Love on a Rooftop – E101 (FINALE)

It’s OVER!  Let’s all move on to another story~



The final episode begins with Do-Jin bringing Chaewon some medicine.  He asks her what is wrong and she answers that she is suffering from love sickness.  She asks if Do-Jin has made up his mind.

Do-Jin answers that he will never give up on Seung-Hye again.  Chaewon asks if Do-Jin is confident this time.  Do-Jin answers that it does not matter, since he will wait until Seung-Hye returns to him.

Chaewon angrily answers in frustration that Do-Jin needs to make up his mind…If he’s going to go after Seung-Hye, he needs to do it proactively…Otherwise, what is she supposed to do but wait on the side for Do-Jin and get hurt?  Do-Jin answers that Chaewon should just give up as he will not end up with any woman other than Seung-Hye.

Seung-Hye calls at this moment and Chaewon asks Seung-Hye to confirm whether or not she would ever return to Do-Jin while Do-Jin is still in Chaewon’s apartment.  Do-Jin steals the phone and tells Seung-Hye that she does not need to worry about anything.  Seung-Hye tells Do-Jin to stop saying stupid things to Chaewon.  Do-Jin answers that he was not saying anything that he does not actually think…

Chaewon grabs the phone again and asks Seung-Hye to drop by after she meets with Mieon…


In the interim, Seung-Ah goes looking for Seung-Hye and finds the brochure about being Kang Sol Foods ambassador on Seung-Hye’s desk.  She goes straight to Do-Jin to ask to tag again…Except Do-Jin has no idea about the program.

screenshot_2015-09-04-09-16-03-resized-640 screenshot_2015-09-04-09-16-15-resized-640

That afternoon, Seung-Hye drops by Chaewon’s apartment.  She tells Chaewon that she does not care for Do-Jin at this time.  Chaewon does not back off and asks Seung-Hye if she is confident that she would be not see Do-Jin ever again.  When Seung-Hye cannot answer, Chaewon accuses her of still loving Do-Jin.  Chaewon notes that it would be easier if Seung-Hye just declares that she is returning to Do-Jin so that Chaewon can give up…

Seung-Hye answers that she does not have the confidence of promising that she would never see Do-Jin again.  However, she is planning on leaving for a year… in the Kang Sol Foods program.


Do-Jin stops by after Seung-Hye leaves.  When he hears that Seung-Hye had just left, he runs after Seung-Hye.  Stopping her, he tells her that he does not want to lose her again.  Seung-Hye answers that she is leaving and her current life does not include Do-Jin.


Random tangent – Sun-Sook is pregnant and Joon-Bae has morning sickness!

Next, Seung-Hye tells everyone that she plans to leave and gets her family’s approval to go abroad for a year with Kang Sol Foods.  Even Dong-Sook is in full support.  She tells Seung-Hye to do what she wants to do for once.


Continuing to tie things up…Sung-Nam visits Dong Rak Dang to find Seung-Ah waiting for him.  She shyly notes that she was only able to become an actress because of him.  They go in to greet her grandmother and things have changed a lot.  Sung-Nam tastes the tea and notes how there are subtle tastes.  He declares that the flavors go well with each other just like he and Seung-Ah. Sigh.  To top it off, Seung-Ah is now making the same jokes at Sung-Nam…even winking back at him!

The next day, Soon-Im asks Seung-Hye to accompany her somewhere.  They head over to Mi-Ja’s mother’s grave where they run into Mi-Ja and Do-in.  Mi-Ja stalks over to where Soon-Im is and Do-Jin stops Seung-Hye from interrupting.

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Mi-Ja walks over to hear Soon-Im confess that it was her fault…That Mi-Ja was correct that Mi-Ja’s mother would not have died so early if she had not kicked the two women out.  She apologizes.

Mi-Ja interrupts to ask why Soon-Im is there.  Soon-Im answers that Mi-Ja’s mother would have forgiven her.  Mi-Ja bitterly answers that her mother also only thought about Soon-Im until the end.  Soon-Im takes the high road and apologizes for not calling Mi-Ja back earlier…From a far, we see Soon-Im patting Mi-Ja and Mi-Ja letting her.

Seung-Hye then stops by Chaewon’s clinic to say her goodbyes.  Chaewon asks if Seung-Hye is not worried about leaving Do-Jin next to her.  Seung-Hye answers that if Do-Jin’s heart moves while she is gone, she was not fated to be with Do-Jin.  Chaewon marvels at Seung-Hye’s confidence and tells Seung-Hye to always remember that they would be friends regardless of Do-Jin.


Next, Seung-Hye meets with Yunho to say her goodbye.  He jokes with her that it was all because he ignored her warning and walked with Seung-Hye along the fated stone wall.  Seung-Hye thanks him for understanding and he tells her to be well.


Finally, Seung-Hye leaves.  She meets with Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae…Then she meets with Do-Jin who tells her that he will wait for her…He hopes that when she comes back, he will be the first person that she wants to see.  Seung-Hye leaves and Do-Jin yells after her that he is sorry…for hurting her and making her suffer.  He promises to never let it happen again….

screenshot_2015-09-04-09-19-19-resized-640 screenshot_2015-09-04-09-19-31-resized-640

Cue sappy music.  All of a sudden, everything is forgiven.  Two sentences is enough for Seung-Hye to forget that Do-Jin promised her the world and then within a day decided to ignore her because she was making him feel guilty…Within a week, break up with her…and then propose to another girl.  Nope, that’s all history because he APOLOGIZED, right?! That’s all that it takes.

Anyways, Seung-Hye hugs Do-Jin and tells him that she missed him.  She even adds that she hopes that he will wait for her. Yeah.


Flash forward, one year later. Seung-Hye returns with a new hairstyle and fashion.  She meets Do-Jin at their bench and asks what he’s doing.  He answers that he’s waiting for someone and she laughs that they are going to start being in love from today. Get it? Love from today?  As for the official English translation of Love on a Rooftop – yup, still no idea what rooftop we were supposed to be talking about.


Min-Kin Choi.  I will remember your name and avoid all of your dramas in the future.  I want a full refund and compensation for my lost time and energy that was dedicated to this trainwreck.  Full disclosure, I do not think I will be doing a final impressions recap about this drama.  This was the last episode and considering how sloppily it ended – I’m through with it!

The only thing positive that I can note is that Seung-Hye’s behavior up until she decided that two sentences of an apology were enough to erase all of the past wrongs seemed right…like, we were going in the right direction.  The girl needs some time and space from everyone.  Good! She’s also telling Do-Jin (and actually meaning it) that she does not want him in her life.  However, the positive aspect was short-lived.

And then?  The writer goes off and ruins it in the last ten minutes.  This drama might have been less of a train wreck if Seung-Hye just decided to be an independent woman who ended up with neither Do-Jin and Yunho.  Sure, I’d still hate her for kicking the perfect man to the curb but at least it would be the lesser of the two evils – the worse being that she ends up with Do-Jin.

I don’t even know what to say other than good riddance.  Congratulations to everyone who stuck it out.  Wondering if we should give the next KBS drama a chance – Everything Will Be Ok.  Unfortunately, the writer doesn’t have a lot to her name (Lee Sun-Hee) to go by…She did pen Air City and Thorn Birds as well as the original hit Romance.  Honestly, I feel like the saying, “burned once, twice shy” towards KBS daily dramas.  YET, I might give Everything Will Be Ok a chance since the writer did pen Romance…Happy Friday!

Love on a Rooftop – E100


Seung-Hye and Chaewon see Mieon (the single mother from a few episodes ago) off.  Then Chaewon asks Seung-Hye to grab dinner with her.  Over dinner, Chaewon confesses that she’s realized that there is a lot to motherhood that she does not know yet.

Seung-Hye answers that she thinks that Chaewon is ready to be a mother.  Chaewon smiles but notes that she’s not so sure…

Next, Chaewon notes that she heard from Kyung-Tae that Seung-Hye called it off with Yunho.  Seung-Hye realizes that Chaewon is speaking about and tells Chaewon that she did not break it off with Yunho because of Do-Jin.  Chaewon looks almost pitifully hopeful and asks if she can continue to like Yunho.

Seung-Hye pauses before answering.  However, she does answer that Chaewon can.

At the same time, Sun-Sook and Joon-Bae try to convince Dae-Ho that he needs to focus on Dong-Sook and not let her finalize the divorce.


Do-Jin calls Seung-Hye and asks her to meet to work on the cafe presentation preparations.  She agrees and tells Chaewon when she returns from the bathroom.  Chaewon offers to go with Seung-Hye in a half-joking manner but backs off coolly emphasizing that it was a joke.

screenshot_2015-09-02-21-55-04-resized-640 screenshot_2015-09-02-21-55-13-resized-640

Chaewon does not have to worry too much at this point.  Seung-Hye literally focuses on work and declines Do-Jin’s offer to walk her home.  She tells him that she needs to walk this path alone and turns around.  Wow, where was this Seung-Hye back when Do-Jin was trying to get married to Se-Ryung?

Seung-Jae helps his father at the restaurant when Dong-Sook calls Dae-Ho out to the court.  Seung-Jae offers to go to his mother in his father’s stead.  He convinces his mother to go inside and cook for him before she goes off.   After Dong-Sook prepares his food, she tries to head off but Seung-Jae stops her.

screenshot_2015-09-03-00-50-56-resized-640 screenshot_2015-09-03-00-51-08-resized-640

Seung-Jae starts off that he already knew that he was adopted.  Dong-Sook asks how Seung-Jae could not tell them that he found out.  He answers that nothing would have changed even if he did tell them…He’s still the heir to the family, the head of the house, the pride and joy of his grandmother, and he still loves his parents so much.  He wonders if that’s how his father felt.

Dong-Sook answers that this is different.  So, Seung-Jae exclaims that he will leave with her because he cares about her more than being heir to Dong Rak Dang.

Dong-Sook holds her son’s hands and wonders when her son matured so much…Tears T_T


At the same time, Chaewon meets with Yunho.  She tells Yunho that she is not giving up on Do-Jin…but, that is not the only reason that she called him out.  She wanted to tell Yunho that she hopes Yunho really finds happiness since she is partially responsible for Yunho’s failed marriage.  Chaewon asks to grab a drink.

Yunho gets up and answers that he would rather just pretend that they already grabbed that drink.  He wishes her well and leaves.  TT_TT POOR YUNHO… I STAND BEHIND YOU…Plus, you look great in a suit!


That night, Kyung-Tae gives Dae-Shil a huge present!  He shows her the site that she had been publishing her novel on.  An apology from the author who had accused Dae-Shil of plagiarizing is published on the front page!  Kyung-Tae explains that he wanted to clear her name before their twins were born…So when he researched it, he found out that the author had also plagiarized other people’s works.  One of the other victim – authors had caught on and was fighting the real plagiarizing author.  So, Kyung-Tae contacted the plagiarizer as well and demanded a formal apology and compensation.  Dae-Shil hugs Kyung-Tae happily. ^^ One subplot tied up.


Seung-Hye gets called away because Yunho stopped by the house.  He tells all of the adults that he only came to say his goodbyes.  He smiles that he knows Dong-Sook really liked him and he had hoped to be her son-in-law as well.  Dong-Sook tears up and leaves.  Yunho takes the time to say goodbye to Soon-Im and Dae-Ho as well.


Yunho goes out tells Seung-Ah to stop bothering Seung-Hye now that she’s been cast in a drama.  Seung-Jae apologizes to Yunho in Seung-Hye’s place.  Yunho smiles that he understands everything and hopes that Seung-Jae can just call him Yunho the next time they meet.

screenshot_2015-09-03-00-52-41-resized-640 screenshot_2015-09-03-00-52-51-resized-640

Thus, Yunho leaves everyone smiling brightly and looking quite handsome.  Seung-Hye meets him in the alley and Yunho jokes around that he feels sadder leaving Dong Rak Dang than breaking up with Seung-Hye.  Seung-Hye pauses and Yunho laughs that he’s joking again.

He pulls her to the side to talk.  In his car, he hands over an envelope.  Kang Sol Foods is preparing to focus on traditional tea and hopes to work with Seung-Hye as their international ambassador.  Seung-Hye looks like she’s going to decline because she feels guilty.  So, Yunho tells Seung-Hye to accept it as his last request; he reminds her that opportunities don’t come around every day. Omg, until the end, he’s HELPING HER… GAH…Min Kin Choi – I WILL NEVER WATCH A DRAMA YOU WRITE EVER AGAIN.


A short scene shows that Mi-Ja has still not given up on seeing Seung-Hye as her daughter-in-law.  She tells Kyung-Tae that she hopes they can convince Do-Jin and Seung-Hye.

screenshot_2015-09-03-00-53-26-resized-640 screenshot_2015-09-03-00-54-04-resized-640

Sun-Sook and Joon-Bae come back to the chicken restaurant and Dae-Ho goes to meet with his wife.  He confesses that he knows he messed up; he knows she suffered so much but he couldn’t really help her.  Dong-Sook snaps back that it was her fault…She blindly followed and waited on him without knowing that his heart with someone else.  Dae-Ho answers that she has become his light and wind…He does not know how he could live without Dong-Sook anymore.

Dong-Sook angrily asks if Dae-Ho is worried that he will lose the person who cooks and cleans for him.  Grabbing Dong-Sook’s hands, Dae-Ho tells her that he loves her and, if she gives him another chance, he will protect her this time.

Dong-Sook starts to tear up and lets Dae-Ho bring her into a hug.



Love on a Rooftop – E99



Seung-Ah eats with Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae and wonders how she likes Seung-Hye much better now that she’s off making problems for the family; she looks more human. She also sighs that Seung-Hye should have just given her Yunho if she wasn’t going to get married to him…

Kyung-Tae wonders if Seung-Ah still likes Yunho. Seung-Ah answers coolly that she does not like anyone who does not recognize her charm. Kyung-Tae laughs that this is Seung-Ah’s charm and Dae-Shil laughs that the person who likes Seung-Ah’s charm the most is Sung-Nam. Coincidentally, he calls her out to buy her an expensive dinner and Seung-Ah bails on her aunt to go eat said expensive dinner.


At the same time, Sun-Sook and Joon-Bae tell Seung-Jae that he is the only one who might be able to stop his parents wedding…


Seung-Hye broods a little longer….then she pulls up her hair before going to see her aunt.  Oooh symbolism during a train wreck! She tells Dae-Shil that she doesn’t think she should go through with the wedding…She was not happy at all preparing for the wedding and she does not feel that it’s right to Yunho to continue to pretend that she is happy…

Dae-Shil agrees with Seung-Hye noting that what is not right will not turn right just because of the passage of time.

Kyung-Tae sighs with Do-Jin that he does not know what he should do about his friend…Seung-Hye is considering marriage, it’s no longer a problem between Seung-Hye and Do-Jin.

Do-Jin sighs back that he does not think that he can give up on Seung-Hye. Kyung-Tae snaps that it’s a little late for that thought.


Meanwhile, Yunho takes Seung-Hye to a really expensive restaurant for dinner. He notes that Seung-Hye needs some healing…

Seung-Hye starts by telling Yunho that he’s always been like a Peter Pan character to her…He always shows up when she needs him…but then she apologizes that she is so thankful to him but she is also so sorry to him…She starts to tear up and confesses that if she tried hard and hoped that it would change if she continued to try hard.

Yunho smiles sadly that he knows that Seung-Hye tried hard…

Seung-Hye continues that she does not think that she can do this anymore…She does not want to continue to lie to Yunho and his parents. She apologizes and brings out the ring, placing it on the table.

Yunho starts to get nervous and asks Seung-Hye to take some time to consider this more…Seung-Hye answers that she does not think it would get better with time. Rather, she tells him that she will always remember him and be thankful to him. And then, she runs out AGAIN.

Yunho pauses for a minute before grabbing the ring and running out after her. He walks out just in time to see her get into a cab and he pauses.


The next day, Dae-Ho watches and Sun-Sook try to convince Joon-Bae to go on a trip with Sun-Sook. Dae-Ho agrees that Joon-Bae should go on a trip at least once as he can take care of the chicken shop. Joon-Bae worries about his shop and Dae-Ho tells him that they should go..Sun-Sook’s father had asked Dae-Ho to look after Sun-Sook before he passed away. So in Sun-Sook’s father’s place, he wants to encourage them to go on the the trip.

Joon-Bae agrees to this and jokes about making another honeymoon baby.


Then Seung-Hye comes home and runs into his father. He asks about Yunho and they go to Seung-Hye’s room to talk in private. Seung-Hye apologizes but confesses that she broke up with Yunho.

Dae-Ho sighs but immediately agrees that it’s for the best if she really thinks it’s best. He tells her that he is always on her side and even offers to break the news to the family. Seung-Hye declines saying that she will tell everyone herself. Her father agrees and tells her to rest during the night first and tell everyone in the morning.


In the morning, Seung-Hye tells everyone to their surprise. Soon-Im answers that she feels bad about Yunho but feels like she does not feel like she can see his parents after this. However, Dae-Ho stays on Seung-Hye’s side and promises to take care of the clean-up.


Seung-Ah follows her brother into his room and exclaims excitedly that Seung-Hye always creates such extreme situations. Seung-Jae sternly tells her that she seems too excitedly about her sister’s failed wedding. Seung-Ah calms down but then asks about their mother who seems too calm about the situation.

Seung-Hye goes to talk to her mother who snaps that she cannot do anything if Seung-Hye says that she doesn’t like Yunho. Seung-Hye apologizes and gets up. She pauses before the door and tries calling for her mother but Dong-Sook ignores her.

Seung-Ah calls Dae-Shil and tells her everything. After the update, Dae-Shil tells Kyung-Tae about how Seung-Hye called off the wedding with Yunho.


Seung-Hye gets in a cab and goes to a snazzy hotel. I think this is the same hotel that showed up in Love & Secret? Anyways, she pauses, gathers her courage and knocks shyly. Yunho’s mother answers the door in surprise.

Seung-Hye goes in and tells them the news. Yunho’s father notes how he was worried about how Yunho seemed to speed the marriage.

Seung-Hye falls to her knees in front of the parents and starts to tear up. She apologizes that she knows that she gave Yunho a huge scar…

Yunho’s mother kneels next to Seung-Hye and comforts Seung-Hye that it is fine. Even Yunho’s father turns around and tells her that if you cannot change your mind it is fine to move on. He just sighs that their relationship also ends there.


At the same time, Kyung-Tae tells Do-Jin that this is his chance. He also goes to tell Chaewon that Seung-Hye called everything off with Yunho. He adds that he hopes that Do-Jin will get together with Seung-Hye. Chaewon answers that she understands Kyung-Tae’s feelings but she cannot promise anything.

Chaewon gets interrupted by the single-mother from the last episode because she cannot get into contact with Seung-Hye.

Back at home, Seung-Ah complains to her mother that she cannot find her dress. Her mom ignores her and then finally snaps that Seung-Ah can find her own dress. Seung-Ah walks out surprised at her mother…to run into Mi-Ja.

Seung-Hye then goes to Dae-Shil for some emotional support. She tells Dae-Shil that she wants to focus on work now…All of a sudden? She’s going to have to work with Do-Jin but she doesn’t care. Kyung-Tae calls Dae-Shil who passes the phone to Seung-Hye.


Meanwhile, Mi-Ja tells Dong-Sook not to divorce Dae-Ho. She doesn’t get far because Sun-Sook bursts in to pull Mi-Ja out. Mi-Ja continues. She tells Dong-Sook that she found out that she was pregnant and came back to tell Dae-Ho about the child. However, she saw Dae-Ho getting married to Dong-Sook. She then lost her child with Dae-Ho and fell into despair…when she met Do-Jin’s father.

Sun-Sook demands to know why Mi-Ja showed up again. Mi-Ja answers that she wanted revenge…She wanted to know if Dae-Ho might waver if she showed up…if…Dae-Ho still cared about her… However, when she arrived, she saw that Dae-Ho had completely moved on.


Nothing. = =

Love on a Rooftop – E98



The family reams into Seung-Jae for not stopping Seung-Hye right before the official meeting of the family. Seung-Jae answers that if his mother had been there, she would not have been able to say those words… He would not have been able to stop his sister even if this had been right before her wedding even.

Dae-Ho wonders if they should reconsider the wedding. Dong-Sook snaps that she’s only considering the best for her daughter who would suffer if she marries Do-Jin!!!


In a random twist of drama fate, somehow Do-Jin is opening his second branch! All of that not working paid off! But Chaewon is too sweet, and she tells Do-Jin that Seung-Hye never showed up for her meeting of the parents.


At night, Sung-Nam shows up a box of herbal drinks. Seung-Ah had told him that she cannot go out because her mother is sick. Sung-Nam interpreted it as Seung-Ah is calling him for his help. He barges in and checks Dong-Sook’s heartrate. He then asks Dong-Sook if she has been betrayed by someone close to her…

Dong-Sook looks surprised and allows Sung-Nam to stay and prescribe her cure. Dong-Sook also asks if Sung-Nam can guess where Seung-Hye went to…

Sung-Nam asks if he can stay and live at Dong Rak Dang if he gets it right. Oh dear, someone sure has tenacity.


At the same time, Seung-Hye finds herself at the end of the bus line. She gets off and wonders why she’s going crazy but still does not call or message anyone.


Yunho arrives at an empty cafe to run into Chaewon. She takes him to a park and suggests that they drink. Yunho buys two bottles of water saying that he needs to be sober if he’s going to find Seung-Hye.

Chaewon tells him that she has to confess. She was the one who encouraged Seung-Hye not to go to the meeting of the parents. Yunho almost yells at Chaewon but she interrupts that it was not her comment that made Seung-Hye skip on the meeting.

Yunho asks why Chaewon is acting this way. Chaewon answers that she wants Do-Jin to be happy because she loves him…She asks if he thinks anyone would become happier due to this wedding.

Cue brooding by everyone… Chaewon calls Do-Jin to ask what he’s doing and lets him know that no one has been able to find Seung-Hye until now.


Do-Jin decides that now that is the right time to get involved in Seung-Hye’s life and gets into his car. Some action packed music ensuing.

At Dong Rak Dang, everyone worries about where Seung-Hye is. Dong-Sook even yells at Seung-Ah in frustration. Seung-Jae gets an idea and then runs out looking for his sister.


With some sorrowful music, Seung-Hye finds herself back at THE BENCH. Full of what memories, I wonder? The same flashbacks that we always see? The camera pans in on Seung-Hye as she looks up and down and even the producer agrees with me…No more flashbacks about the same scenes…
Do-Jin runs over and finds the bench empty.

Yunho calls Seung-Jae and wonders out loud if he’s been pushing the marriage too much. Seung-Jae consoles Yunho that Seung-Hye should be fine and runs off where he sees Do-Jin down the street.


Seung-Jae apologizes for hitting Do-Jin the other day. Do-Jin answers that it should be fine and asks about Seung-Hye.

As for Seung-Hye, she has no friends and runs off to Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae’s place. She apologizes as Dae-Shil yells at her asking how Seung-Hye could create such a messy situation.


Seung-Hye stops Dae-Shil from calling her parents and begs Dae-Shil to give her one night. She cries that she was just so scared, but, now, she’s just so sorry to Yunho.

Meanwhile, Kyung-Tae thinks that Do-Jin is the first person to call instead of Seung-Hye’s family. Do-Jin exclaims that it’s a relief that Seung-Hye is safe and Kyung-Tae snaps that he gives up on Do-Jin.


screenshot_2015-09-01-00-02-09-resized-640The next day, Dae-Shil walks Seung-Hye out and asks if Seung-Hye wants a companion. Seung-Hye answers that she should be fine and walks off alone… But, Do-Jin is randomly parked outside waiting. He rushes out and stops Seung-Hye to ask why she never made it. As if the answer is NOT CLEAR?

Do-Jin asks why Seung-Hye is acting this way.

Seung-Hye snaps back that Do-Jin cannot do anything for her anyways…This is a problem between her and Yunho. She begins to walk away.

Do-Jin tells her retreating back that it is also his problem since he does not think that he can let Seung-Hye go.

Seung-Hye pauses but answers that it is not Do-Jin’s business because it’s over between the two of them. YES. Ya think?


So, Seung-Hye walks back and first runs into Yunho who is waiting in the alley. He asks her nicely and calmly why she would make so many people worry so much.

Seung-Hye apologizes and Yunho tells her that it’s fine as long as she is not hurt. He also calls her family to let everyone know that they don’t have to worry. Like a responsible person. TT_TT

Yunho encourages Seung-Hye to go in as her family is waiting for her. However, Seung-Hye pauses and asks to talk. OH NO. IT IS COMING

Do-Jin comes home to find Chaewon sitting in his studio. She has been in his studio all night waiting for him…not sleeping – -x WHY? She offers to make him breakfast.


At another bench, Yunho sighs that it was his fault. He pushed the wedding too much for her. Seung-Hye answers that she wants to apologize to his parents.

Yunho smiles that they had business in Jejudo Island so they left first. He tells her to go home first and even offers to go with her so that she doesn’t get too chastised. Seung-Hye declines his offer saying that she did something that should be lectured and she’s prepared to face the music.

At the same time, Seung-Jae comes home and tells his family members that they found Seung-Hye so she’s safe… COME ON PEOPLE…She’s a grown woman! What you should be worried about is that she would swipe her way into a hotel and stay the night, what is all the ruckus about?!


Anyways, Seung-Hye comes home and apologizes. Her mother starts to hit her and yell at her for creating such a mess. Her grandmother and father note that they should hear what Seung-Hye wants to say first.

Dong-Sook yells that Seung-Hye should leave if she’s going to continue this way. Seung-Jae yells back that the person who is suffering the most is Seung-Hye so they should try to understand her instead of ganging up on her. He even says that he’s disappointed in her before leaving.

Soon-Im asks why Seung-Hye did this. Seung-Hye just answers that she’s sorry… Her mother interrupts that Seung-Hye should immediately go and apologize to Yunho’s parents.

Soon-Im cuts in to note that she’s confused…When she thinks about how Seung-Hye is reacting, she wonders if this wedding is not right for Seung-Hye. However, after meeting Yunho’s parents, Soon-Im can’t but think that the family is perfect for Seung-Hye.

Seung-Hye promises to think on it.


Love on a Rooftop – E97

They did it. Somehow they made me judge Seung-Hye forever.



The episode begins with Yunho dropping by Seung-Hye’s place. Seung-Ah warns Yunho not to do anything as she will be right outside before giving the two some privacy.

Yunho tells Seung-Hye that Beom-Seok offered to buy their newest blended tea – Han Kang tea. Before he asked Do-Jin what Seung-Hye wanted to do about it. Seung-Hye is amenable but notes that Do-Jin would need to agree as well.

Yunho agrees to ask Do-Jin with her and sighs that he hopes this will be the end of the cooperation between Do-Jin and Seung-Hye. Seung-Hye apologizes again.


The next day, Chaewon asks for Do-Jin’s hair dryer. He brings it over and Chaewon plays cool at first as if she doesn’t care. However, with her personality, she cannot stay quiet.

She finally sighs that Do-Jin, Seung-Hye and herself are all stupid. She saw how the two still felt about each other but could not do anything.


At the same time, Sun-Sook passes over a contract for the rules of their marriage. She tells Joon-Bae that if he doesn’t follow the rules, he would have a lonely night. Joon-Bae agrees right away.

The youngsters meet in Do-Jin’s cafe to discuss the distribution of the tea by Kang Sol foods. All parties agree that selling the tea would be good.


However, Seung-Hye anf Do-Jin both note that the tea should be distributed as a jelly instead of a tea bag. Chaewon pipes up that the two think so similarly and the atmosphere becomes awkward.

Yunho leaves to pick up his parents and Seung-Hye joins him.

That night, Do-Jin heads over to Chaewon’s place for a drink…


That night, Seung-Hye starts getting some major cold feet and even wonders if she should drink with Seung-Jae.


At a nearby outdoors bar (pojang macha), Do-Jin does his signature drunk act about how he feels soooooooo depressed about Seung-Hye going to the meeting of the parents. He notes that this is the main reason he cannot stop Seung-Hye because the wedding planning has gone so far.

Chaewon yells at Do-Jin to just go and stop Seung-Hye if he feels this way.


Morning comes and Chaewon calls Seung-Hye out to a park. Probably still nursing a hangover, Chaewon trips right as Seung-Hye arrives. So they move to a bench where Chaewon asks if Seung-Hye is still planning on going to the meeting of the parents. She tells Seung-Hye to reconsider the decision to marry for both Do-Jin and Yunho’s sake… Seung-Hye should only choose marriage after she forgets about Do-Jin not to forget about Do-Jin.


Seung-Hye starts brooding at home. Then the family takes two cars to go to the restaurant… The adults arrive first with the kids following…

screenshot_2015-08-28-00-19-46-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-28-00-20-02-resized-640

But when the cab arrives, Seung-Hye pauses and then literally runs away. This all happens while Seung-Ah runs to the bathroom.

Cue random music after a random decision! Yunho comes out to find Seung-Jae alone. Seung-Jae stutters that something came up and Seung-Hye had to leave.


So, two families are left awkwardly waiting for Seung-Hye. After waiting and waiting, both groups agree to push it off. Yunho’s family is amazingly gracious as they saw Seung-Hye the other day and believe something must have come up.


Afterwards, Seung-Jae tells Kyung-Tae the truth – that Seung-Hye ran away. Timing would have it that Yunho overhears.. ㅠㅜ  He tells Seung-Jae that Seung-Hye WILL return.


Awkward timing! Sun-Sook and Joon-Bae dress up to tell the family that they registered their marriage again. Yet, when they walk in and see how everyone is gloomy, they decide to wait for their declaration.


Kyung-Tae goes to tell Chaewon what happened. He gets amazed when Chaewon objectively analyzes the situation and decides that Seung-Hye should tell Do-Jin as soon as possible. She smiles that she knows the facts when they are in front of her and she doesn’t want to fight the facts.


Meanwhile, Seung-Hye broods on a random bus.


The writer owes me like 100+ hours of my life back. Seung-Hye’s character is not in line with the reasonable, amazing and bright girl from the beginning. This type of obsessive behavior of loving being in love or being in a forbidden relationship seems more like something Seung-Ah would do. Yet, the writer seems to have made up his or her mind that even if it makes no sense that Seung-Hye would react this way for so long after a brief relationship and like three dates, Seung-Hye has to end up with Do-Jin. Conclusion – KBS owes me a week of my life back and I’m going to check out the dramas from other stations!

Love on a Rooftop – E96

Dong-Sook stands firm about her request for a divorce. Meanwhile, drama tropes are tossed in so that we have a romantic moment between Do-Jin and Seung-Hye.



Chaewon barges in to find Do-Jin still awake. She summarizes everything that happened to Do-Jin happily. She asks again if he won’t adopt a kid with her.

Do-Jin tells her that he isn’t thinking of marriage in the near future. Chaewon agrees to leave but only after telling him not to show up in her dreams… He always shows up with Seung-Hye making her tired.


The next day, Soon-Im brings Dong-Sook some porridge. She tells Dong-Sook that it’s not Dae-Ho’s fault… It’s all her fault. She even asks Dong-Sook to divorce after she dies if Dong-Sook really wants to have a divorce.

screenshot_2015-08-22-23-18-08-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-22-23-17-55-resized-640

Dong-Sook angrily gets up and leaves. She meets Sun-Sook in the doorway and cries that she doesn’t know what is wrong with her… She knows that it’s not only Dae-Ho’s fault but she is so angry!


At the same time, Dae-Ho asks Yunho if they can move the official meeting if the parents to somewhere other than the house. Yunho agrees and asks if there is any problem.

Dae-Ho denies it but Joon-Bae and his loose lips tells all.


Meanwhile, Kyung-Tae complains about Dae-Shil working and tells Do-Jin to be better to his mother.

Feeling guilty, Do-Jin goes to see his mother. Except, she’s fast asleep because she took some headache medicine.


Do-Jin tells Sang-Man not to wake her and comments how he respects his mother so much more now that he’s trying to franchise his cafe… He wonders how his mother would have done it all by herself…


Yunho takes Seung-Hye shopping and they look at some baby clothes for Dae-Shil’s children. Yunho comments that they should buy some extras for their own children… He wants a honeymoon baby!

Seung-Hye gets all weird again at the mention of children.

Seung-Hye changes the topic and finds out that they moved the meeting of the parents from her house.


When Seung-Hye arrives at home, Soon-Im is talking to Dae-Ho. She tells him that Dong-Sook is like a daughter to her so Dae-Ho should never give her what she wants…

Seung-Hye comes home and awkwardly tells her father to go into the kitchen…they find Dong-Sook cleaning the dishes in preparation for the meeting of the parents. Dae-Ho takes Dong-Sook out of the kitchen and Soon-Im explains it off on Dong-Sook feeling moody about the wedding.

Dae-Ho tells Dong-Sook that he already moved the venue of the official meeting of the parents from their house. Dong-Sook snaps back that Dae-Ho should just stamp the divorce papers. Dae-Ho tries to tell Dong-Sook to rethink her decision for Soon-Im’s sake and Dong-Sook blows up. She reminds Dae-Ho that the whole problem started because Soon-Im meddled in his life. Dae-Ho answer by telling her that he needs to protect his mother. Dong-Sook’s response? Dae-Ho can protect his mother without her.


Poor Seung-Jae walks into the fire when he comes home and asks Dong-Sook about her looking off these days… She tells him that she’s happy that Seung-Hye is getting married and warns him that he’s next. Seung-Jae tells Dong-Sook that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and would be happy to marry anyone Dong-Sook finds appropriate for him. Dong-Sook snaps at him that he needs to marry someone he loves. Seung-Jae answers that he’s sure he would love anyone Dong-Sook thinks is appropriate. Ah, poor puppy, how much you don’t know about the world.


Meanwhile, Chaewon calls Kyung-Tae and Do-Jin over for dinner. During which they discuss the upcoming small unofficial reunion.


The next day, Seung-Hye and Do-Jin work on the franchising work… As the drama gives is some product placement of Do-Jin’s phone or tablet. Even Mi-Ja decides not to interrupt seeing the two together.

Seung-Hye organizes the menu for the cafe’s website and gets up to leave. Cue sappy music as Seung-Hye waits at the bus stop. A car drives past and then pauses – it’s Do-Jin. He gets a call from Chaewon who’s dropped by the cafe to go to the reunion together.

screenshot_2015-08-24-00-05-11-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-24-00-04-57-resized-640

Do-Jin doesn’t realize that she’s in front of the cafe and lies that he’s swamped with work and won’t be able to attend.

Do-Jin walks over to the bench where Seung-Hye is coincidentally nodding off after work… What the writers? Is it past midnight? What is making this girl nod off so early? Talk about an easy life.

screenshot_2015-08-24-00-05-30-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-24-00-05-18-resized-640

Do-Jin sits next to Seung-Hye and arranges her head on his shoulder. He then proceeds to ignore Chaewon’s call, when she’s standing across the street and watching.

Seung-Hye wakes up and jumps away. Do-Jin offers to drive her home. Thankfully, Seung-Hye doesn’t disappoint us and grabs a cab.

Kyung-Tae calls Chaewon to ask why she’s not attending the reunion that she organized. She tells him to come pick her up and wanders to a park where she can drink in peace.


When Kyung-Tae arrives, Chaewon hands him a beer and declares that she’s just a substitute for Do-Jin… She wonders how she never gave up on anything except for one thing in life… Do-Jin after meeting his mother… Now, she’s not so sure if she can win his heart and she never joins a battle that she cannot win.

Kyung-Tae asks her how she feels about Do-Jin. Chaewon answers that her feelings are different… She doesn’t know if she can give up this time.

Kyung-Tae reassures Chaewon that Do-Jin will have to give up if Seung-Hye gets married. Chaewon comments that she doesn’t know if Seung-Hye will be able to get married to Yunho.


Skipping. March on Rooftop friends!

Love on a Rooftop – E95

Friendship blossoms between Seung-Hye and Chaewon, while the writer proceeds to begin to break my heart. = =x



We begin with Do-Jin calling Seung-Jae to let him know about Seung-Hye being passed out at Chaewon’s place. He does pause to put Seung-Hye on a pillow before leaving nonchalantly… Only to pause outside the door.


Chaewon walks out with Seung-Jae, carrying Seung-Hye, and hails a cab for them. Chaewon then asks Seung-Jae to give her his number so that she can check on Seung-Hye later… Oh no! They’re setting up Chaewon with Seung-Jae!

The next day, Dong-Sook prepares stew for Seung-Hye’s hangover. When Seung-Jae comes over, she finds out that Dae-Ho has not been sleeping in his son’s room.


Soon-Im calls Dong-Sook into her room and demands to know if Dong-Sook is going to make a ruckus before Seung-Hye’s wedding. Dong-Sook answers back that divorce is no longer such a big issue but agrees to wait until after Seung-Hye’s wedding.


Meanwhile, Seung-Jae checks on Seung-Hye and tells her that Do-Jin was the one who called him over. He also asks about Seung-Hye’s relationship to Chaewon and let’s her know that Yunho was worried that Seung-Hye wasn’t picking up her phone.


At the same time, Sung-Nam and Seung-Ah meet up with Seung-Jae…Sung-Nam calls Seung-Jae brother-in-law and asks for help…

Seung-Jae answers that the age gap is too big. Which Sung-Nam answers that he can fix with more botox!


Seung-Ah tells Dae-Shil who yells at her for being tempted by the diamond ring. Then she pauses to comment that a younger husband is not as ideal as she expected as well… But, then, Dae-Shil starts laughing thinking about Seung-Ah with Sung-Nam.


Seung-Hye meets up with Yunho who takes her to Do-Jin’s cafe. Chaewon shows up as well and Do-Jin asks her to help with presenting to possible investors. Yunho encourages Seung-Hye to do what she wants and Seung-Hye agrees to help.


Back at home, Sun-Sook tries to convince Dong-Sook not to have a divorce with Soon-Im eavesdropping. When Sun-Sook mentions that Mi-Ja getting with a child is not Dae-Ho’s fault, Dong-Sook kicks her out.

Sporting a new haircut since the last episode, Dae-Ho sighs that he is willing to do whatever Dong-Sook wants him to do…

As for the problem – Mi-Ja – prepares to go meet with Dong-Sook. Sang-Man tries to tell her to stay at home and leave Dong-Sook alone if she wants to help Dae-Ho and Do-Jin.

screenshot_2015-08-22-23-07-48-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-22-23-07-58-resized-640

With Yunho Watchung from the side, Seung-Hye makes a killer presentation. Afterwards, the group goes to dinner where Yunho and Chaewon get all excited about a possible joint wedding. Yunho brags about how pretty Seung-Hye is in a wedding dress and Chaewon backs off on the idea of having a joint wedding. Do-Jin and Seung-Hye stay awkwardly quiet.


Chaewon discusses the reluctant single mother from the last episodes. She jokes that she wants to adopt the child with Do-Jin since she doesn’t want to have a child… She asks Do-Jin to raise the kid with her since you have to be married to have a child.

Seung-Hye glares at Chaewon and asks her how she could joke about adoptions like that… The notes that being an adoptive parent has ad much if not more responsibility than biological parents.

Not knowing that Seung-Hye is speaking from a past scar, Chaewon angrily snaps back to ask if Seung-Hye is angry about her talk of adoption or her talk about marrying Do-Jin. Seung-Hye leaves without answering.

Yunho runs after Seung-Hye and Do-Jin also snaps that Chaewon was wrong. She runs after Seung-Hye as well to find Seung-Hye answering a call from the reluctant single mother… She’s about to give birth!


They rush over to the voluntary single mother house and help her to give birth. Once the new baby is brought into the world, Chaewon and Seung-Hye smile at each other becoming closer as friends.  Because, what is better for building friendship than helping a complicated birthing process?


Afterwards, Seung-Hye tries to go home and Chaewon stops her for a drink! Seung-Hye agrees and Chaewon brings her home for tea.

Over tea, Chaewon tells Seung-Hye that she wasn’t just joking. Chaewon has seen so many children getting shipped off for adoption and has been thinking about adopting for a while.

Seung-Hye apologizes as well for being sensitice; she explains how she is adopted.

Chaewon asks if they are friends again and Seung-Hye agrees. Chaewon smiles as Seung-Hye takes her hand and sighs that she’s losing her confidence about being able to replace Seung-Hye in Do-Jin’s heart.


As the writer has decided to continue with the horrible idea of having Seung-Hye end up with Do-Jin after all that he did to her… I will recap but forgo the short opinion sections… Otherwise, you will only read repeated complaints. ^_~

Love on a Rooftop – E94

Seung-Hye and Chaewon become friends as Seung-Hye starts to freeze Yunho out. Meanwhile, Dong-Sook asks for a divorce.


The morning comes and Dong-Sook stays in bed because of body aches. What Soon-Im doesn’t know is that Dong-Sook found out about her husband and Mi-Ja…


Chaewon goes to work at Do-Jin’s cafe, putting on an apron and making Do-Jin smile. I guess her clinic has really good hours. ^^

On a more serious note, Dong-Sook brings divorce papers to Dae-Ho at Joon-Bae’s restaurant.

screenshot_2015-08-22-22-25-32-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-22-22-25-45-resized-640

Back at the cafe, Chaewon asks the two customers how they liked the tea. She tells them to come back frequently and the customers agree if she gives them her number. Do-Jin protests but Chaewon takes their phones and inputs a number… When they call it, it turns out to be Do-Jin’s number. Smiling widely, Chaewon tells the two customers that he’s her boyfriend and the two back off. Using this as another reminder, Chaewon tells Do-Jin that they look good together.

screenshot_2015-08-22-22-26-15-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-22-22-26-06-resized-640

Then Chaewon drags Do-Jin to the mall to get a housewarming gift for herself. There, they run into Yunho and Seung-Hye… Right as Yunho pulls Seung-Hye down in a romantic position.

That night Do-Jin finds himself walking along mindlessly up to Seung-Hye’s house. He quickly hides when Yunho anf Seung-Hye come by. Yunho is adorably asking Seung-Hye why they can’t even hold hands and Seung-Hye apologizes awkwardly. Yunho jokes back that he’s just waiting until the wedding.


Then Do-Jin goes off and has a poor-is-me session at the park bench. The guy has no one to blame but himself…

Sang-Man tells Mi-Ja the news about Dong-Sook asking Dae-Ho for a divorce. Mi-Ja responds that this divorce can never happen as the family would never let Seung-Hye marry Do-Jin if Mi-Ja is the reason for the divorce.


Seung-Hye visits that sulky single mom who gets stomach pains during the visit. Seung-Hye forces the girl to visit Chaewon.

Chaewon tells her that there is no problem with her; she just needs to make sure not to overdo it or stress out. The girl responds by asking for a c-section. Chaewon and Seung-Hye tell her to think about it further before making the decision.

After the meeting Chaewon invites Seung-Hye out for a glass of beer.


Meanwhile, Dae-Ho asks Dong-Sook to think about the divorce once more… For the family. Dong-Sook yells back that she wants the divorce.

At that moment, Soon-Im comes in and demands to know what is going on. Dong-Sook asks in response if Soon-Im knew that Mi-Ja had Dae-Ho’s child.

Soon-Im changes her tactic and tries to console Dong-Sook. Dong-Sook cries that she feels like she wants to die… She begged Mi-Ja for money and even cleaned Mi-Ja’s house as a maid! She shrieks that Mi-Ja must have been laughing at her this whole time. Dong-Sook runs out with Dae-Ho following.


They end up at Sun-Sook’s restaurant. Dong-Sook asks for toast and yells at Dae-Ho to leave so she can eat in peace. Sun-Sook and Joon-Bae take Dong-Sook’s side and pull Dae-Ho out.


Back at Dong Rak Dang, Seung-Ah gets worried about her grandmother’s condition and calls Sang-Man. He diagnoses her condition as stress induced.

As for Seung-Hye, Chaewon brings her home. Seung-Hye notices that the only picture that Chaewon has is one of Chaewon with Do-Jin and Kyung-Tae.


The girls have beer with fruit. With some alcohol Seung-Hye starts opening up and comments how she’s surprised Chaewon is living next to Do-Jin. Chaewon smiles that she asked Do-Jin to live together and he declined.

Seung-Hye smiles that she really respects Chaewon. Chaewon laughs good naturedly and asks Seung-Hye about her alcohol tolerance as Seung-Hye looks drunk. Seung-Hye answers that it’s one glass of beer and she’s had three.

At that moment, the doorbell rings and Do-Jin walks in.

Sigh, why? If they just give up the focus on SH/DJ, I would really like the whole atmosphere and pace of the current conflicts. They are serious conflicts but there’s something about the backstory that makes me believe that everything will be fine in the end… The only thing that worries me is the fact that Seung-Hye suddenly turned into an ice woman toward Yunho in contrast to the last few episodes where she warmed up to him during the crisis with Seung-Jae… ㅠㅜ

Turning to Dong-Sook’s divorce, I think this is a good development. Even though the information turned Dong-Sook’s world into a mess, she needs that information. It’s not right for Soon-Im and Dae-Ho to hide it from her when Mi-Ja is clearly going to stay in their lives. It’s one thing if there was a past fling and the two people live in separate countries. It’s another thing completely, when the two people may or may not become parents-in-laws and they live in the same city… Keeping in periodic contact.

Possibly, this is an opportunity for Dong-Sook to find her identity outside of the family?

Love on a Rooftop – E93

Chaewon point blank tells Mi-Ja that she is interested in Do-Jin but not in being Mi-Ja’s daughter-in-law.  Dong-Sook finds out about Dae-Ho and Mi-Ja’s past.  And, Chaewon continues to probe at Do-Jin’s feelings.



I love Chaewon! She purposefully waits until Mi-Ja is leaving to poke her head out and tell Mi-Ja that she’s been waiting… For Mi-Ja to leave so that they can go to work together.

Mi-Ja invites herself into Chaewon’s apartment to talk. Chaewon ignores Mi-Ja as she blowdries her hair but Mi-Ja walks over to turn off the dryer. Then she demands to know what Chaewon is planning.

Chaewon smiles that she wants to live with Do-Jin but she doesn’t want to be Mi-Ja’s daughter-in-law. Mi-Ja looks at Chaewon in shock muttering that she’s not normal. Chaewon laughs that she will take it as a compliment and continues to dry her hair.

screenshot_2015-08-22-22-00-28-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-22-22-15-12-resized-640

After a discussion about possible hanboks, Dae-Ho and Seung-Hye go to the kitchen to make soup for Dae-Shil. In the middle, Seung-Hye takes off her ring to work the dough…


Meanwhile, Mi-Ja complains about Chaewon to Sang-Man who laughs. He adds oil to the flame by commenting how Seung-Hye would have been easier to manipulate than either Chaewon or Se-Ryung. Even Mi-Ja sighs that Seung-Hye is better than Chaewon.

Sang-Man even encourages Mi-Ja not to give up since the marriage hasn’t been held.

Then Seung-Hye gets an emergency call from the part time employee about helping out as her mother is in the hospital. Seung-Hye quickly goes to the cafe only to find Chaewon already there…

screenshot_2015-08-22-22-17-05-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-22-22-16-54-resized-640

Chaewon notices Seung-Hye and hangs Do-Jin on purpose to see Seung-Hye’s reaction. Seung-Hye looks up in horror before quickly turning away.


Immediately Chaewon stops hugging Do-Jin to run after Seung-Hye. She asks Seung-Hye directly if she saw the hug and explains that she wanted to find out Seung-Hye’s true feelings.

Then Chaewon notices that Seung-Hye is not wearing her ring and asks if Seung-Hye is having second thoughts. Still smarting from the earlier scene, Seung-Hye snaps that it has nothing to do with Chaewon and leaves.

Yunho comes over to see Seung-Hye in a daze. She even forgot that they were going to look at new apartments. T.T

Yunho notes how Seung-Hye took off her ring but smiles that it is fine. He grabs her hand and leads her away.


At the same time, Mi-Ja drops by Joon-Bae’s restaurant. Joon-Bae drags Sang-Man out to do the deliveries by himself and then goes to Sun-Sook’s restaurant for a beer. He then accidentally mentions that the relationship was all in the past. Even though Joon-Bae refuses to talk, Sun-Sook calls her sister to give her a heads up.

Back at Joon-Bae’s restaurant, Mi-Ja asks Dae-Ho for his help so that his daughter does not need know what it’s like to have a loveless marriage. Dae-Ho tells Mi-Ja that it’s all in the past. Mi-Ja responds that it is all in the past… Her mother’s death… The death of their child…


Dong-Sook arrives right at that moment and freaks out. Dae-Ho holds on to Dong-Sook as Mi-Ja runs off.

screenshot_2015-08-22-22-20-35-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-22-22-20-19-resized-640

Oh no… The writer does it with all of the sad music…As Yunho happily shows Seung-Hye his favorite house. He’s all excited about decorating and preparing baby furniture but Seung-Hye is not only out of it…the music is making me all nervous! This is a happy moment darn you!


Returning to the older generation, Dong-Sook and Dae-Ho are having a direct confrontation in their room. Dae-Ho apologizes but Dong-Sook is not accepting it. She snaps that she was stupid when she never realized that he never loved her… He never told her that he loved her… She asks if he wants to sleep in Seung-Jae’s room or if she should sleep in Seung-Hye’s room. Dae-Ho leaves her to sob.

Yunho and Seung-Hye come back home where she tells him that the house was too big for her. He reassures her to just trust him and I’m really hoping that she was unhappy because the house was big.


That night, Chaewon has Do-Jin over to file stuff. She then tells Do-Jin the real reason that she hugged him and even tells him that Seung-Hye took off the ring. Do-Jin doesn’t say anything and Chaewon adds that she confirmed it wasn’t because Seung-Hye has changed her mind about the wedding.

Still not responding, Do-Jin leaves.


Nooooooooo… Producers… Come on! You can’t be playing the unforgotten love card on me! You just can’t! I give up! I wash my hands of this drama. There is around one or tweet weeks of it left so I will finish recapping… But if the melancholy music was any indication, the ending will abnegate my 50 plus hours of watching this drama! Gah!

Love on a Rooftop – E92

Chaewon continues to test out the waters with both Mi-Ja and Seung-Hye.


On the side arc, Sun-Sook gets all dolled up to go volunteering awards. Joon-Bae gets called over and snaps about how dolled up she looks.


Sun-Sook goes to the ceremony and gets called up to receive the top award. As she begins to make her speech, Joon-Bae steals the Mike and yells into it that Sun-Sook deserves it. He then gives her a bouquet of flowers and then asks her to remarry him… And make a little sibling for Dong-Goo.

The two happily come home to find Dong-Sook waiting for them unhappily. She snaps that Joon-Bae can leave Dong Rak Dang immediately. Sun-Sook disagrees and says she needs to think about it. Well one substoryline almost tied up.


Meanwhile, Do-Jin gets a text from Chaewon demanding that he comes to the medical volunteering event the next day. He sighs and tosses the phone aside.


The next day, the sick child (Inyoung’s) parents invite both Seung-Hye and Chaewon to lunch to thank them.


At the same time, Kyung-Tae complains that Chaewon is the reason Dae-Shil keeps working. Do-Jin snaps that Kyung-Tae is being unreasonable but Kyung-Tae refuses to listen. His next plan is to go bug Dae-Shil during their breaks.

Busy, busy Chaewon! She calls Seung-Hye over and asks for a cup of coffee. Over dessert, Chaewon invites Seung-Hye to the medical meeting as well.


Chaewon asks if Seung-Hye is declining because Chaewon likes Do-Jin. She even tells Seung-Hye that she doesn’t look like a happy bride.

Seung-Hye gets up angrily. But at Chaewon’s insistence, she sits back down and asks Chaewon if she wants Seung-Hye to return to Do-Jin.

Chaewon smiles that she doesn’t want that. She does want Seung-Hye to join the volunteering event for single women.


That night, Dong-Sook complains about how Sung-Nam keeps tempting Seung-Ah with the diamond ring. Dae-Ho disapproves that Sung-Nam is using his material wealth to woo Seung-Ah while Dong-Sook worries more about the age gap.

However, Seung-Hye is convinced. She even prepares a bunch of jars of tea to bring. Her grandmother sees her and notes that it’s good that Seung-Hye is volunteering.

Seung-Hye and Chaewon sit side by side helping mother by mother. A reluctant single mother comes along and demands cold medicine. The girl snaps that she’s going to give the child up for adoption anyways.


Her words get under Seung-Hye’s skin and Seung-Hye yells at the child to skip the chemical medicine and turn to tea… As long as she is carrying the child, she is a mother and should act that way. The girl reluctantly accepts.


After the event, Chaewon smiles that she likes and respects Seung-Hye. She asks to be friends as she likes Seung-Hye. Seung-Hye replies she finds Chaewon uncomfortable but Chaewon just jokes that Seung-Hye is just like Do-Jin and offers up her hand. They shake ^^

Seung-Hye calls Yunho and apologizes for not joining him as he surveyed possible new homes. Yunho is understanding as usual and just replies that he wasn’t able to make a decision himself. He also suggests that Seung-Hye stop wearing the ring and keep it in her case since it probably makes her uncomfortable.

Seung-Hye refuses because she knows what the engagement ring symbolizes.

screenshot_2015-08-20-22-20-32-resized-640 screenshot_2015-08-20-22-20-46-resized-640

At the same time, Chaewon drops by Do-Jin’s place and asks to use his washer. She then plops herself on his bed and brags that she went to the volunteering event with Seung-Hye… And liked her!

Do-Jin yells at her to stop bringing Seung-Hye up in front of him as he is still not over her. Chaewon sighs that she’s leaving and wonders to herself that it’s better this way… If he can let it go, he can forget Seung-Hye.


Returning to the subarc, Sun-Sook totally misses Joon-Bae. She notes that Dong-Goo is off at camp and Joon-Bae bugs Seung-Jae with his snoring. When he worries about sleeping in the market, she invites him home with her.

As for Kyung-Tae, he bursts into her office and complains about her working late again. He announces that if something happens to their children because of her working, they’ll be done, too!


Mi-Ja drops by Do-Jin’s place to drop off some side dishes in the morning. Before she leaves, Chaewon bursts in asking for his hair dryer.

Mi-Ja gasps in horror and asks if they are living together. Chaewon laughs that it’s not exactly living together but something similar…


Do-Jin brings over the dryer and then Chaewon grabs a cup of juice. She then takes out the side dishes and notes that it looks delicious! She asks if she can take it with her and Mi-Ja objects. Chaewon smiles that she will just leave the side dish at Do-Jin’s place and come over to eat it!

Chaewon flounces out and Mi-Ja turns to Do-Jin. Looking like she’s seeing another car crash, she asks if Do-Jin is seeing Chaewon. He answers that it shouldn’t who he sees.


Not far to go now guys! Then this trainwreck is over! At least, it seems like the worst is over and what is left of the crash seems to be chugging along fine with the new addition of Chaewon. She doesn’t seem evil… In contrast, I feel like her character sincerely likes and respects Seung-Hye…Maybe she respects Seung-Hye who managed to win over Do-Jin’s heart when Chaewon had been trying so hard in the past. Then again, if Chaewon turns out to be evil, I will be heartbroken. I will also be heartbroken if Seung-Hye decides to blindly return to Do-Jin…I guess, I should just be careful with the next episodes…Be calm my nervous heart!