Run, Jang-Mi – E52

Taeja officially introduces Jang-Mi to his family and Mrs. Hong begins to attack directly and openly.



Mrs. Hong demands that Jang-Mi leaves but CEO Hwang overrules her.  Everyone gets to sit down and Taeja explains that he loves Jang-Mi.  Mrs. Hong is irrational and unwilling to compromise.  She accuses Jang-Mi of purposefully lying to her about Jang-Mi’s relationship with Taeja.  Jang-Mi tries to explain but gets cut off.
Finally, CEO Hwang sighs that it would be best if Taeja and Jang-Mi leave for the day…Otherwise, the family might be more embarassed.  Teaja leaves with Jang-Mi.
Mrs. Hong goes to CEO Hwang first.  She asks him to leave the decision about Taeja’s wife to her.  But, CEO Hwang refuses and repeats that he promised to support Taeja.  He also notes that he knew Jang-Mi before Taeja knew her.  He finds Jang-Mi a great young child.  Stalemate.
Jang-Mi and Taeja also confer back at the rice cake shop.  Taeja is completely frustrated but Jang-Mi tries to tell him to keep his hope alive.
Minjoo drops by the Hwang residence and flames the fire of Mrs. Hong’s heart.  Minjoo tells Mrs. Hong that Mrs. Hong should understand Taeja as Jang-Mi seduced him.
Then Minjoo meets with Jang-Mi in a cafe to warn Jang-Mi to give up.  Minjoo tells Jang-Mi that Mrs. Hong would never approve and Jang-Mi should quietly give up on Taeja before Mrs. Hong becomes serious about hurting Jang-Mi.  Jang-Mi tells Minjoo to stay out of the relationship which is between Taeja and herself.
At the same time, Mincheol meets with Yuri.  She is ready to invest in Mincheol’s cosmetics side venture.  Mincheol gets caught off guard as Yuri is so enthusiastic and promises to a contract.  Yuri agrees that the contract is important.
Back at the Kang residence, Mr. Kang comes home after a makeover sporting a new hair style, new clothes, and new glasses.  Mrs. Choi is not satisfied at all but Mr. Kang insists that it makes him look younger and refuses to change back.
Then Mincheol comes home and dilutes the tension.  He wonders in amazement that Yuri is not bad at all…She’s willing to invest in his business.  So, basically money = good to Mincheol.
The next day, Taeja visits CEO Hwang.  CEO Hwang reams into Taeja for bringing Jang-Mi over to the house without announcing anything and making it a mess.  CEO Hwang sighs that Mrs. Hong would never approve of Jang-Mi if Taeja tries to force Mrs. Hong like this.  Taeja cries back that he had no other choice since Mrs. Hong already knew about Jang-Mi and only pretended not to know.
Mrs. Hong decides to take it out on Mrs. Na who had changed Taeja’s bedsheets.  Mrs. Hong snaps that Mrs. Na should not go into any room without a supervisor or another person.  Mrs. Na is hurt by Mrs. Hong’s sudden coldness. She asks Mrs. Hong why Mrs. Hong is being so rude when Mrs. Na already explained that everything was a misunderstanding.  Mrs. Hong snaps that the ring was found in Mrs. Na’s bag.
Mrs. Na goes to the other housekeeper and sighs that she needs the housekeeper to come with her into the other room for organizing.  When the housekeeper hears that Mrs. Hong was rude, the housekeeper tells Mrs. Na to understand that Mrs. Hong is in a mood because Taeja brought home a girl.
Mrs. Na realizes that it was Jang-Mi and cryptically tells Jang-Mi to do her best at night.  Basically, she gives Jang-Mi some cryptic proverbs about doing her best and the heavens will help her.
Taeja decides that he wants to try to convince his mother again.  He comes home only to find that Minjoo was with his mother.  He asks Minjoo when she comes out if Minjoo told his mother about the relationship and she denies it.
So, Taeja goes in to ask his mother to reconsider Jang-Mi.  Mrs. Hong is adamant.  She tells him that Jang-Mi does not belong in the same circle as them.  She tells Taeja to think about Jang-Mi…Even if Jang-Mi marries into this family, Mrs. Hong will make Jang-Mi’s life miserable.  Mrs. Hong also adds that Jang-Mi will also suffer by trying to be someone she is not.
Taeja realizes that his mother is not ready to consider Jang-Mi and agrees to leave for the night.  He leaves a handwritten letter on Mrs. Hong’s dresser.
After Taeja leaves, Mrs. Hong gets up and rips up the letter snarling that it must be Jang-Mi’s idea.
The next day, Mrs. Hong calls Minjoo and Jang-Mi out to a cafe.  There, Mrs. Hong tells Jang-Mi that Jang-Mi was wrong for telling Minjoo to stay out of the affairs…Minjoo has a right to interfere because Minjoo is the daughter-in-law that Mrs. Hong wanted.
Jang-Mi tries to promise Mrs. Hong that she will try her best.  But, Mrs. Hong just snaps that Jang-Mi does not have any manners for talking back to her elders.  She sniffs that it must be because Jang-Mi’s father passed away.
Jang-Mi bristles at this obvious attack and asks Mrs. Hong not to bring in her parents.  But, Mrs. Hong only smiles that she will need to tell Mrs. Na unless Jang-Mi agrees to give up.  Then she leaves with Minjoo trailing after smirking.
Jang-Mi returns to the shop but she finds herself unable to go in.  She turns around wiping her tears instead.  Coincidentally, Joonhyuk is in the area and sees Jang-Mi walking away from the shop while wiping her tears and calls Jang-Mi to invite her to a rice cake/pastry conference at a hotel.
After the conference, Joonhyuk also takes Jang-Mi to a nice bar for some drinks.  When Joonhyuk doesn’t say anything, Jang-Mi asks why he’s not really speaking.  Joonhyuk answers that he hoped that Jang-Mi could take the time to relax.
Jang-Mi smiles and confesses that Joonhyuk always seems to be around when bad things happen to her…It’s like he’s her daddy long legs.  Joonhyuk laughs that he’s nothing of the sort but he does have long legs.
Taeja’s worried call interrupts the mood and the two go home.
The next day, Taeja invites Jang-Mi on driving practice.  Off they go to the beach, with Taeja gripping the steering wheel for his dear life and driving within the speed limits.  This isn’t received well by the other Korean drivers who generally find speed limits a mere suggestion and one even yells at Taeja before passing by.
Succeeding in driving to the beach, Taeja brings flowers for his mother.  Except, he finds the remaining pieces of his letter on her dresser instead.  When Mrs. Hong walks into the room, the two end up shouting at each other with neither budging.  Taeja leaves without telling her about his driving capabilities.
Mrs. Hong decides that she needs to add pressure. She calls Jang-Mi and asks if Jang-Mi is willing to give up.  Jang-Mi answers that she has something to tell Mrs. Hong as well.  So, Mrs. Hong invites Jang-Mi over the next day.
Jang-Mi goes over…and, Mrs. Na comes out with tea.
Is there anything to say? Other then… The fight starts!

Run, Jang-Mi – E51

Mrs. Hong begins her calculated attack.



Jang-Mi nervously waits on her best behavior in front of Mrs. Hong at the Japanese restaurant.  Things get worse within minutes when Minjoo flounces in.  Mrs. Hong greets Minjoo like a future daughter-in-law.  She fawns over Minjoo’s ring specifically noting that it looks better on Minjoo than on her own hand and she’s happy she had it reset for Minjoo.
Then Mrs. Hong hammers in the final nail.  She hands over an envelope to Jang-Mi, thanking Jang-Mi for taking care of Taeja as a supervisor.  Mrs. Hong even apologizes for misunderstanding the situation when it would be illogical for anything else to happen.  The lunch ends in a similar atmosphere with Mrs. Hong leaving with Minjoo while pointedly leaving Jang-Mi to go back alone – not part of the family.
Jang-Mi returns to her work dazed but lies to Taeja that she had a good lunch with Mrs. Hong.
Meanwhile, Taehee talks with Joonhyuk who’s worried about Taeja and Jang-Mi.  Taehee tells him that she cannot do anything or tell Taeja as Mrs. Hong threatened to cut their relationship if she did.
At the same time, Jang-Mi and Taeja walk home together.  Taeja loses himself in a daydream of driving Jang-Mi around and runs into a tree. Heh!
Minjoo goes home to gloat to her mother about Mrs. Hong treating her like a daughter-in-law.  They happy celebrate the successful step into entering Taeja’s family.
The next day, Taeja forgets to send his morning greeting picture to his grandfather and CEO Hwang ends up checking in.  On a spur of the moment, Taeja sends over a picture with Jang-Mi, which CEO Hwang smiles as he sees.  However, when CEO Hwang goes to wash his hands before having some fruit, Mrs. Hong takes a peek at his cellphone and sees the picture.  She growls with a smile to note that everyone seemed to have known about the couple except for her.
Later, Jang-Mi hands over a gift for Mrs. Hong to Taeja.  It’s some body wash supplies.  Taeja takes it to the musical that Mrs. Hong invited him to.  Yet, when he arrives at the hall, he finds only Minjoo waiting for him.  Even when the musical starts, Mrs. Hong doesn’t arrive.  Ah kdrama set-up.
After the musical, Minjoo tries to get Taeja to buy her dinner so that she can go on another date with him.  But, Taeja is stubborn.  He refuses her saying that he has to check on his mother and leaves.
Minjoo warns Mrs. Hong who stays in bed so that she looks sick when Taeja arrives.  She pretends that she is really feeling under the weather, which was why she couldn’t join Taeja and Minjoo.
Taeja asks Mrs. Hong to stop inviting Minjoo on their dates.  But, Mrs. Hong pretends not to understand.  She reminds him that Minjoo is HIS friend.
Taeja sighs and drops the conversation.  Instead, he leaves Mrs. Hong Jang-Mi’s gift before going.
Mrs. Hong finds the envelope of money in the gift with a letter explaining that Jang-Mi could not accept such a large sum.  Mrs. Hong smirks that Jang-Mi is more tenacious than she expected.
The next day, we get some good news! The team has agreed upon the new menu taste.  They go for seafood to celebrate, which only reminds Joonhyuk how much Taeja has changed.  Taeja used to hate seafood which takes a lot of effort to eat.
Off on a side story, Chef visits Ara’s bar in leather. She wants him gone but he insists that he’s a customer. ^^
Then, more hijinks ensue! Yuri decides to visit Mincheol’s house without announcing.  Hence, Mrs. Choi is in an apron and Mr. Choi is in sweats as Mrs. Choi stopped washing his clothes.  When Yuri sees Mr. Choi’s outfit, she silently but clearly stares.
Mrs. Choi drags her husband into their room and forces him to change into a suit instead.  They sit with Yuri in the living room until Mincheol comes home to jump with surprise that Yuri is there.  Yuri continues to insult the size of their home and also announce that the apartment is too small for all of them to live together…AKA Yuri is announcing that even if she marries Mincheol, they better not expect her to live with the Choi’s.
At the same time, Jang-Mi comes home to find her mother opening up the present that Jang-Mi had given Mrs. Hong… Burn.
When Minjoo comes home, she finds the family discussing Yuri.  Mincheol wonders out loud that he feels a bit weirded out by how Yuri is checking out his assets and financial situation.  But, Mrs. Choi snaps that Yuri is practical, which is much better than Jang-Mi who had no idea that her family was going bankrupt.
As for our main couple, Taeja asks Jang-Mi to wish him luck for the next day as he has something important to do.  Jang-Mi lends Taeja her father’s ring, which she wears around her neck for luck.
So, Taeja goes off to his driver’s license exam with the ring and passes! He happily announces it to Jang-Mi who is less than impressed by the achievement that most people accomplish in their lives.  Taeja also tells Joonhyuk who is more impressed by how Taeja was able to overcome his trauma.
Joonhyuk finds that he cannot keep it a secret any longer that Mrs. Hong knows when Taeja is willing to overcome his trauma for Jang-Mi. Joonhyuk asks Taeja to grab some drinks and drops the bomb.
Taeja broods over the new information all night before asking Jang-Mi if she trusts him in the morning.  Jang-Mi agrees and off they go… Taeja brings Jang-Mi home to introduce her to his family.
Well…Well…Well… Mrs. Hong’s character definitely surprised me with her actions in this episode.  I am impressed.  I expected Mrs. Hong to go out guns blazing against Jang-Mi.  Instead, she decided to pretend that she has no idea and attack by pretending that a relationship between Jang-Mi and Taeja is ludicrous.  This would only work if Jang-Mi and Taeja are considering marriage, which they are.  Otherwise, a regular couple wouldn’t care that the parent is not taking them seriously.  Additionally, I was begrudgingly surprised by this strategy because it means that Mrs. Hong has an iron will.  It’s not really easy to pretend to be nice to someone that you presumably hate with all of your being for even contemplating marrying your son.  Will Mrs. Hong’s character eventually unravel? I hope not! I think it’d be interesting to see how a couple fights against a future in-law who stays polite but continues to reject Jang-Mi.
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Run, Jang-Mi – E50

Taeja introduces Jang-Mi to his friends and Mrs. Hong finds out about the relationship.


Jang-Mi coolly reminds Minjoo that she agreed to take care of her feelings or Jang-Mi would not have leant Taeja to Minjoo for the day. Minjoo gasps with anger at Jang-Mi’s direct confrontation. She tells back that her feelings are private and Jang-Mi has no right to control it.

Jang-Mi smiles that she understands but if Minjoo continues to develop her romantic feelings, it will be difficult for all of them including Taeja. Minjoo is about to say something back but Taeja comes back at that moment. Minjoo gives him the car keys and storms out.


Taeja realizes that something happened and asks Jang-Mi. She apologizes that she might have told Minjoo to watch the boundaries. Taeja laughs that he likes jealous Jang-Mi.


Minjoo then goes back to work only to drink at the office. Geez, someone give me her job! Anyways, Taehee isn’t the usual boss who would be angry that an employee decides to drink on the job and instead asks what happened. Minjoo sobs a story that Jang-Mi told Minjoo to stay away from Taeja now that they are dating.

Then Minjoo goes home to son to her mom…


The next day, Minjoo wakes up hungover just in time to hear that her mother left in the morning even though it’s summer break. The girl isn’t an idiot and rushes to grab a cab to Taeja’s house where Mrs. Choi is about to ring the doorbell.


Minjoo tells Mrs. Choi to stop and leave things alone without making things worse. Just then, Mrs. Na walks out and overhears Minjoo call Mrs. Choi, “Mom.”

Mrs. Na asks if Minjoo knew that Mrs. Na was Jang-Mi’s mom. Minjoo denies it and drags her mom home instead. At home, Minjoo tells her mom about the ring incident and how Mrs. Na working for Mrs. Hong only helps them because it will set Mrs. Hong against Jang-Mi.


Meanwhile, Taeja drops by with fruit for Mrs. Na. Mrs. Na tells him that she found out that Minjoo is Mincheol’s sister. She asks if Taeja and Minjoo were in a relationship. He denies it and explains that they are like siblings. But, Mrs. Na frowns and wonders out loud if Minjoo knew about Jang-Mi and framed Mrs. Na on purpose. Taeja frowns but Mrs. Na moves on.


Jang-Mi stops by the construction site to bring some rice cake snacks for Taehee’s contractors. Taehee arrives and pulls Jang-Mi aside. She tells Jang-Mi to stop wasting her time trying to win points from Taehee and be nice to Minjoo who is Taehee’s best friend.

Jang-Mi goes back in feeling awkwardly depressed. She runs into Taeja in the locker room and asks to pick out another date idea from their idea box. It’s Taeja’s wish to introduce each other to their friends.


Cue obligatory shopping scene! Taeja decks Jang-Mi in a new dress, shoes, and bag! Then he brings her to a meeting/party that he called.


One of the mean girls gloats that Minjoo was cast aside and decides to call Minjoo to rub it in. She even pretends to be shocked that Taeja would bring a girl when he never even introduced Minjoo to everyone. This ends up being the last straw and Minjoo calls Mrs. Hong.


At the same time, Taeja’s friends start to investigate by asking what her family does. Jang-Mi freezes and Taeja smoothly tells his friends off for being rude. He takes Jang-Mi to the girls instead.


Except, instead of being friendly, the mean girls speak in awkward and accented French to make fun of Jang-Mi. They note how all of the clothes are new and assume that Taeja bought the outfit for her. Jang-Mi awkwardly stands there before deciding to leave and tripping over another mean girl’s foot.

Taeja rushes over to yell at the girls and pull Jang-Mi out. When his friend tries to calm Taeja down, Taeja shouts at the friend to never invite such girls to these meetings in the future. Then Taeja drags Jang-Mi out into the hall where he apologizes.


Minjoo and Mrs. Hong arrive in time to see Taeja embrace Jang-Mi. Mrs. Hong is about to storm in but Minjoo stops her. They go home and Minjoo explains that Taeja has fallen hard. She also asks Mrs. Hong to help her win Taeja. Mrs. Hong agrees to think about it.


Taeja brings Jang-Mi home. Then he goes into his car to grab the steering wheel. With the feelings from the night still raw, he grabs the steering will paving the way for his learning to drive.


The next day, Jang-Mi finds a bunch of “worry dolls” in her locker. Taeja smiles that the dolls are supposed to worry for her. Chef and Ara walk in. Chef sees the dolls and asks for one as he has lots of worries, too. Jang-Mi happily hands one to both Chef and Ara despite Taeja’s protests.


Later, Mincheol is surprised when Yuri comes to his hospital without telling him advance. He laughingly asks if Yuri is there to check out how well his hospital runs and Yuri barely denies it.


Joonhyuk also takes Taehee out for lunch. He tells her how Taeja is changing because if Jang-Mi, which includes learning to drive. Taehee pauses and tells Joonhyuk about her mom knowing about the relationship.


Then, Mrs. Hong calls Minjoo over. She tells Minjoo that she had originally not thought Minjoo would be right for Taeja cause her family is not affluent enough. However, she promises to help Minjoo as long as Minjoo gets rid of Jang-Mi.

Mrs. Hong doesn’t waste time. She calls Jang-Mi for lunch the next day and invites Minjoo.


Second time publishing this post! -_- Hopefully, the database servers don’t crash and I have to redo it again…

I thought this episode was good for a daily drama. It showed how both Taeja’s and Jang-Mi’s feelings for each other were developing deeper. First, Jang-Mi agreed to date Taeja because she liked his attention when she had just been betrayed by Mincheol. Appreciating Taeja’s affections is different from Jang-Mi liking Taeja so much that she’s willing to confront her rivals (Minjoo) to draw a line and establish that she and Taeja have a special relationship that welcomes no one else.

Similarly, it’s nice that the show focused on how Taeja changed because of Jang-Mi. Specifically, Jang-Mi gave him a purpose in life again, which would force him to confront his trauma from the car accident that killed his father. Since the upcoming fight with Mrs. Hong will focus on the huge asset disparity between Taeja and Jang-Mi, it’s good to remember that Jang-Mi does something for Taeja as well.

I have to admit though that Taeja’s development is less satisfying. Sure, he wants to get over his trauma to go on dates with Jang-Mi. But, is that really moving? It kind of still feels like Taeja is smitten and his actions are stemming from such puppy love. It’s not really Jang-Mi that changes him… it’s Taeja’s own infatuation that makes him change.

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Run, Jang-Mi – E49

Jang-Mi and Taeja go through a love-fight as Jang-Mi fights her rising jealousy over Minjoo’s antics.


Jang-Mi runs out of the main room with Taeja following.  Taeja raises his voice repeating that it was just a misunderstanding.  But, Jang-Mi quickly turns around to shrilly shout that she is angry that she even had to see such a photograph.  She tells him to leave and Taeja acquiesces reluctantly.


Taeja goes back to the kitchen were Ara agrees that she would be completely furious if she had been Jang-Mi.  They encourage Taeja to make it up to Jang-Mi.

At the same time, Minjoo meets with the person in charge of the photograph competition event at a nearby cafe.  She thanks them for helping her out.  The employee smiles back that it was not much of a bother since Minjoo paid for printing of the shirt as well as the shipping…


The same day, Taeja barges into Minjoo’s office and throws down the box demanding to know why it was sent to his work.  Minjoo pretends not to know what happened repeating that she intended to give the event representative her work card but she must have given Taeja’s.  Taeja sighs and tells Minjoo to be careful in the future as he does not want anything to happen that would make Jang-Mi even get concerned before leaving.


Taehee comes in a couple minutes later and Minjoo lies that Taeja is angry at her because Jang-Mi is jealous of the relationship between Taeja and Minjoo.  Taehee surprises Minjoo when she agrees with Jang-Mi and tells Minjoo that would wouldn’t hurt for Minjoo to distance herself from Taeja now that he has a girlfriend.  Minjoo starts up in shock and Taehee explains sheepishly that she decided to support Taeja’s relationship.  She remembered how hard it was for her to be in a relationship with Joonhyuk when everyone disapproved.  She wants to support her brother.


Later, Jang-Mi and Taeja go back to headquarters for their usual meeting with Joonhyuk and Jandi.  However, when the meeting ends, it’s clear that there’s an issue between them…Jandi follows them out and ends up going home with Jang-Mi.  At Jandi’s place, Jang-Mi bears her soul and lets it out.


Jandi gasps with fury when she hears about Minjoo’s antics.  She mutters that she would have been furious as well.  But, then, Jandi laughs that she is surprised to find out that Jang-Mi is showing jealously.  It means that Jang-Mi has fully healed.


At the same time, Taeja has dinner with Joonhyuk who guesses the same thing.  Jang-Mi is showing some jealously.  This puts a different light on the whole fight and Taeja leaves reenergized after getting a text from Jandi.

Taeja’s off to pick up Jang-Mi from Jandi’s place.  In the cab, he’s all smiles and laughter, holding Jang-Mi’s face in place so that he can memorize it.  Even Jang-Mi has to smile sheepishly at Taeja’s forward excitement.


Meanwhile, Mincheol has another date with the girl from last time.  However, he ends up comparing her to Jang-Mi over and over again.  First, the girl has issues with how well the steak is cooked.  Then he coughs when she asks about his first marriage.  He comes home exhausted and whines to his parents that she seems to have a temper.  Mr. Choi jumps in to shout that Mincheol should stay away from women with strong tempers as he looks at his wife.


Back at the rice cake store, CEO Hwang visits and tells Taeja to come home.  Taeja answers that he doesn’t want to and promises to send his grandfather a picture every morning.  When CEO Hwang grumbles that he doesn’t know how to use a cell phone, Jang-Mi jumps in to help.  She even writes down the instructions on how to read and respond to texts so that CEO Hwang can have it as  reference.


The next day, Taeja and Jang-Mi discuss possible dates.  Jang-Mi sighs that a day trip would be nice but it would only work if they had a car.  Taeja pauses as he does have a car but he just cannot drive… That night he goes to ask Joonhyuk for help on passing the written driver’s license exam.  He wants to get his license.


Suddenly Taeja passes the written exam and calls Minjoo out to warn in her advance that he will be asking for his car back.  Minjoo looks up in surprise that Taeja would want to drive when he has the childhood trauma from the car accident.  Taeja smiles that he wants to make it easier on Minjoo and hammers the nail in harder to her wound.  Minjoo goes home in a rage that Taeja would finally decide to learn how to drive when even the mention of driving would trigger Taeja in the past.


Next we see Taeja having his first lesson.  He has difficulty even holding the steering wheel.  The lesson ends without Taeja doing anything.

Back at the store, Jang-Mi sees Minjoo’s phone ring when Taeja calls because Minjoo is in the bathroom.  She sees that Taeja is labeled “My Man.”  When Minjoo comes back, Jang-Mi asks Minjoo to change the name.


I liked the fact that this episode focused on Jang-Mi’s jealousy.  There are several different levels to a relationship and this drama seems to actually acknowledge that fact.  Jang-Mi was still hurt when Taeja fell for her.  When Jang-Mi agreed to begin dating Taeja, I felt like she liked Taeja as a boyfriend/swain.  He was there to fawn over her and remind her that she has value.

However, Jang-Mi enjoying spending time with Taeja and his affections is different from Jang-Mi loving Taeja to the point that she does not want to share him with anyone who could lay a claim on him.  I loved that Jandi had to point out to Jang-Mi that she’s jealous and that this is another sign that Jang-Mi is fully healed.  Then, when Jang-Mi didn’t try to deny the fact or repress it, it felt like Jang-Mi was accepting the next level of affection.  Specifically, she was willing to acknowledge those feelings and confront Minjoo about her name for Taeja.    This was like a baby step for Jang-Mi showing that she’s willing to even fight for Taeja.  And, our relationship seems to have dipped into the “love” category.

Run, Jang-Mi Episode 49 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Run, Jang-Mi – E48

Taeja and Jang-Mi believe that they convinced Mrs. Hong that they are not dating while Mrs. Hong begins to rely on Minjoo.


The sudden and dramatic opens the scene with Minjoo and Mrs. Hong walking in on Taeja about to kiss Jang-Mi. Taeja quickly tells the two women to leave the kitchen since outside people aren’t allowed.


At a table, Taeja tries to explain that it’s the same thing as Mrs. Hong walking into a tutoring session and accusing the tutor of doing something untoward. Mrs. Hong snaps back that it was clearly something else. She also accuses Jang-Mi of having ulterior motives like other women in Taeja’s life. Taeja sighs that the conversation is going no where and tells the two to leave.


Then Taeja goes into the kitchen to apologize to Jang-Mi. Jang-Mi forces a smile and confesses that she knows that they can’t tell his mother yet but she still feels a bit affected by Mrs. Hong’s words. They clean up and walk home in silence.

Later, Minjoo continues her act by calling Taeja and telling him that she tried to cover up for Taeja and Jang-Mi. She also asks to meet up since they had originally come over to bring him a present.

The next day, Taeja meets up with Minjoo who hands over the bracelet. He thanks her but explains that he already has a bracelet. He also asks Minjoo to give him a warning before she comes in with his mother.

Minjoo agrees and asks for one last date with Taeja. Taeja looks up in surprise and asks if Minjoo isn’t over him. Minjoo answers that she is trying but would like one last date.


Taeja goes back and asks Jang-Mi for permission to go on the date. When Jang-Mi doesn’t answer right away, he adds that he will just turn it down.


Meanwhile, Mrs. Na arrives at the Hwang residence. Mrs. Hong asks Mrs. Na to sit down as she has something to say about Jang-Mi… then she asks Mrs. Na to caution Jang-Mi about her behavior.

Mrs. Na answers that it’s because the two children are really close. Mrs. Hong frowns but doesn’t say more.

Later Mrs. Na goes to ask Mr. Jang the same thing. She tells him to warn Taeja off if he seems to be showing public displays of affection.


Then, the two go off to judo even though Mr. Jang is sore from the last session. Mrs. Na has fun with the new technique of tripping the opponent while Mr. Jang has difficulty just controlling his heart from being so close to Mrs. Na.

That night, Jang-Mi tells Taeja to go on that date with Minjoo.

The next day, Mincheol goes on his blind date. The girl tells him directly that she is interested in him… his appearance is fine and she likes that he is a doctor with his own hospital. She begins to ask him about his monthly revenue and the exact location of the hospital…


At the same time, Taeja and Minjoo walk around the theme park. One of the employees stops them for an event where they are taking pictures of couples. Taeja frowns that they are not a couple but Minjoo insists. So, they take a picture in which Minjoo kisses Taeja’s cheek at the last minute.


Meanwhile, Jang-Mi decides to turn off her phone since she cannot focus. She then leaves the store to go to a bookstore for some inspiration.

On her way, she runs into Joonhyuk who offers to go with her to the bookstore. Then, he even goes to lunch with her.


Back on the last date, Taeja asks Minjoo to toss the photograph as it could be misunderstood. Minjoo frowns but rips it up in front of Taeja.


Taehee shows up in this episode as well. She gets a letter from Taeja explaining that he resorted to writing the letter since she wasn’t seeing him. He adds that he seems to be turning into a better person and understands Taehee’s own love now. He asks Taehee to be nice to Jang-Mi. Taehee smiles and laughs that it always returns to Jang-Mi.


Mincheol comes home to sigh that he feels like all of his energy was drained in the blind date. He whines that she was completely different from Jang-Mi. Mrs. Choi immediately decides that she likes the girl since she hated Jang-Mi.


After getting yelled at by his wife, Mr. Kang goes to a bar to drink. Ara joins him and he sighs that his wife is always telling him to shut up. Ara muses that his wife seems a bit temperamental and opinionated. But this sympathy rubs Mr. Kang the wrong way. He snaps that his wife was not always like this but money troubles changed her. He also adds that since she is his wife, only he can complain about her.


That night Taeja arrives first and sees Jang-Mi coming home with Joonhyuk. He yells at Jang-Mi for keeping her phone off all day and mopes about her coming home with Joonhyuk.

Taeja goes home to find Taehee waiting for him. She smiles that she isn’t ready to approve of Jang-Mi but she won’t stand in the way. Taeja immediately grabs her into a hug.


Jang-Mi also stalks into her home wondering why Taeja is acting so weird. She runs into Jangsu who asks why she kept her phone off… Taeja has reached out to him because he was worried. He also explains that guys find it frustrating when girls don’t answer.

Jang-Mi turns on her phone to see all of the missed messages. She pauses as she realizes that she might have been hasty in her reaction to Taeja.


Then morning comes and Jang-Mi runs into Taeja in the courtyard as usual. She immediately apologizes but he does as well at the same time. Cue happy couple again!


They go off to work where Jang-Mi tells Taeja that they have to shape up and work harder eliciting approval from the chef. Everyone is in good spirits until delivery arrives for Taeja. Jang-Mi opens it and pulls out a shirt with the picture of Minjoo kissing Taeja.


Well… trouble brews from both ends with Jang-Mi and her mother. But, in comparison to other makjang dramas, Minjoo doesn’t particularly seem crazy yet. Yes, she demanded a last date at an amusement park… but, if Taeja is serious about keeping Minjoo at bay, he should have refused instead of indulging her.

Minjoo walked the line of crazy when she framed Mrs. Na but it’s something that you would expect from a desperate woman who has no sense of self worth other than from stemming from a guy. She doesn’t realize that each time she does something so extreme, she’s hurting her own integrity as such actions will become less taboo for her internally.

One thought that did cross my mind was that Mrs. Na was particularly annoying in this episode. Sure, she lived a sheltered life by being pampered by her husband and now relies on her daughter. She says she knows how the real world works, which is why she was against Jang-Mi dating Taeja in the first place. Then, why doesn’t get suspicious radar get triggered when Minjoo frames her? I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people who want to play the victim card, which this lady obviously does.

Finally, I’m glad that Taehee turned into a neutral person regarding Taeja’s relationship. However, I feel like somewhere along the line, we lost the cool and independent Taehee character that I liked in the beginning of this series. This girl now just exists so that Minjoo has someone to manipulate. She has no reason really to hate Jang-Mi. It would have been different if the writer had developed the romance between Jang-Mi and Joonhyuk… having the two have a side relationship while things were bad with Taeja. Then, it woulda me a lot more sense for Taehee to be so suspicious about Jang-Mi. Yet, we didn’t go that route and she still seems to accept everything that Minjoo says. Annoying.

Run, Jang-Mi Episode 48 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Run, Jang-Mi – 47

As Taeja and CEO Hwang find out about Mrs. Na, Minjoo moves into strengthen her hold on Mrs. Hong.


Mrs. Hong gasps in shock when she hears Minjoo’s story about Mrs. Na trying to steal the ring…and the ring being found in Mrs. Na’s bag. Mrs. Hong’s immediate reaction is to ask why Minjoo didn’t speak up earlier.


A convenient flashback shows us that it was all part of Minjoo’s plan in the first place.  She had planted the ring to frame Mrs. Na.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Na determines that she will continue to do her best. She even prepares three different jars of tea jelly that she had prepared to bring to the Hwang household. She walks in defiantly but Mrs. Hong asks Mrs. Na to sit and demands to know the truth.

Mrs. Na tries to convince Mrs. Hong that it is all a misunderstanding as she’s innocent. But, Mrs. Hong replies that it’s still suspicious that Mrs. Na didn’t tell Mrs. Hong about it after it happened. She tells Mrs. Na to leave.

On the side, Jang-Mi and Taeja run into Mincheol as they leave the building where Jangsu works. Taeja quickly grabs Jang-Mi’s hand tightly. Jang-Mi thanks Mincheol levelly for settling the issue with Jangsu. Mincheol responds back by warning Jang-Mi that it will be the last time.

Jang-Mi and Taeja walk off and Jang-Mi asks Taeja why he held onto her hand so tightly. Taeja smiles sheepishly and answers that he wanted to show Mincheol that Jang-Mi is worth loving. Jang-Mi smiles broadly back noting that she also felt much more confident because of Taeja being with her and holding her hand.

At the same time, Mr. Jang hears Mrs. Na sobbing and invites her out to play one of the outside whack-a-mole games. She gets into it before she begins sobbing that she’s innocent. This lets Mrs. Na confess to Mr. Jang that she was fired after being labeled a thief.


Meanwhile, Joonhyuk visits CEO Hwang’s doctor to check in on CEO Hwang. The doctor answers that there is nothing wrong other than a cold. However, he’s still worried and tells Taehee to take CEO Hwang to the hospital for his annual exams.
That night, Jang-Mi sees that her mom seems to be in a bad mood and insists on putting on face masks. Laying together with the face masks, Jang-Mi tells her mother that she’s happy these days with Taeja. Mrs. Na sighs to herself that she cannot be the reason that Jang-Mi loses her happiness.
The next day, Mrs. Na returns to work after begging the other housekeeper to let her in. Even when Mrs. Hong glares at her for being in the kitchen, Mrs. Na asks Mrs. Hong for another chance. Mrs. Na even adds that she doesn’t need to be paid but she hates the fact that she would have to quit after being framed as a thief. She just wants a chance to prove herself. She asks Mrs. Hong to give her another chance and even offers to go to the police if anything else goes missing.

Taeja drops by with some herbal medicine for his mom after Jang-Mi insists that Taeja takes care of his mother. He drops by just as Mrs. Na is leaving and she confesses to working as the general household manager before leaving. Taeja immediately goes to tells his grandfather to watch out for Mrs. Na as she is Jang-Mi’s mother. CEO Hwang tells Taeja about how there might have already been an incident.

Taeja leaves after giving his mother the herbal medicine and explaining that he was told to take care of his mother by his supervisor at work.
Then Taeja meets with Mrs. Na and hears about the whole issue. He sighs that working for his mother might not be the best thing but Mrs. Na insists that she can’t leave while being viewed as a thief.  The conversation stops abruptly when Jang-Mi comes home.
At the same time, Mrs. Hong checks in with her housekeeper about Mrs. Na… The other lady honestly answers that Mrs. Na never took anything. Rather, she always brought food for the family. She even adds that even though they didn’t know each other, Mrs. Na had given her condolence money when she had to leave for her family funeral.
The day doesn’t end before Mincheol reviews possible blind dates. He agrees that one woman out of the lot seems to be the best although he’s not really into her. Mrs. Choi agrees as the girl that he picked is the girl who is rich with land.

At this point, Mincheol’s father notes that money isn’t the most important thing in a marriage. But, Mrs. Choi cuts him off with the declaration that the lack of money can cause a lot of suffering glaring at her husband.
The next day, Taeja calls Minjoo out to a cafe to ask about the ring incident. Minjoo insists that Mrs. Na had to have taken the ring. Minjoo pretends that she didn’t even know who Mrs. Na was.

Taeja tells her that Mrs. Na is not the type who would steal another person’s stuff. He explains that Mrs. Na is Jang-Mi’s mother. Minjoo gasps in surprise as she pretends that she had no idea. Taeja doesn’t second guess her reactions and only asks that Minjoo try to resolve the misunderstanding and treat Mrs. Na with respect.


Even though Minjoo promises to help, she carefully asks Mrs. Hong at their painting class about the housekeeper. Mrs. Hong answers that it weird that Mrs. Na refuses the quit and seems adamant that she didn’t do it. She wonders if it truly was a misunderstanding until Minjoo reminds her that the ring was found in her bag.

Minjoo asks how Mrs. Hong hired Mrs. Na. Mrs. Hong tells Minjoo that Mrs. Na is Taeja’s female supervisor’s mom… of course, Minjoo pretends to be shocked at the news.

Then, Mrs. Hong sighs that she feels under the weather and invites Minjoo to go shopping. They buy Taeja a bracelet and bring it to him just in time to see Taeja and Jang-Mi looking too close as Taeja learns how to decorate with frosting.


Mrs. Na’s decision to continue to work even after hearing Taeja’s concerns was an interesting development in the series.  On one hand, Mrs. Na is showing a growing resolve.  Even though she has been warned by both Mr. Jang and Taeja, she insists on her own choice and path.  On the other hand, the decision appears to be a foolish one as Mrs. Hong is clearly a biased woman set in her beliefs.  While Mrs. Na has no other way of getting close to Mrs. Hong, jumping into to work for Mrs. Hong as their head of household just seems irrational.  Even if the playing field were level, Mrs. Na would have to be nearly perfect…With Minjoo and Mrs. Cha circling in the background, Mrs. Na is sure to make mistakes that would only strengthen Mrs. Hong’s resolve to keep her son from marrying Jang-Mi.

As for Minjoo, her decision to sabotage Mrs. Na shows that the drama is walking the path of makjang second lead hysteria.  It’s unfortunate because the devolution into a hysterical second lead takes away all of the presumably good characteristics that remain in Minjoo – an educated and charismatic woman, who has a life other than Taeja.

Run, Jang-Mi Episode 47 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Run, Jang-Mi – E46

Minjoo fights back by framing Ms. Na as a thief.
The episode opens with Minjoo dropping by Mrs. Hong’s house. The creepy and brooding music in the background warns us that something will happen…
Then as Mrs. Na prepares lunch, Mrs. Hong gives Minjoo what looks like a diamond ring. She explains that she wanted to thank Minjoo’s mom for the precious painting that she received but Minjoo’s mom refused any compensation. So, Mrs. Hong reset one of her rings to be more modern.

As Taeja and Jang-Mi date, Minjoo excuses herself for the bathroom. Then, when Minjoo comes back out, she find her ring box empty. Minjoo calls for Mrs. Na and demands the ring back. Mrs. Na denies taking the ring and Minjoo then demands to loom through Mrs. Na’s bag.

Mrs. Na yells back that she has nothing to hide and dumps the contents of her bag. To her surprise, the ring falls out as well. Minjoo turns to Mrs. Na and notes that Mrs. Na cannot lie about the fact any more.

Then Mrs. Hong calls for Minjoo. This cuts the tense scene with Minjoo getting the last word. Minjoo threatens to keep it a secret for now. Then she leaves Mrs. Na nearly in tears.
Minjoo drives Mrs. Hong on their date and lightly mentions that she might need to be careful of the help. Mrs. Hong answers that once you hire someone, you should trust them and ends the conversation.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Na broods about what happened. When Taeja and Jang-Mi come home to invite Mrs. Na on a weekend to a nearby hot springs, Mrs. Na refuses. Taeja tries to insist but Mrs. Na yells out of frustration that she doesn’t even want to take the bus and retreats into her room… the two youngsters are left in shock with Taeja wondering if Mrs. Na still doesn’t like him and Jang-Mi assuming Mrs. Na is going through menopause.
Then Minjoo goes off and tells Taehee about the whole incident as well. This of course makes Taehee distrust Jang-Mi’s family even more.

Taeja tries again by inviting Mrs. Na to a nice lunch the next day and gets declined again. At this point, he and Jang-Mi give up trying to take Mrs. Na out and decide to have a date instead.

They take out the date box and Taeja pulls out the suggestion -visiting an orphanage. It’s Jang-Mi’s wish as she used to go with her father.


Cue trip to see the kids! Taeja is overwhelmed by the kids…

They hand out gifts and put up glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. After the long day, Taeja whines about being sore at the bus station and Jang-Mi gives him a massage. Of course, Taeja takes it too far and asks for a kiss, which Jang-Mi refuses.

At the same time, Mr. Jang takes Mrs. Na back to the judo gym where they practice flipping the opponent over. Mr. Jang is too distracted by the nearness to Mrs. Na so that he keeps freezing up and gets slapped around by her. ^^
Meanwhile, Mrs. Choi gushes over Minjoo’s ring. She wonders if Mrs. Hong is considering Minjoo as a future daughter-in-law for giving Minjoo a ring.
CEO Hwang visits his doctor and gets some good news. If he continues this way, he won’t have any issues living a normal life.
On his way out, CEO Hwang runs into Joonhyuk and lies that he came because of a simple cold. Joonhyuk offers to take the CEO back to the office and reminds him to get his annual physical exams.
Once Joonhyuk is back at the office, he realizes that he cannot shake off the weird feeling that the CEO was at the hospital alone. He checks with the CEO’s driver who answers that the CEO always goes to the hospital with him but the CEO hasn’t gone to the hospital in a while…
Back at the rice cake store, Taeja thanks Jang-Mi for teaching him about the happiness he can obtain by helping others. He confesses that he used to think that happiness can only be achieved by focusing on himself. Jang-Mi smiles that she learned it from her father.
Later, Minjoo continues scheming. She calls out Taeja for lunch and tells him not to bring Jang-Mi since she plans to bring Taehee.

Lunch arrives and Taehee frowns when she sees Taeja walk over. Taehee decides that she doesn’t want to eat lunch with Taeja, leaving the two to eat lunch together.

Taeja’s desire to bring food back for Jang-Mi makes him realize that he doesn’t know where his phone is. Minjoo calls his phone and Taeja sees that Minjoo still has him labeled as “My Man.” He frowns and tells her to change it as it could cause misunderstandings with Jang-Mi.

After lunch, Taeja also declines’s Minjoo’s offer to drive him home on the grounds that it might make Jang-Mi unhappy… Minjoo goes home and then renames Taeja as “My Man,” and determines to make Jang-Mi’s life miserable each time that Taeja makes Jang-Mi happy.
Minjoo goes over to Taeja’s house with renewed determination and tells Mrs. Hong to watch out for Mrs. Na as she tried to steal Minjoo’s new ring.


Episode 46 seems to exist just to give Mrs. Hong another reason to hate Mrs. Na. Honestly, I don’t even understand why Mrs. Na would want to work in the Hwang household in the first place after knowing that Jang-Mi and Taeja are an item. It’s already a sensitive issue when your kid wants to marry someone and you start judging the other family from everything from looks to values… I can’t see how Mrs. Na could think that working for an anal woman would be beneficial to that evaluation, which would inevitably come.

On the other hand, I loved that this drama spent a date at an orphanage! Unlike the United States; Korea has several orphanages. Not all of the children are truly orphans without parents. Some may have parents who do not have the means to care for the kids. Either way, they exist.

The fact that this drama showed two young people spending their free time spending time with those who could benefit from the additional affection was lovely. It’s unfortunate but the younger generation is inundated with what is “hip” or “cool” to do on dates. If more shows highlighted the emotional benefits of spending time helping others instead of finding Instagram picture opportunities, more people would benefit (both the volunteers and those being helped). Taeja’s statement that he never knew that he could become happier by helping others was such a sad statement because, it may be true for a lot of people out there.

DRAMAFEED out on a happy note.

Run, Jang-Mi – E45

Once Taeja gets involved, Minjoo solves the issue with Jangsu. Meanwhile, Taeja and Jang-Mi get over their first real big fight.



Taeja shouts back that Jangsu is important to him as well. He also notes that it’s not fair that whenever something happens, Jang-Mi tells Joonhyuk but not him…

Jang-Mi tries to explain herself but Taeja cuts her off and leaves. He goes home where Joonhyuk wants to talk as well. Taeja tells him to leave as he’s disappointed in Joonhyuk as well; even though Taeja thinks the world of Joonhyuk, it seems like Joonhyuk doesn’t feel the same for him.


The next day, Jang-Mi tries to talk to Taeja at work. But Taeja keeps ignoring her. It gets so obvious that the chef chastises them. The chef notes that it’s okay for the two to date but they should keep their squabbling to themselves.


Meanwhile, Mr. Jang stops by Mrs. Na’s house because he thinks that she’s sick. He finds her in the middle of trying to write a declaration in support of Jangsu. Mr. Jang offers to help and ends up writing the whole thing for her.

Mrs. Na asks where Mr. Jang graduated college and finds out that he stopped schooling in high school. She awkwardly backpedals that schooling obviously means nothing and gets up to get snacks for him.


Taeja is icy all throughout their meeting with Joonhyuk and Jandi. He even declines Jang-Mi’s invitation to go out and grab a meal.


Taeja instead goes to meet with Mincheol. The two go off for a drink and Taeja explains that he came without telling Jang-Mi to ask Mincheol to settle the issue. Mincheol frowns that Jangsu needs to learn a lesson… He attacked Mincheol in the past and also ignored Mincheol’s warnings to stop spreading rumors.

Taeja insists that he will do anything he can to help… he can pay for the lost profits. Taeja repeats that all he asks is Mincheol to settle.

Mincheol smirks that Taeja truly has fallen low. Mincheol adds that he wants to earn Taeja that while Jang-Mi is pretty, the family is bad. The brother is an example of how crude the family is. Taeja sighs and returns the conversation to settlement but Mincheol gets up.


Mincheol tells Minjoo about Taeja’s request. When she hears that Taeja got involved, she changes her mind and asks her brother to settle the matter so that Taeja doesn’t think badly of their family. However, Mincheol refuses.


The next day, CEO Hwang drops by and asks Jang-Mi about her glum expression. She explains that this time, it was her fault and she made a huge mistake… she doesn’t know how Taeja will forgive her. CEO Hwang laughs that dating is like this; it can’t always be sunny. A couple gets closer together by going through hard times.


Meanwhile, Minjoo meets up with Taeja at a cafe where she hands him a signed settlement letter. Taeja reads the settlement with shock since Mincheol refused so adamantly. Minjoo begins crying that she couldn’t sleep at all the night before after she hears that Taeja had lowered himself to ask for a favor from Mincheol. She couldn’t bear to think that it would happen again and fought with Mincheol for the settlement.

Taeja sighs that it’s not a problem if it’s Jang-Mi’s problem. He also promises to never forget it. Minjoo sniffs that she hopes he will do something for her, too.

Taeja goes straight to Jangsu to give him the settlement and take him to Mincheol. At the same time, Mincheol gets a text from Minjoo apologizing that she signed the settlement agreement by forging his signature.

Within a few minutes, Taeja comes in with Jangsu who apologizes. Mincheol doesn’t accept he apology but Jangsu steadily promises to never do it again. The two leave while Taeja leaves an envelope of money to cover the lost earnings.


Mincheol goes home where he fights with Minjoo. But Minjoo isn’t even apologetic as she’s convinced that without the settlement, she might have lost any chances with Taeja.


Jangsu also goes home to tell his family the good news. When Jang-Mi hears that Taeja helped, she calls him into the courtyard to thank him. Taeja comes out to see her but he cuts her off curtly that he didn’t do it for her gratitude. He notes that Jangsu is important to him as well and goes inside.


The next day, Taeja arrives to find a rice cake in his locker. He cuts into it to find a letter from Jang-Mi. The letter lists all of the things that she’s thankful for from him helping her before they were dating, waiting for her to open her heart, helping her even when she couldn’t rely on him.


Taeja is completely moved. He goes over to give Jang-Mi a back hug and tells her that in the future she should just tell him her feelings.

They also meet with Joonhyuk who confirms that the attorney thinks that the case will be resolved with the settlement agreement. Taeja also apologies for taking out his anger on Joonhyuk before asking Joonhyuk to tell him the next time something similar occurs.


Later, Taeja is invited over for a feast cooked by Mrs. Na! She explains that she is willing to accept their relationship as long as Taeja promises to not let anything happen that would make Jang-Mi cry.


There next thing we know, Mrs. Na is telling Mrs. Hong that she is willing to accept the position of running the Hwang household. Mrs. Hong gives Mrs. Na a credit card to run the household and gives her authority over the other help.


At the same time, Minjoo tells Taehee about getting the settlement from her brother against his will for Taeja’s benefit. She whines that their brother-sister relationship was almost ended because of this.


Then Taeja calls Minjoo out and she happily goes to this restaurant only to find that Jang-Mi is there, too. Jang-Mi thanks Minjoo and hands over a scar, which Minjoo sniffs and drops onto the chair next to her. Jang-Mi pretends not to notice the slight and dinner goes on with Taeja cutting Jang-Mi’s meat and even offering to take Jang-Mi to apologize to Mincheol if she needs to go.


Minjoo storms home and amidst tense music, cuts up the scarf.


Well, at least Run, Jang-Mi  doesn’t keep us in agony with Taeja unaware about the whole Mincheol v. Jangsu issue for long.  The one thing that stood out of this episode was Minjoo’s fast and direct decisions.  Her ability to turn on her brother without a lick of guilt remaining afterwards reminded me of Mishil’s character in Queen Seondeok.  While, I don’t approve of Minjoo being obsessed over Taeja, it was nice to see a female lead character acting decisive and getting things done.

Otherwise?  Yay for Mrs. Na joining Team Jangja.  Now, it looks like it will be everyone versus Minjoo/Mrs. Hong/the Kang family (minus Minjoo’s father).  The teams are pretty evenly spread out.

Run, Jang-Mi Episode 45 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Run, Jang-Mi – E44

The evil Kangs laugh as the Baeks run around trying to save Jangsu.


Jangsu finally comes home to find Jang-Mi and his mother waiting in the living room while worried sick. Jang-Mi shoves the investigation summons in his face and demands to know what he did.

Jangsu sighs that Mincheol is suing him for tortuous interference. Mrs. Na and Jang-Mi’s hearts drop at the news. Jang-Mi announces that she told him to watch it so he can get himself out of his mess. She stalks into her room.

Left standing in the living room, Jangsu cries that he was so furious that Mincheol was living so happily with their money that Jangsu extorted out of the settlement while Jang-Mi was working so hard to make a living. Mrs. Na screams that Jangsu still should not have made another mess like this…

Jangsu storms into his room as he remembers how Jang-Mi had kneeled in front of Mincheol in the past. Jang-Mi had told Jangsu that she never wanted to feel that again.


The next day, Jang-Mi finds herself unable to focus. She asks to leave early and gets permission. Then, she goes with Jangsu to the police station for the investigation.

At first, Jangsu denies directly telling others defamatory statements against Mincheol’s hospital. The police officer sighs and tells Jangsu to confess as they have a recording of Jangsu in the act. In the face of evidence, Jangsu confesses that he might have said stuff to three or five people.


Jangsu and Jang-Mi go home to tell their worried mother… They need to have Mincheol sign a settlement or Jangsu might go to jail.

Mrs. Na cries that Jangsu had just been living a normal life for him to go to prison. She wonders if they can ask Taeja for help. Jang-Mi frowns at this and cuts her mom off. Jang-Mi snaps that crying won’t solve anything; they need to fix it themselves.


The next day, Jang-Mi continues to work while distracted. She’s so distracted that the chef yells at her for cutting the rice cake without focusing. Jang-Mi excuses herself for a little bit of rest and the chef snaps at Taeja for not knowing anything even though he’s dating her.

Meanwhile, Taehee broods about whether she should let Jang-Mi explain herself for being seen with Mincheol. Minjoo frowns and warns Taehee to not trust Jang-Mi. She adds that Jang-Mi’s brother has been spreading defamatory rumors about Mincheol’s hospital to make it lose customers… he finally had to file a claim with the police. When Taehee hears about this and how Jangsu attacked Mincheol in the past, she sighs that her brother must have been seduced.


At the same time, Jang-Mi tries to visit Mincheol and gets thrown out of the hospital. Mrs. Na also goes to visit Professor Choi. Mrs. Na isn’t luckier as Mrs. Choi throws Mrs. Na out as well.


Taeja comes home first and runs into Jangsu’s friend in the courtyard. He asks about the kids’ playground event that Jang-Mi used as an excuse for leaving work early the other day. Finding it weird that Jangsu’s friend doesn’t know about it, Taeja goes in to check on Jangsu.

Jangsu pretends that he’s just down with a cold. Then, he asks Taeja to take care of his sister. Taeja laughs that Jangsu does not even have to ask and reminds Jangsu to tell him if anything happens to the family.


At the same time, Mincheol leaves his hospital to find Jang-Mi waiting for him in the parking lot. She asks again for him to help. But, Mincheol refuses. When Taeja calls, Jang-Mi lies that she went to the hospital to get IV fluid as she was so tired.

Meanwhile, CEO Hwang tries talking to Taehee about keeping an open mind about Jang-Mj. This only rubs Taehee the wrong way. She snaps that Jang-Mi comes from a weird family and walks out.

The next day, Minjoo meets with Jang-Mi. She promises to try to convince her brother to settle it after noting that there would be no benefit in Taeja finding out about the problem.

Jang-Mi goes back to work to find Taeja worried about her in the locker room. She continues to lie that she just went out to meet Jandi.


That night, Taehee meets with Joonhyuk over drinks. She declares that the Choi’s are right in not settling when they were burned once before. Joonhyuk muses that there must have been a reason for the misunderstanding. Taehee yells that she doesn’t even like Joonhyuk that night…

Joonhyuk then runs into Jang-Mi outside their house. He notes that he heard about the problem and asks if she needs help. Jang-Mi smiles wearily that she will figure it out and asks Joonhyuk to keep it a secret from Taeja.


The next day, Joonhyuk introduces Jang-Mi to one of their company’s attorneys who is experienced with similar matters. The attorney advises that Jang-Mi get declarations in support of Jangsu.

Meanwhile, Taeja happily thinks of ways to gain Mrs. Na’s favor. He gets excited and tries to call Jang-Mi. When she doesn’t answer, he also tries Jandi as Jang-Mi had said she would go to see Jandi.


But, then, Jandi tells Taeja that Jang-Mi didn’t come to see her and Jang-Mi walks home with Joonhyuk. Taeja frowns but let’s the two go in when Jang-Mi explains that something came up.

Then, Taeja decides to look into it further after brooding in his room. He goes into Joonhyuk’s room just after Joonhyuk goes out for a class of water and sees the declaration on Joonhyuk’s computer. Taeja confronts Joonhyuk and then Jang-Mi.

Taeja accuses Jang-Mi of keeping it from him because she thought he would be useless to help her. Jang-Mi answers that she didn’t want to tell him because she didn’t want him having to ask Mincheol for a favor; without this kind of problem, Taeja would never have to lower himself or subject himself to Mincheol’s mercy.


Ah, Jang-Mi… Usually dramas make the view (or me) wonder if it’s worth all of the stress and headache for the amazing stories that these main characters lead.  However, poor, poor Jang-Mi is different.  She barely lives a quiet life.  Even with the quiet life of just being a an employee on probation (with no job security), her life keeps getting turned upside down.  Now, her brother might go to prison… for being stupid. The worst part of it all?  She can’t even blame anyone because it’s her little brother who messed everything up.

On the side, I don’t blame Jang-Mi for not telling Taeja.  They barely started dating.  Why would Jang-Mi tell her recent boyfriend of less than a month that her idiot brother got himself recorded defaming a business in Korea… Everyone knows that in Korea, even if it’s the truth, defamatory statements are sue-worthy… It’s not exactly something to brag about. Koreans even prosecute internet insults.  A person who gets himself recorded talking about another’s business (and a lie at that) is just an idiot!

Finally, I would have judged Jang-Mi worse if she went straight to Taeja to clean up the mess without even trying. So, I was quite satisfied with this episode.

Run, Jang-Mi Episode 44 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Run, Jang-Mi – E43

Minjoo sets Jang-Mi up and Jangsu walks into a trap set up by Mincheol.


Jang-Mi frowns and gets up to leave but Mincheol grabs her arm. He asks the annoyed Jang-Mi to stay for a little bit as he had questions for her.

Taehee and Minjoo also walk in at just that moment. Taehee freezes steps in front of the door when her eyes take in the scene of Mincheol holding Jang-Mi’s arm. At her side, Minjoo also exclaims in false surprise at the two. Minjoo insists that they go to another venue and the two leave. Taehee excuses herself as she just wants to go home.

Minjoo goes back as Jang-Mi pulls herself away to walk away. She asks Jang-Mi and Mincheol to sit. When the two sit, Minjoo explains that she called both of them there as she has decided to give up on Taeja. However, she cannot give up her friendship with Taeja. So, she wanted to clear the air of all misunderstandings between Jang-Mi and her family, which includes the problem with her brother.

Jang-Mi sighs and tells Minjoo that she can try to work with Minjoo… but, she cannot feel comfortable with Mincheol. She excuses herself and leaves.


Meanwhile, Taeja arrives at Jang-Mi’s house with a bunch of food from different restaurants. The food includes boba tea, cheese cake and sushi. Each dish is one of Mrs. Na’s (Jang-Mi’s mom’s) favorite.

Mrs. Na refuses to eat the food at first. But then Taeja insists and leaves. Then Jangsu sighs that if she doesn’t eat it, he will just toss the food and be cursed as they believe that throwing away food curses them. Mrs. Na gives in and eats the food.

Afterwards, Mrs. Na leans back happily. She muses that it would be perfect with just handmade gelato. Just then, Taeja arrives with gelato!


Mrs. Na exclaims with embarrassment for getting caught having eaten the food. Then, the main light bulb runs out. Mrs. Na tells Jangsu to replace the light bulb but he insists that he doesn’t know how. So, Taeja does it.


The next day, Minjoo tells Taehee that she asked her brother about the meeting and he told her that Jang-Mi called him out… Minjoo adds that Jang-Mi asked Mincheol to leave the fraudulent marriage a secret…this only lowers Taehee’s view.

Later, Mincheol’s nurses are waiting for the elevator on the first floor when the two women next to them and Jangsu excitedly talk about getting Botox. Jangsu jumps in to lie that he knows a friend who went to the hospital and had a bad operation. One of the nurses quickly takes out her cell phone and records Jangsu clearly warning the women away.

At lunch, Taehee arrives at a Chinese restaurant to find that Taeja also invited Jang-Mi. When Taeja goes to the bathroom, Taehee gets to the point. She tells Jang-Mi that she saw Jang-Mi meeting with Mincheol. Jang-Mi tries to explain that Minjoo called them both there but Taehee cuts her off. Taehee warns Jang-Mi that there are eyes everywhere, Jang-Mi cannot win by just convincing Taeja about her side of the story. Then she leaves.


The branch workers get a present and a bonus for the new year from Mr. Jang. Taeja brings his to his grandfather and mother. CEO Hwang is again satisfied to receive a gift from Taeja. Taeja also asks his grandfather to help convince Taehee. CEO Hwang tells him that it would be better for Taeja to convince Taehee without his intervention.


On the side, Mr. Jang comes home and runs into Jangsu in the courtyard. Mr. Jang asks about whether Mrs. Na liked the rice cakes. Jangsu bristles and tells Mr. Jang that his mother is really naive and nice to everyone… Mr. Jang shouldn’t just assume that her friendliness means anything.

The next day, Mrs. Hong visits Mrs. Na. Mrs. Hong explains that she wanted Mrs. Na to return to the household…she never tried to keep help but she’s trying because CEO Hwang liked Mrs. Na’s cooking so much. Mrs. Na apologizes and explains that she has a personal reason for why she might not be able to work for Mrs. Hong. She promises to try to come to a decision soon.

Jang-Mi and Taeja come home together right on time to run into Mrs. Hong and Mrs. Na walk out of the house together. Taeja stops in surprise and asks what Mrs. Hong is there. She answers that she brought some fish for Taeja.

Mrs. Na also tells Jang-Mi to give up again. She explains that Mrs. Hong definitely seems like the type who would be judgmental.


Taehee meets with Joonhyuk and they discuss Taeja. Joonhyuk muses that he thinks Jang-Mi is honest about her feelings. This makes Taehee snap that Jang-Mi must be a fox for being able to twist all the guys around her around a finger… Taeja, Joonhyuk and Mincheol.


Joonhyuk is shocked that Jang-Mi’s ex-husband is Mincheol. He pulls Taeja aside to suggest that Taeja gives up… Things are way too complicated if Jang-Mi was married to Minjoo’s brother. But Taeja refuses.

Later, Mrs. Na and Mr. Jang go off to a judo class that Taeja bought for them. Mrs. Na is a natural while Mr. Jang suffers.

The next day, things pick up. Jangsu gets a call from the police station… Mincheol has filed a complaint against Jangsu for tortuous interference… At the same time, Jang-Mi and Mrs. Na open up an envelope that came addressed to Jangsu. It’s an official summons regarding Mincheol’s complaint.


Well things are moving along swimmingly. Taeja and Jang-Mi seem to be cautiously enjoying the fun, flower filled times of dating while working on the inevitable enemies in the background. I think the drama’s treatment of Mrs. Hong as the evil mother-in-law to be makes this series more like a live action fairytale version of the drama. Everyone knows that Mrs. Hong will be the issue… Each person tries to figure out a way around Mrs. Hong’s explosion of evilness… As they do, the Jangja couple addresses and attacks one small enemy at a time ^^

On the side, Jangsu’s mistake is definitely going to cost Jang-Mi. In this case, Mincheol did have a right to sue since Jangsu has put Mincheol’s hospital’s livelihood at stake. If someone asked either of the nurses, they would probably commiserate with Jangsu about Mincheol being an arse to Jang-Mi but cutting off clients might have put them out of business. Would any employee like that? Probably not!

However, since Jangsu has been pretty responsible in getting a job and consistently going, I won’t bash him out for this costly mistake. Let’s just hope that Jang-Mi doesn’t be to suffer too much or get trapped by Minjoo for this.

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