Run, Jang-Mi – E62

After a bunch of angst Jang-Mi convinces Taeja to temporarily separate to appease his mother.


Mrs. Hong tells Taeja to meet with Minjoo for a couple of months to try it out.  Taeja is startled to hear such an unreasonable request.  He yells that this makes no sense as he loves Jang-Mi.  He then turns to Minjoo to yell at her for not cutting off her feelings as she had promised.  He leaves.

Taeja finds Jang-Mi working at the cafe.  Is she getting paid overtime for this? Taeja tells her that his mother did not say much so Jang-Mi doesn’t have to worry.  He also tells her that Mrs. Hong might call Jang-Mi out again.  If she does, Jang-Mi shouldn’t listen to what Mrs. Hong says or worry about it.  He just wants Jang-Mi to stay by his side.

The next day, the battles begin.  Mrs. Hong refuses to eat or drink anything until Taeja relents.  Taehee has no idea what Mrs. Hong’s request was but has to tell Taeja that their mom is on a hunger strike.

Taeja calls Minjoo out to ask why she’s going along with his mother’s ridiculous request.  Minjoo tells Taeja that she’s loved him since she was a child.  So, she just wants Taeja to be with her for three months.  If Taeja still feels the way he does right now, she will give up.

Meanwhile, the older generation goes through its hijinks.  CEO Hwang decides to redocrate the guest room with his money since he will be staying there for a while.  We turn to a day of shopping where Mr. Jang tags along.

In the car, CEO Hwang jokes around to trigger Mr. Jang’s jealousy by continuing to ask Mrs. Na about the type of guy she likes and recommending that she finds another husband.  He even offers to set her up with someone.  Mrs. Na laughs that it’s not the time as she should focus on Jang-Mi and Jangsu.

At the same time, Taeja goes home to kneel in front of his mother.  He begs her to help him out by giving up on this horrible request.  He adds that he is suffering so much that he feels like he’s going to die because he doesn’t want to give up Jang-Mi.

Mrs. Hong answers that he won’t die without Jang-Mi, he lived quite well without her. So, he should just try it.

Mrs. Choi also decides to take matters into her own hands.  She visits Mrs. Na and announces that she’s there to give Mrs. Na some information.  She tells Mrs. Na about Mrs. Hong having the heart attack after finding out about Jang-Mi’s miscarriage and Mrs. Hong’s latest ultimatum that Taeja see Minjoo for a couple of months or Mrs. Hong will continue to refuse to eat.

Mrs. Na goes to ask Mr. Jang about the truth about everything and gets worried when it’s confirmed.

On the side, Jandi visits Jangsu at work where he’s clearly brooding while working.  Jangsu begins to stutter about the other night and Jandi cuts in.  She tells him that the other night was a mistake for both of them so they should both pretend that it never happened.

Mr. Kang also begins his revenge! He had the direct deposit for his salary changed.  He hands over an envelope of money to Mrs. Choi and explains that it’s her stipend for the household finances. He wants Mrs. Choi to respect him.

Mrs. Choi gets up to physically search Mr. Kang’s pockets but his account book is not in any pocket.  He’s also unconvinced by Mrs. Choi’s argument that he doesn’t have a right to control the finances since he got swindled before.  Mr. Kang grumbles that it was so long ago, they already paid off the debt.

Then, that evening comes and Mrs. Na tells Jang-Mi about Mrs. Hong’s ultimatum.

At the same time, Joonhyuk reports to CEO Hwang about the finalization about Jang-Mi/Taeja’s new menu item.  CEO Hwang is in a great mood as Taeja is so focused at work.  He laughs that at this rate, all of hte talk that Taeja got his job through nepotism might actually disappear. In contrast, Joonhyuk’s expression is more somber.  Some jealousy?

Joonhyuk goes to drink in front of their neighborhood but finds Jang-Mi already there. He joins her and she begins to pour out her heart that she’s beginning to have doubts about whether they should continue with Mrs. Hong in this condition.  Joonhyuk sighs that he doesn’t know what to tell her either…

Jang-Mi leaves first and Joonhyuk follows to walk her home.  He finds her crying outside the tent and he offers his shoulder to cry on.

The next day, Jang-Mi calls Taeja out for a date.  It’s one of their last date wishes – to go to a drive in theater.  Also, Jang-Mi is sporting a new hairstyle with a perm!

After the movie, Jang-Mi takes Taeja to a cafe where she drops the bomb.  She tells him that she thinks it would be best if they separate for a couple of months.  During this time, they can reevaluate if their relationship is the best course for everyone involved.  Jang-Mi adds that she’s really worried about Mrs. ong’s rehabilitation.

Taeja demands to know if Jang-Mi wants him to date Minjoo.  Jang-Mi answers that she is a girl; she doens’t want him to see another girl.  However, she has faith in their relationship.  She doesn’t think that they will break up even if they separate for a couple of months.

Taeja doesn’t agree and Jang-Mi even notes that she will ignore his calls and texts if he doesn’t agree.  Taeja sighs that he will try for one month but no more than one month.  Jang-Mi nods. Taeja walks Jang-Mi home and they say their goodbyes.

Then, Jang-Mi visits Mrs. Hong to tell Mrs. Hong about their decision to separate for one month. Jang-Mi adds that they won’t be contacting each other during that one month.  She also notes that she hopes that Mrs. Hong would consider Jang-Mi a little more during that month.

Later, Taeja comes home to tell his mom that she won.  He won’t see or contact Jang-Mi for one month even though he refuses to date Minjoo during that time.  He also demands that his mom accept their relationship if he still loves Jang-Mi after a month.

The next day, Joonhyuk walks in on CEO Hwang taking his pills.  CEO Hwang hides the pills quickly but Joonhyuk gets worried.  When he folds the laundry for CEO Hwang, he finds some pill bottles in the closet and takes a picture to ask his friend.  The doctor friend tells Joonhyuk that one is a painkiller and the other is cancer medicine.


And on the left side, you have the makjang storyline of the mother believing that a loveless marriage can make her son happy. (Mrs. Hong telling Taeja to date Minjoo for three months…) The only way that I see this as a successful resolution would be if Minjoo can be content with a loveless marraige, which I don’t see Minjoo ever being happy with.

If Taeja marries Minjoo even though he doesn’t love Minjoo, he would probably turn to another outlet to sooth the loneliness in his heart.  Anyone want to offer a guess? He can either obsess about work, exercising, alcohol, or women.  Considering Taeja’s current personality, I doubt that he would ever obsess about work.  So, we are left with exercise, alochol or women.  All through would leave Minjoo alone in the house with tons of time to interfere in other’s lives since her’s won’t be full.  How can Minjoo not see this?

Additionally, my least favorite character entered the drama in this episode – the noble idiot.  What was up with Jang-Mi’s questioning of whether she should let Taeja go? Her giving up at this point would literally just be noble idiocy.  =_= Suddenly, Jang-Mi is so proactive in having the last date and telling Taeja to listen to his mother’s ultimatum… Where was all of this proactiveness in Jang-Mi’s career?

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Run, Jang-Mi – E61

Mrs. Hong flips out when she hears about the miscarriage and stuffing hits the fan.


Minjoo smiles that she didn’t want to say it originally because she felt bad as a fell woman but she couldn’t keep quiet any more. Mrs. Hong frowns and tells Minjoo to go home for now.

The next day? Taeja celebrates because he has completed ten assignments. To impress us, he rattles of really simple and basic information about rice cakes -.- one vote for not impressed.

The two go off to give Taeja his wish – buy swim suits together for a day at a water park! As they cutely flirt and look around, Mrs. Hong calls to ask them to come in.

The two go to Taeja’s house thinking that Mrs. Hong is still happy with them. But, Mrs. Hong asks if Jang-Mi had a miscarriage. Jang-Mi apologizes but Mrs. Hong turns to slap Taeja. She announces that she never raised a hand against her son before and asks if she should continue.

Jang-Mi falls on her knees to apologize. However, Mrs. Hong is still furious. She tells them that she had hired an investigator because secrets kept coming out and cannot believe that Jang-Mi would believe she can marry Taeja after all of this. She tells Jang-Mi to promise that she will break up.

Jang-Mi wavers. Taeja decides to act and pulls Jang-Mi out. He declares that he’s leaving.

Mrs. Hong shrieks that Taeja should stop unless he wants to see his mother die. Taeja doesn’t stop and Mrs. Hong falls from a heart attack.

When Mrs. Hong wakes up, her right hand is weak and doesn’t follow her thoughts. The doctor explains that she might be partially paralyzed. Mrs. Hong needs to stay stable as the MRI showed a small problem in the brain…

Mrs. Hong asks Taehee to remove Taeja from her eyes.

On the side, Mincheol is driving Yuri home. Yuri suddenly asks why Mincheol never attempts any skinship even though they have met both of their parents. Mincheol awkwardly smiles that it’s weird to hear that from a girl. Yuri replies that such a thought is old fashioned.

When they arrive at Yuri’s house, Yuri pointedly looks at Mincheol and notes that she’s going to be annoyed soon. Mincheol forces a smile and hugs Yuri but goes home thinking about how different Yuri is from Jang-Mi.

The next day, Jang-Mi meets Joonhyuk in the courtyard. She mentions that Taeja probably won’t be able to attend their normal meetings. Joonhyuk agrees and notes that he was planning to postpone their meeting.

At the same time, Taehee cries for her mother to eat. Mrs. Hong muses that she’s being punished for how she treated Joonhyuk and Taehee… Ya think?!

Taehee goes out and sends her brother in. Taeja goes to his mother’s side and apologizes for everything. Mrs. Hong bursts into sobs asking how he could do this to her when she lived for him? Me thinks the lady still doesn’t realize that her children are not her toys; one cannot assume to control the lives of other human beings.

Meanwhile, Jangsu’s friend meets with Jandi at a bar. He asks Jandi to date him officially. But at that moment, Jangsu arrives and drags Seungwan out. Jangsu demands that Seungwan tell the truth – does he really like Jandi? Seungwan pauses and Jandi realizes that Seungwan just wanted a sugarmama.

Jangsu goes home with Jandi who cries that she’s lonely. She has a hard time because she doesn’t have either of her parents. Jangsu listens to her cry and then gets drunk with her. Suddenly, it’s the next day and they are both in bed together.

Then Grandpa Hwang checks on Jang-Mi at the shop. He tells Jang-Mi that it might take a while for Taeja to come back to see her but he will. He also tells Jang-Mi that this will also pass.

At the same time, Mrs. Hong asks Taeja to break up with Jang-Mi and date Minjoo seriously. Taeja tells his mother that he cannot…and, Minjoo walks in simpering toward Mrs. Hong. Ugh. Someone toss my computer at this fake girl.

Taeja excuses himself when his mother threatens to get checked out. Mrs. Hong tells Minjoo to follow and have a meal with Taeja.

On the side, Mr. Kang gets frustrated when his wife refuses to do his laundry while she does the children’s laundry. He storms out to Ara’s bar. Ara tells Mr. Kang to take control over his finances and control his bank account now. That way his wife won’t be able to disrespect him.

Then we turn to the older folks. Mr. Jang is asking Grandpa Hwang to keep Mrs. Hong’s condition a secret from Mrs. Na. But then, Mrs. Na walks in and the two men shut up.

Mrs. Na asks if they were talking about her but Mr. Jang denies it. Yet, no one offers an explanation and Mrs. Na pouts that it’s rude to whisper in front of others or to suddenly stop talking in front of others. She announces that she’s only going to leave one container of strawberries where she had originally brought over two. She leaves in a huff as Grandpa Hwang bursts out laughing.

Then Taeja arrives at work to tell Jang-Mi to be optimistic. He thinks it’s a great opportunity for them now that all of the secrets are out.

Taeja heads off to the meeting where he impresses the easily impressed board of directors by saying general statement such as the new rice cake menu aims to allow each person to directly choose the components. Somehow, everyone is surprised that Taeja can answer questions and we are told that Jang-Mi prepared him.

Mrs. Hong gets discharged because she doesn’t want to stay in the hospital. Taeja goes to update Grandpa Hwang and they agree that it’s an awkward situation… They can no longer oppose Mrs. Hong’s wishes if it would trigger her condition.

The next day, Mrs. Hong calls Taeja out for lunch. He cautiously arrives with flowers to find Minjoo there as well. Mrs. Hong tells him to sit if he doesn’t want to see her collapse again.

Mrs. Hong drops the bomb next. She wants Taeja to try dating Minjoo for a couple of months.


A heart attack is an easy way to raise the stakes. Suddenly, one wonders if Taeja can do anything when his mother is susceptible of falling again for any small reason. Worst, the fact that Minjoo is taking advantage of the situation instead of backing off and seeing how serious the problem is speaks volumes about Minjoo’s own character and values. I’m starting to wonder if Mrs. Choi taught Minjoo anything the way that Minjoo is acting -.-

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Run, Jang-Mi – E60

Jang-Mi is pulled into headquarters to be Taeja’s personal tutor while Mrs. Hong finds out that Minjoo planned the whole ring incident.


Minjoo denies it! She smiles that she has no idea what Taeja heard but she didn’t frame Mrs. Na.

Taeja just stares back at Minjoo. He quietly notes that it already shows on Minjoo’s face so she should confess. When Minjoo doesn’t immediately fess up, he adds that Taehee already told him that Minjoo knew that Mrs. Na was Jang-Mi’s mother when the ring accident occurred. He asks if he should call Taehee over to confront Taehee.

Minjoo tries to lie that she knew about Mrs. Na but she pretended she didn’t because she thought people would assume that she framed Mrs. Na. However, her words don’t move Taeja and Minjoo gives up. She resorts to her usual tactic of crying and saying she had no choice, she was so angry that Jang-Mi seduced Taeja.

Taeja brings Minjoo over to Jang-Mi’s house to kneel and apologize to Mrs. Na. When Mrs. Na hears the truth, she loses it and begins hitting Minjoo and shouting that they need to go to the police. Mrs. Na cannot continue to live being labeled a thief!

Jang-Mi asks Taeja to take her mother into another room to calm down. Then she asks Minjoo how Minjoo could lie like that. Minjoo answers that she liked Taeja from elementary school… She couldn’t accept that Taeja would love another woman.

Jang-Mi is left speechless. She asks Minjoo to leave. Minjoo agrees but first asks Jang-Mi to keep it a secret from Mrs. Hong. Jang-Mi scoffs that Minjoo sure has a lot of guts to ask for more. But, Minjoo reminds Jang-Mi that Jang-Mi owes Minjoo as well – Minjoo got Jangsu’s settlement.

Minjoo then goes home to throw a fit in her room. Erm? This girl is psychopathic. She truly has no idea that she is the problem here…

At the same time, Mincheol gives Yuri some recent samples of their masks. Yuri doesn’t take them and asks that Mincheol give them to her parents directly. Hence, Mincheol goes to visit and confirms that Yuri truly has a huge house. He goes home to tell his parents he was surprised how big it was.

The next day, everyone is a mess. Taeja, Minjoo and Taehee all take the day off. Sheesh! It’s so easy to call in sick in this drama! Mrs. Hong finds out about Minjoo from Taehee and even calls to check in.

Taeja goes to the shop and laughs to Jang-Mi that he feels comfortable at the shop. He whines that he’s so lonely at his office alone. Whine. Whine. Wine?

Meanwhile, Mrs. Na decides that she can’t just leave things as is. She goes to visit Mrs. Choi’s office. Mrs. Choi first tries to demand why Mrs. Na is visiting; she admits that Minjoo made a mistake but sniffs that it’s because of Jang-Mi.

Mrs. Na demands an apology and refuses to leave without one. So, Mrs. Choi apologizes.

On the side, Minjoo checks in with Mrs. Hong. When Mrs. Hong hears that Minjoo hasn’t any further with Taeja, she offers to call Taeja. Minjoo immediately shouts for Mrs. Hong to stop. Minjoo lies that they cannot push Taeja too far too fast or he will turn away.

That night, Mrs. Hong has Taeja sit down for a chat and asks him again to consider Minjoo as a woman. Taeja refuses. So, Mrs. Hong notes that she likes Minjoo more these days since Minjoo is such a nice child who has never liked anyone but Taeja. In comparison, she sneers that Jang-Mi comes from such a bad family where the mom would even try to steal a ring.

Taeja finds that he cannot stay silent longer. He tells his mom that Minjoo was the one who framed Mrs. Na. Mrs. Hong asks if he isn’t misunderstanding. Taeja repeats that Minjoo, herself, confessed to it.

Back at the company, Grandpa Hwang is updated that Taeja isn’t really learning about the company from Joonhyuk. He has Jang-Mi moved into the main office as a personal assistant to Taeja in the morning. She goes back to work at the shop in the afternoons. Why, hello, again makjang!

That evening, Jang-Mi runs into Joonhyuk in the courtyard. Joonhyuk tells Jang-Mi not to suffer too much-Taeja doesn’t study well. Even back in college, he only read outlines.

So, Jang-Mi, who has no economics background reviews all of the research, proposals, and contracts and summarizes them in one night! It turns out she’s a genius! She gives Taeja the notebook of notes and tells Taeja to learn them as she split it out into days. Taeja only agrees if she gives him a prize after ten assignments.

Minjoo drops by Taeja’s office only to find Jang-Mi there. Minjoo also sees the extra desk and realizes that Jang-Mi has been given a new position. She goes to tell Mrs. Hong.

Mrs. Hong goes to the office the next day to rage at everyone. But, she sees Jang-Mi’s notes on Taeja’s desk. Taeja even asks his mother to leave so he can continue reviewing before Jang-Mi’s exam the next day. Then, Mrs. Hong finds his son asleep over the notes that night.

Mrs. Hong is moved and she even invites Jang-Mi out to dinner. Taeja drops Mrs. Hong off at home, where she tells Taeja to see Jang-Mi home. Minjoo sees it from her car.

When Taeja and Jang-Mi arrive at home, Jang-Mi wonders if they shouldn’t tell Mrs. Hong about the miscarriage. Taeja refuses saying that they just recently got Mrs. Hong to consider Jang-Mi. They should wait until Mrs. Hong is open a little more…

However, Minjoo is having tea with Mrs. Hong at the same time. Minjoo asks about splitting Taeja and Jang-Mi. Mrs. Hong answers that she might let it go for a while because Taeja has decided to focus on the company business.

Then, Mrs. Hong asks if Minjoo doesn’t have something to say to Mrs. Hong. Minjoo smiles that she has nothing additional to say and Mrs. Hong frowns. She muses that Minjoo wears her ring every day; while, it used to look good on Minjoo, it doesn’t seem to pretty now. The sudden talk of the ring pings Minjoo’s suspicions that Mrs. Hong knows about Minjoo framing Mrs. Na. She decides that she has to distract Mrs. Hong and tells Mrs. Hong that it’s not the time to be lax about Taeja… They have to turn Taeja’s heart before he falls further as Jang-Mi not only was married to Mincheol but was pregnant with his baby before having a miscarriage.


Okay, I should pretty much expect a lot of makjang elements when watching a daily drama. However, it’s annoying to watch the writers drop in a solve-all plot device just to keep the plot going. Usually, the more mainstream dramas at least try to keep the makjang elements at a minimum or tie in the elements to the story such that the viewers are happy with the makjang elements; we want it to happen for the characters because we are so invested and we know that within the time frame, we can’t achieve the goals with some makjang magic. Here? Not so much.

That also brings us to Minjoo. First, the good-go Taeja! He won some serious points when he didn’t just overlook Minjoo’s crazy antics and made her apologize. A lot of times, the crazy character is enabled by the characters around her. Like if Taeja had made Minjoo confessed and then just told Jang-Mi that he found out the truth-Minjoo is crazy but tells Jang-Mi not to worry as he “handled it” by telling Minjoo not to do it anymore-no other consequences. Then, the Minjoo character continues on her irritating rampage of infecting the lives around her with her crazy. I was glad that Taeja made Minjoo acknowledge that she made a huge mistake to Jang-Mi and her mother and apologize.

As for the bad, how did Minjoo get the way she is? Well according to this episode, Mrs. Choi! Talk about an enabler. I was shocked that Mrs. Choi would say that she had no problems with Minjoo until Jang-Mi came along. She seriously doesn’t see the fact that Minjoo is trying to win over Taeja through his mother or lying to people left and right as a problem? That Minjoo has no other goal in life other than marrying Taeja who is in love with another woman? The Mrs. Choi’s of this world allow for the Minjoo’s of the world to exist. Epic fail. Shudder.

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Run, Jang-Mi – E59

Grandpa Hwang moves out in order to add pressure on Mrs. Hong.


Mrs. Hong tries to reason with Grandpa Hwang by reminding him that he’s the elder of the house. He answers that she never treats him like the family elder and leaves.

Grandpa Hwang goes straight to Mr. Jang’s house and explains that he needs to stay over as he left his house. Mr. Jang welcomes him in and has to run over to Mrs. Na’s house to get breakfast since the Jang’s don’t usually eat breakfast.

The news travels through Mrs. Na to Jang-Mi to Taeja. He rushes over to visit his grandfather who explains that he’s doing this for Taeja, who should be going to work instead of playing hooking. When Taeja hears that his grandfather is doing it for him, he immediately perks up.

CEO Hwang gets annoyed and reminds Taeja of the second provision in the contract – Taeja is supposed to become independent enough that he can take care of himself and Jang-Mi. He kicks Taeja out to go to work.

Taeja then stops by Jang-Mi’s place to let her know that it’s not her fault; Grandpa is doing it to help and also to make a point about pent up frustration with his daughter in law.

Mrs. Hong finds out where Grandpa Hwang went through his driver and goes to convince him to return. Grandpa Hwang notes that he wants to let Taeja and Jang-Mi get married; a man matures when he has someone he is responsible for. Mrs. Hong frowns that she cannot allow that. So, Grandpa Hwang replies that he cannot return home otherwise an Mrs. Hong leaves.

Mrs. Na stops Mrs. Hong before she walks out and invites Mrs. Hong for tea. Mrs. Hong sits but is barely polite. Mrs. Hong timidly thanks Mrs. Hong for agreeing to consider Jang-Mi and Mrs. Hong replies that Mrs. Na should hold false hope; she will never approve of Jang-Mi.

Meanwhile, Jang-Mi brings over snacks for Grandpa Hwang. So, when Taeja texts a picture of the contracts that he’s supposed to review, Grandpa Hwang is there, too. Grandpa Hwang happily cackles that Taeja is finally trying his best.

On the side, Seungwan takes Jandi to the movies but Jangsu steps in to stop the two. He asks Jandi who paid for lunch the other day and when she confirms that she did, Jangsu warns Jandi to be careful… Seungwan is the type to live off of a woman.

That night, the Jang family and the Baek family get together for dinner together with CEO Hwang and Taehee. It’s a dinner full of good food and laughter. All the while, Mrs. Hong drinks wine by herself.

The next day, Mrs. Hong is quiet but resolved. She even has two bowls of rice. Taeja has to run to ask his grandfather whether this is going to plan or not…

Grandpa Hwang reassures Taeja that Mrs. Hong will have to capitulate sooner or later so they should give her time.

Then Grandpa Hwang goes home to Mr. Jang’s place to tease Mr. Jang about his crush on Mrs. Na. Grandpa Hwang pretends that his shoulders are stiff so that Mrs. Na would offer to massage his shoulders. Then Grandpa Na even puts his hand over Mrs. Na’s hand to rile Mr. Jang up, who rushes to pull Mrs. Na aside.

At the same time, Mrs. Hong calls Taeja out to a restaurant. But, he’s ambushed with Mrs. Hong and Minjoo. Mrs. Hong announces that she has evaluated Jang-Mi and decided that Jang-Mi falls short. Mrs. Hong wants Taeja to consider Minjoo for his wife.

Taeja gets up and leaves declaring that he cannot believe the two women. Minjoo runs or after him to give him a back hug but Taeja pulls away and tells her that he’s disappointed in her. He had believed her when Minjoo said he was giving up.

As for Mincheol, he’s wondering if Yuri only invested the money to get more out of Mincheol. Just as he’s worrying, Yuri comes in with an expensive pen as a present in return for his gift the other day. Worry cleared. Is Yuri a scammer?

Meanwhile, Taeja goes to visit Jang-Mi drunk. He tells her that she’s beautiful, smart and sexy. Eh.

In the morning, Minjoo visits Taeja’s office and asks to talk again. Taeja cuts her off telling her that he would never consider her as a woman. Since, she insists on pursuing him, he asks that she take all of her presents back; he had only accepted them because she had said she was giving up.

Minjoo goes to cry to Taehee as usual. She sobs about Taeja cutting her off completely. Taehee tries to reassure Minjoo that Taeja will come around.

Taehee then meets with Taeja that night to console him. Taeja sighs that he’s so disappointed in both Minjoo and his mother. He wonders how he can trust Minjoo anymore.

Taehee denies it and tells Taeja that Minjoo has been trying her best. Minjoo had known that the help was Jang-Mi’s mom but still kept it a secret for Jang-Mi after the ring incident. Taeja pauses when he hears that Minjoo knew Mrs. Na was Jang-Mi’s mother. He repeats it to confirm it with Taehee as Minjoo had pretended that she had not known when she told Mrs. Hong.

Taeja goes to meet with Minjoo to ask her again. Of course, Minjoo lies that she had no idea Mrs. Na was Jang-Mi’s mother until he told her.


Okay, Grandpa Hwang, CEO of a big company leaving his house because of a fight with his daughter-in-law is so cute! I also love the fact that he has a friend’s house to go to. In the end, even though Mrs. Hong is younger, she has no friends other than Minjoo who wants Mrs. Hong’s approval for marriage. Meanwhile, regardless of how heartless CEO Hwang had to be to get to his position, he softened up over the years and treated some around him with respect to the extend that there is definitely a real friendship with Mr. Jang. I love how CEO Hwang provides a foil to Mrs. Hong’s character.

Less important but there is a weird focus on Yuri and her money. At first, I thought her role is to serve as a foil to Jang-Mi who has to bear all of Mrs. Hong’s abuse because of her position in Korean society compared to Yuri who can go on insulting her future in-laws due to society’s valuation of Yuri’s position. Yet, the repeated off-hand remarks that Yuri might just be playing Mincheol for money makes me suspicious that she’s going to be a makjang twist. Is Yuri really the daughter of the help in the family maybe? Is the money an investment from the real family and the pen present just taken from her employers? What is going on? I am totally intrigued.

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Run, Jang-Mi – E58

Jang-Mi and Taeja have to get over their first big misunderstanding of Taeja “sleeping next to Minjoo” and Grandpa Hwang invites Jang-Mi over for dinner despite Mrs. Hong’s disapproval.



Jang-Mi hangs up in a daze and walks out to hyperventilate in the courtyard. Taeja’s murmur that he wants to sleep more repeats in his mind.


Then Taeja wakes up and Minjoo pretends to sleep. Taeja wakes her up and demands to know what happened and why he’s still asleep. Minjoo answers that she has no idea, she wanted to let Taeja sleep a little longer and must have fallen asleep. She also adds that she tried to wake him up but he refused to wake up – even when Jang-Mi called.

Taeja tries calling Jang-Mi but she doesn’t pick up.


The next day, Taeja goes to the shop and finds Jang-Mi there. She coldly asks what he did the other day and Taeja lies that he had work. Jang-Mi follows up by asking why Minjoo was there.

Taeja realizes that he cannot lie about this and confesses that he was preparing something for Jang-Mi and Minjoo offered to help. Then, Minjoo bought him cold medicine which made him fall asleep in the car. Jang-Mi tells Taeja to leave as she doesn’t want to talk to him.


Taeja has no choice as he’s kicked out and he goes back to work.  However, he can’t really focus. Even when Joonhyuk brings in the reports on which he’s going to present on for the board of directors, Taeja asks Joonhyuk to cover for him as he wants to leave early… Joonhyuk reluctantly agrees but ends up muttering to himself that work is a game for Taeja.


Jang-Mi ends up chatting with Jandi to de-stress. Jandi sighs that it’s hard when someone moves away and you see less of them, which is an odd comment since Taeja just moved from one neighborhood to another…


Then, Mrs. Na tells Jang-Mi to come home for a special dinner. Jang-Mi comes home to find that Taeja has prepared dinner for everyone! It’s a custom ramen for each person. Hah!


Afterwards, Taeja and Jang-Mi go to a cafe where Taeja repeats that Minjoo was only helping him to prepare this cooking event for Jang-Mi’s family. He hadn’t meant to fall asleep but did because of the cold medicine.

Jang-Mi sighs that she believes Taeja but she still doesn’t like the fact that Minjoo was with Taeja. Jang-Mi notes that her intuition is telling her that Minjoo still likes Taeja… her actions including naming Taeja as “my man” on her phone and the ring incident all points to Minjoo not giving up.

Taeja tells Jang-Mi that she’s sensitive because of all of the recent changes. But, he promises to be more careful.


Taeja goes home and brings another cup of tea for his mother. Mrs. Hong asks why he’s not yelling at her about tossing Jang-Mi’s pasta and he answers that Jang-Mi asked him not to be mad at her.


Taeja then goes to his grandfather (and wakes him up!) to whine that his grandfather needs to more proactively help!


So, the next day, CEO Hwang asks Mrs. Hong about inviting Jang-Mi over for a meal. Mrs. Hong immediately rejects the idea.


CEO Hwang isn’t deterred and goes to the rice cake shop the next day to invite Jang-Mi himself. Taeja is there so they go back to work together in Taeja’s car. Grandpa Hwang is so happy he literally runs over to Taeja’s car himself.


Meanwhile, Joonhyuk has a meal with one of the directors who is worries about how Taeja immediately got a Vice President position. He tells Joonhyuk that they have to be careful… they can’t let their company be given away like that and every person gets obsessive about their family when they get older.


At the same time, Yuri visits Mincheol again. Mincheol suggests that they go see a movie after dinner but Yuri answers that she doesn’t like movies. She suggests that they go shopping instead. Mincheol ends up buying her a wallet.


On the side, Chef Bong visits Ara’s bar where Mr. Kang is singing. Chef Bong gets jealous and gives Mr. Kang a first degree interrogation and finds out that Mr. Kang is married.


That night, Mrs. Hong accuses Taeja of getting CEO Hwang to invite Jang-Mi over. Taeja of course denies it and Mrs. Hong notes that she said she didn’t want to join the dinner. Taeja frowns and whines that if his mom doesn’t join, he’s going to stop going to work.


The next day, Jangsu is waiting for the elevator when Mrs. Choi arrives and spots both Jangsu and Mrs. Hong walking in. Mrs. Choi walks up and picks a fight noting that Jangsu is as rude as usual. Jangsu responds by telling Mrs. Choi to please leave him alone and walks off.

Mrs. Hong walks up in time to see Mrs. Choi falter with pretend shock. Mrs. Choi cries that Jang-Mi’s little brother is so crude and rude. She even adds that she’s worried that Jangsu is going around telling people that Taeja is his brother-in-law…


As a result, Mrs. Hong goes home in a foul mood just as the dinner is about to start. She begins by asking Jang-Mi about Jangsu’s education and is dissatisfied to hear that Jangsu never went back to college after the army. Taeja reminds his mother that he also never finished college. But, then, Mrs. Hong begins to snipe about Jangsu making trouble including the time when Taeja had to get a settlement for Jangsu… Jang-Mi apologizes and Mrs. Hong dramatically sighs that she is in no mood for dinner. Mrs. Hong gets up and leaves.


Taehee follows her mother out and reminds her that Jang-Mi is her grandfather’s guest. Mrs. Hong’s action actually insults CEO Hwang in addition to Jang-Mi. But Mrs. Hong could care less at this point.


At the same time, Grandpa Hwang apologizes to Jang-Mi. Jang-Mi smiles that she didn’t expect Mrs. Hong to approve of her after one meal. She laughs that she got farther today since the other day, she got kicked out in the living room. Jang-Mi excuses herself to leave since it would be weird to continue to eat when Mrs. Hong has left the dining table.


Grandpa Hwang goes to speak with Mrs. Hog afterwards and asks how she could be so rude to his guest. Mrs. Hong answers that she’s already been patient out of respect but she tells Grandpa Hwang that he’s a third party-Taeja is her son. She tells Grandpa Hwang to please stay out of the matter of Taeja’s wife.


Grandpa Hwang storms back into his room and decides that he cannot leave it like this.


Taeja drops Jang-Mi off at home before going in to see his mother. Mrs. Hong sighs that he won’t understand that she’s trying. Except every time she decides to accept a fault of Jang-Mi another fault is highlighted. Taeja reminds his mother that all of her bad information is coming from Mrs. Choi who is Jang-Mi’s enemy. Of course, Mrs. Choi will paint everything in a bad light.


The next day, Grandpa Hwang comes out with his packed bags and announces that he’s leaving.


Well the Jang-Mi/Taeja couple survived another lovers’ spat and Jang-Mi was able to air her suspicions about Minjoo. Hopefully, something good comes out of this and Minjoo isn’t left to her devices for much longer…

On a side note, why is the writer making it a point to highlight the fact that Joonhyuk is annoyed at Taeja’s lack of work ethic? Will we get an epic makjang battle between Joonhyuk and Taeja for SL Foods? If so, I hope they make it semi-realistic and not just that Taeja wakes up one morning and finds out that he’s actually a business genius so he just needs to spend one week not sleeping and suddenly he can fight with Joonhyuk over business strategy. That would just be the easy and half-hearted attempt to make Taeja look cool. But, I doubt it would work. We need some major character rehabilitation if we want Taeja’s character to begin swaying hearts!


Run, Jang-Mi Episode 58 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Run, Jang-Mi – E57

Mrs. Hong makes life more difficult for Jang-Mi because of Taeja’s outburst and Jang-Mi responds by trying to suck up to Mrs. Hong.  This fails and the couple realize that they have to give Mrs. Hong some space.  On the side, Joonhyuk begins to chafe under the corporate responsibility of training the heir to the company.



Taeja continues about how much effort Jang-Mi put into seeing the show with Mrs. Hong- memorizing the storyline and lines.  At this point, CEO Hwang storms into the kitchen to yell at Taeja to apologize.  He tells Taeja that Taeja should know better than to yell at his mother like that.  So, let his mother act like a witch?
Taeja shouts back that he wasn’t wrong this time – his mother was.  He leaves after slamming the door and CEO Hwang asks Mrs. Hong what she did to make her son so angry.
Mrs. Hong decides to strike back by calling Jang-Mi out.  From the beginning, Mrs. Hong accuses Jang-Mi of tattling on Mrs. Hong and breaking up the relationship between a mother and a son.  Jang-Mi answers that she has no idea what Mrs. Hong is referring to.  Mrs. Hong laughs and tells Jang-Mi to go ahead and tell Taeja about this meeting as well.  Then she leaves.
Mrs. Hong then goes to visit Minjoo because Mrs. Hong does not have any friends.  She complains to Minjoo about Jang-Mi telling Taeja about not going to the show.  She scoffs that she had to hear words that she never heard from her son before.
Minjoo realizes that it was because she told Taeja but doesn’t say anything to Mrs. Hong.  Instead, she answers that she’s also angry at how Jang-Mi is ruining the relationship between Taeja and Mrs. Hong.  Taehee stops the meeting when she comes in and Mrs. Hong leaves.
Taehee turns to Minjoo and warns her that if Minjoo is still working with Mrs. Hong, Minjoo should not trust Mrs. Hong.  Taehee explains that she’s not sure if Mrs. Hong truly supports Minjoo’s feelings with Taeja or if Mrs. Hong is just using Minjoo to break up Taeja’s relationship with Jang-Mi.  Minjoo looks shocked and asks if Mrs. Hong could just use her.  Taehee sighs that she is not sure what her mother is capable of.
Meanwhile, Taeja blatantly plays during Joonhyuk’s presentation for the directors.  He plays with his cell phone and then even shouts happily when Jang-Mi responds to his text saying that she loves him.
After the meeting, CEO Hwang storms into Taeja’s room and demands to know what Taeja is doing.  CEO Hwang clearly states that Taeja is acting irresponsibly.  Either Taeja can reconcile with his mother or become capable enough that Taeja can live without his family’s money with Jang-Mi.  If Taeja cannot do either of those things, Taeja needs to give up.
CEO Hwang then calls Joonhyuk into his office and yells at poor Joonhyuk.  CEO Hwang accuses Joonhyuk of not preparing Taeja for his position as vice president and reminds Joonhyuk that only Joonhyuk can teach Taeja. Joonhyuk clenches his fist at being yelled at just because Taeja isn’t being serious about work…But, he cannot say anything back.
Instead, Joonhyuk throws a bunch of company materials on Taeja’s desk and tells Taeja to shape up.  Joonhyuk notes that he’s busy with his own work to always clean up after Taeja.
At the same time, Jangsu’s friend takes Jandi out for lunch without Jangsu… In an earlier episode, Jangsu had accused his friend of trying to seduce Jandi because Jandi has a job with a big corporation.  Looks like Jangsu’s intuition was right.  The friend asks what Jandi’s type is and when she answers that she wants an oppa, he asks about younger guys.  Jandi smiles that any guy can be an oppa to her and he tells her to call her “oppa.”
Meanwhile, Jang-Mi asks Ara for tips on getting close to the in-laws. Ara smiles and confesses that she ended up divorcing BECAUSE of the in-laws.  She also notes that there is no single answer to getting close to the parents-in-laws.  All that a girl can do is keep trying sincerely and doing things that the parents-in-laws like.  Ara suggests that Jang-Mi prepares food for Mrs. Hong.
Jang-Mi goes home to ask her mother what kind of food Mrs. Hong likes.  Mrs. Na explains that Mrs. Hong likes Italian and calls in a favor with the housekeeper.  Off Jang-Mi goes to prepare some pasta for Mrs. Hong.
Mrs. Hong walks in and frowns as soon as she sees Jang-Mi in the house.  The housekeeper directs Mrs. Hong to the dining table where she shows the pasta and suggests that Mrs. Hong try it.
Jang-Mi also adds that she believes that there must be a misunderstanding.  She asks Mrs. Hong to try the food and give her another chance.
Mrs. Hong takes the plate and pours the pasta into the sink.  She yells at Jang-Mi for ignoring her words and basically being impudent.  She tells Jang-Mi to leave immediately.
Taehee comes home at that point and and rushes in but Mrs. Hong is unstoppable. Jang-Mi runs out pretending not to cry and Taehee rushes to offer Jang-Mi a ride.  Jang-Mi tells Taehee that everything is fine.  She asks Taehee to keep it a secret from Taeja and walks off.
But Taeja arrives at home, too.  Taehee immediately tells Taeja everything so that he can run after Jang-Mi. He grabs her arm and yells at her for keeping it all inside without relying on him.  Jang-Mi turns to him as she wipes her tears and asks Taeja to help then…Tell her what she can do to help win Mrs. Hong’s heart.  Um, how about something other than forcing yourself into Mrs. Hong’s house uninvited to try to blatantly bribe her with food?
At the same time, Taehee asks her mother how she could be so rude.  She reminds her mother that she herself will be a daughter-in-law someday and asks her mother to think about how Mrs. Hong would feel like if Taehee had to deal with the same thing.  Mrs. Hong snaps back that Taehee is different from Jang-Mi.
Taehee laughs at the absurdity and tells her mother that Jang-Mi even asked Taehee not to tell Taeja…But, she told Taeja anyways.
Meanwhile, Taeja takes Jang-Mi to a restaurant.  Jang-Mi tells Taeja that she doesn’t want to break up the relationship between Mrs. Hong and Taeja.  Taeja smiles and promises to do his best.  My best guess is that the only solution is for the relationship to end if she cannot handle the stress.
At the same time, Yuri is meeting with the Kangs.  Yuri suggests a round of wine.  But, Mincheol answers that it’s too early for drinking.  So, Yuri recommends that they play Go-Stop, which is technically Korean poker.  Yuri smiles that her father believes that one can only see the other side’s true face through playing Go-Stop.
They start playing and Yuri wipes everyone clean.  The Kangs end up giving up and Yuri laughs that it was inevitable…Her father taught her to play Go-Stop in kindergarten.
Taeja goes home where his mother was pacing while waiting for him.  Instead of blowing up at her, he gives her a glass of tea and tells her that he understands that Mrs. Hong needs some time.  He walks out after telling her to take the time that she needs.
Taehee also reaches out to Joonhyuk.  She confesses that she only thought that her love life was traumatic but she’s beginning to think that it is worse for Jang-Mi.  She asks Joonhyuk to take care of Jang-Mi if he can.
The next day, Minjoo shows the first draft of the wrapping of the new menu item at a meeting.  Things get tense when Minjoo comments on Taeja’s condition looking bad as if she’s the girlfriend.  Then, the group discusses Minjoo’s design and Jang-Mi comments that it looks a bit too flamboyant; she wants something that would complement the rice cake item instead of overshadowing it.  Minjoo immediately reacts defensively by insulting Jang-Mi’s experience with design.  But then Taeja and Joonhyuk back Jang-Mi up and Minjoo reluctantly agrees to redraft it.
However, in the elevator, Minjoo accuses Jang-Mi of complaining about the design only because they are both fighting over Taeja.  Jang-Mi replies that she’s only speaking from a professional perspective.
Minjoo is unconvinced and she waits in her car for Taeja.  Then she immediately volunteers to go with Teaja when he says that he’s leaving early to prepare a surprise event for Jang-Mi – he wants to prepare a meal for Jang-Mi’s family.  On the ride to the market, Minjoo asks Taeja about how Jang-Mi is handling Taeja moving out.  Taeja answers that he reassured Jang-Mi by proposing to her.
Minjoo is shocked but pretends that she’s okay.  Then, Minjoo goes in to get Taeja some cold medicine.  She lies that she got the non-drowsy version and gives it to him.  Taeja begins feeling drowsy soon after…
Minjoo smiles that it’s probably because of the cold and promises to wake Taeja up when they get to his place.  Of course, Minjoo doesn’t.  Night arrives and it ends up being time for Jang-Mi to have her daily video call with Taeja.  When Jang-Mi calls Taeja, Minjoo picks up and answers that Taeja is sleeping next to her.  In reality, she’s in the car with Taeja but she doesn’t add the extra info.
Jang-Mi bristles like any girlfriend would do after hearing that her boyfriend/fiance is sleeping next to another woman.  She demands that Minjoo wake Taeja up.  Minjoo pretends to ask Taeja to wake up but Taeja is under the influence of the cold medicine and only mutters that he’s so sleepy he wants to sleep more.

Okay, Mrs. Hong being irrational was covered in my rant for Episode 56.  On to whose brilliant idea was for Jang-Mi to forcefully invite herself to Mrs. Hong’s home and kitchen?  While Mrs. Hong’s reaction was rude, I think that Mrs.Na and Jang-Mi were idiotic to think that this would even work! A home is a person’s sanctuary – a place where you have some control over your environment.  At the very least, a person should come calling with advance notice or when the owner is at home. (In contrast, even though Yuri didn’t give the Kang’s notice, at least she visited when Mrs. Choi and Mr. Kang were home).  By barging in without permission and when the owner is not there, Jang-Mi insulted Mrs. Hong and invaded Mrs. Hong’s privacy and territory.  She then gave herself free reign to all of Mrs. Hong’s kitchen appliances and dishes, etc. I think Mrs. Hong’s anger was kind of warranted. Many people would be angry to find someone that they don’t like waiting for them at home.  Add to it that someone gave that hated person access to your kitchen?  Who would be in the mood to eat the food that the person cooked? Not me.

Run, Jang-Mi Episode 57 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Run, Jang-Mi – E56

Taeja and Jang-Mi have another lovers fight while Mrs. Hong blatantly ignores Taeja’s and Jang-Mi’s attempt at getting closer to her.


Taeja walks over and surprises Jang-Mi.  He quickly pulls Joonhyuk off of Jang-Mi and carries Joonhyuk the rest of the way home.
Jang-Mi realizes that Taeja is angry and waits for him in the courtyard.  When Taeja comes out, she apologizes for lying to Taeja.  He asks her why she lied to him.  Jang-Mi answers that she was angry after being stood up at the shop.
Taeja asks how Jang-Mi could have lied to him twice.  He had called Jang-Mi when he arrived at her house but she lied because she was with Joonhyuk.  Jang-Mi has nothing to say and Taeja storms off after shouting that they have been apart for one day and they are already fighting.
In the morning, Taeja calls Joonhyuk into his office to offer coffee.  But Joonhyuk is highly sensitive as well.  He yells at Taeja for calling him out without having a real reason when Joonhyuk is busy.  So, Taeja quickly confesses that he wanted to ask Joonhyuk why Joonhyuk called Jang-Mi out and drank until he was drunk.  Joonhyuk pauses and answers that he just wanted to drink and tells Taeja to resolve his issues with Jang-Mi directly.
Jang-Mi is unable to focus on work so Chef and Ara suggest that Jang-Mi surprise Taeja at his office.  She stops by a flower shop to buy a cactus plant for his office.
Jang-Mi drops by only to see that Minjoo got there first.  Minjoo had brought over a painting and a plant that was already on his desk.  Jang-Mi awkwardly walks back out and Taeja follows to take the cactus plant.  He replaces the plant that Minjoo got him with the cactus plant from Jang-Mi.
Minjoo had left before Jang-Mi but she waits for Jang-Mi in the lobby.  She asks Jang-Mi if Jang-Mi was able to see all of the decorations that Minjoo had brought for Taeja.  Jang-Mi doesn’t back off and thanks Minjoo for taking care of Taeja before walking off.  The battle is a standstill with no winner.
Off on the side, CEO Hwang runs into Mrs. Na in front of Mr. Jang’s place.  CEO Hwang immediately recognizes the scarf that Mrs. Na is wearing as the one that Mr. Jang had refused to take off because he had borrowed it from the woman he had a crush on.
Mr. Jang arrives and Mrs. Na leaves.  CEO Hwang carefully asks if Mr. Jang is ever going to profess his feelings to the mystery woman.  Mr. Jang laughs that he’s not a young sprout.  CEO Hwang frowns and decides that he needs to take matters into his own hands.
Meanwhile, Taeja stops by the shop where Jang-Mi is working.  Taeja pouts that Jang-Mi isn’t even trying to help him get over his anger.  Jang-Mi whines back that she had visited him to try to help him feel better but Minjoo was there first acting like a girlfriend.  Jang-Mi’s jealousy melts away Taeja’s anger and they go off to eat together.
At the same time, Mrs. Hong calls Joonhyuk to ask about Taeja.  When Joonhyuk answers that Taeja already left, Mrs. Hong snaps that it’s not time to get off of work yet.  Joonhyuk laughs that he’s not there to report on Taeja’s actions. So, Mrs. Hong orders that Joonhyuk get into the office earlier than Taeja and to keep on eye on Taeja.  Joonhyuk forces a smile and keeps his voice level as he answers that he is not Mrs. Hong’s secretary and has to do work.  Joonhyuk hangs up the phone but Taehee hears the end of the call and yells at her mother for making life difficult for Joonhyuk.
As for the older generation, Mrs. Na helps by preparing dinner.  CEO Hwang smirks and decides to give Mr. Jang a push by pretending to read Mrs. Na’s hand.  This makes Mr. Jang jealous but he’s unable to say anything.  Except, when CEO Hwang leaves, Mr. Jang tells Mrs. Na not to give her hand to any man like that.
On the side, Jang-Mi and Taeja come home.  Taeja takes Mrs. Na to the side and apologizes for Mrs. Choi’s visit.  He promises that he took care of it.
At the same time, Yuri has dinner with the Kang family.  Yuri is quite blatant about her feelings.  She announces that the food is generally too salty and Mrs. Choi is not the best cook.  When Mrs. Choi asks Yuri if Yuri can cook, Yuri answers that she doesn’t cook…Their family has two chefs to prepare meals acceptable to both her mother and her father at the same time.
After Yuri leaves, Minjoo and Mr. Kang sigh that Yuri seems a bit selfish and tactless. But, Mrs. Choi snaps that Yuri has a lot of money so they should just shut up in front of Mincheol. So, when Mincheol comes back to ask if Yuri isn’t weird, Minjoo awkwardly answers that Yuri is just opinionated.
Meanwhile, Taeja gives his mother tickets for an opera show.  He tells her that it will be a date with Jang-Mi so that Mrs. Hong could get to know Jang-Mi better.  Mrs. Hong reluctantly agrees but then calls Minjoo.  Mrs. Hong tells Minjoo to meet with Taeja at the same time to try to shake up his feelings.
Jang-Mi tries her best to prepare for the date.  She even has three different drinks prepared for Mrs. Hong and memorized the storyline.  But, Mrs. Hong arrives in an annoyed mood.  She asks for a drink that Jang-Mi did not prepare.

Then, Mrs. Hong audibly sighs while looking outside.  There’s a couple having their pre-wedding rehearsal photoshoot.  She asks if Jang-Mi also did her rehearsal photoshoot.  Jang-Mi confesses that she did.

Mrs. Hong glares at Jang-Mi that she had been excited for her son’s rehearsal photoshoot.  But, it’s different now that she knows the bride had already done it once before.  She announces that she is no longer in the mood to watch the show and leaves.
Jang-Mi is left alone while Minjoo attacks Taeja with some designs that she wants Taeja’s opinion on.
Taeja rushes home after work to check on his mother.  He asks how the show was and she doesn’t answer.  She does get caught a bit when she answers that she didn’t have dinner.  But, Mrs. Hong goes over it by saying that she’s tired.  Taeja thanks his mother for trying and leaves.
Taeja calls Jang-Mi to ask how it was and Jang-Mi answers that it went okay.  When Taeja asks for details, Jang-Mi apologizes that she’s tired after being on her best behavior.
The next day, Minjoo has tea with Mrs. Hong and happily reports that she had a great time with Taeja.  She then asks about the show and hears that Mrs. Hong didn’t watch it with Jang-Mi.
Minjoo goes to visit Taeja with some drinks.  Taeja accepts the drinks but asks Minjoo to stop visiting the office so often like in the past.  Minjoo decides that she needs to get Taeja’s trust back.  So, she confides in Taeja that Mrs. Hong did not watch the show with Jang-Mi.
Taeja rushes over to Jang-Mi instead of working…As usual.  Does this kid have no idea about how hard life will be if he marries Jang-Mi and his family takes away all of his financial assets?! Jang-Mi lies that she had a great time watching the show and Taeja cannot get the courage to ask her about his mother blowing Jang-Mi off.
Taeja goes home to drink some whiskey in the kitchen.  Mrs. Hong finds him there and tells him to stop drinking and go in.  Taeja asks if Mrs. Hong enjoyed the show.  She lies that she did.
Taeja smirks that he better prepare another date soon.  When Mrs. Hong still doesn’t confess, Taeja gets up and yells at his mother that he’s really disappointed in her and embarrassed that Mrs. Hong is his mother.  He explains that he knows that Mrs. Hong did not attend the show and cannot believe that Mrs. Hong won’t even pretend to try.
Taeja confronting his mother was very satisfying! It’s great to see a daily drama directed at the ajummas (the ones with the time to watch drama in the morning and the evening) showing a son standing up to his mother for his fiance.  After all, one can only hope that this generation of ajummas will be indoctrinated by Korean dramas and decide to be more fair to the generation of daughter-in-laws after them.
I agree that we should respect our elders but I also find that blind respect without questioning values is irrational.  Here, it’s clear that Mrs. Hong is acting from a biased and prejudiced point of view.  Yes, Jang-Mi isn’t her dream daughter-in-law.  But, objectively speaking, Taeja isn’t the perfect husband either…The only thing that Taeja seems to have other than his optimism is that he is the heir to SL Foods.  [He couldn’t even go to work as a sales person’s assistant at a rice cake shop without help from Joonhyuk, Mr. Jang, and Jang-Mi!  How in the world is the company supposed to be safe when Taeja inherits it? A company does not run itself.]  So, Mrs. Hong’s refusal to see the faults in her own son while focusing on the faults in Jang-Mi is highly hypocritical.
On a side, I am starting to really warm up to Yuri’s character.  I love how Mrs. Choi who literally sings about money has to cater to her possible daughter-in-law because the daughter-in-law is rich.  I wonder how long it’s going to be before we have them married and Mrs. Choi has a rude awakening when she finds out that Mincheol getting married to Yuri does not automatically mean that Mrs. Choi’s life changes.  After all, Yuri has made it clear that she’s detail oriented and calculating.  I doubt that Yuri is going to agree to a marriage without a prenuptial agreement or even change the legal ownership of her assets into join ownership with Mincheol.  Since, Mrs. Choi’s main complaint against Jang-Mi was her lack of finances, it’s only proper that Mrs. Choi is brought down by money.
Run, Jang-Mi Episode 56 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Run, Jang-Mi – E55

Taeja negotiates that he will return to the main branch in exchange for his mother promising to consider Jang-Mi.


Taeja and Jang-Mi go to the nearby restaurant to eat some soup.  It is the same restaurant where they went after Taeja “saved” Jang-Mi when she went into the river to get her photograph back.  The restaurant owner recognizes them and Taeja brags about being engaged.  Jang-Mi confesses with a smile that she had been a bit nervous because Taeja was both moving his room as well as going back to the main branch.
That night, Taeja prepares bbq for the Jang family and the Baek family.  Mrs. Na is annoying as usual as she pouts that it feels like Taeja is going away forever.  Can this woman please mature?
Anyways, Mrs. Na notices that Jang-Mi doesn’t seem too sad and Taeja announces that the next party will be their wedding celebration. Then Taeja walks Jang-Mi home after she walks him to the car.  Jang-Mi takes the opportunity to peck him on the cheek.  They get engaged before they even share a cheek kiss yo.  Jang-Mi goes in and tells her mother that Taeja proposed to her.
Taeja happily goes into work the next day to find out that he’s first position is as a Vice President. Taeja frowns and yells that this would be ridiculous.  CEO Hwang also comes in to check on Taeja, who shouts at his grandfather that he only went in to work so that his mother would consider Jang-Mi.  CEO Hwang sighs that it was Mrs. Hong’s condition.  They have no choice.

Taeja rushes home.  He demands that his mother sincerely consider Jang-Mi as his future wife and leave him alone even if he just plays video games all day at the office.  Mrs. Hong agrees that he can do whatever he wants in the office but pauses when Taeja insists that Mrs. Hong considers Jang-Mi as a daughter-in-law.

Minjoo is on top of her game as she drops by during Taeja’s lunch time to grab lunch together.  But, Taeja blows her off with a prior appointment – he goes back to the rice cake shop where he brings Chinese food for his ex-coworkers. Then he promises to pick her off after work.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Choi brings a bouquet of flowers for Mincheol.  She directs him to give it to Yuri since all girls love flowers.  She’s barely able to keep from sneezing since she is allergic to flowers but she wants to do her best to win over Yuri.
Then Mrs. Choi “coincidentally” runs into Mrs. Hong who is scheduled to get a massage that day.  However, Mrs. Hong still draws the line and asks Mrs. Choi about the “fraudulent marriage,” which the Baeks insist wasn’t a fraud.  Mrs. Choi insists that it was a fraudulent and tries to invite herself to lunch but Mrs. Hong excuses herself because of prior plans.
However, Mrs. Choi runs into Jangsu on her way out.  Jangsu is annoyed by Mrs. Choi’s sniping remarks about his upbringing so he smirks back that he’s very thankful for the settlement that his future brother-in-law arranged – Taeja.
Mrs. Choi immediately rushes over to Mrs. Na’s house and invites herself in.  Mrs. Choi then announces that Mrs. Na needs to be aware that Mrs. Hong considers Minjoo as a daughter-in-law.  She explains how the families are preparing to officially meet.
Mrs. Na isn’t willing to be bullied and answers that Taeja loves Jang-Mi so she has nothing to do or say.  Mrs. Choi smiles that Mrs. Na should think about Jang-Mi who had a miscarriage.
That is enough and Mrs. Na kicks Mrs. Choi out.  But, Mrs. Choi pushes Mrs. Na down.  Mr. Jang arrives at home just in time to see Ms. Na fall.  When Mrs. Na shrieks that Mr. Jang needs to kick Mrs. Choi out, he helps… Mrs. Na also rushes out to throw some salt at Mrs. Choi.
Afterwards, Mr. Jang goes in to ask what happened.  Mrs. Na answers how Mrs. Choi warned her to stop Jang-Mi from seeing Taeja as Mrs. Hong considers Taeja engaged to Minjoo.  She also cries that she wishes that she would never see Mrs. Choi again as Mincheol was Jang-Mi’s ex.
Meanwhile, Mincheol has dinner with Yuri.  Things get awkward when Yuri thanks Mincheol for the flowers but adds that she doesn’t really like flowers, which are impractical.  She asks him to check in with her before he gets her additional presents as she would give him a list of what she likes.  Mincheol also tries to compliment Yuri’s eyes and she immediately asks if it’s clear that she had plastic surgery done on them. HAH!
At the same time, Mr. Jang goes to Taeja to warn him about Mrs. Choi making a ruckus at Mrs. Na’s house.
So, Taeja takes things into his own hands.  He stops by the Kang residence and tells Mrs. Choi that there is nothing between himself and Minjoo.  He asks why Mrs. Choi went to visit Mrs. Na.  When Mrs. Choi stutters that she didn’t mean anything, he asks her to stop interfering or getting involved with the Baek family.  He also asks Mrs. Choi to clarify that it was not a fraudulent marriage to his mother.
Taeja runs into Minjoo in the garage.  Minjoo is happy to see Taeja but he’s cold.  He asks why Minjoo didn’t tell her parents about how the relationship ended.  Minjoo goes home to scream at her mother for making another mess.
Later, Mrs. Hong calls Joonhyuk to her house.  She asks him to take care of Taeja as his right-hand man.  She reminds him that Joonhyuk did a great job when Taeja went to college.  Joonhyuk respectfully reminds Mrs. Hong that helping Taeja deal with work is not the same as doing Taeja’s homework.  But, Mrs. Hong repeats that she has faith that Joonhyuk can support Taeja as his superior.
Joonhyuk goes home laughing at Mrs. Hong’s insistence that Joonhyuk clean up Taeja’s messes.
At the same time, Taeja calls Jang-Mi who had fallen asleep in the locker room waiting for Taeja. She wakes up and pretends that she already went home.
But on her way, she runs into Joonhyuk.  He’s in a foul mood so he asks Jang-Mi to join him for drinks.  Jang-Mi doesn’t pry more than musing that it looks like Joonhyuk has a lot of on his mind – he must have run into a new life’s homework like he told Jang-Mi before…Sometimes, life throws assignments at you.
Taeja calls Jang-Mi to ask if she’s asleep.  She tells him that it’s fine and hopes that he gets in safe, too.
When Jang-Mi goes back to the table, Joonhyuk is completely drunk.  She recommends that they go home and helps the drunk Joonhyuk falter home.  On the way, Taeja spots Jang-Mi carrying Joonhyuk.
Well, at least this episode was a little better than the last episode.  Instead of Jang-Mi acting like a noble idiot, she immediately tells Taeja how she feels insecure about being able to fight for their relationship. If Jang-Mi had decided to become a noble idiot and cut off the relationship, I would have had to stop watching for two reasons.  First, the noble idiot concept really bugs me.  I can only keep watching if the main characters are eye candies.  Second, if Taeja insists on pining for Jang-Mi even after she cuts him off, it would feel too forced.
On the side, I hope that the writers develop the Joonhyuk/Jang-Mi relationship such that Taeja’s own character grows.  He really hasn’t grown if his decision to go back into the main branch only extended to physically attending work.  So, he expects that he will be taken care of by his family’s money for the rest of his life?  How does he expect to do anything that his family disapproves if they are his financial life-line?  Again, it just reinforces the fact that Jang-Mi really hasn’t changed him much.  She’s just another girl in his life.
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Run, Jang-Mi – E54

All aboard! The makjang train has arrived!


Mrs. Choi tells Mrs. Hong about Jang-Mi being Mincheol’s ex-wife. Mrs. Hong gasps when she hears this and starts to hyperventilate.

Mrs. Hong asks Mrs. Choi if Minjoo also knew. Mrs. Choi answers that Minjoo only found out recently and worried about how it would distress Mrs. Hong. Mrs. Hong laughs and it’s unclear if she’s laughing about Jang-Mi keeping it a secret or Minjoo.


At the same time, Taeja finds Jang-Mi waiting for him at the park. She asks what happened and Taeja brags that his mom has stepped back one step. He explains that he told his mother that he cannot live without Jang-Mi.

Then Mrs. Hong calls Jang-Mi out to a cafe. Jang-Mi happily goes after hearing that Taeja got farther with his mom.

But at the cafe, Mrs. Hong’s first question is to ask if Jang-Mi isn’t holding something back. Jang-Mi carefully asks if t was about her past marriage. Mrs. Hong agrees and demands to know how Jang-Mi pretended to be a girl who never got married. Mrs. Hong also adds that Taeja is the heir to the company; he is a type of person that the public has interest in. Mrs. Hong asks how Jang-Mi can subject Taeja to the public’s ridicule if Jang-Mi insists that she loves him.


Jang-Mi goes back to the shop totally dejected.  Taeja finds her brooding in the locker room and Jang-Mi breaks down.  Jang-Mi begins crying as she says Mrs. Hong found out about the prior wedding…What is worse for Jang-Mi is that she cannot even tell Mrs. Hong everything – like the fact that she had a miscarriage.

 Taeja tries to tell Jang-Mi that it’s not her fault.  These are all Jang-Mi’s scars not her faults.  But, Jang-Mi is inconsolable.
Taeja thinks that it’s weird that Mrs. Hong accused Jang-Mi of having a fraudulent marriage.  He goes to Minjoo to ask if she told Mrs. Hong.  She denies it.  So, Taeja muses out loud that it’s weird that someone told his mother that it was a fraudulent marriage.  It can only be someone from her family and he’s pretty sure that it’s not Mincheol.  He asks if it wasn’t Minjoo’s mother.  Minjoo pretends to be insulted and tells Taeja that it wasn’t her family but she agrees to check.
Minjoo goes home in a rage and yells at her mother about telling Mrs. Hong about the marriage being a fraud.  Mrs. Choi snaps back that she had no choice since Mrs. Hong had mentioned that she was considering the wedding with Taeja.  Mrs. Choi adds that Jang-Mi should be happy that she didn’t say anything about the miscarriage.
Minjoo and Mincheol jump on their mother to remind her that Mrs. Choi’s actions hurt them as well! If Mrs. Choi tells all of Jang-Mi’s secrets, it will only turn Taeja against Minjoo.  Additionally, Mincheol reminds his mother that both a wedding and a miscarriage cannot be done by a woman alone – Mrs. Choi is throwing her own son under the bus to fight Jang-Mi.  Minjoo repeats to her mother to stay still and not make any more messes.
Meanwhile, Jang-Mi meets up with Jandi and wonders if she should tell Mrs. Hong about the miscarriage.  Jandi tells Jang-Mi that timing is important and Jang-Mi should wait a little longer until Taeja is ready to tell his mother.  Jandi reminds Jang-Mi that Taeja probably has a difficult time as well in the middle…
The next day, Minjoo calls Taeja out and apologizes for her mother’s mistake.  Taeja answers that he doesn’t think it was a mistake.  Mrs. Choi did it on purpose if she said that the wedding was fraudulent.  He also notes that Mrs. Choi had even put a private investigator tail on him before.  He asks that Minjoo tell her mother clearly that there is nothing between them.
Meanwhile, Mincheol meets with Yuri.  She has spent the last thirty minutes reviewing the contract.  Yuri smiles that a business deal is business so both sides should be careful.  But, she approves of the contract and signs it.  Then she asks if Mincheol got the money – she sent it to his account.  Mincheol is shocked since his mother didn’t tell him.
Mincheol rushes home to confirm with his mother.  It turns out that Yuri invested more money than he had expected.  He wants to return half of the money as the investment amount is even more than the total amount he and his partner put in.  But stupid Mrs. Choi answers that Yuri’s money will be Mincheol’s money after they get married.  O.M.G. So many things wrong with this perspective… I hope something goes wrong and Yuri’s family drives Mincheol’s family into the streets -_-
Then Minjoo comes home and tells her mom to leave Taeja alone! Mrs. Choi agrees to do so.
On the side, Mr. Kang visits Ara’s bar in his new state.  She’s happy to see him as he stopped coming for a while.  She confesses that she had been worried that he stopped coming because she said stuff about Mrs. Choi. Ara tells Mr. Kang that he looks amazing boosting Mr. Kang’s spirits and confidence….Mrs. Choi better be careful or this man will realize that he’s not receiving anything from his wife who’s seems to only care about her own selfish goals.
Then CEO Hwang visits Taeja at the shop and asks about what is going on as Mrs. Hong seems to be more annoyed than usual.  Taeja sighs that Mrs. Hong found out that Jang-Mi had been married before.  CEO Hwang advises Taeja to give up something in order to convince his mother to consider Jang-Mi – such as agreeing to work at the headquarters branch.
Taeja broods all night before visiting his mother to apologize the next day.  Mrs. Hong jumps out of bed to hit her son and demand to know how her son could betray her like that.  Mrs. Hong asks why her son has changed so much.
Taeja responds that he is sorry for disappointing her but he has no one but Jang-Mi.  Mrs. Hong shrieks back that he’s going to see her die.  As if, Taeja has been the best son until now? Um, selective amnesia?
Taeja tells his mother that he will return to the company if his mother would just consider the marriage.  Mrs. Hong answers that she won’t approve of Jang-Mi.  Taeja insists that he only wants his mother to get to know Jang-Mi a little better before making his decision.
Mrs. Hong demands that Taeja come home.  Taeja refuses because leaving the house and the rice cake shop would make Jang-Mi too worried.
Next thing we know, Taeja is driving Jang-Mi.  But then it starts raining and Taeja’s expression darkens.  We see him deal with flashbacks before he steps on the brake and leans on the steering wheel.  Jang-Mi tells Taeja to switch places.
Jang-Mi takes Taeja to the hospital where Joonhyuk is called.  Joonhyuk tells Jang-Mi to make sure that Taeja doesn’t drive when it’s raining as Taeja is still suffering from trauma that arose from his father’s car accident.  The accident occurred on a rainy night.  Joonhyuk explains that no one expected Taeja to ever drive because the trauma had been so severe.  Everyone was surprised when Taeja got over his trauma for Jang-Mi and learned to drive.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Hong invites herself into the Jang residence to move all of Taeja’s stuff. Mrs. Na stutters that Mrs. Hong should wait until Mr. Jang and Taeja arrive.
But, Mrs. Hong ignores Mrs. Na.  Mrs. Hong warns Mrs. Na to stop Jang-Mi if Mrs. Na wants to protect her daughter.  She adds that she will never approve of a daughter-in-law who has been married before.  Even if Taeja marries Jang-Mi without her approval, Mrs. Hong will make Jang-Mi’s life miserable.  She even includes that her feelings won’t change if Jang-Mi has Taeja’s child.
Taeja wakes up and goes home to find that his stuff has been moved.  He calls his mother who answers that he should come home first. She promises to consider his proposal if he comes home.
Jang-Mi goes home where Mrs. Na tells Jang-Mi to end it.  She confesses that Mrs. Hong is too difficult an enemy to overcome.  Jang-Mi answers that she doesn’t want to hurt Taeja…
Then Mrs. Hong decides to use the situation to her advantage.  She tells CEO Hwang that Taeja is willing to come back to headquarters… She is willing to think about Jang-Mi if CEO Hwang provides a Vice President position for Taeja.  CEO Hwang refuses since Taeja isn’t prepared.  But, Mrs. Hong answers calmly that this is the only way she would consider a girl who has been married before.
Mrs. Hong wins and CEO Hwang calls Joonhyuk the next day to prepare a position for Taeja.  Joonhyuk pauses for a second and tries to convince CEO Hwang that Taeja is not prepared…He also notes that some of the directors might find this action a sign of nepotism.  But, CEO Hwang sighs that he doesn’t have a choice since this is the only way to work with Mrs. Hong.
Meanwhile, Taeja visits Jang-Mi’s father’s shrine and promises to take care of Jang-Mi so that she never cries.  Then, they visit the river next to the memorial and he tells Jang-Mi that he is going back to the main branch of the company.  But, he reassures her that this won’t change his mind about her.  He asks her to marry him. WHAT?! 6 months and it’s time for marriage?
Taeja cups Jang-Mi’s face and kisses her.
Well… hello, makjang!  So, we are supposed to believe that 6 months is enough for a man and a woman to truly fall deeply in love after just working together and living next door to each other?  At this point, they hated each other for 1-2 months.  Tolerated each other for 1 month.  Maybe dated for 1-3 months?!  Now, he’s certain that he wants to spend the REST OF HIS LIFE WITH HER?  Note that it’s not just the time frame.  But, it’s the fact that this is DESPITE everyone else thinking that this marriage will work out smoothly.  Also, this is when Taeja basically cannot live independently…He’s living off of his family’s money and his family is disapproving this marriage.  So, what part of this is supposed to convince the watcher that Taeja is ready to be responsible for himself let alone another person?
Yeah, all aboard the makjang train as the viewers wonder if the past scene is supposed to trigger any emotions other than disbelief and frustration.
I have nothing to say as this episode was so makjang that it exhausted me.
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Run, Jang-Mi – E53

Everything comes out.  Mrs. Hong is able to start treating Mrs. Na and Jang-Mi like the enemy upfront.


Mrs. Hong asks Mrs. Na to sit with Jang-Mi. Then she notes dramatically that Taeja is seeing Jang-Mi; she asks Mrs. Na to stop the children since the relationship is illogical. Mrs. Na quietly stutters that it looks like the children like each other and Taeja likes Jang-Mi a lot.

Mrs. Hong snaps that Mrs. Na is just like her daughter. Jang-Mi interrupts to note that she will try her best to correct whatever Mrs. Hong is unsatisfied with. But, Mrs. Hong only sniffs that Mrs. Na can stop coming from the day forward; the household needs neither Jang-Mi or Mrs. Na when there was already an issue with Mrs. Na.


Jang-Mi and Mrs. Na are kicked out and go home. Jang-Mi asks her mother what had happened and Mrs. Na finally tells Jang-Mi about the ring incident. Jang-Mi cries that her mother should have told her sooner but Mrs. Na only cries that she didn’t want Jang-Mi to worry.


Jang-Mi meets with Taeja afterwards to demand to know why he didn’t tell her about her mother working for his or the ring incident. Taeja apologizes that Mrs. Na made him promised.


On the side, Mincheol leases a car for Minjoo. However, Minjoo gets disappointed when she sees the type and brand. She demands that Mincheol changes the car type and Mrs. Choi backs her up.


Meanwhile, Jang-Mi and Taeja return home. Taeja apologizes to Mrs. Na on his mother’s behalf. He promises to protect Jang-Mi and asks Mrs. Na to trust him. Mrs. Na agrees.


Taeja then goes home and demands to know if his mother arranged the meeting on purpose. She answers that she did nothing wrong in firing her employee. She only arranged for Jang-Mi to to visit at the same time for convenience. She also warns Taeja to stop if he wants to prevent Jang-Mi from hurting any further.


Mr. Jang also visits Mrs. Na to invite her to another judo class. Mrs. Na cries that she’s too depressed to go out after she was fired in front of Jang-Mi. Mr. Jang sighs and comforts her as he confides that he also knows how Mrs. Hong can be… he even saw Mrs. Hong slap his son when Taehee was dating Joonhyuk.


Jang-Mi and Taeja go back to Taeja practicing driving. She tells him to focus on what is ahead as he will make it to the end. They arrive at the beach successfully. Taeja then turns to Jang-Mi to tell her that her words apply to their relationship as well. If they try, they can make it even if it’s hard.


Minjoo visits Mrs. Hong who tells Minjoo that she will break Taeja and Jang-Mi up. Mrs. Hong asks Minjoo to try her best to stay in Taeja’s good graces. Because we all know, there’s only so much a mother can do.  It’s not like she can force Taeja to marry someone whom he’s not attracted to at all.


Taehee sees Minjoo walking out and confronts Minjoo about not resolving her feelings for Taeja. Minjoo cries back that she is going to love Minjoo from the side and would try again if Taeja breaks up with Jang-Mi.


Taehee waits until Minjoo leaves before going in to see her mother. Taehee asks if Mrs. Hong is just using Minjoo to break up Taeja and Jang-Mi. Mrs. Hong denies it but Taehee is not convinced.

She calls Joonhyuk who notes that he was just reviewing Minjoo’s portfolio and finds her designs fresh. Taehee hesitates before telling him that she thinks Minjoo should be taken off the team. Then she awkwardly lies that she just called to ask Joonhyuk to take care of Taeja.


The next day, the group meets to begin planning the lunch of the new menu item. Minjoo happily barges in and causes everyone except Joonhyuk to freeze. Everyone even goes to drinks afterwards and Minjoo is practically flying around with glee while the others fail to hide their glum.


When Jang-Mi goes to the bathroom, Minjoo follows and notes nonchalantly that Jang-Mi is more tenacious than expected. She muses that if she had been confronted in front of her mother by Mrs. Hong like Jang-Mi, she would have given up. Jang-Mi frowns and asks in return why Minjoo framed Mrs. Na for theft. Minjoo quickly freaks out overreacting that she never framed anyone.

Minjoo regains her calm and tells Jang-Mi to leave while she can since Minjoo still has other cards up her sleeve. Jang-Mi pointedly asks what Minjoo is referring to and Minjoo smiles that Jang-Mi should know her past better…


Jandi arrives at just that moment and attacks Minjoo. She screams that Minjoo should be apologizing to Jang-Mi for her family’s sins, not attacking her. The fight ends with Minjoo throwing Jandi off and announcing to Jandi to be careful lest she be sued for battery. With that, the girls go home and the after work drinks end.


The next day, Taeja calls out his mother for a drive to the beach. Mrs. Hong is surprised and moved to see her son driving such that she cannot stop herself from staring at him. After they arrive, Taeja tells his mother that Jang-Mi is very important to him. He explains that he is afraid he won’t be able to live without Jang-Mi.

Mrs. Hong replies back that she is thankful to Jang-Mi for helping Taeja recooperate from his trauma. But she notes that she cannot let Jang-Mi be with Taeja since she’s been living for Taeja alone after she lost Taeja’s father.

However, Mrs. Hong broods about the situation when she gets home. Taeja’s declaration that Jang-Mi changed him repeats in her mind…


Just then Mrs. Choi arrives saying she heard the news. Mrs. Hong gets irritated when Mrs. Choi acts as if the engagement between Taeja and Minjoo is decided and snipes that she’s not sure anymore as Taeja seems to like Jang-Mi much more than his mother had expected.

Mrs. Choi gasps at Mrs. Hong’s declaration and freaks out. Mrs. Choi declares that Mrs. Hong should not trust Jang-Mi because she has a way in seducing men; she, herself, knows because Jang-Mi had seduced Mincheol. Mrs. Hong glares and asks for an explanation which Mrs. Choi is happy to provide – Jang-Mi was the girl who made Mincheol enter into the “fraudulent marriage.”


Ah, if life were easy then it wouldn’t be life, right? I don’t know how Jang-Mi does it with all of the messes blowing up left and right. One thing that the latest episodes makes me feel like is that we have careened straight into the romance and forgotten every other theme. What happened to Jang-Mi’s status as a part-time employee who is on probation? Does she get a permanent position as the CEO promised her? Will Jang-Mi have an opportunity to climb up the corporate ladder at headquarters?  Is she satisfied with her non-permanent position now that she’s dating the heir to the company?!  What kind of message does that send to our viewers?!

With the focus on the uneven status of Jang-Mi and Taeja, the drama is precariously tottering on the two dimensional and limited storyline of a rich boy meets a sweet but poor girl and changes her life. Jang-Mi’s accomplishment ends up being limited to marrying Taeja despite his mother’s disapproval. If the show doesn’t bring back the other storylines and develop Jang-Mi’s life outside of Taeja, I will be sorely disappointed. Jang-Mi still has far to go in character development. Sure, she has matured a bit from the girl who took time off from college to putter around in the kitchen. She works now and supports the family. But, that is it. (And, that’s helped by Joonhyuk’s father because otherwise, the family would have to have survived in a crappier home.  Also, Jangsu technically owes Taeja tons of money…) We are far from being able to see Jang-Mi get back up and turn into a strong woman who is truly independent.

 [On a random note because I had Goblin playing while I edited this post to insert pictures. OMG any DRAMAFEED readers watching this drama?! THE END OF EPISODE 2!!! Talk all about all-kill for a girl’s heart >___< Is it right for a Korean drama team to make a goblin and a grim reaper to be so hot?!/ End side outburst]
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