Love & Secret – E102 | FINALE

So we say goodbye to Love & Secret a/k/a Sweet Secret.  Philip magically turns into the best father ever and gives Tiffany back to Areum.  Soo Ah also turns into a nice human as Mr. Chun has finally sincerely backed her up against Seungwoon.  Annnnnnnnnnnddddddd, finally, Areum and Seungwoon get married.


Philip hands Tiffany over to a surprised Areum.  He tells her to raise Tiffany.

Areum’s tears start up as she asks if he’s serious.

Philip tells her to leave before he changes his mind and Areum thanks him.  It’s slightly awkward as she’s changed to the highest form of honorifics.  Next thing we know, Areum carries Tiffany back out and tells Seungwoon the news.  Seungwoon is adorably is happy as well.


Back in the studio, Philip holds Areum’s declaration and remembers Areum’s words.  OMG HE WAS AWAKE.  He had heard Areum apologize and ask him to wake up as he’s Tiffany’s father.  He rips up the paperwork and smiles.


Meanwhile, the family tries to console Mrs. Han about Tififany.  They note that the United States is not that far away and they can always visit.  Then they suggest that Mrs. Han go in to rest first, which she gets up to do.

Areum returns and the family asks if Areum didn’t make it to Philip’s apartment.  Smiling, Areum tells the others that Philip told her to raise Tiffany.

Philip goes to tell his father and Suzy that he gave Tiffany back to Areum.  He also adds that he tore up the paperwork and asks his father to follow his wishes.  Mr. Choi seems disappointed, but Suzy only wants to know what Philip is planning to do about the United States.  Philip tells her that he still plans to leave as scheduled and Suzy doesn’t seem to have any more issues.


The happy love birds happily watch Tiffany in Seungwoon studio.  Seungwoon hugs Areum and promises her that there will be no reason for Areum to lose Tiffany again.

The next day, Philip and his family arrive at the airport when he gets a call from Areum.  He sends the others on to pick up after promising Suzy that he won’t disappear again.


Areum is calling as she came to the airport with Seungwoon and Tiffany.  They go off to the side so that Philip can hold Tiffany.  Areum promises to call/video call Philip often with Tiffany.  Ironically, Philip declines and tells her to just send Tiffany’s pictures to him as he will be busy.


Areum smiles and promises to raise Tiffany well for the both of them.  In response, Philip tells Areum that he approves of Seungwoon as Tiffany’s father and recounts how Seungwoon sat on his knees in front of Philip to ask that Philip save Tiffany.  He confesses that he would never be able to do that.  Areum smiles and wishes that Philip will be happy with Suzy as well.


Philip gets up to tell Seungwoon, who’s off on the side to give the family privacy that he is leaving Tiffany and Areum in Seungwoon’s care.

Next, we see Areum and Tiffany visiting Mr. Chun and Soo Ah.  They are adorably wearing a couple outfit in red!  Soo Ah asks if Mr. Chun will approve of Areum and Mr. Chun answers that he promised to approve of Areum as long as she gave up her child.


Except, Areum arrives with Tiffany.  Seungwoon explains how Philip agreed to let Areum raise Tiffany.  Soo Ah even notes that this might be for the best and suggests that Mr. Chun approve of Areum.  Mr. Chun refuses to change his mind and tells the two kids to do whatever they want.

Soo Ah seems to have become a human being now that she knows that Mr. Chun appreciates her.  She tells Areum and Seungwoon to wait in Seungwoon’s room as she’ll bring up fruit and promises to speak with Mr. Chun.


I was a bit skeptical, but she does as she promised and advises that Mr. Chun just accept Tiffany since Seungwoon seems to love her so much.  Mr. Chun doesn’t seem convined when Haeban arrives with Songcheol.  Songcheol greets Mr. Chun and Soo Ah.  Afterwards, Haeban declares that she’s going to start a new life with Songcheol.

Songcheol declares that they are not going to get married.  They are just going to live together.

Soo Ah declares that she will never approve.  Haeban retorts that she doesn’t need her daughter’s approval.  At her side, Mr. Chun gets up with a migraine.


Next, Sunhwa runs out from work to find that her sister has not gotten ready and has basically applied clown makeup.  She redoes her sister’s makeup and helps Mrs. Han dress in the traditional Korean style.  Unfortunately, she seems to have degressed a lot.


Meanwhile, Secretary Jang arrives late and apologizes for being late…He rushed out and managed to rip his pants.  Mr. Chun laughs and tells Soo Ah to get one of his pants.

Onward to the wedding!  Turns out Haeban is happily with Songcheol.  Cheolgu gives a large amount as a wedding present and Jinwoo/Jiwoo comment on how Cheolgu has succeeded with turning Haeban into a singer.


Seungwoon greets his father and Soo Ah with a smile and even Yoon Yi shows up.  Things are still slightly tense between Yoon Yi and Soo Ah, but they manage to acknowledge each other’s presences.


The marketing team also arrives to fawn over Areum. Short scene of maximum energy, which gets cut short with the entrance of Philip and Suzy.


They congratulate Areum sincerely and Philip even holds Tiffany.  Areum asks about Philip’s health and Suzy has not changed.  She explains that Philip is healthy as she’s taking care of his health.


The wedding starts with Seungwoon strutting down the aisle. Next, Areum gracefully walks down the aisle. Songcheol presides over the wedding and everything is full of tears of joy and laughter. >.<


End with family picture!


First, yay! This is my first series that I successfully recapped from start to finish! >_< CHEERS! I don’t know how many mochi ice creams/ice cream pints it took to get over my frustration, but I’m happy to have experienced the story that is Love & Secret a/k/a Sweet Secret.  I admit that there were times when the drama was a bit frustrating such as the subplot, which paired Haeban with Songcheol.  I still am not convinced, harrumph! =_=

However, overall, this was a great daily drama.  It really felt like a slice of life drama (after like episode 7ish), which had enough drama to keep me interested without really overdramatizing everything into the makjang world.  While there were makjang elements, the drama tried to stay pretty toned down, starting from its colors to the plot line and I really appreciated that.

The core characters really developed a lot during the show.  Areum went from an insufferable cry baby to a woman, who is willing to acknowledge when she was being too selfish.  This transformation was so organic that I actually cannot point out the specific scenes when Areum changed from crybaby to noble idiot to mother to mature woman.  I think it happened as her hair got shorter and better styled >.< Grade A for development!

Remember, she started like this.


Then we have Philip, who started out as a man-child.  He couldn’t distinguish between love and obsession or the need to possess Areum.  Then we saw him change into a single focused revenge maniac…into a reluctant father…into an actual father.  This one had some help from the powers that be in his near death experience, but hey, I’ll take it. Grade A – for development.

[Manchild below]


Unfortunately, Seungwoon’s development was much more two dimensional.  He went from being a flippant child, who rebelled against his father into someone, who Areum could rely on and a true father to Tiffany.  I think Seungwoon’s development was much more subtle.  In the end, due to time constraints, he was jipped a bit as we never saw how they obtained Mr. Chun’s approval.  So I guess B- development here.


All in all, I’m not sure how I feel about this series ending.  Goodbye Love & Secret, my first completely recapped drama!

Stay tuned to find Love on a Rooftop recapped as well!

Love & Secret – E101

Soo Ah made me cry?  Okay, daily dramas surprising me twice in one week…Completely unexpected.  Soo Ah’s backstory…Well played writers.  WELL PLAYED.  I am completely satisfied at the story as well as the surrounding characters reactions.


The doctors run in as Suzy had pressed the button.  After a check, the doctor informs Suzy that Philip seems to be stable.

Philip turns to Suzy and asks about Tiffany.  Suzy tells him that Tiffany is fine so he should only worry about himself.  Seeing Philip wake up, Areum walks back to Tiffany’s room to tell her daughter that her father is safe.

Areum calls her father to tell him the news.  He seems relieved but Mrs. Han and Sunhwa seem less enthusiastic.  Mrs. Han leaves without another word to go back into her room and Sunhwa wonders if this was the best outcome.


Mr. Han follows his wife into the room and asks if she’s worried about Areum.  He reassures her that he will talk to Philip about Tiffany and Mrs. Han tells him that he has to.

Meanwhile, Haeban brings food into the room where Soo Ah is laying on the ground.  Soo Ah quietly notes that she doesn’t want to go back home.

Haeban agrees that Soo Ah doesn’t have to go back.  However, Soo Ah should eat to keep her strength up.  She tells Soo Ah that if she knew this would happen, she would never have approved of Soo Ah’s marriage.  Soo Ah sighs that there’s nothing that Haeban can do.


At the same time, Mr. Chun pulls out an old letter and rereads it…The scene changes back into the memory of when he first read it.  It was from his wife and it asked him…as her last wish…to let her die.  Mr. Chun had cried reading the letter in his memory.


Mr. Chun comes out to find Seungwoon asking about Seungho.  Mr. Chun answers that Soo Ah took Seungho and left.  Seungwoon responds that Soo Ah must have left because of a guilty conscience.

Surprisingly, Mr. Chun responds that Seungwoon shouldn’t act so strict when he doesn’t know all of the facts; he should let the past go.  Seungwoon retorts that he will not stand still if Soo Ah returns.


Haeban returns home to yell at Mr. Chun as well.  She tells him that she’s so disappointed in Mr. Chun; she heard how Seungwoon is accusing Soo Ah of killing Mr. Chun.  She tells Mr. Chun that if he doesn’t rectify the situation, she will not let Soo Ah return.

Seungwoon had left home to go check on Tiffany.  Areum asks if something is wrong as Seungwoon looks a bit tired.  Seungwoon tells her that it’s nothing.


Tiffany adorably plays with the pillow as Mr. Han arrives with a basket of fruit.  Seungwoon promises to look after Tiffany as Mr. Han and Areum check on Philip.  [Wow, in the beginning, Tiffany was so small! Now she can sit by herself?!]

In Philip’s room, Mr. Choi sternly instructs his son not to make such rash decisions in the future.  Philip notes that he didn’t make this decision lightly and asks about Tiffany.

Mr. Choi tells Philip to focus on himself now.


Mr. Han and Areum arrive.  Mr. Han apologizes for asking Philip at this point, but he asks them to reconsider the waiver of parental rights that Areum signed.  Mr. Choi responds that this is why he had reminded them to keep their promise.

Philip silently watches Areum as Mr. Choi shuts Mr. Han down.  Areum hugs her father and tells him that it’s fine; she will keep her promise.


A short interlude as we find out that Yoojin is pregnant.  Not sure why it’s important at this point since Songcheol seems to be resigned to Cheolgu and Yoojin’s marriage.


Back to the main plot, Seungwoon arrives back at home to find that Mr. Chun has also called Soo Ah.  Seungwoon threatens to leave when he sees Soo Ah.  In response, Mr. Chun hands over the letter and tells Seungwoon taht it was Mrs. Han’s last will.

Seungwoon reads it and notes that this can’t be the truth; his mother cannot have wished to die.  Mr. Chun explains that they couldn’t tell Seungwoon because he was too young.  However, the therapy was too hard.  As a result, Mrs. Chun had asked to die many times…Mrs. Chun had even tried overdosing.  Mr. Chun further notes that Mrs. Chun probably died of her own volition that day.


Finally, we find out the truth of that day.  Soo Ah had told Mrs. Chun that the nurse was coming to set up Mrs. Chun’s chemotherapy.  Soo Ah promised Mrs. Chun to stay next to her side and went to the grab some stuff off the table.  In the few moments that Soo Ah had turned her back, Mrs. Han had feebly pulled her mask off.  Turning around, Soo Ah rushed to Mrs. Chun’s side to beg her not to do this and tried to put the mask back on…However, it was too late. Mrs. Chun had died.  This was when Seungwoon had come in.

Soo Ah finally tells Seungwoon that she had always felt guilty for not successfully keeping Mrs. Chun from suiciding…


Mr. Chun apologizes for telling Seungwoon like this…he didn’t want Seungwoon to know that his mother had wanted to die.  Seungwoon stands up in shock and silently goes to his room, where he sobs.

In the living room, Mr. Chun also apologizes to Soo Ah.  He notes that he knew that Soo Ah was also burdened, but never really helped her.  Hearing these words, Soo Ah also starts crying.

At the hospital, Philip stops by Tiffany’s room.  He grabs Tiffany’s hand and smiles as Tiffany giggles.

Areum walks in slowly to see Philip looking over Tiffany and holding her hand…Tears also well up in her eyes as she stays silent watching.


At the Chun residence, the family eats silently until Seungho asks if he can speak.  Mr. Chun tells Seungho to speak whenever he wants.  Seungho complains that he doesn’t want his parents to fight again as grandmother’s house is uncomfortable.

Soo Ah suggests that Seungho tries a side dish.  Surprising everyone, Seungwoon tries it but doesn’t comment on the taste.  Mr. Chun awkwardly asks about Tiffany and Seungwoon replies that Tiffany is fine but leaving tomorrow.  Mr. Chun notes that Areum must be stressed.  He tells Seungwoon to keep Areum busy with work.  Soo Ah also tries to help and suggests that they get a baby soon after marriage to help Areum get over the loss faster.

Seungwoon gets up to leave and Soo Ah glares.


Areum and Seungwoon go shopping for Tiffany and Areum starts to cry when she asks the store attendant for a larger size as she might not be able to buy Tiffany shoes the next year.  When she comes home, Mrs. Han proposes that they run away with Tiffany and Areum answers that she wants to say goodbye to Tiffany without crying.


Meanwhile, the group discusses their schedule for traveling back to the United States. Mr. Choi asks about whether the two have decided on a place to stay.  Suzy responds that they want to stay for a bit at the Miami house.

Philip asks about Tiffany and Suzy responds that she found a nanny, who can take care of Tiffany as she stays with Mr. Choi.  Mr. Choi agrees that Philip and Suzy should spend some time together.

Philip seems changed after his near death experience and goes home to review Areum’s signed declaration giving up her parental rights.


At the Han residence, Mrs. Han and Areum wash Tiffany and the whole family comes out to see Tiffany go.  Mrs. Han hugs Tiffany and then cries that they need to run away with Tiffany…Mr. Han has to pull Tiffany out of her arms and give Tiffany to Areum, who walks away with her.


Areum manages to bring Tiffany to Philip’s place with a smile.  She explains that she packed everything Tiffany should need and even added clothes that are a size bigger.  She hands Tiffany over and asks Philip to show her Tiffany once more before he leaves the next day.


As Areum turns to leave, Philip calls her name and hands Tiffany back over.


Two characters stole this episode: Soo Ah and Philip.  First, I was surprised at Soo Ah’s back story.  So, she had actually not killed Mrs. Chun.  Rather, her hand WAS on the oxygen mask when Mrs. Chun died because she was trying to keep it on…However, due to her guilt…she probably started to wonder if she pulled it off… After all, I’m sure she considered it more than once and with Seungwoon’s accusations, it’s easy to self doubt.

I did appreciate how this didn’t make everything fine with Seungwoon right away.  He tried to be civil and agreed to try the side dish…However, it was not time yet for him to forgive Soo Ah for what he thought she had done all these years.  Also, Soo Ah’s suggestion that they have a baby as soon as possible probably rubbed Seungwoon the wrong way since he could think Soo Ah got pregnant with Seungho so that Mr. Chun could forget Mrs. Chun.  Either way, it was organic how Seungwoon is trying to be civil, but can’t.

Another character that I was surprised by was Philip.  He moved me more this episode than all of the other episodes even though he didn’t really talk.  I must applaud the writers for doing a good job in showing us a changed Philip without having him articulate it.

Love & Secret – E100

Quiet punches.  This drama is full of them.  Philip continues to stay comatose due to the stress of the surgery on his body and Areum starts to realize the price that she asked Philip to pay for Tiffany.  In the mean time, Nurse Min confirms to Seungwoon that Soo Ah killed his mother.


Nurse Min walks into Seungwoon’s office and calls out for Seungwoon.  Seungwoon stands up in surprise to see Nurse Min smiling at him.

At the same time, Soo Ah comes to ask if the guards saw the woman that she warned them about.  They tell her that no such woman had arrived and she leaves them.


Meanwhile,  Nurse Min comments on how much Seungwoon has grown. In return, Seungwoon asks if Nurse Min had stopped by his house the other day.  Nurse Min confirms that she came by and was kicked out by Soo Ah…She sighs that she’s a thorn in Soo Ah’s life as she saw something she shouldn’t have…She reminds Seungwoon that he saw it too…Soo Ah pulling the oxygen mask from his mother.

Seungwoon gets up and asks her if she saw it as well.  Nurse Min confirms just as Soo Ah charges in to ask what they are doing.  Nurse Min tells Soo Ah that they’re discussing how Soo Ah took off the oxygen mask.

Seungwoon yells at Soo Ah to leave his house and runs straight to his father’s office to tell him that Nurse Min confirmed his memories…Soo Ah killed his mother by taking off his mother’s oxygen mask.


Instead of the expected reaction, Mr. Chun yells at Seungwoon to leave immediately.  Mr. Chun even warns Seungwoon not to act on the words of a random crazy woman.


Meanwhile, Yoojin finds Songcheol pining over Haeban.  Songcheol scolds her for being too harsh on Haeban.  Songcheol further surprises Yoojin by commenting that he hasn’t really accomplished anything in life, but he has left a scar in Haeban’s heart and he doesn’t feel comfortable.

Yoojin flees Songcheol’s room in shock and tells Cheolgu that she doens’t believe her father.  Cheolgu muses that Songcheol must be lovesick and warns her that this could drive her father crazy.  Hearing this, Yoojin asks Cheolgu to find Haeban.


Sneaky Cheolgu calls Haeban to give her the heads up that Songcheol is going to come looking for her…and to come back home reluctantly.  Continuing this ridiculous subplot, Songcheol arrives at the sauna and grabs Haeban’s hand.  He tells her that he’s never going to let her go again.


In another part of the city, Mr. Chun drinks and thinks back on Seungwoon’s words…He then loses himself in his own memories…Mrs. Chun had begged him to let her die…she had cried that it was too hard…


Mr. Chun replied that she needed to think about her son and get better for him.  In response, Mrs. Chun had cried that she didn’t want Seungwoon to see her like this and it was too painful to wait to die…


Mr. Chun then thinks about when Seungwoon first declared that he was moving out because he didn’t want to live in the same house as the woman who killed his mother…

Finally, Mr. Chun goes home to Soo Ah and goes straight to bed.


In the morning, the nurse checks on Tiffany and notes that she’s completely recovered.  However, Areum walks out to see that there’s an issue and follows the doctors to Philip’s room, in which Philip’s heart had stopped.  The doctors bring Philip back, but barely…  Suzy cries to the doctor to tell her what is wrong with Philip.  The doctor explains that nothing went wrong during the surgery…However, due to his low blood pressure, his body is having difficulty recovering.

Areum walks into the room to apologize to Suzy.  Suzy doesn’t accept Areum’s apology and yells at Areum that this is all her fault.  She cries that if Philip does not wake up, she will never forgive her.


At the Han residence, the family discusses how they should fight Philip for custody of Areum.  Mr. Han sighs and tells the rest of the family that Philip hasn’t regained consciousness…They will see what they can do after he wakes up.

Mr. Han goes to check in on Mrs. Han and gets a call from Areum about Philip.  Hearing what had happened, Mrs. Han muses out loud that it might be better if Philip never wakes up…then they would not have to give up Tiffany.

Mr. Han takes in a breath in shock and tells her not to say such things or she will be punished by God.  Mrs. Han replies petulantly that if this is what it takes for Areum to live happily with Tiffany, she is willing to be punished.


At the hospital, Areum walks into Tiffany’s room to find Seungwoon playing with Tiffany.  She wonders if she made a mistake in asking Philip to undergo the surgery and Seungwoon reassures her that everything will be fine.  However, he gets a call from Nurse Min and has to leave.


Seungwoon meets with Nurse Min and updates her that Mr. Chun didn’t believe him.  She sighs that Soo Ah is too foxy… Nurse Min even hands over an envelope and explains that as soon as she met Soo Ah, Soo Ah gave her money.  She sighs that Soo Ah probably hoped to buy her silence.

Seungwoon goes into the kitchen and slams the envelope on the counter and confronts her.  Soo Ah responds that Nurse Min threatened her for the money first.

Seungwoon responds that if Soo Ah had a clear conscious, she would not have paid in the first place.  He tells Soo Ah to confess to his father or he will file a report with the police.


Mr. Chun arrives to overhear the last part and ask why Seungwoon is threatening to go to the police.  Seungwoon tells his father to ask Soo Ah.

Soo Ah tells Mr. Chun that she paid Nurse Min because Nurse Min threatened to defame her.  Mr. Chun yells at Soo Ah for making the acquaintance of such a low level woman in the first place and trying to pay Nurse Min off.


In response, Soo Ah yells that Mr. Chun should have believed her after all she did for him and Mrs. Chun.  She stalks to Seungho’s room and starts packing his stuff.  She tells Mr. Chun that she’s leaving the house as no one believes her.

At Songcheol’s place, Haeban had cooked the soup for Songcheol and the two note that they won’t play with each other’s hearts.  This awkward moment gets interrupted by Soo Ah and Seungho.

Back at the hospital, Philip’s father stays next to Philip until Suzy arrives.  She tells him to go and rest a bit as she will keep watch over Philip.


Meanwhile, Areum watches over Tiffany and her mind wanders to Philip.  Feeling bad, she goes back to Philip’s side and sighs to him.  She tells him to wake up as she knows that Philip sincerely loves Tiffany.  She thanks Philip for doing what she could not do for Tiffany.  She also confesses that she doesn’t regret meeting Philip; without Philip, she would not have Tiffany.  She cries that she was wrong for always pushing Philip away, when Philip is Tiffany’s father.  She repeats that he needs to wake up soon as Tiffany would also want this.

Unbeknownst to Areum, Philip sheds a tear.


Suzy arrives at this point to yell at Areum.  She shouts that she will make Areum’s and Tiffany’s lives miserable if Philip dies.  She yells at Areum to leave when Philip makes a noise.

Suzy falls to Philip’s side and cries for Philip to open his eyes.


Something is really off about Mr. Chun’s reaction.  The only way that his reaction would make sense is if he really loved Soo Ah and wanted to protect her.  Yet, his dismissive attitude toward Soo Ah doesn’t really support that theory.  Additionally, if he truly loved Soo Ah to the point where he would be willfully blind to the prospect that she killed Mrs. Chun, he would have not cut her out of his will or created a situation in which Soo Ah felt that she needed to protect Seungho’s future.

Overall, a good episode except for the time spent on the Songcheol x Haeban romance.  I’m sorry.  You cannot convince me about that relationship as it lacks chemistry or plot support.


Love & Secret – E99

Not an episode too soon, Tiffany finds her health.  In exchange, Philip doesn’t wake up from his coma and Areum has to wonder about whether she was too selfish in her pursuit of Tiffany’s health to really consider the health of her baby daddy.  At the same time, Nurse Min starts to put pressure on Soo Ah again.


While the surgery begins, Mr. Han prepares to join Areum at the hospital.  Sunhwa offers to go with him, but Mr. Han politely reassures her that it would be best not to overwhelm Areum as she waits for the conclusion of a 12 hour surgery.  When he finally gets Sunwha to back down, Mrs. Han comes out dressed and ready to accompany him and the whole family has to try to convince her that it’s best to wait at home.


Meanwhile, tensions are high in the waiting area as Suzy baits Areum and Seungwoon to relieve her own worries.  She blames Areum for forcing Philip to undergo the surgery.  Then, in the same breath, she insinuates that Seungwoon would have been happier had Philip just gone to the United States – they could have started a new family after all.  Wow… Just wow… I understand that she’s worried, but her words are so inconsiderate and rude.


Seungwoon falls for her bait and tries to explain that no one can force Philip to make a decision, but Areum is actually acting as the mature one.  She tells Seungwoon that there’s no point in responding.

The rising tensions get interrupted by the entrance of Mr. and Mrs. Han with Jinwoo.  I’m assuming Jinwoo came to help take Mrs. Han home if the wait ends up being too long.  With the reinforcements, Suzy slinks into a corner to wait.


As time goes by, Heungsu arrives to find Heung Min lacking an appetite at lunch.  He tries to get his son to eat up as they need energy to wait out the surgery, but Heung Min has decided to become a philosopher.  He tries asking his father what is the meaning of life when everyone has to die.  Heungsu wonders about the trauma that Heung Min must have experienced and replies that all answers will come when Heung Min eats…HAHAHAHA!  Even though his father answers in a serious tone, Heung Min continues his fast.


Cue surgery scene!  We get a lot of scissors being past, close ups of the patients, patting the sweat off of doctors, etc.  At the same time, the people waiting start to get anxious.  Suzy has to answer a call from Philip’s father with the update that the surgery has not completed within the expected time-frame.


Understandably, Mrs. Han also gets nervous and starts to worry that something went wrong.  The family starts to calm her down when the doctors finally exit!  The surgery was a success and both patients are fine.


Mr. and Mrs. Han tell Areum that she should rest now and thank Seungwoon for all of his efforts.  Areum also dismisses Seungwoon to go home and he ends up giving the family a ride home.


At this point, Secretary Jang checks in with Mr. Chun, who is human enough to ask about how the surgery went with Tiffany.  He seems relieved to hear that it was a success, but hides his caring side by grumping that Seungwoon should have come straight to the company after the surgery concluded.

At the Chun residence, Soo Ah sits as a nervous wreck and wonders why Nurse Min has been quiet.  It seems that Nurse Min’s question about what Seungho would think about his mother, once he found out, agitates her conscience the most… She ends up berating Seungho unreasonably for letting Nurse Min into the house and believing her to be Soo Ah’s friend.

Seungho tries to explain that Nurse Min stated that she knew both Soo Ah and Seungwoon.  Right at this moment, Seungwoon comes in and asks the two of them what they are talking about.


Seungho tells him about Nurse Min’s visit and Soo Ah plays it off as a friend, who had stopped by to ask Soo Ah for money.  Seungwoon’s eyes narrow with suspicion, but he pretends to accept her explanation.  Barely escaping that close call, Soo Ah goes in to brood within her room.


Meanwhile, Nurse Min drowns her own sorrows at a bar.  She gets a call from her gambling and worthless husband, which she hangs up on after yelling at him that she doesn’t have money…Finding her bottle empty, she orders more alcohol.


The next morning, Seungwoon arrives to check on Areum and Tiffany.  Areum seems calm, but she confesses that she’s worried…She believed that a successful surgery would solve everything, but now she cannot help herself from worrying about giving Tiffany to Philip.  Seungwoon consoles her with the promise that he will try talking to Philip, once Philip regains consciousness.

Unaware of the arrangement, Mrs. Han happily tells Sunhwa about her plans to spend time with Tiffany once Tiffany gets out of the hospital as Sunhwa prepares food for Areum and Seungwoon.  She then goes in to pick up Mr. Han.


Unfortunately, Philip seems to have had a more difficult time with the surgery.  Suzy watches anxiously as the doctor checks Philip’s condition and tells her that all they can do is wait.  Philip’s father angrily tells the doctor that the hospital knew of Philip’s history of low blood pressure and the risks that the low blood pressure meant for surgery; he threatens to sue the hospital if Philip doesn’t wake up.


As misery loves company, Suzy and Mr. Choi decide to check on Tiffany’s condition.  They find Mr. and Mrs. Han in the room, who update them about Tiffany’s fast recovery.  When asked about Philip, Mr. Choi explains in a clipped voice that Philip has not yet awakened.  He comments that this was the scenario about which he was worried.  Not finished, he adds that Areum better keep her end of the agreement since Philip risked everything to take Tiffany.  Hearing that Areum signed away her parental rights, Mrs. Han falters in shock.


On our less serious front, Cheolgu runs into Haeban on the street and advises her to spend just a little more time at the jjimjilbang. She responds that she’s tired of eating boiled eggs and living at the jjimjilbang.  To appease her, Cheolgu gives her a copy of her new album and reassures her that he’s spreading copies out far and wide, so she only needs to wait.  He also tells her that it’s best to get the guy pining after you than being available.

True to his words, and kind of randomly/unbelievably, Songcheol looks at a copy of Haeban’s cd and wonders where she is.  Smelling soup, he thinks it’s Haeban only to find Yoojin cooking ramen.  He walks away dejectedly.


Now that Tiffany’s no longer in danger, Soo Ah’s arc is coming back into the limelight.  Soo Ah gets a call from Nurse Min, who tells her that she’s in the company’s lobby.  Nurse Min warns Soo Ah that her goals have changed and she’s waiting to see Seungwoon.


Immediately, Soo Ah calls the security desk to detain any middle aged women who enter the company.  The security guards do, but fortunately for Nurse Min, they get distracted by a different middle aged woman.  As a result, Nurse Min successfully runs in to Seungwoon.


I have to admit that I felt sorry for Suzy and Mr. Choi.  As annoying as Philip was when he faltered before undergoing the surgery for Tiffany, it’s a different matter if he doesn’t wake up from said surgery.  I don’t believe for a second that the writers will kill him off completely.  That would provide some tension as we could try for the emotionally torn Areum arc.  However, I don’t think that arc will be as convincing because for Areum to give up Seungwoon and devote her life in penance for Philip, many other factors would have to be in play.  Mr. Choi should not be so satisfied with Suzy, such that he’d take Areum as the mommy of Tiffany…Shed have to have lingering feelings for Philip enough that she might mistake such feelings (with guilt) to be love or something.  So summarize, Philip will probably wake up soon and, while I did feel sorry for Suzy and Mr. Choi, not really.

On a more interesting note, I don’t think Nurse Min will tell Seungwoon that she saw everything.  Rather, I think she’s going to pretend that she doesn’t remember.  She still has to take care of her family and that means getting money out of Soo Ah.  It’s doubtful that she’d get money out of Seungwoon or Mr. Chun.  Hence, she’s got to keep Soo Ah alive (or in this case in the relationship with Mr. Chun) as long as necessary to take care of her family.  Let’s see where this arc goes, as I see some promise.

Finally, I am not convinced about the Songcheol and Haeban pairing.  This one is just weird and it’s not reasonable that Songcheol would fall for Haeban just because she left the house.  Hopefully, this sub-arc gets dropped.

Love & Secret – E98

Well all priorities are revealed in this episode.  Philip bargains with his own daughter’s life…Areum actually thinks about the decision far longer than she should…Suzy confesses to Philip again that she doesn’t need anything but him.


Philip gives Areum his ultimatum that he can do the surgery, but he wants Tiffany in return.  He tells her that he won’t be able to wait long and leaves Areum falling back into her seat.


Meanwhile, Mr. Han rushes over to the hospital in tears when he meets Seungwoon.  Mr. Han wants to contact Philip again, but Seungwoon tells him that it’s no use…Philip has already gone to the United States.

When Mr. Han and Seungwoon come back into the hospital, Areum tells her father that Tiffany has lost conscienceless.  Mr. Han replies that they need to ask Philip for help…he’s willing to beg Philip as they need to think about Tiffany first.  Areum replies that she will contact Philip.


At the same time, Suzy calls Philip to yell at him for making his father worry.  Philip returns to his father’s hotel room to let his father know about his ultimatum.  Philip’s father’s first concern is about his son’s health; he says that he doesn’t care about Tiffany if something happens to Philip.  Philip responds that this is the best choice for him as he cannot just stand around doing nothing.


At the Han residence, the whole family waits on pins and needles since Mr. Han is not answering his phone.  Mrs. Han decides to barge the hospital when Mr. Han returns to let everyone know that Areum can no longer breathe by herself without the assistance of a machine.


Everyone agrees that Philip needs to step in at this time and Mr. Han informs them that Philip has already returned to the United States.  Mrs. Han freaks out when she hears this as a father can’t just leave his daughter like this.  Mr. Han and Jinwoo have to calm Mrs. Han down as she’s lost it emotionally.


Another comedic interlude occurs as Cheolgu fans the flames of Songcheol’s worry since Haeban has still not returned and is not picking up her phone.  Songcheol snaps at Cheolgu before leaving.  When Songcheol leaves, Cheolgu calls Haeban to let her know that this tactic is working; she should hold out a little longer.


Soo Ah interrupts to see her mother and Cheolgu drives Soo Ah to the jjimjilbang that Haeban is staying at.  Soo Ah asks Haeban for more money…A smart woman, Haeban tells her daughter that she has no more money.  Soo Ah tries to ask for Haeban’s land and Haeban tells her that she lost the land in a failed investment.


At the company, Mr. Chun is angry that Seungwoon hasn’t returned to work and resolved the Haoren matter.  Secretary Jang explains that Tiffany has acute liver failure and Mr. Chun grumps that Seungwoon is still stuck on the child.


Meanwhile, Seungwoon returns to the hospital room to console Areum.  She tells him that Philip is still in Korea and explains Philip’s ultimatum.  She asks Seungwoon for his support no matter what she chooses.


When Seungwoon returns home, he immediately apologizes to his father.  Seungwoon promises to do better in the future.  However, his father only berates him for being so irresponsible.  Mr. Chun tells him that even when his wife died, he went on a business trip…he had to protect the company and the other employees’ livelihood.  He warns Seungwoon that he needs to deal with the rest of the Haoren matter on his own.

Areum continues to waste precious time by Tiffany’s side tearing up as I stuff myself with ice cream…Finally, she decides to meet with Philip and ask him the obvious.  She asks him to undergo the surgery.


Philip hands over the declaration giving up her parental rights…DURESS ANYONE? Like the family court in Korea would uphold the rights of a father who only promised to undergo surgery for his child, who couldn’t breathe on her own after his ex-wife signed a waiver…REALLY? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE EXPENSIVE LAWYER YOU HAVE ON RETAINER FOR TIMES LIKE THIS?!

Anyways, while I ranted, Areum signed the declaration and returned to the hospital room.  She cries to Seungwoon, who also cries with her … He promises that he will explain everything to Tiffany, if she ever comes back to ask her mother why she gave up.  HAS EVERYONE FORGOTTEN THE EXISTENCE OF THEIR LAWYERS?


Jinwoo interrupts the two crybabies, and Areum tells him to update the rest of the family that Philip agreed to undergo the surgery.

Meanwhile, Soo Ah is the only one, who is using her brain.  She calls people to see if she could borrow around $500,000 for a real estate investment.  Of course, dramaland is trying to be realistic here and she fails.


She gets a call from Nurse Min and meets up in a cafe.  Soo Ah tells Nurse Min that she hasn’t gotten the money yet.  The atmosphere gets intense as Soo Ah tries to threaten Nurse Min with the possibility of action against Nurse Min illegally threatening her to extort her.  In response, Nurse Min offers to go to the police because she has a witness on her side that Soo Ah killed Mrs. Chun.  Not backing down, Soo Ah brings out her phone and informs Nurse Min that she has been recording everything.  At this, Nurse Min grits out that Soo Ah better not regret her decision before leaving.


The Han residence is in a much better mood as the family members hear about Philip’s decision to undergo the surgery.  In contrast, Philip declares the same to his father, who seems more resigned than happy.  Suzy even tearfully asks Philip’s father to stop Philip.  However, Philip’s father decides to support his son and just tells him to stay alive.

Philip’s father asks Suzy to stay next to Philip throughout the surgery and Suzy agrees.  She also runs after Philip to tell him that she doesn’t care about the money or inheritance…She only cares about Philip.  She tells him she doesn’t know what she would do if something happened to him.


Philip pauses and tells Suzy warmly that she shouldn’t worry; he will be fine.


The next day, Areum and Seungwoon are told that the surgery will take 12 hours.  At the same time, Suzy asks her nurse to prioritize Philip if something happens.

Tiffany and Philip get wheeled in as the three people wait outside… Awww Tiffany in a hair net is adorable >____<


Okay, yes, it’s a drama.  But for all of the times that the drama had the main characters consult their freaking lawyers in the past 20 episodes, it was like everyone FORGOT about the lawyer’s existence…  I would think that using your daughter’s life as a bargaining chip would be more than enough for a judge to rule in favor of the other side winning custody…However, instead, we get some noble idiocy as Areum cries with Seungwoon about Tiffany hating her as a mother, who gave up her child.  Yep, was not really feeling that one.

Once we get over the fact that the characters all went into idiot-land in this episode, Areum and Philip both kind of sucked.  Philip bargained with his daughter’s life.  Case closed.  Jerk.  Meanwhile, Areum decides to actually worry about whether or not she should accept Philip’s conditions, when it’s clear that Philip is Tiffany’s only solution!  I was like WHAT THE HECK?  HEAL THE BABY AND THEN FIGHT ABOUT WHAT’S RIGHT OR WRONG.

The only person that seemed reasonable in this episode was Suzy.  I think her actions and words were really constant for her character – a woman, who really loves Philip.  In the early episodes, Philip told Jackie that he was attracted to and loved Areum, because she loved him whole-heartedly.  In this episode, Suzy shows that she loves Philip much more than he could even imagine, while Areum only cares about Tiffany.  I wonder if Suzy’s last words and behavior leading up to the surgery would not move Philip’s heart?

Love & Secret – E97

Areum continues to grow up even more as she learns that she’s not the only one suffering.  She and Seungwoon race to convince the next donee on the list to give up her spot for Tiffany only to find another child.  During all this, Philip decides to leave and Tiffany ends up with the worse case scenario of being unable to breathe.


Seungwoon interrupts Soo Ah and Nurse Min’s conversation.  Seeing Seungwoon, Soo Ah immediately promises to pay everything and pushes Nurse Min off with Seungwoon following.  However, when he turns the corner, Nurse Min has disappeared.


He demands to know if Nurse Min was here and Soo Ah pretends that it was just a friend of hers.  She tells him that he hasn’t seen Nurse Min in over ten years, so it would be easy for him to mistake her friend for Nurse Min.

Seungwoon returns to his apartment still brooding when Areum calls.  She found out the next person on the list for a liver donation…She asks Seungwoon to accompany her as she tries to convince the other patient to let Tiffany get the donation first.


Seungwoon pauses that it will be difficult to convince the other patient, but Areum complains that she cannot just not do anything.  Seungwoon agrees as Philip watches Areum from the door.  After overhearing everything, Philip just leaves.


At the same time, Jinwoo meets up with Jiwoo at the park and lets her know everything that is going on.  Jiwoo wants to race to the hospital, but Jinwoo tells her that it would be best to give Areum some space.  Instead, he asks her to take down the video of him singing that she posted online.

Jiwoo returns home to find Mr. Han staring at his phone … brooding about whether or not he should call Philip.  Jiwoo promises to check with his school to see if there is anything he can do to get Tiffany a donation faster.


Mr. Han returns to the master bedroom to find Mrs. Han refusing to eat.  She demands that they talk to Philip about donating part of his liver.  Mr. Han replies that Philip has been informed by the doctor as well.  If he has not already scheduled a surgery, it means that Philip isn’t planning to take the surgery…Mr. Han angrily notes that Philip doesn’t have a right to be Tiffany’s father.


Sunhwa takes Heung Min to eat dinner and tells him to stop crying…to think positive.


Meanwhile, Cheolgu walks out of Yoojin’s room because she’s not there.  In the living room, Songcheol confronts Cheolgu about the lie that Yoojin was pregnant.  Cheolgu responds that he wanted to take responsibility no matter what.  Songcheol comments that this is what Haeban was probably referring to when she warned him not to get angry at Cheolgu and Yoojin no matter what.

Hearing this, Cheolgu complains that Yoojin was too harsh on Haeban when she’s only trying to help.  He tells Songcheol that Yoojin told off Haeban regarding her crush and Haeban left home.  Worried, Songcheol calls Haeban, who decides to not pick up because she wants to pay “push and pull.”


At the same time, Mrs. Han sneaks out of her apartment to visit Philip.  She tells him that she heard that he was a match…but, that his father ordered that he not undergo the surgery.  She pleads with him that he’s Tiffany’s father…and he’s the only one that can help.

Philip gets up to show her out and Mrs. Han falls to her knees to beg him.  She begs over and over again to help since he’s the only one.

Suzy walks in to yell at Mrs. Han.  Mrs. Han looks surprised that Philip is already married, but continues to ask Philip to help Tiffany.


At the office, Secretary Jang runs into Mr. Chun’s office with bad news.  Haoren has gotten tired of waiting and wants to cancel their partnership.  They said that he have been waiting enough and are tired of waiting for new designs.  Mr. Chun yells at Secretary Jang to call Seungwoon until he picks up.


Areum and Seungwoon walk into the next patient on the list’s room only to find a small girl lying in the bed.  They stare at her until the girl’s mom comes in and asks if they need help…She’s been in the hospital for so long that she should be able to let them know the right path.

Seungwoon starts to answer, but Areum stops him.  She tells the mother that they accidentally came to the wrong room and they leave.


Seungwoon drives Areum back to the hospital before running back to the company.  Mr. Chun yells at him about the Haoren partnership and tells him to leave the company.  Seungwoon readily acquiesces and Mr. Chun seems even more angry at this.


One thing that they don’t have to worry about is Soo Ah.  She has to meet up with Nurse Min again to tell her that she’s preparing the money.  Soo Ah even notes that Nurse Min seems so flippant about her demand only for Nurse Min to calmly wonder how well Seungwoon has grown.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Han returns home to a worried husband and sister.  They yell at her for leaving without telling them, but Mrs. Han’s sincere words shut them both up.  She notes that she doesn’t know how long she will be lucid and if she can help Areum at all, she will do it.


Another worried woman goes on the attack.  At the hospital, Suzy yells at Areum for asking her mom to ask Philip to undergo the surgery.  Suzy tells her that she and Philip are planning to move back to the United States and she hopes that Areum will no longer get in the way.

Hearing that Philip is leaving the country, Areum grabs Suzy’s arm and begs her to save Tiffany.  Suzy just yells at Areum for even thinking that she would help convince Philip to undergo the surgery before leaving.

Afterwards, Areum leans on Seungwoon with the confession that she’s so scared about Tiffany’s future…


Suzy and Philip go to the airport with his father when Tiffany’s condition worsens.  Philip stays behind to take Areum’s call and ends up returning to the hospital.  When Philip doesn’t answer his phone, his father sighs that his son couldn’t throw away his child in the end.

Philip returns to the hospital to find Areum waiting outside the surgery room.  She tells him that things got worse and Tiffany couldn’t breathe.  She begs Philip to save Tiffany; she will do anything he wants.


Philip answers that he will have the surgery.  However, after the surgery, he’s taking Tiffany.


Maybe I am in a much more understanding mood today, but I don’t hate Suzy for her behavior.  She saw Tiffany as a cute child and started to bond with Tiffany.  However, if she had to choose, she loves Philip and not Tiffany.  Just because Tiffany is a baby doesn’t mean that one should love a stranger’s baby more than one’s own spouse or lover… After all, you choose to be with your spouse for the rest of your life.  You don’t get a choice with your child; as such, I do think you have a responsibility to love your partner forever.  I can’t fault Suzy for doing that as much as it sucks to think that she is turning her back from a baby.

I am pretty disappointed in Philip though.  Dude, this is your child and you actually go all the way to the airport to leave?! I think…I don’t even know what to say.  Time for some ice cream = _______ =

Love & Secret – E96

And Philip’s father loses his right to be a grandfather in my eyes…But, is it so wrong for someone to value their own child above their grandchild?  I can’t really make up my mind…Tiffany’s condition and lack of biological matches drive Seungwoon to kneel in front of Philip for help.  Meanwhile, Nurse Min waits for Seungwoon at the Chun residence after she’s irritated by Soo Ah’s hush money.


The doctor informs Areum and Seungwoon about how Philip is a match for Tiffany.  However, he notes that there is one worrisome issue…Philip had an issue with shock in the past.  Areum and Seungwoon ask if surgery is no longer an option and the doctor answers that it should be possible.

Next, the doctor calls and informs Philip that he is a mach to be a donor for his daughter.


Philip goes to tell his father.  His father asks if Philip actually wants to go through the surgery.  Suzy interrupts this to tell her father in law that Philip might go through shock in the middle of the surgery.  Philip tries to tell Suzy that he can’t just ignore his daughter…Philip’s father interrupts this and tells his son that he cares more about his son than his granddaughter…to sweeten the deal, he offers his company in the United States to Philip.


Meanwhile, Mr. Han asks Sunhwa why Mrs. Han seems to be so down.  Sunhwa confesses that Mrs. Han asked her to hospitalize her in the assisted care facility…In return, Mr. Han updates her about Tiffany’s situation.  This results in Sunhwa worrying about how Tiffany must be going through so much pain at such a young age…which is overheard by Mrs. Han.


Mrs. Han yells at her husband for hiding things from her.  She screams that she has a right to know what’s going on and she understands everything that she overheard.  The next thing we know, Mrs. Han is visiting her daughter at the hospital.  She hits Areum as she cries that she’s still Areum’s mother.

Mrs. Han asks Areum about whether Tiffany can survive with surgery.  Mrs. Han looks at her granddaughter and wonders how much pain she must be going through.


At the same time, Mr. Han and Seungwoon take a coffee break.  Mr. Han mentions that it might be best to reach out to Philip and Seungwoon replies that Philip should already know…he’s found as a match for Tiffany.  Seungwoon explains that since there is a risk of shock, they are waiting for Philip’s response as they also wait for a donor match from the donor registry.

A call from the donor registry interrupts this conversation.  Seungwoon calls Areum immediately and the two meet up with the representative.


At home, Philip ponders the whole situation.  Suzy interrupts to tell Philip that she has prepared tickets for this weekend and she doesn’t understand what Philip is worrying about…He can inherit his father’s whole company.  She even offers to adopt a child.

Philip yells back at her that it’s his daughter.  An adoption would not be the same.

Suzy tells Philip to think about everything rationally.  She spells it out for him; if he chooses Tiffany, he might lose everything regarding the inheritance.

Then Suzy goes to speak with her father in law to tell him that Philip asked to postpone the donoring.  Philip’s father tells Suzy that there shouldn’t be an issue.


Meanwhile, Areum and Seungwoon meet with the representative from the donor database.  He tells them that there is a way to get in front of the line if they contract with their company.  Seungwoon asks if everything is legal.  The representative pauses… and then the representative shows Areum and Seungwoon a pamphlet to support his claim that his company is completely legal as it has partnered up with this hospital.  Feeling that something is off, Seungwoon calls the hospital in the pamphlet only to find out that the person in front of them is a fraud.


Seungwoon drags Areum outside the cafe.  Areum yells at Seungwoon that she wants to go back and contract right away…the man promised that Tiffany would get an organ transplant!  Seungwoon tells her that this may be even more dangerous as it’s illegal.  He convinces her that this isn’t the right way.


At the same time, Mr. and Mrs. Han watch over Tiffany in the hospital room when Philip’s father drops by.  Mr. Choi tells the two that Philip will not be donating as there may be a danger if Philip goes under surgery.  He tells the two that he came to ask that they do not pressure Philip.

Mr. Han notes that he understands.  When Mr. Choi asks if they are looking into other donor options, Mr. Han answers that Areum is meeting up with such a donor facility that day.  At least, Mr. Choi seems reassured that there are other options.


Mr. Choi leaves to return back to his room.  Philip is waiting and hears that Areum has found another donor.  Mr. Choi tells his son that there is no reason to fight for custody anymore.  He instructs that Philip cancels his lawsuit and goes back to the United States immediately.


Meanwhile, Seungwoon and Areum return to let her parents know that the person that they met was someone who dealt with illegal organs.  Mrs. Han asks Areum to tell Philip…to ask him to help.


Comedic interlude ensues as Songcheol walks in on Yoojin sleeping.  He sees the cushion poking out of her sweater and wakes her up.  Finding out the truth, he starts hitting Cheolgu with the cushion.

Yoojin runs into Haeban’s room to demand to know why Haeban told Songcheol about her secret.  She tells Haeban off for liking her father before leaving.


At the company, Seungwoon realizes that he cannot focus on work and calls up Philip.  [THANK GOD Mr. Chun is still running the company.  How can Seungwoon only focus on Tiffany at a time like this?  What happen to the dozens of employees working for his company, when he doesn’t work?!]

Seungwoon meets with Philip in a cafe and kneels in front of his enemy.  He begs Philip to help and informs Philip that the donor was a fake…and illegal.  Philip tells Seungwoon that Seungwoon’s show of begging for Tiffany disgusts him and leaves.

Soo Ah goes shopping to relieve her stress when she gets a call from Nurse Min.  She decides to record the call… Nurse Min tells Soo Ah that $5,000.00 is not enough for her to keep a secret.  Soo Ah responds that there is no reason for her to give Nurse Min any more money and hangs up even though Nurse Min threatens to meet with Seungwoon and Mr. Chun.  Soo Ah then calls an attorney.


Meanwhile, Nurse Min visits Soo Ah’s home and tells Seungho that she came to drop off a basket of fruit.  Once she’s inside, she milks Seungho for information on whether Seungwoon still lives in the house.  She’s waiting in the livingroom for Seungwoon when Soo Ah comes back and drags Nurse Min out.


Soo Ah yells at Nurse Min that she’s crazy.  Nurse Min tells Soo Ah that all she wants is $500,000.  As the two fight, Seungwoon returns home and calls out to Nurse Min.


Looks like the writers are going to bring Soo Ah back into the limelight.  I am not going to complain as I think Soo Ah is just as moving as Philip in the evil character department.  She has a lot of layers.  At first, I was convinced that she was just petty and a gold digger…Then I began to feel sorry for her as a spurned woman…the casualty of Mr. Chun’s disregard.  However, now that we have more information that Soo Ah proactively contributed to the death of late Mrs. Chun, it’s a whole new level of complexity.

On one hand, I want to say that we don’t know what led to her decision.  Yes, in the end, she’s a murderer.  Yet, I want to know what kind of condition Soo Ah was living in…what kind of stress she was dealing with…Did Mr. Chun promise her anything or give her any false ideas?…Why was she spending most of her time in the hospital anyways as a secretary?  Shouldn’t she be focused on her company work?  Considering the fact that this drama had convinced me to think of Soo Ah in different ways in the past, I will withhold judgment until I find out more.

Nurse Min…Now, this is an interesting character.  At first blush, I wasn’t really annoyed at Nurse Min.  After all, she wasn’t the one that actually killed Mrs. Chun.  However, the more I think about it, the more I hate the fact that Nurse Min is trying to capitalize on Soo Ah’s secret.  It’s no the fact that she’s capitalizing on Soo Ah’s secret as much as she’s capitalizing on Seungwoon’s trauma of seeing his mother die.  If Soo Ah deserves a comeuppance so does Nurse Min.

Finally, I don’t have much to say about Philip.  I think the only humane result would be that Philip chooses Tiffany over his father’s offer of his company.  Otherwise, Philip has no right to being Tiffany’s father.

Love & Secret – E95

What happens when Philip’s paternal instincts are pitted against his love for money?  We’ll see soon as it turns out that no one is a match for Tiffany except for Philip.  To make matters complicated, Suzy and Philip’s father are adamant that he should not be Tiffany’s donor.


Philip drops his doll as Tiffany gets wheeled by and stops Areum to ask what is going on.  Areum struggles past him to join Tiffany.

Since Areum is not answering his questions, Philip goes to the doctor.  When he finds out that Tiffany may be in a life-threatening situation, Philip asks to take Tiffany to the United States.


The doctor answers that taking Tiffany on an airplane would kill her at this stage and instead asks Philip to see if he could be a donor.  Philip agrees and leaves.


When Philip comes out of the doctor’s office, he meets Suzy, who has overheard everything.  Suzy tells Philip that she hopes that he doesn’t become a match for Tiffany;  the surgery can be dangerous to the donor and she doesn’t understand why Philip is acting emotionally rather than logically.  Philip doesn’t bother explaining to Suzy that it’s natural…Rather, he tells her that he must have been mistaken because he thought Suzy could become a mother.


After telling his current wife off, Philip goes to rage against Areum.  He berates her for not keeping him in the loop about Tiffany and not asking him to test to see if he would be a suitable donor.  Areum just responds that she will fix Tiffany without his help, which Philip cuts off with the remark that she’s pretending to be more capable than she is… Sigh. Why can’t they just WORK TOGETHER? SHEESH.


Mr. Han and Jinwoo call Areum to ask if any of them were a match to find out the negative news.  Mr. Han makes the executive decision to ask Sunhwa’s family for help.  Sunhwa and Heungsu run right over as soon as they hear the news and offer to take the same donor test. >_< Omg, I’m tearing up by these two.

Heungsu actually speaks rationally.  He notes that they would be happy to take the test and volunteer as donors…However, he mentions that in the case that they aren’t a match, they should ask Philip… Sunhwa shuts him up and consoles Mr. Han that they will surely find a donor.


Meanwhile, Jinwoo takes Mrs. Han on a walk.  Seeing that Jinwoo is preoccupied, Mrs. Han asks if there is something happening to the family, which they are keeping from her.  Jinwoo denies it, but Mrs. Han knows that he’s lying.


At the same time, Soo Ah arranges to meet with Nurse Min to hand over the money that she received from her mother.  Soo Ah also orders that Nurse Min erase her contact information and promise never to contact her again.  After Soo Ah leaves, Nurse  Min counts the money and gets angry only to find $50,000.


Then at the company, Mr. Chun calls in Secretary Jang to ream into him about Seungwoon and Areum.  Mr. Chun asks if Secretary Jang is already choosing to be on Seungwoon’s side and Secretary Jang denies it.  Hearing this, Mr. Jang orders that Secretary Jang find out what Seungwoon is doing and report back.


At Songcheol’s office, Cheolgu gets excited about Haeban’s latest record.  Yet, Yoojin throws water on the excitement by demanding that Haeban rerecords the album with better technique.  Hearing that she has to spend the whole day rerecording, Haeban refuses to continue and leaves for her room.


Mr. Chun interrupts this discussion by stopping by for Haeban.  He tells Haeban that he came to bring her back home.  Mr. Chun asks if he has done anything to irritate her and Haeban denies it.  She explains that she’s doing this for her own reasons…Instead, she asks that Mr. Chun gives money directly to Soo Ah instead of her and Mr. Chun agrees.


Mr. Chun returns back home to tell Soo Ah that he failed.  He comments that it feels awkward that Haeban is not at home.  He also asks why Soo Ah asked her mother for money and Soo Ah pretends that she had to buy Seungho’s school supplies.  Mr. Chun hands over a credit card for her living expenses.


Meanwhile, Sunhwa and Heungsu worry about Tiffany in the room.  They compare it to the time that they were so worried that Heung Min got sick with the cold.  They promise each other to get tested.


Then Sunhwa accompanies Mrs. Han to the hospital for her treatment.  Sunhwa and Mrs. Han comments that Mrs. Han seems to be getting so much better.  Mrs. Han even asks if she will get cured eventually if she takes her medicine and the physical therapy.

However, the doctor asks to speak with Sunhwa separately.  It’s weird that she asks for privacy and then the nurse leaves the door open so that Mrs. Han can overhear everything. Ugh.  Mrs. Han overhears the doctor warn Sunhwa that it’s when the patient gets better that the family needs to be careful…Dementia patients might get better but then regress.


After the visit, Sunhwa asks Mrs. Han to eat outside for once.  Over food, Mrs. Han hands over the documents that would hospitalize her at an assisted care facility as her guardian.  Mrs. Han explains that she doesn’t want to impose on her family anymore, but Sunhwa just shakes her head.


At the hospital, Philip takes the donor exam while Areum sings to her sleeping baby.  TT_TT


Suzy keeps falling lower as she goes straight to Philip’s sick father to tell him about Tiffany’s need for a transplant.  I’m sure she expects Philip’s father to stop Philip…

When Philip comes in, his father confirms that Philip tested to see if he was a match.  Surprising me, Philip’s father turns the other eye to his only grandchild and orders Philip not to donate even if he’s a match…Rather, he tells Philip to pay everything necessary.

While blood relatives are preparing to not help, Seungwoon calls other international hospitals to ask if there is any way to raise Tiffany’s rank on the waiting list for a donation.  Secretary Jang overhears this and promises to take care of the company matters so that Seungwoon can help Tiffany.


Seungwoon goes to visit Tiffany again and Areum comes back in.  She confesses to Seungwoon that she feels guilty that she didn’t hand over Tiffany earlier…just like Philip alleged.  Seungwoon hugs her and tells her not to be confused.  She did everything that she could; they will be able to heal Tiffany.


Philip meets Seungwoon in the lobby with some stuff for Tiffany and snidely remarks that he’s pretending to be Tiffany’s father.  Seungwoon answers that Philip should take the exam first…He adds that Philip shouldn’t assume that he can have Tiffany without taking responsibility.


As Seungwoon walks back to Areum, a nurse recognizes him as Tiffany’s guardian.  She tells Seungwoon that a match was found.  Seungwoon runs straight to Areum to tell her the news and they run to the doctor together…to find out that Philip is a match.


Hmmmm…Curious…Very curious… I did not expect to be so interested in a subplot that focused on Philip’s decision to be so interesting to me.  Additionally, it was a surprise to find that Philip’s father would order Philip not to be Tiffany’s donor.  I thought after all of those scenes where Philip’s father was playing with Tiffany, he would berate Suzy for not thinking about the child.  But nope, starting to see why Philip has been harboring a grudge against his father this whole time…This man is cold.

Love & Secret – E94

Areum’s family members and Seungwoon all find out that they are not a match for Tiffany.  Meanwhile, Philip makes arrangements to bring Tiffany to the United States.


The doctor tells Areum and Seungwoon that he recommends that Tiffany get a liver transplant…Areum hyperventilates at this news and Seungwoon has to comfort her before calling Mr. Han.


Hearing the news, Mr. Han goes to tell Jinwoo as well.  Jinwoo confirms that this may be the best solution; he explains that most people live after such a transplant and agrees to get tested to see if he’s a match.

When Mr. Han walks out of Jinwoo’s room, Mrs. Han asks to visit Areum.  Mr. Han tells her that Areum’s busy because she took on the responsibility for another project.

Mrs. Han keeps asking and even offers to just visit by herself in a cab.  Feeling frustrated by all of the circumstances, Mr. Han yells at her that she would only hinder Areum if she goes and Mrs. Han walks back into her room like a hurt puppy.


Meanwhile, Philip meets with his attorney.  The attorney confirms that Philip’s position has gotten stronger because Areum has not kept Philip in the loop about Tiffany.  Encouraged, Philip asks about whether he can apply for custody and the attorney agrees that everyone would understand his reasons for requesting custody at a time like this.


However, Lady Fate is not on Suzy’s side today.  She suggests to Philip that they wait until Tiffany is better to take her from Areum; she explains that they don’t know what will happen if they take Tiffany and Tiffany needs a liver transplant.

Philip smirks that Suzy is showing her true colors now that Tiffany is sick.  Suzy responds that Philip shouldn’t feel high and mighty because he is conflating his obsession about his inheritance with fatherly concern for Tiffany.  She also warns him not to anger her as Philip’s father’s requirements included creating a happy family with her before leaving.


Seungwoon runs back into the office to ask about how everything is holding up.  Secretary Jang confirms that he was able to postpone the meeting with Haoren, but Mr. Chun is extremely irritated.  He also warns Seungwoon about his crooked tie and offers to bring him some clean clothes and underwear.


Seungwoon declines and goes to meet with his father.  Mr. Chun demands that Seungwoon bring in the new designer immediately.  Seungwoon answers that the designer is Areum, but she has some issues to resolve right now.  Mr. Chun just responds that Seungwoon better take care of this or be ready to take responsibility.


Meanwhile, Areum muses out loud that she wishes that she could be sick instead of Tiffany.  Jinwoo and Mr. Han check in on her.  Mr. Han consoles her that out of the three of them, one of them will likely be a match.  As they leave, they run into Seungwoon, who has decided to leave the company to Secretary Jang as he helps Areum…If you ask me, Secretary Jang needs a freaking promotion!


Mr. Han asks to speak with Seungwoon separately and apologizes to Seungwoon.  He explains that he would love to be selfish and encourage Seungwoon.  However, he doesn’t think this situation is right for Seungwoon.  He adds that he met Mr. Chun, who seems resolved against Philip.  He doesn’t think that it’s proper that Seungwoon has to fight Mr. Chun because of Areum.

Seungwoon responds that he resolved that he would protect Areum and Tiffany when he made his choice to marry Areum.  He tells Mr. Han that nothing has changed just because Tiffany is sick.

At the pizza place, Sunhwa tells her fellow employee that she’s moved in to her sister’s place to take care of her sister.  She also decides to go in early and calls Heung Min to tell him that she’s coming soon.


Mrs. Han comes out to tell Heung Min that she will make him ddeok-bok-ki.  He tells his aunt that he’s not hungry, but Mrs. Han insists on cooking.  However, when Mrs. Han picks up the knife to cut the onions, Heung Min quickly begs her to just put it down or he will get in trouble with his mom.  He explains that his mom told him not to let Mrs. Han touch anything dangerous.

Hearing Heung Min’s plea, Mrs. Han puts her knife down with a slightly sad expression.  Luckily, Mr. Han and Jinwoo’s appearance lets them move on.

Areum reads to Tiffany at night and in the morning hears that none of the family members or Seungwoon were found as a suitable match for Tiffany.  Areum sighs that she understands before leaving.


In the hospital hallways, Areum runs into Suzy.  Suzy decides to vent her frustration by telling Areum that Areum should have given Tiffany to them earlier.  She also confesses to Areum that she doesn’t have the confidence in raising an ill child.

Areum glares at Suzy and tells Suzy that she will not have to worry as Areum is not giving up Tiffany.


Suzy walks in to find Philip’s father has finished eating.  She tells Philip’s father that Tiffany has been hospitalized in this exact hospital.  Philip enters the room and interrupts, but Suzy continues insisting that Philip’s father has a right to know.  As a result, Philip agrees that Tiffany has acute liver issues but declares to his father that he has a plan.

Philip’s father tells him to contact the renown doctor in the United States.  Additionally, he assumes that Areum will give Tiffany to Philip as he instructs Philip to take Tiffany to the hospital in the United States.

Meanwhile, Haeban has a singing lesson with Songcheol.  Whenever Songcheol gets close to give her detailed instructions, Haeban shyly flirts.  Soo Ah interrupts these lessons.  Instead of asking how her mother is doing, she just asks her mother for money.


Haeban takes out one of her account books and tells her daughter that it’s her entire net worth. Soo Ah scoffs that it’s only $50,000.00, but takes it.  Haeban tells her daughter to take care of Seungho and Soo Ah just retorts that Haeban should return home if she’s so worried.

At the same time, Cheolgu tells Yoojin to be more careful around Haeban.  Yoojin angrily yells back that Songcheol should stop trying to add Haeban to their family.  She tells him that Cheolgu is a slave to money; he was convinced that Haeban is perfect after he found out that she has some money.  Cheolgu yells at her for not understanding him and Yoojin walks off.


Seungwoon goes back to the hospital after he hears that none of the family was found to be a match for Tiffany.  He reassures Areum that he will find a donor no matter what.


Philip tries his best as well.  He makes arrangements to have Tiffany transferred as she as she arrives in the United States.


The next morning, Philip walks in with a teddy bear only to see Tiffany crying as she’s rolled past.


I want to take all my raving about Suzy back.  It’s so cowardly of her to back out of the family just because Tiffany’s sick.  I’m not even sure what she’s so scared about…Tiffany’s hospital fees will be paid for by Philip or Philip’s father.  She hasn’t really been watching Tiffany 24/7, so likely she won’t have to stay at the hospital next to Tiffany’s bed 24/7 as well.  Nothing really changes other than the fact that Tiffany needs additional medical attention so why is she backing out so adamantly?

Other than Suzy showing a sudden cowardliness…Nothing much else to say about this episode.


Love & Secret – E93

Looks like life is distracting everyone.  Nurse Min continues to pressure Soo Ah.  Meanwhile, Philip’s side and Areum’s side face the fact that Tiffany has acute liver failure.


Finding blood in Tiffany’s diaper, Areum calls Seungwoon for help.  He rushes over to drive Areum to the hospital and they go to the emergency room.  At the emergency room, the doctor tells Areum that the test results from the last visit showed that Tiffany’s liver is abnormal.


They bring Tiffany in for additional tests as Seungwoon takes care of the paperwork.

When Seungwoon is registering Tiffany, Suzy sees him and follows to see Tiffany on the bed and runs to tell Philip.


Suzy wonders if something is really wrong and Philip snaps at her to be careful about what she says as words can become reality.  Suzy changes the topic to how wrong it is for Areum not to tell Philip about Tiffany being hospitalized.

At the same time, Soo Ah is lost in her memory of her meeting with Nurse Min.  Mr. Chun walks out to find her out of it and reminds her about breakfast.  The Chun family eats breakfast and Seungho worries about his grandmother.


Soo Ah tries to gloss over it as Haeban has gone to visit a friend. Seungho interrupts to say that he saw his grandmother’s letter and she’s left.  Mr. Chun worries that it’s because Seungwoon.  Seungho tells his father that it’s not because of Seungwoon, but rather because his grandmother has dementia.  Soo Ah tells her son that it’s not dementia, but Seungho doesn’t seem convinced.  In response, Mr. Chun tells Soo Ah to find her mother and bring her home.

Soo Ah tries to recommend that they send Seungwoon to China.  Mr. Chun answers that even if they send him to China, Seungwoon would return back to Areum.


Meanwhile, Heungsu and Heung Min fold laundry at the Han residence.  Mrs. Han walks out and gets uncomfortable to find everyone working.  She walks into the kitchen to find her sister washing the dishes.  Mrs. Han tries to fight for the dishes when they drop a cup and Sunhwa steps on the glass.

Sunhwa tells her husband that she dropped it on accident and goes to look for a bandaid, while Heungsu asks Mrs. Han to go rest as they clean up.  Mrs. Han looks on feeling useless.


At the same time, Seungho runs into Heung Min who tells him that his grandmother is at Songcheol’s house.  Heung Min also tells Seungho that he was wrong; Seungho’s grandmother is actually preparing to debut as a singer.


At Songcheol’s house, Haeban prepares a meal that everyone eats until Seungho drops by.  Haeban prepares her grandson rice cakes and tells him that she’s determined to stay and debut as a singer.


At the hospital, Seungwoon calls Secretary Jang to clear his schedule and postpone the meeting with Haoren.  The doctor arrives to tell Areum and Seungwoon that Tiffany has acute liver failure.  Areum asks the doctor if Tiffany will get better.  The doctor responds that he cannot guarantee anything at this point.  He tells her to watch over Tiffany for any changes and leaves as Areum falls to the ground calling.


Philip arrives just as Seungwoon leaves to find a dazed Areum.  He demands to know what is wrong with Tiffany and Areum tells him that it’s acute liver failure.  Shocked, Philip asks how Tiffany could have this illness when she’s less than a year old.  He orders that she hand Tiffany over because he will fix his child.


Next Philip goes to check in on his father, who asks about Tiffany.  Suzy tries to say that they were not able to contact Areum and Philip tells his father that Tiffany has a cold.  Therefore, they have asked Areum not to bring Tiffany over.


Outside the hospital room, Suzy asks about Tiffany.  Philip tells her that she might have acute liver failure and tells her to keep it from his father.  Philip tells her that he’s going to talk with his attorney again.

At the Han residence, Mr. Han worries about not being able to get in touch with Areum.  Getting Areum’s address from Jinwoo, Mr. Han decides to check on Areum.


When Mr. Han arrives, Seungwoon is packing things up for Areum.  Seungwoon explains how Areum is staying at his place and Mr. Han thanks him for taking care of Areum.  Then he asks about Areum and Tiffany, which leads to Mr. Han also rushing to the hospital to see Tiffany.  After seeing Areum and Tiffany, Mr. Han also begins to cry.


Meanwhile, Mr. Chun growls about the slow progress with the partnership with Haoren.  He orders that Secretary Jang rush Seungwoon along.


Soo Ah doesn’t have time to really worry about Seungoon as Nurse Min visits her at home.  Soo Ah tries to drag Nurse Min away and Nurse Min continues to act politely dense.  She tells Soo Ah that they can talk or she can go see Seungwoon.

Soo Ah asks how much Nurse Min needs and she responds that a small amount that expresses Soo Ah’s gratitude will be enough.  Seeing Mr. Chun’s car, Soo Ah drags her away and agrees to pay up.


Back in the house, Soo Ah finds out from Seungho that Haeban is at Songcheol’s.  Mr. Chun tells her to bring her mother back the next day.


The next morning, Seungwoon checks on Areum and tells her to sleep…Areum worries about the unfinished designs for Haeoren and Seungwoon tells her to focus on herself right now.  All of a sudden, Tiffany cries and they have to bring the doctor in.  The doctor takes a sample from Tiffany’s liver and Areum loses it at the sight of the needle and Tiffany’s crying.


Afterwards, the doctor tells Areum and Seungwoon that Tiffany needs a liver transplant as her condition can become serious.


Okay… I have nothing to say other than they better cure Tiffany.  I don’t care where they find the transplant, they just better get it.  I’m going to go eat something really sweet to erase this feeling.  = _ =