Love on a Rooftop – E91

Seung-Jae comes to terms with his adoption… Sung-Nam (EQ) proposes to Seung-Ah…and Do-Jin calls Yunho out for being nervous.



Kyung-Tae confirms my suspicions that Chaewon asked him about Do-Jin’s address in the past. Then he hangs up to console Dae-Shil, whom he forbade from working. Except he finds that Dae-Shil is not under the covers as she left first!

Seung-Jae finds Seung-Hye in front of their house and asks to speak outside of the house. They go to a park and he goes straight to the point – they are biologically related, right?

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Seung-Hye tries to lie but cannot bring herself to lie and he tells her that hr just wishes she had told him earlier…He tries to pretend that it’s nothing but it’s clear that he’s agonizing that his whole identity has been built upon a lie… He asks her not to tell the family and then asks to be alone.


Seung-Hye comes home and tells the picture of the tree that Seung-Jae has found out. She then gets called away by her grandmother who tells her that they are going to have the official meeting of the family at Dong Rak Dang instead of a hotel.

Seung-Hye agrees and then asks to push off seeing their new honeymoon home as she’s not feeling well.


Meanwhile, Do-Jin tells his employee to take Seung-Hye’s new blended tea off the menu. Of course, right then, Chaewon shows up and demands a cup of the tea Do-Jin is trying to get rid of from his menu.


Do-Jin sits with Chaewon who comments that he’s not over Seung-Hye. So, she wants to pull Do-Jin’s remaining feelings to the surface because only if she pulls the feelings to the surface can she get him to forget Seung-Hye. She declares that she will do it.

At the same time, Seung-Hye asks Yunho to take her to Do-Jin’s cafe. She explains that she wants to go one last time to demand that he keep the tea on the menu as it was her last legacy.


Yunho offers to pay Seung-Hye the amount that she received up front. Looking like she’s insulted, she walks off to the cafe alone.


Once at the cafe, Seung-Hye tells Do-Jin that this is her last request. She made the tea for the cafe and hopes that he can serve it.

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When she leaves, Yunho meets with her. Seung-Hye smiles that they should go see new homes now that she is feeling better but Yunho pushes it off to another day.

Left alone, Do-Jin tells his employer that they can leave the tea on the menu…

Joon-Bae has a breakdown where he keeps seeing his own name and Sun-Sook’s name on the wedding invitation. Looks like the couple will get back together.


That night Seung-Hye checks on her little brother and gives him the picture of the tree. Seung-Jae tells her that hat he knows nothing has changed but he wants to visit the tree.

Good news on Seung-Ah! She got a call back for an audition thanks to Sang-Man introducing her to the producer. She calls him and runs out in glee.

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Meanwhile, Seung-Hye takes Seung-Jae back to the orphanage…to the tree that her parents planted…Seung-Jae then goes up to the tree and tells it that he found wonderful loving parents and grew up well. Fighting his tears, he thanks his parents for giving birth to him.

At the same time, Sung-Nam takes Seung-Ah to a stew restaurant and explains to her that he lent the producer’s mother money to open the restaurant. That’s why the producer could not deny his favor.

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Back at the orphanage, Seung-Hye explains to Seung-Jae that Yunho brought her here… She probably would not have had the courage to come herself…


Comedic relief! Seung-Ah eats all of her stew to Sung-Nam’s horror… He had put a diamond ring in the stew!

They run home where Seung-Ah tries her best to poop it out but fails. As he considers getting an x-ray, he pulls out his phone and a diamond ring falls out. Seeing it, Seung-Ah starts to beat Sung-Nam up.

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While Seung-Hye is busy worrying about Seung-Jae, Yunho continues to worry about Seung-Hye. He goes to Do-Jin’s cafe and offers to pay Do-Jin back for Seung-Hye’s signing bonus.

Do-Jin refuses to accept it on the grounds that Seung-Hye doesn’t know about this. Then he gets on his high horse all of a sudden and tells Yunho that he is disappointed in Yunho… As if he did not go off and pay Se-Ryung back for Seung-Ah’s surgery without telling Seung-Hye either!


Back at Dong Rak Dang, Sung-Nam asks Seung-Ah if she’s going to accept the ring. Seung-Ah refuses but then Sung-Nam puts it on Seung-Ah’s finger. Seeing it on her finger, Seung-Ah wavers… Until her mother and grandmother yell at Sung-Nam to leave.

Sung-Nam tries to tempt Seung-Ah once more. She pauses looking at the ring longingly but then tells him that they don’t look good together and runs off.

And, the two biological siblings come home.


Er. What was that writer? So Yunho gets a bit nervous because Seung-Hye is obviously still trying to get over Do-Jin and tries to clear all of her debts to Do-Jin. All of a sudden, Do-Jin thinks he has the right to judge Yunho? Heck of a short term memory if you ask me… Coming from a man who proposed to Seung-Hye and then offers to file a marriage license with someone else!

As for the plot, once I have given up on Mi-Ja’s revenge ever coming back to life, it’s actually decent. The plot is just a slice of life romantic love square, helped a lot by the entrance of Chaewon’s character.

Each episode kind of gives me hope but I can’t tell if the writer is just throwing crumbs. Like when Seung-Hye confesses to Seung-Jae that she was only able to come to the orphanage because Yunho took her there. That’s a huge memory that she does not share with Do-Jin. While Do-Jin helped her adopted father out, Yunho helped Seung-Hye accept her biological parents… I really hope the writer isn’t just buttering me up to skewer me with a random makjang Do-Jin saves Seung-Hye from a rushing car and gets hospitalized and all of a sudden Seung-Hye and Do-Jin are back together again!

Love on a Rooftop – E90

Dae-Ho comes clean to his mother that he has been cooking because he actually has a talent for cooking and likes it. Chae-won continues to flirt with Do-Jin and Seung-Jae finds out about his adoption.



Dong-Sook and Soon-Im praise “Joon-Bae’s stew” the other day and Soon-Im tells Dae-Ho that he does not need to help Joon-Bae…

Dae-Ho sighs and tells the two that it was actually him… He adds that he is the head of the household and needs to wed off three children so he has to do something that he is good at to make money.


Soon-Im snaps that she needs to think about it and leaves. When he tells Joon-Bae, Joon-Bae tells him to open a second branch of the chicken restaurant instead of selling the recipe to Kang Sol Foods.


Meanwhile, Dae-Shil and Seung-Hye have another checkup with Chae-won. Chae-won tells Dae-Shil that she’s fine now.

As the two leave, Chae-won congratulates Seung-Hye and tells her that she took Do-Jin’s invitation. She smiles that she wants to attend and hopes that Seung-Hye won’t mind.


The two leave and run into Do-Jin and Kyung-Tae outside. Kyung-Tae grabs Dae-Shil and drags her inside to give the two a chance to talk.


Because Do-Jin stays silent, Seung-Hye leaves first. On her way up the stairs, she imagines Do-Jin calling her… But the jerk is not there.


Someone pulls her around and Seung-Hye turns around with hope… To see Seung-Jae. Her eyes fill with tears and Seung-Jae brings her to a nearby restaurant.


Seung-Jae tells her that she needs to love the person whom she is marrying. Seung-Hye smiles but does not answer.


On a side storyline, Kyung-Tae demands that Dae-Shil quit her job because it’s putting the children in jeopardy. Dae-Shil tells him that this was the reason that she didn’t tell him and Kyung-Tae starts to cry with worry.

Dae-Shil quickly answers that she will make sure to keep her health.

After eating, Seung-Jae and Seung-Hye walk home. She tells him that she does not love Yunho yet… But she wants to try…

Seung-Jae tells her not to cry anymore…


Chae-won is busy as well. She goes to check on Do-Jin at his cafe, which he’s closing up. She comments that Do-Jin does seem to have some kind of fated relationship with Seung-Hye since he keeps running into her. Then she asks for dinner and drags him home because she wants food that he cooked for her.

Do-Jin tries to pull her out but Chae-won refuses. Then Do-Jin scowls and Chae-won backs off but Do-Jin relents.


Meanwhile, Seung-Ah comes to her aunt’s couple with Sung-Nam. Joon-Bae and Sun-Sook ask about why Seung-Ah and Sung-Nam are going around together. Sung-Nam answers that he introduced Seung-Ah to a producer.

Then Seung-Ah sees the invitation and gets frustrated. So Sung-Nam announces that he is going to propose with a five carat diamond. Everyone doubts him and Sung-Nam notes in frustration that he has several buildings.

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At the same time, Do-Jin brings out ramen and Chae-won eats it happily. She flippantly asks if Do-Jin forgets about Seung-Hye when she’s around. Hearing Seung-Hye’s name Do-Jin frowns and Chae-won changes the topic.

screenshot_2015-08-16-17-47-20-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-16-17-47-03-resized-640

Back at Dong Rak Dang, Dae-Ho suggests that they bring Seung-Jae with Seung-Hye when they go back to the orphanage. Dong-Sook answers that she raises Seung-Jae since he was a baby so he’s like her biological son… Coincidentally, Seung-Jae overhears this and runs away in shock.


He goes to ask his sister about the picture of the tree but backs off… Seung-Hye wakes up and goes to help her mom. Dong-Sook tells Seung-Hye about how Dae-Ho suggested that they bring Seung-Jae to the orphanage and Seung-Hye answers they shouldn’t! Dong-Sook agrees.


Then Seung-Hye realizes something is off. She runs after Seung-Jae who has dropped his phone in a daze and wandered off. She picks up the cell phone from Chae-won.

screenshot_2015-08-16-17-48-47-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-16-17-48-37-resized-640

Chae-won then runs off to Do-Jin’s building and runs into him in the elevator. He gets annoyed assuming that she’s going to get ready at his house.   Chae-won laughs to herself but does not answer… She just walks past Do-Jin and goes to the apartment next door.

I love this! I love the fact that Chae-won is doing all of the stuff that is usually slated to guys in dramas. She totally planned to live next to Do-Jin and purposefully chose the apartment next door… as well as a clinic in the neighborhood. She’s also happy to drop by whenever and ask for informal dates. Add to that, she’s pretty, smart and has a good personality? I think I have a girls crush! As much as I am sick of Do-Jin, I hope Chae-won gets him because she’s just too cute!

Love on a Rooftop – E89

Yunho gets worried about the remaining connection and begins to act like a fiance.  Meanwhile, Seung-Hye finds that is fated to run into Chae-won in her life.



Seung-Hye apologizes to Yunho for making him worried at her house. He smiles that he can’t lie that he wasn’t concerned but tells her not to worry.

Seung-Hye goes into her room and finds Dae-Shil gone. She calls her aunt and finds her working. Dae-Shil promises to rest up as much as she works and Seung-Hye agrees.


Seung-Hye tells Dae-Shil about Chae-won being Kyung-Tae’s colleague from college. Worried, Dae-Shil asks Seung-Hye to ask Chae-won not to tell Kyung-Tae about her condition.

screenshot_2015-08-16-17-33-38-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-16-17-33-47-resized-640

In the morning, the women find breakfast cooked. Dae-Ho did it but Joon-Bae takes the blame Dae-Ho. He also tells Dae-Ho that Yunho asked to buy the chicken sauce on behalf of Kang Sol Foods! Awww, what a sweetie! A large company buying the rights to distribute your sauce should be large enough to help cover wedding expenses!


Meanwhile, Seung-Hye goes to ask Chae-won about Dae-Shil. Chae-won tells her not to worry as she would not tell a third party a patient’s privileged information without their prior consent.

Then changing the topic, Chae-won asks Seung-Hye how she managed to get Do-Jin to fall for her. Seung-Hye stops and asks back why she should answer.

Chae-won laughs that she must have been too brash and backs off.


At the same time, Dong-Sook gives Soon-Im the fortune-teller’s picked wedding date. Then she brags about Yunho being better than Kyung-Tae.


Seung-Hye gets called out by the cafe employee for the new tea recipe. She hands over the book and USB outside of the cafe and pauses to see Do-Jin smiling as he serves some customers.

She walks off to the neighborhood playground and remembers Do-Jin’s words that it is a good thing that a guy like Yunho likes Seung-Hye…and Yunho’s promise to help Seung-Hye forget…


A child falling off a swing interrupts Seung-Hye. She runs over. Chae-won also sees Seung-Hye, tears her skirt and runs over. Chae-won checks to make sure that the kid isn’t suffering a concussion and the two women help put a makeshift cast for the child until the ambulance arrives.


Yunho meets with the women of the family. He tells Soon-Im that he tried the chicken sauce and loved it… His company wants to buy the rights… He asks if Soon-Im wouldn’t allow Dae-Ho to continue to o cook. Dong-Sook and Dae-Shil support it but Soon-Im goes into the room to think about it instead.

screenshot_2015-08-16-17-36-25-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-16-17-36-08-resized-640

Yunho tells Joon-Bae the news and invites him to their wedding. He also stops by Do-Jin’s cafe and gives him an invitation. He explains that he felt Do-Jin should know ad well.

Do-Jin tells Yunho that he won’t be attending. Yunho tells him that he’s also sorry… He did not mean to bring him the invitation but he was too worried.


Chae-won overhears the last part and barges into the conversation. She tells Yunho not to worry as the thing that he’s worried about will not happen. Instead he should focus on helping Seung-Hye forget Do-Jin completely.

Do-Jin notices that Chae-won used safety pins to mend her skirt. Chae-won looks down and explains that she and Seung-Hye had an incident in the afternoon causing both men to worry. So, she laughs that they didn’t fight to reassure them.

In this lighter tone, she tells Yunho that she and Do-Jin will attend the wedding together. Yunho accepts this and leaves.

Do-Jin turns to Chae-won and tells her to stop acting this way as he feels uncomfortable. Chae-won responds that they should see if they can get married as well… How about they live together?

Do-Jin tells her to stop joking and leave. Chae-won knows when to back off and does, taking the invitation with her.


Yunho tells Seung-Hye the next day that his parents are coming. Seung-Hye worries about his parents and Yunho tells her that they love her already.

Yunho tells her that he has to confess one thing… He went to see Do-Jin the other night. Seung-Hye tells him not to worry as it is her fault that he is still nervous. She promises to do better as well.


Back at Dong Rak Dang, Soon-Im finds Dae-Ho sighing about the invitation. He jokes that they should bring Yunho and Seung-Hye to live with them… He also worries that Seung-Hye is just pretending to be happy these days.

Soon-Im tells him not to worry as all women have a lot of thoughts right before marriage.


At the same time, Mi-Ja comes over and tells Do-Jin about Se-Ryung’s successful surgery. When Do-Jin answers that he already knows, Mi-Ja gets angry about Chae-won scheming to take Do-Jin and even having the gall to suggest that the two sleep together! (Turns out Mi-Ja gets her updates from the employee.)

Do-Jin turns Mi-Ja’s attention to the new tea which turns out to be delicious. When he brags that his employee found the new tea, she interrupts to confess that it was actually Seung-Hye’s recipe.


Omg the writer. What are you trying to do to me? I feel all worried and anxious as I watch these episodes because it seems like a fragile calm and sweetness between Yunho and Seung-Hye. The fact that Seung-Hye got nervous around Yunho and hiccuped… The fact that when she remembers idiot Do-Jin’s words, she also remembers Yunho’s sweet promise…

Also, I am loving Chae-won’s character! She seems like the blunt, no-nonsense girl that is both skilled but adorkably head over heels for one guy! Although, it seems that Chae-won works in a mythical clinic where she is out of the clinic at all hours instead of working… That is my only gripe. Oh, that and she’s too perfect for Do-Jin.

Love on a Rooftop – E88

The Yoon family gears up for Seung-Hye and Yunho’s wedding; Chae-won starts to flirt with Do-Jin’s heart; and the four lovebirds meet face to face.


screenshot_2015-08-14-20-36-51-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-14-20-37-19-resized-640

Yunho pours over the pictures as Seung-Hye tells him that she might need to have a traditional wedding as her grandmother prefers them.

That evening, the adults have a debate. Soon-Im announces that Seung-Hye should have a traditional wedding. Meanwhile, Dong-Sook vehemently argues for a white modern wedding dress as it becomes a lifetime regret to not be able to wear a wedding dress. Soon-Im refuses to back off and Dae-Ho suggests that they ask the couple to be wed.

screenshot_2015-08-14-20-38-34-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-14-20-38-11-resized-640

At the same time, Chae-won sits at Do-Jin’s cafe for an hour and fifteen minutes before an employee asks Do-Jin if Chae-won is not his ex-girlfriend. He goes over and Chae-won tells him that the word on the street is that Se-Ryung’s surgery was a success and she should be able to walk in a few months.

Do-Jin looks like a forlorn lover as he lights up to the news. He even asks about whether or not Chae-won has eaten.


Returning to the more perfect couple, Yunho suggests that they hold a traditional wedding in Korea and a modern one in the United States! ^^ Our Yunho is even a problem solver!


Meanwhile, Do-Jin has some street food with Chae-won who smiles that street food is her favorite. She even puts her arm through Do-Jin’s arm as they walk. He awkwardly moves to pull away and Chae-won laughs that she’s having difficulty wearing heels so he has to help her.

screenshot_2015-08-14-20-41-16-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-14-20-41-08-resized-640

She then pulls him into an accessories store and poses with several different hairpins. Do-Jin remembers shopping with Seung-Hye and suddenly sees Seung-Hye in front of her. Chae-won frowns when Do-Jin calls her Seung-Hye but continues on.

screenshot_2015-08-14-20-41-28-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-14-20-41-37-resized-640

However, Do-Jin has changed his mind and drags Chae-won out. Chae-won stumbles due to her heels and Do-Jin stops to massage her ankle. Taking this as an opportunity, Chae-won asks Do-Jin if he’s forgetting Seung-Hye yet and promises to make him forget her. Do-Jin snaps back that he doesn’t want to joke about Seung-Hye and Chae-won responds that his response is an answer enough.

Dae-Shil gives Seung-Hye an envelope. Seung-Hye tries to refuse it but Dae-Shil insists. She also tells Seung-Hye that after marrying, she is even more convinced that the adults were right. Marriage is about reality and love is not enough. She tells Seung-Hye that she thinks Yunho would be the perfect husband and Seung-Hye nods in agreement.

Meanwhile, Seung-Jae broods over a modeling contract and gets caught by Joon-Bae. First, Joon-Bae worries that Seung-Jae needs to bring honor to the family through law but Seung-Jae responds that he doesn’t believe law is the only path. Being a nice uncle, Joon-Bae agrees.

The next morning, Seung-Jae gives his mother an envelope with money…his modeling contract money. He asks his mother to give it to Seung-Hye.


Seung-Hye overhears this and calls Seung-Jae out to yell at him. She tells him that she cannot trust his decisions right now. However, Seung-Jae asks her again to trust him as she is his only older sister.


Seung-Hye then goes to bring some side dishes to Yunho. She even starts cooking when Yunho goes and goes her from behind! KYAAAAAAA! SHE TURNS AROUND TO YELL AT HIM AND? She gets nervous and starts to hiccup!

But the progress is not without some wrinkles. Her hiccups trigger a memory of the time that she got hiccups because of Do-Jin and gets depressed.


That evening, Kyung-Tae calls Do-Jin over for some beer and chicken… As Joon-Bae calls Yunho over for a favor. He feeds Yunho all this chicken and asks Yunho to convince Soon-Im that it is acceptable for Dae-Ho to work at the restaurant discovering new flavors!

Yunho agrees and Sun-Sook sighs that it’s for the better as Seung-Hye’s parents are worried about saving for the wedding. Yunho responds that he was planning to cover both wedding costs himself but Sun-Sook answers that Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook want to help out as parents. Yunho smiles with a new idea that we don’t hear about.


Meanwhile, Do-Jin finds Chae-won at Kyung-Tae’s. It was all her idea in the first place. After Kyung-Tae takes a sip, he gets called away on an emergency surgery and Chae-won smiles that they are alone again.

At the same time, Soon-Im asks Seung-Hye to drop off side dishes at Kyung-Tae’s place…

While the problem looms, Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook agree to take Seung-Jae’s money as he’s so serious about it…


Do-Jin tells Chae-won that they should leave already but she insists that they finish their beers. Thanks to her decision to stay a bit longer, but they’re there when Seung-Hye arrives. Seung-Hye politely answers that she’s just here to drop off the side dishes.

Chae-won offers to help put away the side dishes as Seung-Hye and Do-Jin talk. But Do-Jin insists that he and Chae-won leave. In response, Seung-Hye leaves the dishes and stumbles off.

screenshot_2015-08-14-20-43-12-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-14-20-43-21-resized-640

Yunho drives over to pick up Seung-Hye from Kyung-Tae’s place. He meets her as Do-Jin and Chae-won following run after Seung-Hye.

Yunho looks hurt and asks if Seung-Hye came to see Do-Jin. She answers that she came to drop off dishes at Kyung-Tae’s and found him there. Before the two can hash it out, Chae-won jumps in to introduce herself and ask about Yunho.


After all of the introductions are made, Yunho and Seung-Hye leave Chae-won who finds out that Do-Jin took the Irish exit, leaving her alone.


The writer is playing with my heart.  The scene where Yunho basically gives Seung-Hye a back-hug?  I thought my heart dropped with excitement.  And the writer cannot now say that Seung-Hye has NO feelings for Yunho, she totally hiccupped nervously like she did when she was with Do-Jin.  SH/YH shippers, WE HAVE HOPE!  (Besides, just to remind the writer, Seung-Hye had a major crush on Yunho up until she started working with Do-Jin…So it’s not that far-fetched.)

Returning to the plot, looks like the final arc will be the romance.  In this end, story seems to be coming along swimmingly. Do-Jin wants to sulk as if he is the biggest victim in the world…Yet, Chae-won has enough boldness, directness and cuteness that she can make him laugh with her antics.  There is some potential here, too.

It also helps that Chae-won does not seem like the type to shy away from challenges.  She knows that Do-Jin is hung up on two girls.  She has a direct plan of attack and seems to be attacking each problem head-on, starting with relieving Do-Jin’s guilt over Se-Ryung by telling him how she’s already healing.  At the same time, she distracts Do-Jin so that he stops thinking of Seung-Hye all the time, slowly conditioning him to an emotional state where he can finally get over her. ^^

Love on a Rooftop – E87

Seung-Hye lets down her hair AND makes a beautiful bride >.< Even if the writer is setting me up for heartbreak, let these few episodes continue TT_TT



Dae-Shil pulls Kyung-Tae aside and yells at him for bringing Do-Jin up at a moment like that.  In the middle of her yelling, she pauses because of some pain.  Kyung-Tae freaks out and Dae-Shil passes it off as constipation.


The next day, Kyung-Tae tells Do-Jin who takes the news passively.  He confesses that he regrets his decision but he has no right to regret it.  Kyung-Tae pats his friend on the back and tells him to work hard… Yeah, I mean he did take like three weeks off from work in the early stages of his business to play fiance to Se-Ryung.  It’s about time he works!

screenshot_2015-08-09-10-10-15-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-09-10-10-32-resized-640

Meanwhile, Seung-Hye decides she is ready for a change and lets down her hair. She then gets called away by Dae-Shil because Dae-Shil is bleeding a bit. However, she doesn’t want to tell Kyung-Tae who will freak out and they go to a nearby hospital instead.


At the same time, Dae-Ho has a drink with Yunho. He tells Yunho that he does not think that Seung-Hye has put on the ring because she loves only Yunho and is ready about Yunho. Yunho responds that at least Seung-Hye has decided to try and he can work to help her forget Do-Jin.


Dong-Sook goes to Sun-Sook to worry about how she is going to save money to wed Seung-Hye off. Then she realizes that Sun-Sook isn’t listening. Sun-Sook confesses that she’s starting to find her ex-husband cool again…


Realizing that she forgot to ask for the monthly Academy fees for Dong-Goo. She runs off to the chicken shop. Joon-Bae gives her a thick envelope, telling her to use the extra money on herself. Sun-Sook looks like she’s impressed but then Joon-Bae asks if he can move in and kills the mood.

screenshot_2015-08-09-10-11-45-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-09-10-11-55-resized-640

Seung-Hye and Dae-Shil find themselves at Min Chae-Won’s (T’Ara’s Eunjung) new clinic.  Chae-Won tells Dae-Shil that she must be under a lot of stress for getting pregnant at an older age…Dae-Shil needs to focus on decreasing her stress  and not worry about anyone else’s opinion.  She does suggest that Dae-Shil rest for a couple days now that she got this signal from her babies… Dae-Shil leaves happily.

Back in the room, Chae-Won calls Kyung-Tae to complain that he has not visited yet.  She also asks about Do-Jin and Kyung-Tae tells her not to visit as Do-Jin is a complete mess.


Another person who doesn’t listen to instructions.  Chae-Won goes off to visit Do-Jin’s cafe happily.  Do-Jin asks when she arrived as he had no idea she was coming.  Chae-Won answers that she told the grapevine but Do-Jin was not paying attention…

They go off to chat and catch up on old times.  Chae-Won tries the pastry and then tells Do-Jin that the pastry is delicious.  It’s not only sweet but the sweetness melts away cleanly.  Her words trigger a memory of Seung-Hye who had first told him about his sweets not leaving a clean after taste.

screenshot_2015-08-09-10-14-27-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-09-10-14-14-resized-640

Chae-Won picks up on the fact Do-Jin’s thinking his past ex and tries to get more information.  Do-Jin does not answer and Chae-Won backs off.  She does tell him that they all need to get together with Kyung-Tae and Do-Jin pushes it off for later.

Chae-Won smiles that if it is because he is still moping about his ex, she is fine.  However, she would be disappointed if it is because of both his ex and Se-Ryung.  She knows how he gave up on his love for Se-Ryung but she also knows that means his love was only so deep.  She gets up and asks for the pastry to-go.


Mi-Ja drops by and sees Do-Jin happily conversing with Chae-Won.  She goes home and thinks this is a great opportunity for her to get a doctor daughter-in-law.


Back at Dong Rak Dang, Dong-Sook sighs about all of the money that goes into a wedding.  Dae-Ho responds that they should do what is in their reach.  Soon-Im also agrees.

Dong-Sook angrily replies that Seung-Hye’s case is different from Dae-Shil who only received a gold ring.  Dae-Ho suggests that they push off the wedding a bit and Dong-Sook and Soon-Im both disagree; they don’t want Seung-Hye changing her mind…

Dae-Shil happily calls Kyung-Tae to tell him that he’s going to stay at her family house for a bit. She explains to Seung-Hye that she just wants to rest at home because Kyung-Tae would freak out if he knew, even if it is not a big deal.

Yunho’s call interrupts Seung-Hye.  He first asks to confirm that Seung-Hye is still wearing her ring.  He then tells her to save time for him the next day.


In the morning, Dong-Sook goes to Seung-Ah to ask if she could borrow some of Seung-Ah’s signing money as a model.  Seung-Ah turns her mother down immediately.  She yells that she did her best by giving up on Yunho and runs out.


Mi-Ja is busy, too.  She and Sang-Man stop by Chae-Won’s office.  Chae-Won starts the meeting b y telling Mi-Ja that she only has five minutes before her next appointment and asks that Mi-Ja make an appointment next time.

Chae-Won then asks Mi-Ja how she knew about Chae-Won’s clinic.  She asks if Mi-Ja had her investigated. Mi-Ja smiles and apologizes if she did anything that would disturb Chae-Won in the past.

Chae-Won smiles that she is fine letting by-gones be by-gones.  She sighs that she knows Mi-Ja is suffering about Do-Jin at this point.  Mi-Ja also answers that she will ask Chae-Won directly…Does Chae-Won still have feelings for Do-Jin?

Chae-Won’s smile doesn’t falter but she does answer that she does not want to answer the question.  Mi-Ja keeps calm until she goes home where she angrily yells at Sang-Man that she needs to think about Chae-Won a little more.

screenshot_2015-08-09-10-16-23-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-09-10-16-15-resized-640

Meanwhile, Yunho takes Seung-Hye to try on their wedding dresses and suits.  They both look dashing and Yunho asks for a picture. >.< OMG…. CAN’T THIS JUST BE THE ENDING? DO-JIN GETS HIS FREAKING CHAE-WON AND MI-JA HAS A STRONG DAUGHTER-IN-LAW…AND YUNHO AND SEUNG-HYE GET TOGETHER!!!!!


Hmmm, I see why Im Se-Mi did not leave her hair down until this point.  The straight bangs and straight hair look is not the mainstream accepted version of “beauty.”  She looks quite homely in a pretty way.  Personally, I think this fits her character well.  If anything, might consider using pins to pin up her bangs or side bangs when she leaves her hair down and it might fit the mainstream standards better.

As for the story line, I will say it one last time.  WHAT HAPPENED TO MI-JA’S REVENGE?  It’s like the writer was like OH-NO-LESS-THAN-TWENTY-EPISODES-LEFT-AND-TOO-MANY-LOOSE-ENDS.  Then all the focus turned to Yunho/Seung-Hye/Do-Jin/Chae-Won?

On the plus side, I like the return to the normal pace of this drama as the zany slice of life atmosphere returned with Chae-Won’s character, which seemed to be more of a breath of fresh air.  Something about Chae-Won makes me think of a female Yunho. ^^ She is not afraid to be direct about her feelings but is also willing to give Do-Jin space when it seems like there is a line.  It’s a good balance and for an idol-turned-star, I am impressed with T-Ara Eunjung’s acting/

Love on a Rooftop – E86

FINALLY, SEUNG-HYE ACCEPTS THE RING.  All is well with the world?



Sun-Sook drops by with some beef bone stew.  Seeing that she’s wearing the same color jacket, Joon-Bae makes a big deal about wearing the same color jacket making other people think that they are an item.

From the kitchen, Dae-Ho smiles that Sun-Sook must think about Joon-Bae a lot.  Sun-Sook denies it saying that she had some leftover stew.  Joon-Bae takes her words at face value and Dae-Ho excuses himself for the bathroom.

Miss Bong comes out and asks if the two are back together since they are wearing a couple jacket.  She asks if they didn’t do it for their honeymoon.  Both Sun-Sook and Joon-Bae deny it and Sun-Sook even adds that they did not even go on a honeymoon because she was so pregnant.  Miss Bong tells Joon-Bae that he’s a jerk for not taking his wife on a honeymoon.  Joon-Bae agrees and walks off dejectedly.

After he leaves, Sun-Sook goes off and chastises Miss Bong for being so rude to her boss.  She stomps off huffing in anger and finds Seung-Hye walking around in a daze…as she’s trying to convince herself that Do-Jin could not have meant what he said to Yunho…that Yunho would make Seung-Hye happy.


Dae-Shil drops by Dong Rak Dang as well and tries to comfort Seung-Ah.  Being hungry, Seung-Ah had eaten the tray of food that Seung-Hye left but quickly hides it when she hears her aunt.

Dae-Shil promises that a cool man will show up right in front of Seung-Ah to help her forget Yunho…and…Ma Sung Nam (EQ) shows up!


Meanwhile, Sun-Sook brings Seung-Hye to her restaurant and sighs that Seung-Hye has not forgotten Do-Jin.  She tells Seung-Hye that she thinks its better for Seung-Hye to have broken up with Do-Jin if he makes her so unhappy…From her experience, she has realized that a couple cannot live on love alone.


Sung-Nam smiles that it’s a relief that Yunho dumped Seung-Ah.  He offers to read her palm. And, his prediction is that the right man with a last name of “Ma” is right in front of Seung-Ah but she has not realized it.


When Dae-Shil does not get the reference, he even points to the herbal drinks that brought Seung-Ah which has his name on the box.  He helps Seung-Ah drink the rest of the herbal drink before they go to the living room.

There, he gives a box of expensive gong-jin-dan (an expensive multi-herbal pill that Koreans use for a lot of ills).  He goes off and even feeds all of the women a pill.

screenshot_2015-08-08-21-26-09-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-08-21-25-58-resized-640

Meanwhile, Do-Jin calls Kyung-Tae over and tells his bud that Seung-Hye dropped off.  The employee stops by and tells Kyung-Tae that Seung-Hye called Do-Jin a jerk.  Hearing this, Kyung-Tae sighs that it must be over if Seung-Hye is saying this.  Hen then sighs again that he’s worried even if Seung-Hye marries Yunho since he has not heard the end of it from Dae-Shil after she saw Yunho’s engagement ring.

screenshot_2015-08-08-21-26-36-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-08-21-26-25-resized-640

Seung-Hye comes home and has a cute chat with Seung-Ah.  In the beginning, Seung-Ah yells at Seung-Hye to go away as she’s sleeping and she’s only sleep-talking.  Seung-Hye thanks Seung-Ah for supporting her relationship with Do-Jin as she knows Seung-Ah was the only one who support her decision…She pauses after she knows that it didn’t even end up well and tells Seung-Ah about how Do-Jin asked Yunho to make her happy.

Seung-Ah gets angry when she hears this and tells Seung-Hye not to return the ring to Yunho.  She tells her sister to wear the ring confidently and obviously in front of Do-Jin to show him that she found a better man.  She also announces that she will find a better man than Yunho as well.

The next day, Seung-Ah regrets what she said to her older sister but does not have the courage to bring it up to Seung-Hye…


Meanwhile, Seung-Hye goes to Yunho’s house.  Spending the whole time brooding, she finally tells Yunho that she is here to return the ring.  She apologizes that even though she thought about it a lot, she has not been able to forget about Do-Jin and she does not have the courage to love Yunho.

Yunho tells her not to be stubborn.  He is not asking her to immediately love him or forget about Do-Jin.  He wants her to wear the ring and just give him a chance to help her forget Do-Jin.  He gets up with the ring to put it on her finger but she rejects the offer.  He smiles and tells her to let him know when she is ready to accept him.

After Seung-Hye gets up, Yunho offers to walk her home but she declines saying that she has other plans.  She goes to visit the orphanage by herself.  Reaching the tree that her mother planted, she sits and talks to her mother about how she was supposed to meet a good man.  Then she loses herself in all of the good memories with Do-Jin…The odd thing being that many of the scenes are repeated as they had such a short-lived romance…The memories blend into Do-Jin dumping her.


Seung-Hye takes out the ring box and takes out the ring…and puts it on…

Yunho shows up and asks her if she’s finally decided to trust in him.  Standing in front of her he confesses that he was worried about her and followed her without telling her.  He grabs her hand and asks if she is accepting his proposal.

Seung-Hye nods and Yunho pulls her into a hug.

That night, Do-Jin falls into bed exhausted…after doing what? Who knows? He replays the scene where Seung-Hye calls him a jerk and agrees that he is. Yep, no one is arguing with you on this point.


At the same time, Yunho arrives at Seung-Hye’s house and tells her that he wants to tell her family while she has not changed her mind.  Even though Seung-Hye keeps pausing, he smiles and pushes through.

In front of the whole family, he tells everyone that they will get married.  Soon-Im asks if Seung-Hye has finally made up her mind and Seung-Ah yells out that she needs to excuse herself because of her broken heart…

Kyung-Tae also tries to excuse himself for the hospital but Dong-Sook snaps that Kyung-Tae is probably off to tell Do-Jin.  Kyung-Tae sits back down.  Although he complains that Do-Jin seems to be the only one who loses out since he gets nothing.  Everyone looks around awkwardly at Kyung-Tae’s words…

Yunho promises to everyone that he will make sure that Seung-Hye never regrets her decision.  Her grandmother tells Yunho that she is happy to trust Do-Jin.  Dae-Ho asks Seung-Hye one more time and Seung-Hye smiles that her father should also trust Do-Jin.


Sigh, freaking perfect-man Yunho again!  It’s rare to find a guy who loves another person with such an obvious scar so much that he is willing to help her heal.  The sparkly 2 carat diamond also does not hurt >.<

Ahem, on a more serious note, I am not sure how the writer would tie Do-Jin and Seung-Hye together at this point.  The thing is if Do-Jin and Seung-Hye had a long and passionate relationship, I would understand how Seung-Hye would not be able to move on… However, their relationship really only lasted a couple of months if that…they had limited dates…and, the strength of their relationship was that appeared to be a first love for both of them while they were both rebelling against the systems that each were trapped in.  (Do-Jin rebelling against the hospital and Seung-Hye rebelling against being the perfect daughter and nurse…)  The fact that their relationship was an added symbol of rebellion probably spurred it on.

However, when a relationship falls so deeply apart where the guy LITERALLY acts like another woman’s fiance…offers to get married to another woman…I don’t know how, even if Do-Jin were to ask for Seung-Hye’s forgiveness, any woman could accept him back.  How could Seung-Hye be sure that Do-Jin would not leave her in the future if Se-Ryung comes back healed and expecting to hold the wedding as Do-Jin promised to marry her….if the only reason she tried so hard with rehabilitation was to marry Do-Jin?   There would be nothing stopping him!

Love on a Rooftop – E85

Do-Jin decides to return to the cafe and Yunho waits on Seung-Hye.



So what happened to the ring? Sun-Sook tries her best to get the ring off with soap and water but it does not budge. Finally, Joon-Bae pulls it off in one go.

Dong-Sook happily accepts it back. However, Joon-Bae then chastises Dong-Sook for giving Sun-Sook a hard time for a simple ring. Sun-Sook takes her ex-husband’s sides and they leave together.


Meanwhile, Seung-Ah refuses to leave with Seung-Hye and Yunho makes the connection that Seung-Ah will only leave if Seung-Hye brings his diamond ring… He tells Seung-Ah to stay put as he will walk Seung-Hye home. He adds in a half joke that he can call Seung-Jae instead.


Yunho walks Seung-Hye home and reassures her that she shouldn’t worry about the ring. If she would wear the ring, he would be ecstatic. Yet, if she’s just going to return the ring, he would rather it stays lost in Dong Rak Dang forever.


Do-Jin wanders to his mother’s house and yells at her when he heard that Seung-Hye was called over. She yells at him back for yelling at his sick mother… She tells him to find himself.

Do-Jin promises to not give up on his cafe as long as Mi-Ja stops bothering Seung-Hye. Meh.

Dong-Sook gives the ring back to Seung-Hye and asks her to try it on. Seung-Hye answers that she feels bad trying it on with Do-Jin in her heart.


Dong-Sook looks at the photo and muses that Seung-Hye’s biological mother planted that tree in hopes that Seung-Hye would meet a good man… Doesn’t it mean anything that Seung-Hye was able to see the tree with Yunho? She smiles and adds that she has known about the tree for a while… She has been going to visit every year; they should go together this year.


Comedic interlude where Joon-Bae asks if he didn’t do a good job and gets yelled at. Sun-Sook tells Joon-Bae that he should try giving her a ring instead of pulling a diamond ring off. Joon-Bae declares that he wants to make a lot of money, and, if he gets married again, he will propose with a diamond ring.


Back at home, Seung-Hye gets a call from Seung-Jae who had decided to stay at Yunho’s place instead of leaving Seung-Ah alone. Yunho has even offered to get a hotel.


Suspicious that Seung-Hye is talking to Do-Jin, Dong-Sook eavesdrops and overhears. The mother and daughter duo go to Yunho’s place where Dong-Sook makes it clear that Seung-Ah is coming home.

Seung-Ah asks to speak with Yunho alone one more time before she leaves and Seung-Hye backs her up. So Yunho drives Seung-Ah home, where she stays silent. When they arrive, she asks if it cannot be her.


Yunho sighs that even if Seung-Hye refuses to the end, he would not propose to Seung-Ah who is like a sister to him.

Seung-Ah starts crying and hits Yunho…

She is still moping in bed the next day. Soon-Im tries to comfort her but Dong-Sook comes in to tell Seung-Ah that she can starve if she wants.

Seung-Ah screams back that she came home anyways and Dong-Sook yells back that this is why Seung-Ah was dumped by Yunho… Seung-Ah returns into sobbing under her blanket.

Seung-Hye offers to bring food to Seung-Ah. All of a sudden, Dong-Sook us a wise mother and tells Seung-Hye not to as Seung-Hye’s face will just piss Seung-Ah off so they can wait until Seung-Ah voluntarily comes out starving.

Seung-Hye doesn’t listen and brings a tray of food to Seung-Ah’s room. She leaves it there to take a call from the other cafe employee.

The employee tells her that Do-Jin returned to the cafe but zones out from time to time. She gets called away to help move a table when Yunho shows up.


At the same time, Seung-Jae brings his parents and his aunt and uncle to the branch shop to buy them each a jacket.

Dae-Shil joins and suggests that they go for a couple look, which makes Sun-Sook and Joon-Bae awkward.

At the cafe, Do-Jin rips up his already executed contract and apologizes but he wants to go back and not sell the cafe. Yunho accepts this change of heart magnanimously. He notes that he doesn’t care about the cafe now that he has proposed to Seung-Hye.

screenshot_2015-08-08-20-06-56-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-08-20-07-03-resized-640

Do-Jin tells Yunho that he hopes Yunho hears the answer that he wants. Yunho asks if Do-Jin is serious and Do-Jin confirms.

screenshot_2015-08-08-20-07-13-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-08-20-07-23-resized-640

From the side, Seung-Hye shows up and asks if Do-Jin can take responsibility for his answer. Do-Jin again answers affirmatively.

Yunho pulls an emotional Seung-Hye out of the cafe and tells her that Do-Jin did not mean it. Seung-Hye answers that Do-Jin does…

screenshot_2015-08-08-20-07-44-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-08-20-07-51-resized-640

The two walk together and Yunho pulls her into a hug. He tells her that she can lean on him if she is having trouble.

Seung-Hye pulls away and tells Yunho that she will walk the rest alone.


Well, that was unexpected. Dong-Sook turned out to be a reasonable and practical mother all of a sudden! I had not expected it but I’ll take it.

Regarding Do-Jin’s “decision” to return to the cafe so that his mother leaves Seung-Hye alone… What a joke? I don’t understand what kind of feeling the writer is trying to elicit. It’s not really suffering for the guy to be pulled out of moping around at home with alcohol to rejoin society as a contributing member. Also, in real life, he cannot just rip up a contract and declare that he changed his mind….

Only 17 episodes to go!

Love on a Rooftop – E84

Everyone has to figure out how they are going to deal with Yunho proposing to Seung-Hye.



Dong-Sook gasps over the engagement ring. Seeing seething Seung-Ah on the side, she pulls her younger daughter away literally screaming.

Seung-Ah screams at Seung-Hye to return the ring before going into her room. Sighing, Dong-Sook goes into Seung-Ah’s room.


Cornering Seung-Ah on the bed, Dong-Sook tells Seung-Ah to love Yunho as a brother-in-law. Seung-Ah whines back that she really loves Yunho but Dong-Sook is not having it. She reminds Seung-Ah about the ring and tells her to wake up to reality.


Meanwhile, Mi-Ja prepares food for Do-Jin as if he’s going through some big hardship. She brings him all these meals to find him drink at home. Um what? For what country that he saved? For what company that he founded?

Do-Jin wakes up drunk and mutters that he should have been hit instead of Se-Ryung. Then he looks up and calls his mother Seung-Hye. He sighs that he was trying his best to forget Seung-Hye but he cannot… He has to go the United States because seeing Seung-Hye is too hard. Boo fudging hoo.

At the same time, Dong-Sook complains to Dae-Ho that Seung-Ah is fighting with Seung-Hye again because Yunho proposed. She smiles happily that the ring was so sparkly and the diamond was so big! She looks at her husband and asks when she will also get a diamond ring like that.


They go to tell Soon-Im. However, Seung-Hye comes in to announce that she is not ready to accept Yunho as her fiancé.

Dong-Sook tells her daughter that she should accept Yunho… It would be easier to forget Do-Jin if Seung-Hye tried to accept Yunho.

Soon-Im agrees with Dong-Sook. However, Dae-Ho notes that this is an important decision for Seung-Hye so they should follow her feelings.

Dong-Sook doesn’t back down. She tells Seung-Hye to follow what the parents say to avoid suffering. After all, she decided to marry into this family even though her parents told her marrying the only son of a traditional family would entail suffering. She didn’t even get a ring and look how much she suffered!
Seung-Ah goes to complain to Dae-Shil how Seung-Hye brought home a 2 carat diamond ring from Yunho and shocks her.


At the same time, Seung-Hye goes to Mi-Ja after receiving a call. Mi-Ja complains that Do-Jin is a patient not leaving his apartment. Finding out that Mi-Ja has not eaten, Seung-Hye offers to prepare porridge.

Meanwhile, Dae-Ho and Joon-Bae talk about the ring that Seung-Hye received. Dong-Sook interrupts to add that a diamond ring would also look good on her. ^^

Seung-Hye brings Mi-Ja porridge in bed and even feeds her! Mi-Ja meekly takes the food and comments that it tastes like Dong-Sook’s food.

Mi-Ja asks if Seung-Hye hated her as Mi-Ja hated the woman standing between herself and her love. Seung-Hye just tells Mi-Ja to eat.

Mi-Ja grabs Seung-Hye’s hand and tries to beg Seung-Hye for help. She tells Seung-Hye that Do-Jin has not forgotten her… That he was more alive when he was with her.

Seung-Hye apologizes that she only came to tell Mi-Ja not to involve her in Do-Jin’s affairs. With the entrance of Sang-Man, Seung-Hye gets up to leave.

Mi-Ja adds to Seung-Hye’s back that Do-Jin confessed he only wanted to go to the United States to forget about Seung-Hye. Hah! SURE!

screenshot_2015-08-08-19-56-53-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-08-19-56-46-resized-640

Anyways, Seung-Hye takes this failure of an excuse. She goes to Do-Jin’s apartment building and watches Do-Jin walk in… Losing herself in the good memories. She turns around but Do-Jin sees her.

He walks over to ask why she came over. Seung-Hye complains that Do-Jin looks like he’s been drinking.

Do-Jin smirks that it has nothing to do with her.

Seung-Hye responds that the cafe is important to her as well. (Then work on it, Yunho gave the management to you!)

screenshot_2015-08-08-19-58-32-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-08-19-58-47-resized-640

Do-Jin tells Seung-Hye to give up the useless excuses and goes back in. =_=

Meanwhile, Seung-Ah brings some clothes to stay at Yunho’s place. She even texts Seung-Hye that she won’t return home until Seung-Hye returns the ring.

screenshot_2015-08-08-19-57-52-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-08-19-59-13-resized-640

Yunho tries to cajole Seung-Ah into leaving but she stands firm. She also lies to her mom that she’s staying at her company dorms due to a hectic schedule.

Comedic interlude as Sun-Sook asks to see the ring…which Seung-Hye has brought over with her to Yunho’s place.

screenshot_2015-08-08-20-00-05-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-08-20-00-33-resized-640

Seung-Hye arrives at Yunho’s place and sits down. To an unsuspecting Yunho, Seung-Hye hands over the ring.

Yunho notes that he asked her to think about it for a week. Seung-Hye apologizes that she feels that she does not need a week. She tells Seung-Ah to get up.

Seung-Ah wonders about the weird feeling she has and opens the box to check… And finds the box empty!


Literally, two things…

As harsh as it sounds, I wish Do-Jin would stop moping around and just fly to the United States already.

Meanwhile, can Yunho get any more perfect? Nope!

Love on a Rooftop – E83

Beom-Seok lets Do-Jin go and Yunho PROPOSES!


Do-Jin checks on his mother’s vitals seeing that they have stabilized.  During this time, Beom-Seok calls because he heard about Mi-Ja’s loss of consciousnesses and asks to meet up with Do-Jin later that day.  Do-Jin updates Beom-Seok that his mother is fine and agrees to meet.


Meanwhile, Dong-Sook, Dae-Shil and Seung-Ah take stock of what is going on with Do-Jin and the risk that Seung-Hye might fall back into a toxic relationship with Do-Jin now that Se-Ryung is out of the picture.  Dong-Sook and Dae-Shil are determined that Do-Jin would not be a good match but for different reasons…Dong-Sook is completely frustrated that Seung-Hye cannot move on while Dae-Shil is more sympathetic that the heart does not move on as easily as the mind does.

Seung-Ah is Seung-Hye’s sole supporter.  She reminds everyone that Seung-Hye cannot get matched up with Yunho because he’s hers.

screenshot_2015-08-08-20-22-59-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-08-20-23-11-resized-640

After the meeting, Seung-Ah decides that she cannot wait for Do-Jin and Seung-Hye to get back together naturally.  She sneaks over to Seung-Hye’s room to find Seung-Hye brooding over the giraffe ears that Do-Jin had bought her.  Seeing this as an opportunity, Seung-Ah takes a stealth pic and sends it to Do-Jin.

screenshot_2015-08-08-20-23-30-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-08-20-23-23-resized-640

To Seung-Ah’s surprise, Do-Jin does not respond to her text message and picture.  Seung-Ah calls him to confirm that he received the picture and Do-Jin responds curtly that he has nothing to do with Seung-Hye now.  Somehow the short exchange confirms to Seung-Ah that Do-Jin is not over Seung-Hye.  Confirmation bias?


Then Seung-Ah runs over to Yunho’s house to update him that Do-Jin and Seung-Hye have not gotten over each other.  She shows him the picture as proof.

Yunho looks at the picture and frowns with worry that Seung-Hye is still suffering from Do-Jin’s absence.  However, he does not change his mind that he should move on and turns Seung-Ah’s argument back on her…that if Seung-Ah truly loves him, shouldn’t she support his feelings for Seung-Hye?


Meanwhile, Beom-Seok drops by Do-Jin’s house to apologize for everything that has happened.  Mi-Ja hears his voice and runs out.  Skipping over pleasantries, she asks him if he has decided his answer to her proposal.  She is still willing to marry Beom-Seok and go to the United States to take care of Se-Ryung like her own daughter if he would just give up on Do-Jin.  Beom-Seok dismisses Do-Jin to speak with Mi-Ja alone.


Back at Dong Rak Dang, Seung-Jae finds Seung-Hye brooding in the courtyard.  He joins her and tells her that he was highly disappointed in Do-Jin who had promised Seung-Jae that he would make Seung-Hye happy.  He adds that he hopes Seung-Hye does not accept Do-Jin back just because Se-Ryung has left.


When they get some privacy, Beom-Seok tells Mi-Ja that he’s finally regained a semblance of objectivity.  He knows that as much as his daughter is important to him…Do-Jin is important to her…He also remembers that they used to have a good enough relationship that he would propose to Mi-Ja….Therefore, he has decided to go to the United States by himself.

Of course, Mi-Ja is overjoyed to hear this outcome.  Beom-Seok leaves Mi-Ja appeased and asks Do-Jin to join him on a run the next morning.

Unable to fall asleep, Seung-Hye goes into the kitchen for a late night glass of water where her father finds her.  Dae-Ho tells Seung-Hye that she should not feel like she has to obey anyone else’s words.  Even if they have broken up, if she wants to see Do-Jin, she should see Do-Jin.


Seung-Hye forces a smile and answers that she knows seeing Do-Jin now would be harder on her later on.  So, she’s going to wait a little longer.


The next morning, Do-Jin reports to Beom-Seok for a morning jog like a dutiful future son-in-law.  After a full run, Beom-Seok tells Do-Jin that he has spoken with Se-Ryung.  He now understands that for Se-Ryung her pride is more important than having Do-Jin next to her…She wants Do-Jin to see her as a woman.  So, he asks Do-Jin to wait for Se-Ryung back in Korea.


The next day, Seung-Hye gets all dressed up to go see Yunho at her cafe.  He cautiously asks her if she would not mind meeting Beom-Seok who wanted to see her before he went to the United States.  Seung-Hye agrees and Yunho suggests that Seung-Hye see Beom-Seok off.

So, on the day of Beom-Seok leaving Korea, Seung-Hye shows up at the airport.  Beom-Seok receives her happily and tells her that he wanted to tell her that she should move on with her life…She should not feel indebted to Se-Ryung anymore.

Seung-Hye thanks him and wishes him well.  She also gives him some tea that she just blended together to give to Se-Ryung.

Meanwhile, Do-Jin finds a response from Se-Ryung’s American doctor in his inbox.  The doctor responds to Do-Jin’s inquiry that she cannot disclose Se-Ryung’s process or status with the stem cell treatment.

screenshot_2015-08-08-20-28-28-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-08-20-28-57-resized-640

Then Yunho takes Seung-Hye out for a wall by the sad wall.  He tells Seung-Hye that he wants to change the story of the wall into a happy one…They can do this by starting their happy relationship together here.  Then he busts out a ring and asks Seung-Hye to marry him! >.< KYAAAAA! CUE SQUEALS!

Seung-Hye looks surprised and worried.  She confesses that she does not know if she would change her mind.  Ever the faithful supporter, Yunho smiles that Seung-Hye should hold on to the ring as she thinks about it for at least a week.


Unfortunately, after Seung-Hye comes home.  Seung-Ah goes through Seung-Hye’s bag and finds the ring.  Realizing that Do-Jin is ignoring Seung-Hye and not proposing to her with a ring…She jumps to the conclusion that it is Yunho and bawls.


Fireworks! Balloons! Bells! Yunho proposed! >.<

Considering the timing, I guess this is the nail in the coffin that Yunho will not get Seung-Hye as his wife.  She has not moved on from Do-Jin and springing a ring and a proposal on her at this point does not seem efficient.  It’s almost as if Yunho is playing his last card with the proposal.

If we take Yunho’s proposal as his last ditch effort to win Seung-Hye over, it seems like it would not fit into the plot.  However, we are nearing the end of the series…So, the writer might be trying to tie up loose ends.  At this point, I have no idea how the writer will clean up Mi-Ja’s revenge issue and Seung-Hye’s relationship. Looks like we are in for a faster ride. ^^


Love on a Rooftop – Third Quarter Review


After watching up to episode 83, I wanted to post a third quarter review for anyone who is considering jumping on late and does not want to wade through 80 recaps.   I would give this is a solid B (80/100).  I generally enjoyed watching this slice of life/romance drama.  However, I have seen the story-lines meander and some of the characters need to work on their screen presence.  WARNING! Spoilers follow.


In the beginning, there were three main subplots:

    • Mi-Ja’s goal of revenge against Seung-Hye’s adoptive grandmother (Soon-Im) for throwing Mi-Ja’s mother and Mi-Ja out of the house when Soon-Im found out that Mi-Ja and Soon-Im’s son were in a relationship.  Unfortunately, Mi-Ja was pregnant at the time…Mi-Ja’s mother was reeling from shock at the news when she gets hit by a truck and dies.  Later on in the series, Mi-Ja and Sang-Man discuss how Mi-Ja lost her child due to shock and depression.  Note, there have been fan speculation that Mi-Ja might have had twins (as twins run in the family and Dae-Shil now has twins) and Mi-Ja lost Do-Jin’s twin at the time.  Therefore, Do-Jin would be Dae-Ho’s biological son.  Now successful, Mi-Ja has come back to make trouble for Soon-Im’s family and take over the family house.


    • Yunho/Seung-Hye/Do-Jin/Se-Ryung love mess.  The romantic subplot was that Se-Ryung is a school colleague of Do-Jin’s who is in love with him.  Meanwhile, Do-Jin and Seung-Hye slowly fall for each other as they begin a cafe together.  At the same time, Se-Ryung’s childhood friend Yunho falls for Seung-Hye.


    • Seung-Hye finding herself.  In the beginning, Seung-Hye was an adept nurse at a hospital.  However, due to a misunderstanding and an accident with a VIP client (Se-Ryung’s father), Se-Ryung gets Seung-Hye fired.  As a result, Seung-Hye spends time trying to find out if she wants to be a barista because she loves coffee, develop tea at Do-Jin’s cafe, or return to the hospital as a nurse because it’s a source of stable income.







    • Birth Secrets!  Who is Do-Jin’s biological father?  Who are Seung-Hye’s biological parents?

Story Round Up as of Episode 83

    • Mi-Ja manages to get Dae-Ho in trouble by hiring actors to “sell” a famous painting to him in cash.  Then the actors pretend that the seller has dementia and Dae-Ho took advantage of the seller.  As Dae-Ho signed the contract on behalf of the seller, he becomes liable for the full amount, which was not his money in the first place. Seung-Hye saves her father by getting her full year’s pay up front from Do-Jin, which is used to pay the settlement.  Then Mi-Ja’s mother’s ashes are buried in a proper cemetery and Mi-Ja promises to give up her revenge if Dae-Ho’s family helps convince Do-Jin to give up on Se-Ryung.  When Seung-Hye and Do-Jin’s relationship develops, Mi-Ja’s revenge disappears.

Screenshot_2015-05-08-01-19-44-01 Screenshot_2015-05-11-00-26-52-01

    • The love mess stays a mess.  Do-Jin and Seung-Hye persist against all of their parental disapproval and Do-Jin even proposes to Seung-Hye.  However, on the night of the proposal, Se-Ryung gets hit by a car in Do-Jin’s place and becomes paralyzed.  Do-Jin completely changes due to his guilt, dotes on Se-Ryung, breaks up with Seung-Hye and even tries to follow Se-Ryung over to the United States for treatment.  Meanwhile, Yunho staunchly supports Seung-Hye from the side.


    • Seung-Hye finding herself is a bit nebulous as well.  In the first part of the series, Seung-Hye declares that her dream is to become a barista.  Therefore, she has an internal crisis in deciding whether or not she should return to the hospital as a nurse or to follow her passion and become a barista with her keen sense of taste and smell.  Then, she starts working with and falling for Do-Jin.  This is an internal struggle and a bit of a sacrifice as well because Seung-Hye has to give up working with her idol and role model to work at Do-Jin’s cafe.  However, afterwards, Seung-Hye haphazardly declares that she likes making tea as much as she likes brewing coffee… Now, she’s managing Do-Jin’s cafe and her amazing inherent coffee brewing ability has disappeared.


    • Birth Secrets?! Still a secret!


Yoon Seung-Hye

Since the First Quarter Review, Seung-Hye’s character does not really develop.  The only part that seemed different was that Seung-Hye was more confident in rebelling against her parent’s wishes that she breaks up with Do-Jin.  She continues to apologize to her parents but sticks to her view that she cannot give up on the first guy who made her want to feel selfish.



However, then, she stays in quarter-life crisis mode after her relationship with Do-Jin develops.  Being happily in a relationship with Do-Jin is fine.  Trying to support Do-Jin’s decision to take responsibility for Se-Ryung is also fine.  I feel like I might be being a bit harsh but Seung-Hye’s insistence that she wants to support Do-Jin even after he turns into Se-Ryung’s beau was character regression.


Do-Jin’s personal assistant?

Seung-Hye used to be extremely capable and independent.  For crying out loud, she was single-handedly supporting her adopted family financially!  She was also a highly respected nurse.  However, she turns into this character who spends all of her time cleaning Do-Jin’s apartment for him, brooding about him, and messing up at her work at the cafe.  Reacting this way in the beginning is expected.  Yet, seeing Do-Jin dote on Se-Ryung so obsessively should have triggered some anger and pride in Seung-Hye, which has not shown up.  Even after hearing that Do-Jin almost went to the United States on the next flight after Se-Ryung, Seung-Hye just cries that she does not know if she can give up on him…

One random thing that was pointed out by a reviewer comment was that Seung-Hye’s hairstyle has not changed in the 80 episodes.  Weird!

Kang Do-Jin

First, screen presence!  I used to think that Park Jinwoo is very good-looking.  I had hoped that Jinwoo was just really understanding his character and his screen presence would increase.  Yet, his presence never really developed.  Watching him makes me feel like I am watching a college student in a student club play.  His acting always feels reserved and stilted.

See the range of KDJ’s expressions below…from “in-love” to remorse to guilt…









It has gotten a little better with the new anguished scenes.  I can see that he is emotionally troubled.  However, I find that he does not capture my whole attention and scenes are much better when there are other actors in the scene.

Regarding his character, Kang Do-Jin makes me want to throw my laptop into the window.  He started out with so much potential…knowing what he wants – to start a cafe and not be a doctor.  He also successfully wooed Seung-Hye to the point where she was happy to hear him propose to her.  However, in the latest subplot of Se-Ryung getting paralyzed, Do-Jin falls apart.

He becomes a cowardly prisoner to his own guilt and conscience.  With the excuse of “responsibility,” he pushes away Seung-Hye because her presence makes him feel uncomfortable.  She is a constant reminder that he had promised to take care of her and make her happy.  So, he tells her that he wants to break up and fires her from the cafe.  He definitely could have handled the situation differently in a way such that he could support his actual girlfriend and help care for Se-Ryung.

Kang Se-Ryung

Roller coaster of character development here!  Se-Ryung began as a selfish but naive privileged young woman.  She knew her worth as the daughter of CEO Kang and the director of a division in his company.  She was generally fair with respect to business and optimistic that she could win Do-Jin over…There was nothing that she could not do, including getting Seung-Hye fired when Se-Ryung believed that it was Seung-Hye’s carelessness that caused Beom-Seok’s accident.  She doesn’t think twice about making Seung-Hye actually kneel in front of her.


Then Se-Ryung learns that money and privilege is not everything when Do-Jin begins to fall for a girl that Se-Ryung never expected to be her rival in love.  She goes through a phase of denial where she takes sleeping pills and moves into Mi-Ja’s apartment.  Around this point, she believes that she does not need Do-Jin to love her if he would just stay with her…Oh dear.

Then the ACCIDENT occurs and Se-Ryung has to come to terms with what she really wants.  When Se-Ryung gets paralyzed as a result of the accident, she gets her wish.  Do-Jin turns into the caricature of a lover, spending his days and nights at her bed-side…Taking care of her…even proposing to her.

screenshot_2015-07-28-08-07-16-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-28-21-40-24-resized-640

She does have a small blip into the world of denial and obsession…When she gets completely humiliated in front of Do-Jin at the park where she accidentally urinates in her wheelchair…She loses all of her self worth.  In addition to trying to throw herself over the stairs, Se-Ryung decides at this point, she would be happy if Do-Jin would just stay with her…She has tied her self worth to Do-Jin’s mere presence.


I was glad that the writer showed Se-Ryung gradually realizing that her wish was shallow and empty…that she has self worth that deserves to be recognized.  She first gets embarrassed when Do-Jin talks about her digestive issues with her main doctor and angrily snaps that she wants to be a woman to Do-Jin.  Then we have Se-Ryung questioning her own desire – she asks Beom-Seok on the roof about whether or not she would ever be happy when Do-Jin has decided to stay with her out of guilt.  Finally, she decides to leave for the United States herself, which I felt was a perfect ending to Se-Ryung’s own searching.  She’s realized that she wants more than the shell of Do-Jin that she has and that she deserves to be loved.  While, not the main actress, I quite enjoyed watching her!