving.  She confesses that she’s exhausted of being jealous of his first love when she did nothing to deserve his cold and harsh treatment.

Mr. Baek frowns and then surprises us all by asking Mrs. Baek if she really does not know.  He grabs the manila envelope in his desk and hands over the paternity test results that state that Dohee is not his biological child.


Mr. Baek calmly answers that he does not care or want to know about Dohee’s biological father.  He then turns to walk out of the room when Mrs. Baek stops him.  She cries that he should have confronted her or asked her about it…

But Mr. Baek just turns to walk out again.  Mrs. Baek cries out again that she is not Dohee’s biological mother…She continues that they both know that they got married because she loved him…not the other way around.  When she gave birth to their still-born child, she had been so afraid that she would lose him that she did this.


Meanwhile, Nayoung and Hwi-Kyung go to visit Malsook with flowers now that everyone knows the truth.  Nayoung takes hte time to check out her old room where she begins to cry over a picture of her old daughter.

Hwi-Kyung enters and cautiously asks her if she knows the child.  Nayoung is so overcome with emotions that she seems unable to deny knowing her own child.  At that moment, her older sister comes in and interrupts that she told Dohee about her dead neice.  And everyone accepts the excuse.  But the clues are becoming more and more clear that something more is going on with Dohee.


At home, Sejin tries to visit her grandmother.  Because, she truly isn’t evil when it comes to people other than Taejoon and Nayoung.  She asks what her grandmother is looking at.

Youngsook laughs that she is looking at old photographs and talks about Eunhae.  But she’s not completely in control over her surroundings.  She continues on that Gyungwan was in love with Eunhae until Yookyung lied to him that she was pregnant with Sejin, who is Gyungwan’s daughter.  She sighs that Gyungwan believed Yookyung’s lies and left Eunhae…

Sejin may be interested in visiting her grandmother but she is not the most charitable soul.  Realizing that her grandmother is close to telling her father the truth, Sejin lashes out that her grandmother is going crazy.  She also goes to tell Gyungwan that her grandmother is getting worse.  She tells him not to believe anything that her grandmother might say.

Then the drama pours it on thick that Sejin and Geum-Bong have currently opposite situations.  Whereas Sejin is told that it would be difficult for her to get pregnant even through artificial insemination, Geum-Bong is told that she’s pregnant.

Sejin goes straight to tell her mother.  She accuses her mother of achieving her goals… She can no longer get pregnant.  While, I feel bad for Sejin, Yookyung – you deserve worse for what you’ve done.  At least in dramaland, comeuppance always occurs and being the type of selfish woman you are, I am thinking this is not enough.

This is a busy episode as Youngsook also calls Gyungwan out ot the temple.  She tells him to pay his respects before it’s too late to Eunhae and his daughter.  But Sejin’s words repeat in Gyungwan’s mind and he refuses to believe her.


Poor stupid Gyungwan.  He goes straight to alcohol and his wife, telling her that he heard something weird from Youngsook.  Of course, this infuriates Yookyung who runs into Youngsook’s bedroom and threatens to kill her.

Youngsook runs to her son’s bedroom.  Hwi-Kyung promises to protect her but I don’t know.  Yookyung is pretty crazy and she seems to not have learned that being so stupidly-blindly-selfish for her own family is ruining it.

Without dilly-dallying, we have the wedding.  Hwi-Kyung silently thanks Nayoung for coming to him while Nayoung silently apologizes for starting her new life like this.  In the crowd, Malsook silently tells Nayoung to live happily.  If Nayoung is happy, she will be satisfied never calling her daughter by her real name again…One telling note is that Taejoon sneaks out toward the end of the wedding as if he can no longer bear watching Hwi-Kyung kissing Nayoung.  As if he did not throw her and his daughter away.  YOU WATCH YOU WORTHLESS ARSEHAT.  YOU WATCH AND YOU FEEL.

The next scene bears mentioning only because it pissed me off… I understand that plot-wise, they wanted to show how Malsook got close to Youngsook but it still rubbed me the wrong way.

Youngsook soils herself due to her condition and the women guests start to gossip around her without even HELPING THE POOR WOMAN CALM DOWN OR CLEAN UP.  Even knowing that this is a story, I could feel my anger rising as I hoped to myself that this is not a reflection of Korean society but rather an exagerrated fabrication.  How could fully grown women bear themselves to stand there while another woman needs their help and gossip about her in FRONT of her?! Do they have NO humanity, civility, or SHAME?

Well, Sejin comes in at this point and angrily pushes Malsook away before taking her grandmother home. There, Yookyung orders the housekeeper to wash Youngsook up.


On the bright side, it looks like the Baek relationship is healing.  Mrs. Baek thanks Mr. Baek for loving Dohee like his biological daughter even when he suspected her of infidelity.  Mr. Baek answers that he has still not fully forgave her but Dohee has never been anything but his daughter. Awwww <3 <3 <3


In case anyone decides to pity Yookyung, she helps us out by being evil again.  She goes to check on her husband where she asks if Youngsook has said anything else.  She also declares that she had been suspicious that Nayoung was his biological child when he first brought her home.  Therefore, she had her tested against him – they were not a match and Nayoung was not his biological daughter.  AHHH – THE LIES.  SOMEONE THROW THIS WOMAN OUT.


Sejin begins to lose it when she eavesdrops and overhears her mother tell Taejoon that he’s just a temporary placeholder for Sejin in his office… She yells at her mother to stop interfering in her life before going to confront her grandmother about whether the other woman Eunhae really had a daughter.

When Youngsook agrees, Sejin loses it.  She takes Youngsook out before Yookyung can finish calling the mental hospital where she wanted to put Youngsook.


Meanwhile, Hwi-Kyung and Nayoung have a loving lunch in their stay-honeymoon.  She quietly tells him that she can promise him one thing.  She will protect his family and make sure he inherits his father’s company.

At the same time, Sejin leaves Youngsook in a park and drives off.


Then Yookyung is faced with the fact that she raised a stupid monster.  Yookyung asks Sejin where Youngsook is and Sejin denies knowing even though it was clear that she had taken her grandmother out and probably the blackbox video surveillance on every Korean car would clearly prove the same.  Again – we sigh at the clear evidence at how Yookyung failed to raise her daughter correctly.


Hwi-Kyung and Nayoung are called back from their short honeymoon and the whole family pretends that they have no idea how Youngsook managed to walk out of the house and the gates without anyone knowing.  Nayoung calmly declares that she will file a claim with the police and ask them to confirm with the surveillance and traffic cameras around the house.


Then Nayoung and Hwi-Kyung go up to his room and we find out that Nayoung had been called by someone.  Did she have someone tailing Youngsook just in case?  She tells the person on the phone to take Youngsook to the “safe place”.  Then she must have told Hwi-Kyung as he clenches his  teeth that he’s so embarassed by his worthless piece of trash family who are lying to his face instead of looking for his mother after what they did.


At the same time, Yookyung checks Sejin’s car and overhears the recording where Sejin is telling her grandmother that they are going to a place Youngsook likes… Again, I wonder. You lived such a horrible life – never giving back and only protecting/taking what is yours and your family.  You wonder how your family turned into this?


It turns out that Youngsook was taken to her house.  Mrs. Baek invites Youngsook to join them for breakfast and smiles that Youngsook should stay with them for a little bit.  Awwww, I love Mrs. Baek.  She is human but she is still nice and tries to help those around her.  What more can we expect from each other?


Back at the Jang house, Yookyung confronts Sejin with the SD car from Sejin’s car’s blackbox.  Yookyung asks why Sejin did such a thing.  Sejin answers with a question.  She asks if Nayoung isn’t her father’s daugther since Youngsook said Eunhae’s daughter had died early from a hospital accident.

Youngsook denies it but her denial is answer enough.

Yookyoung changes the topic and asks where Youngsook is.  Sejin answers that she abandoned her grandmother in the park.  So, Youngsook rushes over to look but I wonder whether its to help Youngsook or get her hospitalized before anyone can help.


Hwi-Kyung and Nayoung visit Youngsook at the Baek residence.  Hwi-Kyung is shocked at how much the dementia has gotten worse.  Mrs. Baek sighs that it must have gotten worse from the trauma of abandonement.

Mr. Baek also tells Hwi-Kyung to leave his mother at their place for a while.


Meanwhile, Nayoung asks Youngsook for the truth about what happened that night – the secret.  Youngsook seems worried but she tells Dohee that Yookyung “broke up a family” but the words imply that there was death because it is similar to “ending the family line.”  Other Korean speakers can correct me if I’m wrong ;).


Hwi-Kyung interrupts before Nayoung can ask any more questions.  So, Nayoung excuses herself.  After she leaves, Youngsook happily hands over a picture of Saebyul to Hwi-Kyung explaining that it’s a picture of child Dohee that she foun in Dohee’s drawers.


Next, we return to the Jang residence where the police are investigating Youngsook’s disappearance. They ask for everyone’s alibis.  Yookyung confidently answers that she and Sejin were returning from the  company.  When they returned home, Youngsook was gone.


Then not satisfied with abandoning a family member.  Yookyung takes Sejin to meet with some of the directors who support Yookyung as Gyungwan had told Sejin earlier that day that he will  call Sejin back to the company.  He is going to hold a board of directors meeting to decide her place.

At the meeting, Yookyung makes it clear that she wants their support when the meeting occurs.

That day Taejoon goes home early nursing a flu.  Nayoung realizes this and goes up to help with some cool towels.  Since Taejoon is in the middle of a fever, he looks up and remembers how the old Nayoung used to care for him and he reaches up lovingly.  While, I think… YOUR BLASTED FAMILY HELPED YOU TURN AWAY FROM HER SO DON’T YOU EVEN TRY TO LOOK PITIFUL.  It just makes me sick that Nayoung has to even care for him right now.  Can’t wait until she makes them all pay for their greed and selfishness.

Then, Sejin arrives.


Other than the tasteless exaggerated scene in the bathroom after the wedding, I felt like the writer picked it up in these episodes.  We get movement now that Nayoung feels like she has no other path than to continue her revenge.  She had wavered when Taejoon promised to finish the revenge by throwing away everything that the Jangs gave to him and to throw away Sejin.  But when he was elevated to the second highest position, it was clear he wouldn’t give it up.  Nayoung would have to take the company away in order for the family to pay.

Now, we are back in a Wife’s Temptation territory with Nayoung living in the enemy’s den.  I feel like though it took a while, the show is really trying to shift the focus from Taejoon (who is a bit lackluster) to Sejin and Yookyung as the main antagonists for the final arcs and they are doing a fine job.  Both are not completely flat villains.  Yookyung seems to hate and fear Youngsook who knows the secret of Sejin’s birth.  But, surprisingly, Youngsook is the one character that Yookyung didn’t quickly kill or forcefully intern in a hospital.  Even when Youngsook starts mentioning to Gyungwan hints about Sejin, Yookyung resorts to threats and physical threats but does not actually do more.  In her own way, I was surprised to see that it implied depth to Yookyung’s character.  While, she couldn’t give the same respect or base level of protection to Eunhae who would tear her “dream family” apart, she can control herself even as she fears what Youngsook’s verbal slips might do.

Similarly, Sejin’s breakdown was gradual in the past 10 episodes.  She is clearly fighting against not only Nayoung’s revenge but her own insecurity and her mother’s foolishness.  While she is vulnerable becauseo f Nayoung’s revenge, Yookyung’s actions in pushing the side characters against Sejin (since their only attack would result in harm to Sejin) forces Sejin to treat those who do not have to be her enemies as enemies. The hesitant visit to her grandmother compared to Sejin’s final decision to abandon her grandmother was pretty powerful in showing how weak Sejin has become.  Really, without Yookyung, I don’t think Sejin’s character would even make a good rival for Nayoung.










The Promise 66-70

Hwi Kyung proposes to Nayoung.  Taejoon finds out Nayoung’s true identity.  Sejin tries to frame Nayoung…and Nayoung accepts Hwi Kyung’s proposal!



Nayoung doesn’t answer so Hwi Kyung repeats himself by saying, “Come to me as I want you.” Again, I facepalm as this is not exactly the declaration of love that would make one swoon.

Even Nayoung has to ask if it’s a proposal and Hwi Kyung answers that it’s his second proposal as Taejoon walks out… Hwi Kyung puts the ring on Nayoung’s finger and explains how he gave the ring to Dohee the first time but she gave it back to go find Nayoung Lee. Nayoung grits her teeth and chokes back her tears as she whispers that Hwi Kyung should have stopped Dohee no matter what.

Hwi Kyung pulls Nayoung into a hug but Nayoung breaks free. She gives the ring back and tells Hwi Kyung that she’s too busy saving the company to be engaged.


Meanwhile, Sejin cries to Yookyung about life sucking as everything thinks that she is crazy jealous of her husband.  Skip forward to Yookyung venting her frustration by telling Hwi Kyung about his mother’s dementia.


Then Nayoung comes home to find out that Mrs. Baek has decided to care for Nayoung as Nayoung.  Mrs. Baek had allowed Eunbong to wait with Malsook’s cooking for Nayoung. Nayoung accepts Malsook’s lunch box and Eunbong walks out quickly choked up with emotions.


At the same time, Taejoon gets a fortuitous break from Sekwang who gets drunk with his “hyung”.  Sekwang starts telling Taejoon about how weird it is that Dohee was found in the fire that killed Nayoung…and how Dohee has been different ever since – crying over Taejoon’s child’s picture and all…


Back at the Baek’s house, Mrs. Baek finally blows at Mr. Baek.  She asks if Mr. Baek really thinks of her as a wife when he cares about Youngsook in front of her. Mr. Baek’s is quiet but he tells her about how Youngsook is fighting with dementia.


The next day, Taejoon confronts Dohee on the roof.  He demands to know why she visited Nayoung’s memorial right after she got out of the hospital.  Nayoung answers confidently that she wanted to go there to confirm since she heard Nayoung looked just like her.  She also warns Taejoon not to bother her again or she will file charges against Taejoon as a stalker.

At the same time, a suspicious order comes in to Malsook’s store.  The order is for 100 chickens.  Before we fall for it, the show lets us know that Sejin is behind it.


Nayoung does not sit idle either.  She brings food for her mother-in-law and asks about “Nayoung’s father.” But Youngsook does not answer telling Dohee that she should be careful.  She also tells Dohee that she suspected Yookyung when Eunhae died.  But, murder is something that even Nayoung doesn’t suspect Yookyung to stoop to.  And luckily for Yookyung, she arrives home in time to stop any futher conversations.


Nayoung leaves and Yookyung locks Youngsook in her room.  But in minutes Hwi Kyung comes home and finds his mother locked inside crying.  Yookyung demands that he hospitalizes Youngsook.  Hwi Kyung’s response is to tell her not to do such a thing again or he won’t let it go.


Yookyung tries to slap him but Hwi Kyung grabs her arm.  He tells her that he’s going to start taking everything away from her.


That night Youngsook corners Gyungwan in the kitchen.  She asks if he found Eunhae’s daughter and is aghast to find out that Eunhae’s daughter is dead.  She grabs Gyungwan’s hand and cries that she should have told him sooner…She looks like she’s about to tell him the truth but Yookyung walks in and tells Gyungwan to not listen to his crazy mother-in-law.


Meanwhile, Sejin’s plan to frame Dohee continues.  Nayoung is called down by a random girl for hitting her car… When Nayoung goes down to the garage, the other employee uses Dohee’s computer to send an email to the subsidiary that is buying the chicken from Malsook.


Taejoon is up next.  Later that evening, Nayoung walks into the office to find that the lights don’t work.  On the screen is a projection of her daughter calling for her mom.  Nayoung cries and rushes toward the screen as Taejoon turns on the lights and confronts her.

Even though Taejoon has found her out, Nayoung confidently tells Taejoon that she’s Dohee.  It’s too late for her to stop now.  She notes that even if he tells everyone, no one would believe him now… Taejoon falls to his knees in tears and asks her to stop.  But, Nayoung has changed.  She repeats that it’s too late.  He can continue to live as Sejin’s dog as she runs toward her goal of making him, Sejin, Yookyung and Gyungwan suffer.


The next day, Sejin’s attack ensues.  A rival company has started selling the same chicken with the same sauce… Basically, the chicken that Malsook sold.  The Board of Directors angrily demand that Dohee takes responsibility since the rival company is a subsidiary of VSS (Mr. Baek’s company).  Sejin decides to be helpful and suggests that they turn Dohee over to the police.

Everyone knows that it isn’t Nayoung and Taejoon confronts Sejin on the roof if it were her or Yookyung.  Sejin fires back that he’s trusting Dohee over her and her mother… She promises to make him believe.  How? By running to the edge of the roof.  Le sigh, is everyone tired of her antics like me?   Not Taejoon – he pulls her away and promises that he trusts her.


But unlike Nayoung, Dohee has strong allies.  Mrs. Baek realizes that Nayoung is being framed and does two things.  She calls her husband to look into it.  She also calls her agent to start buying up the stock of VSS Group as the share prices are falling.


Nayoung suffers through a long day of questioning, including seeing her mother (Malsook) get framed.  Taejoon also picks her up to tell her that he believes her but asks her to give everything up and return to Nayoung.  She stays strong and refuses to break down until she goes back to her office.  In the darkness, she cries until Hwi Kyung comes looking for her.  He pulls her into a hug and promises to protect her and repeats that he believes her.

That night, Taejoon overhears Sejin speak suspiciously into  her cell phone about sending money.  He asks her again if she is innocent of the mess.  Sejin insists and goes peacefully to get some tea.  However, after she leaves, her phone rings and Taejoon picks it up.  The guy on the other side asks Sejin to hold off on wiring the money since Mr. Baek has asked the police to look into him.


The next day, Sejin goes to gloat at Malsook’s place.  She threatens to sue them for damages…

At the same time, Taejoon asks Nayoung what she’s going to do.  Nayoung tells him to watch as she explodes a bomb at the Board of Director’s meeting.  She notes that she’s going to wreck Sejin’s life…Next thing we know, Taejoon is in Gyungwan’s office.  He falls to his knees and confesses of being the leak.  ER WHAT?


The Board of Directors meeting is cancelled and both Sejin and Hwi Kyung know that Taejoon is protecting someone.  Sejin thinks that Taejoon is protecting Dohee while Hwi Kyung asks if Taejoon is protecting Sejin.  Taejoon answers that he wanted to return the favor to Dohee.  Hwi Kyung punches Taejoon and reminds him to mind the social borders and leave Dohee alone.

So, Taejoon packs up his desk as Sejin rages about her husband resigning.  To add salt to the injury, Yookyung visits and finds out what is going on.  She confronts Taejoon about protecting Dohee.  She demands that he divorces Sejin.  Taejoon laughs that he will if Sejin wants it.  Yookyung accepts that she lost this battle and throws water in Taejoon’s face before going out and seeing Sejin crying in her car.


While Yookyung thinks that this would drive Sejin away from Taejoon…She is wrong.  I have to admit one thing that this girl does well is obsess over a guy.  She confesses to her father that Taejoon is innocent – she was the one who framed Dohee…Gyungwan demands that Sejin resigns.


On the side plot, Yookyung gets exasperated that Youngsook is increasing the pressure on her by meditating at home.  She prepares to send Youngsook to a nursing hospital.  Luckily, Mr. Baek calls Dohee to check on Youngsook.  Nayoung dutifully calls her mother-in-law and hears that Youngsook is visiting Eunhae’s memorial…

Nayoung rushes over to visit the memorial together.  She doesn’t see Youngsook but she manages to see Youngsook get driven away in a black car.

As we all know, it’s Yookyung’s plan and the driver drops Youngsook off at the hospital where they had imprisoned Nayoung.  As the attendees drag Youngsook into the hospital, Nayoung arrives and stops them.


Nayoung’s next move?! She goes to Hwi Kyung and agrees to accept his proposal…


Hwi Kyung immediately announces to his family that he’s getting married to Dohee.  Of course, Yookyung and Sejin ask if Dohee really loves Hwi Kyung.  Nayoung answers that she is not sure if she is madly in love.  However, she wanted Hwi Kyung since he loved her and waited for her.


As the family reels from teh news, Youngsook has a moment to herself.  She cries to her husband’s picture and asks him to help her.  She asks him to protect her so that she doesn’t become more ill or she might not be able to keep Yookyung’s secret.


The next day, Sejin walks into a silent protest against her as the heir to Baekdo Group.  There’s a whole poster devoted to asking whether Sejin is worthy of inheriting the company when she’s manipulative, cruel and petty.  Other employees stare at the poster until Sejin arrives.

Nayoung also sees it when the employee who framed Nayoung asks for her forgiveness. She confesses to putting up the poster.  Nayoung smiles that it’s fine.


Hmmm, is it me or is this about to drag?  Taejoon begs Nayoung again if she wouldn’t give up the marriage to Hwi Kyung.  He falls to his knees again and asks her to return to him.

Nayoung, however, does not give him to his useless whines.  She pulls him up and gives him one option.  She tells him to dump Sejin and every luxury that he’s enjoying…Then she will consider what he’s asking of her.


Nayoung goes to visit her mother who has been ill due to the antics of Sejin and Yookyung.  Nayoung thinks that Malsook is sleeping and starts singing the song that she used to sing to her mother… Malsook wakes up but pretends to continue to sleep.  Only when Nayoung leaves does Malsook wake up with the realization that Nayoung is truly alive.  Struck with happiness, Malsook cries out in frustration.


Back at the company, Sejin finds her stuff being packed up due to her forced suspension.  Her father informs her that she’s being replaced by Taejoon as the new director…Hmmmm, me thinks that this is an incentive for Taejoon to give up on Dohee and focus on Sejin.

The news spreads quickly through the company until Nayoung hears.  She realizes that this means Taejoon will not follow through with his offer.


She resolves to continue her revenge with new force and arrives at the official meeting of the families wearing Yookyung’s earring that she lost at the scene of Eunhae’s death.  Carefully pulling her hair behind her ear, Nayoung shows off the earring so that Yookyung cannot miss it.


I’m not sure if it’s because I’m watching these episodes for a second time or if it’s because it really is dragging… However, the constant repetition of Taejoon falling to his knees and begging Nayoung and Gyungwan and then Nayoung again is getting old.  It could be an affect of this being a daily drama… The story is written to grip you with the emotional tension the first time you watch it.  However, the tension arises because even though you know the ending, you don’t know the details…It’s waiting for the juicy details that gets you excited to watch the next episodes.  Once you know the details AND the ending, the tension is deflated.  Hence, it’s hard to rewatch daily dramas unlike mainstream 16-20 episode dramas.

Distancing myself from the lack of excitement, I realized that I don’t feel that into the Nayoung/Hwi Kyung couple.  There’s something off about the fact that Hwi Kyung’s proposal is “I need to have you” and Nayoung’s response is “I might not be the woman you want, but I will go to you.”  What happened to the marriage is about love?

The Na-Kyung couple cannot even say that this is a family arrangement as neither Hwi Kyung’s family or Nayoung’s family is actively trying to match the two up.  Youngsook might be in favor of it but she’s not healthy enough to try to get them together… Rather, it’s the two of them that are obsessed with some idea of the other.  Hwi Kyung appears to be rebelling against his current family (Sejin et al) and exagerating his love for Nayoung in his mind as he runs toward Nayoung more whenever the family does something wrong against him…Meanwhile, Nayoung only views Hwi Kyung as a tool for her revenge.  While revenge is nice and all, this is just messed up.  Rehabilitating this mess is going to take some serious chivalry or miracles from Hwi Kyung or Nayoung’s side.



The Promise – 62 – 65

Youngsook finds out that she has an early case of dementia.  Taejoon confronts Nayoung to no avail. And Sejin literally goes crazy thinking that she’s following Taejoon and Nayoung to a hotel. Oh, and Hwi Kyung proposes.


Taejoon is about to leave when Nayoung walks back out of her house.  She had seen his car and knew that he was waiting.  She goes with him to a cafe where Taejoon asks her not to marry Hwi Kyung.  Nayoung’s response?  She laughs that she was lukewarm about the idea before but since Taejoon is asking her not to…She wants to marry him more.


Then back at home, Nayoung bonds with Mrs. Baek.  We see a little more about the family dynamics when Mr. Baek is worrying about Youngsook again. He even asks Dohee to take care of her.  In her mind, Mrs. Baek yells at Mr. Baek to go to his first love if he cannot forget her.  But, in reality, she just smiles and asks if Mr. Baek wouldn’t want to sleep with her tonight.  He declines and Mrs. Baek goes back to her room alone…Until, Nayoung asks to sleep with her.

Mrs. Baek smiles that Nayoung is very different from Dohee…Dohee would never had liked sharing her bed as she likes her space.  Then they talk about the past and Nayoung’s questions…Mrs. Baek explains how her child died during child-birth and she heard of a poor mother who gave birth to twins…When the mother did not have the money to pay for the needed heart surgery of one of the twins, she adopted the twin for the cost of paying for the surgery…

Nayoung tries to apologize to Mrs. Baek for the loss of Dohee and promises to try harder.  But, Mrs. Baek surprises me when she hugs Nayoung close and tells her to stop – stop trying to be something she is not and just be herself.


Meanwhile, Sejin confronts Taejoon about coming home late.  He lies that he was at work but she has the photographs from the private investigator that shows otherwise. Once a cheater, always a cheater.  No sympathy here and Taejoon is more annoyed that she had him followed.

Nayoung continues her revenge by slipping Taejoon hints.  Her current hint is by bringing lunchboxes for everyone with a little personalized letter for each person on the staff.  Except, this is exactly what Nayoung used to do for Taejoon.  And, on the side, Hwi-Kyung takes heart that he gets one, too.


Nayoung visits Youngsook when she is still in one of her lucid moments… Youngsook asks Nayoung for help finding her friend’s daughter.  She explains that she wants to help find the daughter’s real father of her friend to whom she turned her back when she got married into the family.

Before Youngsook can tell Nayoung who the father is, Yookyung arrives at home and finds out that Youngsook has a visitor.  She barges in and takes Dohee into the livingroom.  There, she tells Dohee that she does not like Dohee…She hopes that Dohee can stop visiting.  Nayoung smiles that she likes Yookyungs – really respects Yookyung and wants to be her friend.  To buy her trust, Nayoung even tells Yookyung about Youngsook asking her for help finding her friend’s daughter.


The day goes on and Yookyung manages to frame Youngsook’s trusted housekeeper of stealing Yookyung’s ring.  Yookyung uses that excuse to fire the housekeeper and alienate Youngsook.  So, Youngsook does what every self-respecting independent woman does.  She runs to her ex-loverboy Mr. Baek and cries in his office that life is harsh. =_=  He listens to her and then brings out a beautiful pearl brooch that he had bought for Youngsook the day that got out of jail.  He had wanted to give it to her but Youngsook was already pregnant. =_=xxxx Meanwhile, Mrs. Baek is cleaning Mr. Baek’s office and realizes that the brooch is gone…

As for the younger generation.  Sejin has a presentation in front of potential Chinese investors but she goes off to her OBGYN to check if she’s pregnant.  Except as she happily walks into the garage, she sees Dohee getting into Taejoon’s car.  Time for change of plans!

Taejoon drives Dohee to the river where he confronts Dohee about being Nayoung.  His evidence is the box of his mementos from his time with Nayoung…One of his proof is that Nayoung wrote almost the same note as she used to when she used to be his lover.  Nayoung smiles that it’s just a simple coincidence.  His next try is the yellow umbrella…The tape of the song that Nayoung was playing at the wine bar…

Nayoung denies it and tells Taejoon to bring her irrefutable proof that she’s Nayoung.


Sejin arrives and immediately shakes Nayoung, screaming at Nayoung to shut up.  But Nayoung just smiles that Sejin should be careful before rumors start to swirl that Sejin has uncontrollable jealousy…


Nayoung walks off so Sejin screams at Taejoon for being distracted with Dohee instead of focusing on her. Taejoon throws her to the side because of her hysteria and Sejin decides that she needs to amp up her routine.  She walks to the river to I guess drown but Taejoon runs after her and stills her with a hug.  Nayoung watches all of this from the road.


On the side, people are continuing to scheme.  A man approaches Malsook to buy Malsook’s chicken for a better price.  He introduces himself as a representative of a subsidiary of Dohee’s father’s company.  He asks Malsook to consider it even though Malsook refuses… Of course, we realize that it’s Sejin scheming.


Back at home, Yookyung tries to take Youngsook to a home but Youngsook realizes and breaks free…She runs back to her room and locks the door before calling Dohee for a favor…


The favor is to accompany her to a hospital where she gets diagnosed with early dementia.  Dohee comforts Youngsook and promises to help her in any way that she can, which leads to a comforting dinner and girl talk until Hwi Kyung comes home.

With the return of rest of the family, dinner gets cut short and Hwi Kyung walks Nayoung out.  He confesses to her that she seems different from before…whereas in the past, she was an unstoppable warm ray of sunshine that he could lean on, now she seems colder but more fragile…he can’t help want to protect her like he felt about the girl he met in the past.


When Hwi Kyung returns, he finds Sejin drinking.  She asks him if he could just fire Dohee from AP Foods.  However, Hwi Kyung apologizes that he cannot throw away Dohee for his niece as he’s already turned his back on Dohee once.


The next day, Malsook tries out for the commercial model for the AP Foods chicken brand.  It’s so cute as she dons the chicken had and decides to just be herself – a no-nonsense ajumma that cuts onions well.

Meanwhile, Malsook visits Mr. Baek again who is happy to entertain her with flowers, especially since he knows that she’s sick.  But when Mr. Baek goes out for a second, Mrs. Baek calls and Malsook picks up.

Then Sejin goes crazy when her private investigator tells her that Taejoon is going into a hotel with Dohee.  She rushes over and begins to imagine the worst – that the two are having an affair…

In reality, Sejin manages to ring the doorbell and Taejoon comes out.  But, he’s not alone.  The whole team is there because they felt like having the team meeting at hotel would be good for all nighters? Who knows.

They all see Sejin slap Taejoon before she walks in and sees everyone…She then walks out.


Nayoung also follows.  The two girls exchange heated words and then Sejin pulls a Yookyung.  She gets into her car and speeds toward Nayoung who doesn’t budge.  Thankfully, Sejin stops at the last minute and Taejoon sees it all.

Taejoon waits nervously for Sejin at home.  She arrives completely drunk and he asks her if she’s really pregnant as she had said.  She confesses that she is not.


News for us all? The private investigator is a turncoat.  He has been sending the pictures to Nayoung for approval before sending them to Sejin.


Finally, we end with Hwi Kyung deciding to propose to Dohee in the most unromantic way possible.  He asks her at their office late at night with the words, “Come to me. I need to have you.”


I’m back! Woa, what a few episodes to recap as my first recap back.  A lot of plot development here!

Again, I just want to take the time to apologize to everyone for my random extended vacation from DRAMAFEED.  Unfortunately, as a one-woman website, every time my life decides that it needs more attention from me, the website goes silent.  For now, I think my solution will be to cut back on my recapped series so that there’s less of a pressure of unrecapped episodes going by and leaving me behind.  At least, until Heaven’s Promise recaps are done, this show will be the only one I recap.  Hope you all enjoy and thank you everyone for the encouraging messages! I read them while I was off DRAMAFEED! >_<  They were more than half of the reason that I decided to return even though the series finished off in my wandering.

The Promise – 61 & 61

Mrs. Baek finds out.



With pounding music playing in the background, Mrs. Baek falters into the room before falling into bed. Mr. Baek calls to say that he willb e late but he’s not Mrs. Baek’s top concern. A flashback shows us that she confronted Dohee’s doctor about whether or not Dohee has a tumor growing in her heart. He had told her that he could not confirm anything due to patient confidentiality and asked her to go speak with Dohee.

At the same time, Youngsook comes home to find that Yookyung moved all of Youngsook’s stuff into their room and moved in. Youngsook had screamed that Yookyung should not do this but Yookyung was not moved. She reminded Youngsook that this was originally her mother’s room…Hence, when Hwi Kyung comes home, he finds his mother pretending to be strong.

Hwi Kyung tries to ask Yookyung if she does not think about himself or Youngsook as family. Yookyung flips around and screams back that he doesn’t think of her as familiy either… If he did, he would not have kept courting Dohee or tried to contract with the Lee family. She continues to fall apart and yell that his mere existence has been a stabbing wound into her heart…

Sometime during the argument, Sejin and the rest of the family arrives. They see the scene and jump to Yookyung’s defense by interjecting that they are also victims. So, Hwi Kyung goes to ask his mother if they should move. But, she turns down his offer saying that she still has something to do.


That night, Nayoung comes home to find Mrs. Baek brooding in her room. Mrs. Baek is unusually silent and even flinches when Nayoung tries to touch her. Instead, Mrs. Baek rushes out and tells Nayoung to go to bed since she should be tired.


The next day, Taejoon tries to get transferred to a different department in Baekdo Group by presenting Gyungwan  a proposal for a construction project in Shanghai. He tells Gyungwan that it is impossible to save AP Foods and he wants to be transferred.


Meanwhile, Malsook & Co set up for a free tasting among the Baekdo employees. It’s a huge success as everyone deliciously consumes the free chicken in exchange for surveys. Everyone is ecstatic about the success and Malsook invites Nayoung and Hwi Kyung to her house for dinner…Hwi Kyung happily accepts but Nayoung changes the topic.


On the side, Manjung finds out that they cannot get a loan secured by her store. The store was actually legally set up so that she couldn’t do anything with it. She goes to Yookyung to confront her. But, Yookyung just smiles that it shouldn’t affect Manjung unless she wanted to get a loan…which is better if she does not.

Now! Back to the main revenge! As Taejoon steps outside to find a spring shower waiting for him, Nayoung as Dohee approaches with a yellow umbrella. She smiles and repeats the same question she asked when she first re-met him after her adoption.

At the same time, Sejin gets pictures of the encounter from her private detective. Ignoring the fact that she has a presentation to give to investors…She goes straight to a bar….where Taejoon finds her.

Already through at least one half battle of wine, Sejin tells Taejoon that she loves wine as the wine bottle becomes empty, she feels like she’s being filled up… Taejoon tries to pull the bottle away. But, Sejin begins to tear up and sniffs that she feels so empty.

When Sejin refuses to get up, Taejoon sits down next to her and offers to drink with her. But, Sejin grabs the wine glass and tosses it against the wall. She asks him what use he has for any more filling when she’s around in love with him and Dohee who looks like his first love lurks in the background.


Taejoon has to bring a drunk Sejin home which infuriates Yookyung. She warns him that Sejin is smart and will figure out his true self soon. But Taejoon smiles that she should already know that she cannot control everything…Sejin loves him and is drinking because of him not Yookyung.


On the side, Hwi Kyung has dinner with the Lees where he sees a picture of young Nayoung. He recognizes the little girl who had cried when he ran into her on his bike…He later goes home and asks the sky why she had to leave like that….


Then he calls Nayoung and calls her out to meet at the park. He gives the watch to her and explains that he wanted to give the watch to her since the person he really wanted to give it to ended up passing away…So, he wants Dohee to have it since she looks like that girl from his past…

Nayoung pauses as the memories flood back in about how she first gave the watch to her mother…How she ran into Hwi Kyung when she was younger…And how, he had been the only one to help her.

Hwi Kyung gets up and tells her to go in since he knows she would be uncomfortable with him accompanying her. As he leaves, Nayoung falls into sobs.


Hwi Kyung goes home and finds Taejoon in the kitchen. He asks Taejoon why he had to toss away the woman who loved him for twenty years. Taejoon sighs and tells Hwi Kyung not to berate him as he’s already been criticized enough. Hwi Kyung laughs and answers that he used to love fairytales because in the end, the evil person always paid for his sins.


At the same time, Mrs. Baek goes crazy in Dohee’s room and finally finds the key to the locked drawer. She finds the DNA test results in the drawer as well as a picture of little Saebyul. Her eyes flash from one side to the other as she tells herself that it cannot be true.


Nayoung walks into this mess. Immediately, Mrs. Baek turns around and asks what is going on. When Nayoung cannot answer, Mrs. Baek grabs on to Nayoung’s dress and demands that Nayoung takes it off so that they can confirm the surgery scar.

Nayoung falls to the ground as Mrs. Baek screams at Nayoung to deny it. Nayoung quietly answers that she is not Dohee…But this does irritates Mrs. Baek even more. She grabs Taejoon and screams about where her daughter is…and then she faints.


Meanwhile, at Sejin’s house, Sejin and Taejoon lie that Sejin just forgot about the meeting as she was planning a surprise for Taejoon. The conversation naturally turns to Sejin lovingly telling her father that she loves her father most and then Taejoon second…She tells her mother that she’s blessed to have married such a great man. They talk about who had more lovers when they were young.

Then Youngsook joins and announces to everyone that Yookyung followed Gyungwan around but he had another girlfriend…Eunhae. Yookyung frowns and drops her tea on Youngsook and the conversation ends.


Then…We see a troubling scene. Hwi Kyung ends up playing Go Stop with his mother. They have a great game before Youngsook suddenly worries about getting dinner for Hwi Kyung. He looks up with concern and asks her if she does not remember that they just had dinner.


Later, Sejin brings up wine for Taejoon and demands that they talk. Taejoon hugs her close and tells her that Dohee did tempt him. But, he’s not so weak to fall.

The next day, Nayoung brings Mrs. Baek to the memorial where Dohee’s ashes are resting in an urn labeled as “Nayoung Lee.” Mrs. Baek sobs that she’s sorry before she turns to yell at Nayoung. She accuses Nayoung of killing Dohee and then pretending to be Dohee.

Nayoung falls to the ground crying and apologizing. She begs Mrs. Baek for help as she cannot be Dohee but she wants revenge on the people who did this to Dohee when Dohee gave her a second chance. Mrs. Baek yells at Nayoung to leave immediately…. Which Eun-Bong sees.

Malsook drops by the office to see Dohee but is told that Dohee did not come in that day. As she leaves, Taejoon stops her and asks to talk since it’s about Dohee.


At a cafe, he asks Malsook if Dohee is not suspicious…She could be Nayoung. Malsook throws her water on Taejoon’s face and tells him that he went crazy. Mrs. Baek is alive and has denied that Dohee is a part of twins. She also tells Taejoon to go see a psychiatrist instead of bothering poor innocent Dohee.


At the same time, Nayoung packs the DNA test results as well as a picture of Saebyul into her purse. She also takes the watch that Hwi Kyung gave her. Then she looks at the family picture and sighs that she could not protect anyone. She tells Dohee not to worry about her as she will live well enough for the both of them.


Mrs. Baek also stumbles out of the doctor’s office. He had finally told her that Dohee did not have many months left. He tells Mrs. Baek that he wonders if Dohee had not found another her to present her mother before she passed on…


Nayoung walks out of Dohee’s house and pauses. She walks off as Mrs. Baek arrives without seeing Nayoung leave… Mrs. Baek goes to sit on Dohee’s bed and pauses, too. She finds a letter from Nayoung telling Mrs. Baek that she is apologetic for the scars that she is leaving behind…She had first had no idea how she would tell Mr. and Mrs. Baek….Then she started to get greedy…She had hoped that the present that she got from Dohee would go forever… That she would become Dohee.

Mrs. Baek falls apart and runs out after Nayoung in her indoor slippers. Even as her slippers fall, Mrs. Baek continues on until she finds Nayoung at the bus station. Mrs. Baek holds Nayoung and cries that Nayoung is Dohee from now on…Not a fake Dohee but the real Dohee to her.

From the background, Eun-Bong walks out. RANDOM!?! She tells Nayoung that she’s relieved that it all worked out. T_T Kill me now… The true love of a sister. That scene is as moving as Mrs. Baek’s acceptance.

Meanwhile, Youngsook meets with Mr. Baek. She had accidentally called him instead of Dohee to meet and he had invited her out. But as they go to the park, Youngsook swings on a wooden swing and calls over for her “oppa” to come over. Mr. Baek pauses at this sudden lapse of decorum from Youngsook.


That night, Taejoon calls Nayoung out and she walks out. However, Nayoung finds Hwi Kyung waiting outside of the gates. She tells him that she has no obligation to tell him everything.

Hwi Kyung stops her and asks why it’s Taejoon and not him…When she knows that Taejoon is Sejin’s husband. She is always warm towards Taejoon but cold towards him.


Nayoung walks off a bit before asking if Hwi Kyung still loves her… Not the Dohee of the past but her… Hwi Kyung grabs Nayoung and twirls her into a kiss…Which Taejoon sees.


First, my apologies everyone! I am so sorry for being MIA the past week and a half. I was sick and then I was catching up to life. >_< But thank you for not giving up on dramafeed and expect some more blogposts coming up ASAP!