Love on a Rooftop – E82

Proud Se-Ryung returns.  Instead of being tethered to Do-Jin, she leaves for the United States by herself.  Once Do-Jin figures it out, he freaks out like a modern-day-Romeo and only Mi-Ja is able to stop him from getting on the next flight now.



Dae-Ho walks into celebration at Joon-Bae’s restaurant. Joon-Bae promises to guarantee Dae-Ho’s passing of the practical part of the exam as long as Dae-Ho promises to take care of the chicken restaurant with him.


Meanwhile, Se-Ryung stares at her marriage license when Yunho comes in and scares her. He offers to go with her to file it since Do-Jin isn’t going and she declines. Instead, she holds out her hand to Yunho and thanks him for everything.

Yunho asks why she is acting so weird and Se-Ryung smiles that she’s going to become someone else’s girl soon so she wanted to shake his hand one last time. Yunho takes this as a joke and accepts.


Se-Ryung then goes to visit her father. She tells her father that she did not feel comfortable going with Do-Jin and would feel better going with her secretary.

screenshot_2015-08-04-20-15-41-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-04-20-15-50-resized-640

Beom-Seok smiles that he feels relieved that Se-Ryung seems to be in better spirits. She asks him to hug her and promises to do better and recover, not worrying him anymore.

Next, she goes to her office and promises to herself that the next time she comes, she will walk in.

Dae-Shil walks in and Se-Ryung tells her that she has a lot to delegate to Dae-Shil before she goes to the United States.


At home, Dae-Ho gets all excited about learning how to drive. Dong-Sook happily wonders if Seung-Hye is progressing with Yunho.

At the same time, Seung-Ah raids her sister’s closet to steal one of Seung-Hye’s outfits. She decides to seduce him with Seung-Hye’s style.

screenshot_2015-08-04-20-16-25-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-04-20-16-41-resized-640

It almost works because Yunho gets surprised when he sees Seung-Ah. Seung-Ah notes that Yunho likes Seung-Hye’s style, feminine 33%, pretend nice 33%, and unfashionable 34%.

Yunho laughs that he likes Seung-Hye not Seung-Hye’s style. He tells Seung-Ah to keep her own cute style.

Seung-Ah yells at Yunho that he’s too much because he won’t pretend to fall for her.

Random subplot line as romantic music ensues with Sun-Sook thinks about Joon-Bae. Right on time, Joon-Bae comes in to hammer in some nails saying that if Sun-Sook gets hurt, it will be troublesome for him. Sun-Sook looks like she’s falling for his manliness and she slaps herself with the fly swatter.

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The secretary takes Se-Ryung to the airport and she calls Seung-Hye. She tells Seung-Hye that she is leaving alone because she does not want Do-Jin to treat her like a patient. She adds that her relationship with Do-Jin has not ended so Seung-Hye should not try to take Do-Jin back while Se-Ryung is gone.

Seung-Hye asks Se-Ryung where she is but Se-Ryung just continues… She tells Seung-Hye that Yunho is a really good guy and she should not lose him. She adds that she is sorry to Seung-Hye for everything and hangs up.

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Seung-Hye freaks out and tells Yunho who calls Do-Jin. Like a faithful loverboy, Do-Jin runs out and begins rushing to the airport.

Se-Ryung picks up while he’s driving and she apologizes that she didn’t have the confidence to hear his voice. She tells him that she’s going to get better and come back so that she can confidently walk into her wedding. She thanks Do-Jin and hangs up.


Do-Jin rushes to Beom-Seok who hears from his secretary as well. Do-Jin announces that he is going on the next flight and Beom-Seok tells him to wait. He is going to find out why Se-Ryung resorted to this first. Being a CEO, he tasks his secretary to tell the LA branch office folk to babysit Se-Ryung when she lands…don’t think she’s in any danger since she’s riding business with her secretary and will be met by company people with a company car… Big sacrifice.

Yunho updates Seung-Hye who worries about selfish idiot Do-Jin.

Instead of thinking about why the mess is a mess, Do-Jin tells Kyung-Tae and Dae-Shil. Do-Jin thinks about immediately following but Kyung-Tae stops him. Kyung-Tae notes that Se-Ryung must have had her own reasons so Do-Jin should think about this carefully.

Mi-Ja is a smart one. When Sang-Man tells her about Se-Ryung, she orders him to find Do-Jin first… Who is off like a possessive loverboy, getting into his own car to go toward the airport. Where was this determination when he was with Seung-Hye?!


Do-Jin calla Kyung-Tae to ask him to tell his mother. Kyung-Tae yells back that Do-Jin shouldn’t trust him with his mother.


Luckily, Sang-Man and Mi-Ja know deceit. They arrive at the airport and stop Do-Jin.

Mi-Ja declares that if he really wants to leave, he can leave over her dead body. Do-Jin turns around and begins to walk away and Mi-Ja falls to the ground.


Do-Jin tells Sang-Man not to try to trick him but Sang-Man insists that this time Mi-Ja truly fainted. So, Do-Jin finally decides to stay.


Dae-Shil tells everything to the family women except for Seung-Hye. Seung-Ah notes that Seung-Hye can now get together with Do-Jin and gets lectured by her mother. I’m with Dong-Sook on this one… The guy totally acted like a man madly in love with Se-Ryung…how can Seung-Hye trust him to be with her?

Poor sweet and almost perfect Yunho goes to tell Seung-Hye that Do-Jin got stopped at the airport. She tells her family that she also knows but sniffles.


Her mother yells at Seung-Hye for being stupid and I have to admit agreeing. Even Dae-Shil comments that being with Do-Jin will not bring Seung-Hye an easy life… Ya think?

Seung-Hye let’s this all go through one ear and out the other. She excuses herself and goes to her room to sulk.


As much as I want to sympathize for Seung-Hye…This is getting to be too much. She basically hears that the guy she is currently infatuated with rushed to the airport to take the next flight to LA (there’s usually only two flights per day) to follow another woman after said woman left by herself! At this point, even if Do-Jin’s decision to stay with Se-Ryung started out of responsibility and guilt, one should question whether responsibility, guilt, and childhood friendship are not mixing together to give Do-Jin similar feelings of being in a serious relationship. This is within only a couple weeks after breaking up with Seung-Hye… If a guy can forget you and live the life of a loverboy so perfectly to another woman, there are some major problems with your relationship.

As for Se-Ryung, I feel that this episode was more in line with her character in the beginning. As much as Se-Ryung is obsessed with Do-Jin, she is a proud and accomplished woman. While she might have thought that she would be satisfied just having him by her side, she would only want more. She’s also smart enough to know that to get more, she has to be more to Do-Jin than just a patient that needs his treatment. She needs him to see her as a woman, somewhat, while feeling these confusing emotions. Therefore, I really liked her exit and the way she did it. It would be a hilarious twist if it turns out that she filed the marriage license and then went on the plane. ^^

Love on a Rooftop – E81

Mi-Ja just about goes crazy trying to get her son to leave Se-Ryung.  Meanwhile, Yunho support Seung-Hye from the shadows.



Sang-Man brings breakfast in bed for a surly Mi-Ja who moans that her son has thrown her away. Sang-Man responds that it’s not Do-Jin but also Beom-Seok…he should have disapproved of filing for marriage.


Mi-Ja gets a new idea and runs to Beom-Seok. She begs Beom-Seok to convince Se-Ryung otherwise… She proposed that Beom-Seok marries Mi-Ja… She will take care of Se-Ryung as her mother.


She falls to her knees next to Se-Ryung and asks Se-Ryung to see Do-Jin as her older brother since she knows that Do-Jin does not love her as a woman. Do-Jin tells her mother and to stop and Mi-Ja shouts back that if Do-Jin is sincere, he should announce in front of everyone that he loves Se-Ryung.

Having heard enough, Se-Ryung screams at Mi-Ja to stop and asks to be taken out. Mi-Ja runs after Beom-Seok and Se-Ryung where Sang-Man finds her in the hallway. Hearing that Mi-Ja wants to marry Beom-Seok, Sang-Man decides following Mi-Ja’s command will not be best and starts to try to convince her otherwise.


Beom-Seok takes Se-Ryung to the roof where he tells Se-Ryung to forget everything… Se-Ryung answers that she understands Mi-Ja and asks if she can be happy after marrying Se-Ryung.

Do-Jin walks up and tells the two that he has not changed his mind. Se-Ryung wheels her chair around and asks Do-Jin to lie to her and tell her that he loved her.


Sang-Man drags Mi-Ja home. He yells at her that she should live for herself now. Mi-Ja snaps back that Sang-Man does not know what it means to be a parent. Sang-Man responds that he’s in a one-sided love for her and would help her with everything except her marrying Beom-Seok. Reacting as expected, Mi-Ja yells at Sang-Man to leave and starts to hit him w sofa cushions.

screenshot_2015-08-03-19-54-18-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-03-19-53-25-resized-640

Back at the hospital, Do-Jin cannot bring himself to tell Se-Ryung that he loves her. He apologizes and Se-Ryung starts to cry that she knows he does not love her but he wants to hear the words even if they are a lie.

Do-Jin gets on his knees so that his face is at the same level. He tells Se-Ryung that while he does not love Se-Ryung, he has the confidence to take care of her like he did love her.

Se-Ryung asks if Do-Jin is okay not having children. Do-Jin smiles that he does not need children and she should start picking out her dress for the engagement party.


Beom-Seok stops by the cafe to apologize to Seung-Hye. Seung-Hye smiles weakly that it was not Beom-Seok’s fault as Do-Jin made his own decision. She tells him to focus on getting Se-Ryung back to normal… She was impressed by Se-Ryung’s love for Do-Jin as well.

Beom-Seok asks her if she loved Do-Jin a lot. Seung-Hye apologizes and runs to the bathroom.

Comedic interlude with Sun-Sook dancing by herself until Joon-Bae comes in and dances with her.

Dong-Sook finds her husband working hard at studying for his license exam. All of a sudden, he even gets a nose bleed.

screenshot_2015-08-03-19-54-54-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-03-19-54-48-resized-640

Around this time, Seung-Hye walks into her dark room and looks at her half burnt picture. Like a weirdo, Do-Jin also stands in the hallway and looks at pictures of Seung-Hye in his phone. Then he DELETES them. What the stuffing?! This guy is freaking determined to make things work with Se-Ryung and I guess be happy while doing it.


He walks into Se-Ryung’s room where she tells him that she wants children… A boy like Do-Jin and a girl like herself…

In the morning, the whole family comes out to wish Dae-Ho well on the written part of the license exam.

screenshot_2015-08-03-19-55-24-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-03-19-55-32-resized-640

At the same time, Do-Jin gives all of the necessary paperwork to Yunho. Yunho thanks Do-Jin and announces that he’s going to propose to Seung-Hye.

Do-Jin answers that it’s a good thing. Yunho asks if that is everything. Do-Jin asks back what Yunho wants to hear.

Yunho responds that he wants to know Do-Jin’s feelings toward Seung-Hye. Do-Jin answers that as a guy, Yunho should understand. Yunho’s response? A politer version of, “um, no.”


Se-Ryung had been on the phone with her secretary but hangs up quickly when Do-Jin comes in. Smiling weirdly, she tells Do-Jin that she wants to file the marriage license with her secretary so she does not make Do-Jin a horrible son to his mother.


Meanwhile, Yunho runs straight to Seung-Hye. He asks her if she would become the manager of his cafe… He wants to ask her to be the owner but he knows that would make it too much for her.

Seung-Hye asks of Do-Jin would actually sell Yunho the cafe. Yunho smiles and shows her the paperwork. At first, Seung-Hye pauses that she might not be able to work there longer… But Yunho convinces her otherwise.


In another part of the drama, Seung-Jae becomes the main model of the branch store and girls run up for his sign ATI.

screenshot_2015-08-03-19-56-58-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-03-19-56-48-resized-640

Do-Jin has the audacity to show up at the cafe. Seung-Hye congratulates him on his future marriage and Do-Jin apologizes for selling the cafe to Yunho. Seung-Hye smiles that he should not have to worry about it since she just needs to work hard regardless of who the owner is.

screenshot_2015-08-03-19-57-17-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-03-19-57-22-resized-640


Anyways, he looks like he’s going to cry for who knows why and Seung-Hye pulls away. Do-Jin walks out and pauses for a bit… Seung-Hye helps a customer before she runs out and finds that he’s gone.


I hate him. To me, he seems completely selfish. He knows that Seung-Hye would just stay with him as long as he needs to dote on Se-Ryung for his own conscience but he breaks up with her so that his own freaking conscience will feel better. What the heck was the point of asking Seung-Hye to marry him if he was going to be flakey like an autumn leaf? It’s one thing to have fun dating. It’s another thing completely to declare that you want to spend the rest of your life with the girl and then flip within a couple of episodes. Meh. Do-Jin is a waste of paper / blog space.

I really wish somehow Yunho would become the main character. The guy has always been there for Seung-Hye… Brings her morning coffee… Takes her exercising… Takes her to her old orphanage… Buys her a cafe and basically tells her she doesn’t have to feel guilty as he’s hiring her as a manager…. Was the first person to recognize her non-nurse talents… Is nice to her family… Looks good… Makes his feelings clear… Gahhhhh!

Love on a Rooftop – E80

Se-Ryung finds out that she cannot have any children and starts to get irritated that Do-Jin only treats her as a patient.


Seung-Hye walks home and thinks to herself that Do-Jin did not have to go as far as he did. She promises him that she will forget about him.


As she is pondering this, Dae-Ho comes home with a box of chicken. He tells her that it’s for her specially and has her try it. When she likes it, he tells her about how he has been tailing Seung-Hye from the beginning of the alley but she did not notice him.


The next morning, Seung-Hye wakes up early to run. When she walks out, a basketball meets her with Yunho following in a random Cornell wifebeater?! I guess we are supposed to assume that he’s “ivy-elite.” Hello, writer… We have already fallen for him, no need to spruce up his resume any more. JUST GIVE HIM SEUNG-HYE!

He takes her to shoot some hoops and even picks her up so that she can put the ball into the hoop. Seung-Hye tells him that he should stop being nice to her since she cannot return his feelings. Yunho smiles that he understands that she needs time.


At the hospital, Kyung-Tae finds Se-Ryung in a happy mood. Se-Ryung asks Kyung-Tae to find out if she can have babies without Do-Jin finding out.


Meanwhile, Yunho brings Seung-Hye home and her grandmother and mother invite him in for some tea. Yunho exclaims about how good the tea is and muses that he would love to taste it every day and ever where.

Seung-Hye suggests that they make Soon-Im’s teas into tea bags and Yunho jumps on the idea as long as Seung-Hye helps. Seung-Hye smiles when she gets a call from Se-Ryung and runs to the hospital.


Seung-Hye rolls Se-Ryung so that she can sit up and then checks Se-Ryung’s IV line. Se-Ryung sighs that Seung-Hye seems very detailed oriented. She apologizes as she now realizes that Seung-Hye was not involved in Beom-Seok’s accident.

Seung-Hye tells Se-Ryung that it is in the past. Then Se-Ryung changes the topic and asks Seung-Hye to look at some wedding dresses. She announces that Do-Jin proposed and that they will get married after her legs are rehabilitated.

Seung-Hye stands there silently as Se-Ryung explains that she does not want to hide her engagement or wedding…She hopes that Seung-Hye will be happy with Yunho and attend her wedding.

Seung-Hye bids Se-Ryung happiness with tears in her eyes.


Back at Kyung-Tae’s place, Do-Jin asks Kyung-Tae to sign his marriage license as a witness. When Kyung-Tae finds out that it is about Do-Jin and Se-Ryung, he angrily refuses. He tells Do-Jin that he is about to become a father and would be pissed off if his child acts the same way Do-Jin does…He understands why Do-Jin is acting this way but he does not agree and thinks that Do-Jin is being stupid.

Yunho and Beom-Seok talk about how Do-Jin’s proposal makes them feel awkward…But Beom-Seok confesses that because it involves Se-Ryung he will likely not do anything.

screenshot_2015-08-02-22-35-04-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-02-22-34-56-resized-640

As Seung-Hye messes up orders at the cafe, Do-Jin tells his mother. She gives up everything and tells Do-Jin not to return to the hospital…to return to Seung-Hye…just to marry a healthy girl.

Do-Jin does not change his mind and Mi-Ja starts to ask what she did so wrong…Do-Jin has nothing to say to his mother other than apologies.


Kyung-Tae tells Se-Ryung that there is very little chance that Se-Ryung would be able to get pregnant. However, he tells Se-Ryung to focus on her reabilitation first.

Se-Ryung asks Kyung-Tae not to tell Do-Jin and begins to cry.


After all that she did, Mi-Ja goes to Seung-Hye. She promises to accept Seung-Hye if Seung-Hye can go and change his mind. She reminds Seung-Hye that the two declared that they loved each other…so why don’t they just get married and live happily together?

Seung-Hye apologizes and stands up. Mi-Ja stands up and grabs Seung-Hye’s arm begging her to hold on to Do-Jin…

Yunho arrives to tell Mi-Ja to stop. He tells Mi-Ja that the cafe will soon be his and then Seung-Hye’s. He excuses the two with the explanation that he has to discuss Soon-Im’s tea with Seung-Hye.

Mi-Ja walks out huffing that Seung-Hye had a back-up guy. However, she determines that she cannot give up this easily. She can go and talk to Seung-Hye’s mother.


Mi-Ja meets Dong-Sook in Sun-Sook’s restaurant. She tells Dong-Sook that she is willing to accept Seung-Hye.

Not convinced, Dong-Sook tells Mi-Ja that she knows Mi-Ja is only manipulating Seung-Hye because Do-Jin has declared that he will marry Se-Ryung. Dong-Sook adds that she has someone else she wants as a son-in-law and leaves. Mi-Ja tries to ask Sun-Sook for help but Sun-Sook kicks her out as well.


Mi-Ja runs to Dae-Ho and begs him for help as well. She yells that she is willing to forgive Dae-Ho and Soon-Im for everything…She would treat Seung-Hye as a princess and not a daughter-in-law.

Realizing that this is serious, Joon-Bae takes Miss Bong and they give Dae-Ho and Mi-Ja some space. However, Dae-Ho just answers Mi-Ja that she should know better than anyone else…This is not something that the parents can get involved in.

screenshot_2015-08-02-22-36-51-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-02-22-37-05-resized-640

Yunho goes to meet with Do-Jin. He tells Do-Jin that he’s going to buy Do-Jin’s cafe in his personal capacity.  That way he can give the cafe to Seung-Hye who is only able to survive each day due to the cafe. >.< <3 <3 <3

Back at Dong Rak Dang, Dae-Shil asks Seung-Hye to sign her marriage license as her witness. The family tsks that Dae-Shil took so long to file her license. Then Dong-Sook changes the topic to having Seung-Hye marry Yunho.


Soon-Im and Seung-Jae also agree that they approve of Yunho and Dae-Shil muses that the family looks like they planned this.

The topic moves to Do-Jin also filing his marriage license and the family disapproves of Do-Jin even more.


Meanwhile, the managing doctor comes along and gives her the most current report…She needs to drink a lot of water as she is likely to develop constipation. Do-Jin interrupts that Se-Ryung might have other complications that the main doctor has not mentioned. The main doctor agrees with Do-Jin and tasks his residents to redo some tests.

After they leave, Se-Ryung lashes out at Do-Jin for treating her as a patient. She tells him that she wants to be a woman to him and not a patient.


Hmmm, me thinks that Se-Ryung is becoming more and more greedy now that she knows Do-Jin will stay next to her… In several episodes past, she told him all she wanted was him by her side. Meh. Not much sympathy here…Just waiting to see how DJ is supposed to turn around.

Love on a Rooftop – E79

The madness continues – Do-Jin basically proposes to Se-Ryung. WHAT?



Seung-Jae finds Seung-Hye wandering around near the house and tries to tell her that it’s for the better that Seung-Hye broke up with such a cowardly person. Still blinded by her fool emotions, Seung-Hye chides Seung-Jae for talking about Do-Jin in that manner. She reminds her younger brother that she loves the idiot Do-Jin and is only giving up on Do-Jin so that Do-Jin does not fall any father.


Meanwhile, Se-Ryung finally starts to feel pangs of guilt. She asks if Do-Jin really broke up with Seung-Hye and confesses that she does not feel comfortable. Do-Jin smiles and walks over to her side, telling her that she does not need to worry about anyone else…she just needs to focus on healing. He tucks her in and tells her to sleep.

Seung-Hye comes home alone and goes straight to the picture of the tree. She thinks to herself that Do-Jin was the first person whom she felt that she could love…So, she did not want to give up on him but she is coming to realize that he was not a person whom she could love…


Dong-Sook looks after Seung-Hye in the morning. She smiles that it’s better that Seung-Hye hurts a little bit but gets back on her feet. Seung-Hye wakes up after her mother leaves and complains to her aunt that she finds it so hard… She notes how she has no right to stop Do-Jin when he says he wants to leave but it’s so hard.

Dae-Shil yells at Seung-Hye in frustration with half of what we are all thinking. She calls Seung-Hye stupid for trying to measure and evaluate her love against Se-Ryung’s love when love is not a physical thing. She also emphasizes that love needs two different people and tells Seung-Hye to do what she wants and feels is best.

Sang-Man tries to get Mi-Ja some porridge and she bites off his head for saying nonsense stuff like her being his woman when she has so much on her plate. She walks off with Sang-Man meekly tailing.

Meanwhile, Yunho stops by the cafe and cutely tries to cheer up a depressed Seung-Hye.

screenshot_2015-08-02-22-09-15-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-02-22-09-29-resized-640

Mi-Ja’s next plan is to convince Se-Ryung. She asks Se-Ryung to let Do-Jin go and convince him not to go to the United States.

Se-Ryung cries that she needs Do-Jin, too… She reminds Mi-Ja that Mi-Ja used to consider her a daughter-in-law.

Mi-Ja promises to go to the United States with Se-Ryung and asks Se-Ryung if she could even have children now.

Se-Ryung looks up in shock. Before she has time to internalize it, Do-Jin comes in and tells her to leave. As Do-Jin tries to pull her away, Mi-Ja shouts at Se-Ryung to let Do-Jin go.


Do-Jin has had enough and walks out to Sang-Man and tells him to not let Mi-Ja come to the hospital again.

At the house, Dong-Sook talks to Soon-Im about Seung-Hye and Dae-Ho. Soon-Im tells Dae-Ho not to say anything to Seung-Hye who is already having a bad time…she also tells Dong-Sook that she will not let her son wear an apron.


Dae-Ho and Joon-Bae get together and make a presentation to Soon-Im…They hold a graph that shows the revenue jumping after Dae-Ho started looking at new recipes. Soon-Im is not convinced.


Back at the hospital, Do-Jin and Kyung-Tae look at an x-ray of Se-Ryung’s. Do-Jin tells Kyung-Tae that he thinks there is a chance if they go to the United States.

Do-Jin asks about Seung-Hye. Kyung-Tae answers that Seung-Hye has gotten physically better but is still hurting emotionally… However, he notes that Seung-Hye did take off her couple ring.

Do-Jin’s expression does not change and Kyung-Tae tells his friend off for being a heartless jerk.

Do-Jin stops by the cafe that night and dismisses the help.

At the same time, Se-Ryung keeps brooding about Mi-Ja’s words that Se-Ryung might not be able to get pregnant. She calls Kyung-Tae but asks him to drop by when her father comes in.

Beom-Seok tells Se-Ryung that the hospital in the United States has accepted her.

screenshot_2015-08-02-22-10-52-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-02-22-11-01-resized-640

Do-Jin tells Seung-Hye that he is going to close the cafe so she should stop coming out. Seung-Hye answers that it’s part of her own professional pride… She was scouted for the cafe and she will work hard as long as the cafe is open.

Do-Jin tells Seung-Hye that it is hard for him to see Seung-Hye and asks her not to come out from the next day on… Yunho comes in and hears the last exchange.

He watches Seung-Hye walk off and runs back into ask Do-Jin if he is not being harsh. Do-Jin answers matter of fact that it was necessary and asks about Yunho’s earlier offer to buy the cafe.

Yunho asks if Do-Jin will not regret his decision. Do-Jin answers that he is doing all this so that he has no regrets.


Stopping by his studio, Do-Jin burns up his picture of Seung-Hye.

Beom-Seok gets ready in the hospital while Se-Ryung looks out the window anxiously. She confesses that she knows Do-Jin broke up with Seung-Hye without falling out of love with Seung-Hye. She wonders if Do-Jin does not forget about Seung-Hye, would he ever hate her?

Do-Jin enters the room at the same time. He tells Se-Ryung that she does not have to worry about it. He even adds that he wants to register their marriage before going to the United States.


Meanwhile, Seung-Hye walks over to Do-Jin’s studio and finds her half burnt picture.

Back in the hospital room, Se-Ryung asks if Do-Jin is serious. He answers that she would be less anxious if they are married and he can be her legal guardian.


Beom-Seok of course tells Do-Jin to discuss with him separately after the two have talked.

Se-Ryung loses it. She smiles that it is enough for her if she can get married to Do-Jin. She notes that they will need to do the wedding after she gets fully treated and she also wants to have an official engagement. Do-Jin excuses himself as Se-Ryung begins to repeat her madness to herself.


Has Do-Jin lost it? Now, it feels like it’s gone past train wreck and into comedy. I’ not even sure what to make of it anymore. Basically, even Se-Ryung’s own father paused when he heard Do-Jin basically propose for the sake of practicality only. He was like pause, let’s take this outside where Se-Ryung is not and left the room.

Meanwhile, Se-Ryung seems to be completely losing it. She confesses that she’s not confident about Do-Jin sticking with her just out of guilt and whether or not he would start to harbor negative feelings for her in the end. Ya think?! You basically tie down the guy to the point where he thinks somehow that it is rational to marry you legally so that you would be calm for treatment. While the guy might be acting out of his emotions now…When years past and reason return, so will anger, frustration and blame.

Love on a Rooftop – E78

Do-Jin continues to cut Seung-Hye off as she struggles to come to terms with the fact that Do-Jin is breaking all of his promises. Another angst-fest. Readers beware.



Mi-Ja calls Do-Jin to ask if he’s really going to break up with Seung-Hye and go to the United States with Se-Ryung. Do-Jin asks if this isn’t what Mi-Ja wanted and she answers that she does not like Seung-Hye… But she likes Do-Jin staying with Se-Ryung even less.

From her side, Sang-Man also tells Do-Jin that he will not let Do-Jin go to the United States because he does not want the woman he loves to cry anymore… Mi-Ja glares at him.

Yunho breaks the news to Seung-Hye who falters and then runs out for a cab. Always thinking of her, Yunho swings by with his car.

Seung-Hye tries to call Do-Jin but he ignores it. Se-Ryung asks carefully if he would not regret his decision and Do-Jin answers that they should focus on her rehabilitation. Se-Ryung tells him to go home and rest.


Do-Jin runs into Seung-Hye outside the room. She demands to know if he’s breaking up with her out of guilt to Se-Ryung and if he can really live without her. Do-Jin looks at her and then walks off.


Seung-Hye follows and hugs him from behind. She tells his back that she will wait for him… She asks him to not say that it’s over.

Still in her embrace, Do-Jin responds that Seung-Hye knows why they have to break up. Getting out of her hug, he walks off without looking back.

Seung-Hye tries to wall after him but falls to the ground crying. Yunho watches all this from his car and sighs that Seung-Hye should be fine hurting alone for one night and drives off.


Seung-Hye heads over to Dae-Shil’s place and falls into her aunt’s arms. Dae-Shil and Sun-Sook put her to bed and Sun-Sook sighs that Seung-Hye should have gotten together with Yunho… Since you can’t be happy with just love alone.

In the morning, Dong-Sook tries to visit Seung-Hye. Soon-Im suggests that Dong-Sook visit after she makes some side dishes for Kyung-Tae first.


Meanwhile, Kyung-Tae diagnoses that Seung-Hye is suffering from love sickness. Dae-Shil uses her cutesy voice to ask Kyung-Tae to call Do-Jin over. He calls Do-Jin but does agree to come over and Dae-Shil steals the phone to yell at him for being a total arse. Do-Jin notes that Kyung-Tae will take good care of Seung-Hye and hangs up.

At the hospital, Do-Jin forgets to put on the brakes on the wheelchair for Se-Ryung. Looking worried, Se-Ryung asks him if he shouldn’t go home and rest or take care his cafe. Do-Jin refuses.

At the same time, Yunho and Beom-Seok discuss how they feel bad about Do-Jin and Seung-Hye breaking up. Yunho offers to go to the United States with everyone but Beom-Seok asks him to stay and look over the company since Yunho promised to act like his son.


Comedic interlude as a foreigner tries to order toast and milk or orange juice. Sun-Sook tries to get Joon-Bae to help… He listens and awkwardly comments that the girl has a horrible accent? HAHAHAH!


Yunho comes by to order toast and helps out within minutes. Sun-Sook tells him that Seung-Hye is sick and he rushes over. ㅠㅜ Good looking, successful, smart, great personality… Knows how to take care of a girl… Whyyyyyyyyyy is he not getting Seung-Hye?

screenshot_2015-07-29-09-53-58-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-29-09-53-52-resized-640

He helps Seung-Hye get home and Dae-Ho calla him to the side. In his room, Dae-Ho thanks Yunho and sighs that it should be hard to watch the woman you love, loving someone else. Yunho agrees that it’s exhausting and hard to watch Seung-Hye like this but he wants to continue. Seung-Ah overhears this and walks out in a daze. She tells her brother that her heart hurts and gets angry at Yunho, too.

Seung-Jae sees that Seung-Hye has a fever and stalks out.


Seung-Ah sighs about her insignificance to EQ. He yells that he’s there for her and then offers to introduce her to his friend who is a producer. Seung-Ah perks up right away and EQ takes a bunch of pictures to show his friend.


Do-Jin does stop by his cafe where Yunho waits. ㅠㅜ Do-Jin sits down and asks Yunho to take care of Seung-Hye. What the freaking teddy bear stuffing over a bridge!

screenshot_2015-07-29-09-54-40-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-29-09-54-49-resized-640

Seung-Jae hears this and yells at Do-Jin. They go to the roof where Seung-Jae demands to know if Do-Jin dumped Seung-Hye. Do-Jin confirms and Seung-Jae slugs him twice shouting that Do-Jin promised to keep Seung-Hye happy. Mrhmhph… I think Do-Jin deserved this.

Seung-Jae only stops when Yunho runs up on the roof.

Yunho also texts Seung-Hye not to be too sad. She stares at her phone when she gets a call from Se-Ryung.

screenshot_2015-07-29-09-54-55-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-29-09-55-04-resized-640

Seung-Hye answers and confirms that she knows Se-Ryung and Do-Jin are going to the United States. Se-Ryung explains that she felt like she had to talk to Seung-Hye before she left. Seung-Hye answers that she hopes Se-Ryung heals well.

Do-Jin enters the room at this point and Se-Ryung offers to put Do-Jin on the phone. He answers that Se-Ryung should hang up as Seung-Hye us nothing to him.


Seung-Hye goes to the bench and remember all of the fudging promises that freaking arse Do-Jin made to her… Like that he will always be there for her and how she should depend on him… Blah blah blah blabbity blah… Coward…jerk.

She gets angry and takes off her ring, which she tosses into the trees.


Unfortunately, this was another episode of annoying and irritating angst. I think the only thing that this episode accomplished is to make me hate Do-Jin even more…my satisfaction with Do-Jin’s cowardly character with little screen presence unless the script is written such that he’s actually giving Seung-Hye an event… Had been around 57%…in the past two episodes, it’s dropped to the negatives.

I’m honestly starting to wonder if I can stick it out for another 20 episodes after watching Do-Jin basically act in the most cowardly way possible…and Seung-Hye trying to keep him because she believed in his puffery and fake promises. I’m not sure if I can.

Love on a Rooftop – E77

Warning! Noble Idiocy and Agnst Galore! If there’s any episode to skip it’s this one.  Basically, Do-Jin decides that he needs to take responsibility for Se-Ryung and breaks up with Seung-Hye.  Seung-Hye takes this badly thinking that he’s not serious but Do-Jin does not give her a second look as he cuts her off.


Mi-Ja grumbles that Beom-Seok looks like he’s set on bringing Do-Jin to the United States and Sang-Man comforts him that he won’t let Beom-Seok take Do-Jin away…He will put his life on it.


Do-Jin brings his clean clothes into Se-Ryung’s room and Yunho asks Do-Jin the burning question…has he decided on accompanying Se-Ryung to the United States?  Do-Jin answers by asking if Yunho is asking out of concern for Se-Ryung or Seung-Hye.

Yunho tells Do-Jin that Seung-Hye is barely holding up by herself and Do-Jin should not let this continue. Do-Jin answers that he knows and leaves.


Meanwhile, Seung-Hye comes to Do-Jin’s apartment and finds his desk full of medical papers…Proof that Do-Jin is spending his whole day either next to Se-Ryung or thinking about Se-Ryung.  She find’s Do-Jin’s ring and puts it in her pocket and then starts to clean up.

screenshot_2015-07-29-08-55-08-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-29-08-55-42-resized-640

Yunho walks in after Seung-Hye and yells at her for acting like Do-Jin’s made.  He snaps at her to go to the hospital if she wants to see him.

Seung-Hye answers that while it is hard, she knows it is harder for Do-Jin…She does not want to make it harder for him.

Yunho yells back that Seung-Hye should think about herself right now and not others. He asks her where the old confident Seung-Hye left to?

Seung-Hye starts to cry that she cannot be confident when Se-Ryung got got hurt saving Do-Jin?

At the same time, Seung-Jae arranges his modeling schedule and even tells his study group that he’s going to have to skip this semester.  He mumbles to himself that the study group is not important since if he just works a little more, he can give his father some allowance.

Joon-Bae comes along to sleep and gives Seung-Jae something to plug his own nose if his snoring bugs Seung-Jae… ^^ He also warns Seung-Jae about Miss Bong before falling asleep.


Do-Jin washes up in the bathroom when he gets a concerned text from Yunho reminding him to make his decision soon.  When he returns to Se-Ryung’s room, he finds Seung-Hye waiting outside.

screenshot_2015-07-29-08-56-26-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-29-08-56-35-resized-640

Glaring at her, Do-Jin takes Seung-Hye outside.  Faking happiness, Seung-Hye jokes that she found his ring and gives it back to him.  However, Do-Jin refuses to give her his hand and tells her that he will not wear the ring again…He had been confused for a little bit because he had wanted to rebel from his mother…He’s going to close the cafe and he hopes that both of them can return to their original roles.

Seung-Hye tells him that she cannot believe it and Do-Jin tosses the couple ring into the trees asking her if she can believe him now.  He sees her cry but walks off…back into Se-Ryung’s room.

Meanwhile, Seung-Hye looks for the ring and cries by herself outside the hospital.  After crying her eyes out, Seung-Hye walks along home remember Do-Jin’s confession that she makes him the happiest and their moments together.  See is why a wishy washy boy is never good…He does not know how to suffer and be selfish for the woman he loves.


Entering the world of denial, Seung-Hye tells herself that Do-Jin must just be tired and will change his mind tomorrow.

The next morning, Joon-Bae tries to butter of Dae-Ho who is still peeved about the Mi-Ja / Sang-Man situation.  So, Joon-Bae promises to take responsibility for Dae-Ho getting his license.  Dae-Ho agrees but the two men get caught by Soon-Im.


Called into her room like little boys, they ask for Soon-Im’s understanding and she persists that she disapproves.

At the hospital, Se-Ryung asks for some water.  Do-Jin goes to pour some water but does not realize when he has already filled it beyond over-flowing.  Se-Ryung notices it and tells Do-Jin to go home and get some rest.  Do-Jin answers that he will stay next to her so she should just focus on getting better…He does excuse himself to go on a walk.


As Do-Jin stands in a daze, Yunho asks Do-Jin why he took off his ring.  Do-Jin tells Yunho that he’s going to the United States with Se-Ryung just like Yunho wanted.

Yunho glares at Do-Jin’s retreating back until he gets a call from Seung-Ah.  She asks for his help as Dong-Sook is set on checking out the cafe that Seung-Hye is working at.  Yunho promises to take care of everything.

At the same time, Seung-Hye stares at her phone which is not ringing.  Unable to stop herself, she tears up and the employee tells her to go and rest.  So, Seung-Hye goes to the bathroom where she calls Do-Jin to meet up again to talk it through.

screenshot_2015-07-29-09-13-54-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-29-09-14-17-resized-640

Do-Jin tells Seung-Hye that he was sincere about what he told her.  He also adds that he’s driving and hangs up.


Do-Jin’s destination is Beom-Seok’s office where he informs Beom-Seok of his decision.  Hearing that Do-Jin has chosen Se-Ryung, Beom-Seok changes his own attitude and apologizes for his strict behavior toward Do-Jin.  Beom-Seok also asks about Seung-Hye and has the decency to look awkward when he hears that Do-Jin broke up with Seung-Hye.


Surprisingly enough, my love for Mi-Ja continues.  When she hears that Do-Jin broke up with Seung-Hye and Sang-Man commenting that he was surprised by Do-Jin’s responsibility, she snaps that Do-Jin showed no responsibility toward Seung-Hye.  Specifically, she rants:  Stupid brat. If he cannot take responsibility, why declare that he loves her?  If he changes his mind like this just because of the circumstances, what happens to the girl?… I’ve had to deal with the pain myself and that scar goes forever!

Sang-Man suggests that Mi-Ja treat her scar with a new love and she snaps that if a new love was so simple, she would not be living like this.


Dae-Shil looks at her new advertisement and beams about her niece and nephew.  Then she gets a call from Kyung-Tae and lies that she’s on her way home.  Except, Kyung-Tae has surmised as much and knocks on Se-Ryung’s office door.

While Do-Jin does his own thing…Yunho takes the brunt of her mother and grandmother’s anger apologizing that he unilaterally lied so that Seung-Hye could continue to work in Do-Jin’s cafe.


Just as Dong-Sook raises her voice, Seung-Hye comes home.  She gets pulled into her grandmother’s room where the two older women ream into her and Seung-Hye tells them that she had to break up with Do-Jin…against her will.   With that declaration, she runs out into her room crying.


She thinks to herself that she would never be able to give up on Do-Jin.



Ahem, apologies for everyone who had to read my rant.  This drama just went off into drama train-wreck territory where the main male character decided that he just HAD to choose the route of noble idiocy not even for his love but for the second lead…ALL the while that everyone around him minus the second lead’s father was telling him to not do it.  Yep, it’s gone off in the marshes.

On a side note, hello reasonable Mi-Ja?  For once, I agreed with everything Mi-Ja said in that one scene. No need for me to say anymore.

Love on a Rooftop – E76

Hello noble idiot and angst!  Se-Ryung falls apart after her humiliation and decides to stop clinging on to Do-Jin which only makes him feel sorry for her more.



Do-Jin anxiously waits for Se-Ryung outside the bathroom where the lady walks her out.  He offers to take her back to the hospital but she asks to continue on her walk.  After he wheels her toward the parking lot area, Se-Ryung asks Do-Jin for some water and insists that he get some for her.

After he leaves, Se-Ryung wheels herself toward the stairs and tries to wheel herself off.  Luckily, Do-Jin pauses after running for water and turns to look back.  He sees that the wheel chair is gone and runs back in time to stop her.


Se-Ryung screams that she does not want to live anymore if she’s going to have to live like this.  Do-Jin asks what he can do for Se-Ryung and she tells him to leave…She does not want him next to her just out of guilt and responsibility…It’s a horrible life for all three of them.

Do-Jin tells her that he will not leave her until she can walk again.  Se-Ryung asks if he can stay with her if she can never walk again.  Do-Jin cannot answer and Se-Ryung insists if Do-Jin is willing to take of his couple ring for her.

True to dramas, Seung-Hye’s couple ring falls in the middle of washing dishes.


EQ continues to try to court Seung-Ah by asking her to model for his hospital.  When he offers that Seung-Ah drink out of the same cup with him, he gets beaten up by Sun-Sook and Seung-Ah.

screenshot_2015-07-28-21-41-10-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-28-21-41-48-resized-640

Kyung-Tae and Dae-Shil win the cutest couple of the year award.  Kyung-Tae tells his mother-in-law that he came to bring Dae-Shil home because his mother-in-law requested it.  However, he refuses to bring her home without her promising not to over-exert herself or working all night long.

Dae-Shil refuses to give the promise and Soon-Im starts to hit her.  Seeing Dae-Shil get hit, Kyung-Tae changes his tune and tells his mother-in-law that she should not hit Dae-Shil who’s pregnant.  Talking in baby voices to each other, they decide to leave scary Soon-Im’s house.

However, they run into Joon-Bae right before they leave and Joon-Bae tempts Kyung-Tae into joining him for some chicken.


Things are not well below the surface for Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook as well.  He sulks in bed instead of joining Joon-Bae and Kyung-Tae eating the chicken because he’s still miffed about Joon-Bae telling Sang-Man that Sang-Man is a great match for Mi-Ja.

Then when Dong-Sook mentions that she wants to go out and check on whether Seung-Hye came home, he tells her to let the children be…if parents meddle too much, there will be an after-effect.  Dong-Sook suspiciously comments that Dae-Ho sounds like he’s speaking from experience…

At the same time, Seung-Hye locks up and walks off slowly. Seeing this, Yunho calls out.

screenshot_2015-07-28-21-42-27-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-28-21-42-46-resized-640

Do-Jin is not next to Seung-Hye because he’s next to Se-Ryung trying to make her feel better.  Se-Ryung tells Do-Jin that he should leave and call Yunho.  She does not want to be with Do-Jin tonight as she knows he’s only there to protect her because he has to.  Do-Jin tells Se-Ryung that he will be outside her room and sits down to brood about Se-Ryung’s words.  He takes off the couple ring before putting it back on.

Unaware that Do-Jin is even considering taking off his couple ring, Seung-Hye goes to Do-Jin’s studio to clean up the place while Yunho waits in his car.  He gets the call from Do-Jin that Se-Ryung is asking for her but waits for Seung-Hye to come out patiently without saying anything.


He walks Seung-Hye home where Seung-Hye asks about Yunho’s gloomy expression.  Like a true man, he does not tell Seung-Hye about Se-Ryung’s incident or that he made Se-Ryung wait for Seung-Hye.

After Seung-Hye went into her house, Yunho goes to yell at Se-Ryung for even considering throwing herself off the stairs.  He reminds her about her father who is ignoring his company to search for a way to heal Se-Ryung.

screenshot_2015-07-28-21-49-41-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-28-23-36-30-resized-640

Do-Jin comes in to stand next to the door quietly and Se-Ryung does not notice because she’s looking the other way.  So, she confesses to Yunho that she does not regret saving Do-Jin and actually feels happy that she was able to save Do-Jin instead of Seung-Hye.  She states that she would do it again if the incident happened again.

Beom-Seok returns and Yunho tells him about Se-Ryung’s attempt.

Meanwhile, Seung-Hye gets all dolled up to leave for work.  In the courtyard, she finds Joon-Bae and Kyung-Tae sleeping on the bench together.


Beom-Seok goes to Se-Ryung’s room where he tells Se-Ryung that he found a place that might be able to heal Se-Ryung. Do-Jin looks at the papers and notes that there is a possibility that it would work.

Se-Ryung suddenly looks p and states that she will not go.  Beom-Seok asks if it is because of Do-Jin and Se-Ryung looks away.  She tells everyone that she just does not want to go.


Beom-Seok calls Do-Jin to his office and asks Do-Jin to come to the United States with Se-Ryung so that Se-Ryung could get the therapy.  He apologizes to Do-Jin because he knows that this is a selfish request but he only wants to think about Se-Ryung at this point…so, he asks Do-Jin to convince Se-Ryung.


Do-Jin goes home and finds his place clean.  Taking off his ring, he puts it in front of Seung-Hye’s picture.

Yunho drops by Se-Ryung’s room to ask why Se-Ryung is hesitating.  She moodily answers that she does not know why…She just does not want to do anything.


Mi-Ja finds out about Beom-Seok’s request and literally charges into Beom-Seok’s office.  Refusing his offer to sit down, Mi-Ja asks Beom-Seok to leave Do-Jin alone.  When she hears from Beom-Seok himself that Beom-Seok asked Do-Jin to accompany Se-Ryung to the United States, she falters.  She tells Beom-Seok to leave Do-Jin alone since he did not ask Se-Ryung to save him in the first place.


I thought that I would never say this but THANK YOU Mi-JA!  It’s about time someone told the two idiots Beom-Seok and Do-Jin that the world does not revolve around Se-Ryung.  Unsurprisingly, Yunho showed us how someone who cares about Se-Ryung but still cares a lot about Seung-Hye should behave.  Even though he got a call from Do-Jin telling him that Se-Ryung is looking for him, he did not rush Seung-Hye…He just let her do her thing and accompanied her back home to show her that he is paying attention to her and cares about her.

As for Do-Jin…So now, you’re about to take off your ring?  Mixed feelings on this one.  I wonder if Do-Jin had not catered to Se-Ryung’s every whim from the beginning if she would have gotten so bad and so obsessive.  One of the biggest reasons for Se-Ryung feeling like she wanted to throw herself down the steps had been because Do-Jin had witnessed her humiliation.  If in contrast, Se-Ryung had been taken care of by a dedicated caretaker hired by Beom-Seok and Do-Jin visited regularly on a set schedule so that he could see her when she was in control of the situation, would Se-Ryung not have equated her new self-worth to a guy whom she knows loves another?  Is the fact that he is kindof dangling the carrot of a possibility of a long term relationship in which he stays with her if she can never walk again working against Se-Ryung’s own rehabilitation?

So, when Mi-Ja did her characteristic, I’m-so-angry-I’m-going-to-barge-straight-into-your-house-office-and-yell-at-you, I was so happy!

Love on a Rooftop – E75

Seung-Hye and Do-Jin fight against drifting farther apart while Se-Ryung finds out the extent of her injuries.



Beom-Seok demands to know if Do-Jin had been on a date while Do-Jin made Se-Ryung into what is she is now? Seung-Hye tries to defend Do-Jin. Beom-Seok does not back down and tells Seung-Hye that she was there when Se-Ryung threw herself in front of the car for Do-Jin… Couldn’t she understand Se-Ryung’s heart a little more? He even adds that if they had been a little more understanding, Se-Ryung might not have gotten into the state that she is.

Do-Jin tells Beom-Seok that it’s not Seung-Hye’s fault and he should not take it out on her. Beom-Seok agrees that he is not angry at Seung-Hye. Rather, he’s disappointed and frustrated at Do-Jin when he had believed in Do-Jin’s promise to return to being a doctor…

Hearing that Do-Jin is giving up on his dream again, Seung-Hye looks up at Do-Jin in surprise. The restaurant helper comes out to give them the takeout soup and Do-Jin asks Seung-Hye to bring soup to Se-Ryung.


Seung-Hye leaves and Beom-Seok takes Do-Jin into the car to talk further. He asks if Do-Jin will keep his promises to take care of Se-Ryung until she heals and to return to the hospital. Do-Jin agrees.

Beom-Seok asks what Do-Jin is going to do about Seung-Hye noting that it was because Do-Jin was with Seung-Hye and ignoring Se-Ryung that Se-Ryung got into the accident…


Meanwhile, Mi-Ja asks Se-Ryung how she is so positive when she might never be able to walk again? Se-Ryung looks up in surprise because she thought that it was temporary… Mi-Ja realizes that no one told Se-Ryung and tries to backpedal but Se-Ryung has learned the truth.


Yunho comes in with soup to find Se-Ryung sobbing about not being able to walk again. Mi-Ja quickly leaves.


Repeating Beom-Seok’s words in her mind, Seung-Hye comes to terms with the fact that Se-Ryung is important enough to Do-Jin that he would return to the hospital.  She ends up falling next to the cafe and the employee comes out to help her in.

screenshot_2015-07-28-08-03-52-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-28-08-03-43-resized-640

At the same time Se-Ryung freaks out and Beom-Seok rushes in to find her a sobbing mess.  She screams that she can walk again because Do-Jin promised her and demands that Beom-Seok call Do-Jin.

Do-Jin does run in and is seen by his mother and Sang-Man.  They both plan to bring him home.

Do-Jin enters the room and promises to make Se-Ryung walk again himself.  While Se-Ryung starts crying, she does not make any more hysterics.

At the cafe, Seung-Hye repeats the accident in her mind and ends up dropping a glass cup of tea. She insists that she clean it up but when she cuts her finger in the process.


When Do-Jin walks out of the hospital room, Mi-Ja pulls him away to demand to know what he is doing.  At the end of her wits, she even brings in Do-Jin’s cafe to ask if he’s not going to go check on the process of his cafe.  Do-Jin tells her that Seung-Hye is taking care of it and returns to Se-Ryung.


Mi-Ja goes home and muses that it might be better that Beom-Seok takes Se-Ryung to the United States so that Do-Jin can give up.  She pauses to wonder if Do-Jin will follow the family to the United States and Sang-Man reassures her that Do-Jin would not leave Seung-Hye.  Mi-Ja sighs that she might have to accept Seung-Hye after all…after all of the stuff she did to Seung-Hye.

On a lighter note, Seung-Ah complains to Sun-Sook that Seung-Jae is swamped with modeling jobs while she has none. ^^;;;


Do-Jin stays at the hospital while Yunho remembers that Seung-Hye needs some attention, too.  He helps her locking up and then offers to drive her home as a substitute to Do-Jin.  When Seung-Hye pauses, Yunho reassures her that he won’t kidnap her again and offers to walk her home instead.

They walk along this brick wall and Seung-Hye tells him the story that legend has it that the wall was built as a tribute for a king’s concubines.  All of the concubines had been lovers of other people before they had been forced into the harem…Therefore, people say that couples who walk along the path will end up breaking up.

Yunho pauses and asks to walk along another path.  But then he laughs that they should be fine because they aren’t dating yet. ^^

Dong-Sook finds Seung-Hye in a mood at home and comforts her…In a different room, Dae-Shil stays up antsy that Kyung-Tae has not called yet.  Dae-Shil tries to ask her mother for help.


In the morning, Seung-Hye also stops by the hospital to ask Kyung-Tae to bring Dae-Shil home.  Kyung-Tae refuses because Dae-Shil left against his will but takes his words back when Soon-Im calls.

Do-Jin wanders over at that moment and meets with Seung-Hye who brought over some clothes for Do-Jin.  He reminds her not to come to the hospital again and Seung-Hye mutters that she won’t come back.  Turning serious, she asks Do-Jin if Beom-Seok’s words were true…that Do-Jin would return to the hospital.

screenshot_2015-07-28-08-06-10-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-28-08-06-19-resized-640

At the same time, Se-Ryung wakes up in her wheel chair.  She calls for Do-Jin.  When she does not get an answer, she goes toward the window to see Do-Jin sitting with Seung-Hye.

She turns dour and gets even angrier when she sees that Do-Jin is still wearing his couple ring.  She demands to go outside the hospital and Do-Jin walks her to the park.


Se-Ryung complains that she never knew what it was like to see the world from sitting down…Do-Jin wheels her over to a bench and sits down next to her so that he could see the world from her view as well.

Se-Ryung asks if Do-Jin would really stay with her until she can walk again…She then looks at Do-Jin’s ring and comments that she wanted to share a ring like that with him as well.  Do-Jin tries to change the subject and Se-Ryung snaps that she wants to go the bathroom.

screenshot_2015-07-28-08-06-59-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-28-08-07-16-resized-640

They go toward a public bathroom and find that Se-Ryung will need help.  She orders that Do-Jin bring her to the hospital quickly.

Instead of wheeling her over, Do-Jin runs to ask a passing by woman for help…Se-Ryung grips the arm-rest but it’s too late…She ends up losing control over her bladder and urinating while in her wheel chair as she holds in sobs.


I never thought that I would say this…but, I feel so bad for Se-Ryung.  I’m surprised that they did not already put an adult diaper on her for emergencies.  For someone who had been so capable and privileged, to fall so far that she would literally be sitting outside of a bathroom as she urinates in her chair in front of her long-term crush would be mortifying.

While Jang Se-Jung’s acting of a peeved lover seemed a bit stilted, her acting in this scene was amazing and spot-on.  I could see how much she didn’t want to lose control as she gripped the arm-rest and her sobbing seemed natural.

This episode showed SH/DJ’s relationship cracking because Do-Jin is walking the line where he’s neither fully committed to SH nor is he fully committed to SR.  No matter what he says, his actions do not seem like someone who is dying to be engaged to SH… Meanwhile, as crushed as Se-Ryung gets, she’s going to be more and more obsessed about Do-Jin since she seems to be equating her new self-worth with him being by her side.

Love on a Rooftop – E74 (RETRY)

Seung-Hye starts to show her jealousy while Beom-Seok worries about when Do-Jin will return to Seung-Hye.  Do-Jin spends most of his time catering to Se-Ryung but gets caught the one time he decides to have a date-like meal with her.



Jinwoo wheels a quiet Se-Ryung into her room as she mutters that she hates physical therapy. After he lays her down, she asks again if she will be able to walk again and Do-Jin reassures her. Grabbing on to his sleeve, she tells him not to be too sorry.

Meanwhile, Beom-Seok tells Yunho that he’s going to the United States to visit a hospital that might be able to save Se-Ryung.

Mi-Ja gets worried as well that Do-Jin might feel responsible for Se-Ryung and decides to go the hospital to drag him home…


It’s a reunion at the hospital as Dae-Shil and Seung-Hye also stop by. Dae-Shil goes into the room but Seung-Hye decides to wait in the cafe.

Se-Ryung sees Dae-Shil and glares at her telling her that it’s rude to come without notice. She accuses Dae-Shil of coming on Seung-Hye’s orders to see Se-Ryung’s status.

Dae-Shil denies it and tells Se-Ryung that she’s just here as a worried coworker. Se-Ryung grudgingly accepts this and asks for a report. Quick thinking Dae-Shil asks Do-Jin to leave since they will be talking about confidential business information. She also mouths to him that Seung-Hye is here.


Do-Jin stops by the cafe to get Seung-Hye a juice. He tells her to leave Se-Ryung to him and to watch over his cafe for him as he does not want to be indebted to both Se-Ryung and Seung-Hye. (=-=x so ignoring your fiance to go pamper another girl is not worth mentioning?!)

Mi-Ja arrives just as Seung-Hye and Dae-Shil walk out. Mi-Ja has an issue with every possibility as she gets annoyed that Seung-Hye is still seeing Do-Jin. Sang-Man suggests that seeing Seung-Hye might be better for Do-Jin who has been stuck to Se-Ryung lately…


They go in as Se-Ryung is in an exam. Mi-Ja tells her son to leave Se-Ryung to Beom-Seok.

Do-Jin refuses since Se-Ryung got hurt protecting him. Mi-Ja asks if Do-Jin is prepared to protect Se-Ryung for the rest of her life.

Do-Jin responds that this is what Mi-Ja wanted… But Mi-Ja answers honestly that it was before Se-Ryung got paralyzed… She does not care if he thinks that she is selfish or materialistic but as a mother she does not want him to be stuck with a paralyzed woman.

Do-Jin shouts at Sang-Man to take Mi-Ja away and she ends up relenting to leave for the day. After she leaves, Do-Jin goes to yell at Kyung-Tae for letting Seung-Hye know about Se-Ryung’s condition. Kyung-Tae apologizes that Dae-Shil get bugging him.

Beom-Seok interrupts this conversation by sending his secretary to bring Do-Jin in. He tells Do-Jin about his plan to go to the United States. He asks Do-Jin if Do-Jin can actually take responsibility for Se-Ryung… Can he actually return to becoming a doctor?


Do-Jin answers affirmatively that if it’s for Se-Ryung’s recovery, he’s willing to return to the hospital. This seems to appease Beom-Seok.

Dae-Shil tells Sun-Sook who looks relieved that there’s a reason that Beom-Seok has not been coming around. When Sun-Sook comments that Beom-Seok is a regular, Dae-Shil gets questions it and Sun-Sook gets angry.


Meanwhile, Yunho offers to stay with Se-Ryung while Do-Jin goes home and rest. However, Se-Ryung snaps that she wants Yunho to get Do-Jin some clean clothes so Do-Jin can stay with her.


Seung-Jae comes home to find Seung-Hye worrying about Se-Ryung. He tells her to keep remembering thay Se-Ryung’s accident was not her fault. Yet, when Seung-Hye brings up modeling, Seung-Jae leaves quickly.

In the midst of this, Seung-Hye texts Do-Jin to let him know that the cafe is doing well so he does not have to worry about it. He tells Do-Jin to cheer up.


At Joon-Bae’s restaurant, Dae-Ho works at trying to find a new sauce. When a mosquito buzzes around Joon-Bae, he wakes up and Dae-Ho invites him to sleep at Dong Rak Dang.


In the morning, Kyung-Tae comes out to find Dae-Shil typing away. He tells Dae-Shil to be more responsible and sleep as Dae-Shil is old for pregnancy. Dae-Shil gets angry at this and decides to go home.


Seung-Hye comes out and runs into Do-Jin. He came to pick Seung-Hye up so that Seung-Hye can go and give a witness testimony to the police.

Meanwhile, Soon-Im tells Dae-Shil to go home as she has not been married long. Dae-Shil angrily refuses saying that she’s heard that she’s too old so many times. But, Soon-Im tsks her as it’s only the truth.

Awkward timing occurs as Beom-Seok heads over to the police so that he can give a testimony for Se-Ryung…


As for Do-Jin, he tells Seung-Hye that they should get food and he takes her to a nearby restaurant. But, when they order, he orders another one for takeout explaining that it’s a favorite restaurant of Se-Ryung’s… Seung-Hye looks jealous so Do-Jin comforts her that Se-Ryung asked him to bring her back a bowl.

screenshot_2015-07-27-00-17-45-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-27-00-18-31-resized-640

At the same time, Beom-Seok sees the restaurant and decides to stop by to buy some soup for Se-Ryung. He walks in to see Seung-Hye feeding Do-Jin because Do-Jin had not eaten more than half of his bowl.

Beom-Seok walks over to glare at Do-Jin.


OK, it seems that the drama in finding the slice of life pace has kind of muddled it’s main tensions. Let’s organize the main current issues as some seem forgotten:

-DJ/YH in a rivalry for SH’s love (on hold for SR)
-MJ/SI revenge issue and taking over Dong Rak Dang (forgotten?)
-MJ/DS tension due to leftover feelings for Dae-Ho (also forgotten)
-DJ returning to the hospital (being explored as a result of DJ’s guilt)
-SR/SH rivalry for Do-Jin (main issue)
-Do-Jin’s birth father? (forgotten)
-SH/SJ biological connection and the fact that SJ is not a biological heir while DJ is (forgotten)

From a quick look, it looks like there were around 7 main issues. However, all of them disappeared once SR got into the random car accident. Now that we are heading into the second half of the series, I hope that the writer returns to the tighter writing from before instead of falling off into the weeds. While SR’s accident is important, I like it better when the revenge and the loveline are both being explored. Right now, it’s more like one issue disappears and reappears at the writer’s convience.

Love on a Rooftop – E73

Se-Ryung wakes up to find out that she’s half paralyzed and Do-Jin stays the ever faithful not-fiance who stays next to her during every moment….

Do-Jin sits in his car and remembers Beom-Seok reaming into him about how hard it is for Beom-Seok to see his daughter throw herself into danger for a man who said he does not love her… And then wake up only to ask about Do-Jin’s health. He tells Do-Jin to leave if he understands.

Do-Jin gets a text from Seung-Hye about how relieved she is that Se-Ryung woke up and calls her to meet…


Se-Ryung wakes up and finds that she cannot feel her legs. She screams for her father and Yunho to call Do-Jin so that she can hear the diagnosis from Do-Jin himself…


Meanwhile, Do-Jin takes a few reluctant bites of porridge that Seung-Hye cooked for him but runs out when he gets a call from Yunho with Se-Ryung freaking out in the background.


In a lighter scene, Dae-Ho sneaks into the kitchen and grabs various ingredients to make new sauces for chicken. He gets caught with some garlic in his hand and ends up getting told to quit Joon-Bae’s restaurant.


Seung-Hye washes the dish and worries about Do-Jin who is not even thinking about her. He’s next to Se-Ryung watching her sleep. He tells Yunho to take Beom-Seok home since he can stay next to Se-Ryung to keep her calm until they can get official examination results about whether or not the problem with her legs is just a result of shock.

Beom-Seok grumbles even as he gets home that Do-Jin might not be able to stay with Se-Ryung forever… In which case, he thinks it’s best to separate Do-Jin from Se-Ryung sooner rather than later…

screenshot_2015-07-20-23-36-06-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-20-23-35-50-resized-640

In the morning, Seung-Hye prepares porridge for Se-Ryung while her boyfriend sleeps peacefully as he holds Se-Ryung’s hand. Beom-Seok arrives in the morning only to glare at the scene before leaving. Yunho smiles and bids everyone good morning loudly so that Do-Jin would wake up. He leaves to wash up and runs into Seung-Hye.


Seung-Hye brings the porridge into Se-Ryung’s room to explain that she brought porridge specially for Se-Ryung. However, Se-Ryung responds angrily that Yunho can take all of the porridge because she would just toss it anyways… She tells Seung-Hye that it’s all Seung-Hye’s fault that she’s in this state…seeing how worked up Se-Ryung is getting, Yunho meekly suggests that Seung-Hye leave…


At home, a funnier scene ensues. Soon-Im angrily tells everyone that she does not approve of Dae-Ho partnering up with Joon-Bae because it is not right for men to be in the kitchen. No sooner than she says this, Kyung-Tae runs out happily that he’s finished with the dishes and can help any time they need him in the future ^°^

Honor student Seung-Jae gets another job offer… To do swimsuit modeling. Worried about his figure, he goes to do some push ups. Then Seung-Ah comes over and And sits on him… This turns out to be too much for poor Seung-Jae who falls down complaining of back pain. She calls for EQ but EQ doesn’t pick up as he’s trying to fix Joon-Bae. He gets a call from Seung-Ah and decides to leave without even putting the acupuncture needle telling Sun-Sook that he has to go see his girlfriend… Back to the hospital.

screenshot_2015-07-20-23-37-19-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-20-23-37-33-resized-640

Soon-Im thanks EQ for coming over and he laughs that he seems fated to join the family, even winking at Seung-Ah. He begins to put the needle in when Joon-Bae drops by and asks why EQ is there. EQ answers that he had to take care of family first… And smiles at Seung-Ah… =-=


At the same time, Do-Jin and Beom-Seok hear about Se-Ryung’s condition. The doctor notes that even though the hospital director did not say it, it looks like Se-Ryung might not be able to walk again unless she regains the will to do so.

Beom-Seok falters as he walks out and Do-Jin grabs him. Turning to Do-Jin, he asks Do-Jin to stay next to Se-Ryung since she would do anything for him.


Meanwhile, Joon-Bae laughs as everyone in the family agrees that the chicken is tasty. It looks like Soon-Im might relent.


Beom-Seok and Do-Jin go back to Se-Ryung where Beom-Seok lies to Se-Ryung that the exam results are not out yet. They tell Se-Ryung to wait a little longer and Beom-Seok excuses himself.

Dae-Shil tells Seung-Hye the news in a cafe where Seung-Hye worries about Do-Jin…

As for Do-Jin, he tries sending Se-Ryung’s files to different hospitals only to hear that everyone thinks it’s difficult to fix Se-Ryung’s condition. Kyung-Tae complains about how Do-Jin lives like a bum when Mi-Ja arrives.

screenshot_2015-07-20-23-38-17-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-20-23-38-32-resized-640

She takes one look around and starts nagging Do-Jin… Then she finds Se-Ryung’s diagnosis and gasps… That it says that Se-Ryung is half paralyzed.

Meanwhile, Beom-Seok broods in Se-Ryung’s office… Crying to himself that he will make it so that Se-Ryung can return to work.


I knew it. Do-Jin is only thinking about himself! He does not care at all that Seung-Hye is technically his girlfriend to whom he proposed! His fiancée!

Nope, Do-Jin does not need to see his fiancée, or comfort her, or protect her like he promised and announced that he would do. He does not even look at her when she’s sitting in front of him with porridge…Dude, porridge takes a LOT of freaking time to cook from rice.  You have to stand there and like stir the thing for thirty minutes … =_+Why? Because he’s too busy buzzing around Se-Ryung even though technically Se-Ryung has her hospital director uncle, her CEO father and her best friend from a long time – Yunho.

However, in Do-Jin’s eyes he feels like he needs to assuage his own guilt. To do so, he’s going to abandon Seung-Hye and turn into Se-Ryung’s Knight in shining armor while ignoring Seung-Hye completely… This is why I preferred Yunho who was more decisive. I bet he would have decided to bear his own guilt but stayed with Seung-Hye.

To be fair, once I’ve calmed down… I understand.  He’s young and he feels guilty.  Yet, he could handle the situation much more maturely.  He knows that Se-Ryung would grasp at any straw to keep him close to her.  He also knows that Seung-Hye cares for him enough that she’s starting to get worried about cute part-time employees.  While, I don’t expect him to ignore Se-Ryung completely, I do think he could be more considerate and compassionate towards Seung-Hye who has done nothing but worry about him and tried to make his life easier as he flits around Se-Ryung.