Love & Secret – E92

Sunhwa’s family moves into Areum’s house and Nurse Min begins to pressure Soo Ah.


The episode begins with Soo Ah’s memory…Soo Ah pulls off Mrs. Chun’s oxygen mask and gasps at her own action.  She hears a crash to turn around and see Seungwoon with a nurse.  Mrs. Chun dies as Seungwoon rushes over to his mother and then yells at Soo Ah that she killed his mother.  The nurse restrains Seungwoon…


Soo Ah snaps out of this reverie when Mr. Chun taps her.  She responds so haltingly and appears to be out of it that Mr. Chun asks if anything occurred.  Soo Ah responds that she will prepare a bath.

Next, Mr. Chun updates Soo Ah that he met Mr. Han.  He told Mr. Han that he’s willing to accept Areum, but not Seungwoon.  Mr. Chun thanks Soo Ah for trying her best with Seungwoon; he knows how hard it is to love someone else’s child as her own.  Looking uncomfortable, Soo ah leaves to prepare Mr. Chun’s bath and reassures herself that she will never meet Nurse Min again.


At the office, Seungwoon teases Secretary Jang for not being married yet.  It turns out Secretary Jang had declared that he would get married soon as he started working for the company.  Secretary Jang leaves in a huff.

Seungwoon calls Areum and rushes over to the hospital to pick up Areum.  She walks out with the baby and tells him that the hospital will contact them with the test results.


At the same time, Philip asks the nurse about Tiffany.  The nurse responds that the mother took the child home.  Philip also asks about what was wrong and identifies himself as Tiffany’s father.  The nurse follows protocol and tells Philip that they will call the mother with the results; she tells him to ask the baby’s mother about the results.  Someone give this woman a promotion as she’s one of the few people in dramaland that follows protocol!

Philip checks in on his father, who tells Philip to bring back Tiffany.  He adds that his last wish is to see Philip living happily with Suzy and Tiffany.  Philip promises to bring back Tiffany soon and reaches for his father’s hand.

Seungwoon drops Areum at home when Philip calls to ask about Tiffany.  He also tells Areum to call as soon as Tiffany is better; he wants to show Tiffany to his father.

In the apartment, Seungwoon tells Areum to call him the next time something happens.  He reminds her that he’s Tiffany’s father now and wants to help.  The took look over a much calmer Tiffany.


Meanwhile, Mr. Han thinks about his talk with Mr. Chun.  He calls his daughter to talk for a little bit.  Areum apologizes that she cannot come over until the next day as Tiffany was hurt.

Mrs. Han cleans Areum’s room and finds Tiffany’s sock in Areum’s bed.  Sitting down, she tears up looking at Tiffany’s sock.


Mr. Han comes to join her and the two talk about Areum.  Mrs. Han sighs that Areum could have stayed in this room if not for her.  Mr. Han reassures her that Areum is happier at the new place; she didn’t move out because of her.

Mrs. Han apologizes to Mr. Han that he will need to leave with her family.  Mr. Han tells Mrs. Han that he’s looking forward to living with Sunhwa’s family as it will be more fun and lively.  The two laugh about their family differences.


Haeban continues to backing and decides to leave while Soo Ah is gone.  Seungho comes in to ask his grandmother about snacks.  Haeban orders Seungho some snacks and watches over him eating.  She muses that the one thing she will worry about is Seungho.  She also tells Seungho that she will take care of Seungho after she makes it as a singer.

Hearing this, Seungho worries that his grandmother is losing it again. Soo Ah interrupts to lecture her mom for feeding oily food to Seungho.  Haeban mutters that she won’t be able to order food for Seungho even if she wants to in the future as she leaves.


Haeban comes to Songcheol’s house as Sunhwa’s family leaves.  Yoojin tells Cheolgu that she does not approve of matching her father with Haeban.


Meanwhile, Soo Ah finds Haeban’s room empty.  Haeban has even left a message that she is going on her own path.

Seungho starts crying for his grandmother as Soo Ah angrily calls all the places at which her mother might be.  Soo Ah checks the sauna when Haeban calls her and tells her not to look for her anymore.

At this point, Nurse Min calls Soo Ah to meet up and threatens to visit Soo Ah’s house.  Soo Ah agrees to meet with Nurse Min at a coffee shop.


Once situatied, Nurse Min starts to talk about Soo Ah’s past and comments about how Soo Ah has changed so much.  Nurse Min mentions that she should have asked Soo Ah for help earlier.

Soo Ah tells Nurse Min that they paid her fees.  Soo Ah gets up and Nurse Min states that she saw how Soo Ah took off Mrs. Chun’s oxygen mask.  She asks if Mr. Chun also knows about how his wife died.  Soo Ah tells Nurse Min to shut up and leaves.


At the Han residence, the two families happily eat dinner together.   Sigh… The good thing about family…even the bad times seem more bearable when you’re all together …


After dinner, Areum thanks Sunhwa for coming in to help.  Sunhwa tells Areum to worry about herself as Mrs. Han was her sister before Mrs. Han became Areum’s mother.  Sunhwa asks if Mrs. Han mentioned anything to Areum and stops when Areum seems to not know anything.


That night, Areum wakes up to Tiffany’s crying.  She thinks that Tiffany has a wet diaper and begins to change it.  When Areum takes off Tiffany’s diaper, she finds blood.


Looks like Soo Ah needs to watch her back.  Nurse Min’s words at the cafe were all clipped and dripping with jealousy that Soo Ah has managed to find a life as a wealthy woman.  It makes sense, Nurse Min might have been willing to look the other way since Mrs. Chun was barely holding on to life and Soo Ah was living a hard life as well.  However, now that she found Soo Ah living happily, while she is just trying to make ends meet…the calculation changes.  I fully welcome the change as Soo Ah is a much more interesting character when she’s scheming.

On another note, the writers better not kill off Tiffany.   If they do, I think I might just drop recapping this series.  It just seems wrong to kill off the baby.  Additionally, since all of the characters seem to have been changed by Tiffany… It’s like killing off a baby Pollyanna.


Love & Secret – E91

Mr. Chun decides to continue as a lone wolf and neither accepts Philip’s proposal nor Seungwoon’s plea to approve of both Areum and Tiffany.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Han takes all of her energy to tell Philip what kind of human he is and Soo Ah’s past returns.


Mrs. Han comes out to see Areum and Tiffany.  Areum tells her mom to hold on to Tiffany as Tiffany wants to see her grandmother.



Holding Tiffany, Mrs. Han gets more confidence and even carries her into her bedroom to have some private time with her granddaughter.  Inside the room, Mrs. Han apologizes to Tiffany for suffering because of her.


Seungwoon arrives at Areum’s place again with groceries.  He happily picks up Tiffany to play and asks why Tiffany is cold.  Areum explains that they went to her house to see her mother and sighs that her mother didn’t seem to be in a good mood.  She worries that her mother remembers bad memories.  Seungwoon plans to stop by Areum’s place to help with Mrs. Han.

When Mr. Chun comes home, Soo Ah comments that Seungwoon isn’t home yet.  She muses that Seungwoon might be meeting with Areum and offers to speak with Areum on the side.  Mr. Chun tells her to stay out of it.


Seungwoon comes home and stops by his father’s room.  He tells his father that he also hates Philip for everything that he did.  He adds that he doesn’t want to lose anything else to Philip, including Areum and Tiffany.

Mr. Chun warns Seungwoon that he thinks that he can love Tiffany right now because he loves Areum.  However, when Tiffany grows older and shows characteristics similar to Philip, he will find it harder to love Tiffany for Tiffany’s sake.  He tells Seungwoon that it’s best to leave Tiffany with her father.

Seungwoon tells his father that he also only saw Philip in Tiffany at first.  However, he notes that he cannot see Areum without Tiffany and loves them both now.  He asks his father for his blessing of their marriage as he promises not to marry Areum until he gets his father’s blessing.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Han asks her husband to call out Sunhwa as she wants to go out with her sister.  Mr. Han calls Sunhwa, who promises to come right away.


The two sisters walk through the park when Mrs. Han pauses to tell Sunhwa that she needs to meet Philip.  Sunhwa tells her sister that Mr. Han and Areum will kill her if she lets Mrs. Han meet Philip.  Mrs. Han asks Sunhwa to take her to the coffee shop.


At the same time, Philip stares at a picture of Tiffany until Suzy interrupts.  They discuss how Philip thinks his father has changed.  Suzy explains that it’s probably Philip understanding his father more.  Suzy continues to comment that she felt something toward Tiffany as they took a family picture.  She assumes that Philip does as well.

Mrs. Han’s call interrupts this talk and Philip leaves to see Mrs. Han.  Mrs. Han asks Sunhwa for some privacy and she goes to a nearby table.


Immediately, Philip asks about Tiffany and Mrs. Han throws a glass of water in Philip’s face.  She asks how Philip could do this to her when she approved of him so much.  Philip pretends to not understand what is going on and Mrs. Han yells at him to not underestimate her because she has dementia.  She tells him to never appear in front of her or Areum again and leaves.

Sunhwa follows Mrs. Han out and applauds Mrs. Han.  Mrs. Han falls to the ground and cries about what she had made Areum go through.  Sunhwa consoles Mrs. Han that it wasn’t her fault; it was Philip’s fault.  Mrs. Han breaks down sobbing.

Jiwoo calls her friend to brag about a video of Jinwoo singing. They order four servings of meat.


Meanwhile, Philip drops by to meet Mr. Chun and asks about his proposal.  Mr. Chun laughs that Philip is ridiculous.  He tells Philip that even if he cannot accept Tiffany, he would never work with Philip.  Philip gets up smiling that he will give Mr. Chun more time.


Next, Mr. Chun calls out Mr. Han to discuss their children.  Mr. Han tells Mr. Chun that he was happy to hear that such a respectable man as Seungwoon wanted to marry his daughter.  He also explains that he knows that his daughter has some faults and would understand if Mr. Chun would disapprove.

In return, Mr. Chun explains how he tried to get Seungwoon to marry a girl that he approved, but Seungwoon had no feelings for.  He explains that he has learned from the experience and is willing to accept Areum.  However, he asks that Mr. Han help convince Areum to give up Tiffany as he cannot accept Tiffany.


At the same time, Areum calls Seungwoon to tell him that she sent over the latest designs.  After the call, she picks up Tiffany, who’s running a fever.

Meanwhile, Philip’s father gets wheeled out because his condition has worsened all of a sudden.  Philip yells at Suzy for not taking care of his father correct.  Suzy replies that it was not her fault; his father is a cancer patient in the last stages…It was miracle that he lasted so long without any issues.  Philip packs up his father’s things and takes a pause to look at the family picture that was near his father’s bed.


Philip and Suzy watch over Philip’s father and Suzy tells him to take it one step at a time; they can protect their family.  Philip walks out to see Areum running in with a crying Tiffany.  He stops Areum to ask her to bring Tiffany up when he calls and Areum pushes him away to take Tiffany to the hospital first.


Haeban packs up her stuff to move when Soo Ah stops by for some money.  Haeban gives her $30 and Soo Ah takes Haeban’s card instead.


Coincidentally, a lady delivers yogurt and overhears that the wife of Winner’s Group CEO is at the salon.  She stops by to greet Soo Ah, who recognizes her as Nurse Min.  Nurse Min asks about Seungwoon as she wants to meet up with him and Soo Ah’s expression freezes.


Soo Ah walks home in a rage and gets lost in her memories where her hand hovers over Mrs. Chun’s oxygen mask.  Soo Ah pulls Mrs. Chun’s oxygen mask off to hear something crash behind her… When she turns around, she sees Nurse Min and Seungwoon in the doorway.


That was quite satisfying.  I was disappointed to find out that it would be a one episode arc that finished with Mrs. Han throwing water in his face.  Yet, knowing how much effort it takes for Mrs. Han to function normally, I’m impressed that she was able to do what Mr. Han and Areum have not been able to do.  She’s done the full, I-see-you-less-than-a-human-water-throw-in-face move and he wasn’t even expecting it.  I also loved that she was able to tell him exactly how she felt and warned him to stay away from her daughter.

On a second note, I was surprised by the Nurse Min angle!  Seungwoon kept talking about how Soo Ah killed his mother, but since the show hasn’t really elaborated on this subplot, I assumed that he was just a bitter child.  I also guessed that maybe Seungoon felt that Soo Ah killed his mother because his mother got depressed after Mr. Chun started relying on Soo Ah.  However, that memory where Soo Ah takes off Mrs. Chun’s oxygen mask changes the picture completely.

All of a sudden, Mr. Chun’s actions don’t seem as harsh.  If by some random coincidence, Mr. Chun actually believes that Soo Ah might have something to do with his wife’s death…It would be an amazing act of revenge to keep her next to him always with the bribe that she can her son would share from his estate…Meanwhile, he would never love her and would encourage Seungwoon to be wary of her so that she stays lonely.  That would be a major revenge story.


Love & Secret – E90

Philip starts to slowly play his cards.  What he doesn’t realize is that his most formidable foe may be Mrs. Han, who remembers everything.  Nothing’s stronger than a mother’s love for her child and when you trick one into betraying her child…comeuppance is certain.


Mr. Chun meets with Philip at the Japanese restaurant.  Philip comments that it’s not going to be easy to get Seungwoon to give up Tiffany.  He proposes that Mr. Chun get Areum and Seungwoon to Areum to give up their parental rights.  In return, he and his father will invest in Mr. Chun’s new partnership with Haoren.


Mr. Chun gets up to leave.  He tells Philip that he doesn’t want to hear anything more as he’s not going to trust any offer from Philip.  Philip replies that he will resort to other methods if Mr. Chun doesn’t agree to work with him.

In response, Mr. Chun just growls that Philip still hasn’t learned his lesson.  Philip smirks that he lost last time because of the messy human relationships; Seungwoon is no match for him when he’s not distracted.


Meanwhile, at the Chun residence, Haeban tells Soo Ah that she wants to move out.  Soo Ah tells her to just stay put and not make things anymore complicated.  In response, her mother tells Soo Ah that she’s spent her life caring for her and now will live for herself before leaving.  Once in her room, Haeban decides to move out without telling anymore.

Then Seungwoon brings Areum to his house to eat lunch.  Areum tries to go back into his car and Seungwoon stops her as they have to go through this sooner or later.  He tells Areum to be on guard and brings her in.


Soo Ah, Haeban and Seungho come out to see Areum.  Seungho seems happy to see Areum, but Soo Ah freezes.  Haeban takes over as the host and politely asks questions about Tiffany.  A master of the game, Soo Ah tells her mother to come into the kitchen to help prepare fruit and only leaves Seungho in the living room with the couple.

Mr. Chun arrives in a fit of anger and kicks the couple out.  Soo Ah is the voice of reason as she tells both sides to calm down and sit to talk.  Soo Ah goes to bring Mr. Chun a cold glass of water as Mr. Chun demands to know what Areum decided.


Areum responds that she cannot give up either Seungwoon or Tiffany.  Seungwoon backs her up and Mr. Chun angrily yells that Areum thinks her child is so precious but doesn’t understand his feelings for his precious child.  He declares that he’s lost and will give up his son.

Seungwoon stands up declaring that he will move out and Mr. Chun agrees before leaving.  Soo Ah softly tells them to leave at this point for now and the two do.

Comedic interlude commences as Yoojin and Cheolgu bicker about the lack of pregnancy.  Cheolgu declares that either they publish a new cd or marry off Songcheol for their future.


Songcheol calls them out and hands over vitamins for Yoojin remarking that he needs to take care of his daughter as her husband doesn’t have the ability.  Cheolgu answers that Songcheol sabotaged them by being so harsh on their singer.

Sunhwa interrupts this to tell everyone that she needs to move out to take care of her sister.  Songcheol apologizes that it might be hard to pay them back the deposit immediately.  Sunhwa smiles that she found someone to take over her place and Haeban arrives.

Songcheol quietly fumes but Cheolgu smooths everything over.


Seungho and Heung Min also discuss the situation… It’s adorable as Heung Min uses the old person’s vocabulary and comments that they are now in-laws.  The two decide to support Seungwoon and Areum.


At home, Mr. Chun has difficulty getting out of bed and Seungwoon drops by his father’s room to check.  Mr. Chun warns Seungwoon that if something happens to the Haoren partnership, Seungwoon will have to take full responsibility.


Not discouraged, Seungwoon drops by with coffee for Areum and announces that their next plan is to succeed with the Haoren partnership.  Areum worries that Seungwoon has been kicked out of the house and Seungwoon reassures her.

Areum asks if she could get Mr. Chun’s measurements to make him an outfit.  Seungwoon promises to get her the measurements.


Meanwhile, Suzy and Philip also meet as Suzy reports that Philip’s father has given up.  Philip also reports that the meeting with Mr. Chun was not successful.  Suzy wonders why he was so harsh to Mr. Chun and Philip replies that he has to be a jerk so that Mr. Chun hates him and Tiffany because of him.

Philip checks on his father, who orders that Philip bring Tiffany over no matter what.  Philip asks his father why he’s so obsessed about Tiffany when he didn’t seem so interested in family in the past.  When his father doesn’t seem to answer, Philip turns to go.


At the last moment, his father yells out that he doesn’t want Philip to turn out like him; he regretted living away from his child and doesn’t want Philip to have the same regrets.  Philip pauses at this confession of vulnerability and tells his father that he is trying his best.


Mrs. Han calls Philip to ask if he misses Tiffany.  Philip answers that he does, but hasn’t been around as Areum doesn’t like him seeing Tiffany.  Mrs. Han carefully tells Philip that he should come over like the last time.  Philip readily agrees and Mrs. Han promises to call back.

After the call, Philip smiles thinking that Mrs. Han doesn’t remember anything.  However, Mrs. Han remembers it all and in her guilty state cannot even see her daughter’s face when Areum stops by.  Waiting until Areum leaves her room, Mrs. Han curses Philip.


WOW.  I am impressed.  I did not expect the drama to take this route, but I love it.  I’ve just seen the helpless side of Mrs. Han for so many episodes that I forgot that she’s a mother.  It makes sense that by giving Mrs. Han a goal to remember – crushing Philip, she would be able to hold parts of her memories together.  I’m not sure how the writers will play this out as this could be a one episode thing or it could be several episodes with Mrs. Han fighting against her memory loss to declaw Philip.  However, I am excited to see how Mrs. Han battles her disease and enact revenge on Philip, who completely underestimates her at this point.

Love & Secret – E89

Our love birds hit a formidable wall in Mr. Chun.


Mr. Chun calls Areum out and she readily accepts.  She arrives at the one Japanese restaurant set that the producers have provided for… Immediately, Mr. Chun demands to know if Areum wants to marry Seungwoon.

Areum answers that she has many flaws and Seungwoon is too good for her; however, she still wants to marry Seungwoon.


Mr. Chun angrily asks if she really loves Seungwoon when she’s fighting to keep Philip’s child.  He asks her if she has already forgotten what Philip has done to his company and family.  Changing tones, he tells her gently that he is not ready to write Seungwoon out of his family.  Therefore, he is willing to accept Areum, but she has to decide between Seungwoon or Tiffany.

When Mr. Chun gets up, Areum falls to her knees to beg Mr. Chun to reconsider.  Mr. Chun doesn’t change his mind and leaves.


At the Han residence, Seungwoon plays with Tiffany and compliments Mrs. Han’s appearance.  When Jinwoo arrives, the two have some bonding time with Seungwoon asking when Jinwoo started dating Jiwoo.  He compliment’s Jinwoo’s dating ability and Jinwoo jokes that he was seduced.  Laughing, Seungwoon pulls out a check for Jinwoo’s allowance and tells him to accept it as it’s a bribe.  Jinwoo accepts and asks if he should call Seungwoon “brother-in-law.”

Areum arrives and Seungwoon offers to drive her home.  Areum declines so that she could see her father first.  Instead Areum asks if it’s alright for her to be seeing someone so perfect as him. [DRAMAFEED – I don’t think he’s actually perfect…but…]

Seungwoon just jokes it off that Areum has finally seen the light.


Mr. Chun waits for Seungwoon in a bad mood.  When Seungwoon finally arrives, Mr. Chun throws his whiskey glass on the ground and growls that Seungwoon better follow him into his room.  Once inside the master bedroom with the door closed, Mr. Chun begins to yell at Seungwoon so that everyone can overhear anyways.  He asks why Seungwoon is fighting for custody over Areum and tells him that if he continues, Mr. Chun will not approve of the marriage.

Haeban and Seungho discuss what this can be about in a small interlude of comedic relief.

Meanwhile, Soo Ah is completely satisfied that Mr. Chun might be so pissed off that he could rewrite his will.

At the same time, Philip’s family eats dinner.  Philip and Suzy comment that they still haven’t lost.  If something happens to Tiffany one more time because of Mrs. Han, they would still win.  Like the seasoned general, Philip’s father tells them that once Areum marries Seungwoon, they’ve lost the custody battle.

Suzy and Philip ask if Seungwoon’s father would accept Tiffany and Philip’s father warns that they don’t know what will happen.  He warns them to bring back Tiffany before Areum gets married.


At Sunhwa’s place, the family decides to move into the Han’s apartment.  Heungsu even comments that they shoud try to help with Mrs. Han’s hospital bills as money isn’t everything; it is more important to be healthy and happy.


Haeban and Seungho stop by Sunhwa’s pizza place.  Haeban asks about Songcheol and Sunhwa answers that they are moving into her sister’s place.  Haeban asks about what will happen with Sunhwa’s room since the atmosphere at home is horrible.

Sunhwa recognizes the details and realizes that Haeban is talking about Areum and Seungwoon…


Seungho and Heung Min talk about the same thing when Areum comes over.  Heung Min realizes the same thing when Sunhwa comes in and brings Areum aside to tell her the same information.


Sunhwa tells Areum to think twice about this… She’s not sure Areum will be happy even if she gets married.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Han hears that Sunhwa will move into Areum’s room.  She asks why Areum is moving out and Mr. Han just glosses over it as Areum is now older.  He puts Mrs. Han to sleep but she gets up to eavesdrop.  Mrs. Han overhears Mr. Han and Jinwoo talking about how Mrs. Han is feeling guilty over the incident with Tiffany without realizing it…She falls on her seat realizing that it was Philip and not Eunbin.

Suzy drops by Philip’s place and he comments that Tiffany is the reason that his father’s health is getting better; his father gains strength when he has a goal.  He vows to get Tiffany back no matter what as he cannot see Seungwoon become her father.

Suzy asks if this involves Areum and Philip responds that he hates even the thought of Areum before he gets up.  Perceptive, Suzy worries that Philip is still not over Areum.  If he were, he wouldn’t hate her so much still.


Seungwoon brings his report to his father, who takes the documents but ignores him.


Afterwards, Seungwoon meets Haoren’s representative with Areum.  [DRAMAFEED – Sorry everyone, it was Haoren and not Hyde…]  They hand over the newest design samples.

When Haoren’s representative leaves, Areum checks to see if Seungwoon is okay.  Seungwoon replies that Seungho is exaggerating.  Areum offers to buy lunch and the two leave just as Mr. Chun stops by to see them.

Mr. Chun angrily glares at their retreating backs when he gets a call from Philip.


This was a developing episode that set the stage for the future conflicts.  We see how Mr. Chun tries to be reasonable in his own perspective, accepting Areum but not Philip’s child.  We also see how the stakes continue to increase for Philip as he notices his father’s growing attachment for Tiffany.  The previews support the irritating phrase that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  I really hope that Mr. Chun doesn’t decide that working with Philip is better than having to raise Philip’s child.

Love & Secret – E88

Areum and Seungwoon get Tiffany back and Mr. Han’s blessing for their marriage.


Seungwoon drives a dazed Areum back home as she wonders about whether or not they can protect Tiffany.  Seungwoon tells Areum not to worry about the matter, he’ll speak with the attorney.

At the same time, Philip looks at the family picture and sighs.  He calls Areum to meet up.


When Areum arrives, Philip tells her that he wanted to clear up a misunderstanding.  He isn’t just fighting for Tiffany because of the inheritance issue, but because he cannot give up his parental rights as he’s Tiffany’s father.

Areum replies that someone thinking about Tiffany would care more about why Tiffany is crying… In response, Philip tells her that she cannot guarantee that Tiffany will be happy just because she stays with her biological mother.  He adds that Suzy has the ability to become a great mother for Tiffany and asks Areum to give up her custody.

Areum rips up the legal papers and stakes out in front of Philip’s father’s place.  After a while, Suzy comes out carrying Tiffany for a walk.  Areum stares at Tiffany from across the hallway and leaves without saying anything.


Meanwhile, Seungwoon asks his attorney about whether they couldn’t win since Philip kidnapped Tiffany through the use of Tiffany’s grandmother.  The attorney sighs that they can’t do anything without some evidence.


Next, the family takes Mrs. Han back to the park to see if she cannot remember anything.  As the family walks through the park, the family members ask Mrs. Han if she remembers anything from that day.  Mrs. Han gets annoyed and walks off…right into a chestnut vendor, who pretended that she was Mrs. Han’s past friend.

The lady pretends that she never saw Mrs. Han before.  However, Mrs. Han insists that she saw this lady when she was with Tiffany and Eunbin.  The lady gets scared and starts packing up so Seungwoon tells her that they can take this matter to the police if she doesn’t cooperate.


With the threat of police involvement, the lady tells the family that she just did what someone told her to do in exchange for a month’s profit.  She confesses that she met the man outside of a bathroom.  Mr. Han takes Mrs. Han home and Seungwoon and Areum go to the security office to look through the security feeds.

Philip and Suzy happily talk about the pictures when Robert comes in to report that the lady called.  She confessed getting contacted by Seungwoon.

Philip’s father’s orders that they take Tiffany and leave the country immediately.  As they quickly walk out of the lobby, Areum and Seungwoon pass them on their way to Philip’s father’s hotel room.  Philip’s father doesn’t say anything and Areum finds that the milk bottle is still warm.  They run back to the lobby.


Suzy is about to get into Philip’s car and Areum grabs Tiffany.  When the two women fight over Tiffany, Seungwoon grabs Tiffany for Areum.  Philip and Suzy defend themselves as doing only what was necessary to protect Tiffany.

In response, Areum slaps Philip.  Seungwoon also notes that he regrets not putting Philip in jail when he had the chance.  They leave for Areum’s house.


Mrs. Han sees Tiffany ans asks her if Tiffany had to go somewhere because of her.  Areum responds that it was not her mother’s fault…rather, Mrs. Han was the reason that they were able to get Tiffany back.

Mrs. Han and Jinwoo get up to get snacks.  Seungwoon asks Mr. Han for permission to marry Areum and Mr. Han asks Areum for her opinion.  Areum tells her father that she also wants to get married to Seungwoon and Mr. Han approves.

Meanwhile, Soo Ah picks up dirty laundry from Seungwoon’s room and spots the picture with his mother again.  She puts it back down angrily that Seungwoon is treating her like a murderer before leaving.


When she goes downstairs, she finds her mother singing and complains.  In response, her mother lectures her for being so moody and tells her to act confidently around Seungwoon.  She warns that if Soo Ah doesn’t sort out the relationship with Seungwoon, she will have to treat her daughter-in-law like a mother-in-law.

At Songcheol’s place, Cheolgu and Yoojin happily talk over lunch.  When Cheolgu wonders about where Haeban is, Songcheol decides to get up.

After he leaves, Cheolgu uses Songcheol’s phone to text Haeban.  The text comments on spring and asks why she hasn’t come by to practice.  Haeban takes a few steps before sitting back down.


At the same time, Philip and Suzy have a drink as they discuss Tiffany.

Soo Ah and Mr. Chun also discuss Areum and Tiffany.  Mr. Chun asks for Soo Ah’s opinion and she responds that she approves of Areum, but doesn’t really approve of Tiffany.  Mr. Chun agrees that if Areum wants to join their family, she needs to give up Tiffany.


At Seungwoon’s place, Areum and Seungwoon have a happy moment together with Tiffany.  Conversely, Philip comes home to find Tiffany’s rattle.  Staring at it, he remembers how Tiffany grabbed his finger and starts to miss her.

In the morning, the family eats breakfast together and Seungwoom mentions to Seungho that he has a girlfriend, but doesn’t mention more due to his father’s glare.

When Mr. Chun gets to work, he runs into Areum’s lawyer.  They exchange greetings and Areum’s lawyer comments that it’s been so long since he’s seen Mr. Chun, although he has had the fortune to see Seungwoon recently.


Surprised, Mr. Chun asks why the attorney has met his son recently and the attorney answers that he’s helping out with the custody battle for Areum. Hearing this, Mr. Han furiously stalks into his room and calls Areum.


There’s a saying in Korea that even if you cross the mountain, there’s a mountain behind it.  Right now, it seems to describe Areum’s life perfectly.  She finally got Tiffany back only to start getting pressure from the now-healthy Mr. Chun.  =_=

On the bright side, I loved seeing the small character development for Philip and Suzy. I don’t believe that Philip started this because he cared about Tiffany, however, through obtaining a little bit of his father’s approval and Suzy’s constant reminder of the possibility of a happy family, he has started to really think about Tiffany as part of his direct family.   Finally, when he loses Tiffany and comes home to rattle… He totally misses her.  Of course, I don’t think he’s ready to be the perfect dad or has the right to raise Tiffany.  However, he’s come far from the man, who said that he didn’t want to have children.

Love & Secret – E87

Seungwoon and Areum pick up clues about Philip’s plan, while Suzy strives to protect her idea of family.


The episode begins with Areum’s selfish proposal.  Seungwoon tears up and responds back that he knows Areum is going through a difficult time.  He promises to protect Tiffany together and live happily together.

Areum tells him, “Yes, let’s protect Tiffany together…and live happily together… I love you.”

Hearing the last phrase, Seungwoon hugs Areum closely.


In the next morning, Secretary Jang reports to Mr. Chun, who asks about Seungwoon.  Secretary Jang explains that Seungwoon stepped out for a minute.  Mr. Chun calls Seungwoon to meet outside.


Over drinks, Mr. Chun tells his son to keep the marriage topic off the table for a while so that there can be peace at home.  Seungwoon responds that he hasn’t changed his mind.  In response, Mr. Chun explains that he just needs some time; he cannot approve of Tiffany, but he will think about Areum.  Seungwoon thanks his father and says it’s enough.

Soo Ah cleans up Seungwoon’s room and notes his picture with his mom.  Seungwoon walks in at the moment and tells Soo Ah not to touch his things.  Soo Ah agrees and walks back to her room, where Mr. Chun reminds her that she’s also Seungwoon’s mother and asks her to do her best.


Areum wonders about her mother’s dress when Seungwoon arrives with groceries.  He cooks her fried rice and comments that if it’s good, she can kiss him on the cheek.  Areum just sighs and looks away.  Leaning over, Seungwoon kisses her on the cheek and tells her that she can just receive everything for now.

They change the topic to work and Areum thanks Seungwoon for giving her work.  It helps her distract her from the Tiffany issue.  Seungwoon compliments her for maturing and reassures her that both their marriage and Tiffany will work out.


Meanwhile at the Han residence, Mrs. Han looks for her shoes in the refrigerator.  Jinwoo reminds her that shoes are kept in the shoe closet.  Jinwoo smiles and writes labels on post-its for his mother.

Areum arrives with the fabric for her mom’s dress.  Mrs. Han smiles that she remembers.  She explains that on the day that Areum went to buy the fabric, she went with Tiffany and Eunbin to the park.  The family starts to ask her for details and Mrs. Han retreats back into her own memories.

Areum discusses Mrs. Han’s words that Eunbin came to the house to take her to the park…Mr. Han notes that it’s frightening, but he doesn’t think that the mistake was completely Mrs. Han’s fault alone.


Suzy arrives at Philip’s apartment.  Philip gives her the envelope with Tiffany’s legal papers for her passport.  Suzy notes that it’s better to win legal custody over Tiffany than running away.  She explains that running away may leave them vulnerable to losing Tiffany forever.

Philip replies that this is just a backup plan.

Suzy then asks Philip if he’s doing this for revenge or for Tiffany.  Philip tells Suzy that he’s not sure.  In response, Suzy tells Philip to only think about her and Tiffany.  She explains that she knows how lonely Philip has been and how much he yearned for a family.  She asks him to forget about everything and try to create a happy family with her; she has already decided that she wants to raise Tiffany as her own daughter since she cannot have any children.  Philip looks up at her in surprise when Suzy mentions this and Suzy confirms his silent question.  She tells him that his father already knows and she was the one that told his father about Tiffany.  Getting up, she tells Philip to come out with Tiffany tomorrow so that they can take family pictures.

Secretary Jang talks to Seungwoon about the Hyde partnership.  He asks Seungwoon for the designer’s information so that he can contact the designer.  Seungwoon tells Secretary Jang that it’s Areum before leaving.  Secretary Jang laughs that Seungwoon is basically dating during office hours.

Seungwoon meets with Areum and they discuss the latest information about the day that they lost Tiffany.  Areum notes how Mrs. Han keeps mentioning Eunbin and Seungwoon tells Areum about Robert.  They plan to take Mrs. Han to the park the next day to see if she remembers anything.


Areum stops by her aunt’s pizza place and asks if they can move in to her house; Mrs. Han would also feel more comfortable with her sister nearby.  Sunhwa agrees immediately.

The two children walk home together.  Heung Min mentions that Seungho’s grandmother stops by their house more often.  Seungho tells Heung Min that he’s worried that his grandmother has dementia.  Hearing the symptoms, Heung Min agrees that it’s worrisome.  He encourages Seungho to tell his parents right away.


During their lunch, Cheolgu voices his idea to match Songcheol with Haeban.  Yoojin doesn’t seem convinced.

At the same time, Songcheol realizes that Haeban was so supportive of his daughter’s relationship because she liked him.


Philip brings over Tiffany’s papers to his father, who notes that Philip listens to him so much more now that money is involved.  While he stands there, Tiffany grabs his finger and Philip awkwardly pulls away with his father watching.

Going back home, Philip thinks about Suzy’s proposal that create a family with Tiffany.


Suzy also pushes Philip’s father around the park.  Philip’s father worries that Seungwoon will try to fight for Tiffany.  Suzy reassures him otherwise.  She reports about the status of Tiffany’s passport pictures and invites him to come out to take family pictures together.  Philip’s father also smiles to get invited.


Afterwards, at a restaurant, Suzy jokes that Tiffany takes after her father and looks ugly.  Philip laughs at the joke and Suzy comments that it’s been a while since she saw Philip laugh.


At the same time, Areum and Seungwoon walk into the same restaurant.  Spotting the two, Suzy and Philip invite Areum and Seungwoon to join them.  Areum accuses the two of planning the whole event around Mrs. Han losing Tiffany.

In response, Suzy states that they need to resolve the cause of the problem, which is letting a dementia patient babysit.  Areum tells the two that they can’t hide from the truth and Philip notes that they should get up first as it will be difficult to have a civil lunch.  Before they get up, Suzy passes over a copy of their family picture with the comment that Tiffany must think of her as the mom now…

Areum crumbles the picture in anger and Seungwoon comforts her.


I really want to know Philip’s father’s story at this point.  He seems to not know how to express his concern for Philip, but yet he is very perceptive about his son and adores his granddaughter.  Additionally, Suzy is able to manipulate Philip through his father easily because both of the men are so lonely.  Philip’s father’s loneliness was so clear when he immediately accepted the invitation to be part of the family pictures.  I don’t know what could have led him to abandon Philip in the care of others…

On a side note, it was great to hear Areum declare that she loves Seungwoon finally.  While her feelings had been clearer in the earlier episodes, as the focus drew back to Tiffany, I couldn’t tell if she actually loved Seungwoon or not.  However, by seeing her rely on him and smile in Seungwoon’s presence, I remembered how Areum fell for Seungwoon before he knew about Tiffany, which makes me a much happier Sungwoon/Areum shipper.

Finally, I can’t really seem to hate Suzy for all of her manipulations…she seems so human.  I thought it was really telling how she tried to tell Philip to get official legal custody over Tiffany instead of running away to a different country.  Also, she seems genuinely happy when there are “couple” moments with Philip.

Love & Secret – E86



Areum receives the call from Philip that Tiffany seems unwell and rushes over with Seungwoon.  As soon as she arrives, she grabs the crying baby and tries to comfort her as Seungwoon glares as Philip (and family) and the same family glares back.

Areum asks to take care of Tiffany for a couple of days and Philip’s side refuses.  Suzy adds that the doctor noted that babies usually go through these phases.  Areum still asks as Tiffany may look for her again and Seungwoon supports her.


Philip’s father asks Seungwoon, what his relationship to the matter is.  Seungwoon answers that he’s Areum’s fiance.  Immediately, Philip’s father dismisses everyone but Areum.


When everyone is gone, he advises Areum to give up on Tiffany or she will ask the unaskable of Seungwoon.  He differentiates Suzy as someone who has already been married to Philip once.  He emphasizes that all children look for their parents sooner or later, so she should let Suzy and Philip raise Tiffany for now.


Meanwhile, Philip tries to tell Seungwoon to give up on Tiffany instead of using Tiffany to get Areum.  Seungwoon tells Philip that he’s different and Tiffany is part of Areum.  Philip leaves after noting that Mr. Chun will not want to accept his child.


Seungwoon accompanies Areum back to his studio and offers tea.  Areum thanks him for being with her as it would have been difficult alone.


At the same time, Philip and Suzy have lunch.  Philip seems quiet and Suzy asks if he’s affected by thew news that Areum is engaged.  Philip answers that Suzy seems worried that he might still have feelings for Areum.  Suzy responds that she likes this honest personality of Philip and orders him not to meet with Areum anymore.


Seungwoon interrupts a family snack break to move back in.  Soo Ah’s mother worries that she hasn’t even cleaned his room and Seungwoon notes that it’s not necessary.  However, the only person who seems to be happy about this situation is Seungho.

Soo Ah walks into the kitchen to throw things on the table angrily…She wonders to herself about how horrible life would be if Seungwoon manages to win his father’s approval.

At the Han residence, Mrs. Han keeps remembering the words in her own journal entries.  She feels normal and doesn’t understand…She goes into the bathroom and repeats over and over again her basic information.


Mrs. Han walks into Areum’s room to find Mr. Han reminiscing about Areum’s childhood.  She asks her husband if Areum moved out of the house because of her…Mr. Han denies it and leaves the room.

Meanwhile, Sunhwa makes kimchi for her sister and Heungsu offers to drop it off with her.


Sunhwa arrives just as Mrs. Han fights with depression about her condition.  When she hears her sister’s voice, she pretends to be asleep as she’s unable to face her sister.


Haeban practices singing while Songcheol lectures her.  He tries to teach her techniques, but as Haeban has not trained to sing and the two have a horrible interaction.  Haeban ends up running out in frustration with Yoojin and Cheolgu running after her.  She drinks herself into oblivion and ends up being carried home by Cheolgu.

Songcheol comes back home to ask if it’s Yoojin lying in Cheolgu’s room.  Haeban pretends to sleeptalk and confesses to Songcheol that she cannot live without him.  Songcheol sneaks out.


Areum tries calling Philip to ask if she can see Tiffany.  However, Philip refuses to let Areum see her.


Areum then meets with her attorney to report on her new changed circumstances.  He agrees that she has fixed some of her disadvantages.

Areum asks if she can request temporary guardianship as Tiffany seems to have difficulty adapting to the new surroundings.  Her attorney tells her that he’d be happy to facilitate that, but warns her that even if she applies for guardianship, they have to wait until the trial for her to get physical custody.  He suggests that she try talking to Suzy to work to resolve this quicker.


Areum brings some porridge for Tiffany and meets with Suzy.  She pleads with Suzy to return Tiffany to her.  She asks Suzy to convince Philip to return Tiffany; they can start afresh without Tiffany.  She tells Suzy that she’s already been scarred enough by the two…

Suzy responds back that Areum shouldn’t think that she’s the only victim in this situation.  She tells Areum that she only found out about Areum after she fell in love with Tiffany.  In the same way that Areum lost Philip because of Suzy, her marriage was ruined because of Areum.  She tells Areum that she cannot have children and needs Tiffany to hold on to Philip, whom she could not forget.  She adds that they filed their marriage certificate.  Therefore, by law, she’s also Tiffany’s mother and will raise Tiffany like her own daughter. [DRAMAFEED – Well not exactly correct…she hasn’t applied for legal adoption … so…]

Areum stands up to tell Suzy that no matter what happens, she is Tiffany’s mother and leaves to beg Philip’s father to let her see Tiffany.  She ends up being dragged out by the guards.

Soo Ah makes some fruit juice for Seungwoon and growls that she has to serve a mother-in-law.  Soo Ah plasters on a smile and tries to bring it to Seungwoon, who asks her if she finds this uncomfortable because he does.  He tells her that they just need to keep civility.

Seungwoon takes Seungho to school and Haeban approves that family should stick together to Soo Ah’s complete irritation.

Areum ends up getting a fever and ignores Seungwoon’s calls.


Secretary Jang reports to Seungwoon that he looked into the number and found out that the phone has been discontinued…The name was Robert Kang…Also, Philip’s secretary is Robert Kang.


Seungwoon rushes straight to Philip’s apartment and confronts him.  Philip tells Seungwoon that he has nothing to hide.  His secretary was coincidentally at the park and saw the baby.  Seungwoon resolves to prove the truth behind the matter and leaves.

After Seungwoon leaves, Philip calls someone to rush Tiffany’s passport.


Areum wakes up from an nightmare just in time for Seungwoon to stop by.  Seungwoon asks Areum if she’s sick because she looks so ashy and weak.

Areum responds back:  If I stay with you, can I be happy?  If I stay with you, can we really protect Tiffany?  Do you want to live with me?  Will you marry me?


I know that I’m like writing my recaps behind by several episodes, but this is kind of freaky.  I just yelled at the writers on the internet because I was so frustrated by Areum’s wishy-washy demeanor and in the ending of this episode, she proposes to Seungwoon. I was watching this episode like o_o o_O O_O.

Of course, she proposes in the backdrop of fever delirium.  The proposal itself is less of a romantic proposal and more of a final attempt to save her happiness…It can be distilled to Areum asking Seungwoon if she can use him to protect her own happiness.  Specifically, this is not a proposal of love as she’s not asking Seungwoon to marry her because she loves him and cannot live without him.

Once we get past the fact that Areum is still acting completely selfishly, I do think that Areum has matured.  She’s forced to try to protect Tiffany and her own happiness.  Finding that she doesn’t have the ability to do it herself, she’s moving forward and becoming honest with her intentions.   I respect that.

On the other hand, I am warming up to Suzy.  She’s not a two dimensional character.  We saw how she refused to get drunk with Philip’s scotch in the last episode.  Instead, she brought Philip over to watch over Tiffany.  In this episode, we find out the other reason that she grabbed on to the idea of Tiffany – she cannot get pregnant.  For her, Tiffany is literally the only way that she can keep some kind of connection with Philip other than his sick father.  She’s clear in her goal – Philip – and she’s willing to do everything she can to protect that goal.  In this sense, she’s Areum’s foil.  It also helps that while she’s relying on the help of nannies, she is also trying to become a decent mother for Tiffany.

Since Suzy has an incentive to be a good mother, who will be loved by Tiffany, I can see her being a good influence in Tiffany’s life. I wouldn’t mind seeing this turn into an ending like Stepmom…with Tiffany being raised by Areum and Seungwoon, but also being the legal child of Suzy and Philip.

Love & Secret – E85

Seungwoon continues to support Areum, who hasn’t answered his proposal, and win the approval of both Mr. Chun and Mr. Han.


The episode begins with Seungwoon proposing to Areum, who finally decides that she needs to lean on him.  Specifically, he says, “I’m sorry.  I’m so late.  Let’s get married.  What I wished for my birthday was this.  It’s already been several months… I should have said this earlier. I’m sorry for making you go through this.  If you’re going to live anyways, let’s go through this together.”

Areum:  Vice President

Seungwoon: I can’t see you like this anymore.  Just think about yourself and Tiffany.  Stop using me as an excuse and pushing me away.

The two stare at each other until the scene changes to Areum sighing in her room.


Mr. Han interrupts this reverie to ask about how Tiffany is doing.  Areum confirms that Tiffany is actually adapting well to the new scenery and Mr. Han tells her that she did well before leaving.

Areum goes to cry over Tiffany’s blanket, while Suzy plays with Tiffany and Seungwoon sits on his bed.  Seungwoon thinks about the scene where Areum hugged him first and says to himself that Areum needs to only wait a little longer; he’s almost there.

At the Chun residence, Soo Ah tries to see what Mr. Chun is thinking by asking about if Mr. Chun has had a chance to think about how to respond since Seungwoon looked serious.  Mr. Chun just asks her to turn off the lights and she leaves.


In the morning, Seungwoon drops by to ask for approval of new contracts for the company.  Mr. Chun snipes that Seungwoon shouldn’t think that he will get approval just because he’s useful for the company.

Seungwoon replies that he’s just doing his job and repeats that he will move in this weekend.  Mr. Chun reminds Seungwoon that he got his stubbornness from his father and that he cannot win over his father.


Seungwoon just smiles that he knows; and, this is why he’s asking his father to lose to him.  He leaves to go to his own office and take care of some business.  He tells Secretary Jang that they need to compensate the designer, who helped obtain the contract with Hyde.

He then asks about whether Secretary Jang has finished with the furniture for his studio.  When Secretary Jang replies that it has mostly been finished, Seungwoon replies, in all seriousness, that it he can’t be “mostly” finished.  He emphasizes that an important person will be residing at his place.

Smiling Secretary Jang asks if Areum will be living at Seungwoon place and Seungwoon changes the topic before heading to the police station.  He asks if the police station could give the information of the person who reported Tiffany being abandoned.


Getting the information, Seungwoon calls the person, who ignores the first call and answers the second.  Seungwoon calls to confirm that the answerer was the same person who reported Tiffany to the police.  Seungwoon asks if they could meet up to talk about the details and the person (Philip’s secretary) hangs up.

Philip’s secretary reports the call to Philip, who grits his teeth when he hears about the situation.  He instructs his secretary to change his phone number and mutters that Seungwoon can follow him all Seungwoon wants…He will win in the end.


Areum remembers Tiffany crying and decides to distract herself by working on her designs.  She looks through her portfolio when Jinwoo walks in.  Jinwoo hands Areum an envelope of money that he saved from working a part time job for several months.  He tells Areum to succeed and repay him with interest.

Feeling overcome with emotion, Areum stares at Jinwoo, when she gets an interview request from one of the companies to which she applied.  Areum quickly gets ready and goes to a cafe…only to find Seungwoon waiting for her.


Seungwoon happily waves her over and asks if she forgot Secretary’s Jang’s voice.  Areum looks at him in a confused manner.

Seungwoon leans over happily and hands her a manila envelope with her employment contract.  He explains that they want to hire her to design the line for the partnership with Hyde & Co.  He explains that he’s moving into his father’s house and she can move into his studio with Tiffany.

Areum tells Seungwoon that she will repay him with excellent work and Seungwoon smiles.  He instructs her to pack her things and he will pick them up when she’s ready.  He also tells her to meet with Secretary Jang to get information on the projected line.  Areum agrees and gets up to go to work.


After Areum leaves, Seungwoon calls Mr. Han to ask if he can come over.  Running over with flowers and fruit, Seungwoon bows to Mr. Han in the formal fashion and then asks for Mr. Han’s permission to marry Areum.

Mr. Han tries to tell Seungwoon to sit down first.  Seungwoon replies that he’s completely comfortable kneeling on the floor.

Mr. Han asks if Seungwoon has spoken to Areum.

Seungwoon replies that Areum is too busy running away from him because of her current scars.  He adds that he knows her true heart and wants to live happily with Areum and Tiffany.

Mr. Han asks if Seungwoon’s parents have approved of this marriage.

Seungwoon apologizes that he has not yet obtained permission from his parents.  However, he promises that he is confident that he can obtain permission.  He just asks Mr. Han to help him win over Areum’s hearts.

Meanwhile, Sunhwa makes kimchi by herself and Heung Min asks what is going on.  Sunhwa replies that she saw that the Han’s had run out of kimchi and is making some for her sister’s family.  Cheolgu joins Sunhwa in the living room to try the kimchi.

Sunhwa glares at Cheolgu and asks him to stop eating their side dishes.  Yoojin walks in to tell Cheolgu not to be so stingy.  Sunhwa replies that Cheolgu can share their food if he also stocks the refrigerator once in a while.

Heung Min tells everyone that his mother is currently sensitive and convinces his mother to go inside their room.


At the Chun residence, Seungho walks in to his grandmother’s room to see her singing.  She tells her grandson that she’s going to be a singer and Seungho thinks that she’s lost in her daydreams and runs out crying.


Yoojin is feeding Cheolgu in a lovey-dovey manner, when Soo Ah’s mother walks in.  She tells  the two that she knows that Yoojin isn’t pregnant and using pregnancy as an excuse to get married.

Cheolgu begs Soo Ah’s mother to keep it a secret from Songcheol.

Soo Ah’s mother hands over herbal medicine to Yoojin and tells her to actually get pregnant.  She tells Yoojin that she doesn’t have to be thankful as she just saw her own daughter in Yoojin.

Areum arrives home and notices the flowers in the living room.  Mr. Han explains that Seungwoon came by to see him just to give his greeting.

At dinner, Jinwoo asks Areum about her new job and Areum explains to the family that she’s going to move out and work from home.  Mrs. Han gets up because her neck is chilly.

Areum asks if Mr. Han will be okay with her leaving.  Mr. Han notes that Mrs. Han is much better so it should not be an issue.  Jinwoo also notes that he will help.


When Mrs. Han looks in her drawers, she finds her own journal and starts to read it.  She asks Mr. Han about the journal entries when he enters the room.  She is completely confused about the journal entries as she recognizes everyone…

Mr. Han just silently takes Mrs. Han’s hands.  He tells her softly that she’s dreaming and everything will be all right.


At the Chun residence, Soo Ah tastes some soup and thinks about Seungwoon’s declaration that he will take responsibility for Tiffany.  She worries that Seungho’s inheritance would decrease if Seungwoon marries Areum and calls Attorney Oh.

Mr. Chun walks in to the kitchen during Soo Ah’s call and asks why she’s calling Attorney Oh.  Soo Ah explains that she is calling on behalf of Mrs. Oh, who said that they have a rocky marriage.  Mr. Chun advises that she stays out of other family’s personal issues.  Soo Ah agrees and follows him into the master bedroom to ask if she should prepare Seungwoon’s room.

Even after Soo Ah leaves the room, she wonders what would happen if Seungwoon just gets married…


Meanwhile, Areum packs her bags before reaching for a snow globe that Tiffany liked.  The music turns ominous.

Philip walks into his father’s room because Tiffany won’t stop crying.  The nanny comments that Tiffany must be crying for her mother.  Philip answers that the child doesn’t know anything and might benefit from fresh air.

Philip’s father angrily asks why he had to show Tiffany to her mother, making her confused.  Philip replies that it was due to the upcoming trial.

Philip’s father asks if Philip is confident that he will win.  Philip replies that he is confident and his father tells him to prepare Tiffany’s passport.  If there is any issue, Philip’s father plans to take Tiffany to the United States first.


Philip returns home to find Suzy speaking with a lawyer.  The lawyer gives him the marriage certificate.

Philip looks at Suzy with a frozen and emotionless face.  Getting up, Suzy asks if Philip regrets his decision.

Philip replies that he doesn’t regret anything as it’s just a document.  Suzy asks how a marriage certificate or a divorce certificate is just a piece a paper…She comments that it’s always just a piece of paper between the two of them.

Philip tells her not to get emotional.  Changing the topic, Suzy asks if Philip has heard anything from Areum’s side.  He replies that they have nothing they can do.

In response, Suzy notes that Areum might get married to Seungwoon to actively defend against the custody battle.  Seungwoon frowns at Suzy, when they get a call.


Philip and Suzy rush over to Philip’s father’s place, where Tiffany refuses to be placated.  The nanny even states that the doctor has seen Tiffany and found that Tiffany is completely healthy.  Tiffany continues to cry even though Suzy holds her and Philip’s father gives up and instructs that they call Areum.


Meanwhile, Areum walks into Philip’s studio to find the place completely prepared so that Areum can design clothes and take care of Tiffany.  She sees Tiffany’s crib and a pillow with a picture of her and her baby and starts to tear up with gratitude.  Seungwoon notes that it’s too early to feel thankful.  He tells Areum to rest at his place and win Tiffany back.


A call interrupts this scene and Areum picks up to find Philip on the other line.  Philip tells Areum that she needs to come by for Tiffany, who can be heard crying.


Well wasn’t that a false cliffhanger.  I am completely disappointed that Areum didn’t really answer Seungwoon.  Honestly, this girl needs to stop stringing Seungwoon around.  The poor guy is helping her through everything and she’s failing to decide whether she wants to officially marry him or not.  If she decided to leave him, she can’t rely on him.  Yes, Areum has had several horrible episodes…However, that does not give her the right to fall into tears and lean on a guy, who she knows has feelings for her and not answer his marriage proposal.  In a way, she’s worse than Philip is to Suzy.  At least Suzy knows exactly what Philip is thinking; he is using her to get his inheritance and will try to end the marriage after his father passes away.

On the other hand, Seungwoon believes that Areum is just not answering because of her emotional scars.  He still helps her out through it all.  I think Areum needs to get her act straight and decide whether or not she wants to draw the line.  Then she can focus on winning Tiffany back.  Okay, I admit it… I’m just bitter that I was so excited by the last episode only to find that we’re at square two in this episode.


Love & Secret – E84



We begin with Seungwoon announcing to his father and Soo Ah that he will marry Areum.  Even Soo Ah looks sincerely shocked and worried about the announcement.

Mr. Chun brings Seungwoon into his room to tell him that he told his son that once not a connection, it’s not right.  Seungwoon responds that he tried to forget about Areum but cannot.  He even stresses about the fact that Areum changed him.  He now focuses at work and is willing to speak with his father.


Mr. Chun sighs that he can understand Areum.  However, he cannot accept Areum’s baby, who is the child of Philip – the man who destroyed his company.  Seungwoon apologizes to his father that he cannot choose another path and promises to follow all of his father’s other wishes if Mr. Chun would just give permission for the marriage.  He also tells his father that he will come to live back at home soon.  As Seungwoon gets up to leave, Mr. Chun yells at his son that he shouldn’t even consider moving back in.

Soo Ah listens to this exchange outside while smirking.


Meanwhile, Areum calls Jiwoo to ask if she can temporarily stay at her friend’s place until she finds a place of her own.  Jiwoo apologizes, but her sister is staying at her place until she can find a job.

Areum tells her friend that it’s fine and hangs up in time for Seungwoon’s call.  Seungwoon asks if Areum has time to meet up and Areum sighs that she’s in the middle of something.  Still smiling, Seungwoon consoles her that she will be able to bring Tiffany home soon and has Areum promise to meet tomorrow.

At home, Seungwoon starts cleaning up his place so that Areum can live there with Tiffany.

In the morning, Mrs. Han cooks breakfast.  Jinwoo walks in worriedly but sees that everything is actually normal.  He walks out to tell Areum and Mr. Han that their mother is cooking breakfast and seems normal.


Mrs. Han doesn’t remember having dementia and seems normal making the rest of the family ecstatic.  The family praises Mrs. Han’s cooking before she asks about Tiffany.

Areum smiles that Tiffany is temporarily with her father. Mrs. Han tells her daughter to bring Tiffany home if Tiffany is having a hard time.

Meanwhile, Philip’s father happily plays with Tiffany.

Mr. Han walks Areum out and Areum congratulates him that Mrs. Han looks so much better today.  He encourages her to keep her head up.


At work, Seungwoon heartily greets his father, who ignores him.  Sighing, he turns to pictures of Areum and wonders why 1+1 is so difficult.  [DRAMAFEED: 1+1 is what Koreans say when you buy something and you get another free.]

Seungwoon muses at his desk that he needs to get formal permission from Mr. Han when Mr. Han calls to tell him that the parcel did not come from his publisher’s company.  However, the security desk couldn’t remember who dropped it off.

In his office, Mr. Chun grumps that Seungwoon is not a child, but rather, an enemy.  He doesn’t know what caused Seungwoon to start saying he wants to be with Areum again…


At the same time, Soo Ah’s mother day dreams that she’s singing at Songcheol’s cafe when all of the grandfathers go crazy over her.

Soo Ah comes in and nags her mother for buying such unfashionable clothes.  She tells her mother to take care of Seungho, but her mother refuses as she is busy.

At Songcheol’s place, Songcheol asks Cheolgu if he has a financial plan.  Cheolgu responds that he wants to make Soo Ah’s mother (Haeban) a singer.  Songcheol doesn’t seem convinced when Haeban comes over.  Immediately, Cheolgu tells Haeban that Songcheol agreed to be her singing coach and Haeban thanks Songcheol.


They all go to eat barbeque beef and Heungsu comments that the atmosphere between Haeban and Songcheol is awkward.  Haeban scoots over to Songcheol and Heungsu smirks.

When they all toast to the future, Yoojin almost drinks alcohol to Songcheol’s horror.  He chatises both Yoojin and Cheolgu for being so inattentive when Yoojin is pregnant.  Surprised, Haeban walks over to feel Yoojin’s belly and then exclaims in shock.

Cheolgu and Yoojin wait nervously until Haeban announces that Yoojin is pregnant with a son.  However, when she sits down Haeban has a curious expression on her face.


Philip and Suzy stop by his father’s place to pick up Tiffany. Philip’s father grumps that they are just making it harder for the mother to forget about Tiffany.  Suzy takes Tiffany out.

After Suzy leaves, Philip’s father asks Philip what exactly he did to lose the baby’s mother. Philip just answers that it’s too late to talk about that now and leaves the room.  Outside, he sees Suzy and tells her that she doesn’t need to come.  Suzy refuses to stay behind as Areum needs to see and understand the situation.


When Areum arrives at Philip’s place, she runs to grab Tiffany from Suzy’s arms.  Areum asks a barrage of questions and Philip reassures Areum that the best caretakers are taking care of Tiffany, who is only fed the most healthy food.  Suzy even adds that Tiffany is adjusting well as young children are capable of doing.

Areum doesn’t back down and responds that it will only be temporary as she’s going to get Tiffany back.

After Tiffany falls asleep, Philip and Suzy tell her to leave as they are busy.  Areum tries to ask for ten more minutes, but the two go on to tell Areum that it is bad for Tiffany to keep getting confused.  Suzy proposes that the next visit be after another month.


Areum gets up to hand over cotton clothes and ointment for Tiffany’s atrophy.  Philip looks on Areum guiltily while Suzy seems more irritated than guilty.  Philip ends up pulling Areum away just as Tiffany starts to cry for her mom.  Areum begs the two to allow her to put Tiffany to sleep again, but Philip drags her out of the apartment.


Areum stops by Sunhwa’s pizza place after.  She asks her aunt for advice because she just saw Tiffany, but she still wants to see Tiffany.  She wonders why she didn’t watch over Tiffany earlier…

Sunhwa tries to console Areum and apologizes on behalf of Mrs. Han.  Areum tells Sunhwa that it wasn’t her mother’s fault…It was her fault for causing her mom stress such that she got sick.  She cries that she is trying to stand up again, but every time she thinks she’s about to walk, she ends up falling again and Tiffany gets hurt.

Sunhwa hugs Areum and tells her that life is hard for everyone.  She tells her that Areum will be able to make it.

At work, Seungwoon to create a design space in his studio as well as obtain a crib for a baby.  Secretary Jang thinks about it and seems to understand.


Meanwhile, Suzy puts Tiffany to sleep and pulls Philip over to look at the sleeping child together.

When Areum comes home, Seungwoon comes out of his car and starts to ask Areum questions about her visit.  Although Areum is able to keep herself from sobbing, she falls apart when Seungwoon asks these questions.  She hugs Seungwoon silently as the tears fill her eyes.


Pulling Areum straight, Seungwoon apologizes for being so late.  Looking Areum in the eyes, he asks her to marry her.


I do love hating my evil characters.  However, I have to acknowledge that Philip’s portrayal of his character, the directing, and the writing is spot on.  When Philip watches with a slightly uncomfortable and angry expression as Areum rushes to Tiffany and answers all of Areum’s questions about Tiffany’s well-being first,  I was convinced that maybe this isn’t just about revenge and money.  He still cares about Areum, he just never learned how to identify his feelings or express them well.

This complexity was further supported by Philip’s harsh words and acting when Areum started to cry as she was asked to leave.  If you really care about someone, even if you think you want revenge, revenge will not make you happier.  Instead, it will make you angry that you should feel relief and joy, but you just feel frustration at the other person’s pain.  This episode portrayed that well through Philip’s character.

Suzy seems more invested in Tiffany than Philip is.  She gets annoyed when Tiffany clings to Areum, because she wants Philip to return to her. In a way, it looks like she instinctively realizes when Philip is reacting to Areum and not the situation and that causes her to be witchier to Areum.

Lastly, Seungwoon FINALLY OFFICIALLY proposed to Areum after 83 episodes. Enough said. ^_________________^

Love & Secret – E83

Philip continues his revenge by keeping Areum separated from Tiffany.  Meanwhile, fate helps Seungwoon by creating an incentive for Areum to start relying on his promises.


Philip kicks Seungwoon and Areum out of Suzy’s hotel room.  Once they get to the garage, Areum starts to lose it.  She starts worrying that Philip and Suzy are serious about taking Tiffany.  Seungwoon consoles Areum that they can retain their own attorneys and fight back.


The attorneys tell Philip that he has the advantage as long as they are raising Tiffany and he remarries Suzy.   They warn Philip and Suzy that they don’t want to create any legal issues from now on and stress that they need to let Areum see the baby whenever she wants.


Philip reports that they will file the lawsuit for custody that day and they have the advantage to his father.  When Philip’s father hears that the lawsuit may take several months he yells at Philip for not taking care of this earlier.  He grumbles that Philip had been so arrogant to his father but has managed to fail in both his business ventures and his family issues.  Philip ignores this and begins to walk away when his father orders him to set up an appointment with Areum’s father.


The lawsuit summons arrives at Areum’s place.  She runs into her room to call her lawyer, who’s on a business trip.  Sitting next to her, Jinwoo tells her that she should also consider giving up physical custody of Tiffany and letting Philip raise her.  He tells her that he knows he shouldn’t say this as Tiffany’s uncle, but he would really like to avoid Areum getting hurt.  Areum responds that she can handle this and Jinwoo leaves.


In his office, Seungwoon takes care of a couple of errands before wondering how suspicious it is that the incident occurred after Philip’s father arrived in Korea.  He calls up Mr. Han to confirm whether the fish had actually been sent from his publisher’s.


After the call, Mr. Han receives a call from Philip’s father.  They meet up together in a coffee shop.  Philip’s father notes that he felt bad that they had to take care of Tiffany, but he had no choice.

Mr. Han replies that it would be in the best interests of the child to be with her mother.

Philip’s father then plays the sympathy card.  He tells Mr. Han that he doesn’t have much longer to live and one of his last wishes is to see Philip raise Tiffany.  He asks if they could settle the issue outside of court.

Mr. Han replies that he cannot force Areum to give up her child when she decided to have Tiffany alone and raised Tiffany until now.

Philip’s father then switches gears to bribery.  He notes that it would be best for both families if Philip raises Tiffany and promises to compensate Areum for her time in taking care of Tiffany as well as any other support she might need.

At this, Mr. Han gets up stiffly and informs Philip’s father that this is an issue that the parents should resolve before walking out.  Once outside, he calls his daughter to let her know that the grandfather has Tiffany and Tiffany is well.  Areum sighs with relief and tells her father that she’s going to her lawyer’s office.

Afterwards, Mr. Han calls his publisher’s office to thank them for the fish.  The publisher replies that they never sent over fish.


Areum meets with an attorney referred by Seungwoon.  The attorney notes that the last incident was such a big incident that the other side has the advantage.  Seungwoon asks if they can create a more advantageous situation before the trial.


The attorney agrees.  He tells her that Areum should live separately from her mother.  Additionally, it would help to show that she has the economic means to take care of the child.  If she planned to get married, they could also propose that she has create a full nuclear family.  They could even go on the offense if Areum’s husband petitions to adopt Tiffany.  Seungwoon definitely gives Areum the side-eye at this one.

Areum asks if there is any way to see Tiffany prior to the trial. The attorney responds that she can apply for temporary guardianship since Tiffany is so young.  They would argue that Tiffany’s best interests are served by her mother raising her in familial settings.  Additionally, he tells Areum that she should be able to see Tiffany prior to the trial on a regular basis as well.


At Sunhwa’s place, Heung Min and Heungsu bring a bag full of vegetables and fruit home.  They tell Sunhwa that researchers have found that such foods are good for preventing the deterioration of dementia and the three head over to the Han residence.

Mrs. Han is normal on this day and she invites Sunhwa to look at past pictures together.

Meanwhile, Cheolgu cannot forget Soo Ah’s mother’s singing.  He asks Yoojin to compose a trot song for Soo Ah’s mother.  Yoojin doesn’t seem convinced that this would work, but agrees to help.


Cheolgu calls Soo Ah’s mother out to a fancy restaurant and asks her to consider becoming a singer.  Soo Ah’s mother replies that she’s never sang before and doesn’t think it’s a good idea.  In response, Cheolgu promises to get Songcheol to coach her.


At the same time, Jinwoo drinks a beer while waiting for Jiwoo.  When she arrives, he confesses that he told Areum to give up Tiffany because he felt that Tiffany was the reason Areum is going through all of these messes.  Jiwoo tells Jinwoo that she’s thought the same thoughts before.  Yet, Jiwoo notes that he feels uncomfortable as he knows it must have hurt Areum to hear those words.


At Philip’s place, Suzy and Philip have a glass a wine.  Suzy asks if Philip plans to raise Tiffany after he receives the inheritance.  Philip answers that he hasn’t thought that far.  He just wants to keep Tiffany for now to get his share of the inheritance and to keep Seungwoon from raising Tiffany.

Suzy sighs that Philip hasn’t changed as he’s not even thinking about Tiffany’s welfare.

Philip retorts that Suzy doesn’t have a right to make this critique as she’s helping him win Tiffany for the money as well.  Suzy pauses before telling Philip that she is willing to raise Tiffany if he wants.  Immediately feeling embarrassed at her confession, Suzy excuses herself for the bathroom.

Areum begins her timid offense as she calls Philip and demands to see Tiffany the next day.  She tells him that she knows that he can’t keep her from seeing Tiffany like this.


Next, Areum heads to the living room to tell her father that she plans to leave the house.  Mr. Han guesses that the attorney advised her to live separately from her mother.

Areum answers that she just feels that she has been relying on her parents so much.

Mr. Han proposes that he takes Mrs. Han to the countryside where the air is better.  Areum vetoes this idea as changing the setting can make Mrs. Han’s dementia worse.   She tells her father to trust in her and leaves to check on her mother.

Seungwoon thinks back to the attorney’s words about how it would be advantageous for Areum to get married prior to the trial… Having made a decision, he goes to his father’s office.

Mr. Chun muses over Soo Ah’s tablet history before calling Attorney Oh.  He tells Attorney Oh that he wants to join on the next cultural escapade before hanging up and muttering that Soo Ah must be on to him.

Seungwoon interrupts to tell his father that he will have dinner at home.


In the evening, Seungwoon tells Mr. Chun and Soo Ah that he wants to get married to Areum shocking both of them.


Philip is just cruel.  I hate him and Suzy and I love hating on them.  Bravo writers on making complicated and flawed enemies for our main characters!

I don’t even think Philip understands that what he’s doing is completely reprehensible as a human being.  He’s separating Areum from her child because of three man reasons: (i) he wants revenge on Areum for breaking his heart and pride, (ii) he doesn’t want Seungwoon to raise Tiffany, and (iii) he needs to be raising Tiffany to get his inheritance.  None of those reasons seem to remotely be considerate of any other person other than himself.  It makes me wonder what kind of childhood Philip had to be stuck in this selfish survivalist mindset?

On a side note, I love how Seungwoon gives Areum the side-eye when the attorney notes that it would be advantageous for Areum to get married prior to the trial if she likes anyone.  He doesn’t even ask her.  Instead, he ponders it and then goes straight to his father to declare that he intends to marry her.  In this case, Seungwoon would be Suzy’s counterpart.  He’s totally going to propose to Areum and ask her to use him to win Tiffany back.

It’s weird because Seungwoon using the circumstances to ask Areum to marry him is the same as Philip asking Areum to return to him because he’s Tiffany’s father.  Yet, it feels so different.  I can’t quite put my finger on it at this point…Maybe it’s because it’s passed midnight.  But, I think the main difference is how Seungwoon treated Areum until now.  Until an attorney basically told Areum that getting married would be advantageous, he’s been perfectly happy to wait on the sidelines and tell her several times that he’s willing to be her (and Tiffany’s) support.  He rushes over whenever she needs anything and gives her space.  In contrast, Philip was clear that everything he was doing was because he expects Areum to return to him for Tiffany’s sake or her parent’s sake.

Last random side-note.  Philip’s totally getting ripped off if he needs three senior attorneys to review the child custody papers and tell him that he has the advantage right now.  Really?!  Presumably, they read all of the relevant documents prior to meeting the client and it does not take three senior attorneys to advise on this issue, which basically has one main incident as the crux of their argument.