Unknown Woman 75

Yeo-Ri barely gets Bom back with the help of her family.

Woman Without a Name Episode 75

Evil Mooyeol takes Bom to the hospital. She asks him why they are there since she isn’t hurt. He lies that it’s just a routine checkup.

Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi race back to the city as Oliver goes to Enok’s shop to ask where Bom is. She confesses that Mooyeol took Bom so that Bom could see Gaya. Oliver tells Enok about the Kim and Koo family plans to use Bom as a donor for Gaya, which shocks Enok since she knows at a base level right from wrong.

Meanwhile, Secretary Kim tells Doyoung that Mihee seems to live in the United States. Doyoung instructs the secretary to continue his efforts at finding Mihee as Mihee might be a match for Gaya.

Secretary Kim answers that Gaya’s surgery is already scheduled for the next day. Doyoung realizes something is up and confronts Jiwon in the living room asking if she kidnapped Bom. Jiwon yells back that she did and would do worse to save Gaya.

Jiwon goes to the hospital and walks into the lobby in time to see Maryun and Kidong start searching. She calls Haejoo and tells Haejoo to leave with Bom since Maryun and Kidong are at the hospital.

Haejoo quickly rushes out and tells Mooyeol who picks up Bom. They run out of the hospital but not before they are spotted by Maryun. Maryun calls Yeo-Ri and updates her that Haejoo and Mooyeol are attempting to make a run for it.

The DRAMALAND rules smile on Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi in this case. Minutes after Yeo-Ri gets the call, their car arrives at the entrance where they see Mooyeol’s car leaving. Cue chase!

Do-Chi speeds up and cuts off Mooyeol’s car in the street forcing Mooyeol and Haejoo to skid to a stop. Yeo-Ri jumps out and grabs Bom as Maryun and Kidong also arrive.

Mooyeol and Haejoo aren’t ready to give Bom up without a fight and get out of the car. However, Do-Chi arrives first to block Mooyeol from Yeo-Ri and gives the piece of trash a satisfying punch!

Yeo-Ri asks Maryun and Kidong to take Bom into the car as Haejoo comes screaming for Bom. Yeo-Ri stops her and pulls the banshee away. Then, Yeo-Ri slaps Haejoo! Goodness gracious! What a satisfying scene!

Yeo-Ri screams at Haejoo asking if they tried to send Yeo-Ri abroad so they could used Bom just like the Koo family used Yeo-Ri purely for Haesung’s sake. Haejoo yells back that Yeo-Ri needs to step aside since Haejoo will do anything for Gaya. Yeo-Ri frowns and slaps Haejoo again! Ahahahahha! Yeo-Ri quietly tells Haejoo that Yeo-Ri won’t let the Koo’s use Yeo-Ri’s daughter like the Koo’s used Yeo-Ri.

Then sweet Do-Chi arrives and tells Yeo-Ri to go to Bom. When Yeo-Ri turns to leave, Haejoo freaks out grabbing Yeo-Ri. So, what does Do-Chi do? Betray Yeo-Ri in the name of crazy makjang family? Nope! He firmly grabs Haejoo and yells at her to stop being a freaking piece of trash under the excuse of being a mother.

When Yeo-Ri gets into the car, Do-Chi throws Haejoo’s arm away and leaves. Class.

They drive a little bit and Yeo-Ri declares that she has to do something. Maryun tells Yeo-Ri to take Bom to the airport. Maryun and Kidong will get Bom’s passport.

Maryun and Kidong then go to the Koo residence where they commence to repeatedly ring the bell and yell for entrance. No one is home expect for Doyoung and the housekeeper. So, he lets them in.

Doyoung demands to know what Maryun and Kidong are doing when they storm into the living room. Maryun screams at him that he is one to talk after kidnapping Bom in broad daylight again.

Kidong calls Maryun down by reminding her that they have a purpose. They rush up to Bom’s room and begin searching for Bom’s passport.

Doyoung follows and has the audacity to tell them that they are acting rudely. Maryun stops to scream some basic truths at him…like, he cannot talk about manners when they illegally made Bom dead in official documents and raised her solely to use her as a donor for Gaya. Yep. Doyoung’s response? It was all Jiwon’s idea and he isn’t part of that…just like how he’s not part of this current kidnapping attempt though he did not do anything to stop it. Maryun scoffs that since Doyoung is this useless and cowardly – only thinking about the family image – the family is a wreck.

Kidong finds the passport. The two turn to leave but Doyoung stops them asking where Bom is.

This gives time for Jiwon who just arrived at home to come upstairs. She says the same thing, which sets off Maryun. Maryun jumps and grabs Jiwon by her hair screaming that Jiwon is less than an animal for treating the girl that Jiwon raised for over a decade like a product. The husbands pull the two apart a little too soon for my tastes. And, Maryun and Kidong leave.

Then Haejoo and Mooyeol come home. So, Jiwon slaps Mooyeol in the face blaming him for losing Maya and not bringing Maya home to save Gaya.

Finally, Mr. All-I-Care-About-is-Image (because I have nothing else) yells at Jiwon to stop. He reminds Jiwon that it all started because Jiwon kidnapped Bom in the first place and lied about it. He asks how Jiwon could kidnap Bom again instead of begging Yeo-Ri as is right.

Jiwon screams back that this is ALL because she’s a mom! Mom’s ALWAYS protect their children and don’t teach them from right and wrong. Because, what is the use of raising adult children with values so that they don’t attack other people? Why, we would have no more makjang dramas!

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri and her family try to book the next flight out to Boston. However, the lady behind the counter sees Bom’s passport and makes a call. Suddenly goons in black walk toward them.

Kidong and Do-Chi hold off the first wave of goons so that Yeo-Ri can go get Bom in the bathroom. Maryun attacks the second wave and Yeo-Ri and Bom safely escape to an airport cab.

At the same time, Officer Oh comes to visit. He tells Jiwon that she cannot keep ignoring him when he’s holding Juwon alive. Jiwon is about to brush him off again when Haejoo gasps. She heard it all.


I knew that plotwise, Yeo-Ri could not escape with Bom. A daily drama does not have the budget to fly everyone out to the USA and film how Yeo-Ri and Bom come back to Korea…Yet, for a few minutes, I held my breath hoping that maybe Yeo-Ri can escape.

This drama did a great job making us invested in the characters’ lives. But, I must say that I am starting to tire of Jiwon’s one-dimensional character. Her attempts to defend her illogical thinking with “mother’s love” cures all wrong is so hilariously selfish that I cannot see this extreme behavior happening in real life or relate to it. Sure, there are the few people in real life who act like this. But, those are the truly selfish and uneducated people. They are so rare that you have to be truly unlucky to run into one or more. I wonder if giving Jiwon a little more depth wouldn’t have helped heighten the angst instead of making her the Mom-Does-All-Bad-For-Bad-Daughter character.

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Unknown Woman 74

A new development as Jiwon continues to plot to take Bom away again.

Woman Without a Name Episode 74 RECAP

Yeo-Ri gets a call from the main detective that investigated Yeo-Ri’s father’s case. He tells her that it’s unfortunate that she thinks that her father is dead.

Yeo-Ri has no idea what he’s taking about and the caller hangs up.

At the same time, Jiwon tells Mooyeol that they need to find another donor since the original match isn’t able to be contacted. He calls Enok and tells her to bring Yeolmae in for testing.

Later Gaya’s condition gets worse. Doctor Kim tells the family that they need to find a donor soon. Haejoo cries that they need to contact the marching donor and that she will go. But, Mooyeol and Jiwon keep her from leaving saying that she’s too weak. They promise to find the donor. They also tell Haejoo to keep this a secret from Yeo-Ri.

On Yeo-Ri’s side, Kidong calls Yeo-Ri to tell her that they hit a dead end with the anonymous caller. The phone was a burner.

Yeo-Ri broods about the weird call. She thinks about how Jiwon had already confessed that she had been at the scene of the Yeo-Ri’s father’s accident but the police officer in charge denied it.

Haejoo finds out that Enok and Yeolmae both don’t match Gaya. She asks Doctor Kim about reaching out to the original matching donor. He tells her about how they cannot get into touch with that donor.

So, Haejoo runs home to throw a fit. She demands that they bring Maya back immediately. Doyoung offers to go beg Yeo-Ri. However, Jiwon snaps at him to stay out of it. Yeo-Ri would not help them after all that happened…there is no point in asking.


On the side, Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi start to search for police officer Oh. Officer Oh, however, has moved and is threatening Jiwon about telling Yeo-Ri the truth about how her father is not dead.

Jiwon goes out to meet him. She yells at him for using unbelievable threats against her. After all, he would go to jail for hiding Jooho.

Yeo-Ri calls at that moment to the main police investigator aka Officer Oh. Suddenly, Jiwon realizes the gravity of the threat and takes the cell phone.

Jiwon goes home and finds Mooyeol and Haejoo fighting. Mooyeol wants Haejoo to go to a fashion convention in New York to help with the competition against Do-Chi. However, Haejoo doesn’t care anything since Gaya is sick. Jiwon pauses and then tells the two to send Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi. Then, they can bring Maya back.

The next day, Jiwon pretends to be friendly in the morning as Do-Chi leaves. She tells him that they are a family and should stop this infighting. She offers grabbing a meal all together to forget the past.

Do-Chi smirks. He tells her that it’s funny since the old proverb is that the victim can sleep well but the evil-doer usually cannot sleep with a guilty conscience…Yet, Jiwon seems to live so easily. He sighs and tells her bluntly that logically, the victim is the one who forgives. The aggressor? Yeah, the aggressor has no right to bring up forgiveness. Go! Go! Do-Chi!!!! Yes, someone tell the evil idiots the basic tenets of human decency!

Then at work, Haejoo brings the proposal to send Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri to New York. Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi are suspicious that Haejoo would send them. Haejoo lies that it was up to an internal vote and Yeo-Ri was picked by the employees for being the winner of the competition.

Meanwhile, Mooyeol goes back to being Jiwon’s dog. He visits Enok’s store and lies that Gaya is at an English camp. Since Gaya and Maya are not used to being separated, he wondered if Enok could suggest to Yeo-Ri that they send Maya to the same camp. Enok happily agrees and meets with Yeo-Ri to ask.

Yeo-Ri agrees to think about it. She goes to the chicken shop where Bom is also moody because she misses Gaya. Yeo-Ri sighs and decides to send Bom to see Gaya.

Yeo-Ri drops Bom off with Enok to take to the English camp and leaves for the airport. Then, Mooyeol arrives to take Bom.

At the same time, Oliver drops by Maryun’s place with watermelon to share. Kidong tells Oliver that Oliver missed Yeo-Ri and Bom as one went to New York and Bom went to visit Gaya at the camp.

Oliver pauses. He remembers overhearing Enok and Mooyeol discuss how Gaya was severely ill. He would be in a hospital not a camp.

The group realizes that this was all a trap and quickly calls Yeo-Ri. Yeo-Ri is just about to go through security when she picks up and hears about the fact that there is no English camp.


Confirmation that Yeo-Ri’s father is alive! Wait! What?!

I did not expect this twist. Then again, it’s understandable that we need some kind of miraculous plot device to let the characters know that Jiwon is Yeo-Ri’s biological mother. I am curious as to how the revelation and reaction will play out. In the 70+ episodes, Jiwon is never known mentioning her daughter or missing the child. Therefore, it could be a bit fake if suddenly Jiwon becomes overcome with guilt for evilly ruining her own daughter’s life… The show also owes us an explanation on why Jiwon gave her daughter up for adoption in the first place and who is Yeo-Ri’s biological father!

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Unknown Woman 73

Yeo-Ri seems to hit a lucky break when Jiwon agrees to have Mooyeol transfer custody.

Woman Without a Name Episode 73 RECAP

The episode begins with Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri walking the reluctant Mooyeol to the elevator. As they are waiting for the elevator, Mooyeol gets a text from Haejoo saying that they found another donor for Gaya. When the elevator opens, Mooyeol makes a break for it.

Mooyeol rushes to the hospital and meets with Haejoo and Jiwon. Mooyeol tells them about running off without giving up custody since they don’t need to use Maya as a donor now that another match is found.

However, Jiwon and Haejoo tear into Mooyeol for running away and breaking the deal with Yeo-Ri. Haejoo asks what would happen if Yeo-Ri goes to the press about Jiwon adopting Yeo-Ri and Maya just to use them as donors. She tells Mooyeol to stop obsessing about Maya and let her go.

Jiwon then goes back to check on Doyoung. He asks her if something happened to Gaya since everyone looks so serious. Jiwon tells him how Gaya is sick like Haesung. She also adds that there is a bone marrow back but asks what Doyoung would have done if there was no match.

Doyoung cannot answer. Jiwon sniffs that this is why she has been acting the way she has…to prepare for all possible alternatives.

Jiwon then goes to stare at Gaya. Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri find her there and they go outside to discuss. Yeo-Ri demands to know where Mooyeol is. Jiwon pretends not to know.

Do-Chi decides to go about this differently. They have the secretary call Mooyeol back into the office for an emergency. Then they grab him before he runs again. However, by the time that they get to the courthouse, the court is closed.

Enok feels nervous and goes to Mooyeol’s house. Mooyeol tells her the truth that Gaya is sick and to keep it from Yeo-Ri.

The next morning the two pieces of evil idiots attack each other. Mooyeol demands to know how Haejoo can be so cold to Maya when she raised her for nine years. Haejoo sniffs back that Gaya is sick and Maya chose to leave them. As long as there is another match, she doesn’t need Maya.

Then it’s time for people to go to work. Of course, Jiwon continues to show us how ignorant and selfish she is. She snaps at Do-Chi for not thanking her for the fact that Yeo-Ri gets custody over Maya. Do-Chi smirks and reminds her that Yeo-Ri and he are just letting her off easy and they are just unraveling all of the idiotic messes that she created. She should be quiet and thankful instead of demanding appreciation. Ahahaha! Love this scene! It’s always the evil idiot baddies that do the bare minimum to maybe fix the mess, which isn’t even what they promised in the first place and demand gratitude.

Haejoo decides to back Jiwon up. She yells at Do-Chi telling him to be respectful since all of the evil and makjang things Jiwon did was for her children….Because, doing evil and greedy actions that hurt others in the name of family is not evil, right? Ah, the illogical rationale of stupid baddies.

Jiwon goes to bring Doyoung home from the hospital. He’s still buttoning his shirt so she automatically goes to help. But, Doyoung pushes her away reminding her that they are only together for Haejoo, she shouldn’t expect their relationship to be the same.

Then, Jiwon gets a call from Doctor Kim. He tells her that they cannot contact the bone marrow match. They should move on to finding a new match.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri walks out with Do-Chi and Mooyeol. They have started the process to transfer custody.

Jiwon calls Mooyeol after Gaya has an episode. She tells him that they cannot give Maya over anymore since the donor match is untraceable.

Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi get ready to leave when she gets a call.


I wish I knew more about Korean law for this episode. I cannot tell if the process of transferring custody is one where after they file the papers, Mooyeol has the two months to change his mind and stop the process or not. I assume he does, which means Yeo-Ri had to legally fight for custody…At least the drama gave us a silver lining. If the evil Koo’s and Kim’s use Maya as a bone marrow donor, that establishes circumstantial evidence regarding Yeo-Ri’s allegations…Also, I am not sure if it looks worse that they do it without the biological mother’s consent. If the baddies don’t use Maya as a donor, none of them have a use for Maya except for the snake Mooyeol.

Final thought is that I love how the “family” is basically beating each other up and betraying one another. Despite their need to project an image, the fact is that by being so fake, they keep ruining their chance of happiness.

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Unknown Woman 72

Yeo-Ri fights back and gets Maya back.

Woman Without a Name Episode 72 RECAP

Yeo-Ri leaves Mooyeol to join Do-Chi and Maya. Then Mooyeol gets a call from Haejoo as the school called to let her know that Gaya was sick. He had fainted.

Mooyeol runs into the school nurse’s office. Gaya is sleeping and the nurse notes that Gaya had several nose bleeds recently. Mooyeol gets worried and carries Gaya to the hospital.

At the same time, Doyoung asks again if Jiwon really kidnapped Yeo-Ri’s child to use her as Gaya’s insurance. Jiwon confirms still unrepentant. Then Haejoo calls crying about Gaya being sick.

Dear mother dearest rushes over to the examination room. Doctor Kim has already finished the necessary exams and concluded that Gaya had the same illness as Haesung did.

Jiwon comforts Haejoo that they still have Maya. Then the two devils head over to Yeo-Ri’s house with police.

Fortunately, Maya is out with Do-Chi. But, Jiwon tells the police to arrest Yeo-Ri and Maryun for kidnapping. Yeo-Ri smiles that Jiwon must not have heard the latest news.

Cue Jiwon getting a call from news outlets. Yeo-Ri had contacted all of the major news agencies to tell them that she was going to have a teleconference about the WID Group’s immoral actions relating to her youth.

Jiwon turns to demand to know what this is all about. Yeo-Ri smiles that she’s going to tell everyone about how she was adopted just to be Haesung’s bone marrow donor. She will also reveal how Jiwon kidnapped Maya to do the same. The recording might not be enough evidence to win custody but it would be enough to enrage the public.

Yeo-Ri smiles and tells the officers to arrest her after the live conference. She then walks out with Maryun…

Jiwon and Haejoo follow. Jiwon tells Yeo-Ri to discuss Maya’s custody with Jiwon before the conference. So, Yeo-Ri goes to a nearby cafe with Jiwon and Haejoo. Jiwon offers to give Yeo-Ri physical and legal custody over Maya if Yeo-Ri calls off the conference.

Haejoo interrupts about Gaya but Jiwon pulls Haejoo outside. Jiwon reminds Haejoo to stay silent. They can always fight for custody over Maya later. However, they must not let Yeo-Ri find out our Gaya or she will be fighting for her child…they have to lull her into a sense of calm.

Hence, the deal is made. Jiwon promises to make Mooyeol give up custody and Yeo-Ri calls off the conference. True to her words, Jiwon tells Mooyeol to give up custody so that they can stop Yeo-Ri from telling the public.

Things return to a false sense of calm and people go back to work the next day. Then, after lunch, Yeo-Ri goes to Mooyeol’s office with Do-Chi to go file his papers declaring that he would give up custody.

At the same time, Jiwon is told that the hospital found a bone marrow match for Gaya.


This was definitely a filler episode that just holds the place as the lull before the storm.

Nothing much to say. March on!

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Unknown Woman 71

The truth is out. Yeo-Ri finds out Jiwon’s ulterior motives.

Woman Without a Name Episode 71 RECAP

Unaware of the hurricane coming, the car ride home is gloomy. Maya stares outside the car even as Mooyeol asks her to be happy at home. He tells her to try to forget Yeo-Ri. Maya does not answer and Enok snaps that a child cannot forget even a pet, how is Maya supposed to forget her mother.

At the same time, Maryun holds Yeo-Ri at their house. Maryun reminds Yeo-Ri that she needs evidence. The Koo’s won’t confess to anything without evidence. And, confronting Jiwon would only lead to Jiwon trying to stash Maya away.

Mooyeol comes back to work and finds Haejoo in his office. She asks who Mihee Choi is. He, of course, lies because the Kims grew up on lies. Haejoo shows him the report and asks how he can lie that he does not know? Mooyeol tries to calm her down that Jiwon did not want Haejoo knowing as it would shock Haejoo.

Haejoo declares that she cannot trust his words. She rushes off with Mooyeol following since he loses the building if Jiwon finds out that Haejoo knows about Mihee.

Do-Chi visits Doyoung in the hospital. Doyoung asks if Do-Chi is still seeing Yeo-Ri. Doyoung explains that family becomes part of a CEO’s image…this kind of complicated family will only become a weakness for others to gossip about. Do-Chi answers that he cannot give up on Yeo-Ri or Maya just for image.

That evening, Yeo-Ri calls Enok to ask if Enok knows why Jiwon adopted Maya. Enok answers that she doesn’t know the reason other than the real Maya died.

Cue dramatic scene in the Koo residence. Haejoo charges in screaming for Jiwon at the top of her lungs. When Jiwon walks out asking what is wrong, Haejoo immediately asks who Mihee Choi is.

Jiwon pauses probably to figure out her lies. So, Haejoo continues to yell that Mihee Choi is her biological mother…Haejoo asks why Jiwon kept this from Haejoo and lied to her.

Jiwon lies that she only did it because she thinks of Haejoo as her real daughter. Haejoo does not want to hear it and runs upstairs to her room.

So, Haejoo is throwing a screaming fit because she found out that her biological mother might be alive. But, this calls for some major sob inducing background music as Jiwon screams through the door that Haejoo was Jiwon’s daughter just like Haejoo fell in love with Maya. Jiwon promises to give Haejoo some space and goes downstairs.

In the living room, she snaps at Mooyeol for being a failure at life and not keeping Haejoo in the dark. She also declares that she is no loner going to give Mooyeol the building.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri meets with Do-Chi in the hospital. She explains that she wants to confront Doctor Kim…She had been adopted as a living donor for Haesung and she believes that Jiwon brought in Maya as a living donor for Gaya. Unfortunately, the doctor is not in and they agree that they can come back in the morning.

The next morning, Haejoo is still pissed off about being lied to. She leaves without talking to Jiwon.

Meanwhile, Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri meet up with Director Kim in his office. They begin by showing him a video of Doctor Kim adding the anesthesia to Doyoung’s IV… Do-Chi offers to delete the video if Doctor Kim answers their questions honestly.

Yeo-Ri then asks if Doctor Kim knew that Maya is adopted and whether Maya was given a bone marrow test. Doctor Kim sighs that when the original Maya died, Jiwon brought a small child and asked for the bone marrow test against Gaya’s bone marrow. Mays’s barrow matched.

Yeo-Ri stumbles out with Do-Chi next to her. She sighs that Maya was just like her…adopted to be a living donor.

Then they see Jiwon walking to Doyoung’s room.

Jiwon storms into Doyoung’s room and yells at him for telling Haejoo about Haejoo’s biological daughter. Doyoung sighs that Haejoo had a right to know.

Jiwon frowns and yells that Doyoung cannot do this to her. She did so much for the family. She even brought home Yeo-Ri’s daughter so that Maya could be a donor if Gaya gets sick!

Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi walk into the room. Yeo-Ri asks how Jiwon could do this again. Jiwon denies it because lying is like breathing to her. But, Do-Chi tells Jiwon to stop lying as they have evidence from a witness. They play the recording of the doctor saying that shortly after Maya died, Jiwon came in with a child to test her bone marrow. The child was a match.

Yeo-Ri declares that she’s going to bring Bom home.

Jiwon then calls Mooyeol to stop Yeo-Ri from taking Maya no matter what…

Maya walks out after getting a call from Yeo-Ri telling Maya that Yeo-Ri will pick her up early from school. Except, Mooyeol arrives first. He lies to Maya that something came up and Yeo-Ri sent him to pick up Maya first.

Mooyeol begins to take Maya away when Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi arrives. Tired of this coward’s ridiculous antics, Do-Chi grabs Mooyeol by his collar demanding to know if Mooyeol is there as Jiwon’s dog to do her bidding.

Maya frowns seeing her father and grandfather fight. She cries for them to stop and Do-Chi pulls away growling that Mooyeol is lucky Maya is there.

Yeo-Ri asks Do-Chi to take Maya into the car. Then, she confronts Mooyeol asking if he was willing to sell off their daughter to Jiwon for money and a job. He, of course, denies it.


And, one of the final truths is out! Will the recording be enough for Yeo-Ri to keep physical custody over Maya? If family law is decided by a jury, I feel like Yeo-Ri would have a better chance at making her case than if her appeal were to be decided by a judge. Just the fact that that Jiwon had Maya’s bone marrow tested after Jiwon brought Maya home is circumstantial evidence. There is still a possibility that she had already decided to adopt Maya and out of caution, had Maya tested.

On the side, what is Doyoung going to do now? The strong pillar of the family clearly did not pay enough attention to his family letting this all fall apart. He cannot pretend that he’s a victim. His own actions and decisions over Haejoo’s marriage and Mooyeol’s employment allowed for all this to happen.

None of the Koo’s or the Kim’s are really innocent. At this point, they should stop digging in and start making things right.

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Unknown Woman 70

Haejoo finds out about Doyoung after another close encounter. Yeo-Ri finally realized after all of this why the Koos want Maya.

Woman Without a Name Episode 70 RECAP

As Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi enter into a race to Bom/ Maya, Haejoo confronts Doyoung about Mihee Choi in his office. She tells him to explain who the woman is and why he’s looking for her. Doyoung looks shocked and stutters that he wanted to tell in her a different way…He begins that Mihee is Haejoo’s biological but doesn’t finish the word mom before he grabs his neck and falls.

Jiwon is ordering Mooyeol to grab Maya when Jiwon gets the call that Doyoung fainted. They rush to the emergency room. Doyoung is getting an urgent surgery and Jiwon pretends that she had no idea.

While the surgery continues, Haejoo spots Yeo-Ri and declares that in the middle of her father getting life saving surgery, she must steal Bom. Yeo-Ri runs after Haejoo to stop her and even Jiwon tells Mooyeol to stop Haejoo. With Doyoung unconscious, she doesn’t think they have the manpower to watch and keep Maya.

So, Haejoo finally backs down after she’s told to stop by all of Yeo-Ri, Do-Chi and Mooyeol.

Then, Haejoo decides that she’s the most traumatized out of all of them because of her failed attempt to keep her adopted child Maya from Maya’s biological mother. She goes to rest.

Mooyeol takes this opportunity to tell Jiwon what he heard earlier. Doyoung had fallen just as he was explaining to Haejoo who Mihee Choi was. Jiwon tells Mooyeol to keep Haejoo from finding out the truth or risk losing his building. Since, Mooyeol doesn’t really work for anything but money, he readily agrees to betray Haejoo.

Then the kids get involved. Gaya is alone and bored.  He suddenly gets a nose bleed and calls Maya in hopes that she will come to check on him.  Maya agrees to ask her family.

Yeo-Ri decides to check on Gaya. He pulls out the tissue that he had in his nose and tells her that he’s fine. He only said he had a bloody nose to see Maya.  She puts Gaya to bed before Haejoo and Mooyeol come home.
Haejoo is furious to find out that Yeo-Ri is at their house.  She runs up immediately when she hears that Gaya is sick.  However, Gaya repeats that everything was a lie to see Maya.
Fortunately, the surgery was a success and the younger generation check in on Doyoung the next day.  He tells Do-Chi and Haejoo to launch a new brand.  This brand launch will be the test that shows the rest of the shareholders that they have the ability to succeed him.
Next, Haejoo explains to her team that they are having a competition between Haejoo and Do-Chi.  Yeo-Ri and Yeolmae will be on the same team with Do-Chi while the rest of the employees will be with Haejoo. Haejoo pulls Yeolmae aside later and orders Yeolmae to spy on Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi.
That day is also the day that Mooyeol is taking Maya home.  Yeo-Ri shows up when school is out.  She takes Maya aside and explains that they have to live apart for a little bit because Gaya missed her so much.
Maya tears up and asks if Yeo-Ri is now tired of her as well…Yeo-Ri denies that this is true. But Maya just continues to cry that she wants to be with Yeo-Ri… Yeo-Ri hugs Maya close and promises to call every day…
And, Mooyeol drives away with a crying Maya as Yeo-Ri sobs as well. Yeo-Ri declares that she will bring Maya back.
Back at the company, Haejoo asks for a report from Yeolmae.  Yeolmae looks around and remembers that she left it in Mooyeol’s office.  So, Haejoo goes to Mooyeol’s office to look for herself.  She finds the investigator’s report on Doyoung, which includes his legal family report… She sees that it states that Mihee Choi was Doyoung’s first wife.
As for Yeo-Ri, she broods in her room about Bom…Maryun comes in to comfort Yeo-Ri by telling her that they can fight for the appeal. The talk turns to Gaya and his sickness as well as the weak Koo family members… Suddenly, Yeo-Ri remembers how Jiwon adopted her to be a donor for Haesung.  She puts everything together and realizes that the Koos are focused on Bom because of Gaya.
Another fast paced episode that keeps the story going. I like how the story threw us a bone as Yeo-Ri lost the custody battle. The episode did not end before Yeo-Ri announced that she filed an appeal and Yeo-Ri realizes why the Koos are so obsessed.  Now, we have hope that Yeo-Ri and Company will find evidence that the Koos have an ulterior motive that allows them to bring Maya back.
Other than the story line, the acting is great as usual.  Surprisingly enough, I am still most impressed by Haejoo’s actress Choi Yoonso. Yeo-Ri’s actress, Oh Ji-Eun does a great job in acting the unlucky but fighting Yeo-Ri…but, there is something missing from her character… I almost feel like we have hit a rut? I have seen Ji-Eun cry and sob in so many episodes as well as get furious at the Koos… But that seems to be the gambit of everything that we can see? I know that it’s not Ji-Eun’s fault. That’s all that has been written for her character.  However, I would love to have an opportunity to see another aspect of Yeo-Ri.
Unknown Woman Episode 70 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Unknown Woman 69

Do-Chi protects Yeo-Ri as Jiwon starts scheming.

Woman Without a Name Episode 69 RECAP

Yeo-Ri answers solemnly that she cannot give up Do-Chi or Maya. Doyoung tries to give some stupid lie that this is better for Maya. If Yeo-Ri doesn’t give it up, Maya will get confused finding it that her biological mom is also her grandmother. As if the problem wouldn’t be resolved by telling Maya about how her mother stole her father from a pregnant fiancé and then the other grandmother kidnapped Maya? In other words Maya, your family is messed up.

Yeo-Ri refuses to answer and the meeting gets adjourned. She goes to find Do-Chi who is smiling lovingly at Bom at a nearby cafe. They take turns feeding each other ice cream until Maya spots Yeo-Ri. Yeo-Ri tells Do-Chi that Doyoung didn’t say anything material and suggests that they go home.

Meanwhile, Mooyeol walks out of the police station. Enok runs up to the doors but no one else is there. Mooyeol looks around and asks but Enok confirms that no one is waiting for him.

Mooyeol takes a bite of tofu as is customary for someone who was in prison to “wash away one’s sins” with the white tofu. Then Enok carefully brings up Maya’s custody. Mooyeol snaps at his mother for trying to bring up human values and storms off.

Yeo-Ri goes home and awkwardly explains to her parents that Doyoung only wanted to greet Yeo-Ri. Maryun picks up on the awkward aura and tells Do-Chi to go home.

After he leaves, Yeo-Ri tells her parents about the Sophie’s Choice that she was presented. Maryun snaps that Yeo-Ri should ignore it while Kidong sighs that he understands why Doyoung might have brought it up since the family tree is all messed up. Well, in DRAMAFEED’s opinion, they can fix the darn family tree by having Haejoo divorce Mooyeol. Then Maya just has her grandparents become her parents and her father is no longer below the grandparents on the theoretical family tree. Let the guilty parties make the sacrifice in fixing what they messed up!

The next morning, Jiwon goes to see Doyoung because she has the legal papers which would return the assets to his legal ownership. The office is empty and the secretary asks her to leave. Jiwon snaps back that she used to be the CEO and bullies the secretary into telling her that Doyoung is at the hospital.

Thanks to her bullying, Jiwon is outside the door in the hospital hallway when Doyoung walks out of his primary doctor’s office. She doesn’t grab their attention and overhears the doctor tell Doyoung to tell Doyoung’s family about his condition and schedule a surgery as soon as possible before the brain tumor gets worse.

Doyoung calls in Haejoo, Mooyeol, Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri into his office. He declares that he wants to see which of them is fit to take over the company since the times are changing and younger leadership might be better fit to fight against the changes. Even though everyone in the room tries to tell Doyoung that they don’t want to take over his position, Doyoung firmly tells Do-Chi and Haejoo to show everyone their management abilities so that no shareholder can protest the final decision.

Then, Doyoung dismisses everyone but Yeo-Ri.

In the hallway, Mooyeol and Haejoo raise their hackles at Do-Chi noting that the company had always been Haejoo’s inheritance. However, Do-Chi is more worried about Doyoung’s sudden decision when he recovered and is still young.

Haejoo sighs that Doyoung didn’t need to call in Yeo-Ri since Yeo-Ri would be gone soon. Do-Chi demands to know what Haejoo is alluding to.

Haejoo smirks that Do-Chi is the only one who doesn’t know that Doyoung told Yeo-Ri to choose between her daughter and him.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri tells Doyoung that she cannot give up either her child or Do-Chi. Suddenly, Do-Chi swoops in and pulls Yeo-Ri up. He tells her that she doesn’t have to listen to this ridiculousness and declares that he’s disappointed in his brother before storming out. Do-Chi to the rescue in the face of ridiculous family? Check! Check! Check!

Do-Chi pulls Yeo-Ri into his office and demands to know why she didn’t tell him sooner. Because, he would have jumped to her defense had he known it before! Swoon!

Yeo-Ri sighs that she didn’t want to break up the relationship between him and Doyoung when Doyoung had just woken up. After seeing how Do-Chi is always loving and protecting her, Yeo-Ri adds that she thought she would do anything for revenge but she couldn’t make the decision.

Jiwon hears from Haejoo about the competition and wonders if Doyoung is critical. She gives Doyoung the documents which changes the legal ownership of the house back to him. However, she lies that it would take longer to return the shares.

Next thing we know, the plot is swimming along. Mooyeol stops by Enok’s store and tells her not to worry as he’s going to both get a building and Maya. He adds that they don’t need to worry about Jiwon since Haejoo isn’t Jiwon’s biological daughter.

Time jump and Haejoo goes to have Doyoung review her proposal. She stops when Secretary Kim goes into Doyoung’s office. She is able to overhear Doyoung tell Secretary Kim to find Choi Mihee. But, Haejoo doesn’t hear that Mihee is her mother.

Unfortunately, the episode ends on a sad note. Yeo-Ri loses the custody hearing. Jiwon orders her driver bring Maya back. Yeo-Ri snaps back that she’s not giving up Bom. She is going to appeal.


What?! Did anyone expect Haejoo’s mother to still be alive? I didn’t… This plot twist raises a lot of questions. Why did Mihee leave the family? Why did she leave baby Haejoo?! Did a court really separate a newborn babe from her mother? If Mihee is alive, would she have any claims to Doyoung’s assets?

Another smooth episode in terms of the plot. However, the baddies remain sorely flat and existing just to move the plot along. I hope that Haejoo’s discovery of her biological mother will move along the arch that Jiwon finds out the victim of all her abuse is actually her real biological daughter. Then, the question will turn to whether Jiwon chooses her greed or her daughter.

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Unknown Woman 68

Jiwon squirms out of comeuppance and Doyoung falls back into Team Baddies.

Woman Without a Name Episode 68 RECAP

Jiwon gets taken to the police station in front of Haejoo’s eyes. She freaks out and repeatedly tells Yeo-Ri that Haejoo will sue Yeo-Ri for defamation. Then, Haejoo goes to support her mom.

Meanwhile, Jiwon continues to deny that she is guilty saying that a recording by the plaintiff cannot be evidence. When Haejoo arrives, Jiwon asks for Mooyeol.

The baddies’ dog rushes over at his master’s bidding. Jiwon asks for a moment to speak in private, which is granted. She then tells Mooyeol to take the fall for her. Since he’s the biological father, the kidnapping charges won’t hold and it would turn into a custody battle. The criminal charges would fall from major felony to misdemeanors with the right lawyers. Haejoo is there in the hallway and also urges Mooyeol to take the fall for her mother.

Faced with the two women who are just as selfish as himself and his mother, Mooyeol agrees as long as Jiwon promises to give him anything that he wants. They walk back into the main area and Mooyeol confesses that it was all him all along. This allows Jiwon to walk free to Yeo-Ri and Do-Choi’s horror… The police cannot do anything with Mooyeol stubbornly insisting that he’s the guilty party.

Haejoo takes Jiwon back to their house just as Doyoung comes home. Haejoo turns to her father who’s glaring at Jiwon and declares that he either lets Jiwon stay or lose both of them right then and there. So, Doyoung backs down and lets Jiwon come back into the house though she has to sleep in the study.

That night, Doyoung drinks by himself in the kitchen brooding about his diagnosis and the state of his messed up family. Do-Chi comes in to console Doyoung. Doyoung asks if Do-Chi doesn’t hate Doyoung. Do-Chi answers that seeing Doyoung almost dead made Do-Chi realize how much Do-Chi had been relying of Doyoung as Do-Chi’s replacement parents…He understands and forgives Doyoung for Doyoung’s actions in trying to cut Do-Chi from the company.

The morning after, Jiwon goes back to scheming. After breakfast, she follows Doyoung into his room to remind him that he still has an issue to resolve. He has to either cut Do-Chi off from the family or make him divorce Yeo-Ri. Otherwise, their family is too messed up with the grandfather and grandson becoming the legal step father and biological father, respectively.

Then Jiwon goes to visit Mooyeol. She tells him not to worry as she will attend the custody hearing as his representative and has already engaged attorneys to represent him in the current matter. She also tells him that she can no longer give him shares in WID Group because Doyoung demanded the shares be reverted under his name…but, she promises to give Mooyeol legal ownership of a building instead. This pleases Mooyeol.

However, when Jiwon is leaving the police station, she runs into Enok who makes a big public fuss about Jiwon’s evil antics. Jiwon responds by calling her secretary to physically pull Enok off. Then she tells Enok to stay quiet for Mooyeol’s sake.

Enok enters the station and cries after seeing her son in jail. Lady, he kindof deserves to be there for his own sins of attempted kidnapping of Maya. It’s not like he’s an innocent bystander. Not to mention that he is guilty of insider trading…

She cries about her son being jail. Mooyeol tells her to come down as Jiwon will pull him out and give him a building as well as being Maya back.

At the same time, the judge declares that he will postpone the final decision of custody over Maya until next week.

Jiwon goes home where Gaya is sobbing. He wants to see Maya… Haejoo had brought him home because he was crying all the time.

Jiwon promises to bring Maya home. Then she tells Haejoo to pack and get ready. Jiwon will bring Maya. So Haejoo can take Gaya and Maya abroad until the custody is decided. Great! Kidnapping again.

Meanwhile, Enok goes to Doyoung’s office. She quickly kneels and asks for help. She explains that her son is in prison and they are fighting for custody over Maya. She cries that it’s not just about Mooyeol… She thinks Yeo-Ri should raise Maya. Haejoo isn’t bad but what woman would raise the child of her husband’s ex-fiancé without having negative feelings?

Doyoung promises to figure it out.

On the side, Maryun has to go grocery shopping. She invites Maya to join but Maya refuses to do her homework. Maryun tells Maya not to open the door to anyone…

However, Jiwon arrives. She tells Maya through the intercom that Maryun told Jiwon to wait inside. Maya lets Jiwon inside and Jiwon asks why Maya hasn’t packed… Jiwon lies that Maryun agreed that Maya could go on a trip with her family.

Maya has no choice but to comply. As Jiwon drives away with Maya, Maryun returns because she forgot her wallet. Maryun sees the car and runs after it but it doesn’t stop.

Suddenly, Doyoung calls Jiwon and orders that she brings Maya in. He also calls Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri.

At the meeting, Do-Chi takes Maya outside. Doyoung then announces that Jiwon gives up on Maya. And, Yeo-Ri gives up Do-Chi. Or, Yeo-Ri can stay with Do-Chi but give up her daughter Bom.


Ok, Doyoung you filthy wretch! You just slid right back into Team Baddie. What? A mother is supposed to choose between her daughter and her husband? What kind of choice is this? Let’s add the layer that she wouldn’t have to make this choice if Haejoo had not stolen Mooyeol away from a pregnant and engaged Yeo-Ri in the first place! Regardless of how embarrassing their family situation is, if anyone should be making sacrifices to rectify it, it should be the original evil dolt!

As for a non-emotional reaction. Another episode where the plot did not slow down! I don’t feel like the drama is just throwing things at us to fill up the space either! So, kudos!

A lot of this organic conflict that keeps rising up is because the drama did a great job in building in intense problems from the beginning such as the heartfelt animosity between Jiwon/Haejoo and Yeo-Ri and Mooyeol’s cowardly selfish character. Even Doyoung’s actions do not seem too surprising because he has already shown by letting Haejoo marry Mooyeol after she stole the guy away from his pregnant fiancé that his morality is not as strong as his desire to uphold a facade of a decent family image… These subarcs pop up and the viewer isn’t surprised. Rather, you almost expect it.

On the side, I wonder how they are going to give depth to Mooyeol and Jiwon. While we have seen a little bit of dimension to Haejoo, she’s just kind of stupid. She reacts to situations as she sees them, really loving Maya and feeling hurt when Maya chooses Yeo-Ri, etc. However, Jiwon and Mooyeol just feel flat after 68 episodes. Evil. Selfish. Scheming. End.

Unknown Woman 67

No one is convinced by Jiwon’s show except for Haejoo. Yeo-Ri continues to fight for any chance of justice with Jiwon.

Woman Without a Name Episode 67 RECAP

Haejoo freaks out about her mother not picking up and keeps calling. Yeo-Ri picks up and tells Haejoo that Jiwon is unconscious.  She also notes that she called for an ambulance.

Haejoo and Mooyeol rush to the hospital.  They find Yeo-Ri standing in front of the emergency room.  She explains that there was a bottle of spilled anxiety pills.

Then the doctors come out. Jiwon is fine now.  They note that they are moving Jiwon to a regular room now that her condition is stable as they found Jiwon soon after she took the pills.

The nurse also hands Haejoo a letter…It was drafted in the form of a will. Jiwon states in the will that she hopes that her family will know that Jiwon did everything for the family.  She also declares that even after death, she will be proven innocent in the Maya situation.

Haejoo runs over to interrupt Doyoung in the middle of his meeting. She blames her father for everything and demands that Doyoung let Jiwon come back home.  If he doesn’t let Jiwon come back home, Haejoo declares that she will leave.

Haejoo storms out of the office and runs into Yeo-Ri in the hallway.  Haejoo demands that Yeo-Ri cancel the lawsuit against Jiwon about the kidnapping. Yeo-Ri sighs that the investigation will bring out the truth.

So, Haejoo then jumps to the conclusion that Yeo-Ri must have gone to threaten Jiwon.  Because, what else would baddies do? Yeo-Ri sighs again that Jiwon was the one who texted Yeo-Ri to visit.  Yeo-Ri will not drop her lawsuit.

Haejoo resorts to her normal act – trying to physically assault Yeo-Ri.  However, Do-Chi shows up. He gallantly stops Haejoo from hitting Yeo-Ri and tells her off for going the gangster uneducated route.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Jiwon wakes up to find Mooyeol in the office. He smirks that her act was a success. Haejoo was furious after finding out that Jiwon attempted suicide.  He smiles that Doyoung will probably come visit soon.

Suddenly, Doyoung arrives.  He tosses a copy of the divorce papers onto Jiwon’s bed.  He tells her to stop confusing Haejoo or he will tell Haejoo the truth.

Jiwon calmly asks Doyoung if he’s ready to lose half of his assets.  They have been married for over thirty years. Doyoung answers that he’s prepared to give her a part of it. Jiwon continues that she could sell her part of the assets to Maryun effectively making her the clear majority shareholder.  He needs her to protect his position.

Doyoung storms out.

Yeo-Ri goes home where Maya is drawing in her room. Maya drew her “family”, which included Haejoo, Mooyeol, Gaya and Yeo-Ri.  Maya explains that her parents are also her family. Yeo-Ri sighs and apologizes to Bom for making things so confusing.

At the same time, Haejoo continues to throw a tantrum at home.  After all, a grown woman near thirties who never did anything but live off of family money?  Why should she act maturely now?  Doyoung tries to calm her down but Haejoo continues that he needs to bring her mother home.  Doyoung walks back out of Haejoo’s room and pauses as his vision gets blurry and the scene moves.

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri stops by the police station where the officers want to stop the investigation.  They don’t have enough evidence to continue to prosecute Jiwon who continues to deny that she was involved. Yeo-Ri asks them to wait as she can bring a witness.

Yeo-Ri meets with Jiyoung at a cafe. She asks Jiyoung to testify to being paid to change the diagnosis.  Jiyoung refuses and stands up.  Yeo-Ri grabs on to her and asks again…Bom is back.

We turn back to the company where Haejoo continues to stress her father out about Jiwon. However, Doyoung is adamant that when Jiwon gets discharged, Jiwon can go live in the summer house.

Haejoo then rages at Yeo-Ri for living her life after Jiwon is hurt…Yeo-Ri sighs that this is just karma. Mic drops.

Yeo-Ri then gets a text that Jiyoung is going to the police station… Yeo-Ri goes to the hospital and asks Jiwon to come down to the station.  Jiwon refuses until a police officer comes in and tells Jiwon that she needs to come into the station for investigation.

Haejoo blames Yeo-Ri for all of this. The Koo family habits – create problems, lie and them blame others! Yeo-Ri doesn’t fall for it anymore.  She tells Haejoo to blame her own mother for her sins.

At the police station, Jiwon yells at everyone.  She demands to see the witness. She also yells at Yeo-Ri and the police officers.  However, Yeo-Ri and the officer stay silent.

It’s all because Jiyoung was sitting in the other room listening to Jiwon’s voice.  Then, Jiyoung walks into the room and stares at Jiwon.

At the same time, Doyoung gets what looks like a MRI done.  The doctor tells Doyoung that he has a cerebral tumor.  They need to surgically remove it quickly. Doyoung asks the doctor to keep it from Haejoo and Do-Chi until Doyoung can fix things.

Back at the police station, Jiwon confidently walks out. The girl could not remember Jiwon’s voice to place it.  Jiwon sneers at Jiyoung laughing that she was not the one who sent money to Jiyoung for Jiyoung’s mother’s cancer treatment.

Yeo-Ri follows Jiwon to the car. But, Jiwon triumphantly snaps at Yeo-Ri that Jiwon won.  She states that the witness is too stupid to remember Jiwon’s voice. Now, Yeo-Ri has no evidence.

Jiwon drives off and Yeo-Ri replays the recording of Jiwon saying that Yeo-Ri has no evidence since the witness could not remember Jiwon’s voice. Jiyoung also runs over to say that it was Jiwon. After all, how could Jiwon know that Jiyoung was bribed with money to use for Jiyoung’s mother’s surgery? No one mentioned it today.

Cue Jiwon getting handcuffed in front of her house.



Finally! Episode 67! THANK YOU! I don’t care if later on Jiwon repents once she finds out that Yeo-Ri is her biological daughter. For now, we finally get the sweet sense of justice and satisfaction of seeing the baddie who refused to acknowledge or apologize for her actions getting forced disciplined in handcuffs! Hopefully, Jiwon won’t be able to worm her way out of this by blaming the victim again. I am REALLY tired of the baddies in this drama blaming the victims a la Jiwon blaming Yeo-Ri, Haejoo and Mooyeol blaming Yeo-Ri and Enok telling Maya that Maya was the one who misunderstood. Sheesh people, would it kill you to tell the truth and take responsibility?

Also, my second favorite scene after Jiwon getting cuffed has to be when Do-Chi shows up to stop Haejoo from abusing Yeo-Ri.  None of that it’s not an attack or abuse if my family member does it to my wife business here. Nope! If it’s an attack, it’s an attack and Do-Chi is going to protect his wife! Sad that I actually have to be happy to see such a thing in a Korean daily drama but keep it up folks! Let’s socially educate the males of Korean society who have not had good role models in their lives to teach them what it means to be a husband or at the very least a gentleman.

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Unknown Woman 66

Doyoung comes to Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri’s rescue.

Woman Without a Name Episode 66 RECAP

Do-Chi thinks back about all the weird things that have happened recently after hearing the indirect threat from Jiwon.  He realizes that the proposal for the Chinese factories was weird…And, there was the large deposit of money into Jjangu’s account.

They rush to the conference room but are stopped by security. Jiwon arrives with Haejoo and Mooyeol trailing like the minions that they are.  Jiwon smiles and notes that she does not see Maya, which was the only condition to stopping the teleconference.

Yeo-Ri snaps back that they would never give up Maya.

Jiwon and baddies enter the room while Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri are left outside. Jiwon immediately starts at the main point.  She announces that their company is for transparency.  She found out recently that Do-Chi created a slush fund through fake factories in China.  He then funneled money into his friend’s account.  As proof, she offers up the proposal that Do-Chi signed.

Suddenly, Doyoung shows up in his wheel chair all nicely dressed up in a suit.  He’s on Team Goodies now.  He stands up and smiles reassuringly at Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri.  Then, he walks into the conference room.

Doyoung silently walks up to the front of the room and announces that he is the CEO of WID Group.  He also adds that the money laundering accusation is false. He would put his own name and role on the line. Then he continues to announce that he wants to declare that Jiwon is falsifying evidence and will step down as interim CEO.

Jiwon tries to deny it.  But, Doyoung whispers back that he has evidence. Cue Secretary Kim walking in. Doyoung explains that he knows that Jiwon tasked Secretary Kim into framing Do-Chi.  Unless she wants to be embarrassed on television, she should stand down.

Meanwhile, Maryun picks up Maya from school.  However, she gets down since Gaya doesn’t like Maya going off to a different house.

Jiwon follows Doyoung into his office demanding to know why he wants to fire her.  All she has done is tried to protect his position from Do-Chi. She framed Do-Chi so that he can no longer scheme to take over Doyoung’s position.

Doyoung glares back saying that his memories have returned.  He knows that it wasn’t Do-Chi but Jiwon that has been behind all of the incidents.  Also, he knows that Jiwon has changed the legal ownership of all of Doyoung’s assets.

Haejoo is waiting outside with Mooyeol.  She hears the argument and runs in.  She explains that she was the one who made Jiwon Doyoung’s legal representative. How could Doyoung take Do-Chi’s side instead of her mother’s?

Doyoung tells Haejoo to stand down and out of this argument.  He also states that he’s going to divorce Jiwon as they had originally planned. Jiwon goes crazy throwing things around until she cuts her hand on some glass.

When Jiwon and Haejoo come home, they find all of Jiwon’s stuff packed and boxed in the living room. He tells her to leave immediately. Jiwon refuses and Haejoo yells on Jiwon’s side.

Haejoo declares like the selfish idiot that she is that she refuses to acknowledge the divorce. If Jiwon leaves, she will as well.

The next day, Jiwon goes into the police station for questioning about her kidnapping Bom and then falsifying evidence that Bom died.  She lies throughout the questioning.  Then she takes Haejoo’s call and pretends to be weak sniffling.  Because liars don’t fall easily.  They go down lying, acting and fighting tooth and nail.

Jiwon then calls Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi over for dinner.  Shes made a bunch of dishes and even plastered on an angelic smile on her face. She explains that she did everything for the family.  However, she will leave just as Doyoung wishes.

Jiwon leaves with Haejoo and Mooyeol following. Jiwon tells Haejoo not to fight Doyoung since that would only make Yeo-Ri’s life easier.

The next day, Yeo-Ri happily drops by Do-Chi’s office with some coffee. Is this time for some normal dating?

Suddenly Yeo-Ri gets a text from Jiwon.  She wants to meet at Seoul Hotel.

Do-Chi sees the text message and tells Yeo-Ri to go with him.  But, Do-Chi has a meeting…Yeo-Ri smiles that Jiwon won’t be able to do anything with everyone’s attention on her.

Yeo-Ri finds the hotel room door open.  She goes in and sees Jiwon unconscious on the floor with an open bottle of pills next to her.


Ah the old fake suicide attempt.  Why is it that stupid cowardly baddies always opt for the really flashy woe-is-me methods such as “attempted suicides’ but not really and leaving the country? Sorry but no sympathy here. Chances are that Jiwon took a couple sleeping pills after spilling the rest to make it seem like she attempted suicide.

On the side, did anyone else get surprised by Doyoung’s performance? I was all skeptical about his being able to jump onto Team Good. But when he suddenly showed up in a suit and walked up to the front of the teleconference? I was holding my breath despite myself wondering how he could save Do-Chi.

Then! He slams down his statement declaring that his wife lied and falsified evidence in front of the conference for all of the journalists! I felt my heart skip a beat and I knew that I would welcome Doyoung back into Team Good after that action alone. Divorcing Jiwon and kicking her out of the house were icing on top of the cupcake. But the real kicker was the fact that he didn’t pull any “family image is most important” bull shiz and called her out when it was necessary. Go Doyoung! You surprised me today by showing me that middle aged Korean actors can be freaking mushesuh cool!

Here’s to hoping that Jiwon’s latest stunt doesn’t move Doyoung back into Team Baddies.

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