Still Loving You – E59

Trouble in paradise causes Sooho to turn to interesting measures. Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 59 RECAP Eunsoo pops out with her coat and surprises Jaewoo. Yeonmi awkwardly asks Jaewoo if he has any clothes to leave. He answers that he… Continue Reading

Still Loving You – E58

It’s still calm… Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 58 RECAP Since this isn’t a makjang, no one tells Eunsoo to speak “respectfully” to Bitna or apologize. Rather, Sooho worries about what Bitna said to Eunsoo. Yay, for Shine Brightly Eunsoo showing… Continue Reading

Still Loving You – E56

Valentines Day and some random advice from Soomin pushes the couple into becoming official! Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 56 RECAP Bitna jumps up in anger and surprise. Her mouth automatically opens. Eunsoo smiles that she has no intention of breaking… Continue Reading

Still Loving You – E55

Bitna, Soohyun and Eunsoo try to come to terms with the fact that Sooho likes Eunsoo.  Bitna gets nervous and continues acting crazy until Eunsoo finally decides to fight. Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 55 RECAP Sooho assumes that Eunsoo is… Continue Reading

Still Loving You – E54

Sooho gets Yeonmi’s blessing and introduces her to Soohyun and Bitna. Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 54 Yeonmi thinks about getting the scarf from Jaewoo and smiles that he is right. If Eunsoo’s hear feels warmer because of Sooho, then it’s… Continue Reading

Still Loving You – E53

Sooho tries to get Yeonmi’s approval while Yeonmi deals with her maternal wishes clashing with her moral values. Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 53 RECAP Sooho arrives at the restaurant but doesn’t see Eunsoo anywhere. So, he trudged out in time… Continue Reading

Still Loving You – E52

Rain pours onto the love birds as Yeonmi’s motherly instincts kick in at the prospect of Eunsoo seriously dating. Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 52 Grandma Choi furiously yells at Bitna about Eunsoo working at the company. But, Bitna knows that… Continue Reading

Still Loving You – E51

The focus shifts to the other characters while Eunsoo comes clean to her mom about unofficially dating Sooho. Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 51 Everyone is surprised to see Sooho at the restaurant. The manager assumes Sooho got another chance because… Continue Reading

Still Loving You – E50

Sooho turns down Eunsoo to think about his future. Shine Brightly Eunsoo RECAP Sooho frowns and takes his hand away. Looking down, he sheepishly tells her that he’s sorry but he will pretend that he didn’t hear her confession. He… Continue Reading